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TEL: (0034) 711 096 354 So What’s on the Ed’s mind this month..? Put your hands in the air like you don’t care.. that’s what! Yes it’s music festival season and Spain seems to be playing host to more and more music festivals these days. But closer to home in Málaga we have The Weekend Beach festival which is a 4 day music festival located beside the beach in the palacio de ferias Torre Del Mar on the 6/7/8/9 of July. then the Cala Music festival 1/2/3 September. So as the covid19 virus seems to be now firmly in the rear view mirror, thousands of unmasked people can herd together in their thousands to enjoy open air live music as if it were woodstock, LSD and free love all over again! keeping on the music theme, if you’re not the festival type and you still appreciate a bit of live music, pop into The Olive Tree in Coín for a bite to eat and some local live muisc. (See advert on page 38). So things are heating up for the summer, flights are hectic, carparking is getting difficult, petrol is going through the roof, electric has been at it’s highest ever price, food basics have risen 30% and nothing seems to be slowing down..BUT HEY we’re living the dream, we’re all about sun, sea, sarcasm and BBQ’s! Enjoy the official start to the Summer 2022! JJ the ED xx

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The Sentinella is eternally dedicated to Colin Checkley, the founder and editor of Sentinel Magazine. May he rest in peace. (Born; 1960 Died; 2004.)

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Strange News

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Strange News: Blow up dolls have been around for years, but husband dolls? Meirivone Rocha Moraes has found her soulmate in the life-size doll she calls her husband – and the pair have even gone on to have a ‘baby’. The 37-year-old from Brazil said her mum made her the rag doll named ‘Marcelo’ after she complained about being single and having no one to dance with.

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Little did she realise it would be love at first sight, and after a few months of dating Meirivone she fell ‘pregnant’. They decided to tie the knot before the newborn arrived in a ceremony that was attended by 250 people. Unsurprisingly, the birth was a painless one, with Meirivone claiming it took just 35 minutes. “It was a wonderful day for me, very important, very emotional,”. “He is a man I always wanted in my life. Married life with him is wonderful.” Meirivone continued: “He doesn’t fight with me, he doesn’t argue and he just understands me. Marcelo is a great and faithful husband. He is such a man and all women envy him. “When my mum made Marcelo and first introduced me to him, I fell in love with him. It was love at first sight. The couple had a ‘baby’ this year. “The wedding was a wonderful day for me, very important, very emotional. It rained a lot but it was wonderful.”But as is often the case, marriage isn’t always easy, with the doll-mum-of-one adding: ““He has so many great qualities but the only downside is he’s lazy. He doesn’t work at all. “But I am a warrior and I keep it going for us.”


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Go take a HIKE!

Tajo de Ronda, the gorge-eous walk! This is a very popular area for hiking, so you’ll likely encounter other people while exploring. The trail is open year-round and is beautiful to visit anytime. This is a relatively straightforward walk around Ronda’s gorge the Tajo de Ronda. The walk starts in the Plaza de Campillo (also known as the Plaza de María Auxiliadora) – shown below. An exceptionally beautiful square, with two huge Pinsapo fir trees that provide welcome shade. These endemic Spanish fir trees date from the Iceage. The neighbouring natural park of Grazalema is one of the last remaining habits of what many consider to be Andalucia’s national tree (along with the smaller Pinsapo forest in the Sierra de las Nieves natural park.) As you go down there are various spots where you can veer off and get a better look at Ronda’s bridge – the Puente Nuevo. The

most iconic symbol of the city and known the world over.A true feat of engineering, the ‘new’ bridge was inaugurated in 1793, after 40 years of work. It stands at 98m and offers unbeatable views over the Guadiaro river valley and the Sierra de Grazalema. Difficulty level: Medium

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There’s a lot at STEAK!!

BBQing a Sirloin Steak... Prepare the sirloin roast on the gas grill or charcoal grill for indirect cooking by pushing all lit coals to one side or by lighting only half of the gas grill burners. Indirect heat is preferred for a sirloin roast because it cooks the meat at a lower temperature, preventing it from burning. Rub all sides of the sirloin roast liberally with the seasoning mix. Consider using spices that go well with traditional barbecue flavor such as pepper, garlic, mustard powder, paprika and chili powder. Grill your steak as you normally would, and when finished, braise the cooked meat with the melted garlic butter, then sprinkle on the cracked pepper. Wrap them in aluminum foil and let them sit for about five minutes. Unwrap and enjoy! Picking out quality steaks takes a bit of

know-how. You want to pick meat with vibrant red color. Avoid meat that has a gray tinge to it. This indicates the meat’s been sitting for a while. It’s still safe to eat, but the flavor may not be as robust compared to a fresher steak. BBQ as with any style of cooking depends on top quality ingredients. Pick the best meats for your summer BBQs and contact Martin at Ye Olé butchery for the best quality meats around. Delivery Available. See advert below

More than design.

+ 34 671 367 262

More than design.

Web design | Logos | Branding | Social media | SEO


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Look good on the beach without a perfect body! How to look good on the beach without a perfect body... Swimsuits are pretty unforgiving. They’re great for showing off a perfect body, but they’ll also reveal love handles, a flat bum, and a small cup size. Since beach season is already here, it’s too late to schedule plastic surgery for this year’s beaching. In the meantime, use these tips to rock your swimsuit no matter what body type you have. Pick a swimsuit with a focal point. The key to looking great in a swimsuit is to draw the eye to the areas of the body that you feel most confident about. For example, a swimsuit with a brooch at the cleavage point will naturally draw the eye to this decorative feature and away from problem areas. Think about your body type before you go shopping for a swimsuit. For example, if you’re a pear shape, you carry more weight on the bottom than on top. Look for a suit

that will draw the attention upward. Choose a swimsuit with the opposite effect if you want to draw attention away from your top. Shapewear isn’t just for formal occasions. Many designers are building shapewear fabrics into swimsuits. These can take up to an inch off your appearance. It’s worth it to shell out a little extra money for a shapewear swimsuit with special construction, boning, and padding that will make you look fabulous. A solid colour works well for most women. But if you do pick a patterned suit, avoid stripes at all costs. Avoid cutouts, suits without built-in bra support, and metallic swimsuits as well.


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Do women find a penis attractive? Female survey (age group 25-55yrs) revealing a womens thoughts on penis attraction... Sarah (Estepona): All my friends agree the things are just plain ugly. We like men, but penises are just something we only enjoy during intercourse, otherwise not interested really, it kind of just hangs there until needed! Beverly (Benalmadena): Well, every penis looks different! some penis’s are quite nice. Some have nice shapes, colour, length and width.. all around.. yes, quite attractive. As a woman, you want it, you have 2 have it! But some are just repulsive and disgusting to look at...which I dont thnk any woman would be aroused by! Anne (Torremolinos) The first time I saw one I was taken back more so by curiosity than much else. I still don’t really find them ‘attractive’. If I see them on tv I have the urge to laugh because they look funny and for me

dicks, big or small, aren’t really sexy at all sorry! Emma (Mijas) I’m not sure that I would say that my first reaction on encountering a penis was that of attraction, I was far more taken with the wonders of a man’s eyes, his lips and his glorious hands. BUT, I was certainly curious about his penis. I think that I have finally come to appeciate all the pleasures that a well trained penis can give a woman. You learn how both he and his penis work together, feeling him getting turned on and go through all the stages until he’s pulsating and hard. At that point I’m totally at the hight of arousal and find a penis attractive LOL!

