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At a Glance Year ended June 30, 2014 ($000)

Sources Of Revenue 63.6%

Private Giving and Other Non-Government Sources


Government Grants

$ 1 9,07 1 10,923


$ 29,994

Expense Allocation By Function


Program Services


Fund Development


Support Services TOTAL

$ 20,355 3,638 717 $ 24,710

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Nate stretches his budget to pay his rent and school tuition because he wants to be a fashion editor one day. This year, Nate’s friends introduced him to the DREAAM Project. “DREAAM is family,” he says. He knows he can count on DREAAM staff to be a trusted source of advice on school, dating, sex and safety. Nate takes PrEP and gets tested for HIV regularly. Soon, he’ll have one place to get all the services DREAAM has referred him to: the new center for health and wellness, opening in the summer of 2015.

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family.” “DREAAM is

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Expenditures by Program Services Area


Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services


HIV Advocacy and Education


At San Francisco AIDS Foundation, weCare create more nice days. 11.9% Coordination


$ 6,000

When we wake up every morning, we never know what the universe will throw our way. Housing Services 3,496 That is especially true for our 17.2% clients, who often come to us after experiencing one of life’s unsettling speed bumps. Regardless of why clients walk through our doors, we work hard to 32.3% Community-based Health & HIV Prevention Services 6,579 ensure that they depart better equipped and more confident for the future.

Our free programs and services are rooted in evidence that stigma and shame contribute TOTAL $ 20,355 to poor health and increase risk of HIV transmission. Men who have sex with men have the highest number of new infections in San Francisco, and young men of color and men over 50 are disproportionately likely to be living with HIV. Science shows that treatment is effective at extending people’s lives and preventing the transfer of the virus to others, but only half are receiving that treatment.

LEADERSHIP To help San Franciscans have more nice days—more healthy days—we’ve created spaces

EXECUTIVE OF DIRECTORS where theyTEAM can talk aboutBOARD sex, substance use, dating, love and healthy living, free from Neil G. Giuliano Michaelan Kidd (Chair) Matthewand Denckla Robert Quon, MD judgment. Our services provide extra boost of support an added level of careF. to keep Chief Executive Officer Morgan Stanley Wealth Freelance Writer The Permanente people in treatment. Nancy DuBois


Dale Freeman

Our work can bring more nice and brighter Vice President, Philipdays Besirof (Vice Chair) futures. Attorney Talent & Operations

Morrison & Foerster LLP

Laurie Hane And, it would without your support. - Inc Robertnone Grant,of MD, MPH be possible Steven Abbott (Secretary) VMWare, Chief Medical Officer Author & Archivist Don Howard Jeffrey M. Leiphart, PhD Mary Cha-Caswell The James Irvine Foundation Senior Director, Gap Inc. Jonathan Hsiao, MD Programs & Services Hamish Chandra Sutter Health James Loduca Puddle Alec Hughes Vice President, Christopher Cowen Wells Fargo Philanthropy & Public Affairs Bank of America Tim Jones Tim Patriarca Merrill Lynch Deloitte Executive Director, Bruno Delagneau, MD Gay & Bisexual Men’s Matthew Marquis Biotechnology & Health & Wellness VMware, Inc. Pharmaceutical Industries Liz Pesch, CPA Chief Financial Officer

Medical Group

Eric Rozendahl Wells Fargo Business Banking Christopher Shepler Bank of America Merrill Lynch Jack Stephenson First Data Corporation Lisa Sterman, MD Physician Paul B. Tan, DMD Dentist Judy Wilber Clinical Lab Technology


THE NICE DAY NETWORK Our holistic approach to creating nicer days relies on free programs and services in five areas: prevention, care, gay men’s health, syringe access and substance use and mental health. San Francisco AIDS Foundation’s HIV prevention initiatives span a broad spectrum. From HIV testing and adherence support to community empowerment groups, prevention is part of everything we do. Our care services deliver housing assistance, financial benefits counseling and case management services so clients can access medications, rental subsidies and assistance through social security, Medicare, Medi-Cal, food stamps and disability insurance. The foundation’s health initiatives for gay, bi and trans men help our clients know their status and their options—getting tested, getting support, getting access to HIV prevention tools like pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and connecting with and building community. HIV infections in San Francisco among people who inject drugs are well below the national average because of programs like Syringe Access Services, which delivered over 2.4 million sterile syringes in 2014. Our portfolio of substance use and mental health counseling services empowers clients to make critical changes to their lives and supports them with the resources and programs to be successful.

OUR PROGRAMS • 50-Plus Network • Access Hope/CCHAMP Center of Excellence • Black Brothers Esteem • Black Health Center of Excellence • Bridgemen • DREAAM Project (Determined to Respect and Encourage African-American Men) • Housing and Benefits • Magnet Sexual Health Services • Positive Force • Programa Latino • Services Lobby at 1035 Market Street • Stonewall Substance Health Services • Syringe Access Services • Trans-Life

2 San Francisco AIDS Foundation

Offering these services alone isn’t enough to create nice days and brighter futures. But, when the entire network of services comes together in neighborhood “hot spots,” the path towards better days is clear. Our work is anchored in two locations: Mid-Market and the Castro. We are excited to be making major investments in both neighborhoods, ensuring nicer days in the two communities where most of our clients live, work and play. 

The way she tells it, “Trans-Life lets me be

who I want to be.”

Josephina’s doctor warned her that she was a target for violence, just for being herself. When she moved to San Francisco, it wasn’t easier. She bounced between homeless shelters and lost half of her belongings. She struggled with depression. But, Josephina doesn’t believe in giving up. She met members of Trans-Life, the foundation’s new program specifically for transgender women. When she’s feeling down, she connects with her trans-sisters, who help her appreciate her journey and her strength. The way she tells it, “Trans-Life lets me be who I want to be.”


HIGHLIGHTS FROM 2014 Moving the needle toward zero new infections, zero AIDS-related deaths and zero stigma takes a monumental, coordinated effort on many fronts. San Francisco AIDS Foundation will continue to focus on helping people live long, healthy lives and on bringing more nice days to our community. In addition to the many free programs and services delivered throughout San Francisco this year, these are just some of our milestone achievements from 2014.

Expertise Dr. Robert Grant, one of the world’s leading researchers of pre-exposure prophylaxis and treatment as prevention, joined the foundation as Chief Medical Officer and Liz Pesch joined as Chief Financial Officer.


