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Family Legacies Changing Lives Through Education

2010 Charitable Giving Report

Dear Friends, This year’s annual report of the Southern Connecticut State University Foundation highlights families who are committed to changing lives through education and supporting that commitment through philanthropy. • Lorraine, ’69, and Margaret Samela were raised by parents who wanted a better life for their children and believed that goal would be achieved through education. The Samela sisters chose to honor their parents by establishing an endowed scholarship for students with disabilities. • Marc Nivet, ’92, was driven by his parents’ life story of pursuing and achieving the American Dream. His path to success would include earning a degree from Southern Connecticut State University. Dr. Nivet is giving back to his alma mater and honoring his parents with the creation of an endowed scholarship for nursing students. • Sharon Ort, ’72, has a long family history with Southern as both a graduate and the wife of a faculty member who served the university for over 30 years. As a tribute to her late husband and his passion for teaching, she established an endowed scholarship for students in the university’s Honors College who are majoring in English. The Southern Connecticut State University Foundation is grateful to these exemplary individuals. We are proud to feature their inspiring stories, and to salute them for their trailblazing family philanthropy. In this undertaking they are following in the footsteps of the Gundersen, Goodwin, and Stutzman families, whose generosity and commitment are reflected in the foundation’s record-setting 2010 fundraising results. The tradition of family philanthropy in higher education has a long history in this country. However, in the realm of public higher education, it is only relatively recently that the requisite philanthropic infrastructure like the foundation, a separate nonprofit entity, has been in place to encourage

and facilitate private giving. The foundation plays a critical role at Southern: building awareness of the need for support and forging relationships within the growing Southern community of alumni and other donors. This process unfolds over years — decades, even — so it is a particular point of pride for such a young philanthropic program that this tradition is already taking hold. And not a moment too soon. At this writing in late 2010, it is uncertain how much the level of state support for public university budgets will again decrease. What is certain is that public higher education budgets have been declining over a number of years, not only in Connecticut but nationwide. As states struggle to find ways to close yawning budget gaps over the next few years, public universities are once again being called upon to implement budget cuts and generally do more with less. As we know, this is taking place at the exact moment when our students’ need for financial support is rising, due to widespread joblessness and other factors. It is at that intersection of trends —increasing need and decreasing state support — that all of you, the generous donors to the SCSU Foundation, make a crucial difference in the lives of many. It is at that intersection that all of us will be called upon to do more if future generations of students are also to have access to life-changing educational opportunities. Despite many challenges, the foundation remains firmly committed to its mission of supporting Southern students and programs. It is our hope that the following pages will inspire you to continue with, or to join us in that commitment. Thank you for your ongoing generosity.

Robin M. Sauerteig Chair, SCSU Foundation

38 | Charitable Giving Report

Total Net Assets as of Fiscal Year End (June 30, 2010) in Millions $13.1



Dollars Raised by Fiscal Year




(July 1 - June 30) in Millions $1.77






Sources of Support for New Gifts and Commitments Fiscal Year 2010 $2,953,453


$1.66 $1.50




Foundations 16% $464,896

Distribution of New Gifts and Commitments Fiscal Year 2010 $2,953,453

Endowment 57% $1,694,076


Friends 8% $237,880 Faculty/Staff 2% $63,531

Alumni 67% $1,970,564

University Support 13% $380,486


Corporations 7% $216,582

Programmatic 30% $878,891

Year in Review Fundraising and Financial Highlights The financial markets showed strong signs of recovering for 2009-2010 and fundraising has benefited from some major gifts. Total new gifts and commitments approached $3.0 million. The Southern Connecticut State University Foundation’s assets totaled $14.4 million at year end, representing an increase of 23.4% from the prior year. During 2010, the market value of Southern’s endowment reflected a substantial increase of 16.6%, or just under $1.6 million, closing the fiscal year at $10.9 million. This was primarily a result of significant gifts from several of our generous benefactors. In addition, the Student Government Association and other members of the Southern community established the Cheryl J. Norton Endowed Scholarship in her honor. Overall, investment income rebounded by accumulating almost $3.0 million during the fiscal year; thereby erasing the $2.0 million loss from the prior year and adding $1.3 million to the foundation’s endowment revenues. Also helping the bottom line was a decrease in expenditures, the result of efforts to hold expenses to a minimum.

Looking Ahead The outlook for 2011 looks bright. “Recent data indicates that growth continues to trend higher after slipping below 2% in the spring quarter. Following growth of approximately 2.8% in 2010, [it] would not be [surprising] if GDP were to advance at a 3.5% pace or slightly better in 2011 . . .,” according to Citizens Investment Perspectives (Winter 2011). The Foundation Board remains committed to our long-term investment policy of maintaining a diversified investment portfolio, with careful and ongoing monitoring and rebalancing. Our objectives remain to increase resources available for scholarships and generate programmatic support and funding for new initiatives.

