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“When we combine our individual competencies, we create a larger beauty, achieve a greater accomplishment.” —President Tim Summerlin

Dear friends of Schreiner, Late this spring, at that time of the semester when our students are staging senior exhibits and reporting on internships or projects, I had the pleasure of attending the senior cello recital of Ms. Sovreyne Chadwick. Among the pieces in

her performance was Mozart’s “Divertimento in D,” which she and fellow members of our Schreiner Student Quartet performed together. Let me say that listening to a string quartet or other chamber ensemble is among my favorite pleasures. The music is at the core of that pleasure, of course, but there is something more that any regular attendee will acknowledge. It is the communication and shared delight of the musicians. It is a function of individuals in concert becoming more than they are as individuals alone. Watch the players and you see their subtle cues by eyebrow, the leaning in as one takes a momentary lead and the relinquishing of that lead to the next part. You can tell how intently they are listening to one another and the deep respect they all have for their collective blend. Best of all, perhaps, are the smiles that speak so eloquently to their common sense of success in creating beauty. As Sovreyne, Jennifer, Kristoffer and Katy interpreted Mozart for us, they seemed to offer a lovely

2 Summer 2013 SCENE

metaphor for learning of all kinds. It begins with one’s own responsibility: I must have my own part down cold and be prepared to deliver, to execute with precision and passion. But in this experience I am not a soloist; rather, I do my work in relationship to others. When we combine our individual competencies, we create a larger beauty, achieve a greater accomplishment. And those smiles are proof enough that we feel the results! Thus it is, students with one another in search of learning; students with faculty, growing through the mentoring experience; faculty among themselves, critiquing the curriculum to shape it to agreed-upon ends; and every person who is a part of the campus community engaged in doing his or her part, fully committed to its importance for the whole mission and fully aware that the work of any one of us finds its full value in concert with the accomplishments of the whole. And all of that helps explain why working at a place like Schreiner is one of the blessings of life!

Tim Summerlin President







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onthecover Schreiner is known as an incubator of healers. Illustration by Jake Hawk Roa. Summer 2013 3


“This summer, dear reader, we are asking that you take a moment to reflect on this magazine and share your thoughts with us.”

—Amy Armstrong


y the time you crack open this issue of SCENE magazine the dog days of summer will be upon us. One of the questions I get the

most when people find out I work at a university is, “So you have the summer off?” Well, no, I don’t, but that’s OK. No, really it is. Although it might seem odd—as spring is usually seen as the time of renewal—I find summer to be a time to reflect, rejuvenate and, yes, renew my spirit. Of course, there is the all-important beach vacation to look forward to, but beyond that it is an opportunity to think about the school year that has just ended and look ahead to the one that will be here before we know it. Now, I surely don’t want you to think we are all kicking back at the pool reflecting and waiting for the fall to get here. That would be wrong. Wouldn’t it? I hope that as you flip through these pages you will reflect on how much fun you had at Recall this year or maybe how you vow to join us next year, stare in amazement at the largest graduating class this university has seen or think about the difference a health care professional has made in your life. Here on campus we experienced a brief lull in activity after graduation but now between summer school and summer camps things are in full swing once again. The sounds of JROTC cadets can be heard around campus, the Western Art Academy has hosted its first session and Mission Presbytery came for a visit. This summer, dear reader, we are asking that you take a moment to reflect on this magazine and share your thoughts with us. You will find a link to a survey on page 32. So maybe on one of those miserable summer days when there is nothing to do but hide inside with the air conditioner blasting, take a few minutes to let us know what you think of this publication and how we can better serve you. Until next time,

Amy Armstrong editor

4 Summer 2013 SCENE

SCENE magazine welcomes letters to the editor. Letters may be edited for length and clarity. Write to: or SCENE Magazine CMB 6229 2100 Memorial Blvd. Kerrville, TX 78028


Calling for Bullring Stories Although the quad is being revamped, the legendary bullring will be preserved. We would love to hear your memories of the ring. Share your stories with Paul Camfield, associate director of alumni relations, at 830-792-7206 or

Elmore Whitehurst Award

Athletic’s Website Gets New Look Take a peek!

Colby Michaela Adolph of Houston received the 2013 Elmore Whitehurst Award for Excellence in Learning. The Hatton W. Sumners Foundation established this annual award for a student graduating with a bachelor’s degree who wants to continue on to graduate school in his or her field. It carries with it a scholarship from the foundation. Adolph, a biochemistry major, was presented the award at the May 11 commencement ceremony. Summer 2013 5

Staff Spotlight

Roots Run Deep by Caitlin probandt

For Sue Steele, fifth-generation Kerrville native and regional development officer, working at Schreiner University seemed like an inevitable life event.

“My daddy was born at home on 808 Mountain Street, which is now Earl Garrett Street,” she said. “He attended Tivy and Schreiner and ended up retiring back in Kerrville after his time in the Marine Corps.” During her childhood, while moving and living all around the world, Steele gained a valuable skill set which has benefitted her throughout her life. “I was used to being pulled up and moved around,” she said. “I learned to adapt well and very quickly—I didn’t know any better.” After living in Hawaii—which to this day is still Steele’s favorite place to have lived—she and her family moved to Virginia for a few years before settling back in Kerrville. “I went to school at Tivy and then headed for the University of Texas,” Steele said. “I wanted to be far away from my parents, but college didn’t last long.” Not long after starting classes at

6 Summer 2013 SCENE

University of Texas, Steele married at 19, quit school and worked while her husband completed college. In 1974, the couple found themselves back in Kerrville and Steele began working various jobs around town while raising her two girls, Meredith and Lauren. She took a job at Mo Ranch as President Otis Moore’s secretary while recovering from her divorce. “I moved into the gate keeper house with the girls and was soon promoted to registrar,” Steele said. “It was a healing time in my life, but soon my girls wanted to be back in town—we’re city girls.” In 1990, Sue met her future husband, Jack Steele ’69, who had grown up in Houston but attended Schreiner and still had close ties with Kerrville. “I knew I was going to marry this man when I met him in January,” she said. “Eleven months later we got married in the little chapel at Mo Ranch.” After the wedding, the Steele clan moved to Houston, then Austin, but they found themselves in Kerrville every weekend. In 2000, they

Photo: Steele, center, with her daughters Meredith and Lauren on a “once in a lifetime” Mediterranean cruise.

settled in Kerrville permanently. Jack Steele worked for Schreiner for several years and served on the board of trustees. Last year, Sue Steele joined the Schreiner family. According to Steele, her favorite aspect of the job is building relationships with Schreiner alumni. “Their (the alumni) lives are unbelievable,” she said. “The coolest aspect is when I find a link or connection from one to the other—especially when you thought they were lost. If I can make a connection like that it has been a good day.” In addition to her new duties as regional development officer, Steele also started classes at Schreiner University this summer. “One of the perks to this job is I get to go back to school,” Steele said. “I’ve been accepted, and I want to see if I can do it. I just want my grandkids to say, ‘You did it!’” When Steele isn’t working, she likes to spend time with her three grandchildren, travel, ride 4-wheelers at her family’s ranch and garden.