Our impact in the community:



for free HIV tests and STI screenings

were identified through our work —the most of any communitybased program in the city.



clinical visits

new HIV diagnoses

Foundation delegates presented five posters and a conference session, and hosted a panel discussion on PrEP and community activism at AIDS 2014 in Melbourne, Australia, the largest HIV/AIDS conference in the world.


San Francisco AIDS Foundation attended the first ever White House Office of National AIDS Policy summit in Washington, D.C. to address HIV among gay and bisexual men.


sexually transmitted infections treated

people living with HIV received free case management, housing assistance and financial benefits counseling services.

The Stonewall Project welcomed the first class of interns into its clinical training program.


Magnet launched a PrEP & PEP pilot program, initially enrolling 100 clients by the end of 2014. Magnet also hired the city’s first PrEP benefits navigator to help clients address the costs associated with PrEP.




to address substance use and mental health issues.



in free prevention and support groups.

for health information and resources online.

free sterile syringes

Record-breaking AIDS/LifeCycle raised a record-breaking $15.4 million in 2014 ($9.6 million to support our programs and services and $5.8 million to support the Los Angeles LGBT Center).


people participated

people received free services

people relied on us

Sexual health services in the Castro expanded from five to six days per week, and major construction began at 470 Castro Street, the location of the foundation’s new home for health and wellness for gay and bi men.

4 San Francisco AIDS Foundation


BEYOND SAN FRANCISCO Advocacy and education are a part of our distinguished history. Today, we’re using these tools to create more nice days for everyone. In 2014, our legislative affairs team worked with local officials to backfill the prevention and care funding removed from the federal budget. In Sacramento, we co-sponsored Assembly Bill 1743 which allows California pharmacies to sell syringes and removes the limit on the number of syringes that can be sold. We participated in the first-ever White House Office of National AIDS Policy summit on HIV in gay and bisexual men, and our voice is a significant one on HIV/AIDS policy issues in Washington, D.C.

Engaging the brightest researchers, practitioners and advocates

Providing access to information is another critical part of reaching beyond our city’s borders to impact communities worldwide. Over 2 million Internet users visited our websites this year seeking sexual health information and the latest updates on HIV research. We also partnered with well-known dating and hook-up websites and apps to promote HIV testing on World AIDS Day. The campaign recorded 19.5 million ad impressions and generated 30,000 click-throughs. Our website, PrEPfacts.org, gained popularity this year with 72,000 unique visitors. To further facilitate access to PrEP beyond our physical reach, we created the first printed materials listing medical provider billing codes, empowering patients to advocate for themselves and educate their healthcare providers. We also worked with community partners to develop a summary of how each of the Covered California health plans categorizes HIV medications, including PrEP, which impacts out-of-pocket costs. 

PROVIDING ACCESS TO INFORMATION sfaf.org betablog.org magnetsf.org prepfacts.org stonewallsf.org new.sfaf.org/tspsf/ tweaker.org

Emily Newman joined the foundation last fall as the editor of BETA Blog, which has a readership over 20,000 people per month. BETA shares fresh perspectives from featured columnists on sex, health and substance use and reports the latest HIV news and research. Emily engages the brightest researchers, practitioners and advocates—both within and outside the foundation —on a daily basis. She says, “It’s a privilege to be able to share information that can empower our readers to make better decisions about their health and HIV.” 6 San Francisco AIDS Foundation


WE DON’T DO IT ALONE We believe San Francisco can be the first U.S. city to end HIV transmission. This bold undertaking is greater than the staff of one organization. It requires the coordinated efforts of hundreds of volunteers and collaboration with public health leaders, care providers and other community organizations. In order to better engage the capabilities of our devoted volunteers, in 2014, we hired a full-time director of volunteer services. San Francisco AIDS Foundation values our many collaborative partners, because bringing nice days to our city is a community effort. 


Project Inform Rafiki Coalition for Health and Wellness


San Francisco Department of Aging & Adult Services

AIDS Emergency Fund

San Francisco Department of Public Health

AIDS Legal Referral Panel

San Francisco Drug Users’ Union

Alliance Health Project

San Francisco General Hospital, Positive Health Program

Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center Baker Places, Inc. Castro Country Club Catholic Charities

San Francisco LGBT Community Center San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development

DOPE Project

San Francisco State University Center for Research and Education on Gender and Sexuality


The Shanti Project

The Global Forum on MSM & HIV

Shelter Plus Care

HealthRIGHT 360

South of Market Health Center

Homeless Youth Alliance

St. James Infirmary

Instituto Familiar de la Raza

Street Level Clinic

La Clínica de la Raza

Tiburcio Vasquez Clinic (Union City)

Larkin Street Youth Services

UC Berkeley Health Initiative of the Americas, School of Public Health

Covered California

Let’s Kick ASS - AIDS Survivor Syndrome Lutheran Social Services Lyon-Martin Health Services Mission Neighborhood Health Center National AIDS Memorial Grove Positive Resource Center Positive Women’s Network Project Homeless Connect 8 San Francisco AIDS Foundation

UCSF 360: The Positive Care Center UCSF Center for AIDS Prevention Studies Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas Ciencias de la Salud Westside Community Services Women’s Community Clinic

“full of passion for others”

Rudy learned he was HIV positive 15 years ago, on his birthday. That weekend, he attended Positive Living for Us Seminar (PLUS), where he learned two things: he didn’t have to die of AIDS and, because of this, he needed to pay his credit card bills. Rudy learned he was going to have a future, bills and all. Now, Rudy’s a long-time volunteer for PLUS, which he describes as “full of passion for others.” He tells clients to confront him if they are not a changed person when the weekend-long seminar is over. In 13 years, not one person has taken him up on his offer.

YTH | youth + tech + health


NICEST DAYS EVER Overall, San Francisco AIDS Foundation spends just 18 cents per dollar on administration and overhead. A full 82 cents of every dollar goes directly to support our work. When you participate in any of our fundraising events, you experience a nice day of your own. The funds you raise help keep our programs and services free of charge. For our clients who struggle with housing, unemployment and substance use, your support means that they’ll be able to take important steps toward knowing their status and staying in care. In 2014, thousands of event participants filled the streets of San Francisco—on bike and on foot—in the effort to end HIV transmission. AIDS/LifeCycle reached new heights in 2014. Big Gay 10K returned this year better than ever. Santa Skivvies Run raised visibility through a memorable fun frolic through the city. Our annual Tribute event honored foundation co-founder, Cleve Jones, and presented the first Cleve Jones Leadership Award to leading transgender rights activist, Cecilia Chung. The following is a list of the top fundraisers for our events in 2014. Thank you for your ongoing loyalty and for helping us reduce new HIV infections and expand access to care. Thank you for helping create more nice days. 