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Job Recruitment: Helping Hands Carers £675 per week! We’ll support your life-changing opportunity: become a live-in carer in the UK. Helping Hands Home Care was founded in 1989 to provide dedicated home care and supportpeople’s independence, and now we’re delivering person-centred care to over 6,000 families across England and Wales. What does it mean to be a carer? As a livein carer, you’ll support your customer with personal care, household chores and getting out and about. But above all, you’ll provide a constant source of companionship and emotional support. We can offer you a work visa. We’re offering exciting opportunities for people to strike the perfect work-life balance, living in Spain, and working in the UK. If you’ve got 6-12 months’ care experience and want to work in the UK, Helping Hands can now offer sponsorship under the Skilled Worker visa. We offer an award-winning induction and comprehensive training completely free of charge in

Spain. Helping Hands employees receive exclusive benefits. There are many benefits of becoming a live-in carer for Helping Hands and you’ll be employed directly by us with ongoing 24-hour support so that you can focus on the person you’re caring for. You are also entitled to statutory sick pay, paid annual leave and a pension scheme. You can earn up to £675 a week, and with free accommodation on placement, you don’t need to worry about hidden costs. The main advantage of joining us here at Helping Hands is the flexibility to experience andappreciate what means the most to you here in Spain whilst also travelling to the UK for placements. Whether you’re a British expat or a native of Spain, we are excited to bring more people on board to help us continue delivering the best possible support to our customers in their own homes - email (see main advert on Page 14)

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Random Teaser...Where’s Wally????


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All that glitters is not gold... Did you know that almost all of the Earths gold came from outer space from meteorites hitting the planet? Here are some common facts about gold... Gold is the only metal that is yellow or “golden.” Other metals may develop a yellowish color, but only after they have oxidized or reacted with other chemicals. Nearly all the gold on Earth came from meteorites that bombarded the planet over 200 million years after it formed. The element symbol for gold—Au—comes from the old Latin name for gold, aurum, which means “shining dawn” or “glow of sunrise.” The word gold comes from the Germanic languages, originating from the Proto-Germanic gulþ and Proto-IndoEuropean ghel, meaning “yellow/green.” The pure element has been known since ancient times. Gold is extremely ductile. A single ounce of gold (about 28 grams) can be stretched into a gold thread 5 miles (8 kilometers) long. Gold threads can even be used in embroidery. Malleability is a measure of how easily a material can be hammered into thin sheets. Gold is the most malleable element. A single ounce of gold can be beaten into a 300-square-foot sheet. A sheet of gold can be made thin enough to be transparent. Very thin sheets of gold may appear greenish blue because gold strongly reflects red and yellow. Mercury Pollution from Gold Rush Might Linger 10,000 Years Although gold is a heavy, dense metal, it is generally considered nontoxic. Gold metal flakes may be eaten in foods or drinks, although it is a common allergen for some.1 Pure elemental gold is 24 karats, while 18-karat gold is 75 percent pure gold, 14-karat gold is 58.5 percent pure gold, and 10-karat gold is 41.7 percent pure gold. The remaining portion of the metal usually used in gold jewelry and other items is silver, but items can also consist of other metals or a combination of metals, such as platinum, copper, palladium, zinc, nickel, iron, and

cadmium. Gold is a noble metal. It is relatively unreactive and resists degradation by air, moisture, or acidic conditions. While acids dissolve most metals, a special mixture of acids called aqua regia is used to dissolve gold. Gold has many uses aside from its monetary and symbolic value. Among other applications, it is used in electronics, electrical wiring, dentistry, medicine, radiation shielding, and in coloring glass. High-purity metallic gold is odorless and tasteless. This makes sense since the metal is unreactive. Metal ions confer flavor and odor to metallic elements and compounds.

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Slap it on and keep cool!

It’s important to protect your skin from both types of UV rays because neither one is safe. And, your environment can impact how strong they are. The following factors can impact how much your skin is exposed to UV rays: The time of day: 10 am to 4 pm is when UV rays are strongest. Distance from equator: The closer you are to the equator, the stronger the UV rays are. Elevation: Higher elevation means more exposure. Reflection off surfaces: Sand, snow, and water may reflect sunlight, increasing UV ray exposure. Length of time: The longer your skin is exposed, the greater your risk. Sunscreen is an effective way to minimise your risk of skin cancer and signs of early skin aging caused by the sun. Generally everyone should wear sunscreen anytime

they’re outdoors. The way you apply sunscreen impacts how effectively it protects your skin. The best way to apply sunscreen is to lather it on 15 to 30 minutes before you expose your skin to the sun. You can reduce your risk of sunburn by reapplying every two hours or sooner if you’re swimming. Hats with brims at least three inches in diameter are an effective way to limit your face’s exposure to UV rays. The sun’s UV rays are strongest between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm so try to stay in the shade during these times. Slap it on and keep cool!


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€€ Currencies Direct - Latest Currency News €€ GBP/EUR exchange rate rocked by recession fears and political uncertainty Staying up to date with the latest currency news can help you time your transfers effectively, so find out what you should be looking out for over the month ahead… Latest currency news. The GBP/EUR exchange rate traded erratically over the past month, with the pairing fluctuating between €1.18 and €1.16, while EUR/GBP ticked up from £0.84 to £0.85. What’s been happening? The pound fluctuated through most of the past month, with political jitters and economic concerns rocking the currency. Meanwhile, signals from the European Central Bank that it will raise interest rates in July and September were welcomed by EUR investors. Although concerns the hikes will have an uneven impact on the Eurozone economy limited the euro’s upside potential. At the same time, the war in Ukraine

continued to influence the GBP/EUR exchange rate, infusing volatility into the pairing. What do you need to look out for? GBP investors are likely to keep a close eye on UK economic data over the next month as they seek to gauge whether the UK is at risk of slipping into a recession. Meanwhile, with no end in sight for the war in Ukraine, its likely the conflict could continue to act as a headwind for the euro. At Currencies Direct we’re here to talk currency whenever you need us, so get in touch if you want to know more about the latest news or how it could impact your currency transfers. Since 1996 we’ve helped more than 325,000 customers with their currency transfers, just pop into your local Currencies Direct branch or give us a call to find out more. Tel: +34 952 906 581

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What is Parasailing and where can I do it?

Parasailing, also known as parascending, paraskiing or parakiting, is a recreational kiting activity where a person is towed behind a vehicle while attached to a specially designed canopy wing that resembles a parachute, known as a parasail wing. The manned kite’s moving anchor is a boat. The harness attaches the occupant to the parasail, which is connected to the boat by the tow rope. The boat goes, carrying the parascender (or wing) and person into the air. If the boat is powerful enough, two or three people can parasail behind it at the same time. The parascender has little or no control over the parachute. The activity is primarily a fun ride for all to enjoy. There are commercial parasailing operations all over the world and right here on our doorstep. Pirate Parasailing Team are the only fully registered and professional parasailing team in Fuengirola. You’ll find the

Pirates office in the main Port Ticket Office in Fuengirola port. Captain Kevin Jack Sparrow and his merry men and wenches will prepare you for an amazing experience of flying high over the bay of Fuengirola where you’ll enjoy incredible views across the med and the mountains! For a special occasion you can enjoy a bottle of Cava on ice! Contact: Pirate Parasailing TEL: 952 479 063


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Lump Wood Charcoal.. what is it?

