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March 2005



2005 Distinguished Alumnus and Athletic Hall of Honor inductees named


chreiner University has announced its 2005 Distinguished Alumnus and Athletic Hall of Honor inductees: Dr. Tom Pruett and the late Claude R. “Chena” Gilstrap, respectively. The two will be honored at a banquet on April 9 during Recall.

Dr. Tom Pruett In his nomination of Dr. Tom Pruett (ʼ50) for the 2005 Distinguished Alumnus award, Ross Harris (ʼ66) says, “Here is an atypical distinguished alumnus—not a check writer, but a deed-doer. A contributor, Dr. Tom Pruett in 1950, a senior at some would say, to the much bigger Schreiner Institute cause of his fellow man. I believe that Dr. Pruett shines as a living example of our school motto, ʻLearning by heartʼ.” Pruett says he had no idea what lay in store for him when he and a few colleagues went to Juarez, Mexico, in 1980 to visit with a missionary couple who were caring for a few dozen small children from the poorest families in town. His group from the Brazosport area expected to offer free dental and eye examinations to the group of children, make a few fixes here and there, and then return home happy with having done good work.

Instead they found that not only had the children never seen a doctor of any kind in their life, neither had the members of their large, extended families. Pruett remembers, “We were underprepared and overwhelmed. Here they came— aunts, uncles, grandparents, even neighbors and friends. People were sleeping in front of the doors to the mission in freezing temperatures just to get a spot in line. Many of the older people were blind, but we knew that relatively simple cataract surgery could give them back their sight. By mid-week we called an eye surgeon to pack up his tools and come to Juarez. He did, and by Saturday we were performing eye surgery in a converted garage.” The group returned to Juarez in 1981, and then again in 1982. Each time there were huge numbers of new patients, and the groupʼs need for equipment and supplies began to outrun their resources. They applied for and received a large grant from Rotary International, and began to expand the scope of their free services. His group now distributes thousands of pairs of eyeglasses, acquired through an innovative eyeglass recycling center located in Houston. And besides eye and dental surgery, they offer plastic surgery to correct childrenʼs cleft palates and other congenital deformities that otherwise would condemn these children to a fringe existence even beyond the suffering of poverty. See Hall of Honor/Distinguished Alumnus, Page 2



By Dr. Tim Summerlin

t had been 20 years since I had been to New York City—thatʼs what a provincial I am! But the four days that Mary Ellen and I spent there in January with members of our Schreiner University Choir, its director Michael Kahl, and Pat and Tom Browne were golden. Our group of 25 made that journey to participate in a concert performance of John Rutterʼs “Mass for the Children” at Carnegie Hall, along with a dozen other choirs from across the country. The week preceding the trip included nightly practices on campus to ensure that we knew the notes before departing. Three intensive rehearsal sessions under the directorship of Jonathan Willcocks in New York enabled some 250-plus of us to shape that basic knowledge into a true musical experience. The result was a moving performance in the incomparable Carnegie Hall setting, the power of which we all felt. If you have not already encountered it, you may want to check our website,, and read Liz Buttsʼ informative journal of the experience, which you can find by digging back through the news stories on the home page. See Perspective, Page 3

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Former Students Honor Roll of Donors


Hall of Honor/Distinguished Alumnus Continued from Page 1

Pruettʼs group now conducts two clinics a year in Juarez with a team consisting of optometrists, ophthalmologists, dentists, plastic surgeons, opticians, anesthesiologists, chiropractors, nurses, technicians, cooks, carpenters, plumbers and electricians. They have completed a modern 7,000 square foot clinic in Juarez, and have been instrumental in starting a similar program in Guerrero, Chihuahua, where, in 2001, the first eye surgery ever available to the poor was performed. That was the start of a program that now rivals the Juarez project in scope. The Mexican Minister of Health recently told Tom that their clinic provides 60 percent of the indigent health care available in the entire state of Chihuahua. Typical of those whose true vocation is service to others, Pruett insists that he had little to do with the miracles that he has wrought. “We went on one trip to attend to the needs of 65 preschool children, but God obviously had a different agenda. It is the most gratifying work that I think I can do. We spend billions of dollars on enjoyment in this country, but I have never done anything I enjoyed more than going down there and doing those clinics. It is pure joy.”

Claude R. “Chena” Gilstrap

College—now University of Texas at Arlington—where he spent 22 years and coached more winning teams than anyone else in that schoolʼs history. During Coach Gilstrapʼs tenure at Schreiner and again while he was at Arlington State, he was honored as Coach of the Year by regional and national sports organizations, and was inducted into both the Texas Sports Hall of Fame and the National Football Hall of Fame. Many of Coachʼs players went on to distinguished careers in sports, public service and business. At his memorial service in 2002, these protégés returned with heartfelt words of praise not only for his leadership and inspiration, but also for his integrity, dignity, patience, compassion, self-discipline, respect for others, high ideals and ethical standards, and for his sense of humor. One of these protégés, Bobby Lane, who had been an assistant coach under Chena at Arlington and went on to become a National Football Hall of Famer himself, said “He was probably the greatest motivator of kids I have ever known. If anyone should have a lasting legacy, itʼs him, for the number of lives he touched and the young men he meant so much to over the years.”

Choir Performs in NYC

His Schreiner Institute classmates knew him as “Chena” in the 1930s. Schreiner students and athletes in the 1950s knew him simply and affectionately as “Coach.” Claude R. Gilstrap played many roles during his long and distinguished life—mentor, Claude R. Gilstrap friend, athlete, visionary, humorist, in 1951 as head inspirational leader, colleague, role football coach at model, and outstanding citizen. Schreiner Institute He was born in 1914 in Granger, Texas, and by the time he got to Schreiner he was already a physical and moral force to be reckoned with. Gilstrapʼs older brother, H.C. “Bully” Gilstrap, had preceded him to the Institute in 1925 and became famous as the coach who built Schreiner into a football powerhouse. Chena arrived in 1933 as a student and is remembered as one of Schreinerʼs outstanding athletes. In 1950, after coaching high school and junior college teams across Texas, the younger Gilstrap took over the reins of Schreinerʼs football program from Leo Daniels and promptly led the Mountaineers to their most successful season in a decade. He left Schreiner in 1953 to become head football coach and athletic director at Arlington State

Inside Schreiner, Page 2

Choir Members: Back Row (left to right) Choir Director Michael Kahl, Jason Van Slycke, Emily Darnell, Travis Arreaga and Andrew Trevino. Middle row (left to right) Catherine Force, Dorothy Borrayo, Charmelyn Fortune, and Melissa Vela. Front row (left to right) Liz Butts, Valerie Stratmann and Dolores Perkins. The choir had the opportunity to sing at Carnegie Hall with Jonathon Willcocks directing - a life experience never to be forgotten.

March 2

Texas Music Coffeehouse Women’s History Month with Terri Hendrix, beginning with an open mike. 7–9 PM Corner Pocket in Cailloux Campus Activity Center.

March 3

Star Party at Robbins Lewis Pavilion. Begins right after the sky is dark.

March 3–March 5

Steel Magnolias, directed by Dr. Claudia Sullivan. 7:30 PM in Hanszen Fine Arts Center.

March 8

Spring Choir Concert 7:30 PM in Dietert Auditorium.



April 4

April 24–May 24

April 7

April 25

First Monday Series: The Diary of Adam and Eve by Mark Twain, directed by Dr. Claudia Sullivan. 7 PM in Hanszen Fine Arts Center.

The Guadalupe Watercolor Group spring show Reception April 24, 3–5 PM in the Cailloux Campus Activity Center.

Harry Crate Lecture Series Speaker Dr. Don Rose, Research Analytical Chemist. 7 PM in the Cailloux Campus Activity Center.

April 8–April 10

Recall Weekend is Schreiner’s homecoming and features a variety of events across campus. For details, go to

April 9–April 21

Harry Crate Lecture Series Speaker Thomas Brownscombe, Shell Chemical Co. 7 PM in the Cailloux Campus Activity Center.

Carlos Gomez ’72–One Person Show Nationally recognized Texas artist and former Schreiner student. Reception April 9, 4–6 PM in the Cailloux Campus Activity Center.

March 22–April 7

April 11

March 22

Exhibits of the works of Schreiner’s senior art majors For details, watch the Web Calendar at

March 31

Star Party at Robbins Lewis Pavilion. Begins right after the sky is dark.

March 31

Chautauqua Lecture Series “The Voices of Women: Stories and Songs;” speaker Dr. Kathleen Hudson, professor of English. 7 PM in the Cailloux Campus Activity Center.

Monday Night Fiction Series “Vernon God Little” by DBC Pierre; speaker William Woods, assistant professor of English. 7 PM Scarle Philips Room William, Logan Library




Chautauqua Lecture Series “Delimiting Philosophical Truths in Theology;” speaker Dr. Cole Starr, assistant professor of religion and philosophy. 7 PM in the Cailloux Campus Activity Center Theater.

