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Providing services to populations most impacted by HIV/AIDS: That’s made in San Francisco When Jarrod moved to San Francisco a few years ago and needed to access sexual health services, a friend referred him to Magnet—the foundation’s clinic in the heart of the Castro. From the moment he walked through the doors he felt welcomed, and he received the resources he needed to address his health holistically. Jarrod loves Magnet so much that he now volunteers there every month, welcoming men who live, work, and play in the Castro— one of the neighborhoods most impacted by HIV. He’s also maintaining his health and giving back to the foundation by participating in his third AIDS/LifeCycle. Gay and bisexual men remain at the center of the HIV epidemic in San Francisco. That’s why we continue to invest in services in the Castro that go beyond HIV testing. Also in the neighborhood, we offer communitybuilding programs for gay and bisexual men, services for men who are newly diagnosed with HIV or seeking to re-engage with medical care, and substance use and mental health counseling. In 2013, we launched a new program specifically for young Black gay men, called the DREAAM Project (Determined to Respect and Encourage African-American Men), which provides a weekly drop-in group, HIV testing, case management, and links to services and care. Additionally, we operate a mobile testing van to take our services directly to places where gay and bi men live and socialize in San Francisco. Like Jarrod, many of our clients not only receive services from us but find ways to give back and help others in our community. Jarrod is a shining example.


Gay Men’s Health

2013 Annual Report


















2013 Annual Report

Fighting HIV from all angles: That’s made in San Francisco Norma has been living with HIV since 1998. Every week, she comes to San Francisco AIDS Foundation’s offices in between the Tenderloin and SOMA, two of the city’s neighborhoods most impacted by HIV/AIDS. She participates in our Latino Programs, the meditation group, Wellness Wednesdays, and Healing Arts. She benefits so much from the foundation’s holistic health services that now she helps others do the same. Norma volunteers at our front desk and with needle exchange, she translates materials into Spanish for our clients, and she conducts outreach to let people know what’s available to them at San Francisco AIDS Foundation. Since the beginning of the HIV epidemic, we have understood the power of holistic health. That’s why at our offices on Market Street we offer HIV testing and STI screenings, substance use and mental health counseling via the Stonewall Project, medical case management, housing and financial benefits counseling, and prevention groups for African-Americans and Latinos. Nearby, we operate the primary site for our Syringe Access Services program. In 2013, we added a new community networking and prevention group for gay, bi, and trans men over the age of 50, and new harm reduction groups to address substance use. Everything we offer is free of charge. Like Norma, many of our clients access multiple services to maintain their health, and our robust network of programs delivers results. Norma is living proof.


Our programs and services in 2013 MAGNET

We create a network of care to meet the unique needs of our community. Everything we do is rooted in evidence—using what we know from research and our own decades of experience—to provide an array of well-designed services that work. We collect data to ensure our programs are succeeding and we use that data to constantly improve our work. The result: We are making strong and measurable progress toward our three strategic goals.












Reduce new HIV infections by 50% in San Francisco by 2015 Ensure that all San Franciscans know their current HIV status


Ensure that all HIV-positive San Franciscans receive proper care







15,000 5,000

clinical visits for free HIV tests and STI screenings

sexually transmitted infections treated


people relied on us for health information and resources


people participated in free prevention support groups

2.4M 600 700

free sterile syringes distributed

people received free services to address substance use and mental health issues

people living with HIV received free care services

Never backing down from a fight: That’s made in San Francisco San Francisco is a unique place. Since the days of the Gold Rush, when tens of thousands of people flocked to this city from all over the world in a very short period of time, this city has created a sense of community that doesn’t exist in many other places. Of all the things we’ve made in San Francisco, this gives us the deepest sense of pride. Embedded in our DNA is a desire to uphold common values of acceptance, dignity, happiness, and good health. If any of those values come under attack, we fight back. This is what happened when HIV entered our city more than 30 years ago, threatening the fabric of our community. We united, we fought, and we made a model of care for HIV that has been replicated around the world. In 2013, with your support, we drew new blueprints and began laying the groundwork for yet another San Francisco model that we believe will take root in communities across the globe. It’s our new home for health and wellness for gay and bisexual men—who continue to bear the brunt of the disease—in the Castro neighborhood. Much more than a new physical home, we know that it’s the innovation of programs and services that will make the difference. At the same time, we are intensifying service delivery efforts out of our headquarters in the mid-Market neighborhood. Because of your generosity, we are expanding services in both locations to meet the growing needs of a range of clients, including gay and bi men, marginally housed populations, women, transgender people, African Americans, monolingual Spanish speakers, and people who inject drugs. With your ongoing support, we will do even more in 2014 and reach even more people living with or at risk for HIV. Thank you for always standing with us, never backing down from this fight. We will make history as our collective efforts and persistence make San Francisco the first U.S. city to end HIV transmission. Of all the things we’ve made together in San Francisco, that will be a remarkable creation.



2013 Annual Report

Neil Giuliano Chief Executive Officer

Michael Kidd Chair, Board of Directors

2013 Key Achievements We know that in order to end the HIV epidemic, we must remain steadfast in our commitments to push the envelope, pioneer new initiatives, advocate more fiercely, engage even more people in community, and think big. 2013 was no exception. In addition to the portfolio of free services for HIV prevention and care delivered year round (pages 6–7), the foundation:

HOSTED a think tank with prominent experts in gay men’s sexual health to develop a strategy to improve services for gay men in community health settings

RAISED a record-setting $14.5 million on AIDS/LifeCycle to support our programs and the HIV/AIDS-related services of the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center

LAUNCHED a comprehensive and rigorous process of program visioning, strategy, and integration for the new home for health and wellness in the Castro

HELPED facilitate the first-ever United States Senate hearing on HIV and aging

SERVED on the executive committee for the San Francisco HIV Health Reform Task Force that produced client and provider information documents about implementation of the Affordable Care Act

LAUNCHED a new series of HIV prevention campaigns to address information gaps and increase literacy on emerging prevention tools

SECURED Board of Supervisors support and unanimous approval from the San Francisco Planning Commission for our new home for health and wellness in the Castro INITIATED a groundbreaking, five-year study in partnership with National Institutes of Health and UCSF to examine the efficacy of our innovative services for people who wish to reduce or stop their use of stimulants

DETECTED more existing and acute HIV infections at Magnet than any other community-based service provider in San Francisco, helping more people know their status and access care

ADVOCATED successfully, with our partners, for the mayor and the board of supervisors to backfill millions of dollars in federal HIV prevention and care budget cuts

ESTABLISHED the first-ever Dream Award, given to a young person of color who is making a difference in the promotion of health and wellness in our community

CREATED the 50-Plus Network, a prevention support group for HIV-positive and HIVnegative gay, bi, and trans men over the age of 50

RECOGNIZED by the White House for the effectiveness of our city’s collective efforts and investments to fight HIV in high-risk populations

