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SAN FRANCISCO AIDS FOUNDATION 995 Market Street, Ste. 200 San Francisco, CA 94103 415.487.3092


NOT A FOREWORD Most books begin with a foreword—a few thoughts which can help a reader appreciate the narrative that follows. This report on the activities of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation doesn’t have a foreward. Instead, “forward” refers to its spirit, a clue to the direction the Foundation will travel in the coming years. Of course, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation has been looking ahead since 1982, when this city was the epicenter of the epidemic. Since then, the nature of HIV and AIDS has changed. One road has led to another, and then to another, and each time the Foundation has aligned itself to meet new demands.

We will fight HIV not just by providing condoms and promoting treatment, but by nurturing health and healthy communities. This is our new road forward.


Today, San Francisco no longer confronts an epidemic of HIV infection or the nightmare of AIDS deaths spiraling out of control. Instead, we face an apparently intransigent HIV endemic characterized by a constant rate of new infections, and a large community of people living with the disease. Once again, San Francisco is at the epicenter of this new endemic, a new frontier in the history of HIV. From the perspective of the Foundation’s Board of Directors and staff, this is a challenging and rewarding time to be involved. Our new programs, the Stonewall Project and Magnet, both highlight the Foundation’s vital purpose, one focused not just on disease prevention for those most at risk

of HIV infection but on the overall wellness of the community. Internationally, the Pangaea Global AIDS Foundation creates sustainable HIV treatment and prevention programs that lead to the improvement of national systems of care in the developing world. We will fight HIV not just by providing condoms and promoting treatment, but by nurturing health and healthy

communities. This is our new road forward. As you turn these pages, you will see image after image of roadways—surfaces that direct people and ideas onward. We think they’re apt symbols of the Foundation’s forward movement and restless energy. We can never rest because as long as there are new HIV infections, we will never be home.

Andrew Belschner Chair, Board of Directors San Francisco AIDS Foundation

Mark Cloutier Chief Executive Officer San Francisco AIDS Foundation President Pangaea Global AIDS Foundation


We came together to celebrate our health.

“WE CAME TOGETHER TO celebrate our health,” proclaimed Mark Cloutier at AIDS/LifeCycle 6’s closing ceremonies. While this year’s ride raised more than $6.8 million to support the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, it also reminded nearly 3,000 participants and their families and friends that in spite of the disease that unites us, we must all remain deeply committed to optimal health. It was a commitment honored all year at the Foundation. We increased the scope of prevention services, enhanced community-building, and redoubled our concentration on individual health including, but not limited to, HIV. In July, the Foundation merged with two local organizations focused on gay men’s health, Magnet and the Stonewall Project, supporting growth and enabling greater access. In addition to func-

tioning as a social space for gay men, Magnet, located in the heart of the Castro, provided more than 20,000 HIV, gonorrhea, and chlamydia tests and hepatitis A and B vaccinations. The Stonewall Project, serving meth users with one-on-one counseling and resources, added Spanish-language support groups and a Spanish version of its popular website, Making good on our promise to bring the scientific frontier to the community, the Foundation inaugurated a forum series called HIVision, welcoming audiences to consider new research on current HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and public policy issues. This year, HIVision brought new insight into gay men’s health, HIV in prisons, and prevention and treatment access in the developing world. Similarly, the podcast premiered, featuring

We increased the number and scope of prevention services, enhanced communitybuilding, and redoubled our concentration on individual health over and above HIV.


staff, local physicians, and researchers in bi-weekly conversations on everything from microbicide research to serosorting to the ethical questions surrounding international clinical trials. Legislative advocacy made great strides as the Foundation influenced passage of the Ryan White HIV Modernization Act, ensuring that HIV programs nationwide have adequate funding to serve populations living with HIV. The Foundation also championed changes in state law, leading to two landmark pieces of legislation: AB110, which allows the use of state money to pay for syringes in needle exchange programs, and AB682, which relaxes written consent rules for HIV testing and paves the way for easier access to testing and treatment. Both state bills foster an environment in which HIV prevention can thrive.


The San Francisco AIDS Foundation provides leadership to prevent new HIV infections.


THE ROAD AHEAD IS CHALLENGING. In spite of our progress, HIV still threatens the health, safety, and vibrancy of every community worldwide. Over our 26 years, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation has been a vital center, meeting the immediate demands of a crisis and building long-term capacity to respond to HIV/ AIDS in the future. When it began, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation raised resources to meet basic human needs, taught people how to stay safe, and fought discrimination and inadequate funding with legislative advocacy at the local, state, and federal levels. Today, San Francisco’s era of daily loss and incalculable grief is a memory. But HIV is still with us, and still poses a deadly threat.

Being in the vanguard demands a frank assessment of current epidemiology so we can overcome today’s challenges, not just the obstacles of the ‘80s and ‘90s. In many of the communities the Foundation serves, HIV has become endemic. That is, we confront stable rates of new HIV infection every year that neither climb nor decrease. Our past efforts in HIV prevention have done much to contain the sharp increase in transmission San Francisco experienced years ago. But these same interventions have not had an adequate effect on the disease burden of the last decade. The result: between 800 and 1,000 San Franciscans—mostly gay men—become HIV-positive every year. There are now more people in San Francisco living with HIV than ever before.

To address the static rate of infection, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation is revitalizing our approach to HIV prevention: changing the nature and practice of our work, building and enhancing prevention interventions that address current risk behaviors, evaluating the effectiveness of programs designed to prevent new infections, and disseminating the most promising of these techniques across the country and around the world to others who face similarly entrenched HIV transmission rates. Our clients, supporters, volunteers, and staff have endowed the Foundation with the intellectual and social capital to lead the way in an altered landscape, one with as many opportunities to improve health as impediments that put people at risk.

To address the static rate of infection, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation is revitalizing our approach to HIV prevention.


Linking community experience with science, the Foundation develops groundbreaking prevention programs and bold policy initiatives to promote health and create sustainable progress against HIV.


EVERY DAY, THE SAN FRANCISCO AIDS Foundation emphasizes personal relationships as an essential link to better health. A growing body of research demonstrates that people who are connected to friends, families, and communities are healthier. The relationships our clients foster with counselors, sexual health advocates, and above all with each other ignite a desire to improve health and encourage choices that reduce risky behavior. Connection to the community—our clients, volunteers, donors, and neighbors—remains an integral part of our programming. Needle exchange, one of the earliest interventions to prevent HIV infection, was started in San Francisco by activists who defied local laws to keep intravenous drug users from harm. A true success story, our pioneering

needle exchange has been replicated worldwide, proof of our community’s investment in HIV prevention. Today, community-generated interventions are as important as they were at the start of the epidemic. At Magnet, a simple storefront leads clients to a wealth of prevention services, including HIV and STD screening, and to resources that support healthy sexuality. Members of Black Brothers Esteem conduct outreach on the sidewalks of the Tenderloin and Polk Gulch neighborhoods where a surrogate family can be a lifeline to stability and better health. Unlike academic research and peer-led support programs, these interventions are unique because they link local lived experience with scientific evidence. Participants in one of the Foundation’s weekly groups or drop-ins like the Speed

Project or El Grupo join a close-knit, community, celebrating shared experiences and supporting one another through challenges such as HIV, prejudice, isolation, and poverty. This embrace of human relationships is equally characteristic of the Foundation’s signature events. High-profile activities like AIDS Walk bring thousands of people to Golden Gate Park to stand side-by-side with neighbors, co-workers, and strangers and reflect on their role in moving this work forward. The Seismic Challenge, our newest fundraiser, will capture the spirit of AIDS/ LifeCycle and AIDS Walk through creative events that draw on the energy and drive of our extended family, bringing us together to remember those we have lost and to steel ourselves for the work ahead.

One of the things that has kept the Foundation a hub of human connections is its insistence that the community—our clients, volunteers, donors, and neighbors—remain an integral part of our work.


The San Francisco AIDS Foundation refuses to accept that HIV transmission is inevitable.


FOR MORE THAN A QUARTER OF a century, organizations have launch, studied, evaluated and improved HIV prevention interventions. Programs that began modestly in the epidemic’s earliest years have been scaled up internationally, often by the Foundation’s affiliate the Pangaea Global AIDS Foundation in places like China and Ukraine. As HIV moves through a population and affects diverse groups, existing prevention models become less effective, demanding that new ones be developed to yield ongoing reductions in infections. Effective HIV prevention is a moving target. The San Francisco AIDS Foundation is committed to devising and improving the next generation of highly effective interventions to complement— or replace—those which no longer yield adequate results.

For example, to address the current need for sexual harm reduction among methamphetamine users, the Foundation introduced the Speed Project, a peer-support network which pays meth users a monthly stipend to distribute condoms and riskreduction information and to collaborate with other users on risk-reduction plans. Bold and unafraid, the Speed Project is the kind of prevention model that was not needed five or ten years ago but which today has been proven effective in lowering the likelihood of risky behavior among individuals highly vulnerable to HIV infection. Central to the drive to continually refine and improve prevention is the deceptively simple goal of “disease elimination,” a phrase seldom spoken aloud within HIV/AIDS organizations. A belief that the virus has an

intractable hold has kept some from even considering the possibility of halting the spread of the virus. But because HIV is completely preventable, the Foundation rejects the inevitability of HIV transmission and commits itself to imagining, then enacting, disease elimination. This will not be easy. While all of the Foundation’s activities focus on the health and safety of those most vulnerable to HIV infection, the Foundation is committed to programs which are most effective at reducing risk behavior. While we will always work to ensure that people living with HIV have the tools to live free of discrimination, stigma, and need, we will move forward with effective, evidence-based HIV prevention in support of a healthier community in which we live, play, and serve with kindness and compassion.

Effective HIV prevention is a moving target. The San Francisco AIDS Foundation is committed to devising and improving the next generation of highly effective interventions.


2007 Beneficiaries of the HIV/AIDS Community Grants 360: Positive Care Center AGUILAS AIDS Community Research Consortium (ACRC) AIDS Emergency Fund AIDS Legal Referral Panel AIDS Prevention Action Network AIDS Project East Bay Asian Americans for Community Involvement Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center Bay Area Young Positives Bill Wilson Center Billy DeFrank LGBT Community Center Black Coalition on AIDS Community Health Empowerment/Exchange Works East Bay Community Law Center East Oakland Community Project HIV Education and Prevention Project of Alameda County Huckleberry Youth Program Immune Enhancement Project Larkin Street Youth Services Lyon-Martin Women’s Health Services

Marin AIDS Project Meals of Marin Native American AIDS Project New Leaf: Services for Our Community Pacific Center for Human Growth Pangaea Global AIDS Foundation Pittsburg Preschool and Community Council, Inc. Positive Resource Center Project Inform Project Open Hand Quan Yin Healing Arts Center San Francisco Gay Men’s Community Initiative Shanti St. James Infirmary STOP AIDS Project Tenderloin Health Tri-City Health Center UCSF AIDS Health Project Vital Life Services (formerly The Center for AIDS Services) Women Organized to Respond to Life-Threatening Diseases (WORLD) Women’s Community Clinic

Walking, running, and cycling, more than 10,000 participants each year go beyond their limits, raising significant resources for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and 43 other Bay Area organizations. Together, we will one day end HIV.


AIDS Marathon Top Fundraising Runners In 2007, AIDS Marathoners raised $1.8 million to fight HIV/AIDS in the Bay Area and globally. SF Marathon 2007 Thomas Campbell Mathew Wood Scott Barney Robert Fuller Robert Emmons Florence Marathon 2007 Hal Marz Shawn Roberts Ferdinand Garcia Gari Cuevas Derek Gordon Las Vegas Marathon 2007 Ken Ancell Joel Leitch Anne Neves Lawrence Rich Heather Rosen

AIDS Walk San Francisco Top Fundraising Teams The success of the 2007 teams helped the Walk reach a record $4.6 million.

