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Information for Parents 2015-16

September 2015



Introduction Cribden House School provides 41 places for children who have Statements of Special Educational Needs for Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties. The school mainly serves the area of East Lancashire namely Rossendale, Burnley, Pendle, Hyndburn and Ribble Valley. However we also take children from other areas of Lancashire such as Chorley, Leyland and Preston. The Senior Leadership Team (SLT) consists of the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher. There are 5 teachers, each responsible for leading a Nurture team. The groupings of children are flexible across Key Stage 1 and 2 depending upon the needs of the children. Our Vision We aim: • • • • •

To provide high quality education which enables all children to reach their potential and develop a positive attitude to lifelong learning. To ensure a safe, caring environment for children who have experienced a previously unsettled education. To provide more inclusive experiences for our children. To develop links between Cribden House staff and colleagues in local mainstream primary schools and short stay schools. To develop a Centre of Excellence within the community that will include supporting children with BESD who attend local primary schools and their parents.

Mission Statement At Cribden House, we believe in every child’s ability to succeed within a nurturing and inclusive environment. We aim to equip each child with the skills and strategies they will need to fulfil their potential and make a positive contribution to school and their community. We will celebrate every small step on this journey with a positive, supportive team approach, and help them to develop resilience when they face setbacks. We are committed to helping them make a successful transition to the next stage in their learning. Equal Opportunities Statement Cribden House School believes that all members of the school community are of equal value, irrespective of gender, race, religion, language, sexual orientation, capability and physical disability. The school attempts to actively discourage sexism, racism, ageism and other forms of prejudice, and its aim is to equip all members of the school community with understanding, self-respect and respect for others. Our aim is to provide an environment in which all children develop their self-esteem along with a positive self-image. Communication between home and school Parents are welcome to come into school to talk with teachers whenever it is felt necessary and with the prior knowledge of the Headteacher /Deputy. Daily communication is via the ‘chat book’, email or telephone (whichever is more appropriate). Staff will only write factual information in the chat book – if there has been an incident which requires further discussion then school can give more information by phone or email if preferred.

September 2015


There will be a parents evening once a term when you will receive your child’s provision plan and have an opportunity to talk to your child’s classteacher. There will be at least one review of your child’s Statement each year. Parents will also receive a written report in July. Emergencies It is essential that we have a telephone number to contact you in an emergency. We request that if you have a mobile number your phone is switched on. If for any reason a number changes please let the office at school know immediately.

Complaints When first visiting school, we will explain the work of the school and the difficulties that can be experienced. If there are any problems or complaints, it is helpful if they can be raised with the Headteacher as soon as possible. A complaint may be the result of perceived unfair treatment, unwelcome or disputed decisions, delay or dissatisfaction concerning decision-making, or the quality of the service. Complaints may be made by children, parents, guardians, or a person acting on the behalf of a child at the school. If after discussion, the complainant is not satisfied then advice is available on further procedure and there is a complaints procedure which will be followed. The School Day School Starts


Breakfast and social skills

9.00 – 9.30am

Assembly Core curriculum

9.30am – 9.45am 9.45am – 12noon

Break Lunchtime

each group 15 mins (between 10.30 and 11) 12.00 noon – 12.30pm

Afternoon Starts with structured activities

12.30pm – 1.00pm

School Ends


Curriculum The core curriculum consists of Maths, English and PSHE and is taught daily in every class. The children are also taught Science and PE each week. They are taught the foundation subjects via a whole school theme which changes termly (see Long term plans on website). Therapeutic provision Children will have access to a range of other therapeutic activities – eg horse-riding (Equine therapy), Play skills and Play Therapy, Art therapy, Wilderness (Forest) therapy, Food therapy, Massage and Yoga. Transport to school September 2015


If your child is entitled to a taxi, then he/she will be collected from and returned to their home address. All taxis have Passenger Assistants who are always willing to relay messages between home and school. Children must sit quietly in the taxis at all times, wear seat belts and behave safely as directed by the Passenger Assistants. A parent or responsible adult is expected to be present when the child is collected from or returned into their care. A Passenger Assistant is not allowed to leave the vehicle if there are other children on board. Activities to use on the journey may be taken into the taxi, if the Passenger Assistant is in agreement and then handed in to a member of school staff for safe keeping in school. Any items brought into school without permission must be handed over to an adult on arrival. Winter Weather and Transport If snow falls overnight and the roads are bad, there is a likelihood that the taxis will not arrive or be late. In these circumstances we will contact you via text message as soon as we have some information. Therefore please ensure you inform us of your mobile number. We will also try to put the information on the website as soon as possible. If snow falls during the school day, and roads become difficult because of heavy snow, the taxis will be asked to collect the children from school earlier than normal, in order that they get home safely and at a reasonable time. Please be prepared for this eventuality.