Pioneering new models: That’s made in San Francisco Tim Patriarca joined the foundation in 2013. He is leading the effort to create one of the most exciting initiatives in the foundation’s history: our new home for gay and bisexual men’s health and wellness in the heart of the Castro. It will create a new model for the modern response to HIV/AIDS that’s focused on holistic health instead of sickness and disease. The center is the first of its kind in San Francisco and we are confident it will set us on the path to make our city the first in the nation to end HIV transmission. Despite the incredible progress we’ve made against HIV, someone is newly infected with the disease every day in San Francisco. Gay and bi men disproportionately bear the brunt of the epidemic, more so than anywhere else in the country: Eighty-five percent of new infections in San Francisco are among gay and bi men, compared to sixty percent nationwide. One in four gay or bi men in the city is living with HIV, and half of all newly diagnosed people are not engaged in proper care. That’s why the new home for health and wellness in the Castro is central to our efforts to end the HIV epidemic. It will be a place for testing and treatment, counseling and case management, community building, clinical services, and research and innovation. It will bring together and expand three of the foundation’s most respected and effective programs for sexual health, mental health and substance use, and HIV prevention and care: Magnet, Stonewall, and Stop AIDS Project. The core HIV-related services will be wrapped in a portfolio of programs that promote individual and community wellness. Once the doors open, this facility will serve as a model that can be replicated across the country and around the world. Tim, and our entire staff, will lead our center into a new era in the fight against HIV, and the health of our entire community will benefit because of it.



2013 Annual Report


















2013 Annual Report

Adapting to change: That’s made in San Francisco Michelle Spence is a housing case manager at our mid-Market offices. She’s part of a team that helps hundreds of people find, pay for, and maintain housing, because having a roof over your head is an essential component to HIV care. Michelle doesn’t just provide housing assistance, she gets to know our clients and understand what’s going on in their lives. If a client has a need beyond housing—such as accessing medications, or making doctors’ appointments, or managing substance use —she can quickly refer them to another foundation staff member or program. We live in a world of change, and that’s as true as ever for our clients. From a skyrocketing rental market in San Francisco to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, our clients are facing new challenges and new opportunities, and we’re with them every step of the way. Looking forward, we are working in conjunction with the Mayor’s Office of Housing to increase access to affordable housing for low-income HIV-positive San Franciscans and ensure wait lists are properly managed. We continue to be a leader in policy discussions at the local, state, and federal levels to ensure health care reform meets the unique needs of all people living with HIV. We are providing referrals to and helping clients enroll in Covered California so they can maintain networks of care to stay healthy. We are rapidly expanding one of our newest programs, the 50-Plus Network, so both HIV-positive and HIV-negative men over the age of 50 are getting the care and support they need as they grow older. It’s hard to catch Michelle without a smile on her face because she loves helping our clients, and they love having her on their side.


Advocating for those in need: That’s made in San Francisco People living with or at risk for HIV are often among the most marginalized citizens in our communities. That’s why our public policy advocates are among the best in the nation, so that we can give a powerful voice to everyone in need of programs and supportive services to live healthy, productive lives. In 2013, our legislative affairs team worked at all levels of government to ensure that HIV/AIDS remains a top priority for people in positions of power. Because of our persistence, influence, and cultivated partnerships, we got results. Among our many accomplishments, we successfully advocated for San Francisco to backfill millions of dollars in federal cuts to HIV/AIDS services. We helped create widely used client and provider blueprints for smooth transitions into new systems of care under the Affordable Care Act. We worked with our partners to deliver an influential progress report on the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, which highlighted a lack of action by the federal government on redirecting resources towards target populations, including gay men, young Black gay men, Latino gay men, and Black women. Looking forward, we are working to expand housing opportunities for people living with HIV/AIDS, monitoring the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, co-sponsoring a bill to maintain access to sterile syringes at pharmacies across California, demanding adequate funding for life-saving programs at all levels of government, and giving voice to the needs of a rapidly growing population of people over the age of 50 who are living with HIV. Our advocacy principals are clear: Everyone deserves to be heard, and good health is a right, not a privilege.



2013 Annual Report












30,000 INF


R N&



2013 Annual Report

Embracing technology and innovation: That’s made in San Francisco Megan Canon is the foundation’s social marketing manager. At San Francisco AIDS Foundation, we leverage the power of social media and impactful messaging to educate our community, expand our influence, and tackle hot‑button issues. We continued the foundation’s proud tradition of bold, eye-catching social marketing campaigns in 2013 with new initiatives that have led to significant increases in clients accessing our programs and people seeking sexual health information from our online resources, including and We also provide automated text messaging services to remind people when it’s time to get HIV tests or STI screenings. By the end of 2013, the foundation had amassed nearly 30,000 Facebook fans—by far one of the largest and most engaged online communities in our field around the country—and our number of followers grows every day. Our active social media presence, which also includes a large Twitter following, allows us to deliver news and information to all of our constituents in real time. It also gives us the opportunity foster debate, dispel myths, spark conversations, respond to concerns, and give everyone living with or at risk for HIV the resources they need to make the best possible decisions about their health. In 2013, we launched a dramatically expanded version of, one of the nation’s first and most well-respected online resources for information about pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV prevention. Recognizing there was a need for clear, concise, unbiased information about this emerging prevention tool, the expanded site now includes culturally competent information for gay and bi men, African-Americans, Latinos, and women, as well as materials for people to talk to their providers about PrEP. Megan is harnessing the power of 21st-century technology to improve health in our community, and beyond.


Working together to make our entire community healthier:



2013 Annual Report

That’s made in San Francisco Robert is a volunteer with our Syringe Access Services program, which operates 11 needle exchange sites throughout the city each week, provides free HIV and hepatitis C testing, and distributed nearly 2.4 million sterile syringes in 2013. The program is also part of one of our most impactful community collaborations: the Syringe Access Collaborative, which distributed a total of 2.9 million syringes in 2013. The collaborative, headed by San Francisco AIDS Foundation, includes six non-profit syringe access and disposal programs in the city that are funded by the San Francisco Department of Public Health. Together, all six agencies operate 22 syringe sites per week, delivering services, resources, referrals, medical facts, care, and compassion to tens of thousands of clients. When a client is ready to change their relationship with drugs or alcohol, we are there to make sure they have the support they need to achieve their goals. Because of our collective efforts, rates of new HIV and hepatitis C infections among people who inject drugs in San Francisco are well below the national average. Every week, Robert delivers health and dignity to people who need it most.

San Francisco drew the original blueprint for collaboration by creating “the model” of HIV care during the early days of the epidemic. That gold-standard network of comprehensive services continues to this day, and it has been replicated in communities around the world. San Francisco AIDS Foundation values the many collaborative partnerships we maintain with the city and peer organizations to improve health and further reduce new HIV infections. We know that to truly end the epidemic in San Francisco, it will take all of us working together.

Our collaborative partners

Catholic Charities Covered California DOPE Project Drug Users Union Glide HealthRIGHT 360 Homeless Youth Alliance

SOMA Health Center St. James Infirmary Universidad Autonoma de Zacatecas Ciencias de la Salud UC Berkeley Health Initiative of the Americas, School of Public Health UCSF 360: The Positive Care Center UCSF Center for AIDS Prevention Studies

San Francisco Department of Public Health



Project Inform


Positive Resource Center


Mission Neighborhood Health Center

Lyon-Martin Health Services







Lutheran Social Services



Larkin Street Youth Services

Shelter Plus Care


Instituto Familiar de la Raza



Castro Country Club

San Francisco State University Center for Research on Gender and Sexuality


Black Coalition on AIDS/ Rafiki House

San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development


Baker Places, Inc.