Would you like to nominate someone for the Schreiner University Athletic Hall of Honor or as a Distinguished Alumni? A nominee for the Athletic Hall of Honor must exhibit high ethical standards and must be a person of such integrity, stature, demonstrated ability and renown that students, former students, faculty and staff of the University will take pride in—and be inspired by— his or her recognition. A nominee for Distinguished Alumnus Award must have a distinguished personal or professional career; leadership in their chosen profession, business or vocation; and must have received previous recognition from their contemporaries. A nomination form with complete guidelines for these awards is available on the Schreiner website at www. nominate.html If you would like additional information or to have a nomination form mailed to you, please contact Mark Tuschak at 830-792-7215 or email him at

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Call for Nominations

Mindy Wendele Chosen to Head Schreiner Mansion Mindy Wendele ’76, a Kerrville native, accepted the position of director of the Schreiner Mansion and community engagement and joined the team in early June.

Wendele has served as a Kerrville elected official, on city staff as the director of business programs, has owned her own business and, most recently, served as the director of the West Kerr County Chamber of Commerce. She attended Schreiner College and has volunteered with Schreiner University for many years. “I am really looking forward to getting back to downtown Kerrville and exploring the possibilities for the Mansion,” Wendele said. “The building is such a treasure to our community. We should celebrate this fact through creative programming.” Mark Tuschak, vice president of advancement and public affairs, is thrilled about Wendele joining the Schreiner family and the skill set she brings to the table. “Mindy is a perfect match for the director of the Schreiner Mansion position,” he said. “She is a Kerrville native who has built many positive relationships through her business experience and years of service with the City of Kerrville. She was responsible for establishing the Kerrville Main Street program, has an interest in the history of our city and region, and has the management and organizational skills to take the programing at the Mansion to a higher level of success.” Wendele is working on sharing the mansion with residents, tourists and corporate visitors. “Since this is my first venture into working in higher education, I’m enjoying marrying the business world with the university world,” she said.



Graduate Degrees Undergraduates

Largest Graduating Class Summer 2013 7

Faculty Awards Dr. Charlie McCormick, Schreiner University provost and vice president for academic affairs, announced the University’s annual faculty awards at a banquet April 27. Six faculty members were recognized for their outstanding achievements during the past academic year.

“I’d just like to say that I am very grateful, and a little surprised, that any student would take the time and make the effort to say something on my behalf in nominating me for such an award.” —Dr. Cole Starr

Dr. Cole Starr, associate professor of religion and philosophy, received the Margaret Hosler Award for Excellence in Teaching. Students nominate their professors for this award on the basis of a professor’s teaching ability and whether he or she creates a lasting impression on students. One student wrote in their nomination of Starr, “I believe that Schreiner University is lucky to have such a great professor as Dr. Cole Starr. I cannot see myself going through these past five years without having him as a teacher, a mentor and a friend.” “I’d just like to say that I am very grateful, and a little surprised, that any student would take the time and make the effort to say something on my behalf in nominating me for such an award,” Starr said. “In regards to the students on the committee, who ended up selecting me for the award, I would like to thank them as well. I know that they all have had a number of very fine teachers here who would at least have been equally, if not more, deserving. Beyond that, I am once again mindful of the generosity of the Hoslers who endowed the award with a desire to enable students to demonstrate their appreciation for the efforts of their teachers in an extraordinary way. I am deeply honored on behalf of all of my faculty colleagues here at Schreiner.”

8 Summer 2013 SCENE

Dr. John Huddleston, professor of history, received the Excellence in Research, Scholarship and Creativity Award. Huddleston is in his 31st year at Schreiner. “I am honored to have won this year’s faculty award for Excellence in Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity for writing vignettes for Texas Public Radio’s ‘This Week in the Civil War,’” Huddleston said. “It is a labor of love to examine the American Civil War during its sesquicentennial celebration, and I am honored and blessed to work with outstanding professionals both at Schreiner and Texas Public Radio.”

Schreiner students voted the Harriet Garrett Award for Teaching Excellence to Peter Huey, who retired at the end of the school year. Huey was an assistant professor of accounting at SU for seven years. “Because of the people here, Schreiner University is the best job that I have had in my entire life.”


“I am very honored to be awarded the opportunity to explore creative teaching as part of the learning environment that makes Schreiner University unique.” —Dr. Neva Cramer

The Elmore Whitehurst Award for Creative Teaching was awarded to Dr. Neva Cramer, assistant professor of education and director of teacher education and graduate education, for her project: Leadership, Learning, and the Arts: Exploring the Role of the Arts as Mediation Tools Offering Languages for Learning and Innovative Pedagogy. “I am very honored to be awarded the opportunity to explore creative teaching as part of the learning environment that makes Schreiner University unique,” Cramer said. “The intent of this proposal is to enhance and enrich the Schreiner learning experience through a multidisciplinary learning community devoted to researching and exploring resources for integrating instructional models, which incorporate the components of community, problem based learning and the arts.”

“Considering the many talented musicians teaching at the university I am greatly honored by the award and I look forward to continuing to help develop the music program at Schreiner.” —Kevin McCormick

Kevin McCormick, adjunct music professor, was awarded the Outstanding Part-Time Faculty Award. “Dr. Crandall has helped to put together an amazing group of part-time music faculty for Schreiner,” McCormick said. “It is wonderful to be a member of his team and to have the opportunity to share a love for music in a oneon-one setting with the students. Considering the many talented musicians teaching at the university I am greatly honored by the award and I look forward to continuing to help develop the music program at Schreiner.”

The 2013 Advisor of the Year is Rex Quick, assistant professor of library sciences and Honors director. “I am very honored to be chosen for this award,” Quick said. “While I have my own advisees, I also have about 45 Honors students that I have the pleasure of working with throughout the year. Advising is really an important piece of student success here at Schreiner.” Summer 2013 9

Faculty Spotlights

Turning the Page by caitlin Probandt

Dr. Tom Wells, professor of Exercise Science, has worn many hats during his career at Schreiner University, and this year he finally decided to hang them up.

Wells, who was born in Detroit but moved to Texas at just 6 months of age, grew up in Luling and attended the University of Texas in Austin where he earned his degree in physical education and a minor in mathematics. “I started out teaching junior high mathematics and physical education and also coached,” he said. “I was a full-time teacher for almost 10 years before I went back to school—Texas A&M—to get my doctorate in exercise physiology.” After earning his doctorate, Wells interviewed for a position at Schreiner University. “I came down in late February 1983 and the place was a mess because they had just hosted a high school game,” he said. “After the interview, I decided to continue interviewing for other jobs. Not too long after my trip to Kerrville, my wife said a contract from

10 Summer 2013 SCENE

Schreiner came through and it said I was to be assistant professor and women’s basketball coach.” Wells accepted the position and took over the 1983-84 women’s basketball team and coached for 12 years. “During my tenure, we had 184 wins and 126 losses,” Wells said. “I’m pretty proud of that record.” After his coaching career came to a close, Wells organized “Speak Truth to Power” on the Schreiner campus. The program featured activist speakers who would come to Kerrville and share their thoughts and ideas with students, faculty and staff. Despite all of Wells’ extracurriculars, his main passion was teaching. “It was all chalk and talk when I started teaching,” he said. “Now it is YouTube and electronics and you just cover less material. There are a lot of great memories there, though. A lot of kids getting into physical therapy school are just some of them.” Outside of the classroom, Wells was known as a prankster by many work colleagues. He might be best

known around campus for his “4100” Series Memo—an officiallooking document concerning a system of vacuum tubes that would run across campus and make the delivery of hardcopy documents easier. “I sent them out to all the faculty and staff and even had some people circle the size of tube they wanted and return it,” he said. “I even cited a fictitious study. It was probably one of my best pranks.” When not joking around with colleagues or teaching, Wells worked on multiple fiction novels and plans to continue during his retirement. He also plans to work in the yard, read, workout and hang out with grandkids. “I’m ready for retirement,” he said. “That boredom everyone says comes with it? Bring it on. I promise I’ll be OK.” As for his time at Schreiner University, he’ll always look back on it fondly. “It has all been good,” he said. “The not-so-good memories are few and far between. It was fun to be a college professor.”


