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Inside Schreiner President’s Perspective b y D r . T im S ummer l i n We are blessed at Schreiner with an attractive Hill Country setting, and we are further blessed by sound facilities with basic architectural consistency laid out by a reasonable plan. Each year we have allocated funds to improve our site. In one year, it might be simply a matter of planting new trees. In another, it might be to create a new place for students to gather outdoors. These changes improve campus aesthetics, but they also have a practical purpose. All of us know how strong visual appeal can be. One of my daughters admitted that her college selection was made when we first drove on to that campus. Of course, she was well disposed to the college from previous literature, but that first impression sealed the deal. I hear much the same from many students who select Schreiner as well. As we studied our University’s future, it became apparent to us that it was time for annual improvements to give way to a more comprehensive plan for the campus. That conviction led us to extend a request for proposals to several planning and landscaping architects, then to conduct interviews and finally to select Terra Design as the firm best suited to work with us to develop a campus master plan. What does such a plan include? We can begin with the impression made by the campus entrance and its perimeter. Certainly pedestrian flow and gathering places are important, as well as vehicular movement and continued on page 3



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Schreiner Honors Alumni Schreiner University has named Royce Faulkner ’49 as Distinguished Alumnus, and elected Stephanie Gamble ’90 and Rogers Douglas ’52 to the Athletic Hall of Honor. The Schreiner Former Students Association awarded the Distinguished Service Award to Jerry Marshall ’52. The Distinguished Alumnus award honors former Schreiner students who have achieved a conspicuous level of achievement in their careers. Members of the Athletic Hall of Honor are outstanding former student athletes and coaches. Recipients of both awards are held to be persons of high ethical standards, integrity and ability. The Distinguished Service Award honors the work and effort of former students who have played a significant role in the work of the Schreiner Former Students Association. Marshall is only the third person to receive this award. Distinguished Alumnus Royce Faulkner ’49 used his time at Schreiner University as a springboard into an amazingly successful professional life. “When I graduated from Austin High School in 1947, I was not academically prepared to pursue higher education,” said Faulkner. “Schreiner University (Schreiner Institute, at that time) became my academic foundation enabling me to pursue my lifetime goal of becoming a civil engineer. I earned my B.S. degree in civil engineering from the University of

Texas at Austin in 1952. I used my two years at Schreiner to improve my study habits and time allocation skills that led to the completion of the courses needed to obtain a degree. For the academic and life skills preparation at Schreiner, I have always been thankful.” He founded Faulkner Construction Company in 1962 and watched as that company became a leader in the Texas construction market. With the formation of affiliate companies, the Faulkner Group of Companies expanded to become a major player in almost every aspect of the construction industry. “My three brothers and I grew up watching our father work as a contractor, and I think we always knew that we, too, would pursue careers in the construction industry,” Faulkner said. “My three brothers and I all earned civil engineering degrees from the University of Texas; the only four brothers to do so. We also established the Faulkner Brothers Endowed Scholarship for UT Austin Civil Engineering Students.” Faulkner has actively sought to improve the Austin community through his service and participation in many organizations, both professional and civic. He has been particularly active in the support and promotion of educational programs for young people, especially in efforts to teach technical and engineering skills. He was a founding board member of the Crime Prevention Institute, an organization devoted to providing job skills to detainees in Texas correctional institutions and to prevent recidivism by equipping continued on page 2

I N T H I S I S S U E : Fa l l G r a d u a t e s p g . 5 A t h l e t i c N e w s p g . 6 H o n o r R o l l o f D o n o r s p g . 7

CAMPUS NEWS 2011 Alumni Awards them for productive lives after their release. He and his wife Donna have made a lasting impact on Schreiner University. Perhaps the gift with the highest profile is the residence hall that bears their name, which opened in 2009, but their generosity has been felt across the entire campus. Schreiner board of trustees chairman Dr. Bill Franklin said that Faulkner has acted as a catalyst for change at the University. “He is a playmaker and he has brought the level of our game up in the process,” Franklin said. Faulkner said it is rewarding to visit Schreiner and reflect on the major role it played in achieving his lifetime goals. “Schreiner University has grown and changed greatly during the past 60 years, as the facilities have grown, enrollment has grown and the curriculum has moved from a military academy to a liberal arts institution. During my recent involvement with Schreiner University (during the building of Faulkner Hall) I had the pleasure of working with the administration and the board of trustees. It is apparent that the trustees have set realistic goals for the future with facility modification planning and in continuing high academic standards. With the dedication of the administration and the trustees to meet these goals and adherence to the University’s values, I envision a notable future for Schreiner University.” Athletic Hall of Honor Rogers Douglas ’52 came to Schreiner College with an outstanding high school athletic record. He lettered in basketball, football, track and baseball at Thomas Jefferson High School in San Antonio, where one of his teammates was the legendary Kyle Rote. “I had offers from TCU and SMU to play basketball after high school,” 2

Inside Schreiner

Douglas said. “My coach suggested I go to Schreiner so I could learn to study.” He left Schreiner after one year for a scholarship offer from the University of Texas. “Turned out I was ineligible to play because I was a transfer student. Schreiner had a good basketball team and they would let me play, so I came back. You might say I was a tramp athlete.” He officially lettered in three sports at Schreiner: basketball, football and track, although these days he’s not so sure about track. “I remember track and throwing a discus,” he said, “but I think I was just there for the pictures.” Douglas had a successful but a somewhat varied career after leaving Schreiner. He was signed to play with the Ada Oilers, a semipro basketball team, but “the team disbanded two weeks after I got there,” he said. He then worked for a few years as a wire line specialist for Otis Engineering. He and his family returned to New Braunfels just as the golf pro was leaving Landa Park and Douglas took over, staying in the job for nine years. He spent another nine years as the golf pro at Bergstrom Air Force Base in Austin. In the early 1980s, Douglas and his son Doug went to work with a custom-made football shoulder pad company. Two years later, the owner sold the company and Douglas went to California to run it for the new owners. In 1986, he started his own company, Douglas Pads, in Houston with sons Doug and Jeff. The company has grown from a garage operation to a major player in the industry, supplying 26 NFL teams, 85 percent of the country’s university teams and hundreds of high schools. “I met a lot of good buddies and made lasting friendships at Schreiner,” said Douglas, who attended while military training was still part of the Schreiner curriculum. “The things I learned there helped me in later life, including making sure I was on time. The regimentation was good for me at the time.” Douglas is now retired, but he still plays golf regularly, still shooting in the 70s “occasionally, mainly in warm weather.”

