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Finding Paradise: The Galapagos Islands

What's Happening: Kids' Fall Calendar Peninsula Restaurant Profile: The Rumrunner Pub and Restaurant Car Crazy: The Torque Masters Car Club

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august.2014 YOUR WEST COAST CULTURE Publisher Sue Hodgson 250.516.6489

virginia watson-rouslin

When I was in Grade Six, my best friend Linda and I started a book club. We were pretty driven and collected dues – our ulterior motive: charge dues so we could buy the next Nancy Drew mystery since the Calgary Public Library refused to stock our favourite sleuth. Fast forward to moving to the Peninsula, where I've belonged to The Page Turners book club since moving here. It's been nine years of great reading and a chance once a year to present my current, favourite book. This year it was Clare Mulley's The Spy Who Loved, which I saw in Tanner's and reviewed for this issue. I'm also a journalist and author, including My Mother Was Right: How Today's Women Reconcile With Their Mothers (Wiley), now out in paperback.

mikiala christie BA, R.TCM.P, R.Ac

A registered acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist practising in North Saanich with my husband Dr. Jeffrey Jones TCM, I am passionate about my work and love to help my patients to enjoy a better quality of life. The body has many ways of communicating a problem and women are fortunate to have that constant ebb and flow of hormones to help guide them. Although menopause seems like a curse, it is in fact an important transitional time for a woman. It is a time to find a new voice and inner strength as the Chinese call this period of time the "dragon years." Contrary to Western culture, the dragon is a powerful and protective symbol in China. I enjoyed contributing an herbalist's perspective on Donna Randall's stories in Menopause or Lunacy…That is the Question and this month's Inside Out column. donna randall

Early on, my mother had me pegged as either a teacher or nurse, given my penchant for teaching, writing and helping others. While wrong, she was on the right track, as I became a sexuality educator, professional writer and a family caregiver. I've now gathered these passions into a business (found at focusing on making a "dfrence," particularly for family caregivers and menopausal women, sometimes one and the same. Having known herbalist Mikiala Christie while I wrote Menopause or Lunacy … That is the Question, finally we collaborate on an herbal approach to some common menopausal symptoms. While my colleague offers sound advice, a few of my book scenario titles offer a glimpse of my chaos, soothed by a good dose of humour. Read our joint effort in this month's Inside Out column.

Editor in Chief

Allison Smith 250.813.1745

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bob thompson

I have worked in support of local agriculture on the Saanich Peninsula and beyond since the 1990s. "Go Local" is a passion. It began in 1997 when, out of the blue, I unexpectedly found myself Manager of the Peninsula Country Market. I loved working with the vendors and the wonderful sense of community the market offered. Soon after, I became editor of the annual Farm Fresh guide, then immersed myself in work with the Island Farmers' Alliance and British Columbia AgriTourism Alliance before serving as a Director with the BC Association of Farmers' Markets. Today, I am once again the manager of the Peninsula Country Market, as well as editor of the Farm Fresh guide and coordinator of the growing Saanich Peninsula Flavour Trails project.

Victoria Airport/Sidney

The  Latch

the latch inn & restaurant • sidney

Emerald Isle Motor Inn Victoria Airport Area

Cedarwood The

Inn and Suites


first word So, you're probably wondering why a bottle on the cover? At first the idea was more of a nostalgic one, reflecting on all that we have done with Seaside Magazine and attempting to capture all of its contents in a bottle. So many words have been written, and so many stories have been gathered over the past years. I had my photographer, Jo-Ann Way, shoot the idea a couple of months ago but it wasn't until now that it seemed fitting. A few weeks ago, my mother suddenly passed away and I only got to say a few words to her by phone beforehand. Then it all made sense: what words I would have said to her for the very last time, locked up until we meet again. The idea behind a message in a bottle certainly isn't new: it stems back as far as

310 BC when the first bottle was released by Greek philosopher Theophrastus. It is thought that Theophrastus was conducting an experiment using water currents to prove that the Mediterranean Sea was formed by the Atlantic Ocean. Messages in bottles have been used in more recent times too. In 2005, a group of migrants shipwrecked off the coast of Costa Rica sent a cry for help by enclosing a message in a bottle. They managed to tie the bottle to a long line on a fishing boat as it passed. The bottle was retrieved and the people were rescued. There is also something undeniably romantic about tossing a message into the ocean and seeing to whom fate would send it. Then there are the sad farewells. Here is to our mom, and our message in a bottle: Mom The day you died I kissed your face After you died I held you close to me I knew it would be the last time I held you for the rest of my life

You were so sick, in so much pain That is no life I know you were afraid to die I hope you have found comfort and peace Do you remember how I held your hand and lay my head on your shoulder Even at that moment I couldn't imagine life without you People talk about broken hearts in songs or movies Until that moment I had never known a true broken heart Over and over I thought "How can I live without you?" I watched you live, I watched you die Every day I look up at the sky I know you're with dad dancing and laughing but I miss you so much I love you till I see you again You are forever in my heart and mind!

~ Anonymous From rescue pleas and sad farewells to random notes … what would your message in a bottle be?

Sue Hodgson,


Coastal Medic Transport Community Arts Centre at Tulista Park

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on the Sidney Waterfront Sculpture Walk - 5th & Weiler, Sidney Free Admission & Free Parking | Visit for Full Show Details

August Shows (daily 10 am - 4 pm)

Mary Feesey & John Feesey – Oil, Pastel, Watercolour and Ceramic Art Aug. 1st - 10th Jacqui Austin & Gabriel Taschereau – Oil, Acrylic, Watercolour, Pastel and Photography August 11th - 17th

Maureen Walker & Ruth Fowler “Gathering Colour” Dye on Silk and Watercolour August 18th to 25th

Lisa Scott “Creator’s Eyes” Photography on canvas of Peninsula Wildlife August 26th to September 1st

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8 SEASIDE | august 2014 The CACSP had a very successful 2013.

Events & shows the CACSP presented or supported this year.


When summer comes calling

Seaside Magazine welcomes your feedback! Send letters to the editor via or post your comments on our Facebook wall! Letters may be edited for space and content. I trust you'll publish a contrary opinion to that of Raincoast Conservation Foundation's executive direcor, Chris Genovali, whose axes to grind are too numerous to list (Kinder Morgan: Putting the Salish Sea at Risk, July 2014). Oil tankers, freighters and bulk carriers – even warships – have been sailing out of Vancouver, Bellingham, and Seattle for decades and I challenge him to count on more than the fingers of one hand how many maritime collisions and spills have occurred in that time. He should be pointing his finger at the dozens and dozens of cruise ships that dump their sewage tanks at the opening to the Juan de Fuca Strait. And to pollute the strait through the use of 2,500 plywood "cards" to supposedly help produce maps of potential oil spill trajectories is nothing if not pseudoscience. But that's what a lot of environmentalists are – pseudo-scientists. P.S. Still love the magazine though! Lorne Peasland, Saanich

answer is yes.

the only

Doyle&Brown © 2014 Chamilia, LLC. All rights reserved. MADE WITH SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS SWAROVSKI® is a registered trademark.

I was very upset to read the article published in your July issue called Car Buying Made Easy … For Women. In what world do women need a special explanation – from a man, no less – in order to complete a transaction? The article is breathtaking in its misogyny, assuming not only that all women know little or nothing about cars, but that all men have inborn car knowledge. It's 2014, we've moved past that. Of particular value was the sentence explaining that "if you have children, they'll require seats." Thank goodness [writer] Al Duncan is on the case! It's disappointing to see such a painful, obvious example of the phenomenon "mansplaining" in a magazine that appears to have women in editorial and contributory positions. Last I checked, one's sex has nothing to do with their automotive knowledge or their comfort or experience in purchasing vehicles, and [Duncan's] attitude is deeply out of date. Jacqueline Fortier I am writing in response to your July article: Kinder Morgan: Putting the Salish Sea at Risk. As a company who has been in operation in BC for more than 60 years we know that the Salish Sea is of significant cultural, economic and environmental value to the people who live and work here. Today our pipeline terminal serves about five tankers per month and if our proposed Trans Mountain Expansion Project is approved this could increase up to 34 tankers per month. The maximum size of the tankers however is not changing and are of similar size to other tankers currently operating in the region. The marine safety regime in the Salish Sea meets global best practices. Two B.C. Coast Pilots are on board the tankers between the Westridge Terminal and Victoria. As well, tethered tug escorts are used through Vancouver Harbour, Haro Straits and Boundary Pass. In our Application to the National Energy Board, we have recommended an extended tug escort to be in effect for the entire transit through the Salish Sea. Additionally we have recommended that a Moving Safety Zone be put into effect around all loaded tankers. We have also proposed a major enhancement of the spill response regime which would involve the establishment of five new spill response bases in the region. I encourage your readers to learn more about our project and our proposed marine safety enhancements at Michael Davies, Senior Director, Marine Development Kinder Morgan Canada

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raphyPhotography t Contest

s living o you?

PhotograPhy contest Four Categories:

Your photographYour West Coast could be the Culture: What Does Living cover of our Here Mean To You? September issue!Wonderful Wildlife: The Critters That Call

Island Dish: The Peninsula's Culinary Bounty Crazy Kids: Snap Them If You Can ...

The Peninsula Home

Four Categories

West ture:

Your Photo Could Be The Cover!

Island Crazy Kids:Dish:

Peni SnapTh theem if nsula’s cu ar… y bounty you lin can

WonYd ou Wl est errfu CoW astilC ltu: re: dliufe

ThDeadline e crittW t do erha s August th ing at es callliv14th winner per category he thOne re ul e Penins maeaho nm toeyou?

Crazy Kids:

Snap them if One entry per person per category you can …

per person per category •Deadline is Au One wiasnn gu 14teg thcover erSeptember pest r ca ne en Winners have the chance to be featured our photo (vertical only). or•y O try peformat r perso n per category • One winn entries to asSubmit er per c our September cover ph Wot inone ve th e (vrserha ch tical formatanon cely) to be fea tu re d as ou r Se ptem The four chosen will have their work published, with a brief biography, in the September Issue ofbe Seaside r coveMagazine r photo. Images (verticofal form tries to: alliso

people require n@ the se subject's consent appear in published photograph. By entering the contest, winners automatically consent asidem agazto ine.c it your contest entries a Suabm to having their work used by Seaside Magazine. Only files submitted via email will beto accepted. All se files be high resolution : allison@ asmust idem (300 dpi). Label all files with your name and subject category. ief biography, in the Septem fou r cho sen ber IssuThe willine e of Seaside Magaz hav e the work . Im otograph. By ageirs of peopublished, with a br

Finding Paradise:

The Galapagos Islands

i never dreamed my heart and soul could be so completely captivated by a group of remote islands

Feasting my eyes on amazing scenery and architecture, meeting people from all over the world, and sampling their wonderful ethnic food has become a passion of mine. As a photographer, I have truly enjoyed capturing some magical moments in very unique places. When asked about my favourite cities, Saint Petersburg, Istanbul, Vienna, Venice and others all come to mind for different reasons. In 2013, I was given a life-changing opportunity by Lindblad Expeditions/National Geographic. I never dreamed that my heart and soul could be so completely captivated by a group of remote islands 960 kilometres west of the coast of Ecuador along the equator … The Galapagos. The wild beauty and serenity of this mystical place made me feel like I had gone back in time. The species of birds, mammals and reptiles living there are mostly unique to those islands and have adapted specific characteristics. The 13 species of Darwin's finches, for example, have evolved according to the environs and food supply of the island in the archipelago on which they live. The most extraordinary observation was that the wildlife was not afraid of people – though not tame, and we did keep a respectful distance – but the multitude of creatures there seemed oblivious to human presence. We observed the courtship display of the bluefooted boobies and stood within a few feet of nesting birds. In the heat of the day, a flightless cormorant stood over her chicks with her small wings extended, providing shade for her offspring and moving every few seconds as the sun moved across the sky. Bright red-orange sally lightfoot crabs walked on the tips of their claws across the black lava rock, and we saw penguins, albatross, great frigatebirds, egrets by Monica Reekie

and more. We had the very special experience of sitting on a beach with 100 or more sea lions and having some of them come close, lie down and have a nap and, when I walked into the water, they came in to play around my legs. Swimming among playful sea lions, beautiful fish, sea turtles and other creatures; simply walking along a pristine beach with red, white, green or black sand; tiptoeing over lava rock, being careful to avoid the ever-so-docile marine iguanas warming up in the sun; or hiking to the top of a crater for breathtaking views is my idea of paradise. Being face-to-face with a giant tortoise or watching a sea turtle lay her eggs before making her journey back to the ocean and watching rays surfing the waves close to the beach are some amazing memories. There are a few predators here, including the Galapagos hawk, owls and herons, but otherwise it's an apparent Eden. Conservation is paramount here and is taken very seriously. Naturalists must accompany all visitors on shore landings, which not only protect the integrity of the area, but give the visitor a wonderful education about this irreplaceable ecosystem and the importance of preserving it for future generations. The unique vegetation varies greatly from island to island, ranging from desert to lush cloud-forest to moorland. The Charles Darwin Research Station is a wonderful place to learn even more about their conservation programs and goals. I am looking forward to returning to paradise in November! There will be a fundraising trip to the Galapagos in November/ December 2014 aboard National Geographic Endeavor with Robert and Birgit Bateman. There are a few spaces remaining! For more information visit SEASIDE | august 2014 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 11

conversations from the past An Imaginary Interview With gold rush bishop Edward cridge

Bishop Cridge by Valerie Green

Have you ever wondered what it would be

like to sit down and talk with some interesting characters from Greater Victoria's past? If so, wonder no more. Although these conversations are merely creative figments of my imagination, they are all based on fact. Edward and Mary Cridge, two gentle, caring souls full of compassion and love, arrived on Vancouver Island in the 1850s. ("Interview" conducted in 1900.) Please tell me something of your early life. I was born in 1817 in Devonshire, England. My mother died when I was young so I was raised by my father. At 19, I became a schoolmaster at Oundle Grammar School in Northampton and held that position for six years. I later earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Cambridge and also passed my theological exam. In 1850 I was ordained by the Bishop of Norfolk. Why did you decide to come to the New World? I had moved to Essex in 1851 and was appointed incumbent of Essex Christ Church for a three-year tenure. Poor health led me to apply for the Hudson's Bay Company chaplaincy at Fort Victoria in 1854. I believe you had already met and married your wife, Mary, by then? Yes, Mary and I were married on September 14th, 1854, and one week later left on the Marquis of Bute for Victoria, a voyage which took six months. We began ministering at the Fort until construction was completed on the Victoria District Church. We renamed it Christ Church and lived in the parsonage on an annual salary of 400 pounds. Weren't you also appointed superintendent of education? I held that post for 10 years. Challenging years for you? Yes, the population had increased because of the Fraser River Gold Rush and I was now

ministering to miners, prostitutes and ethnic people. I needed assistance so I wrote to London asking for two or three more priests to assist me. Instead, Bishop George Hills was sent out to oversee all Church operations in the Columbia District. At first we got along well and in 1860 the Bishop appointed me Dean of Christ Church. Together we built the foundation of the Anglican Church in British Columbia. But then you fell out? Yes, a doctrinal conflict between us in 1872 split the Anglican Church. It was a bitter dispute. What happened following this? I was brought before an Ecclesiastical Court because of our differences over ritualism and formality within the Church. In 1875 I was elected Bishop of the Reformed Episcopal Church overseeing Church affairs from San Francisco to Alaska and I continued to preach at our renamed

Church of Our Lord until 1895. I also helped run the Protestant Orphan's Home and was active in the establishment of the YWCA and the Central High School. And you and your wife continued your good works? I'm proud to say we had established the first hospital in Victoria in 1858. Mary had previously been taking patients into our own home. Land was donated for a hospital at Yates and Broad Streets but in 1890 the Royal Jubilee was erected. We also helped to better the deplorable prison conditions. Mary Cridge died five years after this interview. Bishop Cridge lived until 1913, beloved by many. Today, the Cridge Centre for the Family in Victoria is a reminder of this compassionate man. Valerie Green is an author and historian and can be reached at

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2243 Beacon Ave, Sidney | 250-656-0275 online anytime at www.marywinspea

1 Aug. 8 Sept. 4 15 & 16 20 & 21 31 31


1-4 13 14 20

First Nations, Inuit & Métis Show


Herman’s Hermits

9 17

Buddy and the Beatles Tour

17 - 19 18 27

Sidney Fine Arts Show

First Nations, Inuit and Métis Show Movement and Senses Blood Donor Clinic Vintage, Retro and Collectibles Show Phantom of the Opera Returns

Winspear Art Show & Sale Ambur Braid & Topher Mokshevski Balfour’s Friends Foundation Firefighters & Friends Calendar Release

Palm Court Orchestra: With a Song in My Heart George Canyon Elvis The Moments

A Fresh New Look If you have visited the Mary Winspear Centre’s website lately you may have noticed a fresh new look. Over the past several months, the Mary Winspear staff has worked closely with the talented team at Holy Cow Communications to design a modern site that better informs the community and is, most importantly, user-friendly. It has been our focus recently to share the Centre’s history and story with everyone. The Centre is here to serve the Peninsula and provide a space for generations to take in the arts, experience culture and make memories. The new website makes it easy to follow what’s happening with an events listing and categorized calendar. “Our top priorities for the new website is to have it be userfriendly and for us to connect with the Peninsula,” says the Centre’s Executive Director, Brad Edgett. Explore and let us know what you think! It is our priority to give everyone the experience they are looking for when they visit the Centre and we want to deliver the same service online. On the bottom of the site, click on blog

First Nations, Inuit

and Métis Art Show From August 8th to September 4th the Mary Winspear Centre will host the 6th Annual First Nations, Inuit and Métis Art Show. This is the longest continuous show that represents First Nations artists from across Canada, bringing together a variety of art forms from over 40 artists. In the Show’s six years of existence it has become very important to the local community, providing exposure and opportunities to both traditional and emerging artists. Unique to the Show is the artists’ participation. There will be daily demonstrations including carving, painting and beadwork, giving patrons the opportunity to meet the artists, allowing for a better understanding of the culture and heritage behind the techniques and artwork itself. The diversity of art styles will include carving, weaving, painting, prints, pottery, beading, jewelry, and drums, just to name a few. There will be artist representation from the local Coast Salish territories, Northwest Coast, Métis, Mohawk, Blackfoot, Cree, Ojibwa, Navajo, Inuit and Chickasaw Nations. The 2014 First Nations, Inuit & Métis Art Show takes place August 8th to September 4th. Show hours are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m; Thursday 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday from 12 to 5 p.m.