A New Adventure by caitlin Probandt

Dr. Fred Stevens and his wife, Pat Chastain have retired from academic life and are setting out on new adventures.

The couple, who moved to Kerrville to work for Schreiner in 1977, met while they were in graduate school at the University of Texas. Stevens, former professor of biology, earned a master’s degree in zoology and Chastain was working on her doctorate in Spanish at the time. “I remember meeting Pat through friends while I lived in Jester dorm,” Stevens said. “We got married in 1976 and moved to Kerrville in 1977. The first three years we lived in Delaney Hall.” When Stevens and Chastain arrived, Schreiner still was a twoyear school, and when it gained four-year accreditation Stevens was able to go back for his doctorate in science education at U.T. “I initiated the first science major by introducing the biology major in the 1980s,” he said. “When I first got to Schreiner, I was the only biology faculty. It worked for a little while—I would just office in the lab and trade out carts for each class. I had it down to a science—everything

Photo: Dr. Fred Stevens and Pat Chastain get ready to start another adventure in Wisconsin.

I needed on one cart for each class.” Chastain, who started her career at Schreiner in student affairs and as a resident director of Delaney Hall, said the opportunities at Schreiner were too good to miss out on. “I was 26 years old when we moved to Kerrville,” she said. “Oh, man, it was a big change from the cities I’d lived in for years, but after a while we both fell in love with the town, the school and the students.” Chastain’s part-time job in student affairs evolved into a full-time position in which she managed career development, student orientation, was involved in LSS tutoring and oversaw the work study program. In 2001, Chastain retired to take care of her parents, but was asked to come back and teach Spanish. “It has been a very good thing. I’d love to teach part-time if I were ever going to be in Kerrville for an entire term.” Throughout the years, Stevens and Chastain have seen many changes at Schreiner. They have witnessed the remodeling of buildings, staff and faculty changes and the transition from a two-year

college to a four-year university. They also have made many special friends and connections throughout the years, which is one of the reasons they plan to stay in Kerrville for their retirement. “We’ll be splitting time between Wisconsin and Kerrville,” Chastain said. “We want to stay active, read and do a little more traveling. It has been wonderful at Schreiner, but I’m looking forward to a little more flexibility with time. We’re both still healthy and we plan to work up a bucket list.” The pair has plenty to keep them occupied this summer, including spending time with family and visiting their cabin in Wisconsin. Although they know it is tough to say goodbye to Schreiner, Stevens and Chastain are ready for some downtime. “I knew what I wanted to do— teach and conduct small research projects—when I was young, and Schreiner was a great place for that,” Stevens said. “I love Schreiner because it isn’t like big universities. I loved the teaching aspect, liked the subject and loved helping students. It is just time to go.” Summer 2013 11

What are



Ahh, summer. Longer days, more leisure time (we hope) and maybe a chance to catch up on some of those shows you’ve been hoarding on the DVR, or maybe you are getting set for a season premiere you waited months for. We asked the Schreiner community to weigh in on what will have them glued to the tube this summer.

“Person of Interest”

— Conner Baldwin associate professor of library sciences

“‘Foyle’s War’ has been a good mystery series set during WWII in Hastings, England.”

“‘The Americans,’ ‘Big Bang Theory,’ ‘Confederations Cup’ and ‘Faulty Towers’” — Dr. Kiley Miller associate professor of chemistry

— Dr. Kirsten Komara director of academic support

“I’ll be watching ‘Burn Notice’ and catching up on ‘Community.’”

—D  r. Michael Grillo assistant professor of political science

“Cooking Channel, Syfy Channel, FX Channel and FOX News” — Dr. Mark Woodhull, associate professor of business

“If you catch me in the fall, I surely plan to watch the fourth year of ‘Downton Abbey’ (Matthew may still be alive). But before it and college football reappear, my diet will be my standard: keeping up with folks like William Powell, Irene Dunne, Jimmy Stewart, Glenn Ford, Claire Trevor, Bette Davis, Tyrone Power and a host of lesser-knowns as they appear in old movies on Turner Classic Movies.” — Dr. Tim Summerlin Schreiner president

“My TV watching is pretty concentrated around college sports, golf, PBS and movies.” —B  ill Muse, vice president for administration and finance

“Currently I am wrapped up in a Discovery Channel sevenpart natural history series titled ‘North America.’ It is narrated by Tom Selleck and his famous moustache. It is easy to forget there is a whole world outside your office or cozy home. I’m also revisiting “The Tudors” on Netflix. Although it has a few historical inaccuracies, the show itself is beautifully done. The costuming, the sets and the acting are all superb.”

“I’m hooked on ‘Vikings,’ ‘Revolution,’ and ‘The Americans,’ and even though I hate to admit it, ‘The Voice.’”

— Caitlin Probandt writer, university relations

—M  ark Tuschak, vice president for advancement and public affairs

12 Summer 2013 SCENE

— A my Armstrong director of university relations


“I will definitely be watching ‘True Blood.’”

“I am die-hard fan of some reruns...(“The Closer”) but some of the new shows are so good, too. I like ‘Elementary,’ ‘The Mentalist,’ ‘The Bletchley Circle’ on PBS, almost anything on ‘American Masters’ on PBS, cooking shows on The Food Channel, my guilty pleasure is ‘Castle,’ and sometimes those ‘universe’ shows on the Science Channel.” —D  r. Claudia Sullivan, professor of theatre and communication studies

“I’m a big fan of educational TV—especially ‘Big Cat Diary.’ OK, my guilty pleasure is ‘My Cat from Hell.’ Those angry little kitties hissing and spitting...hilarious!”

“The Big Bang Theory” — Dr. Lena Rippstein director of nursing

— Monty Summer 2013 13

Illustration by Jake Hawk Roa

14 Summer 2013 SCENE


“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” — Howard Thurman

by caitlin probandt


t takes a special kind of person to enter the medical field—not everyone is cut out for the stress, long hours and fast-paced environment.

Doctors, surgeons, emergency medical responders and nurses are born caring and compassionate souls who offer up a most wonderful sacrifice—service. May marked a monumental time for Schreiner University: For the first time in school history, a group of students graduated with their Bachelor of Science in nursing degrees. Each student came from a different background, but their goal was one and the same—to help those in need. Janee Odom, a 2013 BSN graduate who accepted a job at Peterson Regional Medical Center, said her love for nursing began when she was a little girl in the hospital. “When I was 9 months old, I was accidentally scalded by hot water and suffered third-degree burns on my hands, arms, feet and legs,” she said. “While being hospitalized at Shriners Hospital for about three months, the nurses took such great care of me that I never suffered from an infection. Visiting hours ended at 7 p.m. and my parents were

not allowed to stay so the nurses were there to take care of me and comfort me.” Odom said some of her favorite childhood memories took place in a hospital, and the nursing staff who cared for her ignited a passion within her to help others. “I feel this program strives for excellence— that was obvious when we accompanied Dr. Rippstein to the Texas Board of Nurses for approval of the Schreiner University BSN program,” Odom said. “The state board praised Dr. Rippstein for clearly defining all the goals and objectives of the program.” Dr. Lena Rippstein, assistant professor and director of nursing, designed and implemented the university’s nursing program two years ago, and she couldn’t be more proud of the program and the students who have had such success. “It took a lot of flexibility on everyone’s part,” she said. “We were fortunate enough to retain 90 percent of our students—most programs only retain 50 percent. We’ve made adjustments to meet learning needs and have had a lot of fun while working hard.” The nursing program will earn full accreditation once the BSN graduates sit for Summer 2013 15

and pass their NCLEX-RN—National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses—and the interest in the program already is outstanding for this coming fall. “We’ve had quite a few inquiries about the program,” Rippstein said. “Nursing is the No. 1 major people are asking about, and it is a great thing because the need for nurses is growing, especially as Baby Boomers age.” Rippstein believes what sets SU’s nursing program apart from other universities’ is the class size and individual attention given to each student. “We have the advantage because we’re a smaller group—our maximum number is 30,” she said. “Since these

