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Linda Lewin Showcase

4th - 28th MARCH 2015

Linda Lewin

Showcase 4th - 28th MARCH 2015

‘A leather apron is slung beneath my wooden work bench and my tools are to hand. In this small space concentration reduces hours to minutes and small pieces of metal become expansive landscapes. Because jewellery is small scale sculpture it requires precise decision making. Purpose, material, form, weight, proportion, and surface quality are only a few of the variables that have to be considered. My work is driven by observation, drawing and a huge amount of practical experiment at the work bench. Sometimes the drawings are directly related to the work or they can be just a step along the way.

Technique matters; the fire and the hammer are key elements which never change. I use the same technology as used by the ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks. The Etruscans taught me to love the colour of gold and inspired me to learn about granulation which depends on the particular qualities of high carat gold. Reflection of light, the colours of silver and gold, and simple form are my priorities. Many women wear a piece of my work every day and I take that as the greatest compliment possible.’ Linda Lewin, 2015.

Image left: Linda Lewin outside her studio, Stobo, Peeblesshire Cover image: Short & Long Folded Necklaces

‘When forged into shape with a hammer, the small rounded lump of metal which is surprisingly heavy, stretches like a piece of clay. With experience the shape can be determined by the direction of the hammer blows. The shape is lightly controlled so the edge can find its natural limits. Every link will be different and has a special place in the chain. This will only be revealed when all the links have been made.’ Linda Lewin, 2015.

Sunrise Necklace 22ct gold, cast and forged L: 46 cms Price on Application

Selection of Sapphire Rings 18ct gold, hessonite garnet, aquamarine and sapphires Various sizes ÂŁ1440 - ÂŁ1680

Left: Cascade Earrings Silver, L: 7.5 cms, £220 Right: Short Folded Necklace Title Silver, L: 49 cms, £1,100


Dimensions Long Folded Necklace £ L: 96 cms, £1,920 Silver,

Large Criss Cross Earrings Silver 2.5 x 2.5 cms £120

Pin Striped Rings & Buda’s Fingerprint Ring Silver & 18ct gold Various sizes £1,080 each

Sycamore Earrings Silver, hammered and folded 5 x 2 cms ÂŁ195

Australian Rocks Ring Silver, cast and hammered 4 x 2.8 cms ÂŁ320

Full Moon Necklace Silver, cast and forged L: 46 cms ÂŁ820

Beaded Ring Silver, Cabochon Sapphire W: 1.2 cms £360

Spiral Earrings Silver, forged 4 x 3.5cm ÂŁ220

Ribbon Necklace Silver, hammered links L: 47 cms ÂŁ840

Square Stud Earrings Silver, hammered pattern 2.5 x 2.5 cms ÂŁ110

Square Clip On Earrings Silver, printed and folded 2.5 x 2.5 cms ÂŁ195

Lace Brooch Silver, roll printed lattice 5 x 7.5 cms ÂŁ385

Lace Stud Earrings Silver 3.5 x 3.5 cms £170

Linda graduated from Sheffield College of Art in 1976 and has worked as a studio jeweller since 1979. In 2000 she was awarded a Scottish Arts Council award and this enabled her to make a special study of fusion and granulation techniques. Public collections include: National Museums Of Scotland: Chambers St, Edinburgh.

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