AIDS/LifeCycle 6 Top Fundraisers We proudly recognize the success of the 2007 teams that helped the Ride reach a record $6.8 million. Top 25 Fundraising Teams

Top 25 Fundraising Participants

(with highest total fundraising per participant)

(each with a total greater than $10,000)

Team Kaiser Family Foundation Team Joe-Bob Team Tk2 Team Anita And Jen Team URSA Team Spin City Team Berzerkeley Team Galen-Hadi Team Pedal Power Bart and Marty Team PWP Team Google Team Alpha Mecca Dream Team Team Moose and Squirrel Team JimJudy Team Syracucycles Team Novoa Team Different Spokes Team PricewaterhouseCoopers Team Glen Echo Park Lunch Team Women’s Work Rockstars Team Nifty Fifty Team DVM

Dan Bernal Rodney G. Wong Mark Tarshis Gerald K. Mitchell Heather M. Kitchen James Loduca Paul E. Barron Stephen M. Massey Blythe A. Holden Burt Fendelman David J. Galullo Sal Bednarz Bradley Ford Terry J. Clark Mark L. Illeman Paul J. Ikeda Daniel Maurin Michael Wangeman Eric N. Rozendahl David Orcutt David A. Ligon Geoffrey W. Applegarth Michael W. Simpson Robert A. Suarez Shawn K. Hassler

Gap Inc. AT&T Starbucks Coffee Co. Levi Strauss & Co. Williams-Sonoma, Inc. bebe Chevron Corporation University of California, San Francisco LVMH Kaiser Permanente


Financial Year in Review

The financial information presented on these pages reflects audited statements for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation for the year ended June 30, 2007. Sources of Support The San Francisco AIDS Foundation continues to be highly reliant on the generosity of private donors to support its programs. Of the $22,119,085 (figure 1) in revenues for the year ended June 30, 2007, 74.4% came from private giving and 25.6% from government grants at the federal, state and local levels. The private revenue came from a variety of sources. AIDS/LifeCycle, AIDS Walk San Francisco, the AIDS Marathon and the Leadership Recognition Dinner each provide significant resources to support our work. Government revenue includes grants from the


CARE act, San Francisco city and county general funds and the state of California. Expenditures Expenses for the year were allocated as shown in the following two charts (figures 2 & 3). The Foundation continues to prioritize services for clients who are most in need. Program expenditures, which are shown in greater detail in a separate chart (figure 3), accounted for 66.3% of expenditures last year. Support service expenses accounted for 6.2% of total expenditures. Fund development, at 27.5%, represents the costs of raising the large volume of private gifts and event sponsorships that support the Foundation. The San Francisco AIDS Foundation ended the year with a surplus of $1.6 million. The current surplus is the result of record breaking

Figure 1


Fiscal year ended June 30, 2007

TOTAL $22.1 MILLION 74.4% Private giving and other non-government sources

25.6% Government grants

Figure 2


Fiscal year ended June 30, 2007

TOTAL $20.5 MILLION 66.3% Program services 27.5% Fund development 6.2% Support services Figure 3


Fiscal year ended June 30, 2007

TOTAL $13.6 MILLION 26.2% Client services and treatment education 23.1% Housing services 9.9% Public policy 27.3% HIV prevention and community-level intervention 13.5% Global treatment access


success in attracting strong cyclist, volunteer and corporate support for AIDS/LifeCycle, now in its 7th year, as well as continued success in other fundraising campaigns. The Foundation invested staff, volunteer, and financial resources to serve those in need (figure 3). Client Services provided clients with a variety of HIV services and treatment information designed to assist in managing disease and personal treatment regimens as well as prevent new HIV infections. Housing/Rental Subsidy coordinated housing subsidies for nearly 400 very low-income clients living with HIV. In local, state, and national arenas, The Foundation advocated for fully funding HIV/AIDS programs and lobbied for improved HIV-related public policy based on accurate epidemiology and sound

San Francisco AIDS Foundation Statements of Activities and Changes in Net Assets Years Ended June 30, 2007 and June 30, 2006



Government grants . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$5,663,386 Contributions and grants Individuals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1,952,559 Corporations and foundations . . . . . . . . .496,963 Donated goods and services . . . . . . . . . .178,665 Special events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12,368,919

. . . . .$5,511,227


. . . . . .2,854,268 . . . . . .3,301,254 . . . . . . . .138,210 . . . . .10,942,768

Total public and government support . .20,660,492 . . . . .22,747,727 REVENUES AND GAINS Net realized and unrealized gains on investments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .400,304 Investment income . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .603,511 Service revenues . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .217,299 Other . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .237,479

. . . . . . . . .76,023 . . . . . . . .419,659 . . . . . . . .396,220 . . . . . . . .176,599

Total public support and revenues . . . .22,119,085 . . . . .23,816,228 EXPENSES Program services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13,607,978 . . . . .15,279,653 Support services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1,271,833 . . . . . . . .963,857 Fund development . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5,654,673 . . . . . .4,916,342 Total expenses . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20,534,484 . . . . .21,159,852 Increase in net assets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1,584,601 . . . . . . 2,656,376 NET ASSETS, BEGINNING OF YEAR . . . . . . . .9,819,414 . . . . . .7,163,038 NET ASSETS, END OF YEAR . . . . . . . . . . . .$11,404,015 . . . . .$9,819,414


public health principles. Volunteer-Based Programs conducted a range of HIV Prevention and Community Intervention activities including telephone hotline services, needle exchange programs, facilitated groups, and community events. The Foundation’s global partner, Pangaea, focused on developing effective models of HIV treatment access and delivery in countries with extremely limited resources. The San Francisco AIDS Foundation is audited annually by the independent accounting firm of Price WaterhouseCoopers, LLP. To obtain a complete copy of the financial statements and independent auditor’s report, call the San Francisco AIDS Foundation’s Development Department at (415) 487-3061.

San Francisco AIDS Foundation Statements of Financial Position Years Ended June 30, 2007 and June 30, 2006




Cash . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$1,238,414 Investments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12,151,084 Accounts receivable . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1,782,710 Contributions receivable, net . . . . . . . . . . . . .672,309 Prepaid expenses . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .341,434 Security deposits and other assets . . . . . . . . .240,385 Property and equipment, net . . . . . . . . . . . . . .637,281

. . . $1,547,044 . . .10,295,865 . . . .1,312,735 . . . . . .579,621 . . . . . .457,363 . . . . . .258,690 . . . . . .257,808

TOTAL ASSETS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17,063,617 . $14,709,126 LIABILITIES Accounts payable and accrued expenses . . .1,557,817 Accrued payroll and related liabilities . . . . . . .725,326 Grants payable . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3,075,224 Refundable advances . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .189,003 Capital lease obligations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .112,232

. . . .1,527,090 . . . . . .635,108 . . . .2,439,202 . . . . . .169,090 . . . . . .119,222

TOTAL LIABILITIES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5,659,602 . . . 4,889,712 NET ASSETS Unrestricted . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10,983,930 . . . .9,405,320 Temporarily restricted . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19,667 . . . . . . .13,676 Permanently restricted . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .400,418 . . . . . .400,418 TOTAL NET ASSETS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11,404,015 . . . 9,819,414 TOTAL LIABILITIES & NET ASSET . . . . . .$17,063,617 . .$14,709,126


The San Francisco AIDS Foundation acknowledges those who have not only sustained us on our 26-year journey, but who’ve given us the courage, stamina, and vision to boldly build new roads at the frontier of HIV prevention.

Thank You




PLATINUM ABC7, KGO-TV/DT Bank of America Bebe Stores Inc. Gilead Sciences, Inc. Johnson & Johnson Williams-Sonoma, Inc.

GOLD American Airlines American Cyclery A X A Rosenberg AAA of Northern California Autodesk Bank of the West Barclays Global Investors Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. Blue Shield of California Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Broadway Cares/ Equity Fights AIDS Brown & Toland The California HealthCare Foundation Catholic Healthcare West Charles Schwab Corporation ChevronTexaco Clif Bar & Company Current TV The Examiner Electronic Arts The Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund Genentech, Inc. Google The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation IBM Employee Services Center Joie de Vivre Hotels Jolson Family Foundation Kaiser Permanente KKSF Smooth Jazz 103.7 Levi Strauss Foundation MAC AIDS Fund Microsoft Corporation Mike's Bikes

Nordstrom Inc. Paceline Product’s Chamois Butt’r Peter Walker & Partners Pfizer Inc. The PMI Foundation Public Health Foundation Enterprises, Inc. Red Bridge Financial Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund Safeway The San Francisco Foundation San Francisco Marriott Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc. Sports Basement Subaru Of America, Inc. Sun Microsystems Foundation Target Corporation Taste Catering Union Bank of California United Way of the Bay Area Visa International Wachovia Foundation Walgreens Washington Mutual Wells Fargo White & Case LLP

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2007 Annual Report • San Francisco AIDS Foundation



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San Francisco AIDS Foundation • 2007 Annual Report



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2007 Annual Report • San Francisco AIDS Foundation



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CSG Consultants, Inc. Curran Theatre Dandelion Corporation D'Andre, Peterson, Bobus & Bruscino DataSafe Davis Public Relations Deputy Sheriffs' Association of Alameda County Desert Audi Design Solutions Dovetail DCI The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation Foundation Dustin David Salon E Gluck Corp E M J Corp EFI Elixir Engmann Options The Eric T. and Elizabeth C. Jacobsen Foundation Ernst And Mattison Escondido Recycling Yard Eshutter Creative Eureka Bearing, Inc. Eve Roll Memorial Scholarship Fund Excess Menswear Fame Systems, Inc. Fantastic Tufters Fat Wreck Chords Fennie+Mehl Architects Film Roman Fit to Help Fletcher Jones Motorcars of Fremont Formation Inc. Fortune Fashions Industries, LLC Franks Window Cleaning Co The Freddie Mac Foundation Friends Of The Grand Dell Saloon Fsi International Future US Golden Gate Guards, Inc. GannettMatch The Gay and Lesbian Fund of the Redwood Empire of Horizons Foundation GCI, Inc.

Gladstone Institutes UCSF GlaxoSmithKline Foundation Golden State Bears Fresno Golden State Legal Copy LLC Grenzebach Glier & Associates H & J Trading Company The Hache Group, LLC, d.b.a. ELIXIR Heritage Kickboxing & Wellness Center Herman Miller, Inc. Herth Real Estate Home Box Office HSBC - Community and Philanthropic Services Humphreys Hoffman I Star Financial I.L.W.U. Local 12 IBM Retiree Charitable Contribution Campaign Ideal Image Solutions Print & Mail Inside Outside Fitness Insured Benefit Brokers Inter Counties Realty Co. International Art Properties InterSearch Group, Inc. Intoia Invitrogen IO Integration, Inc. Iprole Incorporated Itc Service Group Inc. JB&A Distribution Jeg's Automotive Jennifer Creelman, DDS John A. Sposato, PC The John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Juniper Networks' Company Matching Gifts Program Kaos Productions KBL Associates Kennerley-Spratling, Inc. Kenneth Cole Productions L. P. Kenwood Investments, LLC Key Appraisals West KGO-TV KHS&S Contractors

San Francisco AIDS Foundation • 2007 Annual Report



Knoll Konica Minolta Systems Lab Kraft & Kennedy, Inc. Kraft Employee Involvement & Matching Gifts Programs Krikorian Theatres La Piazza LAGUNITAS BREWING CO Lakeview Construction LandAmerica Foundation Landfill Management, Inc. Lasting Heritage Foundation Law Offices of Linda A. King and Associates Law Offices of Peter R.Nelson Lee Family Foundation Lehman Brothers The Literary Guillotine Los Altos Card & Party Luster Leaf Products, Inc. M.Z. Berger Canada Inc. MAC Cosmetics Mary Wohlford Foundation Max Cosmetics Saks SF McCall Associates McCune Foundation The McGraw-Hill Companies McKenzie Design, Inc. McLarand, Vasquez, Emsiek & Partners, Inc. MedFocus Capital Partners Medicam, Inc. The Melanson Family Foundation Memoire Merck Partnership For Giving Miner Family Vineyards Mission Fish MIX Montauk Associates The Moody's Foundation Morgan Stanley Mulholland Brothers Multilingua Murco Management MW-NYC, Inc

National Philanthropic Trust - Heitzman Fund New Haven Home Health Services, Inc. North Tower Environmental Inc. Northridge Insurance Agency Northstar Research Partners NTS Worldwide Corp. Numi Organic Tea Oakland Firefighters Ontologica OppenheimerFunds Legacy Program Optical Experts Manufacturing Origins Oslsoft Pace Construction Pacific Legacy, Inc. The Paper Tigers, Inc. Paraiso Vineyards Patrick Dwyer Show Stables Paul R. Johnson, PLLC Peak Motor Coach, Ltd. Pencom Pentadyne Power Corporation Perforce Software Foundation Perry Ellis International, Inc. The PG&E Corporation Foundation Philip Lebherz Philippine News Pivot Interiors Pixar Animation Studios Pjp Inc. Portrait Homes, Inc. Positive Enrichment For Sisterhood Power House Preferred Building Services Preferred Display, Inc. Primary Mortgage Company Protecteer, LLC Proteus Investment Trust Provantage LLC Province Treasurer