For Stephanie Gamble ’90, attending Schreiner was a family tradition: two brothers and a sister also went to Schreiner, including her brother Fred, the University’s current vice president for administration and finance. Stephanie Gamble was an outstanding high school athlete in track, basketball and volleyball at Tivy High School in Kerrville and Schreiner College offered her an athletic scholarship. She played on the varsity women’s volleyball team, and she also played varsity basketball under then-coach Dr. Tom Wells, who nominated her for this honor. Gamble and her teammates had four consecutive winning season records, including winning 19 games during her junior year and 22 in her last year at Schreiner. The team went to the NAIA playoffs all four years she played and she led the team in steals for three years. “Ms. Gamble utilized her education and lessons learned at Schreiner to proudly and quietly become a true success,” Wells said. “She now repays Schreiner by portraying in her professional life all that this fine institution represents.” She made lifelong friends here as well. “I liked that it was a small school,” Gamble said. “What I remember most is the friendships I made. I made friends there that I still have today. Several of them went on to coach, too, and we talk all the time and help each other out.” Gamble graduated from Schreiner with a degree in exercise science and teaching certification, and started her coaching career right away, coaching women’s basketball and volleyball at San Marcos Junior High School, them at the high school level in Temple and Copperas Cove. She also earned a Masters of Education degree with a mid-management certification from Tarleton State University during her early days as a coach. She was head basketball coach at Tivy High School in Kerrville for five years, during which

CAMPUS NEWS her team won three district championships and played in the playoffs five times. Her Tivy teams also played in the state tournament twice, playing for a state championship in 2006. Since 2007, she has been girls’ athletic coordinator and head coach of basketball at Marble Falls High School. Her teams there have two district championships and have gone to the playoffs three times— so far. The San Antonio Express News named her Girls’ Basketball Coach of the Year in 2006 and she was named District Girls’ Basketball Coach of the Year in 2007. “I had fun and worked hard.” Gamble said. “Schreiner had a great atmosphere; it was the type of place that felt like home because everyone was so helpful, from the professors to the other students to the administration. I feel that I have an extended family that I can always call upon.” SFSA Distinguished Service Award The Schreiner Former Students Association has awarded its Distinguished Service award to Jerry E. (Gene) Marshall ’52. Marshall, a native Texan, was active in the formation and success of the SFSA. He was the guest speaker at the first-ever Military Breakfast, a popular part of Schreiner’s annual RECALL weekend. “Gene has been one of the great leaders of the alumni association even before his tenure as president,” Paul Camfield, associate director of alumni relations, said. “He was active in the affairs of the organization from its earliest years and he continues to play a key role in our operation today. His love for Schreiner and for the friends he made during his time here has remained steadfast throughout the years.” Marshall, a retired U.S. Air Force colonel, appreciated Schreiner’s military aspects during his time here. “A military school has certain advantages,” he said. “With a controlled environment you’re focused on academics. That gives you a good

foundation and teaches you how to study. It helps you develop good habits.” He earned an Associate of Arts degree from Schreiner Institute, a B.A. from the University of Nebraska and a B.S. in sociology from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville. He did graduate work at the University of Arizona in management and is a graduate of Squadron Officer School and Academic Instructor School at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama. While he was assigned to the University of Arizona, where he was an assistant professor of aerospace science with the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps, he was named Outstanding Advisor in the U.S. for his work with Angel Flight, the female arm of AFROTC. Marshall is a command pilot with 5,000 flying hours, including 120 combat missions in Southeast Asia. Among his many military awards are the Legion of Merit, Bronze Star and the Distinguished Flying Cross, which is awarded for “heroism or extraordinary achievement.” After retiring from the Air Force, Marshall was appointed to the Bexar Metro 911 district board of directors, and was instrumental in bringing the 911 system to the Hill Country. “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my association with Schreiner for 60 years now,” he said. “Schreiner has been very good to me. It’s no longer the little red schoolhouse. Schreiner is a real university now, with a national academic reputation.”

online giving Supporting Schreiner University is easier than ever now. Please visit our online giving website at www. where you can make a secure gift—one that will benefit Schreiner students for years to come—in a matter of seconds. If you have questions, contact Phyllis Whittington, senior development officer, at or 830-792-7208.

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parking. A good plan will take advantage of natural setting, accentuate available landscape views and respect the layout of facilities current and planned. It will enhance the ability of the place to speak a consistent visual language. And it will make a statement to anyone visiting for the first time or the one thousandth: “This is a true campus. This is a place where you will feel at home.” Our steering committee, which includes student, faculty, staff and trustee and community representatives, has worked with Terra Design on identifying initial priorities, but a comprehensive plan like this one requires more extensive involvement. That is why we organized a planning charrette to take place January 24-27. The afternoon of January 24 and morning of January 25 were reserved for interviews with stakeholder groups. In addition to various campus groups, former students, community representatives and other friends were invited to participate. By the time you receive this copy of Inside Schreiner, that charrette will have taken place and some of you will have been participants. If not, you can still contribute to formulating the master plan. If you wish to share an idea that you believe merits consideration for improving the overall appearance and functionality of the Schreiner campus, send those suggestions via the Web at https://forms.schreiner. edu/campusplan. We—and Terra Design—want to have as much input as we can gather, so feel free to be a part of the greater team for the creation of an even more beautiful and serviceable Schreiner University campus.

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Volunteerism a Focus at SU

Schreiner seniors Audra Burnap (left) from Grand Prairie, Texas, and Brittany Cardwell (right) from Spring Branch, Texas, visit with Woodrow Wilson Fellow Stephen Vetter during his time on campus.

Shannon Hopkins ’94 founded and runs the international nonprofit Matryoshka Haus.

At Schreiner, town and gown have a reciprocal tradition of volunteering. You’re as likely to find someone from the Kerrville area volunteering at Schreiner as you are to run across a Schreiner student, faculty or staff member volunteering at off campus nonprofits. In 2009-10, 153 community members and 248 Schreiner students gave their time to others, racking up more than 11,000 volunteer hours, according to Elizabeth Loggie, SU volunteer coordinator. In this context, it is no surprise that two fall visitors to the campus—a Woodrow Wilson Fellow and a former student who founded and runs an international nonprofit—should have something to say about volunteerism and the need for volunteers. Woodrow Wilson Fellow Stephen Vetter came to campus for a week’s residency under the auspices of Schreiner’s Center for Innovative Learning. Vetter, who was a Peace Corps volunteer in Colombia, is now CEO of Partners of the Americas in Washington, D.C., an organization that grew out of President John F. Kennedy’s Alliance for Progress initiative. Partners of the Americas ( involves cultural and economic exchange among North and South America and the Caribbean. There are 50 volunteer chapters in the U.S. and Caribbean and 50 in South America in what Vetter calls a “people to people volunteer program.”

“We’re part think tank, part laboratory and part incubator,” said Hopkins. “London really is a global crossroads. If you can make something happen in London, it will spread all over the world.” The mission statement begins, “Matryoshka Haus is an organization that spins off social enterprises and social justice and human rights campaigns and projects. Its goal is to launch ever bigger pebbles into the traditional business as usual pool.” Basically, Hopkins and a team of volunteers take up a social cause or problem—such as human trafficking —and come up with a project that addresses the problem. They test the efficacy of the project and make it available to other groups looking for ways to address the same or similar issues. In looking at the issue of human trafficking, Hopkins’ group looked at reducing demand for the “product”—young women. “Seventy-five percent of our projects are about demand,” she said. “In these areas, even if you can’t solve a problem any other way, reducing or eliminating the demand goes a long way toward solving the problem.” Hopkins added that her time at Schreiner figures strongly in her work today. “I say this all over the world,” she said. “I took Critical Thinking at Schreiner. That’s now the best tool in my arsenal.”