San Francisco LGBT Community Center



Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center


Alliance Health Project

San Francisco General Hospital, Positive Health Program




Our many events throughout the year build community, improve health, and raise vital funds to support our free, local programs and services. A few of our supporters take their fundraising efforts to exceptional levels. We salute them!


Steven Abbott Frank Adair John-Paul Aguirre Gregory Ahlquist Jeffrey Akeley Jim Akers Norm Aleks Sang An Gail Anderson Mimosa Andre Robert Bathrick Jim Beitzel Michael Bellissimo Christopher Benson Dan Bernal Clarke Bishop Ted Bolivar Michael Boorstein Bryan Botha Donald Brown Patricia Brown Jen Burton

Evan Caldwell Michele Camper-Lange Allen Carpenter John Cavellini Mary Cha-Caswell Jeff Chartrand Michael Cipresso Terry Clark Andrew Clarke Joseph Conforti Thomas Cox Kimberly Crawford R. Scott Creighton John Culligan Seth Dannemiller Alex Darke Dan Dodd Alli Dolan Joanna Dubin Nancy DuBois Keith Endersen Joanne Engel

Frederick Felman Mark Ferlatte Josh Garbarino Ferdinand Garcia Gonzalo Garcia Timothy Garippa Neil G. Giuliano Christopher Gonzales Patricia Gordon Fiona Grant Roman Gronkowski Zi Yang Guo Susan Hagstrom Anthony Hand Scott Hannibal John Harvey Tim Hayden Claude Hillel Scott Hirsch Perry Hookey Diane Hourany Eric Hubbs

Paul Ikeda Mark Illeman Tim Irvin Daniel Johnson Kate Kendell Gary Koehler Jason Krech Jack Landers James Loduca Andreas Lorenz Keith Loring Casey Lucas Joshua Lundell Jonathan Mayer Brad McCarty Ryan McKeel John McNett Tim Meissner Megan Minkiewicz Ernesto Padilla Alvin Paez Sergio Paz

Top 100 AIDS Walk Star Walkers

Donald Alvarez Melissa Anderson Neil Austin Ashley Ballani Rob Barnum Nancy Benson Christopher Berini John Bernier Lynn Bersch Philip Besirof David Boutry Grant Burger Damian Carmichael Thomas Carragher Eric Castongia Kevin Caudill Zane Clausen John Coblenz Misha Cohen Lawrence Coles Carlos Cordonero

Steve Lopez AIDS/LifeCycle 2013 participant

Philip Cravens Margaret Cunha Peter Dale Kevin DeForest Fred Dillon Winford Dixon Bill Dow JS Edwards Dennis Elder Darryl English Michael Favela Rick Fazio Jack Fredricks Michael Fullam Andy Fyne Jimmy Gale Jeffrey Green Alan Greenspan Chris Grissom Sarah Gutin David Hendricks

Rich Henry Bill Hirsh Crispin Hollings Emily Huang Paul Johnson Dan Jones Joan Juster Michael Kidd Max Kirkeberg Mingyung Lai Alan Lee Frank Lindh Robert Longer Regina Luk-Akaka Jay Lynn Toni MadrugaBermudez Mace Mamlok Robert Mansfield Barret Martinez Mark Mays

Santa Skivvies run

Dining Out for Life

Steven Bracco Shawn Geng Kevin O’Shea Stephen Roberts Eric Shangle

Steven Abbott Alec Hughes James Loduca Sergio Lopez Chip McAllister Gary Snow Gregory Sroda

Brian Peffly Danl Plyler Christopher Poore Daniel Quinlan Robert Quon Carlos Rangel Mark Reisbaum Daniel Ripley Glenn Roberts Adam Robinson Robert Rodriguez Ryan Rollinson Roland Roth Eric Rozendahl Ken Ruebush Dawn Ruggeroli Joel Sale Dean Sampson David Seligman Martin Sherrill Dennis Shine Archie Smith

Brad Smith Jonathan Sonneborn Anthony Sprauve Lois Springsteen Shelby Stark Emmanuel Sterling Lisa Sterman James Sumers Corinne Suyeyasu JJ Swift Vincent Tamariz Victor Tort James Touchstone John Vasquez Lindsey Wall Patrick Weiland Donovan Whitehurst Bruce Williams Kelly Winters Rodney Wong Jeremy Yost Jon Zimman

Richard McAllister Mark McClelland Jimmy McConnell David McKee Richard Meiss Robert Millar Carlos Mock Marilyn Moodie Abraham Morfin Maria Moscardini Glenn Murphy Daniel Nerney Myke Olson Kirk Pessner Jeff Phelps Reggie Place Maggie Randriamamonjy Barry Robinson Addis Rodriguez George Roehm

Mark Ross Wendy Rossie Shawn Rossiter Peter Rudy Arup Sarkar Tina Schulkamp Jeff Seibert Bruce Smith Terri Sonoda Robert Sostak Stephen Stanfel Randy Thueme Dana VanGorder Cornell Vaughn Lawrence Wexler Nina Wilson Gerhard Woelke Gina Wulff Bob Wulff Leetha Yee

Create Your Own Events

Double Bay Double

Gary Barg Mardie Fulop Max Hamilton Peter Nanjo Emily Williams

Andrew Bennett David Gaus George Head Matthew Rodnick Chris Thomas


2013 Annual Report

Going above and beyond: That’s made in San Francisco San Francisco AIDS Foundation has some of the most dedicated event participants in the world. You truly go the extra mile for us so that all of our programs and services remain strong and stable for the thousands of clients who walk through our doors each year. Your unwavering commitment to us means we can always be there for the people we serve. And because of you, all of our services remain free of charge. In 2013 we set new fundraising records across all of our ongoing events, and we bid farewell to AIDS Walk San Francisco after 26 years of work as the co-founding beneficiary. Whether you were part of AIDS/LifeCycle— which shattered its previous record by raising $14.5 million in 2013— attended our annual Tribute Celebration, participated in Dining Out for Life, joined AIDS Walk, or frolicked in the Santa Skivvies Run, you contributed to our work with unprecedented generosity. One of our core values is transparency to the participants and donors who support us. We provide a complete account of our financial performance for the 2012–2013 fiscal year on pages 30–31 so you can see exactly how your efforts benefit the foundation. Thank you for helping us reduce new HIV infections and expand access to care, and for your ongoing loyalty. Not only do you fund our programs and services, but your generosity inspires us every day.


