Magazyn SEMESTR — Zima / Winter 2021-2022

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We create computational technologies and shape the future of healthcare Sano Centre is a research institute dedicated to the advancement of computational medicine. The strategic objectives of the Centre span five domains: Academia: To become Central Eastern Europe’s foremost academic institution for the identification, development, and implementation of techniques in Computational Medicine Translation: To combine academic, industry and clinical perspectives to inform innovative R&D processes, delivering competitive products and services to the marketplace, creating sustainability Education: Deliver internal and external training programmes to provide the next generation of healthcare technology innovators with the unique skills profile required by Computational Medicine Digital Health and Care: Make a significant contribution to digitizing healthcare, meeting health challenges, improving wellbeing and meeting expectations for data utilization and treatment efficacy Entrepreneurship: Foster an entrepreneurial culture within the Centre to promote translation of research and enhance the innovation potential. We work in the six domains which approximately map to six research groups which comprise Sano’s research core. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Arkadiusz Sitek, Director of Sano Centre, Health Informatics Research Group Team Leader in Sano Centre The flow of information in healthcare is critical for its efficient operations. In Healthcare Informatics Group in Sano (HIGS) we develop computational methods to improve medical information flow in medicine.

Health Informatics Computer Vision Modelling & Simulation Extreme-scale Data and Computing Personal Health Data Science Clinical Data Science

We also work on VR and robotics solutions as well as on wearable sensors to detect health conditions and monitor patients’ wellbeing. In Esperanto, Sano means “health”. Discover what do we do, what do we believe and why should you consider to join our team!

Alessandro Crimi, PhD, Computer Vision Research Group (Brain and More Lab) Team Leader in Sano Centre We are aiming at bridging machine learning and clinical neuroscience making a loop. In particular, we want to use modern tools from machine learning, optimization, quantum computing to shed some lights into complex diseases as Alzheimer's, stroke and glioblastoma.