Lump charcoal, also known as natural charcoal, is made up of bits of wood that have been subjected to extremely high temperatures until all that is left is pure carbon (mostly). Because it burns hotter than briquettes, I think this variety is ideal for cooking red meats like steaks and lean pork. It also imparts a natural smoky flavor to your cuisine. Make sure the lump charcoal is derived from responsibly harvested hardwood. Good lump charcoal is made entirely of hardwood, with no fillers, additions, or binders. There shouldn’t be many sparks either. A lump charcoal bag usually contains a variety of hardwoods (commonly oak, beech, and ash), rather than a single species. Different hardwood species, on the other hand, have varied flavor profiles. Lighter woods, such as maple, have a sweeter flavor, which is ideal for white meat cooking. Darker woods (oak and hickory) have a more robust flavor, which is perfect

for red meat. Remember that single-species lumps are rare to come by; they’re commonly found in the form of briquettes. In Spain we generally have olive woods, eucalyptus and oak which are all good hardwood sources. High-quality bags of lump charcoal will have mostly large, uniform wood-shaped pieces; the larger they are, the longer and hotter they burn. Also, be mindful of the amount of charcoal dust at the bottom of the bag; these are useless for grilling and can cause excessive sparking. Call into Firewood delivery for the best charcoal, woods and pellets - see advert below

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MMA..Multi Martial Arts MMA, no it’s not a drug it’s Multi Martial Arts... THE FIRST MMA FIGHTERS WERE THE ANCIENT GREEKSThe most ancient style of unarmed combat, which resembles the MMA of today, was called Pankration. In 648 BC this sport was Olympic, then it was transformed into more severe types in Ancient Rome, and the statues of the famous fighters decorated coliseums in different cities they were held there. It is clear that the legendary gladiators also possessed these techniques one better than the other. Everyone has heard this name, but not many people know that Bruce Lee’s philosophy and fighting style was called “jeet kun do”: a fighter could instantly adapt to any opponent’s fighting style. That’s the teachings of Lee and his films had a direct impact on the formation of MMA so that the great Lee was called the father of the sport. Surrender of the opponent, which

is to refuse to fight further. This may be the unwillingness to suffer serious injury, the inability to endure the pain through force, when the last forces are running out, and the opponent confidently begins a series of knockout punches. The refusal or termination of the fight may be declared by the fighter himself, members of his team, or the referee, when the defeated fighter is unconscious.

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Toning Time!

This months “Building the bum of your dreams” is easier than you think: Step-ups are another great exercise to work on a round bum. To get started, make sure that you choose a platform high enough that your knee is at a 90-degree angle when bent. If that’s a little too much, use the second stair on a staircase and hold onto the rail for balance. Stand in front of the step or platform. Place your right foot on the step. Pressing into your heel, step up, touching your left toes to the step.


BEACH BUM Summer 22!

Keeping your right foot on the step, bring your left foot down to the floor. Bend your knee into a lunge for more intensity. Repeat for 1 to 3 sets of 12 to 16 repetitions or slowly build up to that depending on your level of fitness.

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Embarrassing Fun Photos That Went Viral!



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AREA - LAKE VIÑUELA - PUENTE DON MANUEL Beatiful Villa with Pool and wonderful views, in a tranquil and mature urbanisation. Beautiful home with an open relaxed layout and lots of outside space, perfect for enjoying idealistic Andalucian living with close amenities.

PRICE: 349,000€

Basic features Detached Villa 2 floors / 245 m² built 3 bedrooms / 3 bathrooms Land plot of 1,036 m² Terraces & Outside kitchen area Balcony, Fitted wardrobes, Storeroom, Individual heating, Amenities, Swimming pool, Garden, Energy Certificate, 250,12 kWh/m² year, Emissions: 50,53 kg CO2/ m² year 20mins from Torre Del Mar Viewing by appointment

Tel: (+34) 711 096 354

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Bicarbonate of soda.. Baking soda 100 uses! How to use bicarbonate of soda? There are so many weird and wonderful baking soda uses - or bicarbonate of soda - from cleaning your bathroom to getting rid of weeds in your garden. We tend to mainly use bicarbonate of soda in baking. When you mix it with milk it creates carbon dioxide, causing the mixture to expand. This is how we get our light and fluffy baked goods. • Use baking soda to clean your kitchen • Stop smelly trainers with bicarb • Soothe a sore throat naturally with baking soda • Use bicarb to kill weeds in your garden • Make natural beauty treatments with baking soda • Bicarb can help keep your carpets clean • Defrost your driveway in seconds with bicarb • Clean your oven with bicarb (or try our top oven cleaners) • Find relief from insect bites with bicarbonate of soda • Get your white laundry even whiter using baking soda

• Make a natural mouthwash with bicarb • Stop dandruff with baking soda

The list is endless... Clean rugs and carpets with baking soda Freshen up rugs by sprinkling bicarbonate of soda on carpet, wait at least 15 minutes (preferably overnight), then vacuum. Kill garden weeds naturally with baking soda Discourage weeds by sprinkling bicarb into the cracks on your driveway and walkways. NOTE: always seek professional advice before using any home remedy!

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le ab e ar ssiv e b a Un f M iew e o ev h t T gh t R i n We Tale CAST:Nocolas Cage. This is a movie made specifically for the brand of Cage fan most dedicated to the actor’s body of work. The kind of person I’m talking about is the sort that’s willing to give just about any movie a shot so long as Cage makes an appearance in it; the kind of person who holds the perception that no matter whether the movie is any good or not, you’re likely going to see something novel and/or highly unusual in his performance. Such is the reputation of Cage, 40 years into an acting career that shows no signs of slowing down, and has lost none of the peculiar spirit that’s made him one of Hollywood’s most enduring actors. And that reputation can sometimes be unfairly boiled down to overly reductive caricature....

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Random Joke!

There were two statues in a park, one of a naked man, and one of a naked woman. They had been facing each other for a thousand years across a pathway, when one day an angel comes down, and with a single gesture brings the two to life. The angel tells them, “As a reward for being so patient through a thousand blazing summers and dismal winters, you have been given life for thirty minutes to do what you’ve wished to do the most.” He looks at her, she looks at him, and they go running behind the trees. The angel waits patiently as the bushes rustle and giggling ensues. After fifteen minutes, the two return, out of breath and laughing. The angel tells them, “Um, you still have fifteen minutes left, would you care to do it

again?” He asks her “Shall we?” She eagerly replies, “Oh, yes, lets! But lets change positions. This time, I’ll hold the pigeon down and you sh#it on its head.”!

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Upcycling.. The new IKEA!

What’s the most important thing you need to upcycle furniture? Of course the first thing you need is furniture… Maybe you have an old piece of furniture in your home? Or you could look in charity shops, car boot sales, auction houses, freecycle or ebay. Look for a piece of furniture that is solidly built it’s hard to upcycle furniture that’s made of flimsy cardboard. Items with carving or ornate details stand out from the mass-produced furniture of today. These details also lend themselves to upcycling techniques such as gilding or dusting with gold leaf. Search for furniture with some evidence of use, such as worn areas or a patina. This adds personality and a sense of nostalgia. Chalk paints are good for a matt or chalky finish. They’re ideal for beginners as they don’t need to be primed. After painting you can sand for a distressed look. Target the


areas that would see the most wear and tear, such as the arms of chairs or the edges of a drawer. Then lightly sand or matt varnish the stressed areas to make them look authentic and attractive. For drawers try using different maertials like fabrics and chicken wire, get funky with the sander and paints. Sometimes all it takes is new handles and wallpaper to line the drawers. Perhaps chicken wire to replace door panels. On other occasions it may take a little more thought…

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What is an NFT?