Winter 2011 | 39

A Family Tradition

Inspired by their parents’ belief in the importance of education, the Samela sisters create a scholarship to honor their memory and help others earn their degrees. By Natalie Missakian

40 | Charitable Giving Report


orraine and Margaret Samela credit much of their success to their father and his unfulfilled dream. The factory worker and World War II veteran devoted his life to his family, but he always lived

with a disappointment — that he could have been something more had he furthered his education. “One of his biggest regrets was that when he came out of the service, he didn’t take advantage

of the GI bill and pursue his education like many of his friends did,” recalls Lorraine A. Samela, ’69.

Her father, who hadn’t finished high school, was married with a newborn daughter when he was drafted in 1943. When he returned from the war two years later, he was “such a conscientious provider” that he went straight to a job in the brass factories in Waterbury, Conn., she says. But he passed his desire for an education on to his daughters, instilling in them a passion for learning and the ambition to pursue professional careers. “He always said, ‘Don’t make my mistake — make sure you are able to get an education,’” Lorraine says. “That was his dream. He wanted our lives to be much easier than his.” Thanks to their parents’ support and the opportunities offered by the Connecticut State University System, both women earned advanced degrees and launched long and gratifying careers in the teaching profession. Their oldest sister went to nursing school and spent 40 years working as a nurse. “Our father was able to send all three of his daughters to college and educate them to become professionals. It was the state colleges and their affordability that allowed him to do that,” says Margaret A. Samela. To recognize their parents and give back to the university, the two sisters, who share a home in Old Saybrook, Conn., have established the Marco and Alda Samela Memorial Scholarship at Southern. The scholarship will provide financial support for students with disabilities, in honor of the Samelas’ mother, who was paralyzed. This is the first time a scholarship has been offered at Southern specifically for students with disabilities, says Deborah Fairchild, interim coordinator of Southern’s Disability Resource Center, which serves more than 500 students with documented disabilities on campus. “We’re really excited now to finally have a scholarship here at Southern,” says Fairchild. “It acknowledges students with disabilities and the hard work that they do.” Lorraine Samela says she understands from experience the challenges people with disabilities face, having been a caregiver since she was 13, when her mother became paralyzed after back surgery. She describes her mother as someone with a strong work ethic who taught the girls how to sew, cook, and do household chores, as well as how to persevere in the face of adversity.

Left: Lorraine A. Samela, ’69, and Margaret Samela

Their father, insisting that the girls become self-sufficient, taught practical skills like how to paint, change a tire, and mow the lawn. “They set up strong values,” Margaret says. “My Mom and Dad were quite inspirational.” Despite their advocacy for education, however, the parents worried that their girls’ aspirations might be too “lofty” for the family budget. It wasn’t until a family friend told their mother about the affordability of state schools that a college degree became more than just a pipe dream. Lorraine says she chose to attend Southern partly because it was close to the family’s home in Waterbury, Conn., allowing her to commute and be available to help her mother and younger sister in the evenings. She earned her undergraduate degree in elementary education in 1969. Margaret, 10 years younger, chose Central — mostly because she “wanted to do something a little different than my sister,” she says. She graduated in 1979 with a degree in French. Both women earned masters’ degrees a year after receiving their diplomas — again at the urging of their father. Margaret also took coursework at Southern in the early 1980s while working toward her certification as a Spanish teacher. Lorraine retired in 2004 from the Waterbury Public School District, where she spent 34 years working as an elementary school teacher and vice principal. Margaret taught French and Spanish at parochial and public schools in Waterbury and Hamden, Conn. She also worked as an administrator, including serving as coordinator of the World Languages Program for Old Saybrook Public Schools. She continues to teach at Old Saybrook High School. Lorraine says their father discouraged them from getting part-time jobs while at school and never asked them for money to help with college expenses, despite their family’s lean finances. According to Margaret, he would be thrilled if he knew he might be helping to put college in reach of someone with financial difficulties. “I know he was very, very proud of what we accomplished through our education,” she says. “I think he’d be extremely proud to know that a scholarship in his name and honor would be able to do that for someone else.”

Winter 2011 | 41

Paying it Forward

A new scholarship supports Southern nursing students — and honors immigrant parents who were fully committed to their children’s education. By Natalie Missakian

42 | Charitable Giving Report


hen the nation’s financial crisis hit in 2008, Marc A. Nivet, ’92, began worrying about

the fallout on college campuses — especially at his alma mater, Southern. He’d been reading articles in the news about how endowments were dwindling at colleges

and universities because of the failing economy.