AIDS/LIFECYCLE 10K CLUB Steven Abbott William Ajoy Jeffrey Akeley Shawn Allen Timothy Alt Sang An Geoffrey Applegarth Danny Baker Sam Barrus Robert Bathrick Mark Baumli John Beintum Christopher Benson Dan Bernal Clarke Bishop Lon Blais Michael Boorstein Roddy Bottum

10 San Francisco AIDS Foundation

Donald Brown Leila Burrows Jen Burton Richard Cain Jose Capo John Cavellini Mary Cha-Caswell Kimberly Chesterfield Paul Chung Terry Clark Andrew Clarke Joseph Conforti Thomas Cox R. Scott Creighton Colleen Crook Ryan Crowley Michael Cunningham Art Desuyo Dan Dodd Alli Dolan David Donovan Joanna Dubin

Nancy DuBois Alan Elsas Keith Endersen Stephen Engblom Billy Farrer Frederick Felman Mark Ferlatte Robert Fleshman Edna Flores-Lagunte Peter Fogel Mary Ford Ryan Fortwendel Levi Foster Dale Freeman Domenick Gallo Josh Garbarino Timothy Garippa David Gaus Christopher Ghazaryans Neil Giuliano

Barbara Glynn Garland Godfrey Alex Goldsmith Earl Gonzalez Jonathan Goodrich Patricia Gordon Clay Greene Zi Yang Guo Carlos Guzman Kristopher Haigh Scott Hannibal George Harrison Andrew Hattori Tim Hayden George Head John Hilton Ron Hirsch Christine Hobbs Kristine Hobe Diane Hourany Jonathan Howell Erik Howell Eric Hubbs

Paul Ikeda Tim Irvin Matt Jacobson Daniel Johnson John Elliot Kirk Blake Kutner Robert Lee Andy Lee Brandon Little James Loduca Michael Long Andreas Lorenz Keith Loring Peter Loring Casey Lucas Daniel Luther David Madfes Sasha Madfes Thomas Mapp Matthew Marquis Matt Martin

Eduardo Martins Scott McCallister Jim McCann Robert McDiarmid Calvin Meeder Brandon Metcalf Matthew Millspaugh Megan Minkiewicz Otis Morgan David Morris Nathan Moya Andreas Muno Mike O’Keefe Kevin O’Shea Colm O’Toole Alvin Paez Sergio Paz Alfredo Pedroza Annette Pocica Christopher Poore Rebecca Prozan Daniel Quinlan

Tanya Quinlan Robert F. Quon, MD Carlos Rangel Kevin Rasmussen Sean Ray Mark Reisbaum Herbert Repp Kahlil Reyes Daniel Ripley Adam Robinson Robert Rodriguez Roland Roth Eric Rozendahl Ken Ruebush Dawn Ruggeroli Joel Sale Joshua Sassoon David Seligman Mike Shaw Christopher Shepler Martin Sherrill Mark Smith Jonathan Sonneborn

Anthony Sprauve Lois Springsteen Duane Steinhaus Frank Stelter Lisa Sterman, MD Eire Stewart Larry Stites James Sumers Keith Swan JJ Swift Kevin Syvrud Adam Taylor Steve Taylor Tyler TerMeer James Touchstone Parker Trewin Kelly Winters David Wolfson Rodney Wong Shin-Ming Wong Kevin Yeager Jeremy Yost



Steven Abbott Sergio Lopez Gary Snow & Chip McAllister Lisa Sterman, MD Jon Zimman

Mardie Fulop Rebecca Fulop Max Hamilton Nicholas Minderman & Katherine White Emily Williams

BIG GAY 10K Mark Donahue Mathew Dos Santos Andy Jones Chris Kohrs Sergio Lopez SANTA SKIVVIES RUN

DOUBLE BAY DOUBLE Andrew Bennett April Frederick David Gaus Paul Schmidt Chris Thomas

Steven Bracco Athanasios Broers Julie Brown Hamish Chandra Calvin Lum 2014 ANNUAL REPORT 11

GIVE THE GIFT OF A NICE DAY Bringing nice days to our clients wouldn’t be possible without the support of sustained contributions. By supporting the foundation’s work on a monthly or quarterly basis, you ensure that we can keep our doors open for clients who might not need our help now, but will look to us when life throws them a curveball. When that happens, your support ensures we’re here to help. J

PARTNERS IN CARING Donors who join Partners in Caring make monthly contributions to provide consistent and reliable funding to support education, advocacy, prevention and care to our clients. The following list recognizes members of Partners in Caring who made recurring gifts totaling $500 or more in 2014.

Crispin Hollings Kenneth Okin $1,000-$2,499 Louis & Arlene Bates David Capurro Heather Clifton Susan Donker Patrick Fianza Jean & Nicholas Hall

George Labella John Lundsten Michael Phillips Dr. Charles Roth Steven Scarborough Ian Stockdale TG Zimmerman $500-$999 Donald A. Ackerman Kathleen Ahrens Dean Basilio

Steve Benninga Marlis Branaka Stanley Chan & Christine Schmitt Chan Craig Claussen & David Jackson Debra Comer Mary Ellen Curtis Thomas Dean Tracie Decker & James Decker

Ralph Elder & James Bullock Guillaume Forget Michael Gillespie Suzanne Hendrich Russell Hurley Rick Jarvis Maria Jimenez & Gary West Ann Killeen & Joan Wings Russell Kite Mark Kornmann

David & Robin Lee Anne Loftis Donna Luzzi Marilyn Moodie Nicole Moreno Karen Riley Anne Sayre James Scott Sinnott Juli Ann Todd Patricia White Paula Zwagerman Anonymous (2)

LEGACY SOCIETY Members of the Legacy Society have included San Francisco AIDS Foundation in their estate plans. Leaving a legacy gift ensures that our programs and services are here when our clients need them well into the future. We gratefully acknowledge the receipt of legacy gifts from the following estates made in 2014. E. Otis Charles Leroy Farmer Michael Kembel

Dale Stancliff Sidney Stern Helen Traeger

Contact our staff if you have included the foundation in your estate plans or would like more information about how to do so.