Inside Schreiner

Vetter spoke to Schreiner classes and groups about a meaningful set of guidelines for transforming their lives and others. “Partners creates understanding and friendships,” he said. “It connects and serves to change lives.” Part of his message to students was to use their liberal arts education as a tool in analyzing issues and making logical decisions. “A university allows you distance and quietness to judge the issues,” he said. “You have to accept that people are entitled to opinions while acknowledging that facts are nonnegotiable.” Vetter added that students have “a tremendous appetite and interest in volunteer service” but for most people time constraints, a fast-paced lifestyle and an unawareness of what opportunities are available are obstacles. “There’s a problem of a toxic, corrosive factor with poorly designed projects that frustrate volunteers,” Vetter said. “But if the project works, it has a narcoticlike affect on a volunteer. They want to feel that way again.” After leaving Schreiner, Shannon Hopkins ’94 started what she considers her ministry in London. Recently, she set up an umbrella 501(c)3 in the U.S. called Matryoshka Haus (http://matryoshkahaus. A matryoshka is a set of Russian nesting dolls.


Recycle yourself. Volunteer Opportunities • EXPERTS: Looking for all and

any industry or self-proclaimed experts who could impact, advance and enrich student’s education and lives. This might be someone with a skill, hobby or life vocation that could be shared with students, faculty and staff. • STUDENT VOLUNTEER CENTER:

Assist the volunteer coordinator in providing information about service opportunities on campus and in the community. • GENERAL CLERICAL: Work in

various departments with mailings and other various projects. Current departments needing help: Admissions, Advancement and Institutional Effectiveness. • SPECIAL EVENTS: Various tasks

associated with fundraising, campus activities, events and lectures. • WRITING CENTER TUTOR: Tutors

will approach writing as a process, and help students at any stage in that process, even if they are struggling with getting ideas together for an assignment. • HEALTH AND WELLNESS: Work in

the health clinic and assist the campus nurse and volunteer doctor with students experiencing health issues. Computer skills a plus. • SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHER:

Assist University Relations in photographing campus sports events. If you are interested in volunteering at SU, please contact Elizabeth Loggie at 830-792-7211 or or visit

SU Fall 2010 Graduates Schreiner University fall 2010 graduates were recognized during campus ceremonies held in December. They are also invited to participate in the Schreiner spring 2011 graduation ceremony. The following received Master of Education degrees: Dana Dunagan, Kathleen Keen and Lindsay Salinas, all of Kerrville; and Kyla West of Fredericksburg. The following received baccalaureate degrees: Ramon A. Beene, Bachelor of Arts degree in biology; Chandler Kuhn, Bachelor of Arts degree in graphic design; John Lindsey, Bachelor of Business Administration degree in management; Molly Mullins-Burney, Bachelor of Arts degree in creative arts; Samantha Myers, Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology with a minor in business administration; Cameron Schuster, Bachelor of Arts degree in business; David Theis, Bachelor of Arts degree in creative arts; Sean Patrick Tokaz, Bachelor of Arts degree in communication studies; and Cara V. Weatherly, Bachelor of Arts degree in communication studies, all of Kerrville. William Stahlnecker of Center Point, Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology with a minor in music; Brianna Hamlyn of Comfort, Bachelor of Arts degree in English; Antonio Ramirez of Hunt, Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics; Jack Russell of Medina, Bachelor of Arts degree in history; Drew Wiginton of Fredericksburg, Bachelor of Arts degree in graphic design; Ryan Craig of Harper, Bachelor of Arts degree in graphic design; Ryan Rodriguez, Bachelor of Arts degree in

political science; Cinthia Maldonado, Bachelor of Business Administration degree in international business with a minor in Spanish; Kara Guillot, Bachelor of Arts degree in business, all of San Antonio. Steven Griffith of Schertz, Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry; Randi Dunlap of Burnet, Bachelor of Science degree in biology; Celise Rice of Waring, Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a minor in history; Justin Garza of Pleasanton, Bachelor of Arts degree in exercise science with a minor in sports management. Ben Jackson, Bachelor of Business Administration degree in accounting and information systems; and Martin Boardman, Bachelor of Arts degree in exercise science, both of Corpus Christi. Andrew Ramirez of Round Rock, Bachelor of Arts degree in exercise science; Ciji Rae Cruz of Charlotte, Texas, Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and Spanish; Aaron Hamilton of Pearland, Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics; Danielle Schaefer of League City, Bachelor of Science degree in biology, and Owen Lenk of Danville, Va., Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration. w w w. s c h r e i n e r. e d u



AT H L E T I C S Women’s Golf—The defending American Southwest Conference champions will have a tough challenge ahead this spring. Although the team should be better than last year, so is the competition, as was evident in the fall season. Still, Schreiner should have two of the top players in the ASC in junior Sarah Stillwell and sophomore Gabby Rosales. Both had solid fall seasons and each earned alltournament honors at least once. Senior Liz Calderon had her best collegiate tournament to end the fall and freshmen Lucy Rivera showed promise. The Mountaineers are currently ranked nationally in the top 25 but will need strong performances from not only these four but several others, including sophomore Katlynd Imbody, if they are to defend their title. In the classroom, the team had its best semester ever with a 3.13 team GPA.

Men’s Golf—Some unexpected roster changes limited the team’s depth, but that didn’t stop Schreiner from having its best fall season in a long time. Freshmen Zach Reichenau and Marcus Vargas have already made a big impact, while sophomore Andy Bell had a solid fall. SU showed flashes of brilliant play but must become more consistent if it again wants to finish at or near the top of the ASC in April. There should be a sense of urgency this spring as SU has already locked up a very strong recruiting class for the fall. The team will need to take advantage of their spring season in preparation for a strong challenge from newcomers in August. Having a strong finish from senior Jay Chapman would certainly help the team this semester. Sophomore Kelby Ruiz could emerge this semester as well.

Baseball—SU baseball returns 21 letterman from last

team updates

year’s squad, including six position starters and four starting pitchers. Going into the season, the Mountaineers expect to be led by senior infielder Oscar Ibieta, sophomore catcher Chase Valdez, junior infielder Marcus Myhaver, junior outfielder Jesse Paredes and sophomore infielder Pete Trevino. Our pitching staff will be led by sophomore Barrett Houser, senior Michael Houser, junior Justin Martinez and senior J.P. Garcia. Eric Bukowski and Trey Doebbler will help by coming out of the bullpen and this is an area that we look to improve on. Also expect newcomers Chris Whitehead, Noah Perez, Brett Keckler, Hunter Carrell,

Women’s Basketball—In head coach Matt Wallis’ first full year, SU has already tripled its win output over last year's one-win season. SU won three of its final four games in 2010 and should post a strong improvement in its win-loss record this winter. SU will have to rely on a lot of first-year players for its success. Transfer sophomore Olivia Swarner has been providing a long-missing post presence that has helped with the team’s recent surge. Freshman Kristy Guerra has come up big, particularly late in a couple of the wins with her leadership and free throw shooting. You can count on strong defense and a focus on taking care of the basketball and being strong in the fundamentals with this team. It should be a team to watch in the coming years.