Pure Protein Quality Expert Electronics R. C. Packing, LLC R. N. Field Construction Ramshaw-Reed Enterprises Inc. Randy Schiller Productions Renaissance Technologies Corporation Renard Paper Company, Inc. Rhl Design Group Inc. Rigel Inc. Roaring Tiger Films Ruby & Schofield Sacramento Radiology Medical Group, Inc. San Francisco Veterinary Specialists, Inc. San Jose Medical Management, Inc. Santa Rosa Cycling Club, Inc. Sanui Inc. SayNow SBC Telecommunications, Inc. Schumacher & Beutel Inc. Schwab Charitable Fund Jody & Emily Fund Sci-Tek Staffing Scorpio Construction Seaboard Construction Corporation Sempra Energy Trading SFPOA Community Service Committee Shaw Jacobsmeyer Sheraton Grand Sacramento Hotel Silicon Valley Patent Group Llp Skagen Designs, Ltd. Skyline Sporting Dog So Fine Event Design Sobrato Development Companies Soma Beverage Company, LLC / Metromint Sonopress LLC Spinal Diagnostics & Treatment Center, LLC Spring Forward, Inc. St. Jude Medical

St. Paul Travelers Foundation Sterling-Rice Group, Inc. The Steve Alexander Group Stevens Hemingway Stevens Stiarwalt Electric Store Kraft Mfg. Co. Studio Astrid Inc Taylor & Francis Group, LLC Team Commercial Construction Technology Properties Texas Pacific Group Texas Ranch and Home Realty Thompson-Oliva Properties Titan Media TMC Software Inc Trillium Enterprises, Inc. Turner Construction Company UCI Construction, Inc. United States Credit Union United Way – Johnson & Johnson United Way – Sabre Holdings United Way of Sonoma Mendocino-Lake The UPS Foundation, Inc. Ursus Major Customs Utopia V&W Patio Door & Window Co., Inc. Vandepoel & Levy Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Vera C. Hendry Foundation Victor Brito, Inc. W C Trucking Wealth Strategies Inc Whiskey Thieves The Week Wertheimer Dress & Co Whale Of A Deli Wilson Many Sullivan Wine Valley Catering Yelp! Zephyr Real Estate

2007 Annual Report • San Francisco AIDS Foundation


I N D I V I D U A L S PLATINUM Anonymous Joseph Garrett and John Lomibao Wendy Jordan

GOLD Anonymous (2) Jennifer and Steven Bermudez Aidan Collins and Dawn Ruggeroli-Collins Marcia and John Goldman Robert and Colleen Haas Ambassador James C. Hormel David Husch Kathleen Jolson Lisa Lindelef Shlomo Rechnitz Michael Roberts Steven Sams Lee and Perry Smith and The Lee and Perry Smith Fund Dave Sheaffer and Lorna Thornton

Eric and Barbara Roberts Joseph Rosenthal Gregg Schoen Gregory John Scott Linda and James Short Cameron Smith Max Sobol Kathryn Summers Keith Wetmore Jim and Peggy Wiggett Diane B. Wilsey Virginia Wulff Helena Younossi


Anonymous (12) Kurt Abney Darla Anderson Ben Armstrong Steve Bachman Julie Baxter Andrew Belschner and Tom DiRenzo Michelle Bennett LeRoy Blea Michael Booth Sankar Bose SILVER Russell Brown Anonymous (2) Dean Bubion Paul Asente and Ron Jenks Tim Bullivant Alvin H. Baum, Jr. Michael Burdick Adrian and Daniel Kelly Burlingham Blumberg Richard Cain Alison Brown Vincent Cancelliere and John Compton Anthony Kolish Lorraine Cowhey Richard Carroll Teresa Decrescenzo Lily Chan Eileen Blumenthal and Daniel Chew Patricia Dunn Lonnie Payne and David Galullo and Bruce Clark Peter King Ruth Collins Robert Glass, Sr. Matthew Cox James Greene Barbara and David Kimport John Dains Robert Darby Edward and Marianne Malenk Quinn Delaney and Wayne Jordan Dede Reichert Meyer Lokelani Devone and Paul and Carol Morrison Annette Brands Kenneth Reid William Diebel Robert Rhodehamel and Dr. Sheldon Donig Dana Snyder Kimberly Dorey Ian Riff

Burton Peek Edwards Paul and Joanne Egerman Morad El Hafed Lisa Eltinge and Jonathan Burton Moise Emquies Dennis Erickson Christopher Esposito Michael Fargher John Fitzgerald Paul Fogel and Ventura Chalom John Ford Rick Gallade and Gallade Chemical Tom Perrault and Sal Giambanco Thomas Gill Robert Godfrey Michael Gray Joe Guggemos Robert L. Hanson and Michael P. Agins Peter Hearn Luis Hernandez David Hernandez-Saca Jerry Hettinger Jeannette Holliday Jeffrey Holloman Paul Ikeda Walter Janszen, Jr. C. Stuart Kent Brian Kurtela Richard Lamb Carolyn Lazaro Pichin Lee Patrick Lee Barry and Marie Lipman Paul Loeffler and Michael Sullivan Warren Lueth Neil MacPhail Tamara Mansfield and August Hanks Charlie Martinez Robert and Ariane H. Matschullat J. P. and Patrick McCarthy Mark McCormick Kevin McKinney Brian Meister Kenneth Miller

Carlos Moran Sheryl Morasco Mary Murphy and Mark Stevens Amanda Nicewander Sergio Novoa David and Janet M. Offensend Ethel O'Yang Heidi and Glenn Patterson Susan Pauls Gene Pedrotti Mike Perez Carl Peterson Danna Pomykal Avery Pratt Theodore Preusch Robert Quon, M.D. Jamie Ragain Ramon Ramirez Misty Reistad John Todd Roof Benjamin Ross Tino Sacasa Andrea Salah Elizabeth Salveson Dean Sampson Dean Sansone Michael Schaefer Ronald Schorsch Helena Sears Tony Serafino Lai-San Seto James Shay Kenneth Shedd and Scott Glave Bruce Smith Jon and Cleo Sonneborn Gwynne Stoddart Benjamin and Cheryl Stone Michael Sullivan and Paul Loeffler Marc Tellez Christopher Thompson and Yves Zsutty Todd Tierney Vera Trinchero Torres Robert Upchurch Denise and William Watkins Barbara Wilbur

San Francisco AIDS Foundation • 2007 Annual Report


I N D I V I D U A L S Helen Wilde R. Michael Richey and Chris Winslow Joseph and Cathy Wu Patricia Yarrington Barbara Zak

CORNERSTONE Anonymous (43) Kathryn Aaker Susan Abby David Abel Sandra Adams Kim Adams Kenneth and Gabrielle Adelman Deborah Affonsa Elsa Agasid Elizabeth Ainsworth Detlef Albrecht Vaughn Aldredge Anthony Alegria Dr. Michelle Alex Cliff Alexander Alvin Clifford Allen Alice and Chris Allick Ken Ancell and Remi Rubel Laura-Jean Anderson and James Pooley Gayle Anderson Dyanna Anfang Lynda and John Anthony Ethel Aoki and Kats Aoki Geoffrey Applegarth Patricia Archer Febry Arnold Peter Athanas and Kilowatt Pedro Ayala Tom Bacon Nina Baldonado Deborah and David Ballati Hiram Banks and Roberto Lee Stephen Barker Mary Barron Wendy and Joel Barlett Dan Bartley Dr. Suzie Bash Brian Batchelor

Richard Beard Kenneth Beasley Michael Bechauf George Beier and John Caner Richard Beleson Christine Beliveau Dr. Virginia Bell David and Tina Bellet Patrick Belous Yelias Bender Dr. Ian and Dr. Anne L. Benham James Bennett James Berchtold Michael Bereskin Dr. Donald Berry Hazel Betsey Kayton Bhatia Gary and Ellen Bialis Ms. Shirley Bierly Anthony and Angela Bilich Alan Billingsley William Bir Norbert Bischofberger Benjamin Blair Robert Blake Bradley Blake Barry Blasenheim Claire W. and Jared B. Bobrow Janine Boehm Mary and James Boland Kimberly Boortz Debora and Christopher Booth Michael Bories Denise Casentini-Borocz and Peter Borocz Tom Bottorff Stoyko Boussarov, Jr. Constance Bowencamp Kyle Bowker James Bowler W. Glen Boyd Michael Boyko, D.D.S. Barbara Braasch Denise Bradby Karen Bradley Ian Braff Joseph Brancucci and William Carley

Eric Brandt John Braniff and Saci McDonald Aaron Braun and Joan Dehovitz Patrick Brennan Terri Brewer Earl Bridgeman Jerry Brillante Jimmy Britton, Jr. Jeffrey William Brock and Richard M. Crisman William Brown Jay Brown Ed and Jan Brown Duane Brown and Kevin Martin Arville Brown Michael Brucker Stacy Buch Dr. Wally and Patricia Buch Billy Bullard Kristin Bunce and Silas Beane Daniel Bunker David Buonocore Geoffrey Burbridge Deborah Burdick Michael and Patricia Burke Michael Burkett Beverly Burns Atlee Burpee

Peter Byrne Katie Callahan and Mark Mance Edwin and Irene Camerino Tony Cameron and Herbst Foundation, Inc. Carlin Camp Ray Campbell and Elizabeth Campbell David Capurro Susan Carlson Keith Carlson Didier Carmagnolle Michael K. Carney Denis Carrade Stephen Cassidy Kevin and Denise Cassin George Castillo Eric Cattell Frank Celaya William Chang Joseph Chang Thomas and Janet Chapman Janet Chapman Martin Checov and Timothy Bause Philip Chen G. E. Cherrie Kar-Foo Chin Robert Chlebowski Lee Chou and Brian Chou Maximillian Chow

2007 Annual Report • San Francisco AIDS Foundation



Larry Chow and Ralph Wolf Joyce and John Chow Oliver Choy Denise Christensen Wui Kuen (Janette) Chung Cecilia Ciarlo Dominic Cioffoletti and Christopher Scinto Michael Clark Kenneth Clark and Scott Bates Pamela Clifford and Lorrie Webb Kent and Sandra Dee Ann Clifford Heather Clifton William Cline Mark Cloutier Samuel Cole Eric J. Collier and Joseph Newell Carol Commiskey Brian Conaghan and Shawn Priggel Riz Condol Norma Contreras and Damon Wilson Christopher and Jane Cook George and Marilyn Coombe James Corbett Bill and Pamela Cordingley David Corkery Cheryl Corley Fernando Corpus David Costa and Gary Furlong Megan Costello and BBQ Fundraiser W. M. and Bridget Coughran Michael Covarrubias David Cover and Christopher Sellars Michael Coyle Richard Craddock and Trina Chow Barbara Craig Marie Crinnion and Richie McAllister Maura Cronin Chris Cullum

William Curran J.P. Curry Art Curtis Edward Dailey Christopher Damon Cdr. William and Grethel Davis Brian Davis Ben Davol Martha Deevy Claire Delacroix Richard Delateur Owen Demers Bin Deng Jeffrey and Sarah DePerro Marie and Dan Deplazes Vicki Derdivanis Laura Derosier and Brad Simeral Jason Desmarais Courtney Devore Joe Di Giacomo Juliette Diamond Ruben Diaz Juan (Johnny) Diaz Mary Margaret Dickinson Sharon Dillon Carl Dolk and Devine Intermodal Nicolaas Doman Judith Domingo-Vicerra Sal Dominguez Patricia Donovan Brenda Doran Ernest Doring and Fu Shan Pi Peter and Marie Dorsey William Dow Tom and Josie Dowd Dave Drake Joseph DuBray Paul Duncan Michael Dundon Alan Dye Douglas Dyment John Eckels and Nick Daniels Michael and Ana Edelson Victoria and Jeffrey Edwards Edward and Lynne Eggers Jens Eichhorn

Logan Eldridge Barbara Ellison Tammy Erskine Celia Escobar Gus Ramirez Fabiola Estrada Malcolm and Emily Fairbairn David Fales Michael Fantasia David Farias Rob Faris Suzanne and Mark Farlin Jay Felzien Bert Fenton Matthew Ferguson Juan Carlos Fernandez America Ferrera Carol Mondry Fine, M.D. and Howard Fine Howard Fisher Manuel Fishman and Leslie Kane Eugene Flannery Jen Fleet and Alex Magid Debra Fletcher Stephanie Flowers Eric Flowers Skip Folds Mark Ford Jim Ford and SJF Construction, Inc. Margaret Forster Linda Dotson and James Forster Carol Forte Anthony Foster Claude Foulk Jeffrey Fraenkel and Alan Mark Michael Francini and Alys Milner Melissa Freitas Robert Frey Alison Frey Jean Zofia Frisbie Edwards Ying Fu Timothy Fullum Marsha Furst Rafe Gabel Jimmy Gale