12 San Francisco AIDS Foundation

First City Club members donate directly to the annual fund as part of their commitment to helping San Francisco become the first city to end HIV transmission. Members get access to exclusive panel discussions and social events designed and hosted by the First City Council. CURE GROUP $10,000+ Paul Asente & Ron Jenks Robert Eustace & Kathy Kwan Andrew Goode Anonymous (2) VISIONARY GROUP $7,500-$9,999 Neil MacPhail ADVOCACY GROUP $5,000-$7,499

There are three ways you can make sustained gifts to the foundation.



Stan Askren Carol Brosgart, MD Don Howard Wendy Jordan Maja Kristin John Okuloski Mary Jo Otsea Nancy S. Scherr & Adel Braselton Anonymous TREATMENT GROUP $2,500-$4,999 Jennifer & Steven Bermudez Philip Besirof Bernard Boudreaux Wesley Burwell James Ely Eileen Fehskens Ms. Heather Hanly & Mr. Daniel Purcell Paul Hempel Jonathan Hsiao, MD Tim Jones Mr. James Joy Charley Kearns & Franklin Ching Barry & Marie Lipman Mrs. Luciana Mazzola Sharon Mullen Randy Nunnelee Laurie Petipas George Powell, MD Matthew Quilter Douglas Rapp Michael Scribner David Slattengren Jack Stephenson Steven Tallman & Yuri Michielsen Manny Yap Anonymous

PREVENTION GROUP $1,000-$2,499 John Eric Akin Evan Ardley Norma & John Baer Tarick Bedeir Albert & Pamela Bendich Michael Bereskin Robert Berk Norbert & Inger Bischofberger Claire & Jared Bobrow Robert Bodzin Debora & Christopher Booth Michael Booth & Michael Oliva Lorraine Bosche David Bowersox James Bowler Philip Boyer & Steve Weirauch Ed & Jan Brown Susan Bullis Richard Busalacchi & Gina Asaro Busalacchi Douglas Carlson John Carlson Denis Carrade Mary Cha-Caswell Hamish Chandra Andrew Chang Daniel Chew Terry Clark James Corbett Richard Craddock Bruce Davis & Robert Murray Erik Deiters Bruno Delagneau, MD Matthew Denckla Michael Dillon Sharon Dillon Thomas Durein Stu Eaton Linda Fenton Carol Mondry Fine, MD & Howard Fine Richard Fiory Lenore Fithian Maureen Flaherty Gary Flieger Richard Frank Dale Freeman Lyla & Walter Fries

Gary Gansle Jonathan Gibbons Robert Gleeson Allan Gold Susan & Sidney Goodwill Michael Gray Michael Gregg Carolyn & Robert Hall Dr. Eli Harari Stephen Hatch Melissa Henderson David A. Hendricks Richard Hoffman Rev. Edward Holterhoff Dennis Hopkins Elizabeth Hosick Alec Hughes Christine Hurd John Hurley & Justin Hafen Lon Justice Kenneth Katz, MD Lisa Kentzell Michael Kidd & Kenneth Sloan Kurt Krebs Maggie & William Lang Valery Lanyi, MD Arkless & Phyllis Lloyd Feysan Lodde Jack Lynch Marlene & Frederic Malek Mark Manasse & Janet Mohle-Boetani Robert Manning Salvatore Manzi

Joseph Marcellino Matthew Marquis Mac McConnachie & Magnus Allansson Mary Anne McGuire-Hickey & John Hickey Jean Mitchell & Frederick L. Cannon Kenneth Nehmer Garrick Ohlsson Madan Paidhungat Barbara & Bettie Paine Victor Palmieri Linda & Jack Pearlstein Janet & Richard Pellegrini Kathleen Pitta April Pixley John Podolsky Kenneth Powell & Rona Foster Andrew Quinn Robert F. Quon, MD Jamie Ramsay Glenn Ramsdell Scott Remnant Walter Rieman Jacob Roberts & Samuel Lim Butalid William Robinson Howard Roffman Robert Rogers James Rooney Charles RussellSchlesinger

Dean Sampson Diann Sant Lloyd Santy Michael Schembri Douglas Schmidt & Stephen Martin Renee & Philip Seay Roderic Seymore Kevin & Laurel Smith John So Lisa Sterman, MD Earl Stokes Julie Stuhr & Conrado Dominguez David Sukovich Mrs. Roselyne C. Swig Sheila Thorne Jonathan & Linda Tuck John Warner John & Donna Warnken-Brill John Weaver Roger Wery Tim Whalen Judith Wilber & Robert Miller Ellen Winter Martha Ann & Sanford Wishnev Jeremy Wong Rocky Wood Carol Wulff Shariq Yosufzai Z Gallerie Peter Zajichek Andrew Zalkow Jean Zofia & Frisbie Edwards Anonymous (3)

You ensure that we can keep our

doors open. 2014 ANNUAL REPORT 13

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT Whether you supported a participant in one of our fundraising events, donated at the Tribute Celebration, made a gift in response to a letter or some combination thereof, you have helped create more nice days and save lives. The following list shows the total cumulative gifts made in 2014 by individuals, corporations and institutions. We are deeply grateful. ď Š *This list does not include gifts to the Campaign for Health and Wellness during its quiet phase.