Giving generously: That’s made in San Francisco In 2013, we established a new membership group for major donors to become more connected with our work: First City Club. First City Club is a membership-based group of major donors who join with an annual investment of at least $1,000 in direct support of our annual operations. In return, members receive access to exclusive events and opportunities designed just for them, and become better connected with our work and mission. First City Club members are leaders in business and community from around the Bay Area. New members in 2013 appear on the opposite page. First City Club is governed by a board of community leaders who go the extra mile in volunteering their time and resources on First City Council. Under their leadership, this exciting new group is quickly growing membership and fundraising capacity. Most importantly, it’s supporting work that will help San Francisco become the first U.S. city to end the transmission of HIV.




Stu Eaton

Christopher Benson Andrew Chang Terry Clark Tom Durein Anthony Lopez Matt Marquis Wayne Pan, MD Brigham Pierce Joel Rosenzweig Tony Sachs Gary Saperstein David Suh

Matthew Denckla


Gary Gansle Co-Chair

Mike Gregg Vice-Chair

Rod Seymore Chair, Fund Development Committee



2013 Annual Report

2013 First City Club Donors to Treatment Group: $10,000–$24,999

Paul Asente & Ron Jenks Andrew Goode Donald Howard Anonymous Prevention Group: $1,000–$9,999

Evan Ardley Celestine Armenta Allen Balderson Albert & Pamela Bendich Christopher Benson Carl Bergard Robert Berk Jennifer & Steven Bermudez Philip Besirof Judith Blommer James Bly Claire & Jared Bobrow Debora & Christopher Booth Ed & Jan Brown Jen Burton Wesley Burwell Richard Busalacchi & Gina Asaro Busalacchi James Canales, Jr. & James McCann Vincent Cancelliere & Anthony Kolish John Carlson Denis Carrade James Carroll Hamish Chandra Andrew Chang Daniel Chew Terry Clark Samuel Cole James Corbett Colleen Coulter John Dains

Dean Daniels Erik Deiters Bruno Delagneau Owen Demers Matthew Denckla Michael Dillon Sharon Dillon Dan Dodd Daniel Doyle Dwelle Family Foundation Jonathan Eager & Nancy Klehr Jean Edwards James Ely Keith Ennenga Eileen Fehskens Carol Mondry Fine, MD & Howard Fine Richard Fiory Lyla Fries & Walter Fries Jonathan Gibbons Allan Gold Susan & Sidney Goodwill Michael Gray Carolyn & Robert Hall Ms. Heather Hanly & Mr. Daniel Purcell Dr. Eli Harari Deborah Hartung & Rock N Roll Babies Stephen Hatch Paul Hempel David Hendricks Deborah Hoffman Richard Hoffman Peter Holson Rev. Edward Holterhoff Dennis Hopkins Christine Hurd Lucille Johnson Sarah Johnston Tim Jones

Annual Fund Scott Jordan Wendy Jordan Lon Justice Kenneth Katz Michael Kay & Stephen Shearer Charley Kearns & Franklin Ching Michael Kidd & Kenneth Sloan Kurt Krebs Dennis Kreuser & Dottie Drumm Maja Kristin Valery Lanyi, MD Barry & Marie Lipman Feysan Lodde James Loduca Joshua Lundell Toby Lustig Neil MacPhail Salvatore Manzi Matthew Marquis Stephen Martin Mrs. Luciana Mazzola David McCullough, Jr. Anthony Mistretta Richard Mordesovich Keith Morgridge Sharon Mullen Timothy Murray & Thomas Murphy Kenneth Nehmer Garrick Ohlsson John Okuloski Kathleen Pitta John Podolsky Kenneth Powell & Rona Foster Matthew Quilter Andrew Quinn Geoffrey Ralston Douglas Rapp Walter Rieman Howard Roffman

Robert Rybicki & Lee Ng Tony Sachs Diann Sant Lloyd Santy Brian Schultz Michael Scribner Renee & Philip Seay Russ Selinger Molly Singer David Slattengren Ron Smithson, Jr. Jack Stephenson Vivian Stephenson & Margarita Gandia Earl Stokes Steven Tallman & Yuri Michielsen Lance Turcato Beth Walker & Tina Rau John Warnken-Brill Tim Whalen Julie Wilt Ms. Mary Winfield & Mr. Brent Winfield Ellen Winter Shariq Yosufzai Peter Zajichek Andrew Zalkow Mike Zeiden Anonymous (7)


Thank you to all of our generous donors in 2013 * This year, you made an incredible difference in our work. Whether you supported a participant in one of our incredibly popular fundraising events, donated at the Tribute Celebration, made a gift in response to a direct appeal, or some combination thereof, you helped save lives. The following is a summary of total giving by individuals, corporations, and institutions in 2013. We are deeply grateful. * This list does not include gifts to the Campaign for Health and Wellness during the quiet phase.

INDIVIDUAL DONORS $25,000–$50,000

Lucian Blazej Ambassador James C. Hormel & Michael Nguyen Anonymous (2) $10,000–$24,999

Mary Cha-Caswell Nancy Chartrand Dan Dodd Robert & Colleen Haas Esther Herrick & Colleen Crook Lisa Johnson Shawn Jones Michael Kidd & Kenneth Sloan Matthew Marquis Lucas Pereira Danl Plyler Elena Shestakova Alex Sloan Cameron Smith Jack Stephenson Gary Sumers Dr. Alan Taylor Keith Wetmore Virginia Wulff Anonymous $1,000–$9,999

Steven Abbott Kurt Abney Jonathan Abrams Frank Adair Luke Adams Jacob Adkison John-Paul Aguirre Connie Akeley Gary Akenhead Jim Akers Karen Albino Michelle Alderdice

Sean Alderman Norm Aleks Matthew Alion Ann Alioto Joe Allanson Barbara Almeter-Cohen Herb Alston Kim Altic Ricardo Alvar Sang An Manu Anand Anikka & Mark Katie Anderson Rodney Anderson Nader Ansary Eugene Archibald Eduardo Armas Thomas Armer Alan Arrigoni Ryohei Asao Susan Ashcroft Anne Aspinwall Michael Atkins Jenny Au Robert Auen Beth Auer Dr. Judith D. Auerbach Donald Aughenbaugh Jay Ayers Vivaldo Azevedo Kelly Burlingham Michael Baba Bradley Backeberg Bryan Baker Jonathan Baker Joseph Baker Mr. Phillip Balistrieri Jennifer Ballinger Keith Baraka Cristobal Baray Angela Barbary Ann Barbier

Dominick Barcelona Anthony Barker Austin Barker Julie Baroco Polly Baroco Sergio Barrera Brian Baskinger Brian Batchelor Louis & Arlene Bates Robert Bathrick Shawn Bauer Alvin Baum, Jr. Romain Bayere James Beasley Linda Beaton Robert Bechek Clifford Beckwith, Jr. John Beeler Jim Beitzel Nick Bell Ryan Bell Adrian Bellamy Luke Bellandi Michael Bellissimo Denise Bellotti Bruce Belton Kathleen Bendernagel Alec Bennett Andrew Bennett James Bennett Christopher Benson Carrie Benton Emma Benton-Hughes Christopher Berini Catherine Berman John Bernier Desiree Bertolani Philip Besirof Filomena Bettencourt Cassandra Bevers Anthony & Angela Bilich Xochiltzin Birch Corrie Bird

