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2017 Board of Directors

GNAA News & Events / January 2017

Chairman-Elect Andrew Klahn, CAM, CAPS, NALP, HCCP Vice-Chairman Stephanie Burns, CAPS, CAM, NALP Secretary/Treasurer Zac Ward Immediate Past Chairman Diana English Managers Representative Chloe Evans Maintenance Representative John Johnson, CAMT, CPO Associates Representative Lacey Smithson, NALP Management Directors Anne Adams, CAM, NALP Kitty Barry Brigitte Byron, CAM Tracey Crowe Tina Hamor Stacey Holt Bret Marchbanks, CAM Melanie Schlachter Lori Torres Maintenance Directors Rusty Guilliams, CAMT II, CPO Diane Mason, CAMT, CPO Associate Directors Jack Abernathy, CAS Jill Carpenter, CAS Jennifer McCoy Loyd Owen Dwayne Rawls, CAS MDHA Representative Norman Deep Legal Advisor Wes Hall


Chairman Lisa Swick, CAPS

Features 5











Director of Education & Events Daniel Sircy

Director of Communications & Marketing Scott Meert Finance Connie Morris

Statistics Bobbi Turner, ARM Active Past Chairmen Mary Bradley Brad Cather, CPM®, HCCP, SHCM Kirby Davis Faye Ellis, CPM® Diana English Andy Gass, ARM Barbara Haynes Shelley James, CAM, CAPS Tammy Lee, CAM Chari Lewis, CAM, CAPS, CPM® Linda W. Mason, CAPS, ARM Stacy L. Molen, CAM Nancy Morris, ARM Linda Page, CPM®, ARM Judy Rose, CPM® Rita Wilkinson, CPM®, ARM Joyce Wolfe, ARM

It’s the Law Make Your Notices Clear – It’s the First of the Year Feature Avoid Common Marketing Mistakes Spotlight On: Statistics Committee

Association News

President Diane Carter

Membership Development & Sales Ginny Johnson

From the Chair 2017: The Gold Standard of Excellence

About the Cover The 2017 GNAA Exective Committee Cover photo by Penny Rawls Photography

Educational Opportunity NALP Course New Members Welcome! Calendar Something Special Noted on the Calendar General Membership Meeting Choices Create Champions! January’s Networking Opportunities Associates Luncheon and Managers Luncheon Educational Opportunity The Assistant Manager Crew: The Art of Collections Educational Opportunities Invest In Your Future

From the Chair

2017: The Gold Standard of Excellence A

s we launch into a new year, we do so with focused determination to accomplish new goals that will lay the foundation to meet the needs of our growing organization today and in the years to come. 2016 proved to be a year of strong growth as our organization grew to over 100,000 units! We will continue to see growth throughout 2017. What an exciting time for our industry in Nashville and an exciting time to be a member of the GNAA! Growth doesn’t always come easy – and often requires an organization to engage in goal-planning to be sustainable, relevant, and on the leading edge. We are excited to share with you that our organization has already started the process of strategic planning to carry us through the next three years and beyond. 2017 will begin Year 1 of this plan to keep us strong as an organization through unprecedented growth, to improve in areas that will keep us on the leading edge in our industry, and to be your go-to source for education and information that will benefit both members and associate members. As part of our strategic plan, we have embraced the Gold Standard of Excellence as it relates to education. Bringing together the expectations of a growing organization and the professional level of education and training to enable those in our industry to grow into tomorrow’s leaders – this will continue to

be our primary focus. Utilizing technology and other resources to provide relevant/enhanced educational opportunities through multi-media sources will allow GNAA to become a “go-to” source for education and information. Other areas of focus in 2017 will include the following: Communication Through the use of enhanced technology, communication will have a clear, concise branding through multiple web outlets – for the opportunity to share or promote our industry with a larger audience. Membership Enhancing our Ambassador program for new members while improving technology and communication to keep our current membership engaged. Legislative Establish a Legislative Committee to be the voice for our industry within the community and local government enabling us to proactively address issues as they arise. Becoming your go-to source for industry-related education and information, being a strong advocate in the legislative arena and broadening public awareness of GNAA through multimedia sources will keep us on the leading edge and will provide the platform to launch into the next decade! I am both honored and humbled to serve as your 2017 GNAA Chairman. Together, we can be stronger!

