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St. Peter’s Catholic High School

Y9 Options and Curriculum Evening

Good evening and welcome!

Key Stage 4 Curriculum •

Religious Education

2 or 3 Options from:


Computer Science











Ancient History

Modern language(s)



MFL for Sets 1 - 5


MFL + History/Geography for those suitable

Child Development

Physical Education




Study + for those selected

Trial Options • End of January • Guidance given in PSHCE lessons • Trial Forms completed in lessons • Thought process begins

Choosing the subjects •Subjects they like most •Subjects they are best at •Subjects needed for chosen career •Research University requirements in areas of interest

Make own choice! • Don’t choose a subject because : • Their friend is choosing it • They like the teacher

Things to consider! •

Consider the coursework requirements

Be realistic about strengths and weaknesses

Sources of information: Cats Sats GCSE Predictions Reports Mentoring

4 Pathways • A – MFL + 2 choices • B – 3 choices • C –Study Plus + 2 choices • E-Bac – MFL + Geography or History + 1 choice

Modern Foreign Languages •Express Group for Most able Linguists in Sets1– 5 (2 languages over 2 years) – demanding!!! •GCSE French on offer over 2 years •GCSE Spanish on offer over 2 years •GCSE German on offer over 2 years

Important Dates •Friday 24th January – receive reports •Thursday 6th February - Options Assembly •Friday 7th February – receive option booklets – READ CAREFULLY •Wednesday 12th February – Parents’ evening •Monday 3rd March – Option Sheet is due in to Form Teacher (Late returns will not be guaranteed their choices!)

• Finally…………………………. .. • Seek advice and choose carefully!!! • Be sure it’s the right decision. It won’t be easy to change afterwards! • Check predicted grades for suitability and eligibility for courses!

• Controlled Assessments taken throughout Y10 and Y11 • Sense of urgency from the start • Prepare fully for Controlled Assessments

Planning and Organisation • Average 2 hours work per night • Set time at weekends • Prioritise homework • Work back from the controlled assessment deadline to allocate enough time • Revision constant – any “spare” time • Can (and should) have time for a social life

• Homework: • A priority • Must be planned for • Controlled Assessments: • Deadlines should be noted and met • It must not be left to the last minute • Extra classes + holiday time • Revision: • Websites • Many ways and types • On going • Be involved • Have a planner on view

Predictive Data • Cognitive Ability Tests • KS2 and KS3 assessments • Internal assessments and examinations • Fischer Family Trust • Potential • Progress • Mentoring • Targets

3 Major influences 1. Parents / Guardians 2. Peers / Friendship groups 3. Teachers

Partnership essential!

The Role of the Year 9 Pastoral Team • Welfare • Monitoring academic progress • Support, guidance and encouragement • Opportunities to explore faith

What do we actually do? • Daily form time – prayers, reflections, discussions, checking journals, uniform • Tracking assessment data and intervention where necessary • Mentoring – informal and formal • Rewards and trips

Possible barriers to success • Different priorities • Social media • Part time jobs

What can you do to help? • Take an interest • Provide a space at home for study • Check the journal • Encourage them to take responsibility • Attend Parents’ Evenings • Support School rules

What else will be happening? • PSHE topics about ‘choices’ • Enterprise initiative with Wigan Athletic • Retreat days • Motivation day in January

Y9 Option PPT 2013  
Y9 Option PPT 2013