Norbert & Inger Bischofberger Clarke Bishop Margaret Bishop Raffaelle Biunno Craig Bjorkman Lon Blais Marcy Blick Peter Blitz Robert Blitzer Kimberly Boatright Oneta Bobbett Rochelle & Steve Bochner Robert Bodzin Michael Bodziner Michael Boorstein Caroline Booth Henry Bortman Randall Bosetti Sidney Bosley Fred Bothe Samuel Botsford Tom Bottorff Bernard Boudreaux Adele Bouett Marie Bourget Jeff Bowles Sarah Bowman Philip Boyer & Steve Weirauch David Boyle Brigitte Bradford Angela & Douglas Braly Kimberley Brantley JoAnn Bray Christopher Bride Donald Bridges Mary Ann Briggs Benjamin Brochu Dr. Carol Brosgart, MD Don & Carol Brown John Brown Julie & Mike Brown Patricia Brown

Preston Brown, DDS Virginia Brown Alik Brundrett Peter Brunn Angela Bryant James Bryce Michael Bryce Elaine Bullock Richard Bumpus Ellen Bunch Andrew Bundy Jean Burgess Tom Burke Kelly Burlingham & Ms. Midori Steven Burrows Collin Burry Jen Burton John Scott Burton Steven Burton Weldon Burton Wesley Burwell Michael Buschbacher Jef Caers William Cafiero Gerald Cain Peter Cairns John Calaway Paul Callary James Camou Brian Campbell James Canales, Jr. & James McCann Adeline Canevari Lisa Capaldini, MD David Capurro Elizabeth Carl Lorraine & Nick Carpou Thomas Carragher Robert Carstensen Bernadine Caruso Kevin & Denise Cassin Kevin Caudill John Cavellini

Dawn Cawrse Cory Chalack Terrence Chan Manju Chatterji Angelica Chavez Carleen Chea Jing Chen Casey Cheung Cindy Cheung & Ed Lin Michael Cheung Steven Chiodini Robert Chlebowski Katie Christ Garritt Chrzanowski Joao Chui Dayong Chung Hin Chung Samuel Chung Terry Clark Amanda Clark Julia Clarke Tien Claudio Patrick Clayton John Clerides Heather Clifton Christopher Clyde John Coblenz Richard Coffey Jeremy Cogswell Ruth Cohn Brian Conaghan & Shawn Priggel Joseph Conforti Frances Connelly Ronald Conway Kevin Cooney Ken Coopersmith Stephanie Cosgrove David Costa John Costello Thomas Cott Laura Cottrell Robert Coverdell Thomas Cox

J. Crandall Ginger Crane Gregory Crawford Barbara Creighton Sarah Crinnion Richard Cronin Rachelle Crowley Jim Crumbacher Joaquin Cuetara Robert Culver Amber Curley Joseph Clark Cutler Steven Czekala, DDS Kevin Daly Chuck D’Angelo III Courtney Daniels Mark Dannemiller Karl Danz Alex Darke Mary Davenport Bill Davidson Helen Davies Bryan Davis Donald Davis Philip De Andrade Christiane de Bord Charles De Sieyes & Carol Ward Tommaso De Vecchi Jonathan Deason Michael Decaro Kathleen Deery Kevin Deforest Jodi Dehli Kathleen Deibert Brandon Del Campo Bruno Delagneau Chanel DeLaney Greg Delaney Allan Deluke Anna Demouchet Matthew Denckla Daniel Deninger Neeley Dessaint

Mike Dickman Ulf Diegmann Katherine Dietzen Matt Dikdan Amanda Dill Michael Dillon Julie Dinardo Diana Dinets Arnold Dito Arjun & Diana Divecha Zai Divecha Michael Dix Tonya Dixon Kevin Dixson Robert Dockendorff Alli Dolan Marie Dolan Nicholas Donatiello, Jr. Anne Donnelly Mathew dos Santos Cindy Dougherty Giles Douglas Mildred Drayton Bodo Drescher Mary Droese Richard Droese Adam Dubinsky Nancy DuBois Denise Ducot Deary Duffie Angela Duffy David Duncan Scott Dunlap Martin Dunn David Duong Matthew Duran Scott Dykzeul Michael Earhart Chris Echavia JoAnn Edfors Peter Edge Jejelle Edmundson David Edwards Paul & Joanne Egerman Greg Egertson Jeffrey Ehrenberg Pal Einlyng Daniel Ek Rick Elefant Darryl English Keith Ennenga Jeff Eorio David Ernst Charlie Esteban Charles Evans Richard Fabian Rocco Fabiano

Jeanette Fabris Richard Fade Jeff Fallick Michael Favela David Feder & Albert Russo Oscar Feldenkreis Teresa Felder Bryce Ferguson John Ferrare Barbara Fink Susan Fish Keith Fisher William Fisher Karin Fitzgerald Vicky Flatt Carol Flegel Gary Flieger Edna Flores-Lagunte Larry Fong Richard Fong, Jr. Amy Forbes Dorothy Ford Sharon Forrest Davis Ann Marie Forster Carol Forte Clifford Fountain Mary Fouser Dan Fowler Michael Frank Robert Franko Rachel Frazier Matthew Frederick Jeffrey Frederiksen Derek Freeman Yves Freitag Meredith Frisch Patricia Frisch Steven Frisch Michael Fritz Michael Fullam Andrew Fyfe Jimmy Gale David Galullo Joseph Galuszka Brian Galyean Andreas Gamez Margarita Gandia Josh Garbarino Ferdinand Garcia Kevin Gardner Timothy Garippa Brian Garrett & Stephen Fronk Justin Garrett Spencer Garrett Amber Gaul

George Gavros Edsel Gayoso Carla Geisser Christopher Gent Christopher George Michael George William Giammona Kerry Gibson Stephen Gilhooly Thomas Gill Mark Gire Neil G. Giuliano Greg Giuliano Brook Glaefke Regina Glass Linda Glover Judy & Steven Gluckstern Barbara Glynn Glenn Strome & John Goecke Randall Goetzl Paula Gold John & Marcia Goldman Robert Goman Elena Gomez Christopher Gonzales Ruben Gonzales Kevin Gonzalez Michelle Gonzalez Andrea Goodman Mike Gorby Deborah Gordon Lance Gordon Andrew Gorman Scott Gorran Jason Gosnell Patricia Gowaty Todd Gower Michelle Graff Barbara Grasseschi Charles Green Jeff Green Lynn Green Daniel Greening Jodi Grills David Groeschel Dick Grosboll Edward Gudaitis Alfred Guevarra Huang Guo Everto Gutierrez Rachel Haas Kathleen Hagen Shaun Haines Jean & Nicholas Hall Mike Hall