So what exactly is an NFT? Imagine buying a piece of digital artwork on the Internet at a reasonable price and getting a unique digital token known which proves your authority over the artwork you bought. Wouldn’t it be great? Well, that opportunity exists now, thanks to NFTs. NFTs are currently taking the digital art and collectables world by storm. Just as everyone worldwide believed Bitcoin was the digital answer to currency, NFTs are now pitched as the digital answer to collectibles. As a result, digital artists are seeing their lives changing thanks to the massive sales to a new crypto audience. NFT means non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are generally created using the same type of programming used for cryptocurrencies. In simple terms these cryptographic assets are based on blockchain technology. They cannot be exchanged or traded equivalently like other cryptographic assets. Like Bitcoin or Ethereum. The term

NFT clearly represents it can neither be replaced nor interchanged because it has unique properties. Physical currency and cryptocurrency are fungible, which means that they can be traded or exchanged for one another. The majority of NFTs reside on the Ethereum cryptocurrency’s blockchain, a distributed public ledger that records transactions. NFTs are individual tokens with valuable information stored in them. Because they hold a value primarily set by the market and demand, they can be bought and sold just like other physical types of art. NFTs’ unique data makes it easy to verify and validate their ownership and the transfer of tokens between owners.

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Hey! Did you know that CBD Rocks!!!

CBD Rocks will bring you reliable information and advice on CBD each month. We also offer free consultation service so that you can call upon us at any point! Well one thing it is NOT is a drug that will get you high. That is the first misconception. The best thing about CBD is you can take it and go about your day as normal. CBD (the long word being cannabidiol) is one cannabinoid out of over 100 found in the hemp plant (not marihuana) both being the children of what we know as cannabis. Let’s get down to the basics. We have all heard about this CBD and that it can help one in so many ways, but why? Why is it so special? How can it do so much? The scientific answer is very long but in reality, it’s very simple. Scientists found out in the early 90ś that we have what is now known as an endocannabinoid system. In this system, our bodies also have receptors all over the place that


react and respond with CBD and all other cannabinoids(CBG,CBC,THC,etc) . These are known as CB1 and CB2 receptors and apparently they have now found a number 3!. These receptors activate when we take CBD and they tell our system to produce the right amount of chemicals to create our own internal natural balance (homeostasis). It really is as simple as that. CBD allows our own bodies to do the work not like the meds we are given most of the time. Amazing right? There really is the short version but it is understandable and that is what CBDrocks is here for, making it simple.



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r Uk

A fully independent Ukraine emerged only late in the 20th century, after long periods of successive domination by PolandLithuania, Russia, and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.). Ukraine had experienced a brief period of independence in 1918–20, but portions of western Ukraine were ruled by Poland, Romania, and Czechoslovakia in the period between the two World Wars, and Ukraine thereafter became part of the Soviet Union as the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (S.S.R.). When the Soviet Union began to unravel in 1990–91, the legislature of the Ukrainian S.S.R. declared sovereignty (July 16, 1990) and then outright independence (August


In support of Ukraine

Population 43,291,041

24, 1991), a move that was confirmed by popular approval in a plebiscite (December 1, 1991). With the dissolution of the U.S.S.R. in December 1991, Ukraine gained full independence..

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e uk

n va



Luke Evans is a well-known Welsh actor, famous for appearing in the movie ‘Clash of the Titans,’ a 2010 remake of the 1981 film of the same name. He is also popular for performing in several of London’s West End productions like ‘Miss Saigon,’ ‘Rent,’ and ‘Piaf.’ Also‘Fast & Furious 6,’ ‘The Hobbit,’ ‘Immortals,’ ‘The Raven,’ ‘The Three Musketeers,’ and ‘The Girl on the Train’ to name a few. Evans has also played the role of ‘Dracula’ in a dark fantasy action-horror film titled ‘Dracula Untold.’ He even appeared as ‘Gaston’ in the live action adaptation of Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ for which he received a ‘Teen Choice Award.’ Today, Evans is loved by thousands of people in the industry as well as outside of it.


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Why CRASH diets are a bad idea Crash dieting is when you cut your calorie intake dramatically to lose weight fast. So why is it a bad idea? Crash Diets Do More Harm Than Good Yes, the popular diet style might help you lose weight fast, but it also diminishes your cognition, performance ability and energy levels. If you lose a quick five pounds, that could all be water your body needs to perform at a high level. Losing that water will not only reduce your energy to perform, it will also make you weaker and slower. Some Don’t Encourage Exercise. Have you seen the cleanses or diets that advertise, “And you don’t even have to exercise!” This claim should come with a big red flag. Exercise doesn’t just help you lose weight it helps prevent regaining weight. When you exercise, the amount of fatty acid utilized by your skeletal muscles increases, making it easier for your body to maintain your new, lower weight. The next thing to go when you crash diet is muscle. The body needs fuel, and when you don’t give it enough calories, it starts breaking down its own muscle. This makes you weaker and negatively affects what you need to do. Frankly, They’re Not Fun Another unpleasant characteristic of crash diets is that they are boring. Since your calorie intake drops, you have fewer food options to choose from. You tend to eat the same food every day, which can make you sick of it very quickly. Finally, a crash diet affects your mental and physical performance. When you don’t eat a sufficient number of calories, you become more fatigued, which can lead you to become unable to focus in the classroom or at work. Crash diets are tempting due to their promise of fast results, but these rarely last for the long term. The results you see from them are misleading and are usually quickly reversed. The best diet plan is one that stresses realistic long term expectations.

Most diets today focus on calorie-restriction, but our bodies end up rejecting this idea. When calories are suddenly cut drastically, the body thinks it’s starving and works to protect its set fat point by slowing down metabolism to try and store fat, rather than burning it. Crash diets often result in a lower weight showing up on the scale, but not necessarily fat loss. This weight loss is due to water loss, which can quickly be gained back. These diets can be harmful, as protein and water are the first nutrients the body loses, which causes people to feel weak and tired. Not only do crash diets cut out bad fats, they cut the good fats out that provide essential fatty acids. When cutting fat, it is important to eat less bad fat while maintaining good fat. Without essential fatty acids, our proper fatburning metabolism may suffer. Many crash dieters end up eating more and regaining more fat once they stop the diet; since the body had been running on the fat it once had, it tries to get it back. Crash diets don’t take into account how insulin, carbohydrates and fat storage affect one another. By cutting calories, blood sugar is likely to drop, causing the body to be hungry and want to binge on carbs. Altogether crash diets are not advised


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Where did the bikini come from?

Where did the bikini come from? One of the most significant moments in the history of women’s swimwear was the creation of the bikini in 1946. The design of the bikini is credited to two separate designers who introduced the revolutionary garment at the same time. Jacques Heim, a French fashion designer, created a minimalist two-piece swimming garment in May 1946, called the Atome. Heim’s Atome featured a bra-like top and bottoms which covered the bottom and navel. Later that year, in July 1946, Louis Réard, an engineer turned designer, created what he called the bikini. Réard’s skimpy design, pictured in figure 11, consisted of only four triangles of material that were held together with string. The two designs competed for public attention and whilst Heim’s garment was the first to be worn on a beach, it was the term bikini, as coined by Réard, that stuck.

THERES A NEW WING IN TOWN Have you just witnessed someone zipping around some waves with a surfboard 2 feet above the water while holding onto a giant inflatable wing? If so, you just witnessed the latest craze of wingfoiling – and this craze is here to stay.