April 28

Second Annual Schreiner Day of Prayer sponsored by Campus Ministry. This event is timed to precede the World Day of Prayer events that happen community-wide in May, after students have left for the summer.

May 1

Choir Concert First Presbyterian Church in Kerrville, 800 Jefferson. Time TBA. Admission is free. Public welcome.

April 13

Teacher Job Fair: ISD Recruiters on Campus 4–6 PM in the Lobby of the Cailloux Campus Activity Center.

April 21–May 12

Synergy campus-wide open art show. Cailloux Campus Activity Center.


Continued from Page 1 What is the value of an experience like this? Although it varies by individual, I believe that it ultimately is beyond calculation. For core members of our choir, it means the opportunity to benefit from experience with a conductor of international reputation, to work intensively for a standard of excellence, and to enjoy the benefit of achieving that goal. You donʼt address rehearsals and performances on campus the same way afterward. A small university like Schreiner has an obligation as a place of learning to enlarge its studentsʼ horizons. Small size should promote mentoring, relationships, and community, but it must not become an excuse for insularity. How do you provide opportunities for expansion? In a variety of ways. Of course, any form of study opens oneʼs intellect to new horizons. The global awareness course in our core curriculum makes a special contribution, as will the new

For more information on events, visit

international relations concentration being developed currently. The array of speakers brought to campus adds another dimension. But experience that literally takes one away from the familiar campus has particular capacity to expand oneʼs perspective. When a group of our business students competes against peers from other colleges in a Business Ethics Match, that expansion occurs. When our Hatton W. Sumners Scholars converse with international leaders, it happens. When our science students make presentations of their research at professional meetings or our literature students read their papers, the process is occurring. When, increasingly, students learn in another country, whether for two weeks or a full semester, the intellectual growth is fostered. So our Schreiner University Choir members have added one more tool to the educational kit in their New York experience, and we celebrate their accomplishment.

Inside Schreiner, Page 3


Exciting season comes to a close Womenʼs Basketball t has been a year full of adversity and accomplishments for the Schreiner University womenʼs basketball team. After losing their 12th straight game of the season, which gave Schreiner the NCAA All-Time consecutive losing streak record, Owens was quoted in a San Antonio Express News article saying, “I looked at them, and I knew that I hadnʼt given up, and they hadnʼt given up, either.”


Of this yearʼs team, junior Rachel Estrada and freshman Vanessa Lopez are having breakout seasons. Estrada, the teamʼs second leading scorer, has averaged 11.5 points and 6.6 rebounds-per-game and had a career night on February 10th scoring 29 points against Concordia University. Vanessa Lopez, who is the Mountaineersʼ scoring and rebounding leader, has averaged 15.2 points and 7.1 rebounds through the first 23 games this season. Lopez is also a leading contender for the American Southwest Conference Freshman-of-the-Year award, which will be given out at the conclusion of the season. In their final game of the season, the Lady Mountaineers defeated the Sul Ross State Lady Lobos, ending a three year long losing streak. Eerily enough, Sul Ross was the last team Schreiner defeated back on January 17, 2002, before going on the 83-game losing streak.

Menʼs Basketball he Schreiner University menʼs basketball team ended the year on a high note, winning two of their final five games of the 2005 season.


February has been an exciting month for the Mountaineers. On February 7th, they experienced a thrilling 64-55 overtime victory against American Southwest Conference rival Texas Lutheran and then won for the first time on the road in a 97-96 victory over Concordia University that same week. Sophomore Jonathan Young has proven to be a valuable team asset, averaging over 15 points and 7 rebounds-pergame after moving into the starting line-up on January 27th. In fact, all five of the Schreiner starters have seen their personal statistics improve in the past month. In the all important Points-Rebounds-Assists categories, the Schreiner starters averaged 37.7 points, 19.5 rebounds, and 5.1 assists in the fifteen games before Jonathan Young entered the starting line-up. Since that time, the Schreiner starters have averaged 59.2 points, 24.4 rebounds, and 9.3 assists-per-game.

Baseball, softball teams have the season ahead of them Baseball he Schreiner Mountaineers have been picked to finish seventh in the 2005 American Southwest Conference West Division race according to polling by the conference head baseball coaches, sports information directors and media representatives.


Schreiner will open the 2005 season on February 4 in Anaheim, California, against Pomona-Pitzer College and Chapman University, the 2003 NCAA Div. III National Champions. The Mountaineers are returning the bulk of the 2004 team including seven position starters, two starting pitchers and 11 total letter winners. Schreiner finished last season with an overall mark of 10-29 and a conference record of 4-17. Two of last yearʼs starters, shortstop Chase Kimball and outfielder Jeremiah Kester, were awarded All-ASC West Honorable Mentions in 2004. For schedules and more athletic news, visit Inside Schreiner, Page 4

Softball he Schreiner softball team has been picked to finish seventh in the American Southwest Conference West Division in voting by ASC head softball coaches and sports information directors for the conferenceʼs preseason poll.


Schreiner will return five position starters and seven total letter winners for the 2005 season. Two of last yearʼs starters, second baseman Michelle Leija and outfielder Tara Edwards both were named to the AllASC West Division First Team. Leija started all 26 games for the Mountaineers in 2004, while batting .253 for the season. Leija is the teamʼs second best on base percentage of .378. Edwards also started all 26 games for Schreiner in 2004 and did so without committing a single error. She had a .282 batting average with 20 total hits. Schreiner sophomore Lauren Zimmerman also received post season honors in 2004 when she received an All-ASC West Division Honorable Mention. Zimmerman posted a .916 fielding percentage with 34 putouts and 54 assists.


Date Opponent



Feb. 4 Feb. 5 Feb. 12 Feb. 13 Feb. 17 Feb. 19

Pomona-Pitzer College Clairemont, CA 2:30 PM Chapman University (DH) Anaheim, CA 11 AM Southwestern Georgetown 2 PM Southwestern Georgetown 2 PM Lewis and Clark College Kerrville 1 PM University of Texas Richardson NOON at Dallas (DH) Feb. 20 University of Dallas (DH) Dallas NOON Feb. 25 LeTourneau Kerrville 2 PM Feb. 26 LeTourneau (DH) Kerrville NOON Mar. 4 Louisiana College Pineville, LA 6 PM Pineville, LA 1 PM Mar. 5 Louisiana College (DH) Mar. 11 Texas Lutheran Abilene 2 PM Abilene 1 PM Mar. 12 Texas Lutheran (DH) Mar. 18 Concordia Kerrville 2 PM Kerrville 1 PM Mar. 19 Concordia (DH) Mar. 24 Howard Payne Brownwood 2 PM Brownwood 1 PM Mar. 25 Howard Payne (DH) Kerrville NOON Mar. 28 University of Dallas (DH) Apr. 1 Sul Ross State Kerrville 2 PM Kerrville 1 PM Apr. 2 Sul Ross State (DH) Apr. 5 Trinity San Antonio 7 PM Apr. 8 Hardin-Simmons Abilene 7 PM Abilene 1 PM Apr. 9 Hardin-Simmons (DH) Apr. 15 McMurry Kerrville 2 PM Kerrville 1 PM Apr. 16 McMurry (DH) Apr. 22 Mary Hardin-Baylor Killeen 2 PM Killeen 1 PM Apr. 23 Mary Hardin-Baylor (DH) TBA Apr. ASC Tournament TBA 29-30 (First Round) May ASC Tournament TBA TBA 6-8 (Final Round) May NCAA DIV. III Regional TBA TBA 16-17 Tournament May NCAA DIV. III World Series TBA TBA 27-30 (DH) = Double Header * = ASC Conference Game


Date Opponent



Feb. H.E.B. Collegiate 11-12 Invitational Feb. ASC Individual 25-26 Championships Mar. 2 Concordia Mar. 5 Trinity (Men) Mar. 7 St. Joseph’s (Men) Mar. 8 Southwestern Mar. 10 University of Findlay (Men) Mar. 12 Texas Lutheran Mar. 23 Wisconsin Eau Claire Mar. 24 University of Chicago Mar. 31 Howard Payne Apr. 1 Mary Hardin-Barylor Apr. 2 Sul Ross State Apr. 7 McMurry Apr. 8 Hardin Simmons Apr. 9 Alumni Tournament Apr.15-16 ASC Conference Tournament


10 AM



Kerrville San Antonio Kerrville Kerrville Kerrville Kerrville Kerrville Kerrville Brownwood Kerrville Kerrville Abilene Abilene Kerrville TBA