Maureen Hallett Angela Hallinan Richard Halton Richard Hamer Philip Hammarskjold Anthony Hand Adam Handler Michael Handler Laurie Hane Patrick Haney James Hansen Jeffrey Hansen & Derik Woods Martha Harnly Jacob Harris Kerri Hart Will Harvey Bill Harwood Steve Hasley John Hassell Christopher Hastings Lynda Hastings Jim Hawk Gabriel Hayes & John Hayes Tammy Haygood Gregory Haynes Butch Haze George Head Richard Hearn John Hearne Peter Hearne & Carol Hearne Dennis Heath Sandra & Matthew Heine Marco Hellman Anthony Hemingway David Hendricks Dave Hendrickson & Daniel Sonnenfeld Felix Heng Matthew Hergenzeter Dottie Herman Meg Herman Francoise Herrmann John Hertia George Herzog Jerry Hettinger Megan Heuer Anne Heyman Anne Hietbrink Barbara Hightshue Kathy Hill Tim Hill Victoria Hill Martha Hill-Rounds Douglas Hiramoto

Evan Hirsch Scott Hirsch James Hirschinger John Hluboky Judy Ho Carlyle Hoch Martin Hodgett Richard Hoffman Dennis Hogan Crispin Hollings Perry Hookey Marcia Hooper Matthew Horan Michael Horn Lynn Horowitz Erik Howell Jonathan Howell Emily Hsu Jeffrey Huang Tim Huang Tzu-Hsin (Astrid) Huang Jed Hudson Mark Huebner Alec Hughes Ian Hull Tori & Steve Humphrey Michael Hurd Jacqueline Huynh Paul Ikeda Yasuko Ikeda Ken Irelan Eric Irestone Tim Irvin Scott Isaacson Josh J. Patricia Jacobson Joanne & Christopher Jaeger Brian James Megan Janis Tracey Jaquith Greg Jarvis Jeff Javits Ronald Jenkins David Jennings Anne Johnson Carl Johnson G. Ron Johnson Kent Johnson Mary Johnson Rebecca Johnson Luke Johnstone Amanda Jones Audrey Jones Louis Jones IV Tim Jones Elliott Joseph

Luis Juarbe Osorio Drew Judge Radfield Justice Robert Kagle Matt Kajiwara Patrick Kamins Anne Kampmann Matthew Kane Shel Kaphan Bonnie Katz & David Taylor Charlotte Katz Bernard Katzmann & Roland Trego Thomas Kearney Charley Kearns Steven Kehrli Tom Keiser Diana Keith Andrew Kelchner Suzy Kellems Dominik Jared Kelly Steven Kelly Ayse Kenmore Brian Key Vivek & Laura Khare Herve Kieffel Grace Kim Michael Kinsley Dave Kirby David Kirkbride Max Kirkeberg Jessie Kirklan Michael Kiser Henry Kistler Ervin Knezek Daniela Koch Thomas Kocon Jeff Koertzen Diane Kopitsky Lily Kordic Scott Kramer Michael Kriak David Krumholtz Peter Kushmeider Michael Kutner Jeff Kuwano Kevin Kuzma George Labella Ashwin Ladva Gregory Laemmle Richard Laker Eric Lambrecht Travis Lane Edward Lanphier Margie LaPoint Elizabeth Larose

George Larribas Brian Lasofsky Stacy Lau Kristin Laurin Harry Lawrence & Andrew Hirss Matthew Lawrence Bruce Lawson Jerome Lecot Anthony Lecue Gino Ledesma Grace Lee Larry Lee Peter Lee Lamar Leland Ronald Lenker The Honorable Mark Leno Alan Lessik Juan Leung Li Jee Levin Scott Levine John Levy Aaron Lewis Charlie Lewis Jeffrey Lewis Jodie Lewis Sheryl Lewis & Eric Lewis William Lewis Ron Lezell Barbara Liepman David Ligon Phillip Lindow Mark Linsley Susan Lipman Melissa Liton David Littlefield Otis Littlefield Sandy M. Littlefield Arkless Lloyd Micky Lloyd Fergus Lo James Loduca Dave Lopez Jimmie Lopez Steve Lopez J.P. Lor Janet Loring Leonel Lorta, Jr. Nancy Louis Roger Low Andrew Lowdon Jabby Lowe Damien Lu Casey Lucas Erica Ludwig

Rick Lugash Alvin Luk Regina Luk-Akaka Thomas Lukens Joshua Lundell John Lundsten Larry Lunnen Daniel Luther Gregory Lynn Franklin Lyons Zackary Lyons Simon Lysnes Patrick MacCartee Susan MacFarlane Gordon Mackenzie Alastair Mactaggart David Madfes Wendy Maitland Patrick Makuakane Mireille Mallouh Mark Manasse & Janet Mohle-Boetani Jeffrey Manese Robert Manning Sally Mansis Salvatore Manzi Thomas Mapp Joseph Marcellino Barbara March Mary Marenberg Patricia Markin Joel Markovits Lynda Marren Jeanne Martel David Martin Melchior Martinez Alvaro Martinez-Fonts Hal Marz, Jr. Alberto Mas Gregory Mason Linda Mason Phillip Mason Tyler Mason Sonya Masur Ann Mathieson Joan Matloff Tina Matthews George Maumer Jennifer Maxwell Adam Mayer Jonathan Mayer Anne McArthur & Steven Smith Jeanne McArthur Laurie L. & Virginia L. McBain Robert & Pamela McBain

Scott McCallister Yvonne McCallum Kate McCarroll Brad McCarty Thomas McCleary Benjamin McCloskey Karin McClune Greg McCord Anthony McCown James McCoy Jeff McCoy Robert McDiarmid Dennis McDonagh Mary Anne McGuireHickey & John Hickey Bob McIvor Dr. Michael & Diane McKeel Lawrence McMahon Mark McMinn Ryan McNally Anthony Meadow Jan Medina James Meehan Dennis Meiss Richard Meiss & Peter Rudy Michael Melott Ian Menzies Karen & Ed Mercaldo Michal Merin David Messer Max Mason & Drew Metcalfe Larry Metzger Larry Metzler Chris Miller Craig Miller Edward Miller Lawrence Miller Russell Miller Chris Mills Megan Minkiewicz Stephen Mitchell Randy Monges Randall Montbriand Dylan Moore Gary Moore Kenneth Moore Polly Moore Julie Moran Phaedra Morgan Thomas Morgan Chad Morris David Morris Lucina Moses Neveo Mosser Rosie Moultrie

Jose-Luiz Moura Markus Mueller Gary Mullenix Andreas Muno Leslie Murphy Michael Murphy Linda Mutch Linda Nanbu Andrew Nance Raj Narayanaswamy Andrew Narver Sundaram Natarajan Benjamin Nathan Kenneth Nehmer Bryan Neider Linda Nelson Cathy Nevolo Tina Newcomb Christopher Ng & David Warren Gary Nichols Joe Nienhaus Kevin Nishioka Kyriell Noon Robert Norem Victor Norton Sukey Novogratz Randy Nunnelee Kathryn Oakley Jennifer O’Brien Tom O’Brien Concetto Occhipinti Michael O’Donahue Aindreas O’Donnell Jim Offutt Paul Ohearn Kenneth Okin Mark Oliver Kathleen Opperman David Opperman III Michael Orlando Amber Ornelas Sam Orr Jenifer O’Ryan Hal Osborn Carol Osborne John Osborne Kevin O’Shea Loren Ostrow John O’Sullivan Jeff Ottman David Otto Taylor Owens William Owens Antonette Pacquing Malhar Pagay Matt Pagel