INDIVIDUAL DONORS $25,000-$40,000 Robert Blitzer Ambassador James C. Hormel & Michael Nguyen Scott Patterson Anonymous $10,000-$24,999 Randall Bosetti Scott Gorran Robert & Colleen Haas Andreas Muno Zachary Papilion Lucas Pereira Cameron Smith Anonymous $1,000-$9,999 Steven Abbott Eddie Abrao Jethro Abreu Frank Adair Gary Akenhead Rachel Albino John Alden Shawn Allen Becky Allgeyer Travis Almuti Chris Altavilla Stefan Alvinger Sang An 14 San Francisco AIDS Foundation

Alan Andacht Joel Anderson Janet Andres Ellie Anest Sheila Armbrust Carl Arnett Robert Auen Beth Auer Marc Aure Alexis Avalon Rich Awn Bradley Backeberg Oliver Bacon Danny Baker Joseph Baker Scot Ballard Keith Banks Hiram Banks Karen Banks Marco Baray William Barboni Jennifer Barcus Diane Bartholomew Joel Bartlett Barbara Bartoschek Brian Baskinger Louis & Arlene Bates Robert Bathrick Shawn Bauer Alvin Baum Wayne Bautista Lynn Beegle George Beier & John Caner Jim Beitzel Bobby Bell Nick Bell Stephen Bell

Michael Bellissimo Denise Bellotti Joe Belluomini Kathleen Bendernagel Charles Bendes Juan Benitez Andrew Bennett Donald Bennett Jason Bennett Suzanne Benorden Allan Berenstein Philip Besirof Gloria Bettencourt Clarke Bishop Margaret Bishop Lon Blais Peter Blitz James Bly Rochelle & Steve Bochner Mary Boies Pip Bond Andrew Booth Milisav Borak Henry Bortman Thor Boucher Roslyn Boulianne Colby Bourgeois Marie Bourget Michelle Bowler Annette Boyer William Bracco Carl-Peter Braestrup Angela & Douglas Braly Judy Braun John Bravman

JoAnn Bray Pamela Brewster William Brodak Clarissa Bronson Derek Brookmeyer Charlotte Brooks Dr. Carol Brosgart Kathleen Brosnan Cheri Brown Julie & Mike Brown Patricia Brown Preston Brown Richard Brown Dennis & Leslie Brush Kathy Brush Michael Bryce Jean Burgess John Burke Tom Burke Kelly Burlingham Stephen Burn Daniel Burns Jason Burns Alan Burr Will Burrington Nathan Burris Collin Burry Chris Butler Kyle Button Cat Cabalo Jef Caers Gerald Cain Richard M. Cain Jennifer Califf James Camou Glenn Camporelli Michael Canha John Cannistraro

Perry Cantarutti Josh Carmichael David E. Carney Peter Carney Thomas Carragher Robert Carstensen Ian Cartan Ryan Caspary Caron Castagnetta Erick Catalan Maureen Catalina Kevin Caudill John Cavellini Mary Cha-Caswell Robert Chacon Darrin Chambers Lynn Chamorro Terrence Chan Sarah Chance Paul Charron Martin Checov & Timothy Bause Timothy Cherna Marc Cherry Kimberly Chesterfield Casey Cheung Cindy Cheung & Ed Lin Michael Cheung Ken Hansen Tomas Cihlar Bernie Clark Terry Clark Robert Coe Ruth Cohn Michael Coleman Eric J. Collier & Joseph Newell

Margaret Collins Brian Conaghan & Shawn Priggel Frances Connelly Stephen Connelly Tom Connelly Tony Connor Marcos Contreras Ronald Conway Jason Conyard Quenton Cook Chris Cooley Shaun Copeland Paul & Sherrie Corbett Triston Cossette Mr. David Costa Michael Cox Thomas Cox R. Scott Creighton John Crisafulli Patricia Crockett Marty Cull Michael Cunningham Karen Curley Steven Czekala, DDS Hugo da Cruz Margaret Dalton Chuck D’Angelo Dean Daniels Bruce Davis & Robert Murray Philip De Andrade Isaac de la Rosa Gerald De Marco Edwin Dedeaux Wayne DeJong Julie Demsey Matthew Denckla David Depeano Daniel Deplazes & Mrs. Marie Deplazes Doug Derwin Ulf Diegmann Michael Dillon Phil & John Dinapoli Casey Dinsmore Zai Divecha Brian Dodge Thomas Donovan Charles Dorl Mathew dos Santos Darren Dotson Cindy Dougherty Matthew Douglass Daniel Doyle Maisha Draves Bodo Drescher Mary Droese Richard Droese Linda Drucker William Duane Nancy DuBois Deary Duffie David Duffield Robert Duffy Catherine Dunbar Jane Duncan Gary Dunning Benoit Dupin

Robert Earl Kathleen Eby Troy Edelen Ilona Edens Jeffrey Ehrenberg Michael Einziger Trent Eisenberg Joe Eleccion Rick Elefant Jesse Eller Bradley Elliott Stephen Engblom Jeff Eorio S. Osborn Erickson Ron Erlandson Daniel Espino Melanie Espinueva Lisa Estey Charles Evans Chris Evans Richard Fabian Emily Fahey Jeff Fallick Robert Falzon Peter Farmer Teresa Felder Linda Fenton Michael Ferrara John Ferrare Ronald Fierstein Gary Filizetti Dustin Finkle John Finn Michael Flatt Carol Flegel Michael Flynn George Fonti Alessandro Fonzi-Cruciani Jason Forbis Dorothy Ford Sharon Forrest Davis David Forrester Carol Forte Ryan Fortwendel Susanne Fountain Dan Fowler Sarah Franko Rachel Frazier Stacey Friedman John Furman Matt Fust Andrew Fyfe Robert Gain Gwen Gallagher Terra Gallery David Galullo & Peter King Margarita Gandia Gary Gansle George Garbarino Josh Garbarino Ferdinand Garcia Sanzio Garcia Simon Gardiner Chad Gardner Rob Gaudio Mila Gelman Bret Gerber Judy Gerber Patricia Gerend

Paul Getchell Karen Ghezzi Patricia Gibbs Kurt Gibson Thomas Gill Mark Gillick Jacqueline Gingrich David Ginsburg Neil Giuliano Judy & Steven Gluckstern Barbara Glynn Brett Goessman Randall Goetzl Brent Goff Winston Goh Dan Goldberg Jason Goldberg Owen Goldstrom Earl Gonzalez James Goodkind Jonathan Goodrich Mike Gorby Deborah Gordon Lance Gordon Jason Gosnell Randy Gottfried Pierce Gould Melanie Grace Barbara Grasseschi Susan Grau Dana Gray Howard Gray Jonathan Gray Kent Gray Alan Green Jason Green Lynn Green Gemma Greenhill Jodi Grills David Groeschel Dick Grosboll Charles Grosz Robert Gunderson Carlos Gutierrez Carlos Guzman David Guzman Kevin Haggerty Kathryn Hall Mike Hall Richard Hamer Philip Hammarskjold Laurie Hane Patrick Haney Keith Hankin James Hansen Marc Harnly Diana Harrison Steve Hasley Paul Hastings Eric Hautemont Donna Hawk Linda Hayes Tammy Haygood Gregory Haynes John Haywood George Head Benjamin Hebert David V. Hedley, III William Heilman