Wing Foiling is the art of riding a hydrofoil board while harnessing the wind’s power via a handheld wing. If you’re not familiar with a hydrofoil, we’ll cover that in a moment. The beauty of the sport is that you can wing foil on almost any body of water. You’re using a hydrofoil, which thanks to the physics behind it, creates lift so that you don’t need a breaking wave to move, making unbroken, open ocean swells accessible. And if you live far away from the ocean you can still wing foil on lakes and large bodies of water thanks to the wing harnessing the wind which gives you speed and elevates the foil quickly. What is a hydrofoil surfboard? A hydrofoil surfboard is basically a surfboard with a hydrofoil mounted to the bottom. The hydrofoil refers to the mast, top plate, fuselage, front wing and back wing which are attached to the underside of a surfboard towards the rear and it uses similar physics to an aeroplane’s wings to generate lift to get the board up out of the

water. Wings come in all shapes and sizes and are a versatile tool, which allows you to use the power of the wind when you need it and neutralise it in an instant when you don’t, giving you even more freedom and manoeuvrability during your session on the water. The great advantage of wing foiling is that your foil board, once it’s above the water, minimises drag, increases acceleration and top speed and allows for breathtakingly agile manoeuvres. If you are new to wing foiling, a good time to have your debut in this sport would be on a day with average wind conditions (between 15 and 20 knots of wind) on a spot that is not exposed to swell. You should wait for a cross-on shore wind to avoid the risk of being blown out to sea.

Once you have mastered your first encounter with the wing you can progress to enjoying wing foiling even on super light wind days. The awesome thing about this sport is that you can get out and have a great session even on days, on which with your windsurfing or kitesurfing gear you would probably not even get into the water.

Choosing a wing with a handle or a wishbone? The wishbone or boom is a bar similar to that on a windsurf sail. It is rigid, whereas handles are lighter, more flexible and offer more possibilities for grip positions. Which one you choose will come down to your personal preference, so if possible, try testing both to see which suits you best. As with all new sports, it’s best to take a few lessons to get the grips with the styles of riding and the verity of kit on the market.

Leash and wing: Inseparable Most manufacturers provide a leash with their wings. But if they don’t, then you need to purchase one separately. The leash is mandatory, it connects you to your wing like a lifeline. In wing foil, you will have two leashes. The one on your wrist to connect you to the wing and a second one on your waist or ankle attaching you to the board. Wing foiling vs. wing surfing - what is the difference? Although nowadays a lot of people use “wing foiling” and “wing surfing” as a synonym for riders on a board with a handheld wing, strictly speaking there is a difference in regard to the board being used. While during “wing foiling” the rider is on a hydrofoil surfboard, “wing surfing” refers to the rider using a surfboard, paddleboard or other board without a foil. The trickiest part about wing foiling is learning how to ride the hydrofoil surfboard. Once you have mastered the foil board, handling the wing is quite easy to learn and can be practiced on land.

Do I need a new board to wing foil? It depends on your board. If you have a board that is foiling-approved by the manufacturer, then give it a go. However the foil puts a lot of pressure on your finbox and in the long run it could possibly damage your board. So maybe it’s wiser to invest in getting a specifically designed hydrofoil board. It’s up to you.

Where to learn how to wingsurf? Well generally if you want to learn any wind watersport and you live in Málaga, you should definitly visit Tarifa. Because of the evolution of wing foiling / surfing, you will find that most kitesurf schools will offer wing foil lessons with only a minority specifically focused on wing foiling only. Not only will you see first hand people practicing the sport, but you can approach any of the kiteschools on the beach and they will guide you towards the information you require - Hit the elements!

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Golf tips from the “19th Hole!”

It’s been said before, “Golf is a simple game made difficult by those who play it!” As the month of July on the Costa del Golf is normally too hot to venture out onto the fairways, unless of course you are one of those that arrive from the north specifically to play the numerous and beautiful courses that we have here. I thought this would be a good month to look at some of the rules that govern this frustrating game. Included are my interpretations of “Local/ social/society rules”. We are all amateurs and sometimes we “modify” the rules to accommodate an enjoyable round of golf with friends. The thing that we all need to remember and consider is that the rules Local/Social/Society or otherwise are designed to be fair and that at no time whilst playing a round a player gains an advantage other than when an obstruction, not considered as part of the course, impedes a swing. Wherever you ball ends up – you put it there! Most score cards identify where the course boundaries are normally marked with white stakes. For us amateurs when a ball is deemed to be Out of Bounds or lost and if a Local Rule is in effect, you can still take stroke and distance relief, but you now have another option: Determine the spot where your ball went OOB or is likely to be lost Find the nearest fairway edge no closer to the hole Drop your ball within 2 club lengths of the point of relief. This negates the need to return to where the last shot was played thereby keeping the game moving. The penalty for this drop is 2 shots – not one. Another “Local/social/society” rule – Some groups play preferred lies on fairways even if the club has not offered it. But a “social” preferred lie is when the ball is on the fairway – not half way into the Campo!

I still see players when marking their ball on the green placing the marker either at the front or to the side of their ball – come on, we all know that when marking the position of a ball the marker is always placed to the rear of the ball. Another no-no is tamping down behind the ball before you take your shot. Whichever way you look at it the very action of tamping down is an attempt to improve your lie. You may not think so, but why are you doing it, it can only be to improve your lie? Taking a couple of “practice” swings over or around a ball that is buried is also not good form. Thrashing away at long grass or ferns to provide you with a better swing plane is downright cheating. As before - you put it there! It is nigh on impossible to know all the rules generated by the R&A, even most of the leading professions don’t have a clue, that’s why during high level competitions there are Referees on the course. However, it’s all about common sense, fair play and honesty. There are times when the rules can be stretched but should never be broken. As competitive sport we all want to win, but surely not at the expense of having your playing partner or members of your Society thinking of you as someone they would rather not spend up to 4 hours with irrespective of the course, its condition or the weather. So.. in summary think of golf as exercise, fun, a walk in the park or whatever, but don’t cheat. As the saying goes “you are only cheating yourself!” Written by Squadron Leader Shackleton

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led ay b r R Ma tric ec El The marbled electric ray (Torpedo marmorata) is a species of electric ray in the family Torpedinidae found in the coastal waters of the eastern Atlantic Ocean from the North Sea to South Africa. This benthic fish inhabits rocky reefs, seagrass beds, and sandy and muddy flats in shallow to moderately deep waters. It can survive in environments with very little dissolved oxygen, such as tidal pools. The marbled electric ray has a nearly circular pectoral fin. Electric rays are unique from other rays in that they lack venomous scales or barbs. Instead, electric rays generate a strong, electric discharge from massive and highly specialised electrogenic organs situated at

the base of the pectoral fins. As an ambush predator, the marbled electric ray will wait patiently in the dark hours of the night until fish, such as gobies, mackerel or damselfish, swim pass. Then, the ray jumps on prey while emitting electrical shocks to stun it. These shocks may produce a charge up to 200 volts, instantly stunning or killing prey before the ray can distend its jaw for swallowing. Because of this ray’s formidable demeanor, few other predators of the sea dare to hunt electric rays.

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Voted the best ever beach game!

Voted the best ever beach game! Spikeball has “quickly turned into a summertime staple,” growing in popularity over the past several years. Spikeball (which also received top marks in our round-up of the best outdoors games) is like volleyball but instead of hitting the ball over the net, you bounce the ball off of a net that stands about a foot off the ground. To play, you need four players divided into two teams of two, and each team’s objective is to bounce the ball off the net in a way that prevents the other team from being able to bounce it back. “The object is to hit the ball into the net so the opposing team cannot return it,” Like in volleyball, “a team is allowed up to three touches to return the ball,” and a round, or rally, continues until a team can’t return it. The hyperenthusiastic reviewers of Amazon agree, with one calling Spikeball “the greatest beach game ever invented,”.