16 Summer 2013 SCENE

students get individual attention they can perfect the craft. My favorite aspect of this nursing program is watching students come in eager and wide-eyed and become nurses who have matured professionally.” BSN graduates Kristen Peña and Sarah Payne believe they could not have gotten a better education than the one they earned at Schreiner. They all rated their experience as wonderful and enjoyed witnessing the program blossom. One such real-life experience has stayed with Peña. Dr. Rippstein organized a mission trip to Costa Rica where 12 students spent nine days assessing hundreds of patients. “I am extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to embark

on this journey,” Peña said. “I was able to give back all I had learned while in nursing school. I love that this course was included because it not only provided me with the opportunity of a lifetime, but I was able to do what a nurse is supposed to do—serve.” Although the program experienced some growing pains, professors and students were able to band together and weather the changes—which brought about a stronger bond and greater connection to one another. “The first semester, I knew our program was just getting established and often things had to be adjusted at the last minute, but our class has banded together to help each other, and that has been an amazing thing

Dr. Diana Comuzzie, professor of biology and dean of Robert B. Trull School of Sciences and Mathematics, said she believes careful mentoring and the one-onone attention each student receives from faculty are contributing factors to this success rate. Alumni from many decades now practice in the state of Texas, and many of them said the liberal arts education they received from Schreiner set them on the right track.


Schreiner University boasts a close to 100 percent acceptance rate to medical schools.

“My time at Schreiner was very enjoyable,” Leggett said. “I met my wife there and enjoyed the campus. My daughter actually is thinking about going into the medical field, and my wife and I would be ecstatic if she chose to start her journey at Schreiner. I have no regrets about the path I chose for myself, and I love the communication I get to have with people and the privilege to help them.” —Dr. Richard Leggett, ’92, family practice, Victoria

“I started out in biomedical engineering major and I had an advisor that told me the economy was not great and no one was hiring in that field,” Light said. “I was told the market would improve, but I went ahead and completed my premed prerequisites and that is when I discovered neurology— the nervous system is very orderly and appealed to me. My time at Schreiner was a great jumpstart to my career.” —Dr. Randall Light, ’69, neurologist, Bryan/College Station

to be a part of,” Payne said. “We jokingly refer to ourselves as ‘the guinea pigs,’ and to us it has come to be a mark of pride. It’s our way of saying, ‘Change happens, and we can make it through anything.’ I have learned more than I thought I could, and worked harder than I thought possible, but it has come with the reward of reaching my goal.” Throughout the two years they spent together, Rippstein and the nursing professors have learned to be flexible, make adjustments where needed, but they also learned to appreciate every one of their graduates and what they have to offer the medical field. “I’m excited for them, but I will miss them all terribly,” she said.

“What Schreiner University did for me, as a biology major, was supply a great liberal arts background,” Norton said. “There is more to treating patients than just science. I earned a broad education from Schreiner, and I really enjoyed it.” —Kathryn Norton, ’94, general surgery, Abilene

“I think I chose psychiatry because, first, I wanted to be a physician, and psychiatrists seemed to help a lot of people without getting up as early as surgeons,” Reid said. “We desperately need good professionals who also have a well-rounded education in non-medical, non-science fields, and after college, you will never again have the opportunity to explore and learn so many different things. You will never regret being a broadly-educated person.” —Bill Reid, psychiatrist and Schreiner board member Summer 2013 17




From the Archives

rs Edwards, right, se Mrs. Nina “Ma” Winte cards. 1. Schreiner Institute nur 1935-59, plays a round of who worked on campus from administers flu shots. an at Schreiner Institute, sici phy , ews tth Ma B. 2. Dr. Choice ary’s location on campus. Institute depicts the infirm 3. A drawing of Schreiner reiner students. conducts physicals on Sch 4. Dr. Choice B. Matthews from 1946-78. pus was the physician on cam 5. Dr. Choice B. Matthews to. The organization was Pre-Med Club pose for a pho 6. Members of the 1942 established in 1926. te patient. in with a Schreiner Institu 7. “Ma” Edwards checks ng in front of the infirmary Edwards with the landscapi 8. A student helps “Ma” n on the Schreiner campus. Schreiner building betwee across the street from AC ted loca s wa ary irm inf 9. The eering buildings. the Chemistry and Engin every semester. conducts physicals before 10. Dr. Choice B. Matthews

18 Summer 2013 SCENE



3 4


7 8

10 Summer 2013 19

A Helping Hand While in Florida at their first national championship tournament, the men’s golf team paused for a moment to help others. The team

worked with Special Olympians in a golf clinic the day before the tournament started. While more than 300 players were involved in the championships, only about 50 participated in the event however, Schreiner’s five were front-and-center in the activities. “As happy as we were for the team to have won their first conference championship and make it to nationals, the highlight of my week was seeing our guys helping the Special Olympians,” said Ron Macosko, golf coach and SU athletic director. “Not many of the participants were involved but our guys were right there helping these courageous young athletes. I can’t tell you how good it felt that when new Special Olympians arrived, event coordinators asked our guys to work with them because they could see how involved and giving our players were. Many people probably thought that the event was a distraction from the competition but our team put it all in perspective. It shows how special our group is.” Participating team members were sophomores Ian Davis, Jimmy Keener, Cheyne Kendall, Zach Oliver and freshman Phillip Stewart. SU went on to finish 15th in the 41 team championship played at the Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort in Destin, Fla.

20 Summer 2013 SCENE

Schreiner athletics had its best season—on and off the fields of competition—in its final year in the American Southwest Conference. SU has moved to the prestigious Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference where the Mountaineers join Trinity University, Southwestern University, Austin College, University of Dallas, Centenary College, Colorado College and Texas Lutheran University. In 2012-13, the Mountaineers had nine of 13 sports programs advance to the ASC postseason tournament—a 50 percent improvement over the next most successful season in the ASC era. Also, the department posted another record performance in the classroom with an overall spring grade point average of 3.05. One hundred and nineteen student-athletes (62 percent of all student athletes) earned academic distinction this spring, another new record. Men’s golf earned its first ASC championship, joining the women’s golf team who won the title in 2010. Both Schreiner tennis teams advanced to postseason play for the first time since ’01. Schreiner volleyball earned its first ASC Championship berth since 1999, and the men’s basketball team made it back to the ASC Tournament for the second year in a row. Men’s soccer advanced to the postseason for the fourth time since 2006 and made it to the semifinals at the ASC Championships for the third time.

