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Devonshire Primary School Curriculum Topics/ICT & E-Safety Linked Each year group covers four topics with a Science, History or Geography focus. Teachers and children decide on topics for the remaining half terms- to reflect the children’s interests and with a strong focus on the creative arts.


Year 1

Year 2





Home sweet home

See the circus


Family life-now and in the past

Sound, Forces and Motion

On the doorstep of Devonshire



1.3 We are storytellers Going Places Safely

1.4 We are personal trainers A-B-C Searching

Out of the shadows

Time Travellers


Light, Electricity

Famous People and Events

Materials/ Contrasting locality



Science /Geography

2.2 We are painters Staying Safe Online

2.4 We are time travellers Follow the Digital Trail

2.5 We are astronauts Screen out the Mean

Horrible Histories

Year 3

Invaders and Settlers/ Settlements

History/ Geography 3.1 We are researchers Powerful Passwords

Animal Crackers Animals

Year 4

Year 5


Around our School

Geography 1.2 We are treasure hunters Keep it Private

Plants, growth

Science 1.6 We are Farmers My Creative Work

Five Alive! Life Processes, Humans and Animals

Science 2.6 We are zoologists Using Keywords


Groovy Greeks

Life as we know it

Sound, Light, Electricity

Ancient Greece

Human Life Processes




3.3 We are animators My online community

3.6 We are presenters Things for Sale

3.4 We are opinion pollsters Show Respect Online

Exciting Egyptians


Ancient Egypt

Environmental issues/ Green plants, Living things


4.1 We are co-authors Rings of Responsibility

4.4 We are historians Private and Personal Information

Science/ Geography

Material matters

Wonderful Water



Water and its effects

Britain since the 1930’s




6.5 We are web developers7 Strong Passwords

6.4 We are environmentalists Digital Citizenship pledge

5.4 We are advertisers You’ve won a prize!

4.2 We are meteorologists The Power of Words

Feel the force Forces and Motion

Science 4.5 We are artists The Key to Keywords

One small step… Earth and Beyond

Science 6.3 We are game developers How to Cite a Site

ICT Unit E-Safety Unit Additional ICT Units 1.1 We are celebrating Sending Email 1.5 We are TV chefs Unit assessment Ipad unit 1 2.1 We are detectives Sites I Like 2.3 We are journalists Unit assessment 3.2 We are comic writers Unit Assessment 3.5 We are communicato rs Writing Good Emails Ipad unit 2 4.3 We are musicians Unit Assessment 4.6 We are travel presenters Where is it anyway? 6.2 We are fundraisers Unit Assessment 5.1 We are photographer Picture Perfect

Year 6

Best of Blackpool

Mad Scientists

Local History Study

Revision Units



5.2 We are architects Talking Safely Online

5.5 We are statisticians Super Digital Citizen

Looking back Periods, Events and Changes in History

History 5.3 We are bloggers Privacy Rules

Where in the world? Locality, UK and Beyond

Geography 6.1 We are explorers What’s Cyberbullying

5.6 We are traders Selling Stereotypes 6.6 We are publishers Unit Assessment

Curriculum overview