Gwen Gallagher Michael Ganger and Ernie Barojas Scott Garcia Isidro Garcia, Jr. Dr. Lawrence Garcia Dave Garcia Richard Gardner and Melvin Burns Sarah Garlington Rosemarie Garlock Steve Garnett Justin Garrett Susan and Tom Gaskin Stanlee Gatti Kelly Gaynor Susan Germeraad Dr. Paul and Esther Germeraad Afshin Ghaneh Jonathan Gibbons Ryan Gibson Cindy Gilbert and David Greenstein Jennifer Gillies Nancy and Robert Giorgi Mark Gire Miroslav Glogolja Anne Gluch William Gnoss, Jr. and Kornel Mikes Gary Goble Glenn Strome and John Goecke David Goldsmith Genevieve Goldstein Savannah Gomes James Goodkind Susan and Sidney Goodwill Derek Gordon and Arturo Fernandez Barry Goren John Gorsuch Peter Goss Brian Grady Betty Graham Norin and Nona Grancell Joseph Granese Peter Graney Herbert Graves, IV Terri Grayson

San Francisco AIDS Foundation • 2007 Annual Report



Richard Greenleaf Rick Grepo Kathy Griffin Martin Groh Dick Grosboll Kenneth Guernsey Lisa Guinn Carol Gunby and Debbie Mancuso Richard Guth Jack Haddad Kim Haglund Elaine and Eric Hahn Carolyn and Robert Hall Gary Hall Jean and Nicholas Hall Robert Hamm Glenn Hammerson Edward Hanley and William Amaral Fanny Hanono and Perry Ellis International David Hanrahan Wayne Hansen Chris Hansten Dr. Eli Harari Zara Harding Jeffery Harlowe Christopher Harper and John Hathaway Isiah Harris and Ameritac, Inc. Gavin Harris George and Jessie M. Harrison Rosalind Hart Marie Hartlein Kent Harvey Steven and Kimberley Hassing Stephen Hatch Paula Hawthorn and Michael Ubell Maggie Hayes Kathleen Hayes Dana Hayes George Head Catherine Headington Keith Headman Peter and Carol Hearne Mark A. Hebda

John and Roberta Hefler Jason Hemp Norma Herrera Esther Herrick and Colleen Crook Bill and Corinne Heryford Michael T. Hexner and Karen Lynne Justis Robert Heynen Lavonne Hickerson William Hicks, Jr. & Joe Sobiesiak Susan and Willis Higgins Glenn Hilado Kayleigh Hillcoat Ron Hodnett Vincent Hoenigman Scott Hoffman Richard Hoffman Jochen Hoffmann Jason and Jennifer A. Holcombe Melissa Holland Rev. Edward Holterhoff Ernest Hong James Hopkins Dr. Mary Elizabeth Horan Patricia and Randall Horton Elizabeth Hosick F. R. Hosking Ashley Houchin James Howard and Annica Ackerman Frederick Howard Jean Howden-Goetzl Chen-Pin Hu Richard Huffine Morgan Huffy Patricia Hughes James and Laura Hulburd Bob Iger Robert and Yasuko Ikeda Mark Illeman James Imper and Brian White Bruce Irving Grace Izmirian Jon Jackson Edie Jacobsen Joanne and Christopher Jaeger

Janice Jagelski John Edward McGee and Demetrius James Maynard Jenkins III and Javier Davila Carol Jennings Robert Jeppesen Paul Johnson, MD Daphne Johnson Carl Johnson Dan Jones Bryan Jones David Jordan Harendra Joshi Philippa and Eliot Jubelirer Francis Jump Lon Justice Alice Kai Francisco Kameko John Kane, III Craig Kaplan and Blythe Trussler Jonathan Karesh Sheryl Karpowicz Kevin and Janet Katari Nancy Kato Charlotte Katz Chia Kawamura Stephen Shearer and Michael Kay Dr. Amelia Kaymen Steven Kazan and Judy Heymann Kazan James Keagy Marianne Keler Linda Kemmerer Sandra Kemper William Kennelly Roberta Kerwin James Ketsdever Michael Kidd Anne Kidd Natalie Kilmer Rod Kilpatrick David King Thomas King James Kirby Max Kirkeberg Herbert Kirschner Barbara Jo Kirshbaum Dr. Michael and Dr. Mary Klemm

Chris Kollaja Lily Kordic John Kouletsis Philip Kramer Kurt Krebs John Krieger Karen Kucharski, DDS Steve Kulchin Tony Laidig John Laino Cynthia Lam Gregg Lamer Gordon Landon Robert Lant Malika Larabi, PhD Steven and Fred Latasa-Nicks Hansen Lau David A. Lauer George Lazur Gayle E. Lazur Rick Le Blanc Pascal le Rudulier William and Louise Lee Veronica Lee Veronica Lee Eric Lee David and Kathy Lee Edwina Leggett Susan Lehrman Michael Lehtola and Bruce Bearden Joel Leitch Bill Lenox Mark Levitt Gregg and Joan Levy Tamara Lewis Chas Lewis Mark Liedstrand Cindy Cheung and Edward Lin Nancy Lindler Dr. Don Lipsitt Jeannik Littlefield Doug Lockhart Awilda Logan Robert Longer Mercedes Lopez Raymond Loughrey Dr. Jennifer Louis Morgan Loveland

2007 Annual Report • San Francisco AIDS Foundation


I N D I V I D U A L S Barbara Low Daniel Luther Jack Lynch Amichai Lyons and Ash Lyla Nathan Jeffrey Lyttle Ronald Treleven and William MacElroy Christopher Magan Michael Mak Elizabeth Manassau, Esq. Mark Manasse and Janet Mohle-Boetani Irma Maniti Elsa Manlangit Peter Manning Alon Marcus and Ruth Goldenberg John Marin Jon Maroto Matthew Marquis Jorge Martin John Robert Martin Elise Marvin Manny Mashouf Dr. Frederick and Darlene Mathews M. Christopher Maturo Lisa Maulhardt Elizabeth Mayer Bryan Mayo Lisa Mc Cammon Laurie McBain Robert and Pamela McBain Andrew McBeth and McBeth Media Thomas and Constance McCarthy Mark Isaacs and William Pierce Cynthia McCool Patricia McCormick Catherine McDonald Scott McDonald Christine Bensen and Grant McDougall Vivian McFadden Kathleen McGivney Donald McGovern, Jr. Kirk McKusick and Eric Allman

Laura McNall Ken McNeely Thomas Mead Vera and Kenneth Meislin Peter Rudy and Rich Meiss Lisa Mercer Dr. Nield Mercer D. Scott Mercer George Merijohn, DDS and Susie Spiwak Frank Meyer Karen Midlo Aled Miles Nancy Millard Dan Miller Eric Miller Meredith Miller Patricia Miller Richard Miller Gary Mizak Kent Moon Meridee Moore Tracy Moore Mehdi Moosavi Dianne Morales Elizabeth Morello Eckardt David Morey Justin Morgan Joe and Lisa Moriarty Beverly Morrison Daren Morse and Vy Le Marsha Morton Erica Mott Michael Mueller Homero Mui Oliver Mullarney Chris and Freda Murck Margaret Mutti Robert and Aladina Myers Gemma Naghipour Charlotte Nagy Oliver Namin Kenneth Nehmer Nemo Nemo Damen Nesbitt Robert Newbury Jan Newton Sarah Ngola Alina Nguyen Nick Nicastro and Healdsburg Bar & Grill

Margarita Nicol Cynthia Nicola Hessam Noralahi, M.D. and NMCI Medical Clinic Chris Nordquist Maia Norman Roger Norton Christopher Nowakowski and Jeffrey Nanney Barbara Nuckels Joshua Oakley Ollie Odaka Kyle O’Hara Mojo Interactive Lucia Olson Christopher Olson Robert Olszewski Jo O’Malley Ben On Phil O’Neill Laura Onopchenko Phil and Gena Ordway Jean Orrico Jean Ostrem Whitney O’Sullivan Roy Oswald David Otto Susan Palmer Eunice Pambid Gene Pang Janet and Jack Paravagna Emily Parr Atul Patel R. Lee Patterson Drew Paxton Derrek Peel Maria Peregrino Diane Perry Bruce Peters Camille Peters Vagn Petersen Andrew Philips Joseph Phillips Michael Phillips Michelle Phillips and Robin Pfefer Steve Pinetti C. Kelton and Janice Pinkerton Robert Pinoli Scott Pitkethly Reggie Place

John Podolsky Antonin Poiree David Polakovs Kevin Poloncarz, Esq Geoffery Pons Bill Pope Thomas Porter Dellma Postigo Kenneth Powell and Rona Foster Ron Prager Mary Preston Edward Priest Bob Pryt Audi Purnaveja Matthew Quilter Thomas and Mary Quinlan Kara Raiguel Geoffrey and Andrea Ralston Minerva Ramirez Craig D. and Maja K. Ramsey Weslie Rau and Dennis Snapp Ralph Daniel Rawe Annie Redmond Jeanne Reed Dianne and Joseph Reeves Charles Reid Martin Reinfried Josephine Remson Jean Ren Renzel Benjamin Reynolds Dr. Robert Rice Jill Ridder Max Roberts Jacob Roberts and Samuel Lim Butalid Carl M. and Patricia J. Robinson Barbara Carroll Robinson and Brian Robinson Lionel Roches-Lacroix Luis and Martin Rodriguez Robert Rogers Duke and Kendall Rohlen Rose Romero John and Patty Rose Gerald Rosenstein

San Francisco AIDS Foundation • 2007 Annual Report


I N D I V I D U A L S John Rosenthal and Sally Drach James Rosenwald Millicent Roth Mary Rowell Luisito Roxas Michael Rubin David Rumsey John Ruppert Mark Ryan Timothy Ryan A. Luang Saechao Fahm Luang Saechao Eli Saetnan Christine Sagan Robert Saldich Steven Salinas Jillian Salzman Patricia Sampson Andrew Samwick Elizabeth Sandiford Jason and Aimee Sandlin Judith Sapp Lynne Saxton G.J. Sbona Victor and Jan Schachter Roger Schafer Kate Schafer Jill and Benjamin Schafer Frank Schaffarczyk John Scharffenberger William and Lori Schechter Douglas Schmidt and Stephen Shepherd Martin Mike Schmitt Michael Schmucki Ed Schneider Geoff Schneider George Schneider Les Schroeder Louis Schump and Todd Hosfelt Stewart Schuster Charles Schwab The Schwarz Family Jeffrey Schwind Jennifer Scott April Scott Renee and Philip Seay Paul Sekhri Russ Selinger

Gregory Seller and Bradley White Courtney Sembler Pacita Elayna Serrano Mark Sexton and Kirk Wallace Lauri Shanahan Shelly Sharp Edward Shaver, III Dr. Dale Shaw Harry Sheldon Robert Shellenberger Pamela and Dr. Jonathan Shields David Shin James Shingle Hannah Silberman Robert Simac Mark Simmons Jerry Simnitt Shelly Singhal Billie and John Skinner David Slattengren Donald Smith Martin Smith Mary Ann Smith Michael and Lanyll Smith David Smyton Claire and Darin Snyder Denise R. Sobel Stephen Sowards and Mark Katzenberger

Robert Spellman Andrew and Linda Spingler Lev Spiro Milo Sprague Jo Ann Sroda Gregory Sroda Annabel and James Stafford Jonathan Stahl Michael Stead Ronald Steckel Lu Ann and Jonathan Steele Michael Stees Dennis Stephens Randy Stevens James Stewart Douglas Stewart Alan Stewart Donna Stickler David Ogden Stiers Harriett Stinson Murray Stokely, III Earl Stokes and Ross Moore Jennifer Stout Heather Strauss Clementine Stubbs Mackenzie Studebaker Celinda Sturman and Sturman Properties

Neil Sturomski Geoffrey Suguitan Richard and Lani Sutherland Deborah Swaim Michael Sweeney Ray Taliaferro Sue and Daryl Tannenbaum James and Claudine Tanner Olga Tarshis Sam Taub Laura Temple Dante Terrana Cathy and Michael Terrigno Joel Tesch Janna Thomason David Thompson and Luis Tamayo Robert and Maryett Thompson Virginia Thompson Yvonne and James Thornton Robert and Anne Thull Jeff Titterton and Sheldon Trimble Thomas Todd Russell Tolley Dorian Tomace Carol Tomlin Edwin Tott

2007 Annual Report • San Francisco AIDS Foundation


I N D I V I D U A L S Erin Traylor Dale Trimm and Mike McGinnis Penelope Troup and Howard Prol Shawn Trout Dennis Trump Florence Tu Elinor and Rubin Turner Harry Turner and Brian Keil Patricia Ushijima Ronald and Haleigh Rose Valenta Ted van der Linden Dr. Sally Van Doren Patricia Van Noy Jennie Vanderlaag Paul Vanmaanen William Veen Mary Vencill Stephen Villano and Cable Positive, Inc. Rose Villanueva Edward Villeneuve Charles Vizurraga Christopher Volker Tamisie Honey and Beau Vrolyk Daniel Vuletich Mark Wagner and Edward Beetschen Don Waite Kirk Wallis and Segue Construction, Inc Nathan Walls Jason Walthall Scott Ward Robert Warren Robert Warren Christopher Ng and David Warren Steve Watkins Frank Watkins Gary Weatherford and Lauren AdornoWeatherford Jessica Weber Michael Weinberger Gregory, Felicia and Emma Wells Peter Welter Sabrina Margaret and Delbert Adam White