Barbara Paine Wayne Pan, MD Zachary Papilion Les Pappas Alfredo Paredes Teresa Parham Arrie Park Wendy Parrott Timothy Patriarca Gary Patterson Mark Patterson Norman Patterson R. Lee Patterson Norman & Janet Pease Paul Pelosi & House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi John Pence Jwu-Rong Peng Robert Penneys Lindsay Pepper Nancy Perata Arthur Perez Tony Perisin David Perkins Tom Perrault & Sal Giambanco Steven Perry Virginia Perry Nicole Petrich Ann Petru John Pettitt Albert Pettus Linda Pham Tony Pham Chris Phillips Michael Phillips David Pierce James Pierson Sujata Pilli Steve Pinetti David Plesha Kenneth Plough II Joe Poch Robert Pocica CJ Poelman Antonin Poiree Ben Polk Vicky Ponciano Frank Pond John Pope Diana Porter David Posnick Amber Post Barbara Powell Dr. George Powell Robert Powell

John Powers Christina Pratt Edward Prendergast John Pritzker Aaron Prohaska Jim Prost Barbara Protonentis Joseph Pulice George Quan Pam Quan-Louie David Quick Daniel Quinlan Robert Quon, MD Joe Racker Thomas Raffa Sandra Ramsey Maggie Randriamamonjy Roland Rauscher Luis Raven Jeanne Reed Jennifer Reed Nathan Reese Robert Regina Leroy Reid Toni Rembe Rex Rhew Beatrice Ricart Joseph Richard R. Michael Richey & Chris Winslow David Rickabaugh Margaret Ridolfi Christine Riedell Lucas Ringhofer-Miller Daniel Ripley Jesse Riscen Richard Robbins Eric & Barbara Roberts Jacob Roberts & Samuel Lim Butalid Lisa Robin Adam Robinson Barbara Carroll Robinson & Brian Robinson Timothy Robinson Matthew Rodnick & Taryl Rodnick Alberto Rodriguez Margo Rodriguez Ruben Rodriguez Roderick Roe George Roehm & Fred Hosking II Blake Rogers Leslie Rogers Tom Rollinson

Walter Romanek Anthony Rose Joel S. Rosenberg Stephen Rosenfeld Michael Rosenthal Floyd Ross Mark Ross Dr. Charles Roth Jennifer Rounds Nathan Rowader Eric Rozendahl Stacey Rubin Arturo Ruvalcaba Pat Ryan Robert Rybicki & Lee Ng Tony Sachs Benita Sakin Katie Salcido Mitchell Salcido Alana Sampson Dean Sampson Patricia Sampson Sandra Samuels John S. San Agustin Maureen Sandoval Peter Sands Jesse Sanford Rafael Santander Rachel Santo Domingo Lisa Sardegna Joshua Sassoon Victor Scaletchi Linda Schacht Sophia Schaefer Mark Scheibmayr Martin Schepers Kimberly Schilke Lyn Schlesinger Carolyn Schlueter Paul Schmidt Geoff Schneider Robert Schonfeld Ronald Schorsch Richard & Jeanne Schultz April Scott Kevin Scott Chad Seeger David Seligman John Selsor Ben Serebrin Roderic Seymore Meher Shah Matt Sharkey Rodney Sheppard Dennis Shine

Mike Shriver Gladys Shukur Ana Siguenza Michael Sijacic Joseph & Cynthia Silva Kristin Silver William Simpson Stephan Sirard Dalia Sirkin Rick Skewes Jonathan Skow Eric Slack Andre Smiley Archie Smith Brad Smith Bruce Smith Graham Smith Ken Smith Lee & Perry Smith Fund Lori Smith Michael Smith Vance Smith David Smyton Warren Snaider Denise R. Sobel Naomi Sobel Max Sobol Jon & Cleo Sonneborn James Sorensen Michael Sosin Liraz Spear Brandi Speed Gary Speer Anne Sperling Anthony Sprauve Lois Springsteen Wayne P. Springsteen Jo Ann Sroda Geoffrey Stack Scott Stackman Eric Stahl Joel Stahl Kurt Stammberger Timothy Stanley Shelby Stark Betty Starr Joan Steckler Kristin Steele William Stein Frank Stelter Jill & Andy Stengel-Hilliard Cheryl Stephenson Lisa Sterman, MD Randy Stevens John Stewart Joshua Stinnett

Larry Stites Ian Stockdale Gwynne Stoddart Joanne Storkan Rae Ann Straughan Steve Stricker Jennifer Stringer Kathleen Stucker David Suliteanu David Sullivan Kevin Sullivan James Sumers Richard Sutherland & Lani Sutherland Lyle Swallow Guru Swamy Tom Swan III Marc Sweda Andrew Sweeney Patrick Swift & Peter Williamson Mrs. Roselyne C. Swig Mike Swingler Maricel Tagulao Nena Talcott Kevin Tam Vincent Tamariz David Tamkun Ragesh Tangri Thomas Tarnowski Nola Tartler Christopher Tatro Adam Taylor Holly Taylor Stephen Taylor Scott Tegethoff Shane Terenzi Stephanie TerMeer Nancy Terry Hayden Thomas Pat Thomas Timothy Thomas Clair Thompson Jeff Thompson John David Thompson Sheila Thorne John Thorpe Donna Timmons Guy Tiphane Luke Todd Garret Tokuda Justin Tolmer Tim Tolmer Richard Torgersrud James Touchstone Anastasio Tovar

Regan Trac Canh Tran Kathy Travis Parker Trewin Elizabeth Treynor Robert Tripp Mark Troy Michael Trythall David Tsai Brian Tuller Tracey Turk Rick Turley & Brendan Koon Tanya Turnbull Jennifer Turner William Turner Andrew Uhl Alex Unger Victor Unger John Francis Unson Anu Vaidyanathan Richard Valachovic Eugene Van Scott Norris & Gail A. Vandenberg David Vandygriff Winston Vaughan David Ventura Monina Verano Anne Vermeil Steven Vettel Greg Vilkin Sergio Villarreal Sharon Vincent Justin Vinluan Genecar Vivo Steve Volk David Volkman Toni Vondohren David Wabel Catherine Wakelyn Ken Waldeck Beth Walker & Tina Rau Shelby Wall Frank Walt Scott Walton Danny Wan James Warerbury Margaret Warton Rom Watson Jessica Weare John Weaver Robin Weaver Dr. Kathleen Welsh Roger Wery Graham Weston

Mary Weston Jan Wexner Gregory Whitaker Mikey Whited Donovan Whitehurst David Wichman John Wied Eric Wild Kelly Williams Kevin Williams Clifford Willis Jennifer Willis Andrew Wilson Stuart Wilson Celia Wing Kimball Winn Ellen Winter Kelly Winters Bayard Winthrop Laura Wisloski Stephen Wolfe Jack Wolking Alexander Wong Karen Wong Frank Woo Johnathan Woo John Wood Chad Woodard Jesse Woodward Geoffrey Woolley Frances Wu Carol Wulff Donald Wyler Ken Xia Xing Jie Yang Emmanuel Yap Leetha Yee John Young Margaret Young Paul Young Chris Yowell Ingu Yun Jon Zetterberg Joseph Zils Jeffrey Zimman & Ken Ruebush Jonathan Zimman & Glenn Roberts Marc Zimman & Dr. Sarah Zimman Michael Zimman T. G. Zimmerman Eric Zollinger Rhonda Zygocki Anonymous (9)