“I started wondering what that meant for financial aid, what that meant for students of lower socioeconomic status,” Nivet recalls. “Were they going to be afforded the same wonderful experiences that I had at Southern?” At the same time, Nivet was searching for a way to give back to his school, honor his parents, and promote his lifelong mission to increase diversity — racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic — in medical education and the health care field. He says he also wanted to recognize the wonderful nurses who cared for his late father during his struggle with a decade-long illness. So Nivet worked with Southern’s Division of Institutional Advancement to come up with a plan that would achieve all of those goals. The result was the Carlton and Verna Nivet Endowed Scholarship, named in honor of Nivet’s parents. The scholarship will provide financial support for a student majoring in nursing. Nivet, who is the newly appointed chief diversity officer for the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) in Washington, D.C., credits Southern and the surrounding New Haven community with helping to shape the person he is today. That, he says, wouldn’t have been possible without financial aid, which allowed him to concentrate on his college experience without having to worry about working his way through school. “It afforded me the opportunity to get involved in the community. It afforded me the opportunity to be active in student government. It was a real opportunity to grow as a person,” says Nivet. While at Southern, Nivet served as vice president of the Black Student Union, mentored incoming freshmen in the Student Equal Opportunity Program (SEOP), and volunteered to work with inner-city children in public schools in New Haven. “Those non-classroom experiences really were just as important to me as the classroom experience, and in some cases probably more important,” he says. Nivet went on to earn advanced degrees from Long Island University (C.W. Post campus) and the University of Pennsylvania before launching a prestigious career in higher education. Prior to his position at the AAMC, he served as the chief operating officer and treasurer for the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation in New York City, which supports programs to improve the education of health professionals. Nivet also serves on the SCSU Foundation Board of Directors. Nivet says he was always driven by his parents’ life story, a

Left: Dr. Marc A. Nivet, ’92

classic tale of immigrants going after — and achieving — the American Dream. “My parents were always striving for better for their children, and that was such a motivating thing for me as a child to witness,” he says. Nivet’s father met his mother after they both immigrated to the United States from Trinidad in the late 1960s. With no more than a ninth-grade education, he worked his way through odd jobs in Manhattan before landing steady employment at an artist material development company. His mother helped support the family by working as a dietician at DeWitt Nursing Home in New York City. But his father’s long-term plan was to own his own business, and by 1973 he had saved enough money to open a coffee shop in the same building where he had been working for the last four years. He had a ready-made clientele among his many acquaintances in the building, Nivet says, and the shop was a huge success. His father sold the business 15 years later, earning enough from the sale to move the family from Brooklyn to the suburbs in Long Island. In the late 1980s, his parents opened Long Island’s first Trinidadian restaurant, which they ran successfully for 16 years until Nivet’s father’s death. Nivet says he hopes his parents’ entrepreneurial spirit might inspire future nursing students who are applying for the scholarship by reminding them that “their dreams can really be actualized through perseverance, diligence, and hard work.” Nivet says he envisions the scholarship going to a student who not only shows academic promise, but who has overcome obstacles and demonstrated “stay-to-itiveness” in the face of adversity. He says students who apply for the scholarship will be required to write an essay explaining why they believe they are worthy of the award. Lisa M. Rebeschi, associate professor and chairwoman for Southern’s department of nursing, says the department is very grateful for Nivet’s support. “Over the coming years, the state of Connecticut and the nation will be facing a severe shortage of nursing professionals, especially those prepared at the baccalaureate and graduate levels,” Rebeschi says. “Scholarships such as the one established by Dr. Nivet enable students to realize their potential as nursing professionals.”

Winter 2011 | 43

A Teacher’s Legacy A new scholarship honors the memory of celebrated Professor Emeritus Daniel Ort and furthers his long-demonstrated commitment to Southern and its students. By Natalie Missakian

44 | Charitable Giving Report


hen legendary Southern professor Daniel Ort died in 2007, a former student wrote to his wife, recalling the day she earned her first-ever C in his class. “She was absolutely, totally stressed and indignant about it [initially]. She had never gotten a C in her life,” Sharon Ort, ’72, recalls. Eventually, she had gotten over the shock and appreciated her teacher’s criticism. She went on, according to the letter, to sign up for as many of Ort’s courses as she could because, she said, he taught her “how to think.”

Such is the legacy of the longtime English department faculty member, professor emeritus, and Honors College co-founder, whose creative approach to teaching not only transformed the minds of his students, but shaped how they were taught. As a lasting tribute to her husband, his wife of 50 years established the Daniel Ort Memorial Endowment at Southern, a fund that has also received donations from numerous university colleagues and former students. The fund will provide scholarship support for students enrolled in the Honors College who are majoring in English. “He loved teaching. He loved the interaction with the students, so the idea of a scholarship seemed an appropriate thing,” says Ort from her home in Cheshire, Conn., where watercolors painted by her late husband grace the walls of every room and his published books sit on the bookshelves. Ort taught English and comparative literature at Southern from 1966 until he retired in 1997. He pioneered the concept of “team teaching” at the university, promoting an interdisciplinary approach that continues today in the Honors College. The program for academically gifted students, created in 1982, features a curriculum organized around themes rather than specific subjects. Ort encouraged professors from different departments to work together, believing a collaborative method would enhance teaching by merging several distinct perspectives on a topic. The approach, says his wife, meant not only designing courses spanning diverse subjects — from literature and the arts to science and philosophy — but literally having professors teach together in the same physical space. Before the Honors College, Ort created the IDEA program in the 1970s and then in the 1990s launched the SCORE program. Both brought an interdisciplinary approach to core courses. “He very much enjoyed that camaraderie with the professors of the other disciplines,” Sharon Ort says. In addition to the scholarship, the university dedicated the Honors College Library in Ort’s memory in March 2010. English Department Chair Michael Shea, who helped spearhead the effort, noted the library is used as a community learning room, so it is a fitting symbol of Ort’s vision.