by Lisa Swick


We are pleased to introduce your 2017 GNAA Officers and Board of Directors. Here’s to a great year! Executive Council

Maintenance Directors

Lisa Swick, CAPS, Chairman Andrew Klahn, CAPS, NALP, HCCP, CAM, Chairman-Elect Stephanie Burns, CAM, NALP, CAPS, Vice-Chairman Zac Ward, Secretary/Treasurer

Rusty Guilliams, CAMT II, CPO Diane Mason, CAMT, CPO

Legal Advisor Wes Hall


Associate Directors Jack Abernathy, CAS Jill Carpenter, CAS Jennifer McCoy Loyd Owen Dwayne Rawls, CAS

Norman Deep

Maintenance Representative John Johnson, CAMT, CPO

Associates Representative Lacey Smithson, NALP

Managers Representative Chloe Evans

Management Directors Anne Adams, CAM, NALP Kitty Barry Brigitte Byron, CAM Tracey Crowe Tina Hamor Stacey Holt, CAM Bret Marchbanks, CAM Melanie Schlachter Lori Torres


Active Past Chairmen Andy Gass, ARM Mary Bradley Brad Cather, CPM, HCCP, SHCM Kirby Davis Diana English Faye Ellis, CPM Barbara Haynes Shelley James, CAM, CAPS Tammy Lee, CAM Chari Lewis, CAM, CAPS, CPM Linda W. Mason, CAPS, ARM Stacy L. Molen, CAM, Nancy Morris, ARM Linda Page, CPM, ARM Judy Rose, CPM Rita Wilkinson, CPM, ARM Joyce Wolfe, ARM

You could be the missing piece.

It’s easy to find a GNAA committee that interests you. Our committees depend on your participation and attendance to successfully meet their goals and the goals of GNAA. Joining is easy— just call the GNAA offices at 615.365.3047 to let us know which committee you would like to participate on. Choose from the following:

Awards Banquet Beautification Communications Community Service Directory Education Golf

Maintenance Mania Membership News & Events Programs Statistics Trade Show


January 17-19, 2017

8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Each day) GNAA Education & Training Room


Cost: $650 Scholarship Available!

CLK Multi-Family Management

GNAA Policy: Payment must be made by course date. Absolutely no refunds will be issued. If for any reason you cannot attend the course, you or your company may send someone in your place.

Kitty Barry

To register, visit or call us at 615-365-3047. Greater Nashville Apartment Association, Inc., Two International Plaza, Suite 201, Nashville, TN 37217


Apply by December 31st.

It’s the Law

Make Your Notices Clear – It’s the First of the Year A

nother New Year begins – the time of year when we resolve to make personal and business improvements. We will try to cease old bad habits, or begin new good habits. If we’re lucky, the changes will be permanent. Professionally, as it relates to the legal implications of our work, we can resolve to correct minor, but costly, inconsistencies as we prepare for the coming year. Over the next couple of months, we’ll talk about some of those minor issues, why they are important, and how easily they can be prevented. As an example of one such issue, at a recent docket call, two tenants from the same apartment community had their cases set for eviction. They both appeared in court and both gave the same explanation for their failure to timely pay rent. Their excuse involved a calendar that was included in the apartment community’s monthly newsletter. The calendar warned that tenants would be assigned for eviction after a specific day of the month. However, prior to that date, both cases had been assigned and detainer warrants were issued. Despite the language in the lease contract and other written notices to the contrary, this one instance of an incorrect date was reason enough for both of these cases to be dismissed.