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What’s gone wrong for Mercedes in F1 2022? WHY MERCEDES IS STRUGGLING IN F1 2022 Mercedes Always used to the 1-2 on the grid over the last few seasons, but what has gone wrong? The root cause of why Mercedes is struggling in the new F1 season is due to the bouncing that has badly affected the car. As part of the new technical rules, ground effect has returned to F1 after decades away. Essentially, you want to run your car as close to the track as possible to create downforce. However, as the Mercedes is picking up downforce at high speed, the ride height of the car decreases. This stops the airflow underneath the car – which causes it to raise slightly. The car then lowers again as it picks up downforce, causing the whole cycle to begin again. It is the first time in his Mercedes

career he has finished P10, and the first time since the 2012 Korean Grand Prix he has done so. Mercedes can simply raise the ride height of the W13 to stop it from bouncing. However, doing this would cause even more performance to be lost as a lower ride height is crucial to a faster laptime. The team says it will get back to the front and be fighting for wins, and it probably will, eventually....


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s n e T p o T

2, 1 , 3 , 4 g fa 6, 5, , 7 te re s t in in , t u 8 b us e le s s 10, 9, c t o id s !

10) Dreamt is the only english word that ends with mt 9) Statistically, more people button their shirt upwards 8) Go is the shortest complete sentence in the English language 7) Most elephants weigh less than a blue whale’s tongue 6) Only female mosquitos bite 5) A pig’s penis is shaped like a corkscrew 4) 90% of forks have 4 prongs 3) Cats urine glows under a black light 2) More people use blue toothbrushes than red ones 1) In 1937 two women wore shorts for the first time out in public and caused a car accident

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s e p o c o ro s

by Juanita Banana of Banana Moon Yoga Therapy, Studio, Travel & Retreats...

ARIES: March 21- April 20 You’ll need plenty of physical stamina to keep up with the good times, fun, romance, andoutdoor adventure that’s in store for you this month. Your best bet for personal success in July is to be completely selfless and pay attention to the needs of others. TAURUS: April 21- May 21 Resist urges to be pompous and condescending, make a date with a friend you haven’t seen recently, visit a local art museum and if you don’t need it don’t buy it! Truly wonderful, and quite possibly very romantic, news brightens your days towards the end of July. GEMINI: May 22- June 21 Speak the truth and don’t worry about causing offence. Check correspondence early month to make sure you haven’t forgotten something important. Your innately creative solutions will clear up any professional problems that might arise mid-July. CANCER: June 22- July 22 Lights, camera, action – your plans are great plans and you want people to recognise and remember. Keep checking in with yourself, also treat yourself to some regenerative time, to make sure you stay grounded. LEO: July 23- August 23 Anything and everything is within your reach, Leo, right now. Take advantage of all this energy to put a few major requests out into the universe. You know how to make your own fun and everybody lucky enough to be hanging out with you is in for a good time. VIRGO: August 24- September 22 To get the most from July, you’ll need to be flexible in both mind and body – make time for yoga! A little philosophy and a lot of travel are in store for you towards the end of the month. Go with the flow and by the end of July you’ll have a different perspective on the world.

LIBRA: September 23- October 22 Remind yourself that creativity is one of your major gifts – use it to find a way out of a rut at home or work. Others will be truly grateful that you did. Take enough time to rest and re-energise, take a nap now and again, have a massage. SCORPIO: October 23- November 21 You’re good at your job, often sensational but, to get further, keep that ego in check and communicate humbly. Don’t rush to make decisions and be ready to make compromises. Your intuitive powers are strong so listen to your dreams and your instincts. SAGITTARIUS: November 22- December 21 As we move into July, make an extra effort to follow your desires and see where they lead. Your spirit of adventure animates your actions during the first week and helps bring solutions to problems you’d like to resolve. CAPRICORN: December 22- January 20 Any misunderstandings, particularly at work, should be cleared up soon but if someone out there thinks you owe them something, politely and gently explain why that’s not so. You’ll need boundaries to deal with those who seem to want to hang out in your domain. AQUARIUS: January 21- February 19 In July you’ll become aware of where the bottlenecks in your life are and how to unplug them. You have an amazing, expansive feeling and want to seek out new territories and explore new realms - follow through! Now is the time to spread your wings and fly. PISCES: February 20- March 20 Make some plans for a health routine and put into action, Check your diet, vitamins, sleep patterns. If a relationship is starting to wobble, take time for self-reflection and what you would truly like the future to be. The same with career goals – make sure you’re headed where your motivation wants to be.

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:) a h a h Jo k e s What do you call when a blonde dyes her hair brown? Artificial Intelligence ************************************************** NOTE: Imagine a deep Irish accent.....

After examining his elderly wife, the doctor said: ‘Everything appears to be fine. Do you have any medical concerns that you would like to discuss with me?’ The lady replied that she had no questions or concerns. An Irish mother and her wee lad were sitting The doctor then said to her: ‘Your husband in the kitchen as she taught him to make her had an unusual concern. He claims that he is usually cold and chilly after having sex with famous Irish bean soup. you “Now son,” she explained, “what really makes a bean soup is how many beans you the first time; and then hot and sweaty after use. More is better, but you must remember: the second time. Do you know why?’ “Oh, that stupid old goat’’ she replied. never, NEVER put more than two-hundred“That’s because...The first time is usually and-turty-noin beans in the soup.” in December and The second time is in The son is confused, “But Mum, why so August.” specific? Why only two hundred and thirty *************************************************** noin?” “Because,” she explains, “if ye add one more, The girlfriend asked me what I was doing on the computer. it’ll be two-farty!” ************************************************** I said “looking for cheap flights.” She got very exited and said “ Oh I love Can’t belive how my microwave was able you so much,” kissed me passionately then to help me get over my heroine addiction in seductively bent over my computer desk and seconds.. No more cold turkey! ************************************************** hoiked her skirt up and gave me 2mins of the Why do people keep on making jokes about hottest sex in my life! hot sexy ladies? This was a real shock to me as she’s never Because they go down so well! ************************************************** shown any interest in my darts before... *************************************************** After his examination, the doctor said to An 80 year old woman was arrested for shop the elderly man: ‘You appear to be in good lifting. health. Do you have any medical concerns When she went before the judge he asked you would like to ask me about?’ ¨In fact, I do.’ said the old man.. “After I have her, “What did you steal?” She replied, “A can of peaches.” sex with the wife, I am usually cold and chilly; and then, after I have sex with her the The judge then asked her why she had stolen the can of peaches, second time, I am usually hot and sweaty.” And she replied that she was hungry. The doctor could not find any explanation for The judge then asked her how many peaches were in the can. this. She replied, “6.”


