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School’s development priority for 2015-2016 Update September 2016 

To raise standards of attainment in writing, particularly boys, in KS1 The writing in KS1 has improved this year.

To raise standards of achievement in reading in KS2. We have worked hard to promote reading and at the end of KS2 reading results indicate that this year’s co-hort have achieved a great deal and Reading was strong this year.

To fully embed the second year of the new national curriculum. The curriculum has proved challenging especially the new emphasis of spelling, however the curriculum has been fully implemented and the children have made good progress in all classes. The end of each key stage has demonstrated that the curriculum has been fully covered over the two year period. Next year I am sure there will be some little changes but overall the new curriculum has been successfully implemented due to the hard work of the staff and children. We will try to build on this success next year.

To implement the new assessments for EYFS; End of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. The teachers have worked hard this year to implement a system that has been through a great deal of change. However, we are pleased that our assessments have been an accurate measure of the children’s attainment and achievements and this has been reinforced by the end of Key Stage tests. Children in all three key areas have made good progress

School priorities for 2016-2017 

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To raise the achievement in spelling and grammar and to improve the transition from phonics learning to formal spelling, punctuation and grammar within daily written work. To improve the presentation of all children, particularly boys, throughout the school. To achieve the Science Quality Mark. To continue to develop and review the assessment system within school to include all subjects.

School Priorities