Left: Sharon Ort, ’72

“His notion of learning needing to happen in a big community rather than individually between student and teacher — that was very influential to me,” says Shea, who shared an office with Ort for more than a decade and considered him a mentor. “Dan Ort believed we were all learners together.” Outside the classroom, Ort had numerous talents, from writing essays, poems, plays, and novels, to acting, filmmaking, playing musical instruments, and painting — a hobby he took up late in life. Colleagues, friends, and family members described him as “larger than life,” someone with a unique knack for finding humor and wisdom in everyday situations. The New York Times published many of his musings on daily life as op-ed pieces. His wife was often a central character. “He was always trying to grow as a thinker and a creator,” Shea recalls. Although Ort struggled with health problems, including Parkinson’s disease, he always found a way to incorporate life’s setbacks into his art, says his wife. When he lost control of his right hand as the Parkinson’s progressed, Ort taught himself how to paint with his left. If a tic or tremor caused a slip of the paintbrush, Ort found a way to make the error a part of his creation. He once suffered a puzzling and frightening bout of temporary amnesia that left him so confused he found himself endlessly repeating a line from a favorite Edward G. Robinson film. After he recovered, Ort used the episode as inspiration for a collection of short stories. He entitled the book, “Is this the End of Little Rico?”—naming it for the infamous movie line. His other published books include, “Off to See the Wizard,” “My Mother Always Called Me by My Brother’s Name,” and “Ort Bran.” Sharon Ort says she hopes the scholarship will go to students who share her husband’s passion for creativity. Asked what Ort would think about the effort, she says he would probably not want a fuss made over him, nor would he have sought out a space on campus bearing his name. He didn’t even want a party when he retired, she recalls. But, she says, he would be pleased about the scholarship. She comments: “Anything that is in any way helpful to kids being able to get an education, I think he would have been happy about.”

Winter 2011 | 45

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Judith Chernoff Ronald Chernovetz David Chevan Stan Christodlous Laurie Churchill Dino Ciaburri CIGNA Foundation John Ciofalo Mary Ciuk Thomas & Rosemary Clarie Constance Cleary Barbara Clifford Deborah Coates Mary Cofrancesco John Coggins William Cohane Dona Cohen Joseph Colacino Edward Colasanto Joel Colbert Sequella Coleman Maria Colon Kathryn Conklin Mary Connelly* William Connelly Barbara Conte Frances Conte Wendy Conway William Conway Jane Cooney James Corbiere Francine Coss Barbara Costello Shirley Costello Douglas Coster Lizanne Cox Claudia Crafts Terry Crescimanno John Critzer Philip Cronan Janice Crossland Helen Crowley Katherine Crowley Thomas & Patricia Cummings Elizabeth Curtis Lois Czuba D & D Services LLC Donna D'Angio Jennifer Danneman Richard Dargan Maura David Jimmy Davila Gail Davis Michael Davis Roosevelt Davis Ruth Ann Davis Samantha Davis Scott Davis Lois Day Patricia De Barbieri Cynthia DeCarlo Michael DeCarlo Christopher Decker Paul DeCoster Dorothy DeDominicis John Deeley

Sherri DeFalco Thomas & Rosemary DeFilippo Heidi Degree Randy Deitering LaRee Delahunt June Delano Raymond Delehant David DeLise Ronald DeLuca Elizabeth deLucia Pasquale Delucia George DeMaio Michaela DeMarchi Sandra Dennies Gerald Devine Christine Di Pietro Josephine DiCamillo Dichello Distributors Inc. Armand Dikranian Patrick Dilger Mark Dillon Loretta DiPietro Gail Direinzo Melinda Divicino George Doerrer Julia Doherty Laura Dolyak Debra Domack Susan Donahue Mildred Doody Thomas Dorr Kim Dorsey Richard Downey Jacqueline Downing Virginia Doyle Jeannette Doyle-Gay Barbara Drummond Luba Dubno Pauline Duda James DuHaime Diane Dumigan Mara Dunleavy Mark Dunn Kathleen Dutney Joy Duva William Dyson Alan Eckstrand Dana Efaw Pasquale Elia Edward Elliman Lenore Ellis Lucinda Embersits Marty Ernstoff Agatha Esposito Marie Etherington Kenneth Ewaskie Angela Ewer Anna-Margaret Fabisiak Kirkland Fain David Fair Patricia Falk William Faraclas Ted Farber Bonnie Farley-Lucas Joseph Fazzino Mary Feige