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The judge said, “Ok, so 6 peaches, then I will give you 6 days in jail.” Before the judge could conclude the trial, the woman’s husband spoke......and asked the judge if he could say something. The judge said, “What is it?” The husband said, “She also stole a giant family bag of frozen peas!!.” *************************************************** A bloke says to his mate, “I’ve found a way to excite a woman with just one finger, do you wanna know how to do it?” All you have to do is lift it high enough so that the waiter or waitress can see that you are paying for the bill, job done! *************************************************** Three chinese men applied for citizenship in the UK They were accepted on the condition that they changed their names. (Tu Zing Ca) became Tucker. (Bu Xing Ka) became Buker. (Fu Zin ka) went straight back to China! *************************************************** A woman goes through border control on her bicycle with two panniers filled with sand. The border guard was suspicious about it and searched through the sand, but couldn’t find anything hidden, so he had to let her through. The next day, the same woman passes by, again riding a bike with two bags brimming with bright sand. The guard was still unable to find anything. He felt something was

Jo k e s h

a h a :)

wrong and asked the woman whether he could take a cup of it for inspection. The woman agreed, and she was let through again. The guard took the sample and put it through a thorough X-ray scan, hoping to find any grains that didn’t belong, but to no avail. As the woman passed the border daily, the guard was left in frustration, pondering every possible reason why anyone would bring sand across the border. In the following weeks, the guard occasionally took a cup of the sand for inspection. After months without results, he delivered a sample to the national secret service and tasked a team of experienced chemical analysts to investigate it extensively. A week later and the only conclusion was that it was normal sand from a nearby beach. One day, he gathered the courage to ask the woman, “It’s my last day at the job, and I will retire with over thirty years of experience as a border guard. Now, you’ve been crossing the border every day for six months, and I’m utterly stumped – why did you always bring two heavy bags of sand across?” The woman replied, “I was smuggling bikes.”! *************************************************** 6 Nuns are in the bathroom, bathing and relaxing. There is a knock at the door. “Who is it” they ask. “Blind man” comes the polite reply... Thinking no harm can come from it the slightly niaeve sister says “OK come in” Guy comes in, his eyes light up at all the naked nuns bathing and walking around in the nude. “” he says “ Sorry, I’ve never seen naked nuns before.. now where do you want me to hang the blind”?

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s e g a P Puz z le



1 Which word, often used to describe a smell, comes from the Latin to be sharply painful? 2 Also prominent in the music industry, which lady is the godmother of both Elton John’s sons? 3 What amazing name was given to baby girls more than any other in England and Wales in 2007? 4 Which actor, who is a huge 6’2″, plays an X-Men character who in the comics is only 5′ 3″?

the formation of which rock band? 9 According to the Forbes 2010 list of the richest fictional people, which ten year old film character was at third? 10 Aptly, where is the one place in Great Britain that the Queen cannot visit? 11 James is five. Henry is three. Edward is two. Who is one? 12 Which number comes next: 3, 3, 5, 4, 4, 3, 5, 5, 4, _ ?

5 The Emperor’s New Clothes and The Little Mermaid were written at the ‘hans’ of which prolific author? 6 Which Nobel Prize winner discovered that radium could cure cancer? 7 Who named his daughter Olympia Lightning? 8 Jimmy Page meeting Robert Plant led to



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C ro s s w

o rd !

ACROSS 6. Recuperate (7) 7. Rehabilitation (5) 9. Hairdo (4) 10. Make legal (10) 11. Those without seats (8) 13. Influx (6) 15. Kind of bean (4) 17. Coming and _____ (5) 18. Orange pekoe (4) 19. Gap (6) 20. Described (8) 23. Dispense (10) 26. Classify (4) 27. Audacity (5) 28. Our language (7)

DOWN 1. Bookkeeper (10) 2. Slender (6) 3. Naval jail (4) 4. Squirming (8) 5. Leveling wedge (4) 6. Fit out again (5) 8. Rocket launcher (7) 12. Bake in a shallow dish (5) 14. What some science fiction is (10) 16. Belief (7) 17. Rumormonger (8) 21. Promise (6) 22. Our planet (5) 24. Feces (4) 25. Utilized (4)

What’s On in your area and things to do on the Costa Del Sol! (Changes may apply due to COVID restrictions) Every Wednesday - The Malaga Picasso Museum is offering free guided tours in English which is included in the price of admission. Starts 11.30am. Every Friday - Boot sale at Los Arcos on the road to Cartama - Coin. Come and sell your unwanted things + bric a brac. WEEKLY STREET MARKETS Monday - Marbella, Torrox, Alora & Riviera del Sol. Tuesday - Fuengirola, Marbella, Benihavis, Algeciras & Tarifa. Wednesday - Arroyo (flea market in paloma park) La Cala & Alhaurin de la Torre. Thursday - Torremolinos, Alhaurin del Grande & San Pedro. Friday - Arroyo, Tivoli & Paloma Park, Mijas Costa & Marbella. Saturday - Puerta Banus, Mijas Costa, Coin, Istan, Estepona, Ojen Pueblo & Fuengirola Flee Market. Sunday - Fuengirola (Mosque), Torremolinos Flea Market, La Trocha Boot Fair, Coin, Estepona, San Roque & Sotogrande, Mijas Hipodromo Boot Fair, Calypso Calahonda.

CAC contemporary art gallery The CAC offers fantastic contemporary artists a chance to exhibit their works. Located in Central Malaga near the Port. Cafe and Shop. TEATRO SALON VARIETES Check listings for regular shows! C/ Emancípación, s/n, Fuengirola 29640 POMPIDOU CENTRE MALAGA Different sections with different art, that transfers you from place to place, age and age - Muelle Uno Málaga Port. LUX MUNDI Lux Mundi Ecumenical Centre (Foundation Lux Mundi Centro Ecumenico), Calle Nueva No 3, Fuengirola, 29640. Opening hours Monday to Friday 10.00 to 13.00 Tel 952 474 840 Email

Age Concern Fuengirola y Mijas - now have three locations where you can pop in to catch up with old friends and make new ones. We meet every Thursday at the pensioners building in Los Boliches around the corner from Los Boliches station. El Torcal - 13kms south of Antequera. A land under the sea some 100 million years ago. Fossils are continually being unearthed. The park has striking karst formations with rock structures with names like the sphinx, the jug, the camel and the screw.

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AIR CONDITIONING nAir Conditioning repairs new installations. Coin meters to help with consumption costs. Solar repairs. Swimming pool heating. Nerja to Sotogrande and inland. Airflow 952 443 222 nConnect Air Conditioning Supplying the latest in heat pump technology at the best prices. Contact Sean : 639 738 624 www. Email: connect.


nEuropean Coolers Ltd - Keep cool and comfortable this summer. We are a British based air treatment online retailer offering only the best products and service to our customers. All our prices are inclusive of VAT and full warranty. NO hidden extras, buy from us with total confidence. Visit us at email Tel : 01606 44888


nThe Bed Warehouse - New larger showroom, top quality British Beds and mattresses at unbeatable prices. Call 634 187 700 www. bedwarehousespain@


nLos Zarcillos Hos & Grapes - A shop with Spanish Wines and international Craft Beers. Gift Baskets etc. Are you a bar owner? Ask for our price list ! Located opposite Fuengirola Town Hall. 626 771 735.


nCare and Home Help Services - Full Or Part Time - Elderly or Infirm, Available Inland and on the Coast, Security Checked - Excellent References Trinny - 952595411 or 657447599


nLow Cost Car Hire - Car hire at competitive prices, free delivery & collection, airport collection & return. Weekly & monthly rates. Long term from just 50€ per week. No credit card req. Call : 622 605 000 www.