3 PM 2:30 PM 6 PM 2 PM 3 PM 10 AM 3 PM 2:30 PM 2:30 PM 1:30 PM 10 AM 3 PM NOON TBA TBA


Date Opponent



Feb. 11 Midland College Midland TBA Spring Classic Feb. 12 Midland College Midland TBA Spring Classic San Antonio 1 PM Feb. 19 Trinity University (DH) Kerrville 1 PM Feb. 27 Northwood University (DH) Mar. 4 Louisiana College* Irving Noon Mar. 4 East Texas Baptist* Irving 4 PM Noon Mar. 5 University of Texas at Tyler* Irving 4 PM Mar. 5 University of Texas at Dallas* Irving Alpine 1 PM Mar. 13 Sul Ross State* (DH) Alpine 1 PM Mar. 14 Sul Ross State* (DH) Cedar Hill 1 PM Mar. 18 Northwood (DH) Kerrville 5 PM Mar. 21 Midland Lutheran (DH) Abilene 2 PM Mar. 24 Hardin-Simmons* (DH) Abilene 11 AM Mar. 25 Hardin-Simmons* (DH) Kerrville 5 PM Mar. 30 Texas Lutheran* (DH) Kerrville 4 PM Apr. 1 Concordia Lutheran* (DH) Kerrville 11 AM Apr. 2 Concordia Lutheran* (DH) Kerrville 5 PM Apr. 5 Texas Lutheran* (DH) Brownwood 1 PM Apr. 8 Howard Payne* (DH) Brownwood Noon Apr. 9 Howard Payne* (DH) Kerrville 1 PM Apr. 15 Mary Hardin-Baylor* (DH) Kerrville 11 AM Apr. 16 Mary Hardin-Baylor* (DH) Kerrville 1 PM Apr. 23 Alumni Game Apr. 29 ASC Championship Tournament TBA TBA (DH) = Double Header * = ASC Conference Game

Golf Date


Place Course

Feb. 17 Feb. 20-21 Feb.27-Mar.1 Mar. 6-8 Mar. 22 Apr. 5 Apr. 17-19

Concordia Texas A&M International Mary Hardin-Baylor Tyler Junior College University of Dallas Concordia ASC Conference Tournament

Austin Kerrville Temple Tyler Euless Kerrville Kerrville

Star Ranch Scott Schreiner Wildflower C.C. Eagle Bluff Bear Creek Comanche Trace Comanche Trace

Sophomore Joe Epp saves a shot out of the bunker on the 4th green at Comanche Trace Golf Course in Kerrville, TX.

For more information about Schreiner athletics, visit

Inside Schreiner, Page 5

CAMPUS NEWS Low Ropes Course

Vocational Nursing Grads


chreinerʼs new Low Ropes Course is now open to the public. Located on the northeast side of campus, it offers 10 mentally and physically challenging ropes elements as well as numerous games and initiatives that complement the team building process. And of course, itʼs just plain fun! According to Micah Wrase, Schreinerʼs campus recreation director, common misconceptions about ropes courses are that participation requires perfect balance and eye-hand coordination as well as muscular strength. He says none of these individual attributes provides any advantage on the low ropes course elements, where success requires teamwork among people with all levels of physical skill rather than outstanding individual performances. The SU low ropes course requires about three hours, but adjustments can be made according to a groupʼs needs and time constraints. The minimum group size is 10 people and maximum is 50; each team member costs $10. Schreiner offers reduced prices for area schools, non-profit organizations, and church groups. For more information, contact or call (830)792-7476.

Twenty-six graduates of Schreiner’s vocational nursing program received their certificates at a campus ceremony February 11. Members of the VN Class of 2005 are: Eric Armelin, Bonnie Bowman, Rita Catlett, Joan Clanton, Tammy Cormier, Angela Delfraisse, Dawna Draa, Amanda Franklin, Lindsay Gerdes, Lisa Giusti, Tanya Harrell, Melinda Harvill, Samantha Honaker, Miranda Honea, Maria Jackson, Lauren Jureczki, Jessica Keeton, Adriane Linam, Denise Owens, Meleah Ragsdale, Christine Schmidtke, Amanda Tenery, Michelle Thompson, Deborah Wellborn, Tonya Wooten, and Karen Workman.

Contribute your story to Schreiner history Schreiner’s storied history will soon be available through a series of historical vignettes on our web site. This will make it accessible to a larger audience than just those who visit our campus. For instance, historical vignettes will be imbedded into the map of the campus located on the SU web site.

Spiderman? No, Schreiner’s low ropes course.

Inside Schreiner Available Online If you would like to change your subscription to Inside Schreiner from snailmail to online delivery, please send an email requesting the change to online delivery to:

Inside Schreiner, Page 6

The history site subcommittee of John Huddleston, Kathie Walker, Sandy Speed, Jennifer Hinds, and Lane Tait invites you to submit ideas, stories, contacts, photos, video or audio recordings, etc., for this significant project. Schreiner’s story needs to be told in all its glory, and the subcommittee is betting that you have a colorful story or two about Schreiner’s history that needs to be saved and shared with others.


Recall 2005

Better, Shorter, More Fun!

We made the changes you asked for: • Lower costs—basic registration only $5 • Less time-consuming—starts noon on Friday • No auction or dinner dance • Saturday afternoon family picnic • Saturday evening activities for all ages

Call for Photos Do you have photos from your Schreiner days lying around in a shoebox? Photos you took of your friends in the dorm, your buddies playing basketball, the gang all dressed up at the winter formal? Please consider donating them to the Schreiner Collection in William Logan Library where they will be catalogued, carefully stored, and made a part of Schreinerʼs history. We invite you to bring them with you to Recall.

• Personalized campus tours • Weʼll help you find and invite classmates • Quality child care available Saturday evening Questions? Contact Allen Boatwright at (830)792-7206, or email Brochures are being mailed right away!

Dallas Area Former Students Monthly Meeting (1st Thurs.) 5:30 PM at Spring Creek BBQ LBJ at Preston Road

March 16

San Antonio Area Former Students Monthly Meeting (3rd Wed.) 5:30 PM at Mamacita’s 8030 IH 10 West

April 7

Dallas Area Former Students Monthly Meeting (1st Thurs.) 5:30 PM at Spring Creek BBQ LBJ at Preston Road

April 8–10

Recall 2005 Noon Friday–Sunday Noon

April 20

San Antonio Area Former Students Monthly Meeting (3rd Wed.) 5:30 PM at Mamacita’s 8030 IH 10 West


March 3



SFSA Meetings May 5

Dallas Area Former Students Monthly Meeting (1st Thurs.) 5:30 PM at Spring Creek BBQ LBJ at Preston Road

May 18

San Antonio Area Former Students Monthly Meeting (3rd Wed.) 5:30 PM at Mamacita’s 8030 IH 10 West

SFSA Note: Additional Schreiner former students area meetings are being scheduled during these months. For details (location and time) on scheduled meetings, visit

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Donors have always played a vital role in helping Schreiner University to provide a first-rate education for our students. From Charles Schreiner’s donations of land and endowment in 1917 to the founding of Schreiner Institute to the Cailloux family’s generosity that built our latest academic building, the Kathleen Cox Cailloux Hall, the history of Schreiner University is a story of philanthropy and generous supporters. In these pages we salute you—you who supported the Hill Country College Fund, sponsored a student, provided funds for student scholarships, supported Campus Ministry or the Learning Support Services program, or made a donation to our comprehensive campaign building projects, or any of our many programs or projects on campus from June 1, 2003 to December 31, 2004. Thank you!

Schreiner Oaks Members The following have included Schreiner in their estate plans. Tiffany Andresen Pat & Tom Browne Ruth Fagan Estate Jennifer Farhoudi Gordon Findlay Jr. Mignonne Frantzen Zaira & Andres Gutierrez Novia & Ross Harris Inez & Frank Harrison Estate Florence Hayes Estate Edith & Jim Johnson Carolyn & Kenneth Landrum Michael Looney Mollie & Frank Maresh Gail & Mark Maxwell Estate Jean Nixon Nancy Nixon Lea & Kyle Nye Wilma Palmer Estate Angelina & Edwin Richmond Betty Robinson Estate Gary Rodriguez Caroline Ross Estate Abigail Shupe Mark Talbot Lisa & David Turner Toddie Lee Wynn Estate

Captain’s Council Gifts of $5,000 or above Carol & Baxter Adams American Electric Power Nancy Anguish H.C. Arbuckle III Estela & Jim Avery Teeka & Pete Baldwin Lea & Arthur Bell Judy & Charles Browning Barbara Bruno Sandy & Ken Cailloux The Cailloux Foundation Cailloux Interests Ltd. Kathleen C. Cailloux Trust Effie & Wofford Cain Foundation Beth & Eugene Chappell Community Foundation of the Texas Hill Country Shirley & Bubba Coskey Covenant Presbyterian Church Anne & Rick Cree Lela & David Crockett Robert Crockett H. E. & Kate Dishman Charitable FoundationTrust Carol & Walter Dunlap Jr. Jeannette Early Early Foundation Inc. Rosemary Egan Estate

