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In this rapidly changing world, students whose education is focused merely on a job are essentially stamping expiration dates onto their diplomas. Consider this: A decade from now, success will mean working in a career path that might not even exist yet.

On the other hand, a liberal arts education gives you a foundation that prepares you to adapt and thrive throughout your life. You need to understand the world and its contexts, to use reason and intelligence to solve problems, to be able to analyze situations and distinguish the important from the trivial. You’ll need to know how to continue to learn. These skills will make you highly valuable to employers in a variety of fields. Schreiner has three Signature Programs that have been identified as exemplary: Integrity Ambassadors in Business, Graphic Design and Life Sciences. These programs stress the importance of teaching strategies that get students out of the classroom and offer opportunities to develop professional skills, internships and hands-on learning. Business majors take part in online simulations that integrate ethical issues with their course material; graphic design majors work for real clients; a new program in life sciences introduces students to field work in biology and botany. At Schreiner, we are committed to an interdisciplinary approach as the best way to deliver a liberal arts education, along with other high impact educational practices such as undergraduate research in science and the liberal arts, internships and study abroad. Although facts and figures might be the bricks and mortar, the ultimate goal of education is to produce people who will contribute, one way or another, to the body of human knowledge. Schreiner has always seen a commitment to interdisciplinary education and scholarship as an integral part of achieving that goal.









MAJORS & PROGRAMS Accounting Biochemistry Biology Business Chemistry Communication Studies Creative Arts Education Engineering 3-2 English Exercise Science Finance General Studies Graphic Design History Humanities Information Systems Management Marketing Mathematics Music Nursing­ (BSN) Political Science Psychology Religion Sport Management Theatre

Pre-Professional Programs Pre-Dentistry Pre-Law Pre-Medicine Pre-Optometry Pre-Pharmacy Pre-Seminary Pre-Veterinary Science

Graduate Programs Master of Business Administration Master of Education Master of Education plus Teacher Certification Master of Education plus Principal Certification Principal Certification


Kerrville, Texas–in the Texas Hill Country

about an hour northwest of San Antonio and an hour and a half southwest of Austin


acres of campus

featuring many buildings completed within the last 10 years: a 41,000-square-foot campus activity center, student apartment complexes, a professional studies building and a science laboratory building. The Mountaineer Fitness Center opened in spring 2009 and Faulkner Hall, the newest freshman residence hall, opened in fall 2009.





99% of incoming freshmen received financial aid in fall 2010.


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) Bachelor of General Studies (B.G.S.) Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.) Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) Master of Education (M.Ed.)


FACULTY Full-time and part-time: 95 Average faculty teaching experience: 17.5 years Teaching assistants: none

FIRST-YEAR STUDENTS Top half of their high school class: 72 percent; average high school GPA: 3.5

Nearly 30%

TYPE OF SCHOOL Private, co-ed, liberal arts university

Baseball Basketball Golf Cross-Country Soccer Softball Tennis Volleyball

RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

of our students play intercollegiate athletics and compete in the NCAA Division III American Southwest Conference:

2011- 2012 Annual Tuition/Fees based on a student enrolling in 12-18 credit hours per semester Tuition ............................ $18,132 Fees ...................................... $600 That’s right, only $600—and there are no parking fees!

Total Schreiner Tuition & Fees......... $18,732 We researched tuition and fees at

three larger Texas public universities and determined that the average tuition and fees for a student taking 18 credit hours is $9,035. This figure does not include additional fees for labs, athletics, parking or other miscellaneous fees that may be incurred.

Average Institutional Aid for Schreiner’s

Incoming Freshmen is

$8,300 and this does

NOT include federal and state aid programs that are available.

The actual difference in tuition and fees between Schreiner University and a major public institution in Texas is just $1,397.




As you can see, there is little cost difference between Schreiner and a large public university. And at Schreiner, you’ll get the personalized attention you deserve. For the most up-to-date tuition information, please go to:

Financial Aid at SU ........................... For those of you who think that a private education is out of reach, now is the time to look at Schreiner University’s affordability compared to public institutions.

“The financial aid department

feels like your own

At Schreiner, we do everything to ensure

that the price you pay for your education is affordable and the value you get for your money is first class. Our scholarship, grant, loan and work-study opportunities are open to all our students. Ninety-six percent of Schreiner students receive some form of financial aid. Most students find Schreiner a great combination of quality and affordability.

personal army




~Erica Taylor, Class of 2011, Psychology

“I was able to spend some of my time traveling the two islands seeing such sights as can be seen only in the

Lord of the Rings movies.

The people I met, the friends I made

and being in a different place for an extended period of time made me

grow even more as a person.

I would encourage more students who have the opportunity to go abroad and study. It would shape their lives in ways

they’ve never thought possible.

It truly is the experience of a lifetime.”

~ Jared Grove, Class of 2010


New Zealand

Lithuania Dr. Lydia Kualapai, associate professor of English at Schreiner, volunteered for a semester of service teaching at LCC International University in Klaipėda, Lithuania. Two Schreiner students, Jessica Roberts (left) and Katie Stout, attended the summer session.


HONORS Program

“It is a privilege to be a part


of the Honors ceremony. On one hand we are recognizing the

accomplishments of students whom we are inducting and have just come to know,

and then we turn and recognize the achievements of the

beloved students

we know well who are finishing. To stop and note the growth and the maturity of these students is so inspiring! I couldn’t be more proud of both groups.” ~ Dr. Diana Comuzzie, Dean, Trull School of Sciences and Mathematics and Professor of Biology

The Honors Program provides customized learning environments to meet the needs and interests of academically aggressive college students by offering Honors courses designed to engage students in a dynamic liberal arts education; extracurricular opportunities to develop academically, socially and spiritually; recognition of such students as “Schreiner Honors Scholars”; and standards advantageous for graduate school admission.

Received five teaching awards and earned the prestigious 2010 Minnie Piper Stevens Award, honoring her as one of the top college educators in Texas.

“The Honors program has enriched my learning and has

challenged me

to go above and


my usual studies. Being in the Honors program has also allowed me the


to take other courses outside my major and develop an


in other subjects.”

Dr. Comuzzie and Lindsey Rhoden

~ Lindsey Rhoden, Class of 2011, Biology

...... MAJORS

Biochemistry Biology Chemistry Engineering 3-2 Exercise Science Mathematics Nursing Sport Management


Biology students help Dr. Chris Distel classify native fish and tadpoles nearby in the Guadalupe River.

Trull School of

Sciences and Mathematics .............................. “An integral part of my job from my perspective is



in any capacity—on their own projects, helping other students or in my own research.” - Dr. Chris Distel, Assistant Professor, Biology







“Undergraduate RESEARCH at Schreiner benefits from the fact that

unique opportunity for students to form collaborative

partnerships with faculty members working on new discoveries and community challenges in an interdisciplinary environment. It is invigorating and illuminating for both the student and their faculty


~ Dr. Danette Vines, Associate Professor, Chemistry Received the Elmore Whitehurst Award for Creative Teaching for 2010-2011.



we are small, which provides a


At Schreiner University, you don’t just learn how to do research, you actually do it—with your professors, with other students, on your own. Most colleges and universities offer research opportunities only to graduate students. Schreiner is committed to offering a wide range of research opportunities across disciplines to every Schreiner student.

............................................. Dr. Danette Vines and Molly Hutcherson

“If I had gone to any other school than Schreiner,

I would not have been able to do as much research. And the research got my foot in the door for the Baylor Ph.D. program in chemistry.”

~ Molly Hutcherson, Class of 2011, Chemistry

Trull School of

Sciences and Mathematics


careers in numerous technical fields and professional schools.

“The Trull School of Sciences and Mathematics

prepares its graduates for

We currently have graduates actively involved

in programs

at major pharmaceutical firm Mission Pharmacal, biotech leader Applied Biosystems, insurance giant USAA, as well as others worldwide. Some of our more recent graduates are pursuing professional degrees at Texas A&M in chemistry, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio in medicine, UT-Galveston in physical therapy and involved in data collection and manipulation for the NSA.” ~ Dr. Kiley Miller ’00, Assistant Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry Received the Margaret Hosler Award for Excellence in Teaching 2007-2008.

...... MAJORS

Creative Arts Communication Studies English History Humanities Music Political Science Psychology Religion Theatre


The School of

Liberal Arts ...............

“What I love most about

TEACHING at the university level is

watching students’ lights come on, the moments when they start making connections. That’s intoxicating—to participate in someone’s personal growth.” ~ Dr. David Mulry, Associate Professor of English Received Schreiner University’s Excellence in Research Scholarship and Creative Activity Award for 2008-2009.

“Smaller classes.

More student interaction with faculty. These things facilitate and make it easier developing

strong, lasting relationships between faculty and students.

These relationships naturally lead to involving in our


research–and at the end of the day, leads to students

involving us in theirs.”

~ Dr. Adam Feltz, Professor of Philosophy


Dr. Feltz instituted the Schreiner Behavioral Philosophy Lab in 2010 to engage faculty and students in interdisciplinary research at the intersections of fields such as philosophy, psychology, sociology and behavioral economics. He received an Excellence in Research, Scholarship and Creativity Award in 2010.

The School of

Liberal Arts ............... Traditionally, the liberal arts are

the foundation of all higher learning, giving a student the knowledge and learning skills to succeed in any field. Many liberal arts majors go on to graduate schools in their undergraduate fields, while others use their degrees to springboard into teaching, counseling, law, creative arts or starting their own businesses.


has been my calling

since I was four years old. I have felt daily joy to have the privilege of participating in what is possible for human beings in this world.

Lighting a fire, not filling a pail,

is the approach I have always taken. Schreiner has been a place for me to

share, grow, learn, contribute and participate.� ~ Dr. Kathleen Hudson, Professor of English

Earned the prestigious 2010 Minnie Piper Stevens Award, honoring her as one of the top college educators in Texas.

“The signature program in Graphic Design

provides some unique opportunities for our students—upholding the universal elements and principles

of art and design while maintaining relevance and keeping pace with the profession.� - Mr. Scott Short, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design

Kathleen Cailloux

School of Professional Studies ....................................

...... MAJORS

Accounting Business Education Finance Graphic Design Information Systems Management Marketing


“Because we use real-world clients in the

graphic design program, I from a business

learned to look at things

prospective as well as a fine arts perspective. This means that I can CREATE

attractive and effective designs that are applicable to business while still using my artistic talents.”

~ Jonathan Smith, Class of 2011, Graphic Design

“The Integrity Ambassadors

in Business program


really about developing

students into better

decision makers.

We want students to

realize that integrity and

achieving business goals

are complementary.”

~ Dr. Charles Torti, Assistant Professor of Business Received both the Elmore Whitehurst Award for Creative Teaching and the Harriet Garrett Award for Teaching Excellence.

Kathleen Cailloux

School of Professional Studies .................................... The Kathleen C. Cailloux School of Professional Studies is home

to a range of professional programs that integrate liberal arts and sciences with theory and application, including graphic design, one of Schreiner’s signature programs. Professional Studies faculty bring to their classrooms real-world experience from successful careers in their teaching fields. This is a strength that provides a solid foundation for students in new careers and graduate studies.

“Our students find the smaller classes and close relationships with their professors an additional benefit at Schreiner. I can honestly say


the professors in the Department of Teacher Education have qualifications in teaching and leadership. Our goal is to share our expertise and love of teaching

with those who want to make

a difference in the education of young people.”

~ Ms. Karen Backor, Instructor of Education Received advisor of the year in 2008

Schreiner’s 5th Year Distinguished Educator’s Program offers you the opportunity to start your teaching career with a major advantage: earning both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in only five years.



“As a freshman soccer player, I really had to work hard for my starting position and playing time on the field.

The transition from high school to college was definitely a challenge, as was learning to balance school and athletics, but with determination and dedication I was able

to reach my goal of becoming a freshman starter and receiving academic honor roll recognition. I like to remind myself of a personal quote when encountering a struggle,

‘to be the best you have to train harder than the rest.’”

Maggie Rios

~ Maggie Rios, Class of 2014, Business Major

In 2010, Schreiner’s women’s golf team won the American Southwest Conference Championship. They finished third in 2011, with sophomore Gabby Rosales (second from left) winning an individual ASC title and becoming the first Schreiner golfer to win a national honor, by being named All-Region by the National Golf Coaches Association.


ATHLETICS at Schreiner

Nearly 30


Photo: Outlaw Photography

of our students are athletes and compete in the NCAA Division III American Southwest Conference

Schreiner University NCAA Division III American Southwest Conference teams:


INTRAMURALS Soccer Basketball Volleyball Flag Football Dodgeball Kickball Fitness Programs and more...

CLUB SPORTS Archery Club Shooting Club Walk/Run Club

“Montana really is ‘the last best place.’ Going on the MAP trip to ‘the Bob’

challenged me to test myself

against the wilderness. The trip gave

me the opportunity to work alongside other Schreiner students and preserve some of our country’s most beautiful land.” ~ Joanne King, Class of 2012, Humanities (second from left) Students in the Bob Marshall Wilderness in Montana

Campus RECREATION ...............................


“Living on campus allows you to really get the full college experience. You make lifelong


friendships, discover how strong

independent you can be. It is the experience of a lifetime. College would not be nearly as exciting

without the amazing

friends standing by your side,

cheering you up and making you laugh.

When you are stressed and overwhelmed, you can join them for a trip to the river or just sit around in a study room and talk for hours.

Your friends are always there.”

~ Laryssa Dandeneau, Class of 2014, Biology/Pre-Med

Faulkner Residence Hall

. .. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

On-campus living plays a big part in Schreiner’s unique community, and the school’s smaller size means you never feel far from home.

Campus LIVING ............................. At Schreiner, what you learn outside the classroom is often as important as what you learn inside it. Living on campus, in either the residence halls or on-campus apartments, will provide you with the opportunity to grow, to gain independence, to establish enduring friendships and to learn more about yourself. Most students live on campus and a big reason for that is our active, friendly community.

The Oaks Apartments

Pecan Grove Apartments

Involvement and Leadership ............................. Recognized Student Organizations Academic/Professional


American Association of University Women American Institute of Graphic Arts Association of Professional Educators Medical Careers Club Nursing Interest Club Pre-Law Society Society of Accounting and Finance Students

Green Society SU Service Council Schreiner Bigs Schreiner Wellness Advisory Team

Honorary Alpha Chi Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Program Kappa Mu Epsilon Order of Omega Sigma Tau Delta

Religious  aptist Student Ministry B Celtic Cross Episcopal/Lutheran Student Association Fellowship of Christian Athletes Jewish Campus Community Methodist Student Ministry Young Catholic Adults


Social Greek  lpha Sigma Alpha Sorority A Chi Phi Fraternity Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority Inter-Greek Council Panhellenic Council Phi Delta Theta Fraternity

Special Interest Oh! Snap–Photography and Cinema Photography German Stammisch Non-Traditional & Commuter Student Association Student Activities Board Residence Hall Association Schreiner Student Senate Shades United The Muse Literary Club Veterans Support Group Phi Delta Theta Fraternity members give a hand on a Habitat for Humanity project.

The Schreiner Panhellenic Council and Student Activities Board sponsor the annual Shack-A-Thon to raise money and awareness for Habitat for Humanity. The improvised shelters serve as overnight student housing for some of the student teams that participate.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Karaoke . . . . in. .the. dining . . . .hall. . . . . . .Campus . . . . . . . LIFE .....

Get Involved

Opportunities for SERVICE

............................... In the 2010-11 academic year, some 550 Schreiner students put in more than 5,700 volunteer hours, working on projects such as Habitat for Humanity, the Cinderella Project for girls at the Hill Country Youth Ranch and the Watershed Cleanup.


has shown me how

good it feels share

my time to and experiences with others.” ~ Jesse Paredes

The SU Men’s basketball team participated with 800 University and community volunteers for CSI: Kerr County. Over 90 projects were completed across the county.

Schreiner junior Jesse Paredes enjoys game day with his student at Tom Daniels Elementary School.

Members of the Schreiner volleyball team help pick up trash along the banks of the Guadalupe River during the Watershed Cleanup.

Campus MINISTRY ...................... Growing in mind, body and spirit is important at Schreiner and Campus Ministry is here to help you find—or continue on—your spiritual path. There are many faith-based campus groups that meet regularly, and all students are invited to participate no matter where they are on their journey of faith.

“Campus Valerie Ministry has brought out the BEST of me.

I have grown spiritually, as well as become more outgoing, self-confident,

involved with campus activities,

Students involved in Schreiner’s Campus Ministry went to Denver to work with homeless and impoverished people in that city. One half of the group worked with SOX Place, which helps homeless youth and young adults. The other half helped at several locations, including Food Bank of the Rockies, Bessie’s Hope, a soup kitchen, and a center for people with traumatic brain injuries or multiple sclerosis.

and have


in people’s lives.”

~ Valerie Smith, Class of 2013, Biology

Campus Ministry groups often work together on service projects for nonprofits such as Habitat for Humanity.

Shauna Dodds, class of 2002, interned with the Briscoe Hall ad agency in Kerrville while she was still a Schreiner student.

They were impressed with her work and put her in charge of a campaign for the Boerne YMCA. She and her sister Sarah founded and run Backstage Design Studio in Austin (www.backstagedesigns. com). They collaborated on the packaging design for the “Willie and the Wheel” album, which was nominated for a Best Americana Grammy award and the design also won a silver Austin Addy award for DVD packaging and received a Best Album Art nomination at the 2010 Lone Star Music Awards.

Outstanding Alumni


After graduating from Schreiner in 1991 as a math major, Jerry Yencharis began a career in flight design and dynamics, specializing in shuttle rendezvous operations. He now works in shuttle mission control at Johnson Space Center.

From Winning Player to Winning Coach

“My official title is Rendezvous, Guidance and Procedures Officer. That position specializes in the last 40 miles of a shuttle approach and dock to a target vehicle, usually the International Space Station. As part of our job, we need to know how to pilot the shuttle to docking, so we go through the same training the astronauts do for that phase of flight. We attend the crew’s training sessions for flights we are assigned to so we can get familiar with them and discuss the techniques in detail.”


Just three years after graduation, Abe Garcia, class of 2007, who majored in international business, seems to have made soccer a career. This is his third year as head coach for women’s soccer at Prairie View A&M. Nick Morrison ’09 is Coach Garcia’s new assistant. “I was the interim coach first,” Garcia said. “The school liked the progress we made and offered me the head coach job.” In 2009, Garcia took his team to the Southwestern Athletic Conference soccer tournament for the first time in the team’s history, where they advanced as far as the finals. This year they finished second in the conference. “The second year making it to conference is a big statement,” Garcia said. “We were one game away from playing LSU.”


to Schreiner ......................................... Apply online! We welcome online applications. You can find a link on Schreiner’s main Admission page, or if you prefer a paper application, you can download one or use the one included in this viewbook. Of course, if you need assistance with any aspect of the admission or financial aid process, we invite you to contact the Office of Admission and Financial Aid.

To apply for admission: • Return a completed application along with a résumé and application fee. • Request that an official high school transcript be sent to the Office of Admission and Financial Aid. • Send either your ACT or SAT I test results to the Office of Admission and Financial Aid (writing sections are required for admission). • Application deadlines: Fall priority deadline is May 1; applications are accepted through August 1.

To apply for financial aid: • Complete your application for admission; we cannot offer financial aid until you have been admitted to Schreiner University. • Go to to apply for a personal identification number (PIN) from the U.S. Department of Education. • Go to after January 1 of your senior year in high school to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Be sure to list Schreiner University (school code 003610) as a school to receive your information. • Priority deadline for applying is April 1.

Check us out on

Schreiner president Dr. Tim Summerlin is often seen out and about on the campus talking with students.

Admission Application Deadlines April 1

August 1

May 1

December 1

Priority Deadline for Financial Aid Fall Semester Priority Deadline

Fall Semester Regular Deadline* Spring Semester Regular Deadline*

............................. *space-available basis

Use your smartphone to scan this code and go to the Schreiner University website.

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