Lonnie Garcia, Daniel Brewer and Colton Mendenhall to make key contributions. Schreiner has a tough early schedule, opening the season against Birmingham Southern and Trinity in the opening weekend and facing UT-Tyler two weeks later.

Softball—This spring, Schreiner softball should have two of the top pitchers in the American Southwest Conference returning in senior Becca Hay and sophomore Alli Morris. In addition, Schreiner also returns its entire infield, which was a strength last year. Key contributors who will be counted on again this year are sophomores Callie Caesar and Kelsey Ambrose, as well as junior Ashly Bouthot. SU adds four freshmen and one junior college transfer who could all factor into this year’s team. Freshmen Kayla Avirett and Lacy Schupp will provide a strong 1-2 competition to take over the catching position and transfer Vanessa Vasquez will compete for one of the outfield spots and could catch if needed. We will be looking for the freshman and returning players to fill in the other outfield positions. Men’s Tennis—Last year’s improvement in the men’s tennis program was great—ending the season with a winning record overall. The fall tournament schedule revealed that the 2010-11 team will be stronger at the lower end of our lineup. The returning players to watch are senior Tory Manchester, who will play on his experience, and junior Trey Hernandez who, is coming off a great sophomore season. Parker Wells should be a big contributor in his sophomore year as well. Newcomers to watch are freshman Joshua Smith, who was 2A state doubles champion his senior year in high school, and transfer Danny Cuevas. Women’s Tennis—The SU women’s tennis team looks to improve from last season and should be stronger with the addition of a pair of freshmen. Teresa Gaitan and Audrey Abell will each have a chance to grab one of the top spots on the team. SU has one senior, Michelle Martinez, who should again lead the team after a good start in the fall at the ASC Individual Tournament. The women also have good depth this year, as four of the five new additions to the roster will be competing in the top six positions on the team through the fall. Men’s Basketball—The SU men’s basketball team started the season with a big win. SU knocked off then 17th ranked UT-Dallas—a perennial ASC Championship contender—in Dallas to start the conference season. The Mountaineers are paced by freshman Darren Smith, currently the leading scorer in the American Southwest Conference, and senior Riley Battle. SU is playing an up-tempo game and tries to press opponents into mistakes all over the floor. There is an interesting blend of older players and youth on this year’s team and optimism is high that this will be fourth-year head coach Drew Miller’s best team and possibly the best Schreiner has had in quite a few years. This fall, the team had a tremendous semester in the classroom as well.

For schedules and more athletic news, visit 6

Inside Schreiner


Honor Roll of Donors Donors have always played a vital role in helping Schreiner University provide a first-rate education for our students. From Charles Schreiner's donations of land and endowment in 1917 to establish Schreiner Institute, to the generosity of donors including the Cailloux and Faulkner families who have made possible our new Mountaineer Fitness Center and the Faulkner Hall freshman residence, the history of Schreiner University is a story of philanthropy and generous supporters. In these pages we salute you—you who supported the Hill Country College Fund, sponsored a student, provided funds for student scholarships, supported Campus Ministry or the Learning Support Services program or made a donation to our comprehensive campaign building projects, or to any of our many programs or projects on campus, between January 1, 2010 and December 31, 2010. Thank you! Captain’s Council Gifts of $5,000 or above and multiyear pledges

Carol and Baxter Adams Sandy and Jim Alsup Clarice and Willard† Amann Nancy Anguish Richard Assunto Carrie Astoria Nancy and Cecil Atkission Gaye and Paul Avery Estela and James Avery Armen Babajanian Angela and James Bailey Rena and Marshall Bailey Barbara and Robert Baker Teeka and Peter Baldwin Eleanor and Ray Baldwin Felicia and Tom Baldwin Halsey Bascom Amy and Stuart Baskin Arthur Bell Ann and Ed Berrio Cindy and Byron Bitner Sally and Roger Bobertz Renee and Tim Bolton Jennifer and James Bone Jay Bright Susan and Randy Brooks Barbara Bruno Karen and Danny Burnap The Cailloux Foundation Mary and Rene Canales Jr. Howard Chamberlain Meg and Clayton Clark Jerry and Mark Clements Carolynn and Stan Cobbs Loyce and Bill Collenback Kathleen and Jim Collins Community Foundation of the Texas Hill Country ConocoPhillips Mildred and Edwin Cook Shirley and Bubba Coskey Martha and Frank Covert Frances Cree Anne and Rick Cree Lila and Ed Cross Sam and Carol Dalton Dee and Charlie Davis Ramon De Leon Nancy and Philip Dickinson Fane Downs Eleanor Dozier† Jean and Jim Duncan Jr. Julie and Frank Dunlap Carol Jean and Walter Dunlap Jr. Sue Dyke Sylvia and Murphy Emmons Karen and Bronson Evans Linda and David Evans

Finley and Beth Ewing III Gail Ewing ExxonMobil Foundation Inc. Fasken Foundation Judy and Warren Ferguson First American Storage First Presbyterian Church - Ft. Worth First Presbyterian Church - Kerrville First Presbyterian Church - Midland First Presbyterian Church - Dallas Foundation Page Foshee Betty Foster Franklin Family Foundation Sonya and Bill Franklin Charlotte and Larry Franklin Carolyn and Wally Freeman Barbara Gainer B.K. and Fred Gamble Donna and Creston Gay General Electric Foundation Jessika and Robert Goad Vicki and Stephen Goebel Mary Greer Darcee Grice The Neil & Elaine Griffin Foundation Gulf-Tex Co Inc. Zaira and Andres Gutierrez Gregory Hagen Hal & Charlie Peterson Foundation George & Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation Novia and Ross Harris Brenda and Vernon Harrison Rebecca and Bill Harrison Carolyn and Houston Harte Ann and Frederick Hausheer Chaille and Freddie Hawkins Mary and Rufus Hayes Jr. Helen Herd Deedie and Phillip Hering Evelyn and Mike Hickey Tracy and Harvey Hilderbran Hill Country Telephone Co-Op Inc. Jean and Lewis Holekamp Wilba† and Wrather† Holmgreen William Knox Holt Foundation Donn Huot James Avery Craftsman Inc. JM Lowe & Company Judy Johnson Elise and Russ Joseph Adele and Sam Junkin Beverly and Fred Kapelle Karen Davis Kilgore