Whitney Ridings Heimann Lorna Helick Marco Hellman John Hemm Deborah Henderson Melvin HendersonRubio David A. Hendricks Dave Hendrickson & Daniel Sonnenfeld Larry Hern Perla Hernandez Sebastian Hernandez Anna Hertel George Herzog Rick Hess Rob Heyvaert Matthew Hicks Victoria Hill David Scott Hirsch Ron Hirsch Dave Hitz Larry Ho Christine Hobbs Timothy Hobbs Mark Hodgson Betty Hodson Amy Hoffmann John Hogarty Vanessa Holden Marcia Hooper Clifford Hopkins Victoria Hoppin Anne Howard James & Heidi Howell Jonathan Howell Serge Huard Ryan Hudson Thilo Huebner Gary Huff, Sr. Michael Humphrey Scott Hunt David Hutchinson & Panutda Suwannanonda Jeff Hwang Paul Ikeda Yasuko Ikeda Kim Inouye Tim Irvin Gene Irvine Lisa Isola Jacob Jaber Marc Jablonski Matt Jacobson Michael Jacobson Steve Jakosa Brian James Christy James Tracey Jaquith Wissam Jarjoui Jeff Javits Ronald Jenkins Harvey Jenson Carl Johnson Jessica Johnson Kent Johnson Douglas Jones Dan Joraanstad Kate Jordan

Mark Jordan Jessica Jurva Richard Kadel Sonia Kahn Matt Kajiwara Anthony Kamenick Anne Kampmann Judi Kaplan Kristin Karcsh Gregory Karpinski Kosta Kartsotis Kirill Katalevsky Charlotte Katz Mark Kaufmann Thomas Kearney Jay Keasling Tom Keiser John Keker Gary Kent Jacqui Ketner Michael Kidd & Kenneth Sloan John Kielty Harvey Kimelman Marilyn Kimelman James King Jeremy King Cole Kinney Michael Kinsley Max Kirkeberg Michael Kiser Henry Kistler Albert Klail Kurt Kleespies Alan Kocha Thomas Kocon Gary Koehler Diane Kopitsky Michael Kossman Eliette Krakora Michael Kraut Briana Krieger Michael Kuntz Michael Kutner Jeff Kuwano Kevin Kuzma Daniel Labovitz David Lafever Pierre Lagrange Steven Landherr James & Debbie Landman Paul Langlais Charley Lanier James Lau Lisa Lavecchia Harry Lawrence & Andrew Hirss Phuong Lecong Jerome Lecot Gino Ledesma Danette Lee Larry Lee Peter Lee Robert Lee Terrell Lee Steve Leech Theresa Leech Sarah Lehman


Ronald Lenker Mauricio Leon Luke Leonhard Alan Lessik Daniel Levin David Levine Christopher Levins Peter Levins Sheryl & Eric Lewis Ron Lezell Phillip Lindow Kaya Lindsay Spencer Lindsay Mark Lloyd James Loduca George Loftis Po-Ling Loh Hector Edward Lopez Sergio Lopez Steve Lopez Miguel Lopez Saenz Gilles Lorand Peter Loring Leonel Lorta, Jr. Jackie Lou Roger Low Daniel Lowen Damien Lu Casey Lucas Glynis Ludlum Alvin Luk John Lundsten Larry Lungren Daniel Luther Sandra Lynch Gregory Lynn Mark Lyon Patrick MacCartee John Machado Christopher Maddox David Madfes Sasha Madfes Jim Maloney Petros Maniatis Tracy Manio Sally Mansis Michael Mantis Kathryn Mantri Maria Manzano Thomas Mapp Joel Markovits Matthew Marquis Lynda Marren Daniel Martin Elizabeth Martin Frederick Martin Max Mason & Drew Metcalfe Richard Masters Jeffrey Masters Alex Mastrodonato Mary Matava Tina Matthews Mary Maudlin Jorge Maumer Jennifer Maxwell Adam Mayer Elizabeth Mayer Laurie L. & Virginia L. McBain 16 San Francisco AIDS Foundation

Brad McCarty Karin McClune Amy McCord Tim McCourt Anthony McCown Jeff McCoy Daryl McCurry Robert McDiarmid Michael McGrew Robert McKay Dave McMahon Ryan McNally Lionel McNeely Anthony Meadow Patrick Mebine Jan Medina Alfonso Mendoza Ian Menzies John Mersho Brandon Metcalf Miriam Michael Christopher Michaud Madre & Padre Miller Joi Milsom Megan Minkiewicz Ali Mirzazadeh Craig Misewicz Keith Mitchell Scott Mitchell Brian Monahan Randall Montbriand Ercole Montresor Robin Moore Gerard Morales Rick Mordesovich Jacob Morgan Jeffrey Morgan Srijita Mori Joe Moriarty & Lisa Moriarty Chad Morrett Aaron Morris David Morris Leslie Morris Cade Morrow Rafael Motta Rosie Moultrie Nathan Moya Brian Moynihan Trey Muffet Michael Mulcahy Russell Murphy Michael Myers Todd Myers Andrew Nance Andrew Narver Les Natali Bobby Nath Rebecca Naughton Sunil Nayar Katie Neider Linda Nelson Mark Nelson Martina Nemer Jamie Nesbitt Susan Nesbitt William Neubauer William New Paul Newman Vivienne Ng

Warren Ng Gary Nichols Mark Nicole June Nielson Mary Nolan Robert Norem Dave Nugent Duane O’Brien Dylan O’Brien Jim O’Brien Charles O’Byrne Aindreas O’Donnell Paul O’Hearn Mike O’Keefe Mark Oliver Darren O’Neill Jo Oquendo Michael Orlando Yahaira Ortiz Hal Osborn Carol Osborne Kristin Otter David Otto Joel Outlaw Andrew Over John Padwater Madan Paidhungat Virginia Palmer Jasmin Pamukcu Wayne Pan, MD Raymond Panelli Arrie Park Steven Parker Wendy Parrott Gary Patterson R. Lee Patterson Frederic Patto Jeff Paul Norman & Janet Pease Joseph Pedott Casey Peel Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi Nancy Perata Robyh Perchik Christine Perkett Beth Perkins Melissa Perna William Perng Tom Perrault & Sal Giambanco Hunter Perrin Chris Petty Joseph Phelps Andrew Philips David Phillips Everett Phillips Penny Pincus Joseph Pisciotta Jeff Pittelkau Michael Platt David Plesha Julius Pleshakov John Podolsky Eric Politzer Benjamin Polk Patrice Pominville Suzanne Pontow Brian Popplewell