Robert Whitehead M J Whitehouse Guy Whittaker Jim Whitty Andrew Wiegel Josh Wight Michael Wilborn and Donnell Weston Delora Wiley David and Celia Williams Marsha and Robin Williams Michael Williams Rebecca Williams Dave Wills Mark Wilson Donald Wilson Celia Wing Michael and Sharon Winston David Wojcieszak Julian Wong Josephine Wong Jeffrey Woo Russell Wood and William Lindstaedt Caroline Wood Brian Wood Virginia Woodman Larry Woods Jun Wu Mathew Wyman David Yadegar Brian Yamanaka Zsasa Yasana Joseph Yorkey, Jr. Andrew Zahn Judith Zahn Todd Zankel Lucas Zavala Jose and Karen Zevallos Robert Zierolf Beth Zilberman Kristin Zoernig John Zolezzi Jeff Zucker Andrea M. Zulberti

FOUNDERS Anonymous (88) Jane Aaron Chad Abbott

Robin Abramson Adam and Deidre Abrons Gypsy Achong and Jonah Harley Stacy Achuck and Mill Valley Baby and Kids Judy Ackerman Michael Ackermann Joel Adachi Holger and Lynn Adami Barry A. Adelman Patti Adelman Bruce Agnew Henry Ahn and Raye Dube Kathleen Ahrens Jeff Aivazian Zaki Alam Lorena Alarcon-Norman Behzad and Seth Alavi Melissa Albano Glen Alberston and Brian Demers Anthony C. Albertus Lupe Alcala Daniel Alexander Chave Alexander and| Bunny Xanderhalter Ann Alioto Sassan Alizadeh J. Allan Jeffrey Allen Nicole Allen Norman Allen Stanley Allen and Thomas Smith, Jr. Chris Allick Wong Allison Lisa Allison Bob Almeida Christopher Altman Karen Aluise Ricardo Alvar Damian Alvarado Joseph Alvarado and Robert Lhota Leonard Alvarado Gaston Amaro Lisa Amin Sejal Amin Reza Amirghaffari and NCF Floors

Anne Anderson Colleen Anderson Colleen Anderson and Jim Lobdell Douglas and Ellen D. Andersen Jamie Anderson Joel Anderson Lyn Anderson Rahn Anderson Rebekah Anderson and Aaron Bolgatz Sandie Anderson Thomas Anderson John Andrews David and Rito Andujo-Walker Loree Angel Caryn and Joe Ansel George Applegarth and Ken Yu Jo Anne Arakel R. John Armor Michael Arnold Thomas Arnone Zan Aronowitz Cecilia Arteaga Skinner Arteaga Dan and Joan Arthur David Ash Michael Ashby James Asp Nick Assar Henri Asseily Dr. Judith Auerbach and James Robinson Mr. Nicholas Augustinos Kathy Aure Anne Austin Cameron Ayers Eddie Baba Pamela Babey Dr. Amy Backer Avery Badenhop Jean Bailey Larry Bailey Michelle Baird Barbara Baker Brooke Baker Deborah Baker Kenny Baker Larry Baker

San Francisco AIDS Foundation • 2007 Annual Report


I N D I V I D U A L S Dr. Camilo Balacuit, III Edward Ballot Linda Balogh Michael Bankert Paul Barber Jacob Barker Kiah Barker Scott and Nancy Barnes Farrell Barnett Andrea Barnow John Barron and Patty Targgart Ross Barrons Leah Bartell Sherri Bartelss David Bartoletti Thomas Barton David Bash Patricia and Dr. Stephen E. Bash Douglas C. Bates Louis and Arlene Bates Victoria Bates Helen Batten Donald A. Baty David Bauer Kent Baum Robert Baxley Stuart Baxter Janet Beagle Eric Beam BJ and Ken Beasley Vincent Beaudet Linda Becchetti Paul Beck Bruce Beck and Ralph Johnson Frances Becker and Christine Adams Susan Behr Ruth Beier and Terry Scharf Roberta Beier Gary Beil Patrick O’Connell Catherine Bejar Nick Bell Denise Bellotti Michael Belote Laura Belzer Robert Benda

Albert and Pamela Bendich Hany Ben-Halim Juan and Darlene Benitez Don Bennett Nathan Bennett Lorene Benning Jill Bensen Steve Benting and Margaret Warton Christian Bentley Beverlee and William Bentley Allan Berenstein Kenneth Berg Beth Bergman Robert Berry Philip Besirof Dr. David Besley Catherine and Wyatt Bessing Ed Betts Kory Bewersdorf Paul and Kathy Beyer Andrew Bieno Barbara Bigby and Linda Perez Rachel Bigby Wendy Bignall and Italia Nappi Colette and Marc Bijaoui Thao Ngo and Stephen Billars Joel and Francine Bion Dana and Ben Bisconti Lillibeth Bishop Tyler Blair Richard Blanchet Samuel and Margaret Anne Bland Joye Blanscett Rebecca Blea Michael and Nina Blechman Marie and Robert J. Blits Richard and Laura Bloomfield James Blount Stephen Blubaugh Rochelle and Steve Bochner Kurt Bockes Robert Bodzin

Alec Boga Ronald and Cat Bohm Clifford Bohm Mark and Mary Bold Michael Bolgatz and Susie Zukor Steve Bomse and Heller Ehrman, LLP James Bond and Chris Panzer Jeb Bonner Michael Borden W. Daniel Borgstadt Anthony Borowicki Gianna Bosko James Bost Cindy Lou Bothe and Park Place Cleaners Peter Bothel and Stephen Ordway Bernard Boudreaux Pierre and Joyce Bouquet Stephen Bourdeau Michael Boustridge Brian Bowden Beverly Bowers Dione Bowers Walter Bowman Angela Boyer Marsha Boyette Eva Bradford, Ph.D. and David Bradford, Ph.D. Kurt Bradley John Bragg Marlis Branaka Sharon Branaman Brooke and Dad Brandow Steve and Nancy Brandt Catherine Brandt Rena Bransten Randy Brasche Jenny Brazill Meredith Breedwell Marcia Bregman Brent Bregoff Martin Breidenbach Ken Brendel Lawrence Brennan Michael Brennan Tara Brennan Marilyn and Daniel Brenneman

Noah Breyer Tim Bridge, M.D. Frederick Briggs Victor Brito Barrett Brockhage Dr. Steven and Karen D. Brooks Nathan and Caitlin Brostrom Carol Anne and Don Brown Christpoher Brown Elijah Brown Frieda Brown Janet Brown Dr. John Brown Laura Brown Monika Brown Ray Brown Richard G. Brown Dr. Shona Brown Stephen Brown Tamy Brown Deborah Broyles David Bruner, D.D. Peter Brunn Judith Brunner Gary Bruno Shawna Brunson Frank Bucci Chris Buck Madeleine Buckingham James Buie Julia Bulkowski and Sue Williams Julia Burbank Dr. Sarah Burdge and Dr. Julie Kriegler Frank Burge Grant Burger Mark Burger Randy Burgess G. Burghart Gary Burk Scott Burkard and Timothy Tack Deborah Burke Ken Burke Laurel Burkhalter Harvey and Belva Louise Burns Shawn and Emily Burns

2007 Annual Report • San Francisco AIDS Foundation


I N D I V I D U A L S Steven Burton Susan Burton Benjamin Bustamante Mauricio Bustos Donna Butcher Richard Butcher and Steve Lojewski Dustin and Rebecca Butler Edward Butorac Martin Button and Christine Williams Jeffery Buysse and Cary Schneider Monte Byers and Darryl Flick Brian Byrdsong Bernard Cabigon Royce Cablayan Jim Goodrich Cache John Calaway Magda Calderon Kaija Calderon Stephen Caldwell David and Patricia Caldwell Joe Callan Erika Labra Mario Camara Patricia and James Camp Francis Campana

Kathleen Campbell Linda and Nick Campion James E. Canales and James C. McCann Michael Canha Lisa Capaldini, M.D. Stefanie and William Capps Victor Capton Kristine Caratan Francisco Caravayo James Carbone Anthony Cardott Dave Carlisle Douglas Carlson Elaine Carpio Brian Carr Miguel Carriedo Brian and Cathey Carter Chris Carter Darrin Carter Dennis Carter Henry Carter Kristine Carter Garth Casaday Michael Case Christine Case Jeff and Mindi Caselden Marlena Casellini

Michael Casey Paul Casey Robert Cassedy Karen Castagnera Carmen Castellano Lorena Castillo Daisy and Jeboy Castillon Mr. Casey Caston Jose Castrillo and Joselyne Simonsen Vidalea Vangie Castro and Kayla Bonewell Barbara Caulfield FJ Cava Don Cecil and Mark Gilbert Rosa Cepeda John Cerminaro and Tracey Cerminaro Rosemary Cervantez Gutierrez Arthur Chabot Linda Challoner Elizabeth Chamberlain David Chamberlain and David Roundsley Darrin Chambers Mary Chan Melissa and Jackie Chan Stanley and Christine Schmitt Chan Edwin Chance Jennifer Chang Adam Chapman Karen Chapman Paul Chapman Pauline Chapman Jamie Chappell Joseph and Barbara Chappelle Fred and Sandra Blethen Chasalow Tim Cheadle Andy Chen Chiu Shan and Rufina Chen Jing Chen Deirdre Cherry Rich Chicotel Hillary and Paco Chierici Cyril Chin Jim Choeung Mark Chow

Sandra Chowdhury and Matthew Moalem George Christian Leahann Christman Judy and William Chun Francis Chung, D.D.S. Richard Ciavarella Michele and Edward Cinque James Clark, Jr. John Clark and Tommy Chambers Steven Clark Lydia and Tim Clarke Shirley Clayton Gaye Clemson Shelley Cloyd Walter Coblenz Coral and Barry Cogbill Stephen Cohn and RoseAnne Critchfield Kevin Colaco Diane Colborn Cathy Coleman Sandra Coleman Tom Coleman Emily Colgan Chris Collier Mary Collins Trish Collins Laurence Colton and John McCoy Megan Colwell Joe Comartin and Natalie Comartin Cristian Connelly Malachi Conner Leonard Conniff Karen Connolly William Connolly Susan Conrad Trestand Conrique Justis Cook James Cooke, RN Nicole Cooksey Karen Cooper Vicki and Marty Cooper William Cooper Antonio Corbelletta Donna Corbett Marlene and Reynaldo M. Cordero

San Francisco AIDS Foundation • 2007 Annual Report


I N D I V I D U A L S Christina Corley Sergio Correa, D.D.S. James Corrigan and Tom Sherwood Kathleen Corrigan Dean Cortez Stan Cossette Kathleen Costa Megan Costello Kevin Costley Shawna Cote Archibald Cox and Brookway Stables Dr. Darren Cox Jerry Cox, Jr. Mary Cranston Philip Crawford and Nancy Achorn Dennis Crawford Guadalupe Cress Jacqui Crockett and Rich Crockett C. Crompton Anne Cronin Christine Cronin and Mark Hurst Kevin Cronin Lisa Cronan Anne Cross Rob Crowder Jacquelyn Cuffe Robert and Cindy Cullen Michael Cullen and Cullen Financial Advisors Dana Cumberland Lisa Cun Audrey Cunningham James W. Cunningham Sue Ann and Daryl Curley Douglas Curran Christine and Francis Currie Maureen Currie Chris Curtis Francie Curtiss Carol Cushman Darryl Cutler John Cutsinger and Ken Young Michael Dadario Jesse Dailey Greg Dalton Todd E. Dantzler, MD

Siv Danyluk Michael Danziger Larry Dark Craig Darnell Stephen Daugherty Craig Davey Ken and Jimi Davidson Gail Davidson Fred Davie Carol Davis David Davis Dwayne Davis Kathleen Burke and Ralph Davis Mari and Ted Davis Steve Davis Timothy Davis Leslie Davisson Harold Dawson Jack Dawson David de Figueiredo Steven De Korne Robert De La Riva Clarke de Maigret Kenneth Dean Raquel Dean Thomas Dean Michael Dearing Spencer Debella Steve Debenham David Dechman Tracie and James Decker Tamara Decroo John Deeming Darek Defreece Paul DeGeorge Nusi Dekker Stephanie Dekking Bethany Del Lima Mark Del Lima Patricia Del Rosario Maximo and Concepcion Del Rosario Erika Delacorte Marisa Deleon Joseph DeLuca and Philly Region Erma Delucchi Dr. Kathryn Demas James DeMersman and Richard Patenaude