Exxon Education Foundation ExxonMobil Foundation Inc. Fasken Foundation Judy & Warren Ferguson First Presbyterian Church - Bryan First Presbyterian Church - Dallas Foundation First Presbyterian Church - Kerrville First Presbyterian Church - Midland First Presbyterian Church - San Antonio Peggy & Amos Floyd Alta & Bill Foster Martha & Joe Foy Dixie Garison Estate Patsy & Bill Goertz Rosa May Griffin Foundation Gulf-Tex Co Inc George & Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation Novia & Ross Harris H-E-B Jane & Kyle Hobin Dick Hosler Katherine Jackson James Avery Craftsman Inc. Maud Jennings Estate Johnson Controls Foundation Adele & Sam Junkin Marsha & Kye Laffoon Carolyn & Kenneth Landrum Richard Marrs Gail & Mark Maxwell Estate Demmie Mayfield Meadows Foundation Inc. Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church Jacob Mixon Jr. Moody Foundation Julie Myers Barbara & Mike Pate Hal & Charlie Peterson Foundation Lavon & Verne Philips Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church Lou Quinius Masel Quinn Mary & Karl Ransleben Dalene & Bob Reagan RGK Foundation Ann & Browne† Rice Angelina & Edwin Richmond Stephanie & Randy Roberts Myra Robinson Betty Robinson Estate Caroline Ross Estate The Earl C. Sams Foundation SBC Foundation SFSA - Schreiner Former Students Association Jennifer & Stuart Sliva Jeanne Slobod Ann & Brien Smith

Inside Schreiner, Page 8

The William & Madeline Welder Smith Foundation Glenda & Mickey Sparkman Pollyanna & Steve Stephens Mary Ellen & Tim Summerlin Hatton W. Sumners Foundation Inc. Linda Tarrant Texas Independent College Fund Lois & Jack Thurmond The Cloyde & Ethel Lee Tracy Foundation Inc. Ethel Lee Tracy Trull Foundation Dayton Walkup Estate Welch Foundation Wells Fargo Bank Kerrville Wells Fargo Bank Matching Gift Center Ruth Whitehurst Marion & Bill Wilson Debbie & Bert Winston Jr. George & FayYoung Foundation

President’s Associates Gifts of $1,000 or above Frances & Bill Allen Jr. Clarice & Willard Amann Anadarko Petroleum Corporation Mardi Ashley Jaynan & Jerry Ball Bank of America Bank of The Hills Darlene & Dewayne Bannister Margaret Barnhart Fred Barttlingck Jr. Nelwyn & Walter Belt III Tom Benson Bethel Presbyterian Church - West Columbia Anita & Carlton Biermann Jimmy Bitner Lynn & Theo Blue Chica Greenlee & Allen Boatwright Bill Bradley Jay Bright Broadway National Bank Nancy & John Broocks III Barbara & James Brooks Jr. Pat & Tom Browne Junie & Gaston Broyles Betty & Bill Byrd Mary & Charles Campbell Dixie & John Carey Cecil Atkission Motors Charitable Gift Fund ChevronTexaco Emily & William Clark Virginia Ruth & Jack Clarke Mark Clements Carol & Don Cody Lynda & John Comegys

Martha & Frank Covert Frances Cree Crenwelge Motors Janett & Harlan Crouse Elizabeth & Bob Cunningham Nancy Denham Jeanette Dennis Gloria & Donald Dorsey Eleanor & Bill Dozier Jr. Lisle & Bill Drake Susan & Mac Dunwoody Sue Dyke Linda & David Evans Gordon Findlay Jr. First Presbyterian Church - Ingram First Presbyterian Church - Junction Page Foshee Francisco’s Restaurant Carolyn & Wally Freeman Betty & Charles Fritts B.K. & Fred Gamble Natalie & Ricky Garcia Susan & James Garrison Barbara & Thomas Glazier Grace Presbyterian Church - Houston Virginia & James Graham Diane & Bob Green Sandra & Gerry Griffin Edith & Gaston Hallam Foundation No 2 Carolyn & Houston Harte Joy & Theron Hawkins Florence M. Hayes Estate Mary & Rufus Hayes Jr. H-E-B Tournament of Champions Grinstead Henderson Family L.P. Jean Herlin Highland Park Presbyterian Church Highland Park Presbyterian Women Hill Country Telephone Co-Op Inc. Huser Construction Company Elise & Russ Joseph Kerrville Host Lions Club Kerrville Telephone Company Ginger & Earl Kilgore Jr. Karen & Wynn Kilgore Kiwanis Club of Kerrville Nancy & Tom Koger KPMG Foundation Janice & Frank Kubica La Hacienda Treatment Center Laura & Weir Labatt III Joan & Mike Lanham Ann & Jim Laughlin June & Chris Leavy Patti & Charles Lewis Irene & Randall Light

Delores & Dewey Livingston Jr. Flynn Long Jr. Michael Looney Mychele Lord Lower Colorado River Authority Massey Itschner & Co. PC Jim Matthews Martha & H.D. Maxwell Mary Jane & Wendell Mayes Jr. Karen & Maurice McAshan III Barbara McLellan Mike McMahon Amy Shelton McNutt Charitable Trust Jan & Earl Merritt Ada & Mac Merwin Jr. Steve Mettner Robert Meyers Sr. Pamela Moriarty Phyllis & John† Mullins Nancy Neal Northpark Presbyterian Church Joan & Chester Nowak Lea & Kyle Nye Gloria Olsen Dot & Bill O’Neal Martha & John O’Neal Jr. Optimist Club of Kerrville Sylvia & Dan Ostos Wilma Palmer Estate Vicky & Harris Pappas Dodo & Clyde Parker Janet & Jack Parks Jeanetta & Malcom Payne Jr. Pennzoil-Quaker State Company Pines Presbyterian Church - Houston Kathryn & Robert Porcher The Myra Stafford Pryor Charitable Trust Tom Ratcliffe Rice Interests Ltd. Janie Roberts Esthermae & David Rooke Elinor Ross Rotary Club of Kerrville Lois & Jim Rupke San Pedro Presbyterian Church Sheri & Robert Sandoval Eddie Sawyer III Shirley & Bob Schmerbeck III Rolinda & Arthur Schmidt Elaine Scogin Gerry & Frank Seaman Patty & Jack Shelby Shelton Family Foundation Susan & Randy Shepler Mary Frances Sherlock Lil & Bill Sims Mimi & Allen Smith G. Andrews Smith Sodexho Campus Services Lois & Dan Sowards Jr. Peg Layton & Steve Spahr

Sandy Speed Elizabeth Spencer State Farm Insurance Sue & Jack Steele Teri & George Stieren Stuart-Griffin-Perlitz Foundation Louis H. & Mary Pat Stumberg Foundation Carmen & Charles Sullivan Dorothy Summerlin Synod of the Sun Financial Services Sherry Teel Texas Presbyterian Foundation Billie & Gil Thomas Bryant Truitt Betty Tucker Tucker Foundation Shannon & Mark Tuschak Union State Bank Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Catherine Wahrmund Betty & Jack Walcher Nancy & Ed Wallace Mary Ellen & Ray Walls Gloria & Frank Walsh Marie & Wayne Warren Bill Webb Deborah & Tom Wells Linda & Kit Werlein Jeanne & George West Westminster Presbyterian Church of Austin Texas WILCO Peanut Co O’Gene & Lewis Williams Johnny Winslow Jr. Marianne Wofford Mary Louise & Oliver Wood Jr. Carol & Ward Wueste Phyllis & BobYoung

Mountaineer Club Gifts of $500–$999 Patricia & Martin Allday Daron Allen Ashland Inc. Austin Community Foundation Verna & Joe Benham BioNumerik Pharmaceuticals Inc. Connie & Richard Bowers Robert Brandes David Bright Ruth & Robert Brunk Camp Mystic Inc Eugene Cernan Margie Cole Loyce & Bill Collenback Roma & Howard Collins Communities Foundation of Texas Inc. Robbie & Harold Crocker

Verna Mae Crutchfield Sue Cummings Dorothy & Jack Currie Peggy & Tom Currie III Rachel & Clyde Day Dominion Foundation Jean & Jim Duncan Jr. First Presbyterian Church - Kilgore Lynne & David Ford Gayly & J.S. Gardner Marilyn & Guy Guffee Jr. Mildred Guin Cara & Bruce Herlin Marcia & Noe Hinojosa Jr. Julianne & Bill Hoegemeyer Meg & John Huddleston Pat Jackson JC Penney Company Priscilla & Gregg Johnson Jr. Wayne Jones Nancy & Dick Junkin Patsy & Kenneth Kaye Harris & Eliza Kempner Fund Kerrville Daily Times Laura & Bill Laing Linda & Wes Lange Jane & Lee Larkin Heather Logan Memorial Presbyterian Church Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation Inc. Sibyl & Stuart Millsapps Jr. Mission Pharmacal Morgan Stanley & Co. Beverly Myers Garrett Mynatt Jr. Northwood Presbyterian Church Alice & Erle Nye Kathryn O’Connor & Hewitt Foundation Parkway Presbyterian Church Penny & Skip Plangman Jr. Helen & Randy Price Diane & John Pruessner Karen & Heinz Roesch Nancy & Robert Rooke Jr. Midge & Clyde Saunders Jr. Gertrude & Ray Schaleben Kathryn Schutts Security State Bank & Trust Oscar Seth Audrey & Dell Sheftall Inky & Eugene Smith Sandra & J. Fort Smith Jr. Lesley & Jim Spencer Marcia & M. L.Tinsley Lisa & David Turner Barbara Von Brandt-Siemers Mary & Charles Warnken Jr. Carolyn & Danny Wheat Jr. Marilyn & Gene White Rene & Leroy Wiese Mary Wight Estate Ann & Bill Wilde Totsye & Robert Winslow Sue & Jim Woods Jr.