Harvey & Susan Feinberg Jay Feldman Michael Fennessy Christiane Fenninger Jackie Fie Kimberly Filion Bella Fink Mel Finkenberg Geraldine Finlay Hilda Fiola June Fiorelli Catherine Fiser Robin Fitch Harriet Fitzgerald Woodrow Fitzgerald Nancy Flammia Brandis Flash Edward Fletcher Gustave Flink Michael Flug Deborah Flynn Margaret Fogarty James Foley Christine Fontana Jeffrey Forbes Clare Ford Elizabeth Ford James Ford Robin Forte Nancy Franco Janice Frank Kelley Frassinelli Michael Freda Joanne Frenkel Brian Friary Ruth Frohman Janina Fusaro Anthony Gadsden Rosemary Gagliardi Kathleen Gallagher Patrick Gallagher Vanessa Galligan Charlotte Gallucci Peggy Gallup Karen Galluzzo Sharon Galvin John & Elizabeth Gambardella Beverly Ganley Rafael Garcia Gardiner’s Supermarket Inc. Linda Garfinkel Wendy Garland Carol Gennette Mark Gentry Michael Georgen Joanne Giannini Sonja Gibbs Ann Gibran Barbara Gibson Carl Giffin Nancy Gill Anthony Ginnetti Beverly Ginter Arthur & Patricia Giulietti Joseph & Rebecca Giulietti

E. Elaine Glass Martin Glassner James Gleason Howard Gleichenhaus Global Impact Betty Gobeille Adam Goldberg Jerry Golebiewski John & Jill Gonski Isabel Gonzalez-Echevarria Nancy Gorman Patrick Gorman Stephanie Gosteli Mary Gould Timothy & Pamela Granucci Susan Gray Mary Grazioso Ruth Green Greenhouse Inc. Michael Greenwood Tamila Gresham Joan Griesenauer Cheryl Gross Roberta Grossman Marcia Gruce Hope Grunt Janet Guilmette Robert Gulas Grace Gunnip Ronald Guralnick Deborah Gwiazdowski Valerie Haberl George Haddad John Hajus Kathleen Hall Winifred Hamilton Carolyn Hammond Audrey Hancock James Hanley Michael & Nancy Hanlon April Hardy Harvey Harkness George Harris Lucinda Hart Richard Harvey Harvey Hubbell Foundation Phoebe Hastings Stephen Hatch Richard Hauk Dennis Hayes Jocelyn Hayes Evelyn Heffernan Joseph Heffernan Richard Hegel Mark Heimerdinger Karen Helland Raymond Heller Selma Henig Barry Herman Amos Hewitt M. Kathryn Hill Joanne Hiss Thomas & Mari Beth Hixson Adele Hodges Michael Holinstat James Honore

Donald & Marianne Hope Rita Hornlein James Hsiao Peter Huey Donald Hughes Rita Hughes Angela Huntley Thomas Hylinski Elaine Iannarone IBM International Foundation Elizabeth Inkster Insurance Services Office Inc. Eric Inzero Michael Ippolito Italian American Youth Foundation Inc. Sondi Jackson Kendra Jemmott Florence Johns Richard & Sandra Johnson Kyung Joo Jung Barbara Kagan Jason Kannon Constance Kapral Joan Karpowich Elizabeth Keefe Mary Jane Keeler Dennis & Mary Keenan Elizabeth Keenan Raymond Kellogg James Kelly Janeth Kelly Joann Kelly Kathryn Kelly Edward Kennedy Roberta Kieronski Barbara Kiesel Yvonne Kimball Linda King Patrick King Miles Kirschner David Kish Trevor Kline Kurt Knoernschild

Paul Kobasa Veronica Koenig Philanthi Koslowski Harriet Kral Dorothy Kramer Denise Krause Pauline Kruk John Kryzanowski Leo Kuczynski James Kusack Philip Lagattuta Rae Lambert Edward Lang Susan Langhans Josephine Langhoff Phyllis Langsner Anne Lattanzio Nicholas Laveris Michelle Lawler Ralph Lawson Robert Ledder Ta-Ling Lee Cheryl Lee Phyllis Leeman Robert Lehman Matthew Leisge Kathleen Lembo Patricia Lenihan Roberta Leonard Marissa Leone David Levine Frederick Lewis Janes Lewis Joyce Lewis Catherine Ligi Linda Lindbeck Donna Lindgren Lena Lindsay Long Wharf Theatre Rebeca Lopez Carol Lovell Mary Rose Lovello Maureen Lucas Carla Lukas J. Edward Lynch Renee Lynes