Neal Dempsey James DeMuth Warren Dennis and Diane Lipton Dennis Jason DePerro Annie and Scott DePerro Dr. Richard Derby Daniel Derdula and Azin Parhizgar Jennifer Derendinger Vincent and Nancy Schoenberg Derham Ana Maria Detine Elizabeth Detrich Elizabeth Devin Jennifer Devine Dr. John Devine Leo Devine Gaurav and Tara Dhillon James K. DiCarlo Donna Diamond Ryan Diamond Andrew Dick John Dickens William Dickey Vanessa Diebold Leslie Dietiker and Laura Jimenez Michael Dillon Christopher Dillow Rana Diorio Burt Dirkse Barbara Dittmann, M.D. Dhananjay Dixit Christopher Dixon Twum Djin Glenn D’Mello Diana and Bill Doan Dan Dodd Kathryn Dodds Brian Dodge George Dodge Jerome Dodson Nathan Dolenc Herbert Donaldson Katie Donati Lisa Dong Stacey Donison Susan Donker Lauri and Tim Dorman Charles and Linda Dorman

Alice and Chris Dorrance Kathleen Doto Roger Doughty William Douglas Joan Dove David Dow Erik Doyle The Ed and Joyce Drake Family Fund Cecilia Draper Norman and Lois Dress Richard And Jane Drever Matthew Driscoll Elizabeth and Gerard Driscoll Karen Duane and Panos Nikoulis Barbara Dube William Duck Reginald Dugard, Jr. Sunny Duldulao and Eric Tolley Marietta Dunaway and Richard M. Harland Phil Duncan Nilda Duperroir and Zenaida Gill Lee Duran Douglas and Susan Durein Stan and Joan Dutrow Savandra Dutt Jeff Dux James Dye James Earl and Carter Forringer Jennifer and John Eastwood Elizabeth Eaves and Sherian Kutzera Kevin Ebmeyer Jean and Richard Eckert Roger Eckert Peter Edge Scott Edwards Tom Egan and Sharon Kassis Martine Ehinger Doreen Eichelberger Andrea Eichhorn Eugene Eidenberg Ralph Elder and James Bullock

2007 Annual Report • San Francisco AIDS Foundation


I N D I V I D U A L S Rick Elice David Ellebrecht Beth Elliott Lynda Elliott Aya Ellyas Rhetta Elser Marco Elser Denis Emmett and Richard Fairchild C. Jack and Joy Emmons G. Pete Encinas D. Michael Enfield Pamela Engebretson Solomon Enos Michael Epstein and Scott Schwimer Gerhard Erdelji John Erdman and David McMahon Ralph Eschenbach Ariston Estrada Donald Etkin Raul Evangelista Dorothy M. Evans Elizabeth Everitt Michael Exner Edward Eyre Donald Faas Richard Fabian Valerie Face Zoel Fages Ernie and Rosemary Faitos James Falaschi Tom Falcey and Rebecca Tinnes Robert Falkenberg Cynthia Farber Douglas Farel Lauson and Tammy Fargher Jean and Mark Farmer John Farnham Chandra Farnham Danielle Farrar Matthew Faudree Mark Feathers Irwin and Concepcion Federman Brian Fees and Kevin Nguyen Reed Fehr Frederick Felman

Gregory Fennell Darin Ferguson Noella Fernandes and Anthony Goveas Glenn Fernandes Dorothy Fernandez Elias Fernandez, Jr. Justin Fernandez Suzanne Ferris and Victoria Ann Brown Carolyn Ferris Thomas Fetherston and Custom Furniture Design Danny Field Robin Field Lee Ann Fields Scott and Michele Finchler Stacy Fisher Max Fitzmaurice Susan and Susan Fitzpatrick James Flannigan Marc Fleisher Amy Flood Annie Flores Helen Flowers Carol Floyd Dean Fogarty Richard Foglia and Dennis Banks Christy Foley Diana Fong-Wedgwood and Dr. Stephen Wedgwood Josefina Fontecha Charlie Ford David Ford Patrick Ford Henry Forder Phyllis Forkas Jared Fortunato and Richard Rankin Lisa Foster Richard Foster James Hopkins Fox Howard Franklin Jim Franzen David Fraze Timothy Frazer Dr. Joel Frazier Kelly Free and Rob Martyn Adam Freed James Freeman

Karen Freeman Lionel Freitas Mr. David Fridley Jeffrey Fried Roger and Peggy Friedman Emanuel Friedman John Friend Mark and Paula Friend Jean Fruth Brian and Rhonda Fuery Bob Fuller Ed Fung Robert Funk Ernie Gabiati Greg Gable Mildred Gagliasso Dr. Anita Gaind Joseph Galgano and Gail Hashimoto Day Galles Ronald Gallman John Galvan Audra Garcia Caesar Garcia Carlos Garcia Ferdinand Garcia Manuel Garcia and Shawnna McLeod Ramiro Garcia, M.D. Regina and Emmanuel P. Garcia Anthony Gardner Michael Gardner Howard Garfield Michael Garlington David Garner Henry Gaskins Manuel Gaspar, Jr. Sean Gattis Adam Gavzer and James Campbell J. P. Gaynor Shelley and Gordon Geballe Margie L. Geedey Eric Geedey Rodger Geisel Mark Genis David Gentry Peter George Robert Gereaux C E Gerndt Jr.

Stacy Gerth Mary Geving Kathy Ghanayem Jon Giadomi Frank Giannini and Nancy Crowe Ann Gibbs Robert Gibbs Lee Gibson George Gibson Lois Gill Jane Gillette Mark Gillick Patrick and Melissa Gilligan Jeffrey Gilmore James and Aybike Gilmore Wanda Ginner Douglas Giordano Brian Gipson Maria Giudice Jeffrey Giza Richard Glantz Ely Glaser Myron Glaser Regina Glass Jonathan Glendinning Chuck and Linda Glew Dave Glidden Dr. Howard Gobioff David Goddard Shawna Goff Lina Goldberg Kenneth and Mary Goldman Fran Goldstein William Goldstein and Christopher Archuleta Daryl Golemb Tim and Sally Goligoski Daniel and Elizabeth Gomez Roy Gomez Charles Gompertz and Leslie Mark Gonzales Daniel Gonzalez Kevin Gonzalez Pablo Gonzalez Ramon Gonzales Tatiana Gonzalez

San Francisco AIDS Foundation • 2007 Annual Report


I N D I V I D U A L S Phillip Goodman Eric Goodman and Julie Goldstein Gerald Gordon Linda S Gordon Marvin Gordon, M.D. Joseph Gorny Renie Gorsuch Marck Gorszwick Glenn Gortney Andreas Gotterba Steve Gouveia Dick Grace Marilyn Graceffo Brian Graden James Graham Paul and Jewel Graham Frances Grahamjones Bob Graney Larry Oesterich and Joy Graustark James and Ruth Gravanis James Gray Michael Gray Richard Gray Ron Gray William Gray Robert-Jay Green and Holden Lee Terence Ryan Greenawalt Wallace Greenwell Dr. Shirley McIntyre Gregg James Gregory, D.D.S. Keith Grenzeback Jeffrey Griffis and Karen Yu Dr. Larry and Terry Grill Susan Grisso David and Teresa Griswold John Grogan Donna Groh Erin Rose Groh Jo Anne Grospe Allen Grossman William Groth Smith Group Jermaine Guilbeaux Janine Guillot and Shannon Wilson Mary Guiver Julie Gularte and Jay Meissner

Timothy Gullicksen Kyle Guppy Ram Gupta Vidur Gupta Emmerentia Guthrie Carlos Gutierrez Rigoberto Gutierrez Brent Gwaltney Mitchell (Hau) Ha and Joel Rosenberg Melinda Haag and Chuck Fanning Jean Hadfield and Ed Sutton Thomas Haechler Ellen Hafer Mary Beth Hagey Daniel Halabe Billie and Gloria Hale Guy Hall John Hall and Jeremy Armijo Shelly and Seth Hamalian Keith Hamby, Ph.D. and David Walker, Ph.D. George and Pamela Hamel Max Hamilton Bob Hammer Chris Hammond Don E Hancock Jeff Handwerger David Haney Terrance Haney and Robert Emmons Mark Hankins James Hannay Celine Hannon Patricia Hanson John Hanson Todd Hanson Saira Haq Mark Harbick Joseph Harbison Dilip Hardev Kirstin Hargie Katy and Rich Harjes Dorothy Harkavy Gayle Harlow Susan Harriman Daniel Harris and Marco Degeorge Mark Harris

Jonathan Harrison Ben Hart Leo Hartford Dr. Jeffrey Hartleroad Valerie Hartwell Lauren Hartzell Dr. Helma and Charles Haskell Bill and Ann Hass Arsham Hatambeiki Mary Hauflev David Hauldren Giles Havergal Dr. Kristen Haviland Kelly Hawk and Brian Kusler Gary Hayes Jeffrey Hayes William Hayes Stephen Haymes Mike Haynes Kenyetta Haynes Lesley Heathcote Christopher Heffelfinger Joel Hegberg William R. Hegy David Heilman Peggy and Fred Heiman Barbara Hellenga Danette Heller Nick Hellmann Linda Helper-Corley Shirley Henderson Suzanne Hendrich Dave Hendrickson Sonnenfeld Kathleen Hennessy Ronald Henoud and Ryan Sieroty Karen Henry Ann Hepler Mary Herald and Amy T. Jonak Kevin Hereford Julie Herendeen Eamonn Herlihy Carole Herman Howard Herman and Claudia Bernard Craig Hermes Robert Hermone Bob Herrick

Sam Herron and Herronand The Son Builders Howard Herskowitz John Hertia Patrick Heryford Jay and Jan Hesby Gary Hiatt John Hickey Robert Hicks and Andrea Mcdonald Hicks Franklin Hier Kathy Higham and Family Bernd Hilbert Rob Hildebrand Michael Hildreth Greg Hill in Memory of Ja Schroeder Eric Hill and Dr. Reb Close Andy Hill Douglas Hilsinger Eric Hilton and Tien Claudio Matthew Hines Jayesh and Katherine Hines Shah Clark Hinkle Bradley Hipkins Michael Hislop Thomas Ho Rachel Ho Chris Hochmuth and Bryan Williams Albert Hodge Nicholas Hodges Sanborn Hodgkins John Hoey Beth Hoffman David Hoffman Tyler Hofinga Lisa Hogan Kristi and Barry Holden John Hollwedel, III and Russell Jacobs Marisa Holman Scott Holmes and Mike Morningstar Steven Holt Winnifred Homer-Smith Martha Honda Bradley and Jane Hoogerwerf Dennis Hopkins

2007 Annual Report • San Francisco AIDS Foundation


I N D I V I D U A L S James Hopkins William and Susan Hopkins Constance Hopkins Kumpost Michael Horberg Randall and Patricia E. Horton Debra Hotaling and Darlene Schwarz Linda Hothem Keith Houchen Charles Houck Sally Houston Faysal Houtait Mark Howard James and Heidi Howell Peter Howes Nancy and Dr. Tim Howes Ruth and Donald Howey, Jr. John Hronowski Alice Huang Dr. Eric Huczko and Troy Evans Wayne Hueners Sylvestre Huerta Steve Huffman Lynn and Greg Hughes David Hughes and Rose Marie Subasic Ruby Hui Hugh and Anna Hui Dr. Kathy Nicholson Hull Robert Hull Stephen and Lynn Hull William Hulsizer Neilen Hultgren Dr. Adolph Humphreys Andrew Hunter Stacie Hunt-Pando Michael Hurd Russell Hurley David Hutchinson and Panutda Suwannanonda Ellen Huynh Bill Hyland Jonathan Hymer and Paul Rasmussen Gary Ide Martin Maguss and Mari Iki David Imhof

Mary Irvin Tim Irvin Lyn and Harold Isbell James Isbester Paul Israel Robert Izmirian and Suzanne Smith Helen Jackson Gary Jackson Frank and Betty Jackson Jonathan and Pat Jacobs Jeremiah Jacobs Raj Jain Dr. Bergen James Dr. Lynn James Jeannine Janson Rick Jarvis Carla Javits Christopher Jelinek Khalil and Tiffany Jenab Susan May Jenkins Susan Jenkins Joshua Jennings Jack Jensen Nancy Jensen Bruce S. Jervis and James E. Kowalski Jerrell Jimerson Patricia Johns Amy Johnson Brian Johnson Bryan Johnson Charles and Margaret Johnson Erik Johnson Guy Johnson Larry Johnson Lil and Todd Johnson Louise Johnson Melanie and Kurt Johnson Morgan Johnson Nicklas Johnson Pamela and Edgar Johnson Paul L. Johnson, Jr. Robert Alan Johnson Rondi Johnson Scott Johnson Bill and Cathy Johnston Jason Johnston Jeffrey Johnston