Cam Posani Robert Powell Brian Powers Meenakshi Prabhakar Dana Praitis James Price William Price Jeff Prince Dianne Prindiville Karissa Putvin Robert Quon, MD Seth Radin Mary Radley Gary Raines Geoffrey Ralston Joe Ramirez Roland Rauscher Sean Ray Paul Read Johno Reardon Jeanne Reed Philip Reese Thomas Reeves Brett Reichman Lee Reid Melissa Reilly James Reis Marco Remedios Kelly Renoni Luis Renteria Herbert Repp Robin Richardson Eileen Ridley David Riley Glenn Rink Daniel Ripley Jesse Riscen David Risher Michael Ritter Janine Rizkalla Richard Robbins Brian Roberts Adam Robinson Christine Rocha Emily Rocke Irina Rocklin Robert Rodriguez Roderick Roe Craig Roecker David Roemer Leslie Rogers Shannon Romano Luke Romero Jeffrey Rosenberg Hendrik Rossouw Joel Roth James Rowe Jean-Francois Roy Jeff Roy Sumit Roy & Michele Covell Eric Rozendahl Stacey Rubin Christopher Ruetz Dylan Ruiz Michael Rutledge Samuel Ruttenburg Pat Ryan Tony Sachs Sarai Salazar Alber Saleh

Rob Salmon Kimberly Sambrook Dean Sampson Donna Sampson Clifford Samuel Nicholas Sanchez Garrick Sangil Joshua Sassoon Jason Satterfield Scott Sawtelle Linda Schacht Roger Schafer Michael Schatzl Jeremy Scheffee Riley Scheid Sharon Schiffhauer Dianna Schmid Paul Schmidt Kristina Schmidt Mike Schmitt Geoff Schneider Glenn Schnell Ronald Schorsch Steven Schroeder Peter Scott Russ Selinger Seth Selkow Warren Selkow Linda Sereni Andrew Sewell Roderic Seymore Kevin Shanahan Michelle Sharron Mike Shaw Tom Shaw Henry Shefelbine Philip Sheffield Joseph Shemelya Christopher Shepler Tanya Shepley Fredric Sherman Reggie Sherman Elena Shestakova Matthew Shier Brian Shire Alan Shriro Mark Shumate Michael Sijacic Kenneth Silbert Julien Silland Toni Simonson Susan Simpson Brijendra Singh Dalia Sirkin Rick Skewes Robert Skinkle Lyn Smirnov Brad Smith Jordan Smith Ken Smith Paula Smith Stewart Smith Timothy Smith Warren Snaider Julia Snow Max Sobol Jeff Sochet Jon & Cleo Sonneborn Michael Sosin

Joann Spence Ronald Speno Wayne P. Springsteen Jo Ann Sroda Geoffrey Stack Eric Stahl Storm Staley Timothy Stanley Shelby Stark Scott Stebleton Joan Steckler Michael Stees Frank Stelter Cheryl Stephenson Brendan Stevenson John Stewart Larry Stites Andrew Stone Richard Stone Wes Stone Sarah Stonehocker Joanne Storkan Bradley Stow Brigitte Strack Norm Stuart Joe Stump Randy Sugarman Jason Suitts Gary Sumers James Sumers Keith Swan

Tom Swan Carl Swanson Michael Sweitzer Mrs. Roselyne C. Swig Kevin Syvrud Gil Tabachnik David Tamkun Ragesh Tangri Thomas Tarnowski Geoffrey Tate Lawrence Taylor Lori Taylor Margaret Taylor Steve Taylor Elaine Teoh Shane Terenzi Stephanie TerMeer Paul Terry Dorian Thomas Richard Thomas Timothy Thomas John David Thompson Kelly Thompson Cory Thrasher Guy Tiphane Thomas Tobin Lucas Todd Todd Topolski Mathieu Tozer John Tran Grant Travis

Tracey Trewin Elizabeth Treynor Thomas Trice Mark Troy Tracey Turk Trina Turk Victor Unger John Francis Unson Cecilia Vacherand Clyde Valdez E J Valentini Ellen Valletta Jean-Marc Verdiell Anne Vermeil Aaron Vermut Rob Volpe Toni Von Dohren Kurt Vorheis Tiffany Wagner Donald & Anna Waite Scott Walent Abraham Wallin James Wang & Tim Patriarca S P Wang Kirby Watson Rom Watson Lauren Weaver Marshall Webster Phyllis & Brad Weekes

Suzanne Weeks Linda Weinert Danny Weinstein Michael West Keith Wetmore Michael Wexler Jan Wexner Leslie White Tamara White Doris Whitehair Tom Whitler Jeffrey Whitman David Wichman Dana Wigton Diana Wild Randall Wiley Martin Williams Virginia Williams Mark Wilson Celia Wing Daniel Wingo Pamela Winston Kelly Winters Floyd Withrow Christof Wittig Saundra Wondaferow Fay Wong Jeremy Wong Kien-Keong Wong Frank Woo Jesse Woodward

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Clif Bar & Company Heat Ventures LLC Instinct Magazine Southern California University of Health Sciences

$100,000+ Chevron Corporation Gilead Sciences, Inc. Google $50,000-$99,999 Bank of America Cannondale FedEx Corporation Gap Foundation M.A.C. AIDS Fund OneDrive ViiV Healthcare Anonymous

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INSTITUTIONAL GIFTS $25,000+ Broadway Cares/ Equity Fights AIDS Pearson Charitable Foundation The James Irvine Foundation $10,000-$24,999 American Foundation for AIDS Research Excelerate Foundation Picerne Family Foundation The Miner Foundation Anonymous

IN-KIND GIFTS $100,000+ American Apparel Gensler Morrison & Foerster LLP

$20,000-$49,999 Behind the Scenes, Inc. GCI, Inc. One Workplace USG VitaCoco $5,000-$19,999 Benefit Cosmetics CRI Systems Gatorade K+G Residential Moet Hennessy USA Peets Coffee & Tea Powerhouse Bar RockTape Safeway Savvy Bike Sports Basement Sugoi The Custom Hotel The Walking Company UBER UCSF Medical Center Whole Foods 2014 ANNUAL REPORT 17