Corporate DONORS $100,000 +

Bank of America Chevron Corporation Electronic Arts Fox Broadcasting Co. Gap Foundation Gilead Sciences, Inc. Google $50,000–$99,999

Cannondale Levi Strauss & Co. and the Levi Strauss Foundation M.A.C. AIDS Fund Morrison & Foerster LLP & The Morrison & Foerster Foundation Wells Fargo Foundation Yahoo $25,000–$49,999

Abbvie Amgen Foundation Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. FedEx Genentech Microsoft Corporation Foundation Walgreens

Walt Disney Company Foundation Williams-Sonoma, Inc. Zico Beverages LLC Anonymous $15,000–$24,999

BlackRock Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Brown & Toland Physicians Charles Schwab Corporation Johnson & Johnson Omidyar Network Sapphire Catering Sephora USA, Inc. Sole Technology, Inc. Target Corporation Union Bank of California Foundation Visa International $10,000–$14,999

Adobe Systems, Inc. Bank of the West Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals Blue Shield of California Cisco Systems Community Thrift Store

Cornerstone Research, Inc. Hellman & Friedman LLC IBM Kaiser Permanente Macquarie Group McKesson Foundation Mellon Financial Corp. Phillips 66 Powerhouse Bar Prospect Mortgage Safeway Foundation Sports Basement, Inc. $6,000–$9,999

American Express Charitable Fund American International Group, Inc. Autodesk Becton, Dickinson and Company Bloomberg L.P. Capital Group Companies CBS Corporation Federated Department Stores J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. Pacific Gas & Electric Company

Seyfarth Shaw, LLP Textron Thrivent Financial for Lutherans U.S. Bank Verizon $5,000–$5,999

AAA of Northern California, Nevada & Utah Box, Inc. Cinemark USA Deloitte Services LP DIRECTV E. & J. Gallo Winery Evolve Discovery Food Match, Inc. Hill Physicians Medical Group Jones Day Foundation Kirkland & Ellis Foundation LLP Oracle Corporation Ring Central SIIG, Inc. Starbucks TJX Companies, Inc. Twin Peaks Tavern Vanguard Properties W. Bradley Electric, Inc. Anonymous (3)

Institutional Gifts $50,000+



James Irvine Foundation

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation California Endowment California HealthCare Foundation Excelerate Foundation Anonymous

Entertainment AIDS Alliance Feather Foundation, Inc. Jolson Family Foundation


Broadway Cares/ Equity Fights AIDS Instituto Familiar de la Raza, Inc.

In-Kind Gifts

2013 Legacy Gifts



HEAT Morrison & Foerster LLP

American Medical Response Clif Bar, Inc. Paceline Products


Four Seasons Punta Mita Instinct Media Southern California University of Health Sciences

Poses Family Foundation Richard and Lesley Stone Family Fund Wallis Foundation Anonymous (2)


Joie de Vivre Hospitality Safeway, Inc. UCSF Medical Center UPS Northern California District The Walking Company/Big Dogs

San Francisco AIDS Foundation gratefully acknowledges gifts from the following estates:

Raymond A. Brown & Ventura Perez Leonie J. Darwin Donald Frederick Hodges Gary A. Kean

Larry A. Lopez Luisa M. Moscatelli-Fenton Rosemarie Sanchez Dale Stancliff James B. Wozniak

The financial information included herein is derived from our audited financial statements for the year ended June 30, 2013. A complete copy can be found on our website at

Financial summary ($ Thousands)

Statement of Activities and Changes in Net Assets Years ended June 30, 2013, and June 30, 2012

Statement of Financial Position



Public and Government Support Government grants





Corporations and foundations





Special events, net



Subtotal public and government support



Contributions and grants






Accounts receivable



Contributions receivable, net



Prepaid expenses



Security deposits and other assets







Accounts payable and accrued expenses





Total assets LIABILITIES

Net realized and unrealized gains on investments



Investment income






Accrued payroll and related liabilities

Subtotal revenues and gains



Grants payable

Fund development Support services Total expenses Change in net assets Net assets, beginning of year Net assets, end of year




Refundable advances



Capital lease obligations







Temporarily restricted



Permanently restricted



Deferred rent 24,728


EXPENSES Program services



Property and equipment, net

Revenues and Gains

Total public and government support, revenues and gains


ASSETS $10,490

Donated goods and services

As of June 30, 2013, and June 30, 2012















Total liabilities NET ASSETS Unrestricted

Total net assets Total liabilities and net assets





LEADERSHIP Neil G. Giuliano

Chief Executive Officer

Nancy DuBois

SOURCES OF REVENUE 57.6% Private giving and other non-government sources 42.4 % Government grants Total

Vice President, Talent & Operations

$14,238 10,490 $24,728

Robert Grant, MD, MPH Chief Medical Officer

Jeffrey M. Leiphart, PhD

Senior Director, Programs & Services

James Loduca

Vice President, Philanthropy & Public Affairs

Tim Patriarca

Executive Director, Gay & Bisexual Men’s Health & Wellness

Jonathan Zimman Chief Financial Officer

Board of Directors Steven Abbott Author & Archivist Philip Besirof Morrison & Foerster LLP

Expense Allocation by Function 80.7% Program services 16.3% Fund development

$19,318 3,912 724

3.0% Support services Total


Carol Brosgart, MD UCSF, CDC, and CDC Foundation Scott Cacurak BDO USA LLP Mary Cha-Caswell Gap Inc. Hamish Chandra Puddle Bruno Delagneau, MD Biotech & Pharmaceutical Industries Matthew Denckla Freelance Writer Dale Freeman Attorney Laurie Hane VMWare, Inc. David A. Hendricks

Halteres Associates, LLC

Don Howard

The James Irvine Foundation

Expenditures by Program Area 31.1% Substance abuse and mental health services


Jonathan Hsiao, MD Sutter Health Alec Hughes Wells Fargo Tim Jones Deloitte Services, LP Michael Kidd (Chair)

17.5% Housing services


29.7% Community-based health and HIV prevention services


9.9% HIV advocacy and education


Roderic Seymore Levi Strauss & Co.


Christopher Shepler Bank of America

11.8% Care coordination Total

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Robert F. Quon, MD The Permanente Medical Group Eric Rozendahl Wells Fargo


Jack Stephenson First Data Corporation Lisa Sterman, MD Physician Judy Wilber Clinical Lab Technology

sfa f.or g 103 5M arke t St reet , Su ite 4 00


San Fran cisc o,CA 941 03


415 .487 .300 0

Annual Report 2013 San Francisco AIDS Foundation  

Made in San Francisco

Annual Report 2013 San Francisco AIDS Foundation  

Made in San Francisco