Our notices for late rent and other violations, signage in the office, and monthly newsletters can all be cited as communication from the landlord. If the policies recited in those documents are not consistent, a problem is created. Since the landlord is the drafter of the lease contract, notices, and other documents, any ambiguity or contradiction in their terms is going to be interpreted in favor of the tenant. For example, if the newsletter gives tenants until the 20th to pay rent, but the late notice only allows through the 15th, Courts will give the benefit of the doubt to the tenant and find that a warrant issued on the 16th was issued prematurely. How can we prevent these kinds of problems? We can prevent them by periodically reviewing all communication with our residents to make sure that those communications comply with the lease contract, the Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, and our notices. You must also look for confusing or contradictory language in order to prevent the Court from interpreting ambiguities in favor of the tenant. The rent was past due! However, the incorrect date in the monthly newsletter caused the tenants to prevail in court.

by Wes Hall, Law Office of Hall & Associates


New Members Apartment Communities The Chelsea Sarah Tillotson 1900 12th Ave. S. Nashville, TN 37203 79 apartment homes 615-988-5077 Elmington Property Management Referred by: Tammy Lee, Elmington Property Management Cumberland Manor Danielle Holbrook 1121 Riverwood Pl. Clarksville, TN 37040 132 apartment homes 931-572-3255 FAX 931-553-0934 Broad Management Referred by: State Lease Program Harvest House M. J. Roames 332 N. Wilmore St. Gallatin, TN 37066 5 apartment homes 615-824-2151 FAX 615-824-2710 October Sky TN, LLC Referred by: State Lease Program The James Sarah Tillotson 1000 Division St. Nashville, TN 37203 31 apartment homes 615-753-1007 Elmington Property Management Referred by: Tammy Lee, Elmington Property Management West 46th Shenna Bonner 4510 Charlotte Ave. Nashville, TN 37209 171 apartment homes 615-385-3300 Elmington Property Management Referred by: Tammy Lee, Elmington Property Management


Associates Case Restoration John French 61-A Paris Ave. Nashville, TN 37210 615-291-2800 FAX 615-244-1046 General contractor, water, fire, smoke, damage restoration, mold remediation, catastrophic damage restoration Referred by: Website Research The Liberty Group Mark Darnell 7500 San Felipe, Suite 950 Houston, TX 77063 713-961-7666 Executive search & temporary staffing services Referred by: Mark Darnell was previously a member ServiceMaster Restore by GM Nancy Cox 147 Space Park South Nashville, TN 37211 901-482-4955 FAX 615-953-3127 Floor care, water damage, fire & smoke damage, mold Referred by: Stephanie Burns, NTS Development

24/48 Service



Before you get going on your remodel, Get A Grip. Call us today!

NASHVILLE ...a company for all your property needs.

F U LL S E RV I C E R E S TO R AT I ON CO M PA NY Fire • Water • Wind Smoke Damage • Mold Remediation Bio-Hazard Waste Clean up/Disposal as well as Turn Key Services for your everyday needs. 3283 F R A NK L IN L IM ESTONE R OA D • NA SHV IL L E, TN 3721 7

( 615) 360- 0079 Sunday





Tuesday Wednesday Thursday



Associates Luncheon


Hermitage House 11:30am













Statistics Committee* 8:45am

News & Events Committee* 9am




Managers Luncheon*


Golf Committee* 10am


Maintenance Committee* 8:30am






NALP* 8:30am - 5pm

Board of Directors Orientation* 9-11am

Banquet Committee* 9am



TAA Board of Directors*



Membership Committee* 9am

Directory Committee* 10am



The Art of Collections*


GNAA Board 26 of Directors 10am General Membership Luncheon

Airport Marriott, 11:30am


9:30am - 12:30pm

*at GNAA office


King’s Daughter Christ

Restoring Nashville’s Multifamily One Community

tmas Party

y at a Time

655 N. Main Street • Goodlettsville, TN 37072 Phone: 615.873.4631 • Fax: 615.873.4634


Avoid Common Marketing Mistakes

By Using These Ideas on Your Path to Community Success


o be successful, multifamily professionals must recognize common marketing mistakes and know how to avoid them. We must first understand what marketing is and is not. Marketing is an essential element for every business. Marketing and advertising for rental housing has gone beyond the classic printed ads, billboards and rental magazines. Thanks to the rise of technology and social media, the world of marketing and advertising has become bigger than ever. Unfortunately, all of these resources can cause confusion and intimidation, but if we learn the right strategies and use the right tools, we can handle our marketing without fear or hesitation. Marketing is the first step in building a relationship with the customer and building brand recognition. First things first. Marketing is not the same as advertising. Similarly, marketing is often confused with the simple act of selling. Marketing is made up of the activities companies