Paula Johnston Peter Johnston Royal and Barbara Jonas Edward Jones Jeffrey Jones Joseph Jones Lalie Jones Linda and Alan Jones Mary Jones Will Jones Beth Jordan Thomas Jordan Lois Joseph Patrick Judge Gaius Jurado George Justison Jeffrey and Beth Kaiser Russell Kaltschmidt and Eric Henderson Bernard and Mildred Kaminsky Harry and Wendy Kantor Tim Kaplan Jason Karadus Jim Karam Joanna Karger and Michael Schulte Stephen Karon Beth and Fred Karren John Karsner Jon Kastl Philip Katcher Connie Kato E. Katterhenry Ted and Sharon R. Kaufman Margaret and Edmond A. Kavounas Sally Kay Kurt Keadle Thomas Kearney Paul Kearns Peter Kearns Caryl and Roy Keeney Lawrence Keeshan Jeffrey Lazarus, III, Ph.D. and Susan Kegeles, Ph.D. Mike Keihl Julia Kellberg Eric Keller Katherine Kelly

Danny and Joanna Kemper Kevin Kennedy CJ Kerls Debra and Douglas Kerr Bruce and Ellen Kerrigan Maria Kerschen Jan and Randall Kessler Dr. Robert Kevess Leland Keyt Ajay Khanna John Khawam Joseph Khawam Eric Khoury Stuart and Anne Kim Christopher Kimball Kiyomi Kimble Robert King and Dwayne Calizo Laura King and Bonhams and Butterfields Jonathan King Jennifer King and Timothy Fredel Bryan King Michael Kinsley LaVonne Kippenberger Amy Kisielica Dr. David Kitts Chad Klasna and Ron Falcon Kathy Kleiman Kristifir Klein Elizabeth Klein Johannes Klein John Kleinsorg Mel and Cricket Klohn Mike Kloss Michael Kluwin Jim and Judith M. Knapp Michael and Martina Knee Gerry Knight Leonard and Helan Knobbe Jim Knox Kerry Ko Pamela Koch and Linda Lovenitti Tom Koch Timothy Kochis and Penelope Wong Samuel Kohler, III

San Francisco AIDS Foundation • 2007 Annual Report


I N D I V I D U A L S Nancy Kokolj David Koncelik Venugopal and Sridevi Koneru Kari Kontu Alan and Marilyn Korest Kenneth Korngiebel Nicolai Kosche Dennis Kottke David Kovach Antoinette Kovacs Lana Kovarik Patty and Ron Kovas Blaine Kozak Anastasia Kralli Samuel Krantz Susan Krantz Daniel Kraus Denise Krauss Pat Kress and PK Consulting Jonathan Krupp and Maggie Cheney Susan Kubica Dana Kueffner and Peter M. Heinemann Breanna Kuhl Christopher Kung Linda Kunwar Tai Kuo Sonja Kurhanewicz Kelly And Karin Kuszmaul Michael Kutner Michael La Orange Gary LaBonte Nathan Laffin and Howard Dulaney Conrad and Selena Lai David Laidig Timothy Laime Jeffrey LaLonde Mr. Randall Lam Mark Lambert Winston Lambert Juliet Lamont Robert Lampee Mark Lampert J. Brad Lampley Patsy Lancaster Daniel W. Land, Jr. Dr. Leona Landers Gretchen Landgraf

Eric Lane Julia and Mike Laney Joyce and Lawrence Langan Daniel Langford Robert and Annette Langford Kevin and David Langkiet Thomas Langley Michael and Suzanne Lantz Valery Lanyi, M.D. Denise Lapointe Brenda Laribee Kyle Larsen Kenneth Larson and Linda Adams Diane Larson-Wolf and Richard Wolf Wright Lassiter, Jr. Wright Lassiter, III and Cathy Lassiter Barbara LaTour Chingman Lau William Lauch Gia Laurent Mary Lavine Bill Lavis Barry Lawlor Harry Lawrence and Andrew Hirss Gary Laws Elizabeth Lawson and Robert Kathner

Barbara Lawson Lisa Laylon John A. and Lynn M. Lazcano Kim Le Heidi Le Duc Denise Leadbetter Susan Leal and Susan Hirsch Brian LeBars Connie Leber Florence Lebovitz and Roy Simon David and Robin Lee Esther Lee Evelyn Lee Hong Lee Jeff Lee Mark Lee William Lee Thomas Leffler Lori Lefkowitz Aidan Leicester Jeffrey Leider Harvey Leiderman Nathan Leight Carlos Lejarza Lamar Leland Kathy Lemmon Thomas Lemos Assemblyman Mark Leno Shawn Leonard

John Leone Pamela Leong Richard Lerner Alan Lessik Karen and Susan Lester James Levin Steven Levine Eve Levine Charles Jurczak and Carol Ruth Levine Andrew Levy and Kelly Tschantz Michael Levy Jason Lew Abigail Lewis Derf Lewis and Suzanne Toller Sheryl and Eric Lewis Tess Lewis Charla Lillis Joe Lima and Michael Wagner Fred Lin and Olga Pospelova Mat Lindstedt Daniel Linehan Rodney Liner and Steven Hallgrimson Foundation, Inc. Larry and Debra Linzer Anthony Liou Dr. Eric Lipsitt and Dr. Brenda Eskenazi

2007 Annual Report • San Francisco AIDS Foundation


I N D I V I D U A L S Loretta Litke Ned Little Otis Littlefield Christine Liu Dr. Shu-Hui Liu John and Kim M. Lloyd Nancy and Pierre Loewe Anne Loftis Judith Logan George Loisos Anthony Lombardi Michael Lomonaco Joan Lonergan Carol Long Debbie Long Michael Longacre Mauricio Lopez Eric Lopez George Lord William Lorie and Richard Newton Chris Lott Declan Lott Don Louc Jabby Lowe Melissa Loya Leonard and Helen C. Lozano Mike Lu Betty Lubbert Glen Lubbert Teresa Lucchese Regina Luk-Akaka Bradley Luke Thomas Lumsden Sara and Rob Lundgren James and Sheila Lunny Douglas Lutgen Donna Lutke Virginia Lyman Barry Lynch Deborah Lynch Gregory Lynn Lizabeth Lynner Gordon Lyon Richard and Cheryl MacDonald Jacqueline Macia Susan MacInnes John and Dee Macintyre

Allan and Sharon Mackey Sean Mackin Rich and Laura MacMillan Robert and Frank Madden Brian Maddox Jorge Madrigal Philip and Keven Madvig Eileen Mah Rajiv Mahadevan Jonathan Maher Pax and Pamela Mahle Laura Mahlmeister Tracy Maida Julie Major Jeffery Maki Patrick Makuakane Joe and Shirley Mallet Dr. Alan Malouf James Malsch Melinda and Tom Manchester Robert Mandolene Catherine Manley Jeffry Mann Marjorie and Lotfollah Mansouri Robert and Kirk Marcolina Alex Marcollo John Marcom George Marcou Craig Maretzki Bradley Maring, M.D. Douglas Markling Lynn Marks Christopher Marks Julie Marquis and Katherine Lind Ellen Marquis Pat Marriott Steven Martel Susy Martes Kenneth W. Martin Michael and Kathleen Martinelli and Helen Grabowski Andrew Martinez-Fonts Jonathan Jump and Hal Marz, Jr. Max Mason Janine Massard Ehinger

Stephen Massey and James Loduca Themistoklis Mastorides Paul Matalucci Carol Wallner Matthews Ann Mathieson Glen Mathison Mary Matli Barry Matson Kristin Matt Allen Matthews Erin Matticola Nayeli Maxson Judith Maxwell David May Ainslie Mayberry Melissa Mayle George Mazzotta Twiga Mbunda Sean McAllister Elizabeth McBeth Shanna McBurney Diana McCabe and Jill Delaney Patrick McCann Jefferson McCarley Joseph McCarter Meredith and Robert McCarthy William McCarty Adair McClatchy Ann McCloskey Damian McColl Lynn McComas Peter and Tracy McConnell Nancy McCormick Jana McCue Karen Kaye and Joseph McCune Bart McDermott Michael McDonell Tom McDougall and Nancy Knauer Theresa McGanney Tara McGarity Ron McGhee Constance McGinnis Nathalie McGrath Catherine McGuire Charles and Linda Mcintyre

Amanda McKeel Dr. Michael and Diane McKeel Michael McKenna and Cecile Gouffrant William McKernan Jason and Gina McKinley Suzann McLeod, R.N. Clint Mclure David McManigal Linda McManus Gary McMullin Dr. Preston and Beth McNall John McNamara Lisa McNees Richards Sharol and Bruce McQuarrie Mindy McQueen Cubik Media Oscar Medina Sean B. Meehan Paulette Mehas Harry Meier Kurt Melander Dustin and Stephen Melges Clifford and Patty Melim Russell and Laurie Mendivil Tina Mennett Ian Menzies Noah Mercer Miles Merrell Graeme and Irene Merry Anna Meyer Dan Michelini Anne Middleton David and Ann Mikami Brian Miller Jeff Miller Kris Miller Ronald Miller Ronald Miller, M.D. Samuel Miller and Philip Herlth Scott Miller Stephen Miller William H. Miller Bill Mills John Mills

San Francisco AIDS Foundation • 2007 Annual Report


I N D I V I D U A L S Elizabeth Milly and Edward Zwilling Patricia Milner Cheryl Minikes Jonathan Minkoff Michael Minson and Phillip Cannon Guadalupe Miranda Felix Miranda Dr. Faisal Mirza Thomas and Joan Mistler Jerry Mitchell Jean Mitchell and Frederick L. Cannon James Mitchell Bert Mittler Mary Wong Mizroch Theresa Mlot and Steve Conway Bill Moffett Marie E. Mohr and Kathy Healy Clement Mok Carlos Molina Babette and Jack Moloney Mayra Montoya Marilyn Moodie James Moore Jay Moorhead Oscar Morales Richard Mordesovich James Moreau Michael Morehead and Edward Miller Dr. Nancy and Dr. Roger Morehouse Joe Moreno John Moretto and David Mast Ash Morgan Jason Morgan Joshua Morgan Michele Mork-Ovson Douglas Morningstar J. Steve Schneider and Dana Morris James Morris Joel Morris Kathleen Morris Amara and Clark Morrison Terry Morrison Andrew Morse Maria Moscardini

Luisa Moscatelli-Fenton Hal Moss Jack Mossburg Salimah Muhammad Mr. Reinhardt Muir Debra Mulanax Tom Mulgrew Denise and Gary Mullenix David and Tara Munier Bill Munk Pamela Munn Margaret Munzer Cathy Murphy and Michael Gagliasso Kevin and Mimi Murphy Steve Murphy and David Lowe Trevor Murphy Barbara and John Murray Christopher Murray James Murray Kelly Murray Scott Murray Gary Muto and Caren Krupnick-Muto Charlotte Myslewski John Nadler Jason Nakashima Arliss Nakken Linda Nanbu Laura Napolitano, M. D. Latha and T.K. Narayanan Dena Narbaitz Karla Nardi Dr. Scott Narimatsu Marianne Narusiewicz and Adriana Ristau Valerie Nash Michael Gillespie and Kirk Nass Michael Nava and George Herzog David Navarro John Navolio Ursula Naylor Jeffrey Neagle Michael Neal Bryan Neider David Neuman Shawn Newman and Gloria Andres-Newman Nick Nicastro

Kevin Nichelini Daniel Nichols Gary Nichols Tyrone Nichols Robert Nicholson Troy Nickol Mark Nielsen Sabine Niewiadomski Michael Nimkoff James Niven Michele Nivens Larry Nixon Thomas Nixon Julie Nokleberg David and Suzanne Norton David Norton Kevin Norton Sunny Notimoh Mike Novogratz and Sukey Caceres Ms. Ali and Tim Nufire Lourdes Nunez Mike Nunez Randy Nunnelee George Nunno Peter Oakley and L. Irvine Philip Obazee Jim O’Brien Mark O’Brien Sean O’Brien William O’Brien, Jr. and Mary Lynne Antonsanti O’Brien Ruth Ocheltree Christy O’Connor Dean O’Connor Michael O’Connor David Odato Nancy Odell Marcus Ogawa and The Ogawa Family Chuck Ogilvie James Ogren Lynne Ohlson Gerardo Okhuysen Richard Okiuye Melanie Oliver Jennifer O’Loughlin Frank and Lottie Olszewski Jeffrey O’Neill Timothy O’Neil