Children leaving and/or returning mid-session Children arriving after 9.15am should enter the school by the main office so that their arrival is noted. Children will not be allowed to leave the school premises unaccompanied for any reason during school session times. If a child has an appointment, a responsible adult must collect the child, or the school should be notified in writing that the child will not be present. Collection of Monies All money should be passed on to an adult on arrival at school. Children’s Absences Parents are expected to inform the school of any absence by phone or letter. In the event of holidays parents should ask the permission of the Headteacher – though absence can only be authorised for exceptional circumstances. Long or unexplained absences, repeated odd days off, lateness or any other lateness pattern, which is causing concern will be monitored by teachers and reported to the headteacher, who will take the necessary action. Break Times Children in ‘house’ building classes will have their break at 10.30/10.45 whilst children in ‘school’ building classes will have their break at 10.45/11.00. This is only if the large playground is needed. If not children may stay in class and choose other activities. Milk and toast will be offered to children each morning on arrival. Fruit will also be provided in classrooms during the morning break. Children should not bring snacks or sweets into school. School Lunches For another year, school lunches will be free for all children (this will be reviewed at the end of the financial year). However if you are entitled to Free School Meals, please continue to claim this benefit as it also brings additional funding (Pupil premium) which enhances the provision for your child in school. If you think your child could be entitled to Free School Meals take evidence of income support and child benefit to the Area Education Office at The Globe Centre, Accrington or your local library. Please ring your library first to find out dates and times of opening. September 2015


If your child has any food allergies, dislikes, or is a vegetarian, please inform us. The teacher and TA will escort their own group to the dining room at the specified time. Teams will take responsibility for their own children. Please let school know if your child has any special dietary requirements. Packed Lunches Children are allowed to bring a packed lunch as an alternative to the school meal. Lunches should be in a clearly named box/bag. Drinks must be brought in plastic containers. As a school we will encourage healthy lunchboxes – no fizzy drinks or sweets allowed. Only children with packed lunches are allowed to bring drinks/food into school. Children on school meals will be provided with snacks and drinks if needed during the day. Children’s personal belongings Children should not bring any personal belongings in to school. If they do so, they will be asked to give these to a member of staff for safe-keeping. Administration of Medicines Essential medication is to be stored in the medical cabinet. It must have a printed pharmacy label which shows all the correct details for each child. Only in exceptional circumstances can other medication be prescribed. Permission must be sought from Head or Deputy. Jewellery No jewellery is to be worn by children in school. This is for safety reasons. Please do not get children’s ears pierced apart from at the start of the long Summer break so that they can remove ear-rings for school. Physical Education, Swimming and Forest Schools PE is part of the National Curriculum and all children are required to take part. All children should change for PE so a plain PE kit is needed. Swimming Kit will need to be brought to school if a child is timetabled for swimming. If children have no PE Kit they should see an adult in their class. If they have no footwear (or no school pumps are available to borrow in their size) they may take part in bare feet in the hall. Pumps should be worn for inside activities, these should not have black soles as they mark the floor. Pumps or training shoes may be worn for outside activities. PE and swimming kits should not be borrowed from other children. It leads to interruptions, issues of hygiene and possible loss of another child’s belongings. School will lend kit where possible to allow all children to take part. Forest School Leaders work with children in school during each afternoon. All children will be given opportunities if they wish to learn bushcraft skills which include making campfires, using tools and making natural sculptures. Parental consent is needed for children to take part and thorough risk assessments of all activities and children are undertaken. Outdoor waterproof clothing is supplied to children who take part. Trips and Risk Assessment:

September 2015


There are many opportunities within the school year for trips out of school – eg swimming, local area visits, topic related study. These trips can be valuable for the children’s learning and help them to learn important social skills too. The school mini-bus is used to transport children on a regular basis. Sometimes staff cars will be used (school insurance is in place for any such journeys). Parents are rarely asked to contribute towards the costs. On admission to the school parents are requested to consent to the educational visits the schools undertakes and complete the relevant medical form. As a school we are required to risk assess all aspects of trips out of school. We can never eliminate all risks associated with school trips but staff will complete detailed plans in order to remove as many risks as is reasonably practicable. All our trips are checked by the Educational Visits Co-ordinator and permission is sought from the Council.

September 2015


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