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applied science BTEC Level 2 Diploma

Exam Board: Pearson Edexcel

How do you collect & analyse scientific data? How are scientific ideas tested? How do we make decisions about scientific issues – e.g. stem cell research? How do scientific ideas change over time?

Is Applied Science for you? You have achieved a combination of C and D grades at GCSE level. You have a keen interest in science. You are interested in developing the skills and learning the background knowledge useful for employment in a science based industry. You want to study a practical course which focuses upon coursework.

You are well organised and able to keep up to date with coursework demands.

What will I learn? Chemical Analysis and Detection

Energy and Our Universe You will explore the physical world we live in with emphasis on experimental investigations and computer simulations. You will look at our nearest star, the Sun and investigate how the Sun supplies us with energy and how this energy is transformed into useful effects. You will also consider the economic and environmental implications of alternative energy sources.

Chemistry and Our Earth You will learn the basics of Chemistry - developing skills needed in the science industry. You will look at chemical classification and the safe use of chemicals within a work setting. You will also investigate how chemical reactions have shaped the Earth since its origin and the effect chemical reactions and natural factors have on the Earth today.

Biology and Our Environment You will learn how Biology covers areas of the natural world in which millions of living organisms of different shapes, sizes and functions exist. You will look at organisms including plants, animals, bacteria, viruses and fungi. You will examine how humans rely on all forms of living organisms for our existence and investigate the role of DNA and how inheritance is responsible for certain conditions. You have the opportunity to study biological factors that affect human health and how the body systems respond.

The Living Body You will further your knowledge and understanding of human anatomy and physiology, providing essential knowledge for progression onto Level 3 Medical Science. You will study various body systems and regulatory systems such as the endocrine and nervous systems. You are given the opportunity to study the human body at a cellular level and carry out practical investigations to perfect your laboratory techniques.

Investigating A Crime Scene You will be given the opportunity to learn how to process a crime scene whilst considering the aspects of health and safety, handling and preservation of evidence and teamwork. You will learn how to analyse evidence found at crime scenes using a number of different biological, physical and chemical techniques.

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You will learn about the identification of unknown solids and solutions - a vital part of analytical chemistry in pharmaceuticals, the food industry, pathology, environmental and forensic laboratories. You will learn about different techniques that can be used to detect and analyse chemicals. You will also build upon knowledge you have gained from the unit Chemistry and our Earth to link the properties of chemicals to the techniques being used. You will have another opportunity to develop your laboratory practical skills. We have an extensive range of books available in the library which provide as a great source of information for the course. The BTEC textbook follows the specification closely, so you can easily see what you have covered and quickly find the information you need. ICT resources are available in all teaching rooms. The course is supported by the Learning Support team and learning mentors and teaching staff operate an ‘open door’ policy.

How will I be assessed? This course is assessed entirely on the basis of coursework-based assignments which may include written reports, presentations, posters or case studies based upon real life scenarios. There are no exams.

What activities can I get involved in? There are opportunities for visits to interesting and relevant places and exhibitions which bring classroom learning to life. This has included a trip to the ‘Bodies’ exhibition to learn about the structure and physiology of the human body. The College has lots of exciting enrichment and C.V building opportunities including the chance to earn the Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award, learn a new skill, learn a language, join a club, take up or develop a sport or take on a new challenge. See the College Prospectus for further information about what is on offer.

Where does it lead? Many BTEC Level 2 Diploma Applied Science students progress onto Level 3 BTEC Applied Science study programmes at the College or other advanced level programmes. If you choose to go on to further study, Applied Science can lead in to careers in the science industry e.g. as a technician in a laboratory, environmental testing or in the police force. A variety of apprenticeship programmes are also available.

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