Maroon & White Club Gifts of $250–$499 Gene Atkinson Beverly & Bob Avery Anna Baker Eleanor & Ray Baldwin Felicia & Tom Baldwin Kathy & Conner Baldwin Lane Barrington Candyce & Bruce Beneke

Betty & Jack Bills Margaret & Edlar Blanton III Charlene Bolden Jan & Bobby Bowmer Briscoe Hall Inc. Margaret & Ollie Brown Jr. Charlotte Brundrett Camp La Junta Elva & Joaquin Carpenter Katherine & William Carssow Cheri Carter Judy & Jim Cavender III Mary & Murphy Chesney Carolynn & Stan Cobbs Jude Gallik & Clint Coles Charlotte & Tom Daniels Sr. Margery & Carl Davis Designs & Finds by Dottie Vic Douglass Mary Margaret & Glen Doyen Jodie & Jay Dunnahoo Geraldine & Joe Durso Susan Edds Vivian Elkins Carol & Woodrow Epperson Bob Fairchild Beth & Richard Felner Michelle & Gregg Fite Larry Ford Mignonne & Scott Frantzen Susie & John Grimes Martha & David Guin Carlos Gutierrez Betty Hall Heart O’The Hills Girl’s Camp Tillie & Joe Hedrick Kathleen Hudson Mary & Robert Hughes Kit & Mike Hunter Sandra & Richard Igau Anna Lee & W.L. Ivey John Calvin Presbyterian Church Berniece & James Johnson Patricia & Richard Johnson Kathy & Dana Jones Kay & David Jordan JPMorgan Private Bank Ellen & John Kammerdiener Donna Keeling Patty & Bill Kendrick Baine Kerr Kerrville Drug Co. Inc. Beverly & Henry Kitzman Jr. June Lange Sandra & Chris Langley Nancy & Lyell Lassiter Kay & Glenn Long Evelyn & Don Luckemeyer Linda & Dwaine Machann Carolyn & Everett Marley Jr. Ann & Gene Marshall Rhonda & T. Roy Martin Abel Martinez Jr. Berna Jean & Ken Mattheis Tricia & Bill Matthews Wanda & Dan Maxson Mary Margaret Mayfield Brenda & John Miller Jr. Kenneth Moore III Susie & Jim Morgan Eileen & Glenn Moyer Diane & Arthur Mundt Laura & Edward Myrick Shirley & R. L. O’Shields Carla & Christopher Parker Sandra & Kenneth Parker Elaine & B.W. Payne Emily & David Peeples Tricia & Israel Pena Barbara & Mickey Pennington

Emily & Bill Petty Phil Adams Company John Potts Marie Richardson Ricks Furniture Company Patsy & Tom Robb Sr. Paul Russum Alicia & Ruben Salinas Marium Schmerbeck Neel & Robert Scott Jr. Lo-Rena & Kelly Scott Laura & Greg Shrader Jeanie & David Smith Martha & John South Lee & Luke Speckman Mariann & Paul Steldt Ken Stoepel Ford Inc. Mary & Charles Teeple Jimmie Thurmond Frank Turpin Marguerite Van Dyke Vintage Granite & Millworks Danny & Ed Wagoner Eugene Wait David Wheat Linda White Gail & Brandon Wilcox Atta & Bill Wilhelm Billy Wilkinson Amanda & David Williams Lisa Zuhn

Century Circle Gifts of $100–$249 A3 Studio Wynell & Quentin Aaberg Jr. AcroTech Industries Inc. Debbie & Martell Adams ADCO Advertising Inc - Kerrville Mimi & Robert Allison Mary & Ben Anderson Anonymous Arkansas Community Fund Cynthia Diaz de Leon & Ruben Armendariz Elizabeth & Joe Arp Deborah & Ernest Arreola-Giron Baehre Real Estate Elizabeth Bagley Sue Dale & Sonny Baldwin Jr. Jeanette Ball-Reyes Margaret & Billy Balthrop Louise Barbee Carol & David Barker Alice & Norris Barry Charles Baskin Mae Louise & Ed Baskin Sr. Joel Baulch Tonya & Matt Baumbach Beacon Hill Presbyterian Church Laurie Beard Donald Beck† T. J. & Roy Bell Jr. Mark Benak Ann & Ed Berrio Sally & Raymond Berry Beyer Mechanical Bob Boeker Marianne & Bob Bowers Jr. Marshall Boykin III Mary & Chester Bradley Jr. Carol & Norwood Brenneke Patricia & Mike Brewer Scooter & Spencer Brown Robert Browning Phyllis Ann Burkett Allie B. Burton Gertrude Butcher Charles Butcher Richard Cable

Camp Stewart for Boys Inc. Isabel & Carlos Campos Carolyn & Robert Carlisle Karin & Richy Carpenter Mary Jane Carter Michele & Kevin Catron Peter Cawthon Jr. Howard Chamberlain Marian & Preston† Chambliss Jim & Betty Chaney William & Antoinette Childs Peggy & John Clanton Hill Cocke Vance Coleman Marge & Albert Coleman Colgate-Palmolive Company Ellyn & Oran Collier Barbara & Pat Conway Mildred & Edwin Cook Phyllis & Royce Cook Jr. Mike Cook Sherri Cooper Janie & Manly Cooper Jr. Mary & Dub Corbin Wayne Corley Hazel & Joe Coughran Jr. Camilla & Mark Cowden Mary & Glenn Crawford Debbie & Jerry Crawford Cripco, Inc. Coralie Croom Kat Culpepper Gin & Randy Cutlip Jeanne & Tom Daniel Sr. Ralph Daugherty Jr. Davidson, Freedle, Espenhover, & Overby PC Elanie & Frank Davis San Juana & Cleofas De Luna Donna & James Dean Jr. James Deer David Devine Patricia & Clement Dickey Jr. Audrey & Brien Dillon Ralph Dizzine Deborah & Dick Dobie III Thomas Dobson Lance Dodson Jeanine & Truman Donahoo Karen & John Dooley Marcy & Wes Dorman III Jana & Stephen Drane Dublin & Associates Inc. Anne & David Eaton Patricia & Charles† Edmiston Jr. Eleanor & Pat Ellebracht Dee & John Elliott Donna & David Ellis Marsha & Dale Elmore Energy Land Inc. ERCO Stephanie & Richard Ertel Joan & Maury Evans Susan & Bob Fendley Peggy & Keith Ferris Fidelity Abstract & Title Co. Juliette Finch Julie Finger Ruth & Lee First Judy & David Fletcher Theodore Floca Jo Ann & Luis Flores Pam & Danny Flores Lori & Chris Fogarty Ford Motor Company Fund Norma & Stanley Foskett Naty & Thomas Fowler Evelyn & Ed Fox Irma & Tripp Frahm Carol & Bob Frere Mary & James Froelich J. D. Fudge Loraine & Percy Galbreath

Alice & Peter Garcia Jr. Doris & John Gayle Jr. General Electric Foundation Shedell & Michael Giddens Gipson Appraisal Company Marie & Dennis Glenewinkel Crawford Godfrey Susan & Roy Goodwin III Pat & William Gordon Claire & Joe Gregorcyk Darcee Grice Deesa & Derek Griggs Dorothy & Erwin Grimes Angela Grote Vanessa & Mario Guevara Ronald Guinn Aubrey & Frank Gutierrez Barbara Dunbar Hailey Revocable Trust Jean & Earl Hale Martha & Pete Hamel Susan & Steve Hamilton Gaylia & Tom Hammond Jr. Michael Hannasch Jane & Dick Harben Sr. Michele & Shaun Hardimon Betty & William Hardin Kelley Hargrave Mary Harper Audrey & Don Harvey Frances Hatch Patricia & John Hays Healing Hands Heart O’The Hills Taxidermy Margaret & Dale Hedrick Dot & Roger Hemminghaus Janice & C.E. Hendrix Jr. Anne Henneke Cathy Henry Phillip Hering Janet & John Hershner Evelyn & Mike Hickey Donna & T. A. Hillin Eloise & Norman Hoffman Sr. Eula Hoffpauir Herbert Holchak Glenda & Richard Holcomb Jan & Robert Holloway Patsy & Roy Holloway Patricia & Samuel Hooks Jr. Galina & George Hopkins Jr. Shirley & Bill Hopper Carole & Howard Hovde Sheila & William Howard Tinker & John Hruby Irmtraut & Paul Hruschka Kristin & Michael Huffman Lavonne Hugghins Betty & Ed Huggins Jr. Mary Hunter Kristine & Chester Hurst Judy & John Hutcherson Sue Hutton IBM International Foundation (IIF) Cristina & David Jackson Evangelyn & Bill Jackson Betty & Andrew Johnson Muriel & Richard Johnston Sara & Bob Johnston Jr. Cristina & Lance Johnstone Fran & John Jones Jo Ann & Richard Jones Joey Jones Miriam Jones Barbara & Mike Joplin Joy & Carl† Judin Jr. Don Beth & Fred Junkin Jr. Sigurd Kendall Mary & Charles Kendrick Kerr County Abstract Co. Inc. Anna & Bill King James King Jr. Anna & Joe Kinnear

Ann & Richard Kobdish Mary Anne & Alfred Koebig Jane & John Koonsman Jr. Billie & Dan Krausse Stanley Kremp Kathy & Dean Krueger The Lakehouse Restaurant Inc. Dorothy & Tom Landers Gary Landes Missie & Sam Lanham III Audrey & R. Larkin Diane & Phil Latham Marjorie & Jules Leisering Jr. Lynda & Craig Leslie Lou & Bill Lewis Betty & Carl Lewis Caroline & Denny Liebersbach Margaret & Bart Little Agnes & Norman Liudahl Lockheed Martin Corporation Jean & John Longway Lopez Salas Architects Inc. Laurie & Mike Lowe Courtney Lutz Eloise Mahaffey Wanda & James Mann Manwaring Business Forms & Systems Inc. Charlotte Marrow Elizabeth & Echol Marshall Jr. Besa & Roy Martin Jr. Elizabeth & Philip Masquelette Wayne Mathis Sheryl & Thomas Matthews Bobbie & Sam May Jr. Rebecca & Keith Mayes Rebecca McCall Jennie & Harry McCament Jr. Sally & Donald McClure Julie & Bobby McConathy Marie & Rayburn McCulloh Joyce & Luther McDaniel Joan McDonald Jay McElroy Mike McGee Jim McHargue George McIntosh Jr. Greg McLaughlin Carder McNay Verla & Dick McTaggart Meek Foundation Carrie & Andy Mein Marty & Jack Melton Merritt Personnel Services Robert Milam Cindy & Ben Miller Mini-Mart Barbara & Roy Minton Claire & Bob Mitchell Gail Mitchell Betty & Tom Mobley Jeannette & Harold Moore Marilyn & Otis Moore Moore’s Home Furnishing Center Brenda & Randy Moran Clare & Don Morgan Janet & Charles Morris John Moyer Vicki & Thurman Mullins Linda & Leland Murphy Lenore & Ken Murray Lucy & Jack Murray Jr. Dale Myers Beth Myrick Veronica & Ellis Nelson Louise Newsom Lawrie Nomer Harold Northington Northminster Presbyterian Church Betty & Douglas Oberhoff

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Rita Odom Don Oehler Rose & A. M. Olander Kees Oldenbroek Orthopedic Surgeons Byron Orvis Harold Palmer Wayne Peck LaRue & Brian Perkins Sr. Lea & Jim Perlitz Terry & Bill Peterek Jerri Petmecky Pat & George Petrie Joan & Jack Phipps Ida & Gary Pogue Katharine & Joseph† Powell Melissa & Joe Poynor Presbyterian Women Hilmar Pressler Mildred & Holt Priddy Ruth Priest Jane & Don Priour June & Frank Proctor Belinda & Joe Pruneda III Judy & Charles Quereau R.C. McBryde Oil Company Scott Rain Mary Rea Kathy & Albert Reiter Betsy & Alton Rhoden Cheryl & John Rich Tommie & Charles Ridgaway Joyce & Billy Riley Darla & Charles Ripley Riverhill Women’s Association Mark Robertson Ilene & Walter Roemer Anita Rollo John Ruth Donna & Aubert Ruth Jean & Warren Rutledge Ammie Rose Salter San Antonio CPA C.E. Foundation Alex Sanchez Terry & Steve Schiurring Rachel Schmidt Liz & Ken Schmidt Joseph Schneider Elizabeth Schopmeyer Heidi & Philip Schutts Cathy & Mark Scozzari Mary Seay Virginia Seidel Mary & Herb Sentesi Jan & Bill Setzler Jr. Phyllis & Peter Shaddock Susan & Jerry Shaw Nancy & Milton Shaw Maxine Short Abigail Shupe Marvin Singleton Dorothy Sippy Sistercreek Ranch/Sister Creek Partners L.P. Bob Sivley Sr. Sharon & Fred Skaggs Marlyss & Walter Skipwith Susan & Bill Sliva Mary & Bob Smallwood Cheryl & Blake Smith Kyle Smith Patricia & George Smith Diane & Ricky Smith Linda & Terry Smith Lila & Jerry Smith Annette & Larry Sondock Marty Sorell James Sorrells Mary Souza John & Dorede Speaker State Farm Insurance Companies Christy & Nick Stepchinski

Ronald Stephenson Ivo Stern Frances & Jack Stevens Pat Chastain & Fred Stevens Jr. Marilyn & Don Stewart Susan & James Stinson Anita & Maris Stipnieks Becky & Jim Stokes Mildred & Arthur Strickland Sr. Lanelle & Gene Strickland Sr. Suncha & James Summerlin Mae & Rodney Sunday La Nell & Dick Swantner Keiko & Michael Sykos T. L. L.Temple Foundation Lane & Chuck Tait Laura & Mark Talbot Barrett Taylor Harrison Taylor Terminix/ABC Pest Control Elaine & Tom Terrell Jeanne & Phil Terrell Irene & John Thomas Alma & Michael Thompson Charlotte Thompson Irene & Tommy Thompson Melanie & Roy Thompson Walter Thompson Blu Thornton Katherine & Win Thurber III Frances & Maurice Tipton Jr. Tessie & John Trappey Marie & Ed Travis Jr. Pat & Sal Trejo Jean & David Tritenbach Linda & Jay Turnbow Jr. Laverne Turner Marianne Turner Beverly & Vernon Ullmann Roberta Van Dyke Jeanette & Gary Vaughan Gloria & Eloy Villanueva Carol & James Walls Harold Walsleben Sherri & Guy Walters Lynn & Steve Ware III Betty & Roscoe Watkins Beverly Watson Pamela & William Weathers Linden Welsch Mary & Chris Wendel Fran & Reggie West Helen & Houston Wheeler Whelan Plumbing Co. Inc. Margaret Sue & Doug Whinnery Monica & Brick Whitehurst Jane & Russell Wilhour Williams Community Relations Brenda & Bryant Williams Lew & Bill Williams Elizabeth & Reginald Wilson Wanda & Milton Wilson Patrice & John Wilton Jr. Wisconsin Energy Corporation Foundation, Inc. Charlotte & James Witten Paul Wolkenberg Lesli & Troy Womack Frances & Gene Wood Harry Wright Alta Mae & BobYerger

Friend of the University Gifts of $1–$99 A M J Enterprises Inc. Pat & Claude Aaron Sr. Senait Abraha Glenda Adamietz Sterling Adams

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Advance E & I System Kay & Bill Alexander Kim & Jeff Alexander Barbara Allen Denise & Gordon Ames Lola & Irvin Anderson Noble Anderson Jr. Tiffany Andresen Gatrel & Mark Andrews Tracy & Hale Andrews Anonymous Walter Ard Ark Veterinary Hospital Patricia & James Armstrong Jimmie Sue & Bob Arnold Phyllis Arnold Betty Aronsen Yvonne & Jimmy Arreaga Paul Arredondo Moira & Leonard† Attwell Jr. Barbara & M.C. Averitt Axley & Rode, LLP B & B Eagle Plumbing Inc. Bennie & Elbert Babb Jr. Carolyn & Joseph Bacigalupi Thomas Bailey Margaret & James Baker Patti & James Baker Stephanie & Michael Balderrama Norma & Jim Baldwin Kathy & Charles Balser Cheryl Barbour Gloria Barbour Laurie & James Barker Naomi Barker Stanley Barron Tessie & Michael Bartkowski Bob Bartlett Joyce & Bob Barton Ivette & Enricue Bascues Cleone & Morris Baskin Sr. Melody & Ed Baskin Jr. Kristine Bates LaVerne & Dayton Baublit Baublit Jewelers Sarah & Joe Baulch Stacy & Kenneth Bearden Brenda Beaty Wanda Beaver Donna & Ken Beck Roseanne & Laurence Becker Barbara & Adam Bedwell Beene Health Care, LLC. Nena & Juan Jose Benavides Jennifer & Steven Bergman Cathy & Barry Bettes Melba Beverlin Emily & Carlton Bierschwale Patricia & Charles Bigelow Diann Billings Jacqueline & Arch Bishop Maxine Bizer Megan & Bill Bjork Larry Black Candy & Kent Black Mary & W. E. Black Frances K. Blair Amy & Tim Blanks Teosha Blaylock Michael Block Anita & Spencer Blocker Kath & Glenn Boles Michael & Shari Borchers Billie & Shelton Bourgeois Mary & John Boyd III Eileen & Bill Boyd Betty & Frank Boynton McConnoll Brackeen Linda & Louis Bradley Sue & Douglas Bradshaw Karen & Kevin Bragg Wendy & Byrl Bragg Patte & Ed Braker

Jane & Daniel Brandenstein Jamie & Antonio Breda Lynn & Robert Bridge Shannon Briggs Guy Brignon James Bristley Jr. Lee Brollier Jr. Fay Brott Amy & Charles Brown Austin Brown Beth & George Brown III Jimmy Brown Sr. Joyce Brown Natalie & Cody Brown Roy Brown Edver Bryan Beverly & Bob Buffington Anne Burnett Debbie & Caleb Burress Lucy Burrus Louis Burton Margurite & Robert Burton Lois & Randy Busch John Butler Zina & Edgar Butschek Mary Pattie Butters Dick Cable Evelyn Cable Katie Cable Susana Cable Robert Cadenhead Roxanne Callaway Tomas Calvillo Stacey Cameron Brandon Cancino Cindy & Daniel Candelaria Anne & Douglas Cannon Tony Cantu Jimmy Carpenter Belen & Jesse Carranza Yvonne & Ralph Carrasco Jr. Susan Carver Brent Casey Lori & Randy Casteel Molly & David Castilleja Angela Castillo Amber & Joel Caylor Lois & Boardman Chambers Jane Chapman Allen Chasey Susan & J.M. Chastain Arlo Coen Bethany & Andries Coetzee Mary & Stephen Coleman Diana & Anthony Comuzzie Ylanda & James Copeland Laura & Kevin Corley Julie & Tommy Coskrey Cowboy Steak House Oliver Cox Mrs.Thomas D. Craft Candace Craft Olive & Frank Crain Linda & Milton Cram Cathy & Don Crandall Sharon & Douglas Crow Courtney & Ken Cruce Jo Ann & Darlis Cummings Jacqueline & R.W. Cunningham Krystal Curry Terri Danz Carolyn & Henry Darden Jr. Ruth Ann & Billy Davenport Barbara Davis Jim Davis Audrey & Harvey De Ford Dennis De La Vega Armando de Leon III Nancy Deever

Courtney & Anthony DeHoyos Elizabeth & Alberto Delgado Amy & Frank Dickey Jr. Marjorie Dill Dian Dixon Janet Dixon Joan Dell Dolce Drusilla & Kenneth Dommert Stan Dommert Bobby Donohue Barbara Doucet Victor Douglass Jr. Charlotte & Manny Douglass Pat & Charlie Dowell Betsy Drapela Mary & Charles Dubose Debbie & Larry Duecker Austin Duffy Sandra & Donald Duiker Sherrill Durham Carol Dwyer Lisa & Stephen Dyer Bill Early David Edington III Deborah & Carlton Edwards Kay & Troy Edwards Lana & Danny Edwards Helen Eisaman Tom & Margaret Ellinger David Ellison Rex Emerson Jane English Bunny & Artie Erfurt Misty & Jess Erlund Carole Errett Nancy & Gary Espenhover Judith & George Eychner Jennifer & Kamron Farhoudi Catharine Farmer Kathryn & Edward Farris Vivian & Warren† Feldman Alice Ferguson Jacqueline & David Ferguson Ada Betty & Bryan Finley First Insurance Agency First Presbyterian Church Women Johnnyrea Fite Beth Fite Mary & Doug Fleming Nancy & Gary Fletcher Daniel Flores Toni Fluegel Libby Fogg Charles Franks Grace Franks Ron Fredenburg Becky & Larry Freeman Tammy Friddle-Wibracht June & Randy Fugate Thelma Gallant Debra & David Galloway Sylvia & Frank Gamboa Alta Garcia Jose Garcia III Harry Garrett Johnny Garza Sylvia Garza Gregg George Deborah & Ronald Gerth Alyson Geye June & George Gibbons Lois & Bin Gilbert Regine & Reuben Ginsberg Beverly & David Gish Norman Glenewinkel Lois Ann & Gary Godfrey

Michelle & Doug Godfrey Joan & Gary Goebel Gold’s Body Shop Inc Ramona & Saul Gonzales Cynthia & Philip Gonzales Rafaela & Louis Gonzales Wayne Goodman Gustavo Granados Jackye & Dave Greenlee Bette Greenwood Kay & Dennis Griffin Elizabeth Griffin Shirley & Scott Grigsby Debbie & David Grinnan Andres & Zaira Gutierrez Jason Gutierrez Peach & M. S. Haenchen Lorraine & John Haglund William Hahn Harold Hall Roy Hamilton Trisha Hamilton Judy Hanson John Harrell Bernice & Winston Harris Rosanne & Bill Harrison Mark Haufler Beverly Haug Christine & Robert Hausser Jr. Kaki & Harrell Hayden Cynthia Hayes Hugh Haynes Jr. Susan & John Hays Jordan Heard Sug & Don Hedgpeth Susan & Joe Heffington Shirley & Don Hegwer Bill Hellen Dorothy & Don Henderson Helen & James Herget Ruby & Jim Hesseltine Nona Hesson Michelle Hickman Rand Hicks Douglas Hill Karen Sue & James Hinton Linda & Gary Hise Hitching Post Enterprises Frances Hoffman Alec Holbein Russell Holby Patsy & Raymond Holekamp Janice & Douglas Holler Jessica & Kevin Holler Liz & Michael Hollis Chris & Robert Holloway Mindy & Raymond Holloway John Howard Conrad Huckaby Charlmaigne & Roosevelt Huggins Dee & Charles Hunt Jodell & Curtis Hunt Linda & William Hussey Vernell Hutcheson Joan & Mike Hyden Joanna & Roland Ingram Sr. Beverly & Valtin Inman Shirley & Jerry Ivie Maxine & D.A. Jackson Connie Jacobson Amy & Clifford Jaeger Mary & Ben Jarvis Terry & Pete Jauregui Dorothy Jenkins Pam & Charles Jenkins Johnnie & Dolores Jennings Sr. Anna Johnson Bill Johnson Debbie & John Johnson Karen & Mark Johnson

Lisa & William Johnson Valerie & Michael Johnson Valra & John Johnson Katheryn & Franklin Jones Phyllis Jones Suzanne & Chucker Jones Cynthia & Emil Joost Jr. Miriam & Hugo Jorda Joseph Financial Partners Roberta & Glenn Jurek Cindy Kalb Donna & Paul Kangas Beverly & Fred Kapelle Donna & Ruben Kappler Carolyn Kato Harbison Beverly Kaulfus John Keasler Sr. Ben Keith Jr. Lloyd Kelley Matt Kelley Linda & Arthur Kelly Dean Kennedy Jr. Kerrville Chamber of Commerce David Kessler Russell Kester Carissa Ketchum Lacey Keune Linda & Thomas King Polly & Jay Kinsel Curtis Klein Theresa Klenzing Robin & Robert Kling Becky & Douglas Kluck Theresa & Roy Kneese Julie & Stevie Kothe James Krauter Frances & Maurice Kroll Henry Krusekopf Jr. Brenda & Ollie Kunkel Jr. Evelyn Lachele Paul Lang Tommie & Ralph Langley Jerry Langston Gale Laning Robert Lannom Niki Lasater Joan & Steve Laufman Mary & Walter Lee Sherri & Stephen Leffingwell Teresa & Rafael Leija Sandra & Chuck Leinweber Joyce Lespreance Margaret Letscher Alice & Bobby Lewis Darlene & Thomas Lilly Don Lindenborn Sue & Jack Lock Cheryl & Robert Long Stephanie Lopez Jamie Lopez Manda & Todd Klein Rafael Lopez Kimberly Lubianski Yvonne & Cuney Luke Jr. Hai Luu Lisa & Michael Maas Randy MacNaughton Tara & Pat Maguire Ann Mahon Myrtle Maier Mamacita’s Sandra & George Mamoulides Dianne & Tom Mangum Sandra Mann Jeanene & Keith Mansfield Marathon Oil Co. Richard Marhofer Mary & Verne Marrs Kelly Martin Tracy & Joseph Martin Weaks Martin† Cristina Martinez Lucas Martinez

Kathleen Mascaritola Susan & Larry Massey Constant & Neill Masterson III Sue & Bob Maxon The May Dept Stores Co Fdn Sharon & Ken Maynard Theresa McAllister Ima & Vernon McCall Rhynart McClellan Jennifer McConathy Mary Nell & Kenneth McConathy Rebecca & Foss McCracken Juanita McCulloh Don McDonald H. H. McDougal Genevieve & Charles McGuire Jr. Teri McKenzie Jo Ann & Dan McLeod Dawn & Rob McMillan Melissa McQuatters William Meador Cleo Meadow Evodio Medrano Theresa & Jimmy Menges Joyce & Paul Mercer Sandy Merritt Denise Messier Stephanie Meyer Mike Meyer Theresa & Ryan Meyers Helen Miles Adele Miller Betty Miller Lavonne Miller Margaret & Tom Miller Theresa & Bennie Miller Laurie & Phillip Milton Milton Bernhard Meat Processing Mary & Kerr Mitchell Jr. Sophie & William Mize Jr. Ruby & Louis Moffatt Nina & Weems Moller Mary & Michael Monks Jane & Scott Monroe Ruben Monroy Barbara Moore Abbie & Neil Moore III Ola & Kenneth Moore Dianne & Mike Moppert Anne & William Morey Jennifer & Shawn Morris III Toni & Bill Morris Jr. Carol & Robert Morrow Ida Mosby Mary & Arnold Mouish Kathryn Munday Felisitos & Henry Munoz Sonia & Jeffrey Munoz-Gill Marie Murnane Adele Murphy NatureScape, Inc. Sandra & Wesley Neitzel Arthur Nelms Janie & Julius Neunhoffer Jr. Catherine Newlin Bruce Newton Lala & Vic Niemeyer Jr. Shannon & Stephen Nisbet Larry Nitishin Ann Nixon Joe Norris Mike O’Connor J. L. Odle Eleanor & Pat Olsson USMC Ret. Monica Ortega Irma Ortiz Carol & Ellsworth Ostrom Anne & Kerwin Overby Amanda M. Ozuna Richard Padilla Deb & Dow Palmer

Brandon Palomo Reba & Norman Pape Loree & Otto Papp Ma Parker Pat Parker Lawrence Parks Jr. Dianne & Harry Parrish Laura Patton Rosalind Pearce Jan Pearson David Peeples Jose Pena Sally Pena Randee Petersen Sally & Ronald Peterson Carl E. Pfiester Gil Phares John Phillips Rose & Richard Phillips Dorothy & Lacy Pogue Jane & Dean Porter Maxine & Louis Postert Colleen & Kelly Postert Jason Powell PresbyterianWomen of First Presbyterian Church Lake Charles Gloria & Floyd Price Jr. Nelda & Todd Prince Glynda Prinz Helen & Charles Probst Tamara & Darrell Probst Nancy & Mark Proctor Molly & Calvin Pruitt Myrna & Tom Purifoy Shirley & Jack Pyburn Jr. Laura & John Qualls Claire & David Rabson Rails...a Cafe at the Depot Andy Ramirez Jo & Boyd Rawlins Jerri & Bill Ray Deborah & Dan Rayfield Amy & Phillip Read James Rector Katie & Michael Reed Douglas Reid Marianne & Henry Remschel Jill Reno Paula & Thomas Repka Louise Reynolds Helen Richards Heather & Randy Richardson Tammy & Tate Richburg Laurie & Robby Riggs Alexis & Pat Riley Linda Kay & James Riley Monica & Rene Rios Alice & Ronald Rivers Renee & Joseph Roach Douglas Robb Jr. Jennifer Robinson Linda & Thomas Rocchio Annette Rodriguez Cristina Rodriguez Eva & James Rodriguez Anne Roell Donald Roell Teresa & Scott Rogers Tommy Rogers Evelyn & John Rolfe Rebecca Ross Jane & Louis Rothermel II Victoria & Robert Rowland III Cynthia & Ray Russell Paul Ryan Delia & Jorge Salas Sr. Frank Salinas Erin Saluta Adelita Samaniego Judy & Wally Sanborn II J.D. Sandoval

Karyn & Bryant Saner Jr. Jane & Eugene Sanger Sr Barb & Ted Scherer Dennis Schlueter Jr. Carrie & Stephen Schmerbeck Joan & Eugene Schmidt Loretta & Charles Schmidt Suzi & Vic Schneider Janis Schroeder Joyce & Charley Schupp David Scott Elizabeth Scott Mary & Dow Scott Jr. Vernell Scott Ginger Seay Kathleen Sebera Anne & David Seidensticker Cindy Sengel Randy Settles Shaun Sexton Margaret & Bill Shackelford Margaret & Edward Shaifer Jr. Mary Jane & Carl Shanklin Suzanne & Roy Shaver Mary & Alan Shaw Vickie Shirley Ray Shrader Sylvia & Bob Sieker Mary Simmons Vicky & Hugh Simmons John Sisson JoAnn & Roman Skalka Sylvia & Sidney Skinner Jodi & Ernie Slaughter Susan & Charles Slaughter III Judy & John Smalling John Smalling Jr. Andra & Craig Smith Barbara Smith Eldon Smith James Smith Michele & Kevin Smith Sharon & Ford Smith Jr. Richard Snyder Edith & Phillip Spalding Joyce & Robert Spears Paul Staley Jennifer & Scott Staudt Jennifer Stelmach Kathy Steres L.C. & Larry Stevahn Robin & Chuck Stilwell Rhonda & David Stoddard Stephen Stout Janie & David Stratton Terri Strauss Linda & Timothy Strickland Lucy Stuckey Annette & Steve Sudyka Ann Sullivan Claudia Sullivan

Margaret Sullivan Sheila & Danny Sullivan Sladen Summers Nancy & Don Swanson Joyce & John Swift Ruth Swift Nancy & David Swonke Tracy & Shane Sykes Gina Szczepanski Sandra Tarbet Joel Tastad Paul Tastad Ann Taylor Bill Taylor Cecile & George Taylor Judy & Roy Taylor Vicki & Alvin Taylor Terry & Barney Tearney Dennis Telobe Mike Tessaro Carolyn & James Thomas Pam Thomas Danny Thompson Julie & Wayne Thompson Sue & Melvin Thompson Danetta & Andy Thomson Nell & George Tinkle Jr. Ardyce & Jerry Tobin Martha & Jimmy Tom Joan & Daniel Tooker Jr. Juan Torres Jake Tortorice Connie Touchtone Harriette Tranfaglia Sugie & Charles Travis Shelley & Dan Troxell Robbie & William Trussell Debbie & Johnnie Tudyk Tara Urbanski Uvalde Industrial Supply Inc. Jim & Nan Vaden Jacqueline Valadez Clarinda & Juan Valdez Valentino’s Restaurant Jacob Van Dyke Jr. Terri Van Kirk Margaret Van Landingham Mary & Peter Vann Melissa Vela Verizon Foundation Lanie Vickers Vicksburg Village Homeowners Association Danny Villanueva Mildred Villarreal Sandy & Conrado Villarreal Mark Voelk Wachovia Foundation Cynthia & Johnny Wade Rick Wahrmund Janice Wallace Marrene & Glenn Wallace Mrs. James Walton Jr. Elaine & Martin Wardlaw Jean & Steve Ware Jr. Nancy & Bill Warren

Yolanda & Brent Watkins Margie & James Watson Ursula & Randal Wauters Michelle & Arthur Wavell II Kate Webster Darryl Weidenfeller Nina & Bob Weinberg Carey Weinheimer Sandra Weinheimer Marion & Fred Wells Wells Fargo Trust Dept. Alice & Alan Werchan Joe Westerlage James Whetstone Jeff White Kathy & Rick White Shauna & Thomas Wickham Chris Wilems David Williams Karen & Marvin Williams Anne & David Williamson Skipper & E.C.Willmann Bob Wilson John Winkler Anita & Monte Wise Merry & Joe Witt Susan & Troy Witt Women of Memorial Presbyterian Church Betty & Robert Wood Paula & Rex Wood Pat & Don Woollett Beatrice & John Wright Christy & Greg Wright IsabelYanez CraigYaros RaulYbarra MarthaYork BarbaraYoung DianeYoung StacyYoung Katherine & Ted Zgourides Jeffrey Zimmermann Patsy & Sidney Zirkel Debra Zugai † = deceased

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New Schreiner Oaks Members

New members where welcomed into the Schreiner Oaks Society on February 17 at a reception in their honor. The new members are: (left to right) Jennifer Farhoudi, Mignonne Frantzen, Dr. Michael Looney, Angie Richmond, Ed Richmond, Edith Johnson and James Johnson. Not pictured: Tiffany Andresen, Andres and Zaira Gutierrez and Gary Rodriguez. The estate of Ruth Fagan was honored posthumously.


2100 Memorial Boulevard CMB 6201 Kerrville, Texas 78028-5697

Schreiner University




Inside Schreiner Spring 2005  

Schreiner University

Inside Schreiner Spring 2005  

Schreiner University