use to attract the attention of their potential residents and lead them to the sale or purchase. Marketing starts with the process of identifying potential customers with the interest and income to rent from you. This is known as your target market. It involves understanding who your potential residents are and what they want from your community. Colors, logo and other design elements help to align the image of your community with the interests of your target audience. It is marketing that defines your brand and attracts the potential residents you want. Advertising is the process of making your community known to the marketplace and is essentially spreading the word about what you have to offer based on what you know about your audience. Put another way, marketing is the way in which you convince potential renters that you have the right apartment for them. Advertising is how you communicate to them the existence of that perfect apartment. As professionals we must understand what to do right and what to avoid in order to successfully market our communities and management companies. continued

by Elaine Simpson, President, Occupancy Solutions, LLC


Things to do:

Things to avoid:

• Using just one marketing type; • Thinking marketing, selling and advertising are all the same thing; • Placing advertising that does not contain a “call to action”; • Using the same old methods of yore; • Ignoring current residents as a source of promotion; • Using social media inconsistently and/or without tracking efforts, monitoring or maintenance; • Creating a marketing campaign without doing proper market research. Defining and building a target market requires extensive market research. In the rental housing industry, we can create and utilize a market survey of nearby rental communities with rental rates and amenities similar to our own to assist us in defining our market. Once our market survey form is created, one need only update the data on a monthly basis. The data collected allows management to adjust rental rates and gauge occupancy levels of the competitors. Many large management companies today have special computer programs that analyze various factors such as availability of specific floor plans and rental “specials” within submarkets and then set rental rates that can change daily. Smaller companies must rely on their staff, managers and corporate representatives to use the data collected in the periodic calls and visits to the competitors. Data collected is used to set marketing goals and marketing strategies.

• Train your employees. Every interaction counts in a successful marketing campaign, so it is important to train your employees how to communicate with your prospects in face-to-face encounters, over the telephone and on the internet. • Set appropriate marketing goals. This is important in order to provide direction for your campaign. You must also create specific objectives and plans to reach your goals. • Inform and educate your target market. Concentrate on relevant content through the use of different media such as blogs, webcasts, social media, newsletters, etc. Choice of media also depends on your budget and target market. Consider only specific publications, banner ads and use of search engine optimization (SEO) for the internet. • Create advertising that focuses on how your clients’ lives will improve by living at your community. This is usually accomplished by using “Feature Benefit Closing” techniques and should be used throughout your marketing campaign. • Give your residents and prospects a voice by creating an outlet for communication through the use of surveys, focus groups, interviews and reward programs. • Be consistent in your image, product and customer service. • Anticipate customer needs and understand customer wants. • Keep up with market trends. • Practice “the pitch” after making it concise and focused. • Sell value and lifestyle, not the price. • Offer extraordinary customer service. • Keep it fun or entertaining to create and hold attention. • Be confident in your presentation. • Integrate the “four P’s” – product, price, place and promotion – to support your branding and campaign.

Marketing is

the first step in building a

relationship with the

customer and building brand recognition.

Understand the different types of marketing and mix them to be most effective: continued on p. 16


Choices Create Champions! Dale Smith Thomas, nationally recognized author, speaker and founder of Winners By Choice, will help lay the groundwork for you to have a great 2017!

General Membership Meeting Thursday, January 26, 2017 Registration: 11:00 a.m. Lunch: 11:30 a.m.

Location: Airport Marriott 600 Marriott Dr Nashville Cost: $35/person

Space is limited. Reserve today! THANK YOU SPONSORS!


BG Staffing • Bouvier Insurance Ferguson Facilities Supply• Valet Waste

Managers News

October Meeting Feature, cont.


