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Literacy – class book – Private Peaceful-Linked to writing all genre types as revision Narrative features /sentence structure and organisation/Non fiction text types Grammar and punctuation –all Ks2 objectives revised Speaking and listening –MAEI Drama project

History – History of World War 1-effects on all people involved –differences WW2 FOCUS on Europe /Britain Children and Adult alike comparison to modern Europe and politics of the time (social/ economic) change)


Art/Design Exploring and developing Record the ways in which visual effects are shown in movement -using drawing and photograph-y link to machinery and aviation -Investigating and making ww2 shelters and Working methods of WW2 artists and photographers-draw/paint/collage Select and use media to produce their final work. Adapt their work as needed

Geography – Changing face of Europe/various battle fronts/war Pacific/ features of these landscapes/ Human geography effect on people in different areas of world and how after the war they changed

Religion Sacrament of the Eucharist is a celebration of thanksgiving for the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ; Mass participation in Jesus’ sacrifices; reflect on all God’s gifts to us and thank him; appreciate the sacrifice Jesus made for us on the cross; Reflect on sacrifices we can make during Lent. ICT Editing manipulating text images/sound. Multi media presentations/ forums and interactive communication with outside communities

Maths Number and operational l4 and l5 problems / Use of metric /imperial-comparisons Calculations -Cost of food- differences in cost/ profit / Discrete (word problems 4 operations) SATs revision of all 4 operations, data handling and shape and measure Use knowledge of multiplication facts to derive quickly squares of numbers to 12 x 12 and the corresponding squares of multiples of 10 Use knowledge of place value and multiplication facts derive related multiplication and division facts involving decimals

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