For schedules and more athletic news, visit

The Mountaineers had their most wins in the last four seasons and finished 11-29 overall. Recent graduate Chris Whitehead earned first team All-ASC West as well as ABCA/Rawlings All-Region after finishing in the top five in five ASC batting categories. His .393 average was third in the league and his 57 hits tied an SU record. Junior Chase Valdez duplicated Whitehead’s honors in the ASC and ABCA but added All-Region as well. He finished second in the league in batting at .399 and his 55 hits were two short of tying Whitehead and five others for the single season record. Pete Trevino, also a recent graduate, had 57 hits in 2013 to tie for the record. SU finished fifth in team batting this year and was in the top half in fielding statistics. The Mountaineers’ fielding percentage of .953 broke the school record. SU will add head coach Ryan Brisbin’s second full recruiting class in the fall and takes a lot of optimism into next season.

Men’s Tennis

Although the early season was a bit of a struggle, the men’s tennis program came on strong late in the season and advanced to the ASC Championships for the first time since 2008. Without an upperclass-man on the roster, it’s no surprise that it took the team a little while to gel but they posted four wins in their final six matches to join the women at the postseason tournament. Like the women, the men’s team is very young and was led by a pair of sophomores— Austin Carrola and Stephen Rogers. The four other singles positions were manned by freshmen. The depth of the team will be greatly enhanced and intra-squad competition should be fierce next year.


Women’s Golf

First-year head coach Jessica Peterka was dealt a tough hand when she took over the program last summer. With a very limited roster and a handful of last-minute recruits, expectations were modest for 2013. The Mountaineers were often competitive but struggled in the wins/losses department with a 3-37 record. Senior Shelby Kimmons (.253) was the top hitter for SU, and senior Ally Morris (4.73 ERA) was the top pitcher. The real story wasn’t in this year’s team, but in recruiting. As of publication date, Peterka already has 17 commitments for next season. The team will be completely transformed with freshmen and a small group of returners. That recruiting success is a dramatic change from the past several years and is a strong signal that Schreiner softball will be much improved and highly competitive in the near future.

The women started the year very hot but struggled in the final two tournaments and narrowly missed advancing to the NCAA Championships. The women—ranked as high as No. 1 in the nation in the fall season— finished 13th in the final national rankings, which is the highest finish ever. Gabby Rosales, who graduated in May, finished an amazing season ranked No. 22 in the nation and led SU. She literally re-wrote the SU record book and creates a big hole the team will need to fill. Freshman Amber Hernandez became the first SU women’s golfer to win a tournament in her first season and will be a strong contender to fill Rosales’ role at the top of the lineup.

Men’s Golf

Possibly the biggest story of the year was the breakout season of coach Wade Morgan’s women’s tennis team. Recent graduate, Kelley Spahn and junior Teresa Gaitan were the leaders, but it was a tremendous freshmen class that led to unprecedented success. SU posted 11 wins and went 3-2 in ASC play to earn the program’s first postseason bid since 2001. The 11 wins were more than the program had accumulated in the past six seasons combined. A pair of freshmen anchored the top spots as Leanna Haynes and Shelby Thompson played No. 1 and No. 2 singles and formed the No. 1 doubles team throughout the year. Although the Mountaineers fell in the quarterfinals of the ASC Championships, Morgan adds another stout recruiting class and expectations are already set high for the program in 2014. The squad also won the team grade point average competition this year among women’s teams.

The men’s golf team had its own breakout season in 2012-13. On the course, the men finished red-hot by winning both the West Region Invitational and its first American Southwest Conference championship. With the ASC win, the team advanced to the NCAA D-III National Championship tournament in Destin, Fla., where the guys finished 15th in a field of 41 teams. Sophomore Cheyne Kendall won the program’s first individual conference championship when he crushed the ASC field by seven shots. Adding to the intrigue for next season is that the Mountaineers add arguably their best recruiting class yet. SU should be nationally ranked in the preseason for the first time ever with a great opportunity to cement the program’s stature as a national contender. They also won the team grade point average award among the men’s squads and had the highest spring GPA of all of SU’s 13 teams.



Women’s Tennis Summer 2013 21

Focus on Giving

Giving Back by Karen davis kilgore


nyone who visits the Schreiner campus feels the generosity, which surrounds it. Virtually everything one

sees—from the sparkling Mountaineer Center to the Barbara Fish Daniel Clinical Education Lab—is the result of generous gifts. Other things are not so visible—such as more than a million dollars per year that help fund scholarships and programs. And the largest “invisible” gift that supports everything our learning community does is the endowment. We are pleased Schreiner’s permanent “savings account” now surpasses $55 million. The most frequent way the endowment grows is through planned gifts. Even those that will not be consummated for decades help Schreiner plan confidently for the future. What a good gift it is, then, when three families representing top academic leadership make commitments to become members of the Schreiner Oaks Society by creating individual planned gifts to strengthen Schreiner’s future. During the last 18 months, every academic dean and his/her spouse have made this important commitment. Thank you, deans. Thank you, deans’ spouses. We celebrate your vision and generosity. From Maryland, Jeanie and David Smith moved to Kerrville without the idea that they would come to stay, but

22 Summer 2013 SCENE

stay they have. David is dean of the Cailloux School of Professional Studies and oversees Schreiner’s most popular major, graphic design. Jeanie is a 21st century business woman who works from a home office in Kerrville but conducts business all over the country. Both Jeanie and David participate in the local music and drama scene. Diana and Anthony Comuzzie are both scientists. Diana is dean of the Trull School of Sciences and Mathematics and Tony is an international expert in the genetics of complex diseases such as obesity and heart disease. As he works as a scientist at the Texas Biomedical Research Institute in San Antonio, the couple splits the distance and lives in Boerne. Despite the distance, Schreiner students frequently end up at the Comuzzies—for large doses of dinner and encouragement. William Woods is dean of the School of Liberal Arts and an English professor. His wife, Stephanie Woods, serves the Kerrville Independent School District as an occupational therapist. Living on Park Street adjacent to campus, William can walk to work (and occasionally does so). Eldest son Thomas just graduated summa cum laude from SU and is now pursuing his master’s degree in history in order to follow in his dad’s footsteps and become a teacher.

Photos above: Photos top to bottom, Deans, Dr. David Smith, Dr. Diana Comuzzie and Dr. William Woods. Dr. Diana Comuzzie and her husband, Anthony Comuzzie, Dr. David Smith and his wife, Jeanie Smith and Dr. William Woods and his wife, Stephanie Woods.

If you would like to know more about giving, please contact:

Karen Davis Kilgore Director of Development/ Planned Giving Specialist 830-792-7205


RECALL 2013 RECALL 2013 held April 19-21 saw the largest field so far for the Randy Shepler Alumni Golf Tournament hosted at Riverhills Country Club. In its second year, the tournament raised a record $20,000 to benefit the Schreiner Former Students Association endowed scholarship fund. As you can see from these photos, a good time was had by all on homecoming weekend. For more photos, please visit Summer 2013 23