The Phantom of

the Opera Returns

The Mary Winspear Centre welcomes to the Charlie White Theatre international Broadway and London West End legend Peter Karrie staring in The Phantom of the Opera Returns on Sunday, August 31st. Peter Karrie, hailing from Wales, has portrayed “The Phantom” in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera around the world and was named The World’s Most Popular Phantom by the Worldwide Phantom of the Opera Appreciation Society. Karrie was made an honourary Canadian citizen upon completing his “Phantom” role in Vancouver where he preformed for nearly a decade. Joining him on stage is soprano Melina Moore who will be playing “Christine” to Mr. Karrie’s “Phantom.” Now calling Vernon home, Moore, originally from Argentina, studied at The Julliard School in New York City. Ms. Moore frequently performs with symphonies and orchestras throughout British Columbia including Victoria, and has been a featured artist on CBC Radio Two. The Phantom of the Opera Returns is an electrifying and moving concert experience geared toward an intimate audience, and marks a three-year musical collaboration of Mr. Karrie and Ms. Moore. Be sure not to miss your chance to see this duo when they perform all of Phantom’s musical hits and other wellknown Broadway selections. Tickets available at the Mary Winspear Box Office: 250-656-0275 or online at Written by Carey Salvador.

Conferences, Special Events and Live Theatre

where we encourage you to take a few minutes to fill out a survey with the chance to win tickets to a show of your choice.

forbes & marshall i resisted the morphine, even though i was now making sounds like a water buffalo and big game hunters were beginning to gather near the pop machine

Open 7 am - 8 pm Every Day



Grand Opening August 18!

il l e

Jo e’


noe Co



reasons a grown man would walk like that. Either he is flirting with a kidney stone or is experiencing a Viagra overdose. A quick CT scan confirmed that I was suffering from the less smirk-worthy of the two. Enter my nurse, Martin. He worked his magic and charm like the concierge at the Empress, with his cool drinks, warm blankets and "on demand" morphine. Wait, he offered me morphine? My mind flashed back to all those World War II movies I had seen where the GI is lying on the beach using his left leg as a pillow and calling for his mother. They still use morphine? I resisted, even though I was now making sounds like a water buffalo and big game hunters were beginning to gather near the pop machine. I tried switching from wailing to mask the pain to the less obvious, breathy "hee hee hah hah" that Lisa and I learned in childbirth class, but that just made it ridiculous. I figured enough of this. If he isn't going to give me an epidural, than just gimme the Saving Private Ryan drug. Days later I found that there's a brotherhood of "stoners" I now belong to. There are at least three other men at work who've experienced the agony of stone birth. We're like a bunch of women who wear our labour stories like a badge of honour and try and outdo each other as to how long it lasted. My "labour" lasted over six hazy days. Unlike most women who've had a baby, my bundle of joy was about 4 mm and not even worthy of the name I gave him … Oliver Stone. Unlike most moms, I will never be thumbing through a medical journal and catch a glimpse of a kidney stone, get amnesia and suddenly want to do it all over again. In the end, little Oliver decided to pass quietly and go out like a lamb without much fanfare. I've been asked by my stoner support brothers if I'd rather die of a kidney stone or a viagra overdose. I tell them I'd probably choose a kidney stone, because at least that way, you'd be able to close the lid on my casket. Forbes & Marshall are the hosts of Ocean 98.5's popular morning show. Join them weekday mornings from 5:30 to 10:30 a.m.


Oliver Stone

I've only been in the hospital for myself three times in my life. First encounter was when I was five and got my tonsils out. The next two times the job stress of being in this pressure cooker called radio convinced by Michael Forbes me I was having a heart attack. They weren't cardiac arrests, I just forgot to have fun. Lesson learned. This story is about the fourth time , one recent Sunday morning when I woke up with a pain in my side akin to being gored by a bull at Pamplona. If I could give you any advice: please hold off on all medical emergencies until 6 a.m. on a Sunday morning. The admitting nurse was unbusy enough to watch me move like Jagger with his knees duct taped together across the VGH parking lot. By the time I had a chance to sashay my way in, this nurse had more than enough time to make her diagnosis. She said "there are only two

fee Shop &

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What's Happening This Fall! tee & s kid


y l on by Doreen Marion Gee

Sept 10 - Oct 22

Teen Yoga Active lively yoga for teens to the beat of modern music. Builds strength and mindfulness. Focuses on the physical needs of teens. Wednesdays 4:15-5:15pm. 7/$69. 13-17 yrs. Panorama Recreation Pool Mezzanine.; 250.656.7271.

Sept 13

Drop-In Rock Climbing Thrilling new adventure at “The Boulders Climbing Gym.” Instructors certified by the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides. Experienced staff help kids scramble up the walls. Registration required one week in advance. Drop-in every Saturday until December 20th. 10-11:30am. $17. 6-11 yrs. To register:; 250.656.7271.

Sept 17 Nature Babies in Backpacks A CRD-guided walk for parents and babies. Join a naturalist for this fun nature program, stroll through the forest and explore the stroller-friendly park trails. Free drop-in. 10-11:30am. Francis/King Regional Park. Meet at the Nature Centre off Munn Road. Sept 18 - Oct 30 Good Morning Rhymetime Bring along your tiniest tots for

a fun time at the library with movements, singing, stories and rhymes. Thursdays 10:15-11am. Free. Drop-In. 0-5 yrs. Vancouver Island Regional Library, Sidney/North Saanich Branch. 250.656.0944.

Sept 26 - Nov 21


LEGO® Stories LEGO equals magic! Now you can play with LEGO and build your own creation at the library with their blocks. Each class has a different theme. Fridays 3:15 - 4:15 pm. Age 5+. Free. Vancouver Island Regional Library, Sidney/North Saanich Branch. 250.656.0944.

Sept 27 - Nov 29 UVic Science Venture Weekend Clubs Fill children with a love of Science: Mini Venture Club (gr. 1&2) explores science, technology & math; Venture Girls (gr. 3-6) explores science & engineering with projects, games, speakers; Venture Boys (gr. 3-6) explores science & engineering with experiments, projects, lab tours. Saturdays 1:30-3:30pm, no session Oct. 11 & Nov. 8. 8/$90. University of Victoria. 250.721.8983.

Oct 7 - Nov 4 Pottery Teens practise skills in sculpting clay, glazing and decorating. Creative fun trying out the Potter's Wheel. Tuesdays 5:15-6:45pm. 5/$80. 9-16yrs. Greenglade Community Centre Room #3. 250.656.7271. Oct 11 - 13 Go With the Flow! Watershed Programming Special kids'

learning sessions about our watershed system and how to protect it. Children build their own watershed and enjoy art projects. Programming at various times during the day from Saturday to Monday. Regular admission only: Child $5; Adult: $15. Age 3 to pre-teen. Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre. 250.665.7511.

Oct 16 ARTrageous - Sandpaper Transfer Pillow Case Kids learn a new fun-filled skill: transferring their very own drawings from sand paper onto a pillow case. Th 6-7:30pm. $10. 6-12 yrs. Greenglade Community Centre Room #7. 250.656.7271.

18 SEASIDE | august 2014

Sept 30 - Dec 9 Music Together - The Joy of Family Music Internationally-recognized early childhood music and movement program for children up to age 5 to enjoy with their parents. Includes CD & Songbook, Resource Guide & DVD. Tuesdays 9:15-10am (or10:15/11:15). 1st child: 10/$155. Siblings: $100; under 9 mos. free. Greenglade Community Centre Room #5. 250.656.7271.



Oct 24 - Nov 28

Mad Science Project Earth Kids will explore subjects about our earth and its habitat; learn how science connects to everyday life & build a take-home toy. Fridays 4:155:15pm 6/$106. North Saanich Middle School Science Classroom. 5-11 yrs. Register: 250.656.7271.

Oct 21 - Dec 2 Reading Buddies Children (gr. 2-4) are paired with a teen Big Buddy to practice their reading skills with books and games. The Library needs teen volunteers (gr. 9-12) to share their passion for reading with kids. Tuesdays 4-5 pm. Free. Fill out an application at the library to register your child or call Virginia MacLeod, 250-656-0944. Vancouver Island Regional Library, Sidney/North Saanich Branch.

Oct 24 Sea Science Day During Science and Technology week, the aquarium will have cool activities to make Science fun. Kids will enjoy science journalling, special experiments, "Being a Biologist" games. Fri 10:30am-3:30pm. Regular Admission only: Child $5; Adult: $15. Age 3 to preteen. Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre. 250.665.7511. Oct 27 - Dec 25 Tot Tuesdays Fun at the aquarium with a new sea topic every week taught through crafting, stories, games. Kids will learn about sharks, seals, whales & “who eats who.” Tuesdays 10:30-11:30am. Ages 3-5. Regular Admission only: Child $5; Adult: $15. Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre. 250.665.7511 Nov 1 - Dec 13 Mini Canucks Advanced Children learn to skate with a puck,

pass and shoot. They practice more advanced skills focusing on good flow & balance. Full equipment is mandatory. Saturdays 10:30-11:15am. 7/$47.25. 4-7 yrs. Panorama Recreation Arena A - Ice. 250.656.7271.

Nov 5 - 28 Biology Buddies Children experience the joy and wonder of nature through games, crafts & walks. Topics: Nature’s Garbage Collectors, Cunning Corvids, Happy Hibernators, Southern Bound. Wednesdays 9:3011:30am or 1-3pm or Fridays 1-3pm. 4/$75. 4-6 yrs. Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary. Registration starts August 1st: 250-479-0211.


Nov 5 - Dec 17

Knight's Chess Teaches kids to think logically and strategically. This intermediate class focuses on basic tactical combinations & chess principles. Wednesdays 3:45 – 5:15pm. 7/$63. Age 8+. Greenglade Community Centre Room #6. 250.656.7271.

Nov 6 - Dec 18

Active Start Children learn the building blocks of movement – running, jumping, throwing, balance, coordination – skills that will keep them active for life. Thursdays 3:15- 4pm. 7/$45 3-4 yrs. Greenglade Community Centre Gymnasium. 250.656.7271.

Back to School Footwear!

Nov 7 - Dec 19 Water Polo Club Kids develop basic water polo skills, tactics and strategies. They learn about team building and fitness. Fridays 3:30-4:30pm (7-10 yrs.); 4:305:30pm (11-13 yrs.) 7/$52.50. Panorama Recreation Pool. 250.656.7271. Nov 30 Duck Day Discover the interesting ways ducks have adapted to life on the lake and find out "who's who" in the duck universe. Noon – 3pm. Drop-in anytime. All ages. Admission by donation. Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary. 250.479.0211.


in the

Stride Rite • Geox • Bogs Kamik • Tom’s • Merrell Saucony • Timberland Keen and more!

Kiddin’ Around

a3 - 9769 Fifth Street, Sidney 250-656-1041


Bring your family and join Panorama Recreation every weekday evening this summer for FREE interactive play, face painting, group games, and obstacle course fun! For times and locations visit www.

250.656.7271 SEASIDE | august 2014 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 19

Peni Celeb Socie

Soak in Summer Sounds – Sundays on the Peninsula!

August 3 – The Broken Strings The Broken Strings are Victoria’s most diverse cover band,

comprised of members from several original bands (Jets Overhead, Current Swell, Calico Mountain). The Broken Strings cover a very diverse variety of artists from the 1960s, ’70s, ’80s and beyond such as The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Talking Heads, Tom Petty and Coldplay among many others. The band has over eight years of experience playing local Victoria venues including Darcy’s Pub, Bard & Banker, Canoe Brewpub and The Strathcona Hotel.

August 10 – Bongo Love The members of Bongo Love,

from Zimbabwe, have been playing together since 2001. “Afrocoustics,” as they call their genre, is a fusion of guitar and traditional African acoustic instruments: the mbira (thumb piano from Zimbabwe), the marimba (Mozambique) the djembe/bongo (West Africa) and the congas. Bongo Love is a unique blend of Afrobeat fused with traditional Zimbabwean-style music performed by musicians immersed in a globally-influenced musical perspective. Their original songs and vibrant dances have captured audiences for nearly a decade, making them one of Southern Africa’s most diverse bands.

August 17 – Four Chords of Wood

Four Chords of Wood is an energetic group of talented performers based on Vancouver Island. Known for their love of hard-driving Bluegrass music, FCoW’s music comprises rich vocal harmonies and strong instrumental accompaniment. The members are all experienced performers grounded in stage presence and audience rapport. Waltzes, blues, sentimental numbers, fiddle tunes, gospel and some foot-to-the-floor ravers; anticipate seeing some fancy footwork as each soloist steps up to the mic and then makes way for the next … but most of all, expect to be entertained!

August 24 – The Timebenders The Timebenders experience is a musical romp through the ages,

featuring the best dance music and outrageous impersonations of the greatest stars over the last 60 years. A very fast-paced and high-energy presentation makes this show irresistible to dancers – and with amazing costume changes and up-beat choreography, an exciting show to watch! Six performers are constantly moving and rotating positions bringing you an ever-changing, fresh look and sound throughout the evening as the Timebenders’ show covers almost every musical genre.

Sundays in August, 2 - 4 pm (by donation) Aug. 3 - The Broken Strings Aug. 10 - Bongo Love Aug. 17 - Four Chords of Wood Aug. 24 - The Timebenders

presented by:

Peninsula Celebrations Society

For more deTAiLS viSiT WWW.peninSuLACeLeBrATionS.CA

veterinary voice "where it will do cats harm to go unnoticed is when it comes to medical care. many cat owners have never had their cat to their veterinarian since being neutered."

You Have a Cat? by Dr. Shelley Breadner

Cats can be sociable,

but many are elusive. Many people observe their cats hiding when guests come to visit. It is okay for cats to go unnoticed at home. It will not do them any harm. They find a safe secure place and wait till company is gone before they venture out. Where it WILL do them harm to go unnoticed is when it comes to medical care. Many cat owners have never had their cat to their veterinarian since being neutered. Often, people are anxious that their cats get distressed about travel. Some have great difficulty even getting their cat into a cat carrier. Cats have evolved as predators, but more importantly, they have survived by avoiding being eaten by bigger predators. This means that they are masters at hiding illness and vulnerability. It is extremely common for cats to have painful dental disease or arthritis, high blood pressure, kidney disease, heart failure, chronic pancreatitis – "oh, just another hairball" – and many more conditions that can be masked. By the time we as veterinarians see these patients, the conditions may be so far advanced that they are no longer treatable. Annual physical examinations are essential for identifying disease processes early on and acting on them to prevent worsening or to provide appropriate supportive care. So how do we make our cat's trip to the vet less worrisome? First, select an appropriate cat carrier. This should be one where the top half of the carrier easily detaches. This enables your cat to remain in its carrier bed at the vet for greater sense of security. VICTORIA | DUNCAN | NANAIMO de C Ma h ,B n a it Largest Raw Food Selection For Cats & Dogs W unc D n I

• • • •

Human Grade Antibiotic FREE Gluten FREE 100% Canadian

• • • •

NO Fillers NO Preservatives NO Grains NO Added Hormones

Help your cat learn that the carrier is their safe place. Keep it out in the living area with a comfy blanket inside. Rub it with catnip or put some favourite treats around it and inside. Make it a safe, everyday resting place. Cat Sacs are another great way to help with this. Once they like them, put the sac in the carrier to continue the concept of safe places. The carrier becomes the place to be, at home or away. Utilize the feline pheromone, Feliway, to help reduce anxiety in association with the carrier and travel. Individual sachets are available to wipe the inside of the carrier an hour or so ahead of travel time. Once at the veterinarian, select a quiet corner away from the bouncy dog that may want to investigate. During the exam, your cat may be more comfortable in the carrier with the top half removed. Good planning on your part to have that type of carrier! After your cat's visit with the veterinarian, the carrier becomes that safe haven for the trip home. Oh, and for the guests that stay too long? Let them know the poor cat really needs to use the litter box, and won't come out until they leave. "You have a cat?" they ask. "We do now… thanks for the visit. See you next year!" For more information visit

A Boarding Kennel that loves your pets as much as you do.