• Direct Marketing – Emails, phone calls or texting to a captured list of prospects with a call to action. Also, use interactive web pages, promotional letters and offers. • Active Marketing – Approach and follow-up is important when using on-line blogs and forums, instant chatting and cold calling. • Inbound Marketing – Use of Search Engine Optimization, web pages, FaceBook, Twitter, etc. to bombard prospects with information then wait for return responses. • Outbound Marketing – This is the most traditional method and is easy, but you may spend more time and effort casting a wide net rather than reeling in the fish. Examples are television, magazine ads, some internet ads, some web pages and grassroots outreach efforts. • Guerrilla Marketing – Use of unconventional methods to “wow” prospects by creating unique visual perspective and engage their imaginations. Examples are public relations stunts such as forming flash mobs or interactive advertisements such as dinosaur footprints leading from public places to your community.


• Promotional Marketing – Holding contests, sweepstakes, giveaways, or raffle tickets for free gifts. Smaller companies generally do not have the benefit of having a marketing director telling them what to do and how to do it and must come up with ideas on their own or turn to outside marketing consultants and companies such as Occupancy Solutions for guidance and training. Occupancy Solutions offers in-person training, consultations to review and develop individual marketing plans, on-line e-learning webinars and training courses and much, much more.

January’s GNAA

Networking Opportunities Associates Luncheon January 4, 2017

Hermitage Smorgasbord @ 11:30 am

Vision 2017: GNAA

Are you in need of a REPLACEMENT while your leasing agent is on vacation? Are you in the PROCESS OF HIRING and find yourself short-handed? Is your leasing agent OUT OF THE OFFICE due to sickness or a long-term leave?




We have several highly experienced leasing consultants, assistant managers, managers, maintenance personnel and groundskeepers available for temporary and permanent full-time and part-time positions in the Metro Nashville area.

Speaker: Lisa Swick 2017 Chairman of the Board

We carefully screen our applicants to meet the needs of each individual apartment community. Our goal is to help you and your property function smoothly, organized and profitably during this time.

Managers Luncheon

Short or Long Term Temporary Placement Permanent Full Time Placement • Shopping Services 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

January 11, 2017 GNAA Offices @ 12pm

Essential Building Science Fundamentals for Property Managers Speaker: Barry Westbrook with Docair

Thank you to our sponsors! A-1 Concrete Leveling Bouvier Insurance • DocAir Wright Construction Company

General Membership January 26, 2017


fax 399-0888

Monday-Friday 9-6 DEE HARDING Owner

Law Office

Hall & Associates M. Wesley Hall III

Nathan C. Lybarger

Airport Marriott @ 11:30am

Choices Create Champions! Speaker: Dale Smith Thomas

Thank you to our sponsors! BG Staffing • Bouvier Insurance Ferguson Facilities Supply Valet Waste

LandlordAdvocate® 223 Madison Street • Suite 212 • Madison, TN 37115

6 1 5 . 8 6 8 . 4 1 0 1 • Fa x 6 1 5 . 8 6 8 . 3 8 9 3


Another day. Another dollar! TOPIC:

The Assistant Manager Crew: The Art of Collections Brought to you by

Jennifer McCoy

Law Office of Jennifer McCoy

January 31, 2017 9:30am-12:30pm Breakfast provided!

$99CallMember Rate for Non-member pricing. Three (3) CECs

Nashville. We are home. Call us to see why we are the nation’s premier career resource since 1977.

™ Executive Search • Temporary Staffing • Temp to Hire • RapidHire Is today fast enough? Main Number - 629.888.1122 Toll Free - 855.961.7666 Email -

Mark Darnell Branch Manager


Visit our website at for more information!

Spotlight On:

The GNAA Statistics Committee G

NAA has a number of committees for those members who want to volunteer their time to help make our association all that it can be. The Statistics Committee, chaired by Mary Bradley, is our spotlight for January. They are changing the way that you will be able to track the growth in Nashville’s multifamily industry. Each year, GNAA has published an annual Market Survey report, along with quarterly updates. The information contained within this report is based on data provided by participating property managers and/or property management companies/owners in the Greater Nashville MSA. Apartment Community Sales, Completions, Construction Underway, and Speculative Construction pages are derived from various published reports, public record, zoning information and collective knowledge of the committee. Overall occupancy and rental amounts are tracked in addition to each submarket’s individual occupancy and average rental rates.