NICE DAYS FOR EVERYONE The recent progress we have made in the fight against HIV/AIDS is remarkable. With new prevention tools in hand, communities across the U.S. are, for the first time, building and funding plans to end HIV transmission—something that would have been inconceivable just a few years ago. Today, we can actually see a day—a very nice one—when HIV transmission ends. We believe that San Francisco will be the first U.S. city to get there. This year, we joined local public health officials, medical care providers and other community organizations in creating Getting to Zero, an initiative that will transform San Francisco into a city with zero new HIV infections, zero AIDS-related deaths and zero stigma. Science is on our side. When someone tests positive for HIV and is immediately linked to treatment, they have a better chance of achieving viral suppression, a level of the virus so low that it is unlikely they will transfer HIV to someone else. Treatment, in addition to ensuring long, healthy lives, is also an effective method of prevention. That means that our programs that keep people in care and on treatment are twice as important. We also know that Truvada as PrEP is highly effective in preventing HIV, and we must do everything we can to help those who want to utilize it gain access to it and use it properly. In the coming year, our PrEP health program will become the largest in San Francisco and, likely, the largest on the planet. We will not ignore the scientific evidence about PrEP in helping us overcome sex-related shame and stigma. We see the day when a new HIV infection is very rare. We can, and we will. Because we must get to zero. Together, it’s possible. Together, we can make San Francisco the first U.S. city to end HIV transmission. 

Neil Giuliano Chief Executive Officer

18 San Francisco AIDS Foundation

Michael Kidd Chair, Board of Directors



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The financial information included herein is derived from our audited financial statements for the year ended June 30, 2014. A complete copy can be found on our website at sfaf.org/about-us/financial-information.

Year ended June 30, 2014 ($000)

Sources Of Revenue

Statement of Financial Position Years ended June 30, 2014 and 2013 ($000) 2014



$ 16,008



$ 13,580 3,381 420

$ 10,692 985 420



$ 21,893

$ 16,008

Years ended June 30, 2014 and 2013 ($000)




$ 10,923

$ 10,490

2,983 3,604 797 10,223

1,535 1,172 520 10,063




Subtotal public and government support

REVENUES AND GAINS Net realized and unrealized gains on investments Investment income Other Subtotal revenues and gains

Total public and government support, revenues and gains

Nate stretches his budget to pay his rent and school tuition because he wants to be a fashion editor one day. EXPENSES This year, Nate’s friends introduced him to the DREAAM Program services Project. “DREAAM is family,” he says. He knows he can Fund development count on DREAAM staff to be a trusted source of advice Support services on school, dating, and safety. Nate takes PrEP and Total sex expenses gets tested for HIV regularly. Soon, he’ll have one place Change inDREAAM net assetshas referred him to: to get all the services the new center for health and wellness, opening in the NET ASSETS, BEGINNING OF YEAR summer of 2015. NET ASSETS, END OF YEAR 20 San Francisco AIDS Foundation


944 336 184


Government Grants

565 234 149





$ 20,355 3,638 717

$ 19,318 3,912 724





$ 12,097

$ 11,323

$ 17,381

$ 12,097

$ 1 9,07 1 10,923 $ 29,994

Expense Allocation By Function 82.4%

Program Services


Fund Development


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$ 20,355 3,638 717


$ 24,710

Expenditures by Program Services Area Georg Lester Photography · www.georglester.com


Statement of Activities and Changes in Net Assets PUBLIC AND GOVERNMENT SUPPORT Government grants Contributions and grants Individuals Corporations and foundations Donated goods and services Special Events



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1,675 993 1,520 190 134

Private Giving and Other Non-Government Sources

1,327 2,516 692 9,397 371 153 1,552

$ 21,893

Total liabilities NET ASSETS Unrestricted Temporarily restricted Permanently restricted


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LIABILITIES Accounts payable and accrued expenses Accrued payroll and related liabilities Deferred rent Refundable advances Capital lease obligations

2,879 2,568 1,015 12,019 385 140 2,887

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Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services


Housing Services



Community-based Health & HIV Prevention Services



HIV Advocacy and Education



Care Coordination



$ 6,000

$ 20,355



Neil G. Giuliano Chief Executive Officer

Michael Kidd (Chair) Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Nancy DuBois Vice President, Talent & Operations

Philip Besirof (Vice Chair) Morrison & Foerster LLP

Robert Grant, MD, MPH Chief Medical Officer

Steven Abbott (Secretary) Author & Archivist

Jeffrey M. Leiphart, PhD Senior Director, Programs & Services

Mary Cha-Caswell Gap Inc.

James Loduca Vice President, Philanthropy & Public Affairs Tim Patriarca Executive Director, Gay & Bisexual Men’s Health & Wellness Liz Pesch, CPA Chief Financial Officer

Hamish Chandra Puddle Christopher Cowen Bank of America Merrill Lynch Bruno Delagneau, MD Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Industries

Matthew Denckla Freelance Writer Dale Freeman Attorney Laurie Hane VMWare, Inc Don Howard The James Irvine Foundation Jonathan Hsiao, MD Sutter Health Alec Hughes Wells Fargo Tim Jones Deloitte Matthew Marquis VMware, Inc.

Robert F. Quon, MD The Permanente Medical Group Eric Rozendahl Wells Fargo Business Banking Christopher Shepler Bank of America Merrill Lynch Jack Stephenson First Data Corporation Lisa Sterman, MD Physician Paul B. Tan, DMD Dentist Judy Wilber Clinical Lab Technology

San Francisco AIDS Foundation works to end the HIV epidemic in the city where it began and, eventually, everywhere. Established in 1982, our mission is to radically reduce new infections in San Francisco. Through education, advocacy and direct services for prevention and care, we are confronting HIV in the communities most vulnerable to the disease. We are creating more nice days. 1035 Market Street, Suite 400, San Francisco, CA 94103 • 415.487.3000 470 Castro Street, San Francisco, CA 94114

We want to hear from you! feedback@sfaf.org

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Annual Report 2014 San Francisco AIDS Foundation  

Have a Nice Day

Annual Report 2014 San Francisco AIDS Foundation  

Have a Nice Day