Jennifer King Kay King Beverly and Henry Kitzman Jr. Nancy and Tom Koger Laura and Weir Labatt III Carolyn and Kenneth Landrum June Lange Shirley and Mike Lanham Ann and Jim Laughlin Peg Layton and Steve Spahr Kay and Preston Le Page Bill Lemoine Sandy and Peter Lewis Elizabeth and Charles Loggie Loring Cook Foundation Love Creek Orchards Laurie and Mike Lowe J.E. & L.E. Mabee Foundation Mollie and Frank Maresh Mary Lynn and Richard Marrs Demmie Mayfield Cayce and Charlie McCormick Jennifer and Richard McCullough Kent and Janet McKinney Kelli McLaughlin Jan and Earl Merritt Jacob Mixon Jr.† Betty and Tom Mobley Linda and Leland Murphy Julie Myers† Maggie and Bill Nation National Shooting Sports Foundation Frank Newman Northwood Presbyterian Church - San Antonio Lea and Kyle Nye Alice and Erle Nye Kitty Ocker Gloria Olsen Me-J. and John O’Neal Jr. Kerr County Optimist Club Sylvia and Dan Ostos Janet and Jack Parks Barbara and Mike Pate Nancy and Ted Paup Jeanetta and Malcom Payne Jr. Tricia and Israel Pena Nelda and Todd Prince Nelson Puett Foundation RAM Foundation Mary and Karl Ransleben Ray C Fish Foundation Dalene and Robert Reagan Charlene and Jim Reeves Louise Reid Foundation Elise and Bill Reid Rice Interests Ltd. Angie and Ed Richmond Sally and Andy Ritch Stephenie and Randy Roberts

Elinor Ross† Lorraine and Charlie Sapp Barbara and Walter Schellhase Ellen and Paul Schoenfeld Carol and Mike Schultz Serafy Foundation Viveca and Nicholas Serafy Jr. Nancy and Milton Shaw Barbara and Eldon Sheffer Audrey and Dell Sheftall Fronie Shelton Sid W. Richardson Foundation Jennifer and Stuart Sliva Mimi and Allen Smith Cheryl and Blake Smith Virginia Smith Christine and Mason Standley Pollyanna and Steve Stephens Sterling-Turner Foundation Mary Ellen and Tim Summerlin Hatton W. Sumners Foundation Inc. Nancy and Don Swanson Linda Tarrant Mary and Charles Teeple Texas Independent College Fund Texas Pioneer Foundation Blythe and Bill Thomas Jr. Charlotte Thompson Liquita and Lawrence Thompson Jr. Lois and Jack Thurmond Trull Foundation Dorothy Tucker Anonymous Shannon and Mark Tuschak Kathy and Adrian Van Dyke Judith and Graydon Vaught Anonymous Nancy and Ed Wallace Sana and Bob Waller Sylvia and Phin Washer Bill Webb Jean and Larry Weber Welch Foundation Wells Fargo Bank Kerrville Anonymous Marilyn and Gene White Monica Whitehurst and William Newcombe Billy Wilkinson and John Kerrigan Wilson Family Chiropractic Andrea and Keith Wilson Victoria and David Wilson Jerri and Walter Workman

President’s Associates Gifts of $1,000—$4,999

Aetna Foundation Inc.

Frances and Bill Allen AT&T Foundation Darlene and Dewayne Bannister Joyce and Bob Barton Judith and Jo Beran Anita and Carlton Biermann Lynn and Theo Blue Broadway National Bank Nancy and John Broocks III Barbara and James Brooks Jr. Junie and Gaston Broyles Betty and Bill Byrd Calvary Temple Church Camp Mystic Inc. Beth and Eugene Chappell Chevron Matching Gift Program Roma and Howard Collins Joe Cook Mae and Dan Cotter Crenwelge Motors Tim Crenwelge Priscilla and Gary Crozier Pamela and William Crumrine Jr. Elizabeth and Bob Cunningham D. W. Electric Amy and Steve Daniels Deborah Davis Carol and Bill Dever Cynthia Diaz de Leon and Ruben Armendariz Jeannette Early† Tweety and Dick Eastland Paco Espinoza Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund First Presbyterian Church - Ingram First Presbyterian Church - San Antonio Foy Family Foundation Inc. Martha Foy Francisco’s Restaurant The Coin B Frederick and Erin Frederick Powers Trust Louise and William Furbush Helen and James† Gambrell Patricia Gournay Mary Lou Grier Guadalupe National Bank Ruth and Hagi Hagigholam Betty and Otto Harrison Suzanne and Joe Hartman Elizabeth Henderson Terri Henneke H. R. Hirsch Peter Huey Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas J.B. & Kathryn Sallas Charitable Foundation

w w w. s c h r e i n e r. e d u


HONOR ROLL OF DONORS Johnson Controls Foundation Bonnie and J.E. Johnson Kerr County Abstract Co. Inc. Ginger and Earl Kilgore Jr. KPMG Foundation La Hacienda Treatment Center Marsha and Kye Laffoon Laura and Bill Laing Irene and Randall Light Mansfield Warehousing Service Inc. Ann and Gene Marshall, USAF Ret. Martha and H.D. Maxwell Mary Jane and Wendell Mayes Jr. Brooks and Mitchell McCorcle Barbara McLellan Amy Shelton McNutt Charitable Trust Gary McVey William Meredith Margaret and Bob Meyers Sr. Barbara and Roy Minton Nationwide Insurance Joe Cook Agency Nexen Petroleum U.S.A. Inc. Joan and Chester Nowak Jim Nugent Theodore O’Neal Dot and Bill O’Neal Parkway Presbyterian Church Paula and Michael Perich Peterbilt Motor Company Verne Philips Susan Posey Rebecca and Robert Price Judy† and Charles Quereau Jane Ragsdale and Dick Howell Debby and Gary Roberts Kate and Charles Roos Rotary Club of Kerrville Safari Club International Hill Country Chapter Inc. Kathryn Sallas San Antonio CPA C.E. Foundation Midge and Clyde Saunders Jr. Eddie Sawyer III Shirley and Bob Schmerbeck III Rolinda and Arthur Schmidt Maria and Thomas Schwennesen Elaine Scogin Neel and Robert Scott Jr. Gerry and Frank Seaman Carol Shepherd Susan and Randy Shepler Gene and Max Sherman Sandra and J. Fort Smith Jr. Sue and Jack Steele Carmen and Charles Sullivan Texas Presbyterian Foundation The SALT Group Billie Thomas Carrie and Charles Torti Tucker Foundation Amy and Busty Underwood Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Catherine Wahrmund Toni and David Wahrmund Betty and Jack Walcher Marie and Wayne Warren Del Way Wells Fargo Bank Matching Gift Center Wells Fargo Trust Dept.


Linda and Kit Werlein Ann and Bill Wilde Marion and Bill Wilson Johnny Winslow Jr. Worldwide Tubulars Ida Worthington Sabrehna Wyche Phyllis and Bob Young

Mountaineer Club Gifts of $500—$999

Sherrell and James Adams Glenn Andrew Jene and Jackson Babb Ted Barnett Margaret Barnhart Verna and Joe Benham Jan and Bob Bowmer David Bright Briscoe Hall Nancy Brown Robert Brunk Debbie and Caleb Burress Atanacio Campos Deanna and Steve Caraway Judy and Jim Cavender III Church’s Fried Chicken Virginia Ruth Clarke Lindsay and Carson Conklin Coralie Croom† Janett and Harlan Crouse Rachel and Gary Davidson Janie and Bobby Douglass II Mary Margaret and Glen Doyen Jodie and Jay Dunnahoo First Presbyterian Church - Kilgore First Presbyterian Church - Tyler Michele and Trey Fisher Frost National Bank Helen Gambrell Susan and James Garrison Ann and Jim Gibbs Marie and Dennis Glenewinkel Lois Ann and Gary Godfrey Diane and Bob Green Jean and Earl Hale Grinstead Henderson Family L.P. Denise and Fred Henneke Cara and Bruce Herlin Michelle Hickman Jane and Kyle Hobin Frances Hoffman Charlotte and Mike Huff Mary and Robert Hughes Don Hulse Patricia and Red Johnson Priscilla and Gregg Johnson Patsy and Kenneth Kaye Suzanne Kelsey Kerrville Daily Times James King Jr. Kathy and Dean Krueger Jane and Lee Larkin Edwin Lehmann Jean and John Longway Leslie and Andrew Lopez Sue and Doug Maclay Anna and Ron Macosko Janet and Bob Malson Elizabeth and Philip Masquelette Bobbie and Sam May Jr. Kathryn and Russell Mullen