Starting in 2017, this valuable resource will become completely digital and on-demand. The same work will go into the interactive product as GNAA staff and committee members collect all needed information and verify all published reporting. All property details will now go into a GIS mapping system (picture the NBJ Big Map of Projects website) that will be available in real time on the GNAA website at Members will still have the ability to see an annual review and quarterly reports of the compiled information. These will be available in an interactive PDF format on the website as well. Instead of a price attached to printed materials, you will now be able to purchase a yearly membership to gain access to the GIS system and reports. Since information will change on an almost daily basis, you can return to the site as much as you need in order to get the most updated information. Kudos to the GNAA Statistics Committee for their hard work and their vision to bring this valuable member resource to the 21st century!

Image is an example only


Multifamily Executive Council Luncheon

Maintenance News

December Meeting Highlights

Tim, Hermitage House; Cliffer, Brighton Valley

Zac, Pinaire Roofing; Michael, Stewart’s Ferry


Doug, Stewarts Ferry; Kathryn, Waste Management

Mark, Greystar; Robert, United Structural Systems

John & Jamie, Ground Up Builders; Scott, Schatten Properties Management

2017 Education Schedule Setting the Gold Standard in education for the multifamily industry in Nashville. Make sure to attend these educational courses offered by GNAA.



National Apartment Leasing Professional* (NALP®)

January 17 - 19 (8:30a-5:00p) February 17th - Presentations

Member Cost* NALP $650

Assistant Manager Crew: The Art of Collections 3 CEC’s January 31st (9:30a-12:30p)


Hands on Training – 5 Basic Punch List Items

February 15 (8:30a-12:30p)


Pot, Pit Bulls, Parking and Perps The Pitfalls of Fair Housing 4 CEC’s

February 21 (8:30a-12:30p)


HVAC Hands-On Training Low Voltage, Electrical Controls & Diagrams

6 CECs

March 14 (9:00a-5:00p)


Basic Spanish for Leasing 2 CEC’s

March 28 (8:30a – 10:30a)

Certified Pool Operator* (CPO®)

April 6-7 (8:00a-5:00p)

Certified Apartment Portfolio Supervisor (CAPS)

April 10 – 14 (8:30a-4:30p)

All Star Leasing Presented by The Apartment All-stars 4 CECs

April 18 (8:30a – 12:30p)


HVAC/EPA Certification

May 2 (9:00a-5:00p)


Legal Conference 3 CEC’s

May 12th (8:30a-12:30p)


June 13 (9:00a-5:00p)


HVAC/EPA Certification

July 13 (9:00a-5:00p)


Leadership Lifestyle – The Balance 3 CEC’s

July 25 (9:30a-12:30p)


Low Income Housing Tax Credit Conference

September 14-15 (9:00a-5:00p)


Certified Apartment Manager (CAM®)

September 18-22 (8:00a-5:00p)

CAM $899

Certified Apartment Maintenance Technician (CAMT)

October 24–27 (8:00a – 4:30p) November 7–10 (8:00a – 4:30p)

CAMT $849

HVAC Hands-On Training Refrigerant Charging and Troubleshooting

6 CECs

$75 $365 CAPS $1,400

*Non-Members of GNAA should call (615) 365-3047 for non-member pricing. Scholarships available for CAM, CAMT, CAPS, CPO and NALP certification courses.

Don’t have the staff coverage to attend as much off-site training as you’d like? Looking for a way to provide quality training to your employees on a tight budget? GNAA’s Online University programs are the ideal solution! For more information, or non-member prices, call the GNAA office at 615-365-3047. Download registration forms (as available) from our website at Registration must be made for each class and payment is due prior to course date. Space is limited and there are Absolutely No Cancellations or Refunds. Schedule & pricing subject to change.