Alexandra Macaluso Patricia Maclary James Madigan Alison Majeau Ann Maki Jennifer Manes Robert & Louise Manfreda Patrick Manley Sharon Manley Anne Mapolski Lucille Mapp James & Barbara Marchetti Bernadette Marczely Lucille Marottoli Marianne Marple Joan Marshall Elizabeth Martha Eleanor Martin Kathleen Martinelli E. Marie Mas Barbara Massoudi John Mastrianni Carmella Mastrogiovanni Stephen Mayer Susan McCabe Ann McCleery Patricia McCurdyCrescimanno John McEachen George & Barbara McGuigan Hollis Mckenna Paul Mckenzie William McKernan Bonnie McNair Richard Mead Kelley Meadows Sherry Meeks Michael & Mary Megargee Joan Menard Sandra Mendyk Frank & Elizabeth Meoli Laurie Mihalcik Charlene Milazzo Norma Miles Gary & Edna Mills Frank Milone Albert Mirto Donna Mitchell Gertrude Molloy Mary Monahan Janice Monteiro Stephen & Catherina Mordecai Katherine Morello Sara Morgatto Jeffrey Morin John Moroniti Joseph Morris John Morrison Gerald Moss Mehdi Mostaghimi Evelyn Moulton Mark Moynihan William Murray Gail Muscolino Daniel Myers Mark Nastri

Winter 2011 | 49

Mary Navin Betty Naylor John Nazzaro Gerard Nelson Barbara Neufeld Margaret Newton Robert Nill Ryan Nobrega Donald Norcross Eleanor O'Brien Dorothea O'Byrne Mark O'Donnell Alozie Okwu Omni Hotel Patrice O'Neill Maureen Onofrio Kevin O'Reilly Vanda O'Reilly Thomas Ormond Angela Orsene Joyce Ortner James Osborne Shawn O'Sullivan Tracey Owers Sadiann Ozment Don Pace Pacific Biomedical Inc. Gatin Pagano Carl Paight Beverly Pajer Jeannette Palluzzi Philip Palma Joseph & Judith Palmer Jiong Dong Pang Gloria Panza* Francis Panzarella George & Judit Paolini Dorothy Pappas Rita Paradis Paradise Country Club Vermelle Paris Michael & Lisa Parisi Walda Passaro Edward Patrick Marcia Patrick Lyndon Patrie Elsa Paulino Lynda Pedersen David Pendrys Arthur Perschino Anthony Peruso Maria Peters David Peterson Lisa Peterson Paul Petrie Christine Petto Barbara Pezzullo Lillian Pfeiffer Pfizer Foundation Karen Phelan Julie Piazza Cynthia Piccirillo Walter Piechota Donald & Marilyn Pierce Charles Pigaty Pilot Pen Tennis Patricia Pitt

50 | Charitable Giving Report

Erica Planamento Daria Ploski John Ploski Jacqueline Polanski Krista Polinsky Polly's School of Gymnastics Frances Poloshian David Pomper Dennis Powers Ann Pratson Cheryl Preneta Michael Prentice Susan Prentis-Good Alan Preston Geraldine Prince Prudential Foundation Raymond Pugliese Lori Pujda Monica Raffone Raise The Bar Philip Rapuano Diane Rasch Lillian Reeder Tricia Regan Jeffrey & Marie Reilly George Reiss Douglas Relyea John Renjilian Ann Renstrom Resource Video Charlene Riccardi* Richard & Stacey Riccardi Robert Rice Elizabeth Richardson Christopher Riley Marguerite Rinaldi Christine Rischman Anna Rivera-Alfaro Frank Rivers Rose Rizza Linda Robinson John Rochette Norman Rodriques Michael Rogers Linda Rogoff Nancy Ronne

Harriet Rosen Diane Rosner Valerie Rowe Judith Rowley Ronald Ruff Thomas Rusk Thomas Ryan Emily Ryder Linda Rynkowska James Sabia Concetta Sacco Thomas & Claire Sacramone Peter Sakalowsky Richard & Phyllis Salerno Diane Salisbury Michael Salvin Berta Samson Dolph Sand Barbara Sanders Mark Sandillo Matthew Sandulli David Santora Marilyn Santucci Maribeth Sarnacki Mary Savage James Savidge Donald Sbabo Joseph Scascitelli Scott Schaffer Irene Schragger Janice Schuck Wayne Schwartz Eugene Schweitzer Dorothy Scrobko Martin & Linda Scully Deborah Seibert R. Craig & Barbara Self Marie Selvaggio Carol Sepowitz Douglas Shaheen John Shea Lisa Shea-Hudson Helen Shecora Margaret Shepard John Sidoli Kathy Siegler