For more Recall photos, please visit 24 Summer 2013 SCENE


Save the Date

RECALL 2014 April 4-6 Summer 2013 25

Schreiner’s Newest Alumni

Class of 2013

Colby Adolph

Marian Collier

Heather Jackson

Amanda Middleton

Kelby Ruiz

Andrew Aelvoet

Jasmin Copeland

Allison Jeffers

Cody Moles

Taylor Salaz

Carlos Aguilar

Hannah Crook

Erin Jeffers

Genevieve Monroe

Christopher Salazar

Raul Alvarado

Chandler Culbreath

Ashley Jemison

Michael Morgan

Wendy Saldivar

Kelsey Ambrose

Marilie Duran

Carlton Johnson

Allyson Morris

Shane Schleyer

Jane Angelus

Hannah Ellwanger

Holly Johnston

Ashley Mosley

Paige Silva

Carrie Armstrong

Robin Elmore

Theresa Jones

Laura Nentrup

Darin Smith

Joanna Avalos

Chlesea Ensinger

James Kabanek

Trenton Noack

Saira Avila

Jessica Galindo

JD Kiefer

Janee Odom

Kayla Avirett

Lionel Garcia

Veronica Kloss

Patrick Parvin

Heidi Bailey

Cassandra Garza

Joseph Kuenz

Sarah Payne

Stefaney Baker

Brandy Gonzalez

Robert Lacour

Kristen Peña

Norman Becker

Jameson Grasshoff

Tyler Laughlin

Jeffery Postel

Rebecca Beebe

Kristina Guerra

Beverly Lavender

Haley Powers-Bunner

Andrew Bell

Jesse Hanrahan

Melissa Leonard

Tyrie Prince

Michael Benedetto

David Hawkes

Manuel Longoria

Naomi Prislovsky

Santos Benitez

Ashley Hernandez

Liliana Lozano

Rose Queen

Apryl Bentley

Andrew Hillard

Amanda Ludwig

Jorge Ramos

Brianna Benzinger

Daniel Hood

David Machado

Kathrine Reamsnyder

Laura Berlin

Laura Hooge

Joseph Martinez

Kevin Reder

Matthew Valley

Christopher Bonilla

Barrett Houser

Leslie Martinez

Michael Redman

Vanessa Vazquez

Andre’ Botha

Seth Huerta

Timothy Martinez

April Reyes

Joshua Vela

Callie Caesar

Anna Hull

Kieran Mason

Elia Rios

Stephanie Viands

Anneliese Campbell

Manuel Hurtado

Kathrine McDaniel

Kara Rivas

Christopher Whitehead

Sovreyne Chadwick

Katlynd Imbody

Hannah McDonald

Noah Robinson

Gisela Wilson

Rebecca Chiaro

Ricky Ironside

Stephanie Mendoza

Gabriella Rosales

Thomas Woods

26 Summer 2013 SCENE

Shelby Smtih Valerie Smith Kelley Spahn Haley Spencer Malinda Stanton Melissa Steiner Olivia Swarner Madeleine Talarico Jennifer Terry Hayden Thomason Drusilla Torian Pete Trevino Samantha Turner


class notes 1930s

Vic Niemeyer ’37 wrote, “I have

very fond memories of my times at Schreiner and I relive those memories every time I have visited the school. After living in eight foreign countries as a Foreign Service officer for more than 24 years (I did not consider Washington, D.C. as foreign although it felt like it at times) we settled in Austin. Soon after I returned to academia and administration at U.T. and Lala, my wife, and I became involved and continue to be involved in civic, social, cultural and church activities. I retired from U.T. and once more I found out there was much I needed to do. I realized that there is little rest for the weary and so I started and continue a project that involves trying to restore diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Cuba, knowing that trade and tourism will then resume.”


Colonel (Ret) Jerry “Gene” E. Marshall

’52 was honored with Texas Sigma’s Most Valuable Phi Award 2013 in April at Schreiner University. Marshall was a pilot in the U.S. Air Force and continued to serve for 32 years.

Charlotte Brundrett ’53 and JoAnn Lochte Redden ’51 traveled through west Texas in May. Brundrett wrote, “Some of the places we visited along

the way: In Marathon, the gorgeous Gage Hotel and the Klepper Gallery, where JoAnn placed pieces of her wonderful stained glass art; Alpine—if you are ever in this busy, nice little town—don’t miss the museum at Sul Ross University; Ft Davis—our home base for a week— and one of our favorite places to be; McDonald Observatory—totally awesome, plus it’s a mile high. Marfa’s beautiful courthouse and the old and famous Paisano Hotel of ‘Giant’ fame made it a little bit more understandable—but not the lights of Marfa ... we did see them— they do exist, but what they are no one has ever been able to figure out. Many miles later, we stopped by the Caverns of Sonora—another little jewel in Texas’ crown. If this sounds like a travel log, it’s meant to. This part of Texas is so vast, austere and beautiful in its own way—you just have to be there to experience it.”

Kerr Mitchel ’55 attended two of his grandchildren’s graduations in May and June in Ft. Collins, Colo., and Lynden, Wash. One of his kids also will be moving to Austin. He is happy to have family closer. Willis (Bill) C. Dearing ’58 is president of Dearing Inc., an independent oil production company. He currently lives in Las

Colinas in Irving with his wife, Vicki. The pair has two children and five grandchildren.

John South ’58 and his wife, Martha, have moved to Virginia from Colorado. They are now at a Continuing Care Community, where they can get medical and other support for Martha’s recently diagnosis of Lou Gehrig’s disease.


Charles W. (Bill) Hellen ’60 wrote,

“I retired in 1995 from a 25-year career in the automobile business, having been the Ford dealer in partnership with my old Schreiner high school roommate, Larry E. Dickey ‘60 in Falfurrias for several years. In 1981, I moved to Hondo, Texas, where my wife, Elva, and I owned the Ford and Chrysler dealerships. I have been married 51 years to my “favorite” Schreiner military ball date, Elva Wedgworth Hellen. We have two grown children and five grandchildren. Elva and I are currently in the cattle business on our family ranches in Jim Hogg and Webb counties. We raise registered Brahman cattle and intensely promote sport hunting leases on our ranches. We enjoy traveling in our motor home, just having returned from a trip to Washington, D.C. In late July, we will leave on a Texas Summer 2013 27

and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association sponsored Alaska cruise. Greeting to all my old S.M.I. gang!”

(George) Dave Swickheimer ’63 and ’65 graduated from the University of Texas in mathematics and spent several years as a government contractor in Alabama, Washington D.C., NASA, Iran, and Switzerland. He also spent several years in the family ranching business. Swickheimer currently is a faculty member at Victoria College.


Royle Berry ’71 wrote, “The last group of guys who attended Schreiner Institute met for a great weekend of camaraderie at the Roddy Tree Ranch in Ingram during the 2013 Recall.”

P  ete Thornton ’64 and ’66, John Rische ’64 and ’66 and Tommy Reed ’65 wrote, “We got together almost 50 years after high school graduation and college. We had a wonderful time for several days of beach combing, fishing and eating seafood, as well as sharing memories and looking at the ‘Recall’ annuals from all five years.”

Percy Galbreath ’65 wrote, “I graduated from high school there in 1965. Went to Ole Miss for three and a half years, and then on active duty in the Navy. Flew C-118 Liftmasters all over the world. Finally graduated from Memphis State University, got a commission as a Navy officer, and

28 Summer 2013 SCENE

stayed in the Navy Reserve. I was recalled to Desert Storm, and was involved in the liberation of Kuwait City. Closed the family farm in 1997, sold Galbreath Insurance Agency, Inc. in 2009, and retired. Attended Memphis Theological Seminary, and now preaching on occasion, and busy keeping up with nine grandchildren. Still play my guitar and sing a good bit. (Used to be rock & roll, but these days it’s mostly bluegrass and gospel). You will find me on Facebook under W. Percy Galbreath.”

Patrick Morrison ’66 wrote that he is retired in Florida after a career in the United States Air Force on active and reserve duty.

R  obert T. (Tommy) Mansker ’69 just returned from a 17-day cruise to the Hawaiian Islands, spending five days touring four of the main islands. On board the ship, he taught bridge and conducted games during each day at sea. He credits his development in the game of bridge

to his days at Schreiner, where a regular game was hosted among students.