Betty, Ghertner & Co.; Brittany, NTS Development; Holli & Kari, Sherwin Williams

Tabitha, The Ridge at Green Haven; Alex, Window City

Derek, Ground Up Services; Stacey, Bell Franklin Gateway; Tracey, Verse Bell Road; Sarah, Elmington Property Management

Do you want to be found? This ad space can be yours to be seen by thousands. Call us at 615.365.3047 to place your ad here.


Proudly Serving the USA!

Serving The Multi-Family Industry Nationwide

1-866-204-8734 With a strong sense of urgency while catering to your needs, Windsor Redevelopment is committed to helping you succeed.

Specializing in all Aspects of Construction on Multifamily/Commercial Properties • Complete Interior and Exterior Property Rehabs • Water Intrusion Specialist • Disaster Relief • 24 Hour Emergency Service


Take your property to a whole new level.

PRSRT STD U.S. Postage PAID Nashville, TN Permit No. 380

Upgrade your property with XFINITY and give your residents the best in entertainment. XFINITY X1


XFINITY Internet



An interactive TV experience.

Movie night, every night.

Think fast. Really fast.

Connecting to what matters.

Connected. Protected. Home.

Call 1-800-XFINITY today!

Restrictions apply. Limited to new or existing residential customers. XFINITY service not available in all areas. TV and Internet limited to a single outlet. May not be combined with other offers. X1: X1 not available in all areas. Requires subscription to qualifying Double or Triple Play package. TV: Limited Basic Service subscription required to receive other levels of service. On Demand selections are subject to charge indicated at time of purchase. May vary by market. Not all programming available in all areas. Access to online and On Demand programming is limited to programming to which you subscribe. Internet: Actual speeds vary and are not guaranteed. XFINITY WiFi is included for XFINITY Internet Performance tier and above only. Requires compatible WiFi-enabled laptop or mobile device. Not available in all areas. Voice: Service (including 911/emergency services) may not function after an extended power outage. Unlimited Talk & Text Requires download of the XFINITY Connect app. Standard data charges may apply. Check with your carrier. Home: Requires subscription to compatible high-speed Internet service. Visit for more details. License #s: AL: 001484, 001504 Alarm company operators are licensed and regulated by the Alabama Electronic Security Board of Licensure, 7956 Vaughn Road, PMB 392 Montgomery, AL 36116, Phone (334) 264-9388, Fax (334) 264-9332; AR: 12030; AZ: ROC 280515, BTR 18287-0; CA: CSLB 974291, ACO 7118 licensed and regulated by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, Department of Consumer Affairs, Sacramento, CA, 95814; CT: 1040196, ELC 0189754-C5; DE: FAL-0299, FAC-0293, SSPS 11-123; FL: EF0000921, EF20001002, EF0001095; GA: LVU406303, LVU406264, LVU406190; LVU406354; IL: PACA 127-001503; LA: F1691; MA: SS-001968; MD: 107-1776, Baltimore County: RK9552, Howard County: ER00990, Washington County: EL-R-0218, Harford County: 00005321, Calvert County: L0188, Prince George’s County: 13958-2014-0; ME: LM50017039; MI: 3601206217; MN: TS674412; MS: 15018010; NC: 2335-CSA; NJ: 34BF00047700; NM: 373379; NY: licensed by the N.Y.S. Department of State 12000305421, Putnam County: L00812; OH: 53-89-1732; OR: CCB 192945 All electrical work is performed by a licensed subcontractor; SC: SCBA-13497, SCFA-13440; TN: ACL 1597, ACL 1604; TX: B-16922,-02571, ACR-1672104,-1818 We are licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Board whose address is: P.O. Box 4087, Austin, TX 78773, (512) 424-7710; UT: 8226921-6501; WA: COMCABS892DS; VT: ES-02366; VA: 2705145289, DCJS 11-7361; WASHINGTON, DC: ECS 902687, BBL 60251200009; WV: WV049211. Valid 2/12/16. See for current list. Call for restrictions and complete details, or visit © 2016 Comcast. All rights reserved.

GNAA News & Events January 2017  

Get the latest from Nashville's leader in the multifamily industry.

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