Joan Silber Pamela Simone John & Martha Simpson Michael Sjovall Robert Slie Anita Smith Ellen Smith Forrest Smith Marcia Smith-Glasper Soho Hair Group Emily Sopchak South End Spirits M. Roberta Spann David Spiars Claryn Spies Donna Spigarolo Richard & Kathleen Stannard William Staples Steelcase Foundation Francis & Nancy Stellaccio Katherine Stevenson Susan Stewart Suzanne Stisser Edith Stocking Henry Stockmal Dale Storz Jean Strain Carolyn Strout Joan Stubenrauch Donald Stuhlman Ming Suen Linda Suhr Constance Sullivan Edward Sullivan Robert Sullivan Jean Sutherland Catherine-Mae Sutherland John Switchenko Carl & Elizabeth Sword Frances Symmes-Bourneuf James & Danielle Tagariello Lisa Taggart James & Jill Tallberg Peter & Clelia Tenerowicz Susan Terramorse Judith Terrill The Calabash Shoppee The George J. & Rosemary P. Kreutzer Family Trust Kevin Thompson Kimberly Tibbetts Vincent Tiscia Lois Tolles Robert Toothaker Barbara Torcellini John Tracy Laurie Tracy Rudolph Trankovich Travelers Championship M. Tredinnick Louis Tremblay Sandra Triffin Carol Tripp Delia Tucci Alexandra Turner Melvin Turner

United Way of Central & Northeastern Connecticut Sharon Valley Michele Vancour Patricia Varanelli William Varnum Heidi Vazzano Marie Veit Anthony Verlezza Laurie Vigneault Valerie Villano Charles Viscardi Robert Vitti Judith Vogt Richard Volkman Rita Vozzo Janet Wagner Susan Wainio Rosemary Waldron Marlon Walker Jan Wang Christopher Ward Lorraine Waterhouse Mark Waters Suzanne Weber Candice Weigle-Spier Ted & Pamela Weiss Maureen Welch Hunter Thomas Wellington Wendy Wells Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign Ann Wengloski Edward & Mary Weselcouch Brian West Martha Westenberger Andrea Weyhing Todd Wheeler Cecelia Whelan Mary Ellen White Edward & Anne Whitman Ann Wilber Cynthia Willauer Shirley Willcox Annaleila Williams Laura Williams Lori Williams Stephan Williams Mary Williamson Dorothy Willis William & Rosemary Wilson Thomas Wingreen Sharon Wise Beth Wolak Patricia Wolf Gary Wolff Maureen Wood Sebron Woodley Roger Woznick Betsey Wright Robin Wright Brandon Wrinn Kathy Yalof Mikayo Yamamoto James Yanosy Arthur Yost

John Young Ralph Yulo Andrew Zbikowski Barbara Zimmer Robin Zimmerman Rose Zmarzlak Gretchen Zonas Brian & Joyce Zukauskas Janet Zukowski Steven Zullo Robert Zuraw Faculty and Staff Honor Roll Antonio Aceto Nancy Alexander Aliya Amin Shirley Anderson James Barber Christine Barrett Jill Bassett Christina Baum Betsy Beacom Judith Behler Michael Ben-Avie Linda Benichak Therese Bennett Denise Bentley-Drobish John Bergevin Corinne Blackmer James Blake Aimee Bonn Peter Boppert Sharon Bradford Vincent Breslin Christine Broadbridge Dian Brown-Albert Pamela Brucker Anthony Brunetti Sandra Bulmer William Burton Terrell Bynum George Caffrey Conrad Calandra Richard Callahan Doreen Cammarata-Gilhuly Mary Cannici Christopher Carollo Suzanne Carroll Vincenzo Cassella Shirley Cavanagh Richard Cavanaugh Thomas Celentano Mark Ceneviva Caroline Chamberlain Wendy Chang Xiao Cheng David Chevan Catherine Christy Nancy Chucta Marsha Clarke

Shawna Cleary William Cohane Marylou Conley Nicholas Constantinople Delinda Conte Gary Crakes Holly Crawford Brad Crerar Gregg Crerar John Critzer Marcie Cronin Karen Cummings Thomas Cummings John DaPonte Margaret Das Pamela Day Patricia De Barbieri Robert DeMezzo David Denino Emmett Dennis Deborah DeSisto William Diffley Patrick Dilger Gaetano Dimicco Nancy Disbrow Julia Doherty James Dolan Giovanni D'Onofrio Joseph Dooley Thomas Dorr Robert Drobish Suzanne Duke Jerry Dunklee Theresa Ebenhoe Nicholas Edgington Shermaine Edmonds Francoise Ehrmann Margaret Elliott Scott Ellis Marguerite Fadden William Faraclas Bonnie Farley-Lucas Alyson Fedak Marybeth Fede Vincent Ferrie Janelle Finch Joan Finn Nicole Fluhr Kelley Frassinelli DonnaJean Fredeen Betsy Galian Peggy Gallup Sheila Garvey Yilma Gebremariam Terese Gemme Floyd Gollnick Krystyna GorniakKocikowska Carolyn Harris Frank Harris Martin Hartog

Ronald Herron William Hochman Margaret Huda Percy Huggins, Jr. Kurt Jagielow Michelle Johnston Jordan Jones Barbara Kagan Elizabeth Keenan Raymond Kellogg Robin Kenefick Marianne Kennedy Paula Kennedy Hak Joon Kim Margaret Kiraly Michael Kobylanski Philanthi Koslowski James Kusack Frank LaDore Lisa Lancor Susan Larson Michelle Lawler Susan Lawrence