Comfortable, clean & healthy fresh air environment Quality, nutritious foods • Exercise yards up to one quarter acre Feline “Cuddle Time” • K-9 Playschool course All managerial staff “Certified Kennel Technicians” Recommended by veterinarians • Full grooming services available

A Full Service Animal Care Facility

250-652-2301 2918 Lamont Road, Saanichton • email: Just minutes from Victoria Airport & BC Ferries Terminal SEASIDE | august 2014 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 21

can we talk seaside marketing coordinator and gustavson business student elizabeth moss talks with ian hennigar, senior manager, panorama recreation Being involved with high performance sports from a young age, your passion lies with the health and wellness of upcoming generations. What would be your advice for parents raising young children and trying to keep the whole family active? My advice would be to find a routine/activities that work for your family; do things together that you enjoy. This is only limited by your imagination. Saturday could be your hiking day, with so many great parks and trails there are lots of places to explore. Sunday could be your bike ride day, Monday is your play in the park day etc ‌ just keep moving! Use your creativity and involve the children; they have tons of ideas. I am also a firm believer that children should walk or ride to school rain or shine. We live in a very safe community and this exercise has been proven to improve health and even improve academic marks. If your child is driven to an out-of-district school drop them off away from the school so they have at least a 15minute walk. Panorama is a leader for a lot of its active lifestyle programs such as the Youth Pass; how are you planning to promote this further in the community to create similar programs? Communication and improved awareness of our extensive program offering is a critical priority for Panorama. We are continuing to expand our presence through various outreach opportunities. The Play in the Park program has been a great success, where our staff is at a community park every week night in the summer. We have staff that visit schools and speak to a wide range of community groups, and we have a significant and very successful social media program. The local media is extremely good to us. Graduating with your Bachelor of Commerce degree and having a lot of experience in different executive director positions, your knowledge of the business world is extensive. You have recently launched an employee wellness program at Panorama, starting with local businesses; can you expand on this and give us an example of how it works? This has been a very successful program with over 35 companies already participating. Wellness is a huge issue for employers. Research

is conclusive: healthier employees are more engaged, have less sick days, are more productive and make fewer mistakes. What employer wouldn't want to do something that has such a huge impact on their business? A participating business does almost all of the administrative work. They confirm with their employees who are interested in an annual pass program with Panorama, then forward a list of the names and relevant information to us along with one cheque. Since the administrative work is done by the employer, our costs are much lower and we pass that along to the employees. This has brought in a significant amount of new revenue allowing us to keep our tax requisition much lower so it is a great win-win for all. You have done a lot of research in the area of child and youth wellness and you are currently organizing a Kids R Us summit with many of the Greater Victoria organizations that help fund this area. What is the summit's main focus and agenda? The latest research from Stats Canada indicates that only 7% of Canadian children meet the national guideline of 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise per day. Locally we are bit better, however that isn't saying much. It will take every group that touches on child and youth wellness to make an impact. The summit is to bring these bodies together to improve collaboration and to fill some of the gaps to improve their wellness. As a society we have to invoke change. Obesity

rates have tripled and the number of young children with diabetes, cardiopulmonary and cardiovascular disease, mental health issues is staggering. Already 40% of provincial tax dollars are spent on the health care system. How will we afford this in 20 years when these children are young adults and the baby boomers are elderly? The Active Healthy Kids Report Card 2014 was recently released; it compares Canadian children's activity levels to other countries. What is your response to Canada's ranking? The health of the average Canadian kid is deplorable. We as Canadians MUST do more to get our kids active. The report card has made that very clear. Of the 15 countries ranked on overall physical activity, Canadian children were tied at D-, in second-to-last spot just ahead of Scotland's "F." The result in the active transportation measurement was unfortunately about the same. In short we are "driving" (literally in our cars) our kids to poor health. For their health, mental wellbeing, academic and physical development they must be active at least 60 minutes a day. Riding or walking to school can easily be one big component of this. With a large portion of the Saanich Peninsula community made up of an older demographic, Panorama has developed the volunteerrun Peninsula Elder College that has grown to over 300 members. What information on the program can you provide for our readers to give us an idea of the outcomes and feedback you have received? In just the third year of Elder College it is clear from the participation numbers that those 50+ in our community are loving it. The program has grown thanks to the sponsorship resources of Sidney SeniorCare. Most of the programs run for one to three hours on a wide variety of topics presented by local volunteer experts in the community so we can offer the programs at minimal cost. Registrations run anywhere from free to $20, with most of them around $10 mark. Program offerings are determined by feedback from the participants themselves and our very active Elder College Advisory Committee. A list of the courses and details can be found on Panorama's website ( What guidance were you given when you were younger that has helped your personal and professional life? What advice would you have for a student (like myself) coming into the business world today? Great question! My father was and is my best mentor. His advice was always be prepared and strive to be the best you can be in all that you do. I would pass that along with the addition of being very creative and develop a lot of great relationships. Today's world is very small. Who you know doesn't ensure success, but it sure can make things happen much faster. Photo by

Ian Hennigar, Senior Manager Panorama Recreation Panorama Recreation provides recreation services to Central Saanich, North Saanich and Sidney through over 30 locations on the Saanich Peninsula. Ian oversees a staff of 200 that provide services and programming to more than 600,000 visits in 2013. Before coming to the Island, Ian was involved in high performance sport, coaching speed skaters to the Olympic podium and world records. He lives in North Saanich with his wife Brenda and three sons.

Maximize your return on life... To discover our True Partnership Process contact: Todd Hummel, CIM, PFP Investment Advisor 2461 Beacon Ave Sidney, BC V8L 1X7 Tel: 250-655-2210 Toll Free: 1-855-743-6457

® “BMO (M-bar Roundel symbol)” and “Making Money Make Sense” are registered trade-marks of Bank of Montreal, used under licence. ®“Nesbitt Burns” is a registered trade-mark of BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc. BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bank of Montreal

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Sidney ’s Pet Centre Proudly Serving Sidney and the Peninsula for 26 Years Come See Us for All of Your Pet’s Needs! #4-9769 Fifth St., Sidney 250-656-3314 www. SEASIDE | august 2014 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 23

Marmalade Tart Boutique Fun, Flirty, Fabulous Fashion! Come Visit Us In Our New Home!


It’s Always About Love!

Mon - Sat 10-530 • Sundays & Holidays 1130-5 Landmark Bldg – #103-2506 Beacon Ave, Sidney

778-426-3356 •

101-2537 Beacon Ave, Sidney (in the Cannery building) 250.656.5606

Strathnaver Farm, Mayne Island. Offered at $1,485,000 This Stunning Arts and Crafts home is beautifully nestled amongst old growth maple trees. 15 acres of pastures and 5 acres of undeveloped forest gives you the ultimate privacy. Two ponds, a veggie garden and a barn complete this gorgeous acreage. Also subdivideable. Enter this home through the custom-built Douglas fir doors into a masterfully designed and constructed work of art. Windows, beams, stairs and trim are also custom made. The high vaulted ceiling and geothermal tile floors add a splash of modern flare to this inviting island home. A huge gourmet kitchen is waiting for you!

Brenda Dean RE/MAX Mayne/Pender • 250.539.0739 24 SEASIDE | august 2014

inside out Local Herbalist and Author tackle Menopause with Herbs and Humour Years before

entering menopause, the author in this duo decided to make use of only natural remedies, including humour, to ease the symptoms of menopause. Along the way she met the herbalist of this duo, but left: Mikiala Christie BA, R.TCM.P, R.Ac for some strange reason Health Within TCM & Acupuncture (perhaps menopause mush mind) did not right: Donna Randall seek out the services of DFR Enterprises Incorporated said herbalist. As for the humour part of the mix, the author spent much time laughing when not crying, and entertaining lots of women (and some men) with her dramatic stories about menopause, which ultimately transformed into a book called Menopause or Lunacy … That is the Question. Now inching toward 15 years of menopause, the author (Donna Faye Randall) has consulted the herbalist (Mikiala Christie) for help with dry eyes, a symptom of the later stages of menopause, who agreed to answer some questions about menopausal symptoms that weave through the aforementioned book, and specifically covered in three scenarios. As a result we have the wise, calm herbalist advising the chaotic menopausal author and, by extension, everyone affected by menopause. To start, Mikiala read and responded to the scenario entitled "Hot Flashes – Yes? No? Can't Remember?" Yes, the dreaded hot flashes – the main reason women come in to see me. According to Chinese medicine, the body is composed of hot (yang) and cold (yin) elements. Our body temperature constantly fluctuates between the two extremes, in order to maintain balance. The degree of severity of your hot flashes later in life reflects the

degree of stress you experienced earlier in life. Stress taxes our adrenal glands and this is a problem because the adrenal glands also provide a backup supply of hormones during peri-menopause and menopause. If they are depleted, you no longer have that backup supply and your body's ability to maintain balance is diminished. The good news is that you can replenish the adrenals with better nutrition, rest and meditation. Acupuncture and a customized Chinese herbal formula can also be extremely helpful and can start you off in the right direction for a smoother menopause. Next up for Mikiala was "From Zero to Full-Time Menstruation and Back Again" Menstrual cycles do become erratic and heavy during the time leading up to menopause (peri-menopause). There are many causes for heavy bleeding, according to Chinese medicine. Clinically, I mainly see women who have heavy bleeding and problems with middle thickening weight gain at the same time. These two factors point to a problem in the spleen-pancreatic system. I will often prescribe herbs that can both regulate blood sugar and the level of bleeding. Herbs such as dry fried ginger can help "dry" the blood or gently clot it so that the bleeding is not so heavy. Last but not least, Donna challenged Mikiala with "The Chairs are NOT the Issue," which finds the author not yet knowing her menopausal status and reacting highly emotionally to painting her chairs once again on her own. The emotional rollercoaster is also typical and again points to how much a woman depleted her body earlier in life. It all comes down to balance, and in my clinic I try to determine what is physically out of balance. Sometimes it is the heart; sometimes the liver. Acupuncture can help calm the flight or fight response and help you see things more clearly. Donna was right to sit for a moment with her feelings around her chairs. Instead of disregarding her tears or anger, stopping for a moment and thinking about why she was feeling the way she was feeling was the best response. In eastern traditions, the organs have an intelligence of their own. We understand this when we say "gut reaction." Listen to your body as if you were listening to a child in your care. The answers are there if you stop and focus.

Did you know by the age of 65 a woman’s risk of heart disease is equal to that of men?

Menopause and Heart Health Women typically have a lower rate of heart disease than same-aged men but at menopause that can change. Hormonal differences mean a woman’s risk of death from heart disease increases 4 times after menopause. The risk of stroke increases too.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for Canadian women – chat with your doctor about healthy lifestyles and risk prevention as you approach menopause. See more at Health Canada:


in good health

Dental Treatment for All Ages by Barry Mathias

This is the fourth in a six-part series of profiles on some great local businesses that are working to keep us all in good health. Unlike earlier times, a visit to a modern dentist can be a comfortable, enjoyable experience; such is the case if you visit Sidney Centre Family Dentistry. Dr. Loren Braun and his wife Dr. Jacalyn (Jaci) Sollid established the practice at #215 - 9764 Fifth Street in 2000, after they had both qualified as Doctors of Dental Medicine at the University of British Columbia (UBC).

Loren has an honours BSc. in Biology from the University of Victoria, and gained a scholarship in Prosthodontics from UBC. Jaci also attended UVic, and majored in Biology. Her father was a dentist, which gave her some practical insights into the profession. They married while still at University. "We chose Sidney because we wanted to work in a rural setting, and have easy access to the airport, the ferries and the countryside," Jaci says. "Sidney is a good place to raise children." Loren works from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday

to Thursday, and this schedule allows him to get back to his family and be the hockey coach for his two sons: Riley, 11 and Payton, 13. Originally, she and her husband shared the workweek, enabling one of them always to be at home with their two boys. However, in 2007 Jaci was forced to give up dental practice due to a health issue with her neck. "At this point Loren became the full-time dentist, which he loves, and I became a full-time mother, homeschooling the boys." Jaci is still much involved with their dental practice,


Health is an inside job. We’re here to help.

Sidney’s Most Advanced Dental Implant Centre

Dr. Loren J. Braun • New Patients Welcome • Same Day Emergency Treatment • Insurance Plans Accepted • IV Sedation Available

Do you know you can take advantage of a dental implant if your denture isn’t fitting well?

Dr. Misty Watson & Dr. Randy Kerr Helping people of all ages and stages to enjoy greater health and well-being.

In Office Dental CT-Scan

Dr. Mitra Hashemi 250.656.1199 250.655.7188 #215-9764 Fifth Street

Above Capital Iron

w w 26 SEASIDE | august 2014


# 107 - 1931 Mt. Newton X Rd, Saanichton

#104 - 9845 Resthaven Drive, Sidney


IN JUST 30 MINUTES workout with me With something new from Curves and Jillian Michaels

and the rest of summer is

FREE*! “I’ve created a cutting-edge workout just for Curves so you get amazing results. Get in here! ” J I L L I A N M I C H AELS

restorative materials to fill cavities and repair teeth. Many people used to have silver amalgam fillings involving the use of mercury; these are rarely used today. Some do opt for

where necessary, including wisdom teeth. "For anxious patients, oral sedation and IV sedation by an anesthesiologist are available." Insurance is a major factor in modern dentistry, as patients have a variety of different insurance plans. "We accept "Comprehensive insurance assignment of benefits," Jaci treatment is offered explains. "This means that we directly bill companies on behalf of patients, so they are to patients of all only required to directly pay their "copay" ages, from implants, percentage to us. The remainder we collect crowns and bridges to directly from their insurance company." This dentures, root canals is a great benefit for patients who might and tooth whitening." otherwise have financial difficulties. This is a thriving family practice that gold fillings on their back teeth. "Gold is a caters to all aspects of patients' dental needs. perfect material," Jaci agrees, "but most people "Everybody loves our hygienists, Trevor will opt for white composites." and Amanda, and our two receptionists, "We have a modern facility," she says, "and Tina and Liz are always happy to do their comprehensive treatment is offered to patients best in accommodating busy schedules," of all ages, from implants, crowns and bridges Jaci says proudly. In fact the hygienists will, to dentures, root canals and tooth whitening." occasionally, start at 6:30 a.m. to enable Loren's treatment includes extractions patients to go to work with "a big smile!"

Be Inspired. Keep Fit.

Dr. Kristen Bovee BSc, ND

overseeing the books and keeping in touch with their staff of six. "Originally, we bought a small, two-chair practice from a retiring dentist," she says. "Today, we have seven operatories." Their two hygienists, Trevor and Amanda, have their own chairs; the other five surgeries allow their dental assistants, Karen and Ashley, to prepare patients for Loren, and the space allows greater flexibility. "If we are very busy, having extra chairs allows Loren to care for people with dental emergencies without having to interrupt the previously planned treatment of other patients." When Jaci and Loren first qualified there was no digital radiology, and x-rays were cumbersome. Modern machinery gives off minimal radiation, and with the aid of computers, a patient is able to see the inside of their mouth on a big screen. "It makes it easier to explain the problem and the planned treatment," Jaci explains. Another improvement is the use of

*One time service fee charged at enrollment. COACHING FOR EVERYONE, Minimum 12-month recurring billing required. EVERY WORKOUT Monthly dues waived through August 31, 2014. RESULTS AT ANY FITNESS LEVEL

“Show up. Give us 30 minutes. BURN FAT Then go love your life.”INCREASE jillian michaels


coaching for everyone, every workout results at any fitness level Burn fat increase strength lose weight

curves sidney | 250.656.9870 2425c Bevan ave, sidney

Naturopathic Physicians (ND’s) Treat Heavy Metal & Environmental Toxicity

Dr. Kristen Bovee is board certified in IV chelation therapy for mercury and lead toxicity. Symptoms of toxicity can include: • Skin reactions • Chronic fatigue • Muscle and joint pain • Depression and anxiety • Hormone imbalances • Immune disorders 250.655.1660 #102 - 9725 Fourth St, Sidney

Scott Simpson PT, BSc. Kin, has been an avid athlete from a young age and understands the impact and benefits that activity can have on the body. He enjoys using his first-hand knowledge to empower people by treating the cause of the injury, not just the symptoms. Scott has been honoured to provide his professional skills internationally as Team Physiotherapist for the Canadian National Team.

#2 - 7865 Patterson Rd, Central Saanich 250.652.0132


Scooter Sales & Rentals Helping Our Clients Achieve Greater Freedom and Independence • New & Pre-Owned Scooters • Customize Your Ride! • Rentals • Walkers 250.654.0021

Sidney Scooters: Your New Set of Wheels by Deborah Rogers

Barbara Brunlees

2378B Beacon Ave, Sidney

The Art of Monica J Reekie

Capturing moments in time and the beauty around us 250.744.2047 or 250.888.8410

Everyone Needs a Will & Power of Attorney I Can Help You With That! Laurie Salvador

#101 - 9830 Second St, Sidney | 250.656.3951 |

This is part of a rotating series of articles on members of Sidney Meet Up Women's Networking Group, featuring women in business on the Saanich Peninsula. When Barb Brunlees was recovering from foot surgery she had to go all the way to White Rock to get the special knee-scooter that her doctor recommended. This clever device, that Barb admits was quite fun, enables the user to keep one leg completely non-weight bearing, allowing great movement without the balance issues of crutches. After her full recovery Barb was struck by the fact that more of these mobility aids aren't seen on the Island. Now Sidney Scooters ensures everyone on the Saanich Peninsula has access to the latest mobility products around. There can be lots of reasons why mobility aids are needed: postaccident or surgery, or sometimes due to longer-term health and mobility issues. As the population gets older we see more people losing driver's licenses, sometimes after decades of driving. It's a real blow to self-confidence and can be very hard for people to deal with. The problem for many older people is that their world and horizons can start to narrow as mobility becomes an issue. For people who have always been active and independent, getting out less can cause poor mental health as well as the physical vicious cycle of not moving. With a scooter, or even just a walker, people are able to resume their social lives, do their own shopping and broaden their horizons once more. Looking at the website will give an idea of the types of products available, but you really need to go into the store to see which options might suit you best. Barb is adamant that even the most reluctant scooter user can be turned around once they've had a test drive and felt the wind whipping through their hair. In fact, Barb is surprised by the resistance she meets sometimes. There can be lots of reasons that stop people from enjoying the new lease on life a new set of wheels can bring. Barb is reassuring though, and willing to take the time to find the product that is right for a particular customer. There's no need to worry about using your scooter on the road either. A scooter-user is classed as a pedestrian and should always use the sidewalk if there is one available. This requires consideration from all sides, but in Sidney, with our lovely wide sidewalks, there's room for everyone. The three-wheeled electric scooters are even permitted on city buses. Maintenance is not a problem either. Sidney Scooters has someone on staff who deals with any mechanical issues, though they rarely have them. Other than keeping the battery charged and inflating the tires, there is very little maintenance required. You can also rent walkers, wheelchairs and scooters from the store on Beacon; maybe it's time to give one a try. For more information call 250.654.0021.

seaside arts scene

Summer Frolics by Gillian Crowley Is there something happening in the Peninsula or Gulf Islands Art Scene we should know about? Email

First Nations, Inuit and Métis Art Show This is a fabulous way to learn more about First Peoples' arts and crafts and talk with the artists. Now in its sixth year – and for the second time at the Mary Winspear Centre – this event will showcase paintings, sculpture, pottery, beadwork and jewelry and is a chance to appreciate both traditional and modern interpretations of the three cultures. Works are by local Coast Salish and Northwest Coast artists as well as Métis, Mohawk, Blackfoot, Cree, Ojibwa, Navajo, Inuit and Chickasaw Nations. Free entry. All work for sale. Mary Winspear Centre, Sidney, Aug. 8 to Sept. 4,

Art, Music AND Cars Over two days more than 60 new and returning artists will display their work amid the stunning HCP gardens. Chat with the artists and

listen to musicians strategically located around the site. Another part of this fundraiser for the Centre is the auto eye candy ranging from a 1936 Ford Coupe to a 1978 MGB Roadster. Children's activities too! The admission fee is good for both days. Horticultural Centre of the Pacific, 505 Quayle Rd. (off Interurban) Aug. 9 to 10, 11 am – 5 pm both days. 250-479-6162 or

Coastal Images Reimagined The Island's coastal beauty is captured in paintings and art photography on display now at Village Gallery. Barry Tate, a local acrylic and watercolour artist, is noted for his unique interpretive style and bold use of colour. His paintings of coastal scenery reflect a passion for life and the sea. In a different medium, Eiko Jones' photography showcases views of surreal underwater scenes and topside images in a dramatic style created through awareness of lighting and unique angles. Barry Tate will be painting his interpretive landscapes live at the Village Gallery on Saturday

Butchart Gardens, 800 Benvenuto Ave, Brentwood Bay.

Tulista Art Gallery

August 9th from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Everyone welcome to meet and greet with Barry and enjoy his collection of acrylic works on canvas. Drop in to admire the works by these artists and perhaps consider a purchase. Village Gallery, 2459 Beacon Ave, Sidney.

Eclectic Music Amid the Flowers Butchart Gardens continues its summer music program each evening as part of the garden admission fee. Depending on the day, visitors might enjoy ballet, folk singers, big band sound or jazz. On August 3rd to 4th Ballet Etoile's innovative choreography will interpret both modern and classical dances. Then, for something completely different, well-known Canadian folk singersongwriter James Keelaghan will play August 7th followed August 14th by Quartette, Canada's "music royalty" with Sylvia Tyson, Cindy Church, Catlin Hanford and Gwen Swick. All shows start at 7:30 pm. See the complete August program at www. calendar or phone 250-652-4422.

The Gallery presents new works by painter Mary Feesey and son ceramic artist John Feesey in their first show together. At 90, Mary is one of the early arts leaders in the community and is still going strong. Her landscapes and nature scenes are strongly influenced by the Group of Seven. John works with hand-thrown translucent porcelain creating functional pieces with a shimmering quality. August 1st through 10th. A collaboration of paintings and art photography by Jacqui Austin and Gabriel Taschereau takes place August 11th to 17th followed by Maureen Walker and Ruth Fowler August 18th to 25th with Dye on Silk and Watercolour creations. The month ends with Lisa Scott's photography on canvas of Peninsula wildlife August 26th to September 1st. Much to see and admire!

Don't Miss Cirque Peking Coming September 7th, shows at 2 and 7:00 p.m. at the University of Victoria, Farquhar Auditorium. Tickets online or phone 250-721-8480.


Family Fun at the Peninsula Country Market by Bob Thompson

Family and community are

the heart of the Peninsula Country Market. On Saturday, August 16th, the market celebrates its connection with the community in hosting the Fourth Annual Central Saanich Family Festival in partnership with the Saanichton Village Association (SVA), Seafirst Insurance and CIBC. The market will be an extra-lively place to be with the addition of special activities including bouncy castles, games for kids and special prizes. Music goes country with market faves Chick Wagon. This day is about community. Several community groups will be at the market talking about how they support the community, including the SVA, 10th Tsartlip Scouts, Cubs and Beavers, Peninsula Emergency Measures Organization and the Capital Region Food and Agriculture Initiatives Roundtable. The market also recognizes that local businesses are an integral part of our community and appreciates the support they offer to the festival. Not only are Seafirst Insurance (thanks to Dan Olive for organizing the day) and CIBC primary sponsors, other local businesses are donating prizes for the festival.

August is a busy month at the Market. The market month begins on the August long weekend (August 2nd) with Bag Day – we'll be giving away 100 Market cotton shopping bags. Habitat Acquisition Trust makes a return visit and the Compost Education Centre joins our Growing Families at the Market program table. August 9th is Meat Day at the Market, a tasty celebration of our farm vendors' meat products – including beef, pork, lamb, chicken and seafood – featuring sauces and rubs from our food vendors. You'll also be able to purchase local wines to pair with your protein purchases. Have no fear, there'll be lots of veggies too, including fresh-picked corn from Sluggett Farms. Saving the best for last, come to the market on August 23rd and have fun testing out the new Saanich Peninsula Flavour Trails zucchini racetrack in preparation for the historic Saanich Fair. There is no market the weekend of August 30th as the fair midway takes over the market field. The Peninsula Country Market runs every Saturday morning at the Saanich Fairground from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., from June through Thanksgiving. For the latest news about what's happening at the Market, visit

Your Community Market Since 1991 Family Day : Aug. 16

Bouncy Castle, Games, Stamping Station for Kids … and much more!

Country Atmosphere, Music, Superior Products and Produce …

EVERY Saturday 9 am - 1 pm

Live Music in August : Aug. 2 : Eric Roberts Aug. 9 : Bill Johnson Aug. 16 : Chick Wagon Band Aug. 23 : Brad Prevedoros

New Vendors Welcome ! Call : 250-216-0521

Everything Fresh • Local Produce • Crafts • Specialty Foods • Free Parking • Free Admission

1528 Stelly’s X Rd - Saanich Fairgrounds 30 SEASIDE | august 2014

grey matters "story-lines, wrinkles – call them what you like. they are the stuff of character and experience, of life well-lived"

Tall Stories by Trysh Ashby-Rolls

Several years ago a woman came

up to me at a public event and said: "You will never need a face lift. I should know, I'm a plastic surgeon." To say that I was taken aback is an understatement. Rooted to the spot, mouth hanging open, I was uncharacteristically speechless. I wonder what that doctor would say today. You can bet she's doing a brisk business, what with the so-called boomer generation reaching retirement age still wanting to look youthful. Despite a difficult life, my mother always looked far younger than her real age, with relatively few lines on her face even at age eighty. Yet she frequently examined herself in the mirror, worrying aloud that her age was showing. My sister and I would roll our eyes, devoid of understanding, thinking how self-absorbed our mother had become. We were years away from walking in her shoes. Yet now, at 71, I've begun staring in the mirror at my changing mug, noting my ever-deepening creases. Maturity is great. Old age? The pits. Where once certain body parts defied gravity, now they droop ever further toward the floor until soon, the feet will disappear from view. Veins, freckles and scars amalgamate, forming road maps to nowhere. Flab and cellulite enter one's vocabulary. A tooth falls out, but no longer does it go under the pillow for the proverbial fairy to bring money. Instead we put money away wishing for the tooth fairy to bring dentures that fit properly. Where once we touched up our dark roots, now we darken up the grey. As to those creases or lines screaming for Botox, facelifts, expensive creams and those magic wands advertised on television, let's hope there's a lottery win in the cards. Or a change in perspective. One of the most beautiful elderly faces ever photographed is that of a Mexican or South American woman. Her eyes are piercing cornflower blue, surrounded by the most wrinkled skin imaginable, each line a

story. Her knitted brow tells of heartache, heartbreak, pain. The frown marks and lines across the forehead tell of childbirth, of sickness and hunger, of the death of loved ones, of shock and surprise. They are, however, balanced on either side of those amazing eyes by laughter lines: the giggles of girlhood fun, jokes and skipping rope in the sunshine; first love, wedding flowers and a honeymoon spent beneath a special patchwork quilt made by greatgrandmothers. Pregnancy and first baby, second baby, third … later, grandchildren. Feasts, good harvests, moments of mature love – a comforting gnarled hand, a kindly word, its meaning known only to two longmarried people. Lines above the mouth signal the pursed

lips of disapproval, dislike. Or too many cigarillos smoked during times of every stressful emotion on the spectrum. Or an altogether different story: the pucker of kisses. A lifetime of kissing, she might say slyly. Maybe a hint of anguish, hurt, bitterness on the outside of the mouth folding toward the chin. Stories she prefers left unremembered that nudge occasionally: a husband's betrayal, a son in jail, a daughter gone astray. Death reaching out its bony hand. She stares into the lens and marvels at the complexity of life as a fresh memory arises and she smiles secretly to herself. The camera catches in her dancing eyes a story that she'll never tell a soul. Story-lines, wrinkles – call them what you like. Respect and love each one. For they are the stuff of character and experience; of life well-lived.

Your donation gives our doctors x-ray vision.

We’ve almost reached our goal! Please call 250-652-7531 or visit to donate for our new CT Scanner.


Open Tues - Sat 10-5 • 1890 Mills Road, North Saanich

Authentic Indian Cuisine Made Simple & Easy!

Daksha’s Gourmet Spices Certified Gluten Free 100% Pure Spice No Salt or MSG added


Curry Mixes Chai Spice & Chai Latte Cookbooks

dON hOu OW

Ltd. eT & gifT


g Ou




+ Love

Laura Waters 250.658.3419 •

Now available at all Fairway Market locations

Order Online

Five Years of Unique Local Flavour: Snowdon House Gourmet & Gifts This is the last in a four-part series on some of the unique and local shops the Saanich Peninsula has to offer. Tucked away off Mills Road, Laura Waters has found a funky old farmhouse on four acres of attractive farmland. Surrounded by pretty flowerbeds sits the Snowdon House Studio: part workshop, part store. If you've visited a farmer's market in the area you will almost certainly have encountered Snowdon House's tasty products before. What you might not realize if you haven't visited the studio is just how many products Laura, and her team of four, produce. The walls are lined from ceiling to floor with intricate paper products: cards, stationery and gift wrap. Then there are shelves of gourmet food: vinegars, syrups, spice mixes, bread mixes, soups and pastas. It's all packaged in the distinctive own label boxes, making every item look like an indulgence. Local is very important to Laura. She had always dreamed of finding space to expand her business. The paper products were the beginning; first making packaging for other people's products, now the focus is on packaging up their own gourmet line. Everything is made on-site with a wonderful, crowded workshop at the back of the studio housing the machinery needed to create the unique paper. I'm told the process is a trade secret, but Laura lets me know that some of the inclusions are herbs, flowers and metal leaf. It makes for a

by Deborah Rogers

Wouldn't It Be Nice To Never Shave Again? F a l l S p e c i a l : 25% Off Underarm Laser Hair Removal* *Offer Ends October 31, 2014

really dynamic look and, of course, no two pieces are the same. What goes inside the unusual packaging is the other part of the story. Since moving to North Saanich Laura has been working on developing and growing her range of delicious foodie items. The experimenting all happens on-site and relies on all the staff tastetesting and refining each recipe. Spice mixes are new this year. They join the ever-popular soup and bread mixes that are always big sellers at the markets. I sampled a Douglas Fir Vinegar. Made through an infusion of the new tips of Snowdon House's own 1,600 Christmas trees, the vinegar has an unusual floral lemon-pepper taste: a real West Coast flavour that works in many different recipes. The flavoured vinegars and syrups are all very versatile. I'm quite drawn by Laura's suggestion of mixing them with ice and vodka, but you could make a strawberry sorbet instead. The best way to learn some of these new techniques is to visit the team at one of the summer markets, or at the studio itself. (During August's Flavour Trail they will be demonstrating sorbet making.) With the fifth anniversary of Snowdon House approaching, Laura has many ambitious plans including a big party to celebrate the occasion and to thank the community for their ongoing support. Open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., on Mills Road in North Saanich, Snowdon House is a treasure trove.

Thank You to Everyone Who Made My Dream Possible! Special thanks to: Robert L, Candy L, Fima K, Romona K, Maureen T, Dave T, Jennifer (daughter), Connie (sister), Dad, Gordon & Audrey W, Drew P, Theresa S, Nick H … and so many others who helped me along the way!

Janet’s Special Teas Sidney Laser & Beauty Clinic

I n fo @ s e a b re eze l a s e m c a l l o r tex t 7 78 . 97 7. 5 6 2 6 www. s e a b re eze l a s e m

32 SEASIDE | august 2014 |

2451A Beacon Avenue, Sidney 250.655.9477 •

buying local is good for you! We really do live in a little slice of heaven on earth. With so many wonderful farms on the Saanich Peninsula and in the surrounding communities, why would you go anywhere else to get the freshest, in-season vegetables; berries; meat; plants; tree and vine fruit; honey, wine and cider; eggs and so much more? Or visit one of our wonderful farmers markets, which bring together the best our farms have to offer … all in one place! Farm to Family: it’s the Peninsula way!

Gobind Farms Owned and operated by the Dheenshaw family for over 30 years, we specialize in farm fresh seasonal ready-picked berries: strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, tayberry, boysenberry and loganberry. Gobind also produces a variety of types of squash, rhubarb, beets, leeks, garlic and pumpkin. Head down to our roadside stand from 9 - 6:30 daily or find us at many local farmers markets. Go Best Gobind! 6929 Veyaness Rd, Saanichton 250.652.0182

Phil’s Farm

Phil Christensen of Phil’s Farm has over 30 years’ experience growing fruit on the Peninsula as sustainably as possible. We have five varieties of blueberries, with some of them as large as a quarter! We also have three varieties of raspberries; Cascade Delight, Qualicum and Tulameen. Farm gate & U-Pick. 6080 Oldfield Rd, Victoria 250.652.2264

Gobind Farms

Dan’s Farm and Country Market Dan’s Farm grows fruit and vegetables in rich Saanich Peninsula soil. July and August are filled with delicious fruits and vegetables; our blueberries are ripe, our melons and figs are sweet and juicy, peppers and tomatoes filled with flavour, beans and peas are picked, and corn and early apples are ready. Come have a sample anytime!

North Saanich Farm Market North Saanich Farm Market runs weekly Saturday markets until Oct. 11th, 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., St. John’s United Church gardens at 10990 W. Saanich Rd. Seasonal produce, flowers, fabulous baked goods, locally raised meat, fish, crafts and live music. Meet your neighbours at the market. Focused on supporting food production on the Saanich Peninsula.

2030 Bear Hill Rd, Saanichton 250.652.9100

Sun Wing Tomatoes

Michell’s Farm Just off of Highway 17 at Island View Road on the Lochside bike Trail is Michell’s Farm. This sixthgeneration, family-run farm specializes in growing seasonal produce, and with over 50 varieties of fruit and vegetables grown here, Michell’s always has something to offer including their own local, hormone-free, grass-raised beef! August is fresh corn month; come taste the local flavours! 2451 Island View Rd Central Saanich 250.652.6770

We are a biologically-friendly family enterprise that specializes in tomatoes, producing over 13 colourful varieties. In addition to a wide selection of cucumbers and peppers, we grow a large assortment of vegetables, greens and herbs. We also offer a unique selection of flora, home and garden décor. Fresh … Clean … Local. Sun Wing Tomatoes 6070 Oldfield Rd, Victoria 250.652.5732

for a list of local farms, visit

You Are Invited To Visit Sea Star Vineyards'

Tasting Room!


1 Discover Why Church & State Has Been Named Producer of Canada’s Best Red Wine 4 Times Since 2009

Open Daily, Noon - 6pm (Closed Tues. & Wed.) • (250) 629-6960

250.652.2671 •

6621 Harbour Hill Drive, Pender Island •

Church & State Wines by Hans Tammemagi

Two bald eagles soar effortlessly, high above orderly rows of flourishing vines on the grounds of the Church & State Winery in Central Saanich. The10-acre vineyard features a fountain, spouting water that glitters and sparkles in the sunshine. The winery building, an architectural masterpiece encircled by verandahs and decorated with colourful banners and hanging flower pots, stands dominantly on a rise. It's an attractive winery and would fit seamlessly into internationally renowned wine regions such as the Napa Valley or the Barossa Valley. Inside the winery is an expansive, elegant, open-concept room with high-vaulted ceiling that includes a tasting bar, shop, restaurant and an open kitchen with a wood-fired oven and gleaming stainless-steel counters. Looking around the large area while sipping a crisp Pinot Gris or Chardonnay at the tasting bar, you can almost hear and feel the excitement of the approximately 100 weddings and functions held here every year. Today, the warmth and sunshine has drawn visitors onto

3 Raise a Glass!

We’re open year round for tastings & tours, weddings and events. • June 1st - September 30th: Daily • October 1st - May 31st: Wed - Sun (& most holiday Mondays) 2487 Mt. St. Michael Rd, Saanichton, BC 250.544.4824 • • follow along:

the shady verandah where they enjoy their cuisine and wine with sweeping views over the vineyards. A constant flurry of waiters delivers gourmet thin-crust pizzas, charcuterie platters, Salt Spring mussels and, of course, chilled bottles of white wine. While pouring a slightly oaked Gravelbourg Chardonnay, the server explains the winery was purchased in 2004 and opened in 2005 after major renovations. "Church represents the heart and State is symbolic of the head, a harmony of spiritual and worldly," she explains. "What makes Church & State special," she adds, "is that the owner Kim Pullen and his family pay meticulous attention to detail." One can see, and taste, the results. Church & State wines come in three classes: the Quintesssential series is top-of-the-line, reserved for the perfect embodiment of a wine. Next are the Coyote Bowl and Church & State series. In 2013, a total of 14,000 cases of wine were produced. Whites include Pinot Gris, Viognier, Trebella and Chardonnay. Reds include Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The excellence of the wines, and the expertise of winemaker Jeff Del Nin, is demonstrated by Church & State wines having won many prizes and awards, but none better than the award for best Canadian red wine four times in five years. Church & State has set the bar high, and is easy to visit, thanks to its location next to the Victoria Butterfly Gardens on Benvenuto Road, which leads to Buchart Gardens. There is a sister facility in Oliver, at the south end of the Okanagan Valley, which consists of 85 acres and produces all the wines, except the Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir, which grow on the Vancouver Island property. Sitting on the verandah, sipping an excellent Pinot Noir while gazing over the rolling vineyard, it feels good to be in a world-class winery that's thriving right here on Vancouver Island.

Summer Winery Hours & Events

2 (Pender Island)






a p S e

t d S V E . E Y A

l .


t P o r

S I D N . L V D

D .




1 s

. S t

. S t

. E A V E V I L L . D A V E H A R O R C


1 7



open Thursday through Monday 12 to 6 pm









1 7




I S L . V I E W R D




E .





Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse



M T . N E W T O N X R D .

S T E L L Y ’ S X R D












Tastings and Tours:


R D .


M c T A V I S H


Aug. 1st to 8th, 4 to 8 pm – Amy Heggie Aug. 15th to 22nd, 4 to 8 pm – "Iron, Wood & Canvas" – Collective Exhibit by Malcolm Armstrong, Susan Armstrong, Stan Oglov and Colin Hamilton. Aug. 29th to Sept. 5th, 4 to 8 pm – "The Hand & The Eye 2" – photography by Colin Gatward and ceramics by Karl Stittgen.


. S t

4 t h

5 t h


Art Exhibits:

t t S

M I L L S R D .


3 r d

Sea Star Vineyard

2 n


S t

R . N D V E H A S T R E

5 t h

V E . R Y A H E N



every day from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

. S t 7 t h

Y . H W A Y T B P A


A A W . S

Tastings in the Wine Bar and Lunch in the Bistro:


V E . L I A A A M E

W A I N R D .

t . d S 3 r

Church & State Wines

1 7

B I R C H R D .








Tastings and Tours:




open daily 11 a.m. Sidney to 4 p.m. Pier Spa • Seaside Times Aug 2014 Ad • Size: 7.75” (w) x 4.925” (h) • REV2 • July 11/14 E L K L A K E


P r o s p e c t L a k e

R o y a l O a k

W e s t S a a n i c

S A A N I C H 1 Along with The Sidney Pier Hotel, BHaven b a n Salon is committed to sustainable u r n s i d e M c K e n z i e 1 practices that preserve the delicate balance of our natural 1 7 environment and V I E W 1 4 R O Y A L its resources. Haven is proud to be an Aveda Concept Salon. L A N G F O R D B e a r M t n .

I n t e r u r


m c u T i l l i

d . k e R


L e t o r i a



o s i n D N D e t c h A l b e r t H e a d


C o o k

I s l a n d H w y .

o r i a l

e m

S o o

H a r r i e t

c e r

S p e n


V e t e r a n ’ s

J a c k l i n

A d m i r a l s


B e l l e v i l l e

d i e l i r f

F a

M o s s

1 4

P a n d o r a

J o h n s o n

F o r t D N D


B e a c h

Y a t e s


F o u l B a y

E s q u i m a l t

S h e l b o u r n e



Q u a d r a

e r

D o u g l a s



B a y

G o v e r n m e n t

f l o

e a n


H i l l s i d e

g a i

C r D N D

B l a n s h a r d

G o r g e



U V i c

Q u a d r a

1 A


d s t r e a m

y .

i d

I s l a n d H w

s r n

G o l


B u

1 A

O c

H a p p y V a l l e y

M t . D o u g l a s



C O L W O O D K e l l y t o S o o k e

h R d


D a l l a s

C M a p b y : J o h n W e b b e r

p a c i f i c s a f e t y @ s h a w . c a N O T T O S C A L E


9805 Seaport Place, Sidney, BC • Ph: 250.655.9797 • SEASIDE | august 2014 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 35

t r ends p o t t in g

S ummer on the

Saanich Peninsula Fish to Market Recommended by locals as THE place for fresh seafood, Satellite offers fresh West Coast fish and shellfish every day, sold in Sidney's most picturesque landmark. Sockeye salmon, snapper, sole, halibut, crab, clams, mussels, oysters and more. (Market price.) Satellite Fish Company Ltd. 2550 Beacon Ave, Sidney 250.656.2642 A Gift or a Keeper

Mediterranean Meets Mexican

Lucky Lemontree Lemon trees, grown in B.C! Fruit growers and orchardists Bob and Verna Duncan are specialists when it comes to growing a piece of the subtropics on Vancouver Island. Pick from over 300 varieties of fruit trees including subtropic varieties. (Lemon trees: two gallon $35; five gallon $80.) Fruit Trees & More- Nursery & Demonstration Orchard 724 Wain Rd, North Saanich

36 SEASIDE | august 2014 |

Summer in a Bottle Endless summer captured in a bottle with a surprising, exciting twist. One dozen choices of locally-made fruit vinegars from raspberry & chili, kiwi & strawberrry to pear & anise. Local, exciting gourmet items and gifts. (250ml $10.) Snowdon House Gourmet & Gifts 1890 Mills Rd, North Saanich

photos by • special thanks to trendspotter Susi McMillan

The First Nations influence on our culture is apparent in the original pieces you find at Tivoli Gallery. No matter if you stay, travel or send a piece of "Canada" elsewhere, you will find the perfect gift for yourself or loved ones here. (Eagle carving $499; botton blanket tote $24.95.) Tivoli Gallery Fine Local Crafts, Native Art, Jewelry & Imports 2475 Beacon Ave, Sidney

There's salsa, and then there is the ART of salsa. MK' Catering, with Maia and Kattia, make salsa, dips and offer fullservice catering for an experience your taste buds won't forget. More than a dozen different salsa flavours, all glutenfree, dairy-free and vegan, are just a few of their unique menu items. MK' Catering Sidney Summer Market, Sundays at the Mary Winspear Centre 250.884.9445



August 2014


Coach House

Customized Drama on the Peninsula

Developing a Masterpiece Story by Barry Mathias | Photography by RealMark Solutions

The two-acre property is situated in a flat landscape that once had been farmland. There is a "sold" sign outside. I turn off the quiet road onto a curving gravel driveway with smart, white curbing, and arrive at a distinctive two storey grey and white building with double garage doors. "I call it the Coach House," Marcelo says. Beyond it, about 100 feet further down the driveway, is a large two-storey building with dormer windows, and a double garage attached to the left, with a shared roof.

We’ve Got It & We’re Here to Help You Find It! Helping With All Your Projects So You Can Start Enjoying Summer Sooner!

2356 Beacon Avenue, Sidney 250.656.2712 38 SEASIDE homes | august 2014

"I bought the land in 2006 and built the Coach House first, starting in 2007," he says. The lower level is a single 1,600-squarefoot space containing a variety of tools and machinery. "Originally, I lived in the two-bedroom space upstairs. I began work on the main house in 2010 and did the excavation, foundations and building, but not the electrical or plumbing." He completed the framing and outside walls in 2011, and was greatly helped by Andrew Tidman of Tidman Construction. It is at this point that I discover Marcelo is also an international long-haul pilot! The main house, designed by Jenny Martin of Jenny Martin Design, is 3,500 square feet, with a 600-square-foot undeveloped basement. A long portico in front, with attractive tumbled pavers, separates the gravel from the building. Double glass-framed doors open into a wide entrance with an office to the right, an imposing curved staircase ahead, and a dining area to the left. There is a sense of space and coolness. The floors are beige-coloured 18- by 18-inch Peruvian travertine tiles that flow into the dining area and beyond into the lounge and kitchen. "All the floors in this house are either travertine tiles or dark oak," Marcelo says, pointing at the pristine dark wood floor of his office. The room is airy, with white-framed windows on one side and a large custom-built cabinetry unit along the other. A formidable light-maple desk dominates the centre of the room, and is articulated by a plain, mushroom-tinted wall. It is a room that exemplifies the rest of the house: bright, clean lines, and a lack of clutter.

High above the attractive wood-burning fireplace with elaborate travertine mantel are matching banisters delineating the upstairs landing.

Outside, the white paneled staircase with its black steps and banister rail focus your attention. Again the emphasis is on the sharp contrast of light and dark. "Throughout the home the dominant accent colour is oilrubbed bronze," he says pointing to a huge, metal framed light hanging over the well of the staircase. "Lighting was very challenging," he admits. He and his girlfriend designed all the interior decoration, and every room has remarkable light fittings. On the left is the dining area that has distant echoes of a baronial hall, with its high, white coffered ceiling contrasting with the heavy, dark reclaimed fir table and six matching open-backed chairs. They look antique, especially the carvers at each end. "I made these," Marcelo admits. "In fact, I made all the large furniture in this house, including the desk and cabinetry in my office, all the tables, and even the bed-frames." Across a wide corridor, we enter an extensive room with an ample

lounge area at one end, and a very large kitchen at the other; glass doors along the far wall make this a bright and welcoming space. To the immediate left is an attractive wood-burning fireplace with an elaborate travertine mantel, and high above, on either side, are matching banisters delineating the upstairs landing. Two voluminous couches in dark leather and a huge low reclaimed fir table occupy the middle of the room. There are reclaimed fir side tables with artistic lamps, and to our right is an immense television on a cleverly constructed sideboard, built by Marcelo, with false doors that conceal video, amplification and computer systems. The high white ceiling, the pale grey walls and the light beige tiles enable the dark fir and leather to provide a startling contrast, amplified by two bronze circular lights hanging by long chains. The grand scale of things continues in the kitchen area: an oblong centre island with six white fabric high chairs on dark wood legs occupies one long side and an end section. The counter top is a single sheet of thick white Calacatta Italian marble that sits firmly on a complex walnut wood frame with a variety of drawers on one side. A single round sink with a curved faucet is inset in the marble at the end nearest the gas stove. "It took five men to carry and set the marble top on the island. Once it was in position, I knew it


It’s Like Adding Another Room to Your Home! Bedrooms • Closets • Offices • Kids Rooms • Sewing Rooms • Custom Cabinets

Queen Murphy Bed With TV Vancouver Island’s only authorized Murphy Wall Bed Dealer 3075 Douglas St, Victoria 250.744.2195 or 1.800.670.5505

Colour Lock™ technology matters. With its incredible scrub and fade resistance, no paint is more enduring or endearing. Only Benjamin Moore offers Colour Lock Technology, for truer, richer colours that are extremely fade resistant and washable. And with a Benjamin store in your neighbourhood, it’s incredibly convenient too.


©2013 Benjamin Moore & Co., Limited. Aura, Benjamin Moore and the triangle “M” symbol are registered trademarks, and Colour Lock and For everthing that matters are trademarks of Benjamin Moore & Co., Limited.

Pacific Paint – 3 Locations!

2065b Keating X Road • 1031 Hillside Avenue #109 - 2455 Millstream Road aura_Ad_v_CAE.indd 1

40 SEASIDE homes | august 2014

11/8/13 8:53 AM

wasn't going anywhere!" Around the kitchen are banks of white drawers and cupboards with bronze fittings. The kitchen tops are black quartz, and a double sink unit faces the windows, with a stainless steel dishwasher nearby. "It's an Asko, produced by a Swedish firm," he says. "It's unbelievably quiet." An enormous stainless steel refrigerator is also inset into the units. The modern propane gas stove has been recessed into a tile-clad alcove, surrounded by a black quartz surface, and a stainless steel microwave and electric oven are also inset into the cabinet units to the left. Once again, unusual bronze metal lighting adds to the dramatic effect, with inset ceiling lights. Marcelo indicates a floor-to-ceiling cupboard unit with three tall, narrow doors. He pulls a handle and two doors open as one to reveal a hidden corridor down which is a walk-in pantry and complex electrical board. Another door leads to the laundry room, with access to the garages. This kitchen style is "transitional:" a combination of modern, efficient appliances with an imaginative use of alcoves, shelves and cupboard units. At the other end of the ground floor is a corridor leading to the master bedroom. A large oak-framed bed, built by Marcelo, occupies the centre of this attractive room; the black oak floor amplifies the white bed coverings and the light, pastel walls. Outside is a spacious, well-designed walk-in closet, with compartments for his clothes at one end, and hers at the other. It has racks for shoes, and a selection of drawers and shelf units, all in walnut and displayed with concealed lighting. On one side of the corridor is the impressive en suite bathroom: a vista of tan- and sand-coloured tiles. To the left is an enormous L-shaped walk-in shower, with two circular overhead rain fitments, and a flexible hand shower. A tiled half-wall, floor-to-ceiling glass,

Septic and Drainage Solutions For

The Saanich Peninsula and Western Communities

• Design & Installation • System Replacement • Maintenance • Repairs

John Langard

Registered Onsite Wastewater Practitioner


combined with the use of discreet windows with blinds, makes this a bright and welcoming space. In the centre of the far wall is a luxurious tub with a wide tiled step running the full length, and a picture window behind. To the right, the toilet is enclosed in a separate room. At either side of the main door are identical dark walnut vanity units, each with a sink enclosed in white marble with a walnut-framed mirror. It is a room to be enjoyed. Upstairs are three airy bedrooms: two for Marcelo's children and one for visitors, with a single, modern bathroom and an undeveloped attic. The long corridor connecting these rooms provides views of the lounge and the impressive staircase. Marcelo has sold this house and is ready to move on to the next challenge, leaving behind a beautiful home for the next owners to continue its development.

Comprehensive marketing packages for today’s Real Estate professionals photos :: HD video :: floor plans :: web tours :: brochures SEASIDE HOMES | august 2014 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 41

o n desi g n LED bulbs: Gone are the dark ages Move over CFL … LED is here! All you sports fans can breathe a sigh of relief: I'm talking about compact fluorescent fixtures, not a major sports league. Let me climb up on my pedestal for a moment. The lighting industry took a serious step backwards at the invention of the compact florescent light. Yes, energy by Mike & Lisa efficient it is, but sadly it casts a truly Dunsmuir horrible light, not to mention you would Step One Design be done your job and out of the room by the time it actually powered up. I'm exaggerating, of course, but truly not a good thing in areas with little to no natural light (what happened to all that brouhaha in the '80s about how nasty it is to work under florescent lights, and the next thing you know we are told to switch our light bulbs to CFL's – never could figure this out!) So, get up, scan your house, remove every single CFL this very moment and rid yourself of this nasty dinosaur. Thankfully, the lighting industry has made rapid strides forward with the advent of the LED (light emitting diode) bulb. If you have fixtures you rarely use, then stick with incandescent bulbs (more on this later) … but anything that you steadily use, seriously consider making the leap to into the 21st century.

I definitely go with LED lights wherever possible for all my customers and here's why: 1. They burn cooler than halogens and CFLs. (No air conditioning? Think about LED's to offset some of that heat.) 2. Yes … Truer light (see that note on buying cheap LED's …) 3. They last 25,000 to 60,000 hours. No brainer here. So, when looking for an LED bulb, look for one that is WARM white, 2,500 to 3, 000K. Also important: a high CRI index (between 0 to 100 is the index; anything closer to 100 will tend toward truer colour). Not all manufacturers post this info. A key hint is to not buy cheap LED bulbs. You definitely pay for what you get. I do not purchase them from big box stores for just that reason, rather I like to frequent our local lighting stores. They are an investment. Also keep in mind that this is new technology, and therefore not perfected yet – for instance there is no substitute for halogen bulbs yet … I'm waiting anxiously for this one! LEDs are going to massively change the world; when you think about it, a very small light diode can be placed anywhere! Not only will it have an impact on the environment but it will have a huge impact on our own lives. From a design standpoint, lighting design is going to be revolutionized … but from a function standpoint, we can't even wrap our brains around it yet! For more information visit

Your Tree, Your Neighbour’s Home! Did You Know: • If the tree is on your property it’s your responsibility to ensure it’s safe.

• If your tree causes damage you may be asked when it was last inspected for health and safety.

• If you can’t provide evidence that a reasonable inspection has been completed, you may be held liable for the damages.

Storm Season Approaches; Have Your Trees Inspected!

Design • Construction • Maintenance | 250.385.4858 | 42 SEASIDE homes | august 2014

west coast G ardener Irrigating: with today’s new technology, it's simply better!

Now in Sidney

Irrigation has come a long way in a short period of time. Here are six solid reasons why you should consider a professionallyinstalled irrigation system or upgrading your existing system: • Unless you like getting up at 6 a.m. several times a week, for by Colin Eaton nine months a year, to hand Garden City Tree and Landscape Ltd. water your landscape, your plants will not be receiving adequate water, which means your lawn and plants will suffer. • A professionally-installed system ensures even watering of all areas of the landscape, as opposed to overwatering in some areas and underwatering in others. An improperly designed irrigation system is one of the biggest water wastes out there. • Precision nozzles is a relatively new technology that sees irrigation heads deliver water slower, thus allowing for better absorption rates (ie less water is wasted due to evaporation or run off). Less water wasted means saving money on your water bill, while keeping your plants happy! • Proper watering of your landscape will ensure optimum growth each season. Many issues with plant health are attributed to the lack of an irrigation system or an improperly-installed system. • It is an investment in your property. If you spend tens of thousands of dollars on installing a landscape, you want to make sure your plants will not be dead or severely damaged within a year or two. An irrigation system provides controlled watering, and will help protect your investment! • Irrigation technology is always advancing to be more efficient. Did you know that new irrigation timers have cloud-based technology? This means they can check in with the local weather and adjust the irrigation based on the actual weather. You should also make sure to install a backflow preventer. Water that enters your irrigation system comes from your municipal water supply, the same water we drink every day. Without a backflow preventer, irrigation water can backflow into the municipal system every time you water. If, for example, you have a pet that relieves itself on your lawn or you use pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, all will mix with the water that can flow back into yours and our drinking water. To combat this backflow contamination, the CRD requires backflow preventers be installed on any new or existing systems. If you don't have one, consider installing one soon. For more information visit

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I’m everyone’s son-in-law. The best part of my day? Speaking the universal language of laughter.

Independent and assisted living choices for today’s senior.

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Transform the “BC Box” house into a modern, sophisticated home, on any budget. is the writing on the wall? it’s time to renovate.

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the box

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resourceful. creative. ACCESSIBLE.

new & noteworthy by Linda Hunter services

Reflections and New Directions Returning home to Sidney, Ron Gibson has taken on the role of General Manager at Amica at Beechwood Village. With Amica for six years (previously at Douglas House in Victoria), Ron is proud to offer a friendly, relaxed retirement community with expertly trained staff, committed to helping maintain independence. Amenities include 24-hour staff, an all-day bistro, full service meals and private dining room, activities shuttle bus, housekeeping and landscaped gardens along with a private courtyard and green house. Phone 250-655-0849 for a tour and complimentary lunch. The doors and windows are open at PacificView Windows & Doors in Sidney. Rick, Blair and Jerome sell and install local, Canadian, American and European windows and doors, custom doors and entrances, glass railing systems, and patio covers and sunrooms.

News, changes, updates, launches? Email Committed to honesty, quality and value, they offer high-level personal service at theirThird Street location, which is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and by appointment anytime. Call Rick Slauenwhite at 778-351-0202 to find out more. After 17 years as part of the Saanichton community, Gartley Station has closed its doors. With sincere sadness, Dave Gartley has said goodbye to his loyal and respected customers. As he turns his attention to familyrelated matters, he extends his thanks for the patronage and kind words of support the local community has sent his way. Dave recommends that customers join Jen and Dan from the Station, in moving to Peninsula U-Brew Winery where he knows that Maureen and Stan will take good care of you and your wine. retail

Opening Doors and Moving Stores Marmalade Tart Boutique

Summer is Now in FULL SWING!

is moving once again, this time into a larger space in downtown Sidney. Since 2009, Geraldene Coates and her team have been offering up ladies' retail and accessories, and now shoes and online sales in their new bright and beautiful location near the foot of Beacon Avenue. Open seven days a week, customers can still expect to find the same great knowledge, honest advice and fun and energetic attitude within the new walls, at #103 - 2506 Beacon. Find out more at www. or on Facebook at marmaladetart.

Avenue, Sidney.

Sidney's own Cameron Rose is often on the edge of what's new in fun and gifts, and now they will be closer to the water's edge, moving further down Beacon Avenue later his month. Staying true to their roots, Suzanne and Kristin Rose will continue to offer up jewelry, purses, great gifts and hilarious greeting cards along with their very popular line of retro dresses. Open seven days a week, you can visit them at www.cameronrose. ca or at #102 - 2506 Beacon

Carrying some sadness along with gratitude and 18 years of memories, Kostas and Dafni Zobolas, owners of Sidney's popular Pier One Restaurant, have sailed off into the sunset. Actually they flew off, to Greece for a well-deserved holiday and family wedding, having recently sold their Beacon Avenue restaurant and retired. Sidney is home, so you will continue to see them around town, enjoying some much-deserved leisure time.

Drifting toward shore, Vikki Ferrie, a resident of Piers Island, is passionate about creating unique hand-crafted mirrors, lamps, art and design accessories out of driftwood. Each piece is a labour of love, truly local and eco friendly! Driftwood Creations is online at www. and Vikki's work is also available at many of the local arts and crafts markets and at Salt Spring Island's Wednesday market. dining

Feeling Fulfilled

C.J. (Kip) Wilson

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“Drive for ALS” Charity Tournament August 23rd at 8:30 am Open to Everyone! Fun, Games, Prizes, Silent Auction and Lunch For details please call 250.656.4621

www.ard 250.656.4621 • 930 Ardmore Dr, North Saanich

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g a r d e n t o ta b l e take full advantage of summer's delicious bounty available in local farm markets

Fresh Fruit Delights by Carolyn Herriot

Jolene's Peach Pie Filling

(Makes Two Pies) It wouldn't be summer without a fresh fruit pie and this recipe makes the best peach pie ever! 4 lbs tree-ripened peaches 1 lb granulated sugar 5 tbsp minute tapioca 1½ tsp cinnamon powder 2 tbsp butter Cinnamon sugar: 1 tbsp sugar mixed with 1 tsp cinnamon Put the sliced peaches in a large saucepan with ¾ of the sugar and stir to mix. Let stand for 5 minutes. Bring to a boil and boil for 1 minute, stirring constantly. Mix the rest of the sugar with the tapioca and stir this into the peaches. Bring back to a boil and boil for 1 minute. Line a pie dish with pastry. Pour half the peach filling over it to fill the pie dish, dot the filling with butter. Place the pastry "lid" over the filling; fold the two edges of the pastry underneath to create a smooth edge; crimp the pastry between your fingers to create a decorative edge and seal the pie filling. To bake a shiny golden-brown fruit

FREE CONSULTATIONS Full & Partial Dentures Dentures Over Implants Relines & Repair (same day) No Referral Necessary

pie, spread a thin layer of cream over the pastry with a pastry brush and sprinkle it all over with cinnamon sugar. Do I need to mention whipped cream?

Granny's Plum Kuchen

(Makes 12 Servings) This elegant streusel tart is a "five-star dessert" according to friends, who can never resist a second piece. The secret to success lies in the variety of plums – choose firmer plums rather than juicy ones that can make the tart too moist. 1 cup butter, chilled 1 cup plus 2 tbsp granulated white sugar Cook & Oscar Photography

“Absolutely first class …”

Ron Postings, R.D. Robin Postings, R.D. Tan Nguyen, R.D. SIDNEY


#3 - 2227 James White Blvd (behind Thrifty Foods)

3937 Quadra Street (2 blocks south of McKenzie)



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2 2/3 cups unbleached white flour, plus ½ cup extra for coating 2 large eggs 1 lb "Damson" or prune plums, halved, stones removed 1 tbsp raw cane or brown sugar 1 tsp cinnamon zest of 1 lemon Preheat oven to 400°F. Chop chunks of cold butter into a large mixing bowl. Add the white sugar and 2 2/3 cups flour. Using a pastry cutter or two knives, chop the butter into the flour mix until it just starts to form a coarse crumb texture. Now, using your fingertips, work the coarser texture into a more uniform crumble. Beat eggs with a whisk and pour over the flour mixture in the bowl. Using a fork, stir in circles until a moist crumble forms. Sprinkle the remaining ½ cup flour over the moist crumbs in the bowl to coat them. Pour two-thirds of this mixture into a 12-inch spring form pan. Using your fingers, press evenly over the bottom and two inches up the sides of the pan. Put the plums in a separate bowl and sprinkle with the brown sugar, lemon zest and cinnamon. Gently toss together so that the plums are well coated. Pour the plums over the crumble base in the pan. Spread the remaining third of the crumble evenly over the plums, finally tapping the pan on the counter to level crumbs right up to the edge. Reduce the heat to 350°F and bake for 45 minutes. After 30 minutes check the top for browning and cover with tin foil if necessary to complete baking. Leave to cool before removing the sides of the spring form pan and serving.

Mrs. Marsh's Raspberry Cordial (Makes 3 Cups) This refreshing summer drink always surprises and delights. Serve over ice, with a good splash of club soda or sparkling mineral water.

A Beautiful Selection of Décor for Home and Garden

5 lbs fresh raspberries ½ cup white wine vinegar ½ cup water 1 cup granulated sugar In a saucepan mash the berries (I use a potato masher). Mix the water and the vinegar and cover the fruit with it. Cover the pan with a lid and leave to sit for 48 hours. Mash again. Strain through a cheesecloth-lined sieve into a saucepan. For each one cup of juice add one cup of sugar. Slowly bring to a boil, stirring to dissolve the sugar, and pour the hot juice into a sterilized glass bottle or jar. TIP: Leave the bottle or jar filled with hot water before filling so they don't crack. Carolyn Herriot is author of "The Zero Mile Diet - A Year-Round Guide to Growing Organic Food" and "The Zero-Mile Diet Cookbook Seasonal Recipes for Delicious Homegrown Food" (Harbour) available at your local bookstore.

Doyle&Brown Home and Garden

Tuesday - Saturday 10 - 5 or anytime by appointment 6666 West Saanich Rd, Brentwood Bay (beside Butterfly Gardens) • 778.426.4436


peninsula restaurant profile

Steady As She Goes: The Rumrunner Legacy by Doreen Marion Gee This is the fourth in a six-part series of profiles on some of the Saanich Peninsula's wonderful restaurants and pubs. Just like those glorious old winding sea sagas of rumrunners along the coast of Sidney, the legacy of the Rumrunner Pub and Restaurant boldly extends back in time. One of the oldest eating establishments in Sidney, the restaurant is a fixture on the Peninsula. Over the years, The Rumrunner has forged a solid reputation as a relaxing, comfortable place to eat, with superb food and caring service. And it has proven its worth as a good

community partner and friend. The Pub and Restaurant has been a reliable port-of-call for many generations of people. Ever since it dropped anchor in 1990, its presence here has enhanced this community and helped make it a first-class travel destination and a special place to call home. This June marked 25 years of a thriving waterfront restaurant for owners Bill and Jane Singer. Their boat has weathered a lot of rough weather in the food service industry, such as the recession and changes in liquor laws, but The Rumrunner has always emerged

s s n es ard io sin Aw ent Bu al M w st Ne Cry ble 13 ra 20 ou


Sunshine. Patio Season. The Rumrunner Pub.


y kl s ee al W eci Sp

It’s Here!

more seaworthy than ever before. The Singers have kept afloat by steering a steady course of providing consistently excellent food. Bill Singer: "We serve fresh wholesome food. Good food at a fair price became one of my trademarks." According to Bill, they bring in high-quality local food and buy the best from elsewhere. Almost everything is made from scratch. Their burgers are all pure Angus beef: "no fillers here!" TripAdvisor reviews show appreciation for the high-quality food. Happy customers comment that "The halibut and chips is the best we've had … ever!" and

  Dine In     Take Out      Delivery

Tantalize your taste buds with delicious appetizers, entrees and desserts We offer an exceptional casual dining experience while overlooking the exciting airport runway.

The only thing we overlook … is the view! 9881 Seaport Pl, Sidney 250.656.5643

48 SEASIDE | august 2014

250-665-7353 | Open Mon. - Sat. 202-9800 McDonald Park Rd, North Saanich

Thai Corner Restaurant

2359 Beacon Avenue, Sidney 778.426.4680   778.351.3380

"Pub fare food done to perfection." Travellers state that coming to the Rumrunner Pub and Restaurant has become a "must-do tradition," an eagerly-anticipated oasis on their journey. Locals rave about the "consistently great" food and the popularity of the seaside eatery. Savvy captains, the Singers know that treating customers well is what keeps their enterprise on an even keel. Bill wants his patrons to know that they are important to him and his staff. Simple gratitude underscores the success of The Rumrunner: "It is the customers who pay our wages. I need them more than they need me. Every businessman should be thankful to the people who want to walk through his doors and buy his products. That mentality will take people through the tough times!" The musings of satisfied customers show that they deeply appreciate the gold star service at the Singers' eatery. One patron gushes: "I was out for a walk and decided to drop in and wow!!!!!!!! I

Blue Plate Specials!

Breakfast: $6 Lunch: $12

Visit the Home of Melinda's Biscotti!

really hope the manager knows how excellent this girl (the female server) is because I can guarantee she will be keeping a whole lot of customers coming back including myself!!!"

"It is the customers who pay our wages. Every businessman should be thankful to the people who want to walk through his doors and buy his products." Another citizen review: "The service was excellent even when the place filled up with patrons." (TripAdvisor.) Being good community partners and citizens keeps them in a strong wind as the Singers sail towards a sunny horizon. They are a generous local communty partner: Bill and Jane donate gift certificates to local

charitable events and organizations every year and they won an award for being one of the first wheelchair accessible venues. The solid Rumrunner legacy is built on longterm caring relationships in the community. The Singer family and their treasured pub and restaurant play a special and valuable role in the lives of local citizens, from past to present. They hold memorial services at their establishment for families of patrons who stayed with them for many years – people who laughed, loved and revelled in the food and ocean view for decades and now finally rest their heads in a special service at their favorite hideaway by the sea. The Rumrunner Pub and Restaurant is a testament to the staying power of upholding the values of a quality product, treating people well and being a good neighbour. Their legacy has earned them "fair winds and following seas." Contact:

Summer Patio Seating Now Open! Come Enjoy Breakfast, Lunch or a Pastry on Our Sunny Patio. Now Serving 10 Flavours of ARTISAN GELATO!

Same Great Pub; Now Family Friendly!

Liquor Store On Site!

New KID’S Section:

Kid’s Menu • Acitivity Sheets High Chairs & Booster Seats

250.896.1964 10134A McDonald Park Rd, N. Saanich

Tuesday - Sunday 8:30 am - 5 pm 6991 East Saanich Rd (at Island View) Central Saanich 778.426.2822

“Large portions … excellent food. New restaurant area is kid friendly. Great selection of beers. Well worth the visit.” (

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Bringing More Value to You and Your Company: • Fixed Price know the exact cost for your annual services ahead of time

• Unlimited Meetings & Phone Support all included in our one-price pricing as opposed to hourly rates

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complete satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

• Payment Terms ease of monthly payments smooth out your business cash flow

“Business IS our Business”

“Business IS our Business” Where successful business owners come for expert accounting, tax and advisory solutions.

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St. tel: 250 590 5211 | 202 - 830 Shamrock Street | V8X | Victoria BC Victoria BC2V1|

First on the scene. KATIE DEROSA @katiederosa

reports on police and crime every week only in the Times Colonist

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common cents Personal planning documents

Be pain free. For any activity.

Relationships come in all

Brentwood Physiotherapy & Massage 6967 Wallace Dr., Brentwood Bay 250.652.6515

Peninsula Physiotherapy & Massage 9733 4th St., Sidney 250.656.4717

Beacon Community Services Employment Services

Helping People Find Jobs Since 1982 Looking For Work? Need Employees? Give Us a Call. It's FREE!

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shapes and sizes: common law, same sex, blended families and budding relationships. Regardless of the style of relationship, it is important to consider how your partner would manage if you were unexpectedly incapacitated, or worse, if you actually died. Does your by Laurie Salvador will reflect what you would want to Salvador, Davis & Co. give to your loved ones? Do you even have a will? Just as important, and perhaps more important, is a Power of Attorney. A person is just as likely to have a serious accident or event that renders them incapable, and then it's too late. If you become incapacitated without a Power of Attorney in place, a family member will have to apply to court for a committeeship order to take care of your affairs, which can take months and cost several thousand dollars. Consider the case of a young man who was involved in an industrial accident resulting in brain damage; his wife was not able to pay bills or access his income to support herself and their two infant children. Without a Power of Attorney, she could not even talk to his employer about disability benefits. As notaries, we see this time and again: a stroke or aneurysm puts someone in hospital, leaving family or friends struggling to look after finances and medical decisions without the paperwork in place to give them authority to do so. You don't want to be the person who never gets around to having documents made to protect your family from a financial disaster. The notaries at Salvador, Davis & Co. are well trained in the area of personal planning documents such as Wills, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Directives and Representation Agreements. We encourage people to consider making a plan. If cost is a factor, the VIHA website has some very basic forms, although we frequently find people have attempted to use these basic forms and are not able to complete them due to lack of knowledge ( advance_care_planning/plan.htm). If your situation is complicated, or non-traditional, or you just want to make sure it's done correctly, we urge you to consult one of our professional notaries to protect what you own and those you love. Partner, Lisa Ehrlich, oversees our real estate department. She will skillfully handle your property conveyance whether you are the buyer, seller, or the lender. Lisa Ehrlich earned the coveted Dr. Hoeter award for the top marks in her class when she graduated in 2000. With 14 years of experience as a notary, she is your go-to person for all real estate matters. For more information visit or call 250.656.3951.

LALOCA Brings A Unique Experience To Sidney With Local & Global Fair Trade Products

778.351.3844 Tuesday - Saturday, 10:30 - 5 102 - 2360 Beacon Avenue, Sidney

Car Crazy: The Torque Masters Car Club by Doreen Marion Gee

Remember the "grease machines" of the '50s and the men who loved them – polishing, painting and showing off those flamboyant muscle machines to jealous onlookers. The Torque Masters Car Club in Sidney is resurrecting a bygone era of pure infatuation with splashy funky automobiles. To top it all off, a larger-than-life event in August will pay tribute to the beauty of the horseless carriage. Cam McLennan talks excitedly about his passion for cars and the Torque Masters Car Club in Sidney. Their Fundraising and Events Committee Coordinator, Cam clarifies the club's value: "We want to preserve and maintain interest in all makes of automobiles and to serve as an accurate source of information concerning these automobiles for the benefit of its members as well as the general public." Founded in 1967, the Torque Masters Car Club is open to all models, types and years of vehicles. This sizzling mix is geared towards vintage, collector, classic and special interest cars. Anyone is welcome whose heart races at the mention of a Model T Ford: "The Torque Masters is a family-oriented car club in Sidney, B.C. You don't even have to have a car to join!" Members take great pride in their customized colourful hot rods and muscle cars. On Sunday, August 24th, The Coast Capital Insurance 2014 Auto Extravaganza Classic & Special Interest Car Show & Shine – hosted by The Torque Masters Car Club – will rock the town of Sidney. From 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., a showcase of retro metal marvels will gleam in the sun along our town streets as '50s and '60s songs

waft through the air. The Auto Extravaganza is the primary fundraiser for the car club every year. Funds raised allow the operation of the club, give back to local community charities, and offer a free club membership and a $1,000 bursary to an eligible student to jumpstart their auto industry career. Torque Masters Car Club is a good community partner, generously donating to three Sidney soup kitchens over the last few years. The Auto Extravaganza is for classic and special interest, vintage, glam and kinky machines. Cars, motorbikes and trucks are

welcome. This year, they are lucky to have the full title sponsorship of Coast Capital Insurance. Registration of cars is $15 at the Mary Winspear parking lot on the day of the event. It is first come, first serve. Spectators dream free of charge. Cam McLennan is glowing: "The August car show is a huge event for Sidney! It brings people here and helps put our town on the map!" "Our goal is to revive the love of cars. We are car crazy!" Eat your heart out Jay Leno. Contact and event info:

BATHROOM ESSENTIALS Say goodbye to clutter

With these smart cases from Lug , toiletries and cosmetics get corralled 102-2537 Beacon Ave Sidney 250-655-7732

RBC Dominion Securities Inc.

Avoid EstAtE AdministrAtion mistAkEs: A FrEE PrEsEntAtion Before you choose or become an executor, there are financial responsibilities to consider.

Monday, September 22, 2014 | 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. Mary Winspear Centre | 2243 Beacon Ave. | Sidney, BC

Speaker: SuSan BeneSch, Estate and Trust Advisor RBC Wealth Management Services

RSVP to Wendy or Wynn at 250-655-2880.

hoSt: DeBorah reiD, Investment Advisor & Financial Planner RBC Dominion Securities RBC Dominion Securities Inc.* and Royal Bank of Canada are separate corporate entities which are affiliated. *Member-Canadian Investor Protection Fund. RBC Dominion Securities Inc. is a member company of RBC Wealth Management, a business segment of Royal Bank of Canada. ®Registered trademarks of Royal Bank of Canada. Used under licence. © RBC Dominion Securities Inc. 2014. All rights reserved.

52 SEASIDE | august 2014

beacon landing restaurant & lounge

Ambience. Food. View. We Have It All!

Bring the Whole Family! Great $8 Kids’ Menu Sunny Summer Salads Fresh Seafood Have Lunch and Explore Beautiful Glass Beach!

edie daponte & co.

kitchen open till 10 p.m. daily

It’s Summertime! 100-seat oceanfront patio

98% of Our Menu is Available Gluten Free!

intimate evening of latin and jazz vocals with fabulous local accompaniment August 16th @ 6 pm

2537 Beacon Avenue, Sidney (in the Cannery Building) 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily | 250.656.6690 |

Trusted Advice... Dale Henley has been providing his clients with trusted advice in the area of will, trusts, representation agreements, powers of attorney and estate administration for over thirty years. Dale and his associates at Henley & Walden LLP can help you create a will and estate plan which reflects your wishes and protects those persons and things that are important to you.

The lawyers at Henley & Walden LLP can also assist you in planning for the management of your assets if you become unable to make your own financial decisions, making advance health care decisions and providing for the appointment of someone you trust to make decisions about your health care. Estate planning is about you and your family and those people and things that matter in your world. The reward to you is peace of mind. At Henley & Walden LLP we can help.

201-2377 BEVAN AVE. SIDNEY, B.C. V8L 4M9

TEL: 250-656-7231


This event raised $70,753.75! 26th The Saanich Peninsula Hospital Foundation Board of Directors


and the Golf Committee wish to thank the supporters of the 2014 Tee Off For Technology Golf Tournament.

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ignition Buying a car has become increasingly complicated, so Seaside has decided to lend a hand! With the assistance of Motorize Auto Direct, this month we turn on the Ignition for our readers.

Buying a Used Vehicle by Julian Sale

So, at some point in our driving careers, we all decide to go shopping for a new (or used) car, truck, etc. But many many of us are trying to determine what IS and what IS NOT a "deal." New car dealers have sales and incentives to sweeten their prices, and since they start at fixed, well-publicized price points, the deals are easy to spot. But in the used market, the price range for seemingly identical cars are all over the map. Let's rewind a bit. Say, to the year 1965. Check the newspaper on Saturday morning, and look through the classifieds. Next, a phone call, and by noon, you have looked at your favourites. So simple After a little bartering, kicking tires and a test drive, you found your car. How times have changed, as sometime in the late '90s through the mid-2000s the internet became a sophisticated marketplace for used vehicles. The availability of cars went from local to regional, then to provincial, and now international. Last time you looked for a car, you probably started at your computer. This massive availability makes things a little more difficult, because while your access grew, so did the number of models, colours, trim levels and so on. Back to the values. You're now armed with information after spending 10, maybe 20 or more hours at your computer researching.

But you're no closer to finding your new steed. Remember this: You need to narrow your field considerably, just like going back to 1965. First, if you have a friend you can trust in the car business, pick their brain for information and opinions. Remember the "you can trust" part of the last sentence. Consider the history of the vehicle, and learn where it has been driven. Avoid cars from anywhere east of where you drive. Look at accident history with a Carproof report. If you can't see or get a report, see a professional mechanic to inspect the car. If you see an accident history, look into the details or consult a professional to see if it's been fixed properly. Keep in mind that a clean history on paper means only that: a clean history on paper. You need to consider mileage, wear and tear, and at the top of your list will always be actual current vehicle condition. This is a more-than-meets-the-eye scenario, so you you guessed it: see a professional for advice. Looking in depth at the vehicle you want is hard to do without help, and the time and money you spend with a sales professional will pay you back in terms of long-term enjoyment.

We’ve Got You Covered.

Peninsula Brake & Tire Ltd.

Hi-Tech Collision

250.655.3230 #102 - 2031 Malaview Ave, Sidney

250.655.4212 2061 Malaview Ave West, Sidney

Keating Collision

250.652.9833 #25 - 6809 Kirkpatrick Cr, Saanichton Simply the best auto body shops on the Saanich Peninsula

Your Neighbourhood Service Centre

• • • •

Full mechanical repairs for all makes and models Regular preventative maintenance Air conditioning repairs/service 4-wheel alignments and computer diagnostics

Your Tireland Member. SEASIDE | august 2014 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 55

smell the coffee "personally, i was relieved to hear the newest findings on coffee and hydration and that my daily coffee habit won't lead to dehydration"

The Myth About Caffeine and Dehydration by Steve Sheppard

With the summer

weather upon us, and despite caffeine's many benefits, there's a belief (myth actually) out there that a daily coffee habit can cause dehydration. So is it true? Not according to the findings of a recent study performed in U.K. on the fluid levels of 50 men who had a habit of consuming about three to six cups of coffee each day. The results showed that with this kind of moderate coffee consumption, the authors concluded: "coffee ... provides similar

1921 - 2014: Five Generations

hydrating qualities to water." To compare the hydrating effects of coffee directly with water, each participant completed two phases of the study. In one phase, they drank coffee as their main source of hydration. In the other phase, the participants went off coffee and drank equal amounts of water. "Caffeine really had absolutely no influence on hydration status," concluded a professor of the University of Connecticut, a researcher asked to review the paper. In other words, the coffee didn't prompt the body to pee (or flush out) more fluid which dispels the long-held myth. The study also showed that people develop a tolerance for the potential diuretic effects of coffee, which would make sense as our bodies are pretty adaptable machines. Prior research has already chipped away at the dehydrating myth. For instance, one study found that caffeine didn't hinder hydration among athletes who consumed caffeinated beverages to rehydrate throughout practices in the heat. This new study adds to the evidence that among everyday coffee drinkers – say, those of us who routinely sip a cup of Joe or two at the office – the old wives' tale that coffee will lead to dehydration is really just that: a tale. All studies aside … it would be an overreach to interpret these findings as coffee is the same as water when it comes to overall health. Too much coffee can lead to jitters, and most experts agree that water or sports drinks are best for rehydrating after fluids have been depleted. Personally, I was relieved to hear the newest findings on coffee and hydration and that my daily coffee habit won't lead to dehydration. My girlfriend counts my cups of water every day because it's easier than counting my cups of coffee. I think I will start to enjoy "iced americanos" more in the upcoming hot months AND … will keep a water bottle close by to show her that I'm listening. (yes dear) … Steve out.

Home to Vancouver Island’s Largest Hanging Basket!

The store is full of vegetables fresh from the field: walla walla onions, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, scarlet runners and a wide variety of lettuce. To brighten your summer table, add some freshly-picked flowers such as sunflowers, dahlias, zinnias or the all-time favourite: sweet peas.

Stop By and Enjoy ! open Wednesday to Saturday 9-5 2834 Island View Rd, Central Saanich 56 SEASIDE | august 2014 |

Monday to Saturday 9 - 5:30 Sundays & Holidays 10 - 4 6536 West Saanich Road, Saanichton 250.652.8338

Fran Daviss:

Your Guide Through the Housing Maze by Doreen Marion Gee This is part of a rotating series of articles on members of Sidney Meet Up Women's Networking Group, featuring women in business on the Saanich Peninsula. In the new millenium, buying a house is a highly complex maze full of potential wrong turns and sink holes. Sometimes people need a personal travel guide through the home ownership jungle. Happily, a local professional helps home buyers navigate the maze to claim that prize at the end – a beautiful new home with their name on it. Buying a house in 2014 is a stressful web of details: real estate transactions, bank loans, house insurance, building inspections – the list is formidable. Even the most intelligent consumer can make a wrong decision or not have essential information to make the right decision. Enter Fran Daviss, a Mortgage Consultant for Invis with a glowing resumé: 37 years' experience in the financial industry; 17 years of mortgage and lending experience; and four professional designations – Certified Financial Planner, Certified Senior Adviser, Personal Financial Planner and Accredited Mortgage Professional. Fran's expert assistance can prevent mishaps and jumpstart success in the housing market with helpful information and options. And to ice the cake, Fran's connections to other professionals in the community give her a golden edge. A perfect example of Fran's access to not-so-readily-available helpful information for home buyers is when she informs new buyers about the wonderful Purchase Plus Improvement program that "can help qualified home buyers make their new home just right for them, with tailored improvements, immediately after taking possession of the purchased property. All this can be done with one manageable mortgage and with only 5% down. Most lenders will have some restrictions on the additional funds for improvement – that is, a maximum of 10% of the purchase price, up to a max of $40,000 for renovations." Fran discloses a situation where her keen eye caught a discrepancy in a transaction: "Most clients would not have been able to catch that error." Fran knew exactly what to do to correct the problem – her expertise saved her client money and a lot of heartache. Having an advocate like Fran can mean a world of difference to a neophyte home buyer. With extensive knowledge, Fran helps clients choose the best options for permanent success in the market, such as proper house and mortgage insurance. To expedite successful outcomes for her clients, Fran works closely with other professionals, such as lawyers. This is an invaluable service to her clients, because she can sometimes ensure a better deal for them with these connections. And she "can work with that lawyer if there are any questions that come up or any issues." This builds smoother and more efficient communication between all parties and prevents many pitfalls for home buyers. Buying your own home should be an exciting and joyful journey. Fran Daviss will be your helpful travel adviser. Contact: or 778-426-0749.

Your Mortgage – Done Right Fran Daviss, CFP, AMP Mortgage Consultant

T: (778)426-0749 • F: (778)402-6528


your mortgage, consider it done!

We Take Pride in What We Do! Whether you’re an experienced personal winemaker or looking to begin your first batch, our staff is ready and able to help. Our goal is to help each customer produce a wine that they will be proud to share with friends and family.

Wine • Beer • Cider • Coolers Maureen Bifford 2031 Malaview Ave West, Sidney 250.655.7121

I’m dfrent and I Write to Make a “dfrence” Using persuasive, creative, biographical and humorous writing I can help you, your business, your charity, etc. I offer “Menopause or Lunacy ... That is the Question” as an adjunct to the more serious books about this often trying time of life. Frank and funny, this book is a roller coaster ride through the lunacy of menopause. For where to buy, visit Donna Faye Randall Makes a great gift!

buy it. read it. love it. recommend it. 250.216.1956 • •

From Finding Financing to Finding Your Dream Home, Sharon and Cheryl are the Team That Will Work for YOU! Sharon Bolton - Select Mortgage 250.655.0632 Cheryl Holmes Young Saanich Peninsula Realty 250.516.7653

Bringing colour to new heights.


book review the spy who loved: the secrets and lives of christine granville, by clare mulley The world of spies is generally considered male territory, and only recently have the stories of the surprising number of women who braved torture and death on behalf of their governments in World War II begun to be told. At the head of the class stands Christine Granville, said to be Churchill's favourite spy, the model reviewed by for Ian Fleming's "Vesper Lynd" in Casino Virginia Royale and Britain's longest-serving female Watson-Rouslin spy. In Clare Mulley's well-documented and superbly written The Spy Who Loved, we finally get the story of this amazing woman who played a significant role in Britain's wartime espionage work. The average lifespan of a female agent could be months; Christine managed to live through the war, only to be murdered by a jealous lover in a London hotel room in 1952. Born in Poland to a wealthy Jewish mother and an impoverished Polish aristocrat, Krystyna Skarbek enjoyed a childhood of freedom and adventure, one that taught her self-reliance and a deep love for her country. She was also beautiful – the winner of a local beauty contest – and left a trail of broken-hearted men behind her. After the German invasion of

Poland, Granville travelled to England, asking to be hired by the British Secret Intelligence Service. Among some of the "jobs" she did for the British: smuggling guns into Poland and intelligence out. But Granville's greatest exploits involved her work in France. Near the war's end, she single-handedly persuaded Polish troops pressed into the German army and in charge of a post in the Alps to throw off their German uniforms and join the Allies. She was paired with Francis Cammaerts, one of the best, in running the Vercours "circuit," busy blowing up railway lines and sabotaging communications in the lead-up to D Day. After the war, she was dismissed from the British service with one month's salary. New Releases – Available at Tanner's Books: Bittersweet by Colleen McCullough (fiction) Table of Less Valued Knights by Marie Phillips (fiction) Lisette's List by Susan Vreeland (fiction) Sweetland by Michael Crummey (fiction) Tell by Frances Itani (fiction) Maeve Binchy: The Biography by Piers Dudgeon (non-fiction) No Hero: The Evolution Of A Navy Seal by Mark Owen (non-fiction) Spy Among Friends: Kim Philby & the Great Betrayal Ben MacIntyre (non-) Cardboard Ocean by Mike McCardell (non-fiction) Mr Hockey: My Story by Gordie Howe (non-fiction)

Good SpiritS. Great Value. 9 am - 11 pm 7 days a week Liquor Store Saanichton @ 2134 Keating X Road 250-652-4400 | Tillicum @ 3170 Tillicum Road 250-384-0060 | Yates @ 759 Yates Street 250-384-4136, ext. 3 Friend us on Facebook – Liquor Express | | Follow us on Twitter – @liquorexpressbc SEASIDE | august 2014 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 59


w h at ' s h a p p e n i n g every saturday until october 11

Peninsula Country Market Saanich Fairgrounds 1528 Stelly's X Road, 9 am - 1 pm

Now celebrating its 23rd year! Live music, local produce, crafts, specialty foods and more! Free admission and parking, very dog friendly!

every saturday until october 11

North Saanich Farm Market in the garden of St. John's United Church 10990 West Saanich Rd, North Saanich 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Seasonal vegetables and fruit, eggs, baking, meat, fish, locally produced crafts. Live entertainment. august 9, 10, 16, 17

Peninsula Players Presents: "Cirque du Chablis" A Freakishly Funny Farce Muse Winery 11195 Chalet Rd, North Saanich Aug. 9 & 16 @ 7:30 pm; Aug. 10 & 17 @ 3 pm 250.656.2552

A ragtag band of circus freaks hankers for something more than cleaning up after elephants and biting heads off of chickens. When former starlet Serafina offers them their own vaudeville show, they leap at the chance! But between a scheming ringmaster, a secretive starlet and a lovesick cheese mogul, the freaks soon learn that life's not always a barrel of monkeys. $25 per person. Add Harvest Table Buffet for an additional $29 per person + GST.

When the moon is full and the tide is low, down to Coles Bay we'll go! Join a CRD Regional Parks' naturalist to look for marine creatures like crabs, sea stars and the elusive moon snail. This program includes wading in the water so be prepared to get your feet and clothes wet (wear shorts and sandals or beach shoes). Meet at the information kiosk in the parking lot off Inverness Road. august 10

Encore! Encore! Esquimalt Arts Festival Esquimalt Gorge Park 1070 Tillicum Road, Esquimalt, 12 - 7:30 pm

An impressive array of over 30 local visual artists, and live performances on the music stage by six talented performers with special guest Louise Rose, selected food vendors, and the Gorge Swim Fest. This year, there will be more of the same great art and music but still something new for everyone. Free shuttle bus from Archie Browning Sports Centre. August 10, 17

Bamberton Mystery History Tours

Meet a CRD Regional Parks' naturalist for an evening beach walk followed by campfire stories. Learn more about the animals that call Island View Beach their home! Bring a beach chair. Meet at the campfire ring at the Island View Beach campground, off Homathko Road. Wheelchair accessible. august 18

Annual Vancouver Island Motor Gathering Event Viscount Aero Centre, 9800 McDonald Park Rd, Sidney, 11 am - 2 pm

Join us for a day of family fun and an exciting lineup of cars and motorcycles, all to the benfit of a great cause; the children! august 23

Annual Gigantic Booksale Plaza between Tim Horton's and Shopper's Drug Mart, Sidney 9 to 4

Put on by the Canadian Federation of University Women Saanich Peninsula branch, proceeds from the book sale help provide scholarships for students in our community.

Free guided museum tours. $5 guided bus tours of the historic site; children free. Dozens of creatively crafted, life-size characters.

august 23

august 13

Union Club 805 Gordon St, Victoria, 2 to 4

Vancouver Island Regional Library Sidney/North Saanich Branch 10091 Resthaven Dr, Sidney, 2 - 3 pm Call 250.656.0944 to register

In conjunction with the annual House Tour fundraiser for the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, the Meet the Artists Tea will be an opportunity to spend time with the artists who will be on site at the House Tour, enjoy an elegant tea and tour the Union Club. Tickets will go on sale August 6th and are available at Brown's the Florist, GardenWorks, the Union Club and via the website above.

Making Masks with Eliska Liska

august 9

Coles Bay Regional Park (North Saanich), 9:30 to 11 am 250.478.3344

august 15

60 SEASIDE | august 2014

Island View Regional Park (Central Saanich), 6 to 8 pm 250.478.3344

Bamberton Site 1451 Trowsse Rd, Mill Bay, 11 am to 5 pm 250.743.9196

Artist Eliska Liska returns to the library to lead us in an afternoon of mask making fun. Just bring your imagination! Ages 6+.

Moon Walk (guided walk; 5 yrs +)

(campfire stories; all ages)

Evening Campfire at the Beach

Annual House TourMeet the Artists Tea

Bard @ Beacon: Sidney's Shakespeare by the Sea Shakespeare returns to Sidney, with performances of Macbeth and Comedy of Errors alternating Thursday through Sunday, in Beacon Park, for six performances between September 4th and 7th. On the lawns in Beacon Park, audiences will enjoy the second season of Sidney's Shakespeare by the Sea as two outstanding plays come to life on the Pavilion stage. While Robert Light's Macbeth will be presented in traditional garb, director Geoff Davidson has reset Comedy of Errors in the late 20th century. With the ocean to one side, a bright sky above and culture in front of you, the experience will be one to remember. See Shakespeare like you've never seen before, updated to modern dress, while still maintaining its original language. Witches will fly, battles will be had, and tragedy and comedy will capture your attention beneath the sky, entertained by Vancouver Island Shakespeare by the Sea performers. There will be six performances for you to choose from: September 4th at 7 p.m., A Comedy of Errors; September 5th at 7 p.m., Macbeth; September 6th, 2 and 7 p.m., A Comedy of Errors; September 8th, 2 and 7 p.m., Macbeth. All tickets are $25 and can be purchased at or by calling 250-999-2997. Seating at all events is on a first come, first served basis (festival seating). Limited parking is available on the side streets of Sidney. Performances every night rain or shine. PLUS a FREE acting school! Children ‌ Wherefore are thou? The 8 2 3 4 1 6 5 9 7

9 3 7 1 6 4 2 5 8

Puzzle by

1 6 4 2 5 8 3 7 9

5 8 2 3 7 9 4 1 6

7 4 1 9 2 5 8 6 3

2 5 6 7 8 3 9 4 1

3 9 8 6 4 1 7 2 5

4 5 6 7 8 2 9 1 3

3 8 2 9 6 1 7 5 4

9 1 7 4 5 3 8 6 2

6 9 1 2 3 4 5 8 7

Puzzle by

8 3 5 1 7 6 2 4 9

2 7 4 8 9 5 1 3 6

7 4 3 5 2 8 6 9 1

1 2 8 6 4 9 3 7 5

5 6 9 3 1 7 4 2 8

Sudoku Solutions

6 7 5 8 9 2 1 3 4

Hardly Simple

4 1 9 5 3 7 6 8 2

Middle of the Road

Stratford School comes to the Bard @ Beacon! On September 8th and 9th, Sidney's Shakespeare by the Sea festival will offer FREE acting classes for children ages six to 18 years old. Each day from 9 a.m. to noon, the director and members of the cast will be available to provide acting lessons at no cost to any child who wishes to attend. This new feature of the Bard @ Beacon is to assist and promote cultural development and opportunity in the community. Come on down kids! Take to the stage with your best Shakespearean style! Parents and guardians are welcome to attend and participate too. For full details, visit

Storyoga Preschool A unique and innovative preschool program designed to nurture your child’s body, mind and spirit through creative & imaginative play, literature/story, yoga & movement, mindfulness & breathing, sensory & art, as well as nature activities & explorations. Child must turn 3 by December 31, 2014

Location: Greenglade Community Centre Room #2 September 2014 to June 2015 85715 Tu, Th 12:45pm - 3:15pm $154/month 85717 M, W, F 12:45pm - 3:15pm $222/month 85719 M - F 12:45pm - 3:15pm $376/month Now accepting wait list applications for Tuesday/Thursday morning classes for the 2014/2015 school year! Please contact Vanessa: 778.679.4004 or

Vanessa Braun is the founder, instructor and director of Storyoga Preschool. Vanessa brings over 8 years of experience and creative expertise to the field of Early Childhood Education. Vanessa is passionately committed to working with children in deep and meaningful ways and to embracing and empowering each child, exactly as they are.

250.656.7271 www. SEASIDE | august 2014 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 61

SU D O K U Middle of the Road

We specialize in unique.

in the Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa | 250.656.5676

9 4 5 8 1 2 4 1 7 5 3 6 5 8 1 3

7 4

5 6

9 2 7 8 3 1 7 2 1 8

Puzzle by

Hardly Simple

flipping pancakes for a cause!

9 4 6 6 7 2 4 2 3 8 3 4 7 5

Come out and enjoy a pancake breakfast at Hale Hughesman Chartered Accountants. Funds raised will support The Hot Breakfast Program at Sidney Elementary School. The Hot Breakfast Program provides a healthy and balanced breakfast to students whose families are unable to give them the right fuel in the morning. Proper nutrition improves a child’s ability to concentrate, focus and perform throughout the day, which is why it is important that every child has access to a breakfast that will feed their brain and encourage their learning. All funds raised from the Pancake Breakfast will go towards this worthy local cause.

Friday Aug. 22nd, 8-10:30 am Coffee, Juice & Pancakes! 9768 Third Street, Sidney


100.3 The Q!, Country Grocer, Fresh Cup Roastery Café, Monk Office, Pedersen’s Rentals, Phil’s Farm and Seaside Magazine 62 SEASIDE | august 2014


2 9

4 2

5 1 8 7 6 4 6 1 5

Puzzle by

KEEP YOUR BRAIN HEALTHY The Alzheimer’s Association recommends doing puzzles like Sudoku to strengthen brain cells and the connections between them. Each Sudoku has a unique solution that can be reached logically without guessing. Enter digits from 1 to 9 into the blank spaces. Every row must contain one of each digit. So must every column, as must every 3x3 square. *Sudoku Solutions may be found on page 61.

last word It's August, and if you're like

featuring everything from clothing to jewelry to pottery, and so much me, that means the family is about more. Saturdays offer a great chance to stock up on your weekly to arrive for a summer visit. produce, at the Peninsula Country Market (Saanich Fairgrounds, My partner's family is all from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.) and the North Saanich Farm Market (St. John's Calgary, which means we don't see United Church, North Saanich, 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m). With them as often as we'd like. What so much more on offer than fruits and veggies, these markets are a it also means is a certain feeling of weekend can't-miss! added responsibility to show them For an opportunity to enjoy our gorgeous weather and some the best the West Coast has to offer fantastic live music, all in one place, the Peninsula Celebrations while they're here. Society's Summer Sounds series, every Sunday from 2 to 4 p.m. at Luckily, we live on the Saanich Beacon Park in Sidney, is the place to be! Admission is by donation. Peninsula, and at this time of year For a full lineup of the bands visit we are overwhelmed with fun If you're ready to give your houseguests a more comprehensive things to do. And even more fortuitous, this issue gives me a great tour of our beautiful Saanich Peninsula, the North Saanich Flavour head start on a bucket list! Trail on the weekend of August 22nd to 24th is the way to go. It For my little nieces, we'll take advantage of Panorama's Play in the offers residents and visitors the opportunity to explore and experience Park, happening every weekday evening from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. The Peninsula food and agriculture – and have fun! This is two days of program is offered at various parks throughout the Peninsula. For food, farm and rural fun at 16 venues and activities. To download a details visit brochure listing all the details for printing on your home computer, play-in-the-park. visit For my mother- and sister-in-law, the weekly markets are always For great experiences to keep your summer guests entertained, a sure bet. The Sidney Street Market, on Beacon Avenue every Seaside's August issue is your guide to Peninsula fun! Haro’s Ad •p.m. Seaside Times28th, July has 2014 • Size: 7.75” (w) x 4.925” (h) • REV2 • June 10/14 Thursday night from 5:30 to 8:30 until August something for everyone: delicious food, live music, handmade crafts Editor

Allison Smith,

It’s summer, time to get outside! Join us – our patio is now open from 11:30am until 9:00pm 7 days a week

Enjoy live entertainment from 6pm until 9pm Thursday & Friday evenings all summer Dining Reservations 250.655.9700 • SEASIDE | august 2014 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 63

SIDNEY All Care Residence Our Family Taking Care of Your Family

Your Home is Waiting at Sidney All Care Residence

No Wait List! Sidney All Care Residence SHORT-TERM RESPITE STAY PROGRAM Ensures your loved one will receive quality care while you get the break you deserve.

Call Terra Today for Your Private Tour 778.351.2505

2269 Mills Rd, Sidney