Richard Guzman ’78 and Lisa Guzman ’77 met at Schreiner while playing tennis. They are celebrating their 33rd wedding anniversary this year. The Guzman’s and their twin sons and daughter live in the Dallas area. Lisa is a registered nurse, who has been with the same company for 25 years, and Richard is a physical therapist in charge of an outpatient clinic.



James M. Brandon ’97 and Robin (Griffin) Brandon ’99, currently

own and operate Brandon Center Point, LLC in Center Point. The couple has been married for 13 years and has a daughter, Chloe Brandon, 12.


Tenille Bryan ’00

wrote, “We celebrate  d Jaxon’s 5th birthday this year and Jaxon is wrapping up his Pre-K school year. Time has flown and we are forever grateful for our son.”

Naomi Roach ’01 and Derick Joe are proud to announce the birth of their daughter, Lillian Grace Joe, on March 31. She weighed in at 5 pounds, 14 ounces and was 18 inches long.

Lindsay Stanford ’03 married Matt McCormack on April 26 in Miami Beach, Fla. They currently live in Austin with their dog, Bentley. Lindsay has been working as a district sales manager at Hologic (women’s healthcare company) for seven and a half years. Kaleb Kothe ’04 wrote, “I am opening up my second location of Cork Café Wine and Beer. It’s a very exciting time after having survived six and a half years, lots of new competition and, of course, a recession. I’d like to thank Mr. Charles Torti, the Hatton Sumners Foundation and Schreiner University for being a part of my continued entrepreneurial success by providing real-life skills that helped me start and (more importantly) maintain my business.”

Henry Cadena ’06 recently celebrated his five-year anniversary working at Lopez Negrete Communications, an advertising agency based out of Houston. He also was promoted to be an account planner with the agency. Henry has enjoyed working with several major national brands but his favorites have included Wal-Mart, Miller

A Lifelong Learner Wendell Mayes Jr. ’42 Wendell Mayes Jr. ’42, graduated with his doctorate of philosophy in finance from Walden University at the age of 89 in late March. Mayes’ dissertation was titled, “The Methods Individual U.S. Investors Use to Make Investment Decisions.” Mayes, who was honored as the Schreiner University Distinguished Alumnus in 2006, is a native to San Antonio and holds many distinguished titles including, Distinguished Alumnus from St. Edward’s University, Texas Radio Hall of Fame, Honorary President of the International Diabetes Federation and many more. Summer 2013 29

Melissa Sue Whitney ’06 wrote, “I was a foreign exchange student at Schreiner under the name Melissa Romweber. Morris and Diane Whitney adopted me during my time at Schreiner. I graduated from Schreiner December 2006. I completed my master’s in May 2009 and began working on my doctorate that fall. I am scheduled to defend my dissertation and graduate this summer.”

Susan Burger ’09 participated in the Lite, Sonic foods, Xbox and Verizon. His responsibilities include brand communication strategy, consumer behavior and market research for his marketing campaigns. Henry also is competing in several Triathlons and Crossfit competitions throughout 2013, all while being an advocate for the Paleo diet.

alumni soccer game during Recall this year. She played goalie the first half and scored a goal in the second half. The alumni ended up winning the game, and Susan hopes she and the rest of the alumni can keep it up for Recall 2014.

Libby Howard ’09 wrote, “I have accepted a new position as the assistant volleyball coach at Iowa Central. Our volleyball team is ranked seventh in the nation. Also, the school has won three consecutive National Alliance of Two Year College Administrators Association Cup Awards–given yearly to the top twoyear athletic department in the nation. The weather changes are crazy, but it’s a lot of fun and I love what I do—coaching and recruiting all over the country!”

stories from when he attended SU. I have just recently completed the nine-month Bulverde Chamber of Commerce Leadership Class. I was able to use what I learned at SU and apply it to the course.”

John “JC” Bradshaw ’11 wrote,

 K  enneth Bethune ’05 wrote, “My law office in Beeville is officially open for business. After four months of renovation we opened our doors on May 13. It is located at 117 N. Washington. If any Schreiner alumni find their way to Beeville, I’d be happy for them to stop by and say hello.”

30 Summer 2013 SCENE

“I am a proud member of the Schreiner University Alumni Association. I live in San Antonio and have been working as a loan officer with Security State Bank and Trust in Bulverde since April 2012. It has been great to utilize my degree in the field of finance. My supervisor, Martell “Marty” Adams ’87, also is a former SU student. It has been great to work with him as well as listen to the

A  aron James ’11 and Katy (Tromm) James ’12 wrote, “I graduated as the valedictorian of the Class of 2011 and during that summer I completed the coursework and was certified as an EMT.


I began medical school at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Paul L. Foster School of Medicine in El Paso in July of 2012 and have been immersing myself in the intensive studies. On March 16, Katy and I were married in Kerrville at the First United Methodist Church. I’ve since completed my first year of medical school and am spending the summer doing research with former Schreiner professor Dr. Juan Gonzales. Katy is currently looking for jobs and settling in to El Paso life. I should be graduating from medical school in 2016, and it is my intention to pursue a residency position in emergency medicine.”

Kelsey Moore ’12 is graduating from the Tulane School of Social Work in New Orleans in December with a master’s in social work.

Jesse Hanrahan ’13 and Keleigh (Donaldson) Hanrahan ’10 were married February 22. Keleigh is working in San Antonio at the Center for Disease Detection. The pair met at Schreiner in 2006.

Your fellow alumni

would love to know where you are and what you’ve been up to. Submitting a class note is easy: just visit https://forms.schreiner. edu/classnotes.html or contact us at 830-792-7298 or

Want to find a classmate? email-directory

Modern Day Role Model Amanda Middleton ’13 Amanda Middleton ’13, earned two special titles this year: Schreiner University alumnus and Ms. San Antonio United America 2013. Middleton, who graduated in May with a bachelors of arts in multidisciplinary studies, has participated in pageants for eight years and currently holds two titles—Ms. San Antonio United America 2013 and Miss Pageant Gal Internationale 2013— and said what she loves most about pageants is the ability to be a role model for young ladies. “I entered a local pageant just for fun with my friends in high school—it was just one of those small town things that most girls do,” she said. “I loved the thought of being able to be a role model since I knew I wanted to be a teacher. I didn’t win, not even close, but I had an amazing time and learned so much about myself.” The Helotes native said pageantry has led to a stronger, healthier and more confident version of herself. Middleton was awarded a generous scholarship based on her community service from Schreiner University, and the benefits of the pageant world haven’t stopped there. “I landed my first competitive job at a learning center out of more

than 30 applicants because of my poise and confidence in the interview,” she said. “Socially, I have truly met some of the most amazing and inspiring women with similar goals and dreams; I have friends from all over the world.” Middleton, who has held one international title, two national titles, four state titles, six local titles and one ambassador title, will compete in the Miss Texas pageant in October, and she hopes to continue to inspire young ladies through her pageantry and teaching career. “Always, always, always be true to yourself,” she said. “Most pageant judges don’t want a cookie-cutter queen. They want someone who they can relate to, who knows who they are and is comfortable and proud of that. Pageantry is so much more than pretty dresses and big hair—it is an opportunity to find out who you are, to let it shine and give back to your community.” Summer 2013 31

Sumners Scholars The students chosen by trustees of The Hatton W. Sumners Foundation scholars for next year are: Jadher Abad, Jana DeJesus, Tayler Hobberlin and Emilee Lockridge, all seniors. Samar Dadashazar, Nikki Kincaid, Victoria Ponse and Katelyn Torres, all juniors. The senior scholars were honored at a banquet in the spring. Pictured above, from left to right, are Dale Crane, Hatton W. Sumners Foundation trustee, Andrew Bell ’13, Chelsea Mack ’13, Scott Higginbotham, Sumners trustee, Maggie Rios ’13, Jerry Reis, Sumners trustee, Avery Gil ’13 and Bill Meadows, Sumners trustee.

save a tree We are committed to keeping you informed about Schreiner’s people and programs while being a good steward of the University’s resources. To that end, we ask that you help by sending us your email address so that we can spend less on paper, printing and postage. Just e-mail Thank you.

eventscalendar august


20  Big Idea/Big Read  panel discussion of “World A War Z” by Max Brooks, led by Dr. William Woods, English professor and dean of the school of liberal arts. Floyd & Kathleen Cailloux Campus Activity Center Ballrooms, noon. Bring your lunch.