Joyce Moore Giacomo Mordente Diane Morgenthaler Gary Morin Mehdi Mostaghimi Bennie Murphy Michelle Murphy Joseph Musante James Mutts Ervin Nelson Vara Neverow Dianne Newman Patricia Nicol Ryan Nobrega Wesley O'Brien Kalu Ogbaa Patricia Olney Wanda Outing Tracey Owers Janis Panagrossi Jiong Dong Pang Timothy Parrish Jacqueline Patton

Matthew LeSieur David Levine Samuel Lopes J. Edward Lynch Anthony Maltese Michelle Mann Doris Marino David Marquis Armen Marsoobian James Mazur Hollis Mckenna Paul Mckenzie Kevin McNamara Dorothy Mewborn Tammy Millsaps Sharon Misasi

Gregory Paveza Belinda Pearman Philip Pessina Klaus Peters Paul Petrie Carolynn Pettit Christine Petto Christopher Piscitelli Geraldine Prince Susan Quagliaroli Timothy Quill Monica Raffone Lisa Rebeschi Tricia Regan Richard Riccardi Stacey Riccardi

Lystra Richardson Anna Rivera-Alfaro Salvatore Rizza Linda Robinson Mary Robinson John Rochette Megan Rock Michael Rogers Nancy Ronne Diane Rosner Heather Rowe Lee Ryan Linda Rynkowska Peter Sakalowsky Theresa Sandifer Janet Sanford Marlene Santiago-Cordero Janet Schneider Jessica Scibek Stanley Seliga Joseph Selvaggio Marie Selvaggio Antonia Serrano Michael Shea Cynthia Shea-Luzik Robert Sheeley Winnie Shyam Eric Simms Judith Sizensky-Searles Dawn Stanton-Holmes Bridget Stepeck-Holt Brigitte Stiles Cynthia Stretch Villia Struyk Frank Tavares Angela Todaro Lawrence Tomascak Diane Tomasko Peter Troiano Norma Valentin Michele Vancour Merryalis Vazquez Richard Volkman Carol Wallace David Walsh Jan Wang Mark Waters Carlton Watson Susan Westrick Colby Whelan Patricia Whelan Selase Williams Marvin Wilson Robert Workman Leon Yacher Kathy Yalof Phyllis Young Patricia Zibluk *Deceased

Our Honor Rolls recognize gifts made between July 1, 2009 and June 30, 2010. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information, however, errors and omissions may have occurred. Please accept our apologies for any inaccuracies. If you find an error, please contact Betsy Galian at (203) 392-5598.

Winter 2011 | 51

Southern Connecticut State University Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors OFFICERS Robin Sauerteig Chair Southern Connecticut State University Foundation Vice President, BLS Strategic Capital/DAR Inc. John Brown Vice Chairman Southern Connecticut State University Foundation Founding Partner, Aquiline Capital Management David R. McHale Treasurer Southern Connecticut State University Foundation Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Northeast Utilities System Frederick R. Afragola Secretary Chairman, Frame Advisors

BOARD MEMBERS Paula Armbruster Associate Clinical Professor, Yale University (retired) Michael R. Chambrello President and Chief Operating Officer Scientific Games Corporation Mary O’Connell Kozik Senior Chemist AECOM Corporation Thomas J. Madigan Vice President, Investments UBS Financial Services Inc.

Joseph Natarelli Partner-in-Charge Marcum LLP

Mackey Barron President HB Communications Inc.

Marc A. Nivet, Ed.D. Chief Diversity Officer Association of American Medical Colleges

Lynn Fusco President Fusco Corporation

William H. Pratt, Esq. Partner Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP


John Soto President Space-Craft Manufacturing Inc. Carol J. Stiff Vice President, Programming and Acquisitions ESPN Programming Richard F. Tripodi President RFTS Inc.

Stanley F. Battle, Ph.D. Interim President Southern Connecticut State University James E. Blake Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration Southern Connecticut State University Vincent M. Gagliardi Alumni Association Representative William A. Holley, Jr. Alumni Association Representative

Anthony F. Verlezza President Supply Chain and Manufacturing Executive Consulting Diane L. Wishnafski Executive Vice President, NewAlliance Bank (retired)


Jonathan Irving, Ph.D. Professor of Music Southern Connecticut State University Ben McNamee Student Representative Southern Connecticut State University Christopher M. Piscitelli Director of Judicial Affairs Southern Connecticut State University

Lucille W. Alderman Community Activist Frank D. Antin Senior Vice President, The Bank of New York Mellon (retired)

CONTACT US For additional information, please contact: Southern Connecticut State University Foundation, Inc. Telephone: (203) 392-6192

52 | Charitable Giving Report

Gifts may be made online at: or you may contact the Development Office. Telephone: (203) 392-5598

Foundation Report 2010  

Southern Connecticut State University - 2010 Charitable Giving Report

Foundation Report 2010  

Southern Connecticut State University - 2010 Charitable Giving Report