SERVICES AND REPAIRS. Mobile phone topup, IPTV services, Internet access, mobile phone sales and repairs. Call Costasys Calahonda Tel: 952 939 592 email:


nAlhaurin Dental Care World class dental care, licensed, insured and provides high quality world class dental care for the whole family since 2001. Call: 654 996 026.


nWebb & Sons Plant Hire -Suppliers of river stone, sand, gravel, turf & top soil. Call : 649 526 922 / 647 880 816 based near Alhaurin el Grande.


nDRAIN & LEAK SOLUTIONS - maintenance

drain tracing, high pressure jetting, tank problems, leak detection and repairs. Many years of experience on the costa del sol. Call us on 651 111 005 or check out our website


nEnglish Driving School - over 25 years experience. Officially recognised driving school. Call : 651 771 879.


nDomoelect Domestic & Commercial - for all your electrical installation, complete rewires, bulletins, projects. All works carried out by a


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A - Z Directory

qualified time served craftsman. Fully insured and all work guaranteed. Call David : 952 567 765 / 608 864 683.

ESTATE AGENTS/REAL ESTATE nAxarquia Properties S.L - Call : 952 436 781 /609 436 537 Are you Buying or Selling a property? We have customers waiting and properties to sell email: nPlayamar Properties - Call : 952 384 046 Email : n COMING SOON - ESTATE POINT Our new one stop reaestate service is coming soon.. We provide reaestate services, legal services and building services under one roof. Opening soon in Alhaurin El Grande.

FURNITURE nItalian Leather Furniture - Best Italian leather furniture - see our new outlet website Tel: 952667619

GARDENING nTree Care Spain - Tree and palmtree cleaning, tree topping, pruning, dead wooding and hedge cutting. Protection from Palm Tree Beetles - Based in Alhaurin Area. Tel : 649 526 922 / 655 538 062

KEY CUTTING / SAFE ENGINEERS nMaster Locksmith - 24/7 Emergency Callout, Safe Engineer, Key Cutting, Car Keys, Remotes, High Security Cylinders, Rejas, Grills, Patio Windows Locks, Alarms.... Security of Spain 952 660 233 / 636 770 865.


nAnna’s Laundry - Service Wash, Dried & Folded, Ironing Service, Dry Cleaning Service. Down the ramp in Plaza Ibensa Benalmadena. Mon - Fri 9.30 - 16.30 no siesta. Tel : 952 560 914


nDe Cotta Law - Spanish & English Lawyers, specialising in Business Law, Debt Recovery, Company Start ups and more. Multilingual. Mijas Costa/Calahonda. Tel : 952 931 781


nEmergency/Appointment - Doors opened without destruction, Locks changed, Patio Doors & Windows Secured, 24/7 Call Paul : 657 466 803

MINI MARKET nPort Mini Market - Best wholesale prices. Freshly baked bread, Fresh cuts of meat, Fresh fruit and veg. Call 952 479 176. Located Fuengirola Port.



nWorking on the Costa 11 years - I will beat any genuine quote. Professional service. Call Steve : 653 303 698.


nParagliding gift vouchers. Give a dream to your loved ones or fulfil your dream. Fly with an instructor with 30 years exp. without risk, over some incredible landscapes in the mountains and the sea, landing gently in front of a beach bar.

nNeo Glass - Glass Curtains & Roofs. Call for quotation or visit our showroom, Calle Rio Benamargosa 7, Opposite the BP Garage on Camino de Coin, Mijas Costa Call : 951 775 214 nRich Shine Homecare - Total care for your home! Home and window cleaning, Gardens & pools. Environmentally friendly products. For a professional & reliable service contact us : 634 436 532 Email : richshinespain@ website : nGeneral Cleaning - gardening and petcare services in Alhaurin / Coin area from 8€ per hour. Call Robert on 608 041 447.


To Advertise in the Sentiyella Pages

ONLY 69€ PER YEAR!!! E: Or call :

711 096 354

To advertise in The Sentinella Malaga call 711 096 354

A - Z Directory


nPC & Laptop repairs - tablets, broken screens, phones, battery replacement, charging problems, virus software, data recovery and more Tel: 952 939 592


nWebb & Sons Plant Hire -Suppliers of river stone, sand, gravel, turf & top soil. Call : 649 526 922 / 647 880 816 based near Alhaurin el Grande.


nPapeleria Cristina - Large selection of cards, newspapers, magazines and stationary. Offex postal service, PO Boxes, internet & mobile top ups. Tel/Fax : 952 594 108 Email : papcristina@


n Selling or buying a property? Contact: or Call: (0034) 711 096 354 We have the best private owner / buyer advertising packages in Andalucia.

REMOVALS nRoy Trevor Removals The professional worldwide movers, weekly services between UK, Spain & Portugal. Call : 951 311 118 Mijas Costa. nZoom Removals Affordable and reliable moving company, offering full house moves to single item collection. WhatsApp or call : 635 187 200

RENT A CAR nFetajo Rent a Car - Your quality local company in the Costa del Sol - Free delivery & collection at Malaga Airport without any queue or Courtesy Minibus and we don’t charge for fuel. Bookings on : 952 939 738 or 952 934 412. n Ahaurin Car Hire - Best rates on the coast and inland. No hidden fees or charges. Reliable and friendly service. Rental from only 9.90€ pr day. Specialist rates for longterm. Now waiting and personalised check-in and return. Tel: +34 638 846 090 or visit www.alhrentacar. com


ROOFING & GUTTERING nAll Types of Roofing & Guttering Work Undertaken - in all aspects of the job. For a no obligation quote please call : 607 441 959 / 654 184 424.

SIGNS nThe Banner Company: All types of signage including Light box signs, banners, printing, logo designing and more! Call us on (0034) 711 096 354

12 MONTHS ADVERTISING FOR ONLY 69€ CALL +34 711 096 354 THE SENTINELLA PUB QUIZ ANSWERS.. Pungent, Lady Gaga, Grace, Hugh Jackman, playing Wolverine, Hans Christian Andersen, Marie Curie, Usain Bolt, Led Zeppelin, Richie Rich, House of Commons, Thomas the Tank Engine, 3 (number of letters in 1 to 10)

To advertise in The Sentinella Malaga call 711 096 354

A - Z Directory


nPool Equipment & Services. Quality Pools & Spas. Specialists in Jacuzzi installation, swimming pool installations and current pools with covers and heaters. Tel 638 959 111


nTelevision Repairs - Specialists in Plasma, LCD, LED TV’s, can collect. Call : John 600 706 201.


nLa Cala Travel - Your local travel specialist for short and long haul holidays, worldwide flights, short stays and city breaks. Tel : 952 492 047 webpage :


nGlobal UKTV - The latest and easiest way to watch British TV anywhere in the world. No satellite dish - only broadband needed. Easy to set up, no contract. info@


nTELAS The Fabric Warehouse Upholstry Services. All types of fabric and upholstry work undertaken. Tel: 656 34 29 71

WINDOWS & DOORS nARCOPLAN WINDOWS, DOORS & GLASS CURTAINS. Tilt & Turn / Bi-Folding / pation Doors. Security Doors & Windows - Tel: 952 66 75 59 Mijas Costa Malaga (beside El Corte Ingles) Fuengirola

Web Developement Services

nWeb Deveopement Services - All types of S.E.O. work, website marketing and management services. Rank highly on search engines, get more traffic and win more customers. Email: / Tel: 711 096 354

nMobile Service - ITV legal Solar reflective tint for glass curtains, balconies, yachts stop fading, heat glare, save money on cooling, make living in the sun comfortable. 958 496 571 / 644 546 176


nCritical Media 360º - Website construction, Website Hosting & Marketing. Call 711 096 354 email:


nWedding Wheels Andalucia - Tel : 650 193 777 webpage : services/wedding_car.html.

WIFI TV nTelevision Repairs - Specialists in Plasma, LCD, LED TV’s, can collect. Call : John 600 706 201.

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