Darin Oosthuizen and Family Lynn Oovody Alfred Oppenheim and Terri Slagle Tamara and David Orcutt Shance Ordell Rod and Sylvia O’Reilly Virginia Orndorff Jose Luis Orozco Debbie Orr Olivia Orr Lisa Orselli Jose Ortega Thomas Osborne Paula Osorio Maciej and Jennifer Ossowski Eben Ostby Robert Oster John O’Sullivan Gregory Ott and Lewis Kalmbach Clare Otten Eugene Otto and Yolanda Mendoza Terry Otton Jeff Overby Dr. William Owen Dr. Judith Page Madan Paidhungat Barbara Paine Mary Jane Palmer Donna Palmer Sheryl Palmieri Alan Pando Michael Pangelinan Stephen Pappas Victor Paredes Jennifer Pariseau Will and Julie Parish Mark Parison Jin Park and David Goldberger Andrew Parker April and Bob Parmley Rick Parr and David Quinonez Maria Parra Virgil Parrett Ashleigh Parsons Anna and Michael Parsons

2007 Annual Report • San Francisco AIDS Foundation


I N D I V I D U A L S Thad Partridge Dilip Patel Janki Patel Pratik Patel R. C. Patel James Patterson Kevin Patterson Glenn Peacock Don Peery Vicki Peilen Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi Jerry Peluffo William Penney Norma Penson Julian Peppit David Perenic Cindi Perez Robert Perez Sylvia Perez Charles Pericolosi Fred Perkins Mark Perry Roger Perry Sarah Ann Perry Linda Peters Cecelia Peters Brad Petersen Susan and Jeffrey Petersen Demosthenes Peterson Karin Peterson and Mike Rowbotham Susanne Peticolas Francis James Petracek Steven Petrow Dr. Michael Petru Emily and James Pettit Aisha Pew Patricia Phillips and Brenda Flickner Vincent Phillips John Piane Maria Pica Donald Pickens Dr. Elaine Pico Sally and Jeff Piehl Donald and Peggy Piekarski Andrew Pienaar Marci Pierce Mary K. Pierce-Cabigon

Michelle Piffero Elaine Pike Donald Piombo R. J. Pittman Richard Pitto and Ernest Sanchez Deb and Ken Pitts David Platton and Maria Kraslavsky Virginia Ploeser Renee Abigail Polk and Marie Wattles James Pollet and David Gremard Tom Pollock Leslie Pomerantz John Pomeroy David Poole Mr. Matthew Poppe Brian Porea Thomas Porter Angela Potochnik Powar Family Fund at the Penninsula Community Foundation Dr. George Powell Ken Prag Connie Pratt Marc and Kim Press Joel Pressman Judi Price, PA-C David Pritchett Nancy Probst Mary Prochnow Ilya Prokopoff and Chuck Swanson Philip and Diana Proud Melissa Proudian Dustin Prusso Joseph Pulice John Pulsipher Elizabeth Pultorak Dan Purcell and Heather Hanly David Pursley Wayne Purves Elizabeth Purvis Rennie Putnam Saundra Putzer Lester Quan Andrew Quinn John Quinn

Robert Quinn and Dickerson & Quinn, LLC Stephen Quirolo Phyllis R. and Gary B. Sheila Rabaut Andrew and Debra Rachleff Ahmad Raed John Ragan Lynn Ragghianti Ahmed Rahim David Raiman and Lisa Furia Ajith Ramanathan Johnny Randall Andrew Ranft Adrian Rangel, III A. Rankin and S. Rankin Amy Rao Dana Rappaport Thomas Rattigan August Reader Arena Reed Arthur Reed Barbara Reed Leanne Rees Jennifer Reese The Regents Antonio and Erica Reid Laurie Reid Jennie Reiken Henry Reilly Wesley Reinsch Hans Reiser Sharron Reiss-Miller Don and Nancy Remey Sally Remey Ted Remey Steve Renaker Jenifer Renzel Tanya Reperyash Guy and Yvonne Resultan Chris Reust and Bruce Noland Jeffrey and Nancy Reynolds Gillian Rhoads and Peck’S Printery Skip Rhodes John Riccitiello David Rich Steven Rich

Regan Richardson Amanda Richman Ralph and Allyson Rickard Chris and Dave Rider Christine Riedell Paul Riedlinger James Rielly Peter Riherd and Richard Stryker Karen Riley Margaret and Neil Riley Delice Rimbault Daniel Ripley Diane Robbins Erik Robbins William Robbins Barbara Robert Betty Roberts Steven Roberts Ian Robertson and Kenneth Hillan Brent and Lisa Robinson Chris Robinson David Robinson and Bruce Summers Travon (Tray) Robinson Ric Rocchiccioli Paul R. and Joanne Rochefort Darin Rock David Rockecharlie Frank Rockett Justine Rockwell Brodus Rodgers Regina Rodgers Matthew and Taryl Rodnick Bryan Rodrigues and Anna Chu William Rodriguez George Roehm Ann Roemer Cheryl Rogers Leslie Rogers Joan Rogin Christian Rohde Robin Roland Carleton Rolland Silvio Ronutti Will Roque Sheila Joy Rosen

San Francisco AIDS Foundation • 2007 Annual Report


I N D I V I D U A L S Barbara and Richard Rosenberg Jacob Rosenberg Felix and Loretta Rosengarten Marc Rosengarten David Rosenthal John Rosin James Ross Dr. Charles Roth Roland Roth Mark Rothstein G. Hunt Rounsavall, Jr. and Rounsavall Law Offices, LLC Susan Rowe Barbara Rowley Nicholas P. Roxborough Sumit Roy and Michele Covell Casino Royal Jeffrey Royal Marcie Rubel Katharine and Timothy Rudd Dita Rudinow Karen Rudolph Britt Ruedi Patti and Rusty Rueff Lawrence Ruff Mike and Linda Ruggeroli Terry Ruiter Donalyn Ruiz Rosa Ruiz Catherine and Douglas Rundle Steven Rush Larry Ruskin Tony Russell Teresa Ann and Randy Ryals Margaret Ryan Carol S. Rybarczyk Gary Rydstrom Robert Ryker Paul Saab and Cleo Haynal Grata Salcedo Eric Salmon Bellissima Salon Simon and Shirpa Sampson Jeffrey Sampson Breda Sampson Fernando Sanchez

Adam Sanderson Brian Sanderson Scott Sansone and Joseph Swimmer Jeffrey Sant Carlos Santiago Rochelle Santiago Eric Santistevan Fernando Santos Philip Santosh Syd Saperstein Allison Saunders Gopal Savjani John Sayre and David John Tom Scanlan Robert Scannell Dr. Bruce Schaar Stephen Schacherer Michael Schaeffer Jessica Schafer Patricia Schaffarczyk and Peng Yi Wu Patricia Schantin and Lloyd Kendall Elisa Scheinberg David Schellhase Kathy Schipper Scott Schleuter Deborah Schmall Andrew Schmidt and Linda Chan Gary Schmidt Cora Schmitt

Michael Schmitz Edward Schnaars Anne Schneider Cary Schneider Gregg Schneider Virginia Schneider William Schoch Chris Schoeneman Shirley Schoppert Cindy Schreck Timothy Schreck Ruth Schreiber Paula Schreiner Michael Schriver Barbara Schultheis and Molly Martin Erik Schultz Ashley Schumacher Cathie Schumacher Donna Lynn Scism Ariadne Delon Scott Peter Scott Robert Scott Sandra Scott Marc Scruggs Charles and Marisa Seaman Michael Sears Roger Secours Ricardo Segura Melvin Seid John Selbach Aydin Senkut Joan and Lynn Seppala

Alfred Sesana Craig Settles Eric and Michelle Schear Ann and Jim Shake Connie and James Shapiro Ellen Shapiro Michael Shapiro Joel Shaps Elisa Sharkey Mark Shattuck Dale Shaw David Shaw John Shea Rachel Shearer and Sheri Woodruff Holly Sheffield and Sam Glassman Jennifer Shell Barbara Sheng Wesley Shepeluk and Dr. Ellen Shepeluk Gretchen Shilts Kip Shuman Joan Siboni and The Siboni Family Foundation Paul Sieron William Siewert Kenneth Silbert Roberta Silten Robin Silva Joseph and Cynthia Silva Anne Silver Julie Silverblatt and Maxine Picard

2007 Annual Report • San Francisco AIDS Foundation


I N D I V I D U A L S Patricia M Silveria Barbara Silverman Michael and Debra Silverman Paolo Silvestre Mark Simmons Michael Simons Mr Richard Simpson Jaqueline Singh and Juan Riojas Jane Sinton G. William Skinner Peter and Jane Ashley Skinner Lucia Skwarek and Alex Gutierrez Sandra Slater and Labor of Love Doll Project Pamela Slea Ken Sleeper Eric Sleigh Bruce Slesinger Alex Sloan Janet Small Andrea Smith Avi Smith Don Smith Grace Smith J. Mike Smith James Smith Jesse Smith Kenneth Smith Marcia Smith Mark Smith Megan Smith Randall Smith Rebecca Smith Stewart Smith Tim Smith and Stephen Zollman William Smith Julia Smye-Rumsby Warren Snaider James Snavley Tina Snell TJ Snyder and Mark Harris Eta Somekh Charlene Son Dennis Soong Sheri Sooy Steve Sosnowski

Sandra Soto Service Source Raymond Souza, Jr. Camille Sparkman Diane J. and Bruce Spaulding Jake Speck Bob and Vickie Speck Lorraine Spencer Minton Spidell Shizue Spielberg Darla Spiers Justin Sprague Robert Spritzer Jennifer and Randy St. Denis Sid Stafford and John Veazey Christina Stafford Joel Stahl David Stainton Sandra Stangl Emily and Bruce Stangle Thomas Stanley, Jr. and Laurel A. Stanley Shelby Stark The Starr Family Foundation Betty Starr Danforth Starr John and Elizabeth A. Starr Judith Starr Wade Starr C. Byron Stecklein John and Amy Steffen Vivian Stephenson and Margarita Gandia Richard Sterling Michael Sterling Jason and Susan Sterling Bonnie Sterngold Dr. John and Claire Stevens Gabrielle Stevenson Jan Woodward Stevenson Nicholas and Maureen Stevenson Susan Stevenson and Joyce M. Norcini Timothy Stevenson and David King

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San Francisco AIDS Foundation • 2007 Annual Report


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2007 Annual Report • San Francisco AIDS Foundation


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Patrick Wong Frank Woo Constance Wood James and Cynthia Ahart Wood Neal Wood Dr. Thomas Woodbury Connie Woods Scott Wooley Donald Woolhouse Dan Worden Sue Woy Cynthia Wright Frankie Wright Louise and Wayne O. Wright Marsha and John Wright Sherbeam Wright Thomas Wright Chiu Wu Deanna Wu Mark Wu Timothy Wu Tom Wynveen

Steven Yakle John Yang Omar Yashruti and Helen Jorda Gary and Sunny Yates Wesley Yemoto, DDS Tan Yew-Hoe Wendy and Peter Yim Vance Yoshida Douglas Yoshinaga Shariq Yosufzai Alene Young Jacob Young Jonathan Young and Phillip Hardy Kurt Lamont Young Monte Young David Yu Jonathan Yu and Adrian Coppini Anthony Yuki-Chae Ingu Yun Barbara Zak Bradley Zaller

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ESTATES Betsy Blom-Stallinger Estate of Arthur J. Goodwin Estate of Jacquelyn Schroeder Jones Estate of Victor Alford Estate of William Reily John Dvorak Michael Mopper Trust Nancy S. Scherr Trust Shirley R. Koch 2001 Trust William Bason

San Francisco AIDS Foundation • 2007 Annual Report


San Francisco AIDS Foundation 2007 Board of Directors

The San Francisco AIDS Foundation provides leadership to prevent new HIV infections. Linking community experience with science, the Foundation develops ground-breaking prevention programs and bold policy initiatives to promote health and create sustainable progress against HIV. Established in 1982, the Foundation refuses to accept that HIV transmission is inevitable.

Andrew Belschner, Chair Gregg Schoen Lorna Thornton LeRoy Blea Denise Bradby Donna Dightmon-Davis Andrea Eichhorn Christopher Esposito David Galullo Mark Illeman Mark McCormick Lonnie Payne Tom Perrault Michael Richey Eric R. Roberts Helena Younossi

San Francisco AIDS Foundation 2008 Board of Directors Andrew Belschner, Chair Dan Bernal LeRoy Blea Denise Bradby Jonathan Deason Christopher G. Esposito David Galullo Michael Kidd Tom Perrault Michael Richey Eric R. Roberts Lorna Thornton Helena Younossi

Pangaea Global AIDS Foundation Board of Directors Lonnie Payne, Chair Lokelani Devone Joseph Garrett Eric Roberts George Rutherford Lorna Thornton Helena Younossi

Annual Report 2007 San Francisco AIDS Foundation  

For fiscal year 2006-2007