23 Convocation The theme is “Being a Responsible Citizen.” 1 p.m. in Dietert Auditorium.



1–25 Photo Septiembre 4 Texas Coffee House Series  usic by Sideshow Tragedy M headlines with an open mike for writers, musicians and artists to showcase their work. Floyd & Kathleen Cailloux Campus Activity Center Lion’s Den, 7 p.m.

11 Day of Service and Remembrance organized by Campus Ministry.

23 Debate on the Second Amendment

32 Summer 2013 SCENE

Big Read/Big Idea, Chautauqua and Constitution Day presentation. Floyd & Kathleen Cailloux Campus Activity Center Ballrooms, 7 p.m.

23 Monday Night Fiction “ The Coffee Trader” by David Liss, presented by the author and Dr. Cole Starr, associate professor of religion. Scarle-Philips Room in the William Logan Library, 7 p.m.

26 – Nov. 21 GAGA Gentileschi Aegis Gallery Association juried art exhibition in the Floyd & Kathleen Cailloux Campus Activity Center.

28 CSI Kerr County A community service event with Partners in Ministry. Unless otherwise stated, all events are free and open to the public. For more information, call Amy Armstrong at 830-792-7405.


In Memoriam

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3 onlinegiving Supporting Schreiner University is easier than ever now. Please visit our online giving website at giving, where you can make a secure gift—one that will benefit Schreiner students for years to come—in a matter of seconds. If you have questions, contact Karen Kilgore, planned giving advisor and director of development, at or call 830-792-7205.

backcover Fun in the Sun Monty and some of his friends are rocking their shades to stay cool this summer.

Former students Mr. William Akers ’55 October 22, 2011, Taft, Texas

Mr. Henry S. Pollard ’36 May 19, 2012, Irvine, Calif.

Mr. C.E. Berrio ’56 February 22, 2013, Houston

Mrs. Tammy L. Ritter ’06 March 18, 2013, Ingram, Texas

Mr. Helmut G. Borkowski ’83 February 11, 2013, Kerrville

Mr. Larry C. Roberts ’63 November 27, 1999, Austin

Mr. W. C. Brisch ’60 May 21, 2013, Houston

Mrs. Marjory L. Scofield ’88 February 27, 2013, Harlingen, Texas

Mr. Bays R. Bryant Jr. ’52 February 1, 2013, San Antonio

Mrs. M.V. Seidel ’97 September 13, 2012, Fordland, Mo.

Mrs. Adelle Byrd ’77 March 3, 2013, Bandera, Texas

Mr. Lloyd S. Shipp ’55 April 20, 2013, Tyler, Texas

Mr. Ralph L. Davis ’44 April 4, 2013, Tyler, Texas

The Rev. Arthur L. Slye Jr. ’52 February 2, 2013, Kerrville

Ms. Erin Gregg ’03 March 24, 2013, Kerrville

Mr. J. Fort Smith Jr. ’51 April 5, 2013, Camp Wood, Texas

Mr. Sidney T. Hearne Jr. ’43 February 1, 2013, Graham, Texas

Mr. Charles Stone Jr. ’68 May 13, 2009, Fredericksburg

Mrs. Betty G. Holloway ’97 March 19, 2013, San Marcos, Texas

Mr. Regan Terrier ’66 January 30, 2013, Austin

Mr. Hugo A. Jorda ’43 January 30, 2013, Long Beach, Calif.

Ms. Lacey Unger ’07 March 31, 2013, Georgetown, Texas

Dr. H. E. Kilgore Jr. ’50 February 14, 2013, Kerrville

Mr. Eugene M. Wait ’56 February 18, 2013, Kerrville

Mr. William F. King ’38 2011, McAllen, Texas

Mr. Eric D. Wallace ’95 February 16, 2013, Bremond, Texas

Mr. Scott A. Kneese ’07 May 11, 2013, Kerrville

Mr. Walter C. Wiese IV ’88 April 23, 2013, Houston

Mr. John Koska ’76 March 23, 2013, Canyon Lake, Texas

Mr. John Yeargin ’69

Mr. Tom W. Landers ’41 March 3, 2013, Longview, Texas Mr. Jimmy Lanmon ’60 February 3, 2013, Texas Ms. Nell Lenard ’77 May 1, 2013, Kerrville Mrs. Roel Lunoff ’72 May 21, 2010, San Antonio Mr. Douglas W. Maclay ’44 June 23, 2011, Dallas

Former Trustees The Rev. Dr. L. R. Frere August 7, 2012, Helotes, Texas Mr. Ed L. Wagoner April 28, 2013, Kerrville Former FACULTY Mr. Walter L. Sheneman Jr. September 4, 2012, Bandera, Texas Mr. Maurice L. Tinsley February 8, 2013, San Antonio

Mr. R. N. McBryde ’53 April 2, 2013, Kerrville


Mr. George E. McNeill ’42 Weatherford, Texas

Ms. Shirley A. Sherman May 2, 2013, Kerrville Summer 2013 33

Glow Frisbee Schreiner students gather once a week after nightfall to play glow frisbee on the lawn of the Floyd & Kathleen Cailloux Campus Activity Center.

34 Summer 2013 SCENE





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Amy Armstrong director of university relations

art direction and design

Stephanie Lopez Keller assistant art director of creative services

contributing artist

Jake Hawk Roa

assistant art director of creative services


Caitlin Probandt staff writer

contributing writer

Karen Davis Kilgore planned giving advisor and director of development


Ryan Brisbin & Temaine Wright sports information directors


Dr. Tim Summerlin board chairman

Michael Pate

sfsa board president

Steve Daniels ’80

SCENE is a publication of the University Relations Office and is distributed three times a year free of charge to Schreiner former students, current students, faculty, parents and friends. An online version is available at Want to be included on the SCENE mailing list? Send your name and address to Amy Armstrong, Schreiner University, CMB 6229, 2100 Memorial Blvd., Kerrville, TX 78028, or e-mail Change of address? Call the Office of Advancement at 830-792-7201. Schreiner University is an independent liberal arts institution related by covenant and choice to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Schreiner University does not discriminate in admissions, educational programs, extra-curricular programs or employment against any individual on the basis of that individual’s race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, veteran status or ethnic origin. Inquiries/complaints should be forwarded to the Director of Human Resources, at 830-792-7375. Summer 2013 35

CMB 6229 2100 Memorial Blvd. Kerrville, Texas 78028-5697

Scene 2013 summer  
Scene 2013 summer  

Schreiner University SCENE magazine, Summer 2013