Inside Schreiner

Liz and Pat Murray Father Mike Peinemann Betty and Ralph Pelton Pipeline Skid Service Inc. Janice and Alan Rich Nancy and Robert Rooke Jr. San Pedro Presbyterian Church - San Antonio Nancy and Bill Scott Oscar Seth Jerold Shetler Sisters Four Charity Inc. Diane and Ricky Smith Jill and John Smith III Annette and Larry Sondock Lois and Dan Sowards Jr. John and Dorede Speaker Sandy Speed St. Mark Presbyterian Church - Boerne Nancy and Alan Stevens Mildred and Art Strickland Sr. Marda and Jerry Tayloe Jeanne and Phil Terrell Katherine and H. W. Thurber III Marie and Edmunds Travis Jr. Trinity Presbyterian Church Phyllis and Fred Vogt USN Ret. Wachovia Wells Fargo Foundation Wallace Jackson & Lohmeyer Melissa and David Wampler Carolyn and Danny Wheat Amanda & David Williams Mary Louise & Oliver Wood Jr. Harry Wright

Maroon & White Club Gifts of $250—$499

Arkansas Community Foundation Valinda Astoria Karen and Steve Backor Baehre Real Estate Denise and Russell Baehre Louise Barbee Alice and Norris Barry Katchen and Mark Benak Bonnie and A. C. Bering Spencer Blocker Barbara and William Boyd Mary and Chester Bradley Jr. Broken Arrow Ranch Natalie and Cody Brown Charlotte Brundrett Clyde Buck Camp Flaming Arrow Camp La Junta Camp Stewart for Boys Inc. Camp Waldemar Mary and Charles Campbell Michael Carlisle Carole and Bob Carlson Helen and John Casbergue Patricia and John Clark Francelle and Dennis Collins Diana and Anthony Comuzzie Carol and Craig Conlee Phyllis and Royce† Cook Jr. Debbie and Jerry Crawford Davidson, Freedle, Espenhover & Overby PC Marcy and Wes Dorman III Geraldine and Joe Durso George Anne and Teak Elmore Employee Incentive Plans Inc.

Carol and Woodrow Epperson Janis and Charles Feazel Judy and David Fletcher Theodore and Kathy Floca Cindy and Edmund Fort Mary Froelich Frontier Oil Corporation Cory Garrett Lory and Carson Gates Helen Green Vanessa and Mario Guevara Mildred Guin Carlos Gutierrez Charlotte and Roy Harrell Patricia and John Hays Heart O’ The Hills Girls Camp Cathy Henry Pat and Robert Henry Janet and John Hershner Julianne and Bill Hoegemeyer Diana and Larry Howard Meg and John Huddleston Bobbye and Barlow Irvin Jr. Henry Jackson John Calvin Presbyterian Church Betty and Andrew Johnson Marguerite and Richard Johnson Nancy and Dick Junkin Missie and Sam Lanham III Diane and Phil Latham Rosa and John Lavender Heather Logan Evelyn and Don Luckemeyer Mamacita’s Restaurant and Cantina Inc. Carolyn and Everett Marley Jr. Wanda and Dan Maxson Becky and Nowlin McBryde Jim McCall Jay McElroy Marilyn and Fred McMahon Memorial Presbyterian Church - Fredericksburg Mini-Mart Carol Morrow Marilyn Moye Carrie Murr Michael Mynatt Flo and Bob Pacharzina Sheri and Pat Pattillo Elaine and Sonny Payne Emily and David Peeples LaRue and Brian Perkins Sr. John and Linda Pipkin Robert and Rebecca Poindexter Ed and Sharon Pollard Jane and Mark Price R.C. McBryde Oil Company Kathy and Silas† Ragsdale Jr. Katie and Michael Reed Betsy and Alton Rhoden Tommie and Charles Ridgaway Lena Rippstein Alice and Ronald Rivers Janet Robinson Luanne and Ivan Schmedemann Jan and Bill Setzler Jr. Marlyss and Walter Skipwith Inky and Gene Smith Sodexo Inc. & Affiliates Lee and Luke Speckman Dian Stai

Stacy and Michael Stavinoha Marilyn and Don Stewart Patricia and William Stone La Nell and Dick Swantner Keiko and Mike Sykos Terminix/ABC Pest Control William and Deeanna Thomas Miranda Trussell Union State Bank Jeanette and Gary Vaughan June Wallace Marla and John Waller Michelle and Arthur Wavell Mary and Dave Weekley Mary and Larry Woods Cherry and Jim Wright Connie Wunderlich Deborah Burks and John Wurster

Century Circle Gifts of $100—$249

A3 Studio Wynell and Quentin Aaberg Jr. Carol and John Aceti Ione and James Adams Alice Management Company LLC Darleen Allan Carolyn and Arthur Allison Jr. Bill Amerine Denise and Gordon Ames Janis and Paul Anderson Liz and Joe Arp Carrie and Scott Arrington Cathy and Samuel Atkins Moira Attwell Beverly and Robert Avery B B Ranch Resort LLC Ney Bailey Baker Hughes Foundation Kathy and Conner Baldwin Sue Dale and Sonny Baldwin Jr. Margaret and Billy Balthrop Carol and David Barker Baublit Jewelers Sam and Dayton Baublit Anne and Currie Bechtol Nell Beck Lawrence Becksted Carolyn and Tarilton Benton Cathy and Barry Bettes Helen and Richard Bialek Elizabeth Bigelow Betty and Jack Bills Camila and John Binnion Paige Bishop Anonymous Deana and Bill Blackburn Margaret and Edlar Blanton III Beverly and Paul Bobby Bob Boeker Charlene and Pat Bolden Ann and Larry Borchers Marianne and Robert Bowers Jr. Rob Bradley Alice Brook Patti and Dan Brown Betsy and Douglas Brown Pat and Tom Browne Carolyn and Ken Bruner Joan Bryson Merri and Dick Bundy Starla and John Burditt Betty and Allie Burton Marilyn and Larry Butcher

HONOR ROLL OF DONORS Suzanne and Jack Butler Elva and Joaquin Carpenter Susan Carver LaVerne Chandler Betty† and James Chaney Diana Chaney Cynthia and Steven Chapman Jenny and Dale Chase Jr. James Chiaro Susan and Larry Chiaro Peggy Clanton Vickie and Gary Cochrane Coffee Homes Margie Cole Coleman & Company Kathy and Chuck Coleman Jude Gallik and Clint Coles Howard Collier Commercial Realty Services Community Foundation of North Texas Tony Conklin Patricia and Nicholas Corona Candace and Mark Courmier Cowboy Steak House Neva Cramer Stephanie and Ross Crane Sharon and Bruce Curry David Czarnecky Thomas Daniel Sr. Milton Dare Beverly and Ralph Daugherty Jr. Courtney and Anthony DeHoyos Lena Del Papa Patricia and Clement Dickey Jr. Rebecca Dobie Stokes Deborah and Richard Dobie III Karen and John Dooley Judith and Rogers Douglas Kenneth Early Lana and Danny Edwards Melinda and Tom Elder Dennis and Terri Emerson Stephanie and Richard Ertel Diane Evans Judith and George Eychner Edward Farris Susan and Bob Fendley First Presbyterian Church - Junction First Presbyterian Church - Uvalde Sondra and Charles Fischer Diane and Dick Fitch Lucrecia and Danny Flores Judith and John Forister Norma and Stanley Foskett Peni and Henry Foster Naty and Thomas Fowler Connie and Gregory Gaddy Gerry and Roy Gentry Deborah and Ronald Gerth Amy and Jeff Geurin Sue and Beck Gipson Gold’s Body Shop Inc. Gary Gool Charles Granstaff Mike and Debbie Graxiola Eric Greenfield Claire and Joseph Gregorcyk USMC Ret. Laurie and Heath Gregory Sarah and David Grimes Dorothy and Erwin Grimes

Martha Guin Lorraine Haglund Frances Hahn Martha and Pete Hamel Karen and Michael Hannasch Michele and Shaun Hardimon Pat Harte Elva and Bill Hellen Janice and Carl Hendrix Jr. Martha and Billy Hensley Carolyn and Kelly Hildebrand Marie and Richard Hoener Herbert Holchak Sandra and Bartley Hollander Bob Holloway Galina and George Hopkins Jr. Sheryl Howard Martha and Don Huge Kit and Mike Hunter Kristine and Chester Hurst Catherine and James Hurst Nell and Gene Hutzler Trey Iverson III Izzi Bear Carl Jackson Jr. Mary Jelley Aimee and Kyle Johnson Barbara and Charley Johnson L. Beth and David Johnson Mary and Sam Johnson Virginia and Hamp Johnston Kay and David Jordan Don Beth and Fred Junkin Jr. Robbie and Glenn Jurek Ellen and John Kammerdiener Donna Keeling Todd and Tammy Keener Patty and Bill Kendrick Brenda and Tip Kirwan Monte and Alan Klossen Mary Anne and Alfred Koebig Ann and Joseph Kretsinger Nicholas Landes Sandra and Chris Langley Esther and Robert Lannom Bernadell and Stu Larson Chad Laxson Jenny and Ric Leggett Michelle Leija Sandra and Chuck Leinweber Lemeilleur R V Center Lynda and Craig Leslie Patti and Charles Lewis Lou and Bill Lewis Caroline and Denny Liebersbach Margaret and Bart Little Kenneth and Susan Longacre Marty Longbottom Lisa and Ralph Lopez Tori Loveless Rafael Luebbert Sherman Macdaniel Eloise Mahaffey Chris Mahr Myrtle Maier Robert Mansker Elizabeth and Echol Marshall Jr. Molly Martin Rhonda and T. Roy Martin Mary Beth and Jim Maxwell Elizabeth and Ben McAndrew Jennie and Harry McCament Jr. Sally and Donald McClure Rhonda and Tracy McCuan Joyce and Luke McDaniel

Verla and Dick McTaggart USA Ret. Joyce and Paul Mercer Richie Mercer MG Building Materials Miller & Astorial LLP Brenda and John Miller Jr. Gail Mitchell Carol and Robin Moffat Sally and Scott Mooring Brenda and Randy Moran Janet and Charles Morris Elizabeth Moseley Patricia Moyer Sonia Munoz-Gill and Jeff Gill Lenore and Ken Murray Dale Myers Laura and Edward Myrick National Car Rental Lois Newberry Patsy and Larry Newbolt Ann Nixon Lawrie Nomer Gini Norris-Lane and Wes Lane Carolyn and Bob Northcutt Violette Notis-Diamond and Michael Diamond Mish Ochu Misty and Patrick O’Fiel Rebecca Ohnemus Harold Palmer Michael Parker Virgil Parker Susan and William Penland Jr. Sally and Ronald Peterson Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program Margaret and Andy Phillips Jan and Lance Phillips Pines Presbyterian Church - Houston Christopher Pitcairn Carol and Paul Pitts The Plant Haus 2 B. J. Polk Jane and Dean Porter John Potts Thomas Prejean Ruth Priest Jane and Don Priour Carolyn and Tom Pruett Sally and J. D. Ragan Mitchell Raiborn G. A. Randolph Cordelia and Mike Reid Cheryl and John Rich Darla and Charles Ripley Rosemarie and H. L. Risinger Riverhill Women’s Association Ilene and Walter Roemer Charles Roetter Anita and J. R. Rollo Rosemary and Louis Romero Jr. Donna and Aubert Ruth Elizabeth Ryan Tino and Mandy Salazar Alicia and Ruben Salinas Susan Sanders Nan Schiavo Wildon and Dorthy Schmidt Melissa and Richard Schneider Joyce and Charley Schupp Kristen and Taylor Scogin Anita Scott

Lo-Rena and Kelly Scott Mary and Herb Sentesi SFSA - Schreiner Former Students Association Phyllis and Peter Shaddock Eugeina Sharp Barry Shaw Susan and Jerry Shaw Maxine Short Dianne and Chip Slade Leigh and Duffy Slade Susan and Bill Sliva Jill and Peter Smetek Jeanie and David Smith Rosabel Smith Linda and Terry Smith Charlene and Thomas Smith Ward Smith Lester Solomonsz Patricia Chastain and Fred Stevens Jr. Frances and Jack Stevens USN Ret. Gloria Stewart Susan and James Stinson Norma and Wayne Stockseth Florence Swientek Ruth Swift Tracy and Shane Sykes Synod of the Sun Financial Services Lane Tait Sherry Teel Irene Thomas Brenda and Curtis Thompson Danetta and Andy Thomson Sue Tiemann Mary and Joseph Tisdel Chrissie and Brandon Tomchuk Tessie and John Trappey Sugie and Charles Travis Jean and David Tritenbach Joyce and Walter Troegel Kerri and Randall Truelock Todd Vaughan Gabrielle and Aaron Vogler Nancy and Bob Wallace Barbara and Robert Walther Elaine and Martin Wardlaw Lisa and Andy Welch Freya and Jeffrey Wendling Jeanne West Betsy and Ed Whitaker Nichelle White Olin Whitescarver LaShelle and Russell Whitmore Ann Wickham Rhonda Wiley-Jones and Bert Jones Raynell Wilke Debbie and Keith Williams Elizabeth and Reginald Wilson Wisconsin Energy Corporation Foundation Inc. Tina and John Woods Stephanie and William Woods Judy and Harold Wunsch

Friends of the University Gifts of $1—$99

Brenda and James Abbatiello Rosa Linda and Brad Adami Affordable Printing Joe Allen Paulette and Wayne Alsworth

Courtney and Eric Amsler Christina Anderson Ruby and Kenneth Anderson Ark Veterinary Hospital Ann and Bill Armentrout Amy and Mark Armstrong Patricia and James Armstrong Betty Aronsen Tommy Ashabranner Terry and Marti Ashcraft Lynn and Rodney Bacon Chad Baker Sarah and Howard Baker Kathy and Charles Balser Elaine and Bubba Barlow Marcia and Anthony Barrientos Cindy and Mike Becker Barbara and Adam Bedwell Linda Bell Nena and Juan Jose Benavides Particia Bennett Peggy and John Benson Jennifer and Steven Bergman Kathleen and Wynn Betty Karen and Lance Billingsley Donald Bingham Jacqueline and Arch† Bishop Maxine Bizer Candy and Kent Black Bethany and Chris Borak Jeannette Boster Ben Boubel Robert Bourquein Chandler Bowen Shawn Box Gloria and Malcolm Boyd Rosa Bradshaw Irene and Rudolph† Brewster Logan Brinkley Shelley and Bruce Britton Brookhill Baptist Church Sexton and Marcelette Broussard Stephanie and Houston Brown Toni Bryant Vivian Bryant Allison and Jason Burleson Marla and Stuart Burleson Ann and Bradley Burns Byron Buzzini Margo and George Calvert Paul Camfield Juanita and Bur Campbell Douglas Cannon Cynthia and William Cantrell Helen Capps Kristen and Tommy Carden Jami Carroll-Hinton Missy and Jarred Carter Marilyn Cathey Gladys Chamberlain Boardman Chambers Dana and Roy Chapler Christine Chenoweth Holly Clark Ryan Clark Kimberly Clarkson Erica and William Clarkson David Cockerell Kaleta Conlee Ellen Connelly Barbara and Pat Conway Julie and Tommy Coskrey Joan and Thomas Craft M E. Cravens Brandon Creek Joanne and Davy Crocker

w w w. s c h r e i n e r. e d u


February 14 Monday Night Fiction Scarle-Philips Room, William Logan Library. “Berlin Blues,” by Sven Regener; moderator, Silke Feltz, instructor of English and German. 7 p.m. February 17-19 Schreiner Theatre Hanszen Fine Arts Theatre. “Sleuth,” presented by Jeff Cunningham, adjunct professor in theatre, and senior David McGuff. 7:30 p.m. February 25-26 Schreiner University Choir Location TBA. “The Music of Broadway.” Michael Kahl, director; Teresa Henneke and Kenda Delaney, pianists; guest musicians. 6 p.m.

David Crotty Courtney and Ken Cruce Harold and Mary D’Amico Carolyn and Henry Darden Jr. Barbara Davis Peggy and William Davis Jr. Clyde and Rachel† Day San Juana and Cleofas De Luna Debra Dietz Beverly and Alvin Dodds Drusilla Dommert Linda and Lenard Dossey Jana and Stephen Drane Tomas Duarte Sandra and Donald Duiker Maria and Manuel Duran Anonymous David Edington III Jessica and James Edwards Keith Ellis Carole Errett and Scott McCain Jarett Ersch Elizabeth and Joshua Eskew Especially Yours Joan and Maury Evans Kim Evans Families & Literacy Inc. Jennifer Farhoudi Kamron Farhoudi Peggy and Keith Ferris Julie and Scott Fiedler Rudolfo Fierro-Stevens First Presbyterian Church Women – ­ Lake Charles, La. Paula and Richard Flach Suzann and Richard Fletcher


February 28 Robert P Hallman Chautauqua Lecture Ballroom, Floyd & Kathleen Cailloux Campus Activity Center. “Sixty Years of BerLit: Apocalypse, New Beginnings, Reconciliation,” by Silke Feltz, instructor of English and German. 7 p.m.


F e b r u a ry


March 2 Texas Music Coffeehouse Lion’s Den, Floyd & Kathleen Cailloux Campus Activity Center. “Voices of Women in Texas Music.” Susan Gibson (“Wide Open Spaces”); Lisa Beck and Art Crawford (“Healing Time”). Honoring Women’s History Month. 7 p.m. March 3 Symphony of the Hills Cailloux Center for the Performing Arts. “For the Young and Young at Heart.” Dr. Jay Dunnahoo, conductor. 7:30 p.m.

Ruby Fletcher Jo Ann and Luis Flores Ramona Flores Millicent Forbes Kevin Foster Judy and Russell Foster Mignonne and Scott Frantzen Becky and Larry Freeman Bonnie and Tim Friesenhahn Lorna and Charles Gaddy Thelma Gallant Debra and David Galloway Jan Gambrell Sabrina and Matt Garces Sr. Cecilia and Ernest Garza Laura and Jon Gaswick Diane and Steve Gaydou June and George Gibbons Dusty Gilliam Judy Glaze Reuben Gold Myra and Steve Golemon Millie and Dwight Goode Becky and Matt Goodwyn Pat and William Gordon Betsy and Henry Gorman Lucy and Tom Gould Debbie and David Grinnan Jane and Dale Groll Maria and Reyes Guevera Cassity and Abel Gutierrez Jason Gutierrez P. A. and K. O. Haby Joyce Hahn Lou Ann and William Hahn Margaret Harbaugh Jane and Dick Harben Sr. Connie and James Harris

Inside Schreiner

John and Betty Harris Anonymous Nan and Bill Hatcher Polly and Jack Hay Susan and John Hays Hearing Care Joann and Ken Hedrick Joanne and Doug Heitmiller Janie and Marvin Henkes Martha and Melvin Henkes John Hernandez Pilar and Jose Hernandez Laura and James Hicks Evangeline and Bill Hilburn Hill Country Dental Associates Anita and David Hinebaugh Sr. Mary Beth Hoener Richard Hoener Cynthia and Mark Hoffmann Robert Holloway Anna and Joe Holston Sheri and Gilbert Honea Brenda Hoofard Michelle and Moton Hopkins Jr. Carole and Howard Hovde Mary Howard Tim Huang Robert Huckabay Charlmaigne and Roosevelt Huggins Linda and Robert Humphrey Cynthia and Samuel Hutchison Adelia Ingram Joanna and Roland Ingram Sr. Brittney and Keven Janda Lesa Janica Dorothy Jenkins

March 7 Monday Night Fiction Scarle-Philips Room, William Logan Library. “The Celestina,” by Fernando de Rojas; moderator, Dr. Carolina Latorre, assistant professor of Spanish. 7 p.m. March 28 Robert P Hallman Chautauqua Lecture Ballroom, Floyd & Kathleen Cailloux Campus Activity Center. “War in Literature and Film,” by Dr. Lydia Kualapai, associate professor of English. 7 p.m. March 31 Texas Water Symposium Floyd & Kathleen Cailloux Campus Activity Center. “River Watch Programs and Activities in the Hill Country.” Moderated panel discussion. 7 p.m. Schreiner Theatre Hanszen Fine Arts Theatre. “Antigone,” by Sophocles. 7:30 p.m.

Matt Jