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Montmatre, Paris

Lamanai Archaeological Reserve, Belize



The Office of International Education (OIE) is proud to present Southern Connecticut State University’s Faculty-Led Programs Abroad for 2024. These exciting opportunities provide curricula that offer global perspectives and opportunities for experiential learning, which is a top priority for our faculty and our institution. Most importantly, our students continue to support these outstanding programs, and demand is ever-increasing.

We welcome each and every Southern student to explore the “world classroom” and partake in a real-world, hands-on experience that will challenge and engage — an experience that promises to leave a lasting imprint. Participants can earn 3 to 6 credits toward their degree requirements, and those who are eligible for financial aid may apply their aid toward study abroad. Courses are available in a variety of majors in amazing and affordable locations such as Barbados, Belize, England, France, Iceland, Italy, Peru, South Africa, and Spain!





MAY 2024

English program

MARCH 2024



MAY 2024




JUNE 2024



JUNE 2024

JUNE 2024



Public Health program




JULY 2024

16 GENERAL INFORMATION Requirements Cancellation Policy Safety Abroad Program Fees

Scholarships to Study Abroad Through the generosity of alumni, parents, and friends of the university, the SCSU Foundation manages scholarships that are available to both undergraduate and graduate students. Any undergraduate student with a minimum GPA of 2.0 who has completed 12 SCSU credits, or a graduate student who has a minimum GPA of 3.0 who has completed 9 SCSU credits, by the close of the Fall 2023 semester, may apply. Awards will be applied to the Fall 2024/Spring 2025 semesters. Students will be notified regarding whether or not they received an award in early June. Students may apply to the three scholarships below at https:// inside.SouthernCT.edu/foundation-scholarships. The deadline is February 15, 2024. • Grace Rowe International Travel Award • Paul J & John P. Cubeta Memorial Scholarship • Antoinette Carbone Tarini Memorial Scholarship


Additionally, the following scholarships are administered through the Office of International Education and are available either in the Office of International Education (EN A 220) or online at https://inside.southernct.edu/international/study-abroad/funding. Deadlines are rolling. • Shea Foundation Scholarships: Students must be an Education major or minor to be eligible. • History Student Experience Fund: Students must be a History major or minor to be eligible. • School of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Scholarships for Study Abroad: Students must be majoring in an Arts and Sciences discipline. Scholarships are for faculty-led programs within the Arts and Sciences.


MARCH 8 - MARCH 16, 2024

UNIVERSITY ACCESS PROGRAMS OIE-UAP Access Abroad Program, Open to Eligible University Access Programs Students Only University Access Programs (UAP), the Office of International Education (OIE), in partnership with The University of West Indies Barbados, would like to invite you to the breathtaking Caribbean Island of Barbados, a Caribbean gem of natural beauty and vibrant culture. Barbados is a beautiful island with sugar, rum, and molasses exports. The capital of Barbados is Bridgetown, the major financial and commercial center of the Caribbean. While in Barbados, you will explore the island’s historical treasures and be immersed in centuries of culture and traditions while enjoying museums, beautiful beaches, incomparable ecosystems, and infinite opportunities for learning and contact with the communities around the island. Your experimental learning will tantalize your senses by allowing you to see, hear, smell, touch, and taste the Bajan culture, which is one of a kind. The island’s varied heritage creates a melting pot culture of British, African, and Caribbean influence. Additionally, you will participate in a community service project that helps to provide meals to those on the island experiencing food insecurity. We welcome you to join us on a unique educational and cultural journey that will help broaden your global perspectives and civic engagement.

FOR MORE INFORMATION Dawn Stanton (203) 392-6812 StantonD2@SouthernCT.edu Dr. Marian Evans (203) 392-6924 EvansM7@SouthernCT.edu



MARCH 29 - APRIL 12, 2024


DEPARTMENT OF NURSING The 2024 study abroad program in Santiago, Chile offers undergraduate and graduate nursing students a two-weeklong experiential learning and cultural immersion program. Students will engage with faculty and practitioners from SCSU partner institution, Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD), to observe and participate in public health care in Chile as it is practiced both at the primary and hospital levels. Students will learn about the importance of intercultural health care in Chile, which requires practitioners at all levels to understand and value the worldview of the Mapuche people, who comprise more than 80% of Chile’s indigenous population. Students will also have an opportunity to learn about Mapuche medicine from local Mapuche practitioners.


COURSEWORK This non-credit program is embedded into NUR 442: Community Health Nursing.

FOR MORE INFORMATION Dr. Maria Krol (203) 392-7129 KrolM2@SouthernCT.edu

Rome,Italy MAY 24 JUNE 18, 2024


The 2024 summer program in Rome immerses students in Roman culture, both ancient and modern. In addition to classes conducted throughout the city, students also visit some of the area’s greatest archaeological, architectural, and cultural sites in select cities and throughout the country: the Vatican museums; the ancient port city of Ostia Antica; the catacombs of San Callisto; the Pantheon; the Capuchin Crypt; and dozens of churches. From gelato at the foot of the Spanish Steps to a quick slice of pizza on your way to tour the Sistine Chapel, Rome offers some of the best examples of Italian cuisine, culture, and architecture in a walkable and friendly city. During the evenings, students may dine at any of San Lorenzo’s many cafes, or experience the vibrant night life of this exciting neighborhood.

PROGRAM FEE: $3,400 COURSEWORK Students must enroll in both of the following 3-credit electives in the English major/minor via BannerWeb: • LIT 302: Literature of the New Testament • LIT 488: The Classical Tradition in Western Literature

FOR MORE INFORMATION Dr. Leon Weinmann (203) 392-4134 WeinmannL1@SouthernCT.edu Course tuition is separate from the program fee and will be paid via BannerWeb or directly to the Student Accounts Office.




MAY 31- JUNE 29, 2024




The 2024 summer program in Spain grants students the opportunity to learn and study in some of the country’s most distinguished communities. The great university city of Salamanca is Spain’s finest showcase of Renaissance and Plateresque architecture. Other major sights are the two cathedrals and the 13th-century university, one of Europe’s oldest and most distinguished.

ANDALUCIA Andalucia is the largest of Spain’s 17 autonomous communities and one of the most important regions of Spain. It is in Andalucia where East meets West in an exotic melting pot of Jewish, Gypsy, Moorish, and Christian cultures in towns and cities like Cordoba, Granada, Seville, and Cadiz.

MADRID Madrid, Spain’s capital city, is a city of breathtaking boulevards, beautifully manicured historic parks, and grandiose plazas. It is renowned for its repositories of European art lining the “Paseo del Arte”— a one kilometer stretch that is home to three of the best museums in the world — and its stunning architecture, including the portico-lined Plaza Mayor and the nearby baroque Royal Palace and Armory.


Undergraduate and graduate students must register in one or two of the following courses (up to 6 credits) via BannerWeb in Spanish language, culture, and civilization: • SPA100: SPA I

• SPA310: Spanish Civilization

• SPA101: SPA II

• SPA405: Spanish Grammar Analysis

• SPA106: Spanish Language Practice in Spain • SPA200: SPA III

• SPA490: Modern Novels in Spain

• SPA206: Spanish Culture in Spain

• SPA496: 20th-century Spanish-American Fiction

• W* SPA300: Composition

• SPA600: Independent Study

• SPA301: Conversation • SPA306: Advanced Culture and Language Practice in Spain *Prerequisite and/or departmental permission required.

FOR MORE INFORMATION Dr. Miaowei Weng (203) 392-6764 WengM2@SouthernCT.edu Course tuition is separate from the program fee and will be paid via BannerWeb or directly to the Student Accounts Office.



MAY 31 - JUNE 30, 2024

DEPARTMENT OF WORLD LANGUAGES AND LITERATURES The 2024 summer program in Paris gives students the opportunity to learn, live, and study in the City of Light. Students will be introduced to many exciting dimensions of the city, as these courses take full advantage of Paris’ rich and storied environment. While abroad, students can immerse themselves in the art, architecture, cuisine, and history of this cultural epicenter, all while improving their French cultural and/or linguistic competencies. This program offers a rare opportunity to learn about the city’s many neighborhoods, monuments, events, and cuisine in a far more comprehensive way than most travelers can. While Paris is the central location, students will also travel outside the city to visit additional historic or heritage sites. Past destinations have included the royal palace of Versailles, the medieval village of Provins, and the castles of Chantilly and Vaux-le-Vicomte.




Dr. Luke Eilderts (203) 392-6755 EildertsL1@SouthernCT.edu

Students must enroll in one of the following: FRE: 206, FRE: 306, or FRE: 506. Students may additionally enroll in one of the following: FRE: 100, 101, 200, 210, 400, or 502.

Course tuition is separate from the program fee and will be paid via BannerWeb or directly to the Student Accounts Office.


Belize JUNE 1 - JUNE 10, 2024 DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGY Immerse yourself in the culture, natural history, and tropical ecosystems of Belize – one of the most biodiverse regions in the world! You’ll explore rainforests, grassland savannas, and freshwater lagoons. You’ll study endemic species of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, plants, and insects. You’ll visit ancient Maya archeological sites and modern Maya villages to interact with the community and learn about indigenous practices and the importance of inclusivity and outreach. This is a life-changing experience you do not want to miss. Prior to travel, students will meet on campus to discuss the history and evolution of the Maya civilization, patterns of global biodiversity and conservation, tropical ecology and taxa, and an introduction to safety as it relates to our travel itinerary.


PROGRAM FEE: $3,550 COURSEWORK Students must enroll in the following 3-credit course via BannerWeb, BIO 327: Field Natural History.

FOR MORE INFORMATION Dr. Miranda Dunbar DunbarM1@SouthernCT.edu (203) 392-6221 Course tuition is separate from the program fee and will be paid via BannerWeb or directly to the Student Accounts Office.



JUNE 1 - JUNE 14, 2024

DEPARTMENT OF WORLD LANGUAGES AND LITERATURES Barcelona is a rich place for students to explore the deep roots of one of Europe’s most important cities. A bustling contemporary metropolis, Barcelona is home to some of history’s most important moments and many unique and exciting cultural experiences. Students will be asked to immerse themselves in the Catalan culture, show off their Spanish speaking skills, and learn about Barcelona’s world-renowned artistic cultures. Program coursework focuses on historical analysis while applying these principles and tools to the bustling metropolis and cultural haven that surrounds them. Each day will consist of three parts: learning, experiencing, and discussing. During the learning components, guest speakers, lectures, and guided tours will be utilized to help support students in their understanding of cultural and historical questions. During the experiential components, students are asked to practice their new-found understanding, usually through hands-on experiences with experts. Finally, each night we gather for dinner and discussion in order to bring all of our knowledge and insight together as a learning community.




Dr. Sarah Roe (203) 392-6767 RoeS1@SouthernCT.edu

Students must enroll in both: • HON 250: City in Civilization • HON 290: Language of Art

Course tuition is separate from the program fee and will be paid via BannerWeb or directly to the Student Accounts Office.


Chester & England Liverpool, JUNE 4 - JUNE 25, 2024 DEPARTMENT OF ANTHROPOLOGY The 2024 summer program in Poulton, United Kingdom, offers students an unprecedented opportunity to experience an intensive field school study in archaeology and English history. Located just five miles from the medieval city of Chester, Poulton is home to a multi-period excavation site dating back to the Mesolithic period. Prior excavations have uncovered a chapel and graveyard, which has yielded more than 850 skeletal remains thus far, and which suggests another 800 burials yet to be unearthed. There is evidence, too, of high-status Roman occupation, Bronze Age farming, Neolithic activity and Mesolithic use of the site for seasonal hunting. It is suggested that Poulton has been home to nearly 10,000 years of continuous human activity. Students will participate in the continuing excavation, spending 10 days on-site, working alongside archaeologists and volunteers. Students will be expected to learn archaeological methodology, gain hands-on experience in an active and significant excavation, and learn how to process artifacts and human skeletal remains. While not on-site, students will visit other ruins of historic and prehistoric significance, process artifacts and skeletal remains in the Liverpool John Moores University bio-archaeology lab, and explore the city of Chester.

PROGRAM FEE: $4,000 COURSEWORK Students must enroll in the 6-credit ANT 305: Field School in Archaeology course via BannerWeb.


FOR MORE INFORMATION Dr. Kathleen Skoczen (203) 392-5679 SkoczenK1@SouthernCT.edu Course tuition is separate from the program fee and will be paid via BannerWeb or directly to the Student Accounts Office.



JUNE 22 - JULY 6, 2024 DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH A true cultural capital, the Eternal City is the cradle of western civilization. Wandering the picturesque streets, eating at one of the city’s many pizzierias, cafes or trattorias, and people-watching in the piazza are all central to the Roman experience. An open-air museum, students can visit many of the world’s most breathtaking masterpieces, from Michelangelo’s ceiling in la Cappella Sistina to the beautiful attractions in Piazza Navona, la Fontana di Trevi, il Vittoriano, and il Colosseo. During the program, which will take place at the School of Medicine and Surgery at Università Cattolica (UC), with visits to UC Agostino Gemelli University Hospital, students will have classes (taught entirely in English) four days per week. Coursework explores public health from the Italian perspective — a universal coverage, nationalized system. Co-curricular site visits related to course content take place one day per week. The SpazioVivo Cultural Centre on campus organizes cultural and recreational activities such as concerts, art, and photographic exhibitions, theatrical productions, literary competitions, meetings with authors, and guided cultural tours.

PROGRAM FEE: $3,950 COURSEWORK Students must enroll in either PCH 490: Health Studies Abroad (undergraduate) or PCH 570 (graduate).

FOR MORE INFORMATION Dr. Jean Breny (203) 392-6953 BrenyJ1@SouthernCT.edu Course tuition is separate from the program fee and will be paid via BannerWeb or directly to the Student Accounts Office.


Iceland JUNE 25- JULY 14, 2024 DEPARTMENT OF THE ENVIRONMENT, GEOGRAPHY, AND MARINE SCIENCES The 2024 summer program in Iceland aims to engage students in a fieldbased exploration of the interrelationships between a nation’s economy and its environment. Iceland, a world leader in innovative environmental policies and energy production, provides a uniquely suitable setting for such an endeavor. While abroad, students will be lodged at Skálanes, a 1,250- hectare nature preserve and heritage site on Iceland’s easternmost coast. This field experience will focus on student-centered, active learning experiences and will engage students in a number of field activities. The trip concludes with a stay in Reykjavik — Iceland’s capital city — where students will have the opportunity to visit a variety of museums and take part in any number of Icelandic events and activities. Through this field experience and related individual group projects students will gain a detailed knowledge of the social and environmental factors that continue to influence the development of Icelandic society, and will learn how to apply this knowledge to critically assess nature-society in other contexts. Students will gain valuable experience in research project design and implementation, as well as improve their writing skills through a number of writing workshops.

PROGRAM FEE: $3,750 COURSEWORK DESIGNATED “W” COURSE Students must enroll in both of the following 3-credit courses via Banner Web: Undergraduate students: • GEO 305 W: Environmental Economic Geography and GEO 470: Field Techniques Graduate students: • ENV 533: Environmental Economic Geography and GEO 570: Field Techniques

FOR MORE INFORMATION Dr. C. Patrick Heidkamp (203) 392-5919 HeidkampC1@SouthernCT.edu Course tuition is separate from the program fee and will be paid via BannerWeb or directly to the Student Accounts Office.




JULY 1 - AUGUST 1, 2024 DEPARTMENTS OF WORLD LANGUAGES AND LITERATURES AND ART The 2024 summer program in Tuscany places students in the pastoral town of Montepulciano, a historic location nestled in the Tuscan countryside. Halfway between Florence and Rome, Montepulciano reflects a more tranquil side of Italian culture. The sprawling vineyards and olive groves provide a backdrop for the Il Sasso Language School, where students may immerse themselves in Italian atop a hill surrounded by the breathtaking Tuscan scenery. Montepulciano’s old town center is full of churches and “palazzi.” The setting for the films “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” and “Medici: Masters of Florence,” Montepulciano is surrounded by Etruscan and Roman sites. In July, Montepulciano hosts Cantiere Internazionale d’Arte, an annual festival of musicians, actors, singers, and conductors and is the ideal place for learning and practicing Italian.

PROGRAM FEE: $3,900 COURSEWORK DESIGNATED “W” COURSE; FULFILLS TIER II LEP REQUIREMENT Students must register in at least one (but are strongly encouraged to register in two) of the following 3-credit courses via Banner Web: • ITA 270 W: Italian Cities


• LIT 310: Mythology

Dr. Pina Palma Department of World Languages and Literatures (203) 392-6753 PalmaG1@SouthernCT.edu

• ART 262: Photography as Visual Language (Tier II Creative Drive) Additionally, students may choose to enroll in an optional 3-credit language course, to be taken at Il Sasso Language School in Montepulciano. The following courses will count towards the SCSU foreign language requirement. Students interested in enrolling in these courses must submit an additional fee of $926 to the OIE. • ITA 100: Italian I

• ITA 101: Italian II

• ITA 200: Italian III

• ITA 210: Italian IV

Prof. Jeremy Chandler Department of Art (203) 392-6436 ChandlerJ6@SouthernCT.edu Course tuition is separate from the program fee and will be paid via BannerWeb or directly to the Student Accounts Office.


Peru OCTOBER 9 - OCTOBER 18, 2024 DEPARTMENT OF NURSING The study abroad program in Cusco, Peru, offers undergraduate and graduate nursing students a nine-day service learning and cultural immersion program. The students will engage in providing primary and secondary prevention (including health screenings and assessments) to underserved families at a public clinic in the city of Cusco, as well as travel to two surrounding rural villages with the clinic staff. In addition, students will collaborate with healthcare providers at the public clinic, enhancing their ability to promote preventive care by providing resources and supplies. Each afternoon the students will also have the opportunity to take Spanish lessons, enhancing their ability to communicate with Spanish-speaking families both in Peru and in the United States. Students have three days to explore the culture, natural beauty, and history of Peru by touring the Sacred Valley, climbing Machu Picchu, and visiting local museums. The city of Cusco offers many opportunities for the students to immerse themselves in the festival and colorful beauty of this area.


PROGRAM FEE: $TBD COURSEWORK This non-credit program is embedded into NUR 442: Community Health Nursing; NUR 430: Childbearing Nursing; and NU 431: The Child Rearing Family. Students receive credit for four days of their required clinical hours (two days for Community Health and two for Childbearing).

FOR MORE INFORMATION Dr. Maria Krol (203) 392-7129 KrolM2@SouthernCT.edu

South Africa JANUARY 2 – JANUARY 18, 2025 DEPARTMENT OF THE ENVIRONMENT, GEOGRAPHY, AND MARINE SCIENCES The focus of this program to is to engage students first-hand in the study and analysis of current environmental justice and sustainability issues in South Africa’s Western Cape Province. Students will be exposed to the complexities of these issues in a variety of local and regional environments and sociocultural contexts, from the semi-arid Little Karoo Desert to the metropolis of Cape Town. The substantial variety of natural and cultural environments in a rather small geographic area makes the experience ideal for a short-term study abroad program. After successful completion of the program, students will have developed detailed knowledge and understanding of the social, economic, political, and environmental factors that need to be considered when analyzing land use, water resource, and coastal development conflicts through the lens of environmental justice. While students will develop an understanding of sustainable development initiatives, and social and environmental justice issues primarily in the context of South Africa’s Western Cape Province, students will also learn to transfer their gained knowledge to other regional contexts.


COURSEWORK Undergraduate students must enroll in GEO 405: Environmental Justice (3 credits). Graduate students may enroll in CRM 550: Field Experience (3 credits).

FOR MORE INFORMATION Dr. C. Patrick Heidkamp (203) 392-5919 HeidkampC1@SouthernCT.edu Course tuition is separate from the program fee and will be paid via BannerWeb or directly to the Student Accounts Office.


General Information REQUIREMENTS • Completion of Student Health and Safety Agreement through the Office of International Education (OIE). This packet requires the student to provide emergency contact information, and a copy of the ID page of the student’s passport. It also requires them to carefully review the SCSU Student Code of Conduct; The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) information for the student’s host country or countries; Department of State travel information for the student’s host country or countries; and any supplemental, program-specific information the OIE may require. • Records free of disciplinary problems • Attendance at all pre-departure and return meetings • Students are strongly encouraged to enroll in the U.S. Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to register their trip with the local U.S. Embassy or Consulate. Registration is available at https://step.state.gov/step.

CANCELLATION POLICY PROGRAM DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. In the event of an off-campus program cancellation, students will be refunded all fees that are recoverable from program providers (airlines, hotels, etc.), less the program deposit. The OIE will make every reasonable effort to negotiate for refunds. The university reserves the right to cancel a program in the event that student safety abroad is in question. Students who wish to purchase cancellation insurance should contact their insurance provider. In the event of a cancellation, tuition refunds will be given in accordance with the policy of the university. Copies of cancellation policy, required releases, and medical statements may be obtained from the OIE. The program accepts no responsibility for personal property, which must be insured separately if so desired; however, students are urged not to bring valuables with them. The program reserves the right to make changes required by unforeseen circumstances.

SAFETY ABROAD “Studying abroad in Iceland was an invaluable experience. I was able to experience a culture with different perspectives on sustainability, community and economy-environment interactions. I learned field research techniques while participating in long-term transdisciplinary research projects, all while making friends and having fun. I learned so much in Iceland that cannot be taught in the classroom – I strongly recommend this experience!” Noelle King, B.S. Environmental Systems and Sustainability



Student Health and Safety Agreement Meeting and Packet At the mandatory Health and Safety Session, OIE staff will discuss with program participants all of the documentation that comprises the Student Health and Safety Agreement, including the Health Self-Assessment Form (ensuring students meet all health requirements and are fit to study abroad) and a checklist of all necessary supplementary documents. The Student Health and Safety Session covers emergency contact information and FERPA waivers, the SCSU Student Code of Conduct and student conduct violations, university health insurance and liability, disability resources and S.A.R.T., and the Centers for Disease Control and State Department travel information.

Copies of Passport/Step Enrollment • Passport Copy (passport must be valid a minimum of 6 months prior to program’s return to the U.S.) • Enrollment in the U.S. Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) registration is available online at https://step.state.gov/step


PROGRAM FEE The program fee must be paid to the OIE by credit card online at SouthernCT.edu/go/study-abroad. Program deposits are not refundable. Unless otherwise stipulated, the program fee covers: • Round-trip airfare • Round-trip domestic transportation from SCSU to the airport • Lodging • All transportation within the host country • All program-related excursions • Some program fees also include meals or a certain number of group meals, but this varies across programs.

TUITION AND FEES In addition to the program fee, students accepted into credit-bearing programs are required to register in the appropriate SCSU course(s) for the faculty-led program abroad. For credit-bearing programs, enrollment in the appropriate course(s) is mandatory. The required courses will be listed on the program application and on the OIE website. Students with questions about registration are encouraged to speak with the faculty program leader. Upon registration, students must submit tuition payment to the Students Accounts Office or pay via their MySCSU account. • Tuition for summer session undergraduate students is $1,986 for 3 credits or $3,972 for 6 credits • Tuition for summer session graduate students is $2,514 for 3 credits or $5,028 for 6 credits • Enrollment in the course(s) is mandatory for participation in an SCSU faculty-led program abroad Fees are based upon historical program costs and current rates of exchange. Extreme fluctuation in exchange rates or boarding costs may result in additional fees being charged. The university reserves the right to change the itinerary of proposed trips if needed to control the cost of the overall trip. In the event that additional fees exceed the present costs by more than 20 percent, the student may choose to drop the course and will receive a refund of all funds recoverable by the university. Fees will be frozen on May 1, and there will be no refunds after that date.

“The Southern in Paris program was an amazing month and an adventure of a lifetime. I saw, did, and learned so much about Paris, the world, and myself while exploring with the class, as well as on my own. I got to see France’s world-famous military parade, wander the labyrinthine halls and galleries of the Louvre Museum, make Chantilly whipped cream at a chateau in the countryside, and eat all the smoked salmon and camembert baguettes I wanted (and try so much other great food, too). I loved it!” Alyssa Bumstead, M.A. in Romance Languages


SCSU Office of International Education (OIE) Visit: EN A-220 Email: OIE@SouthernCT.edu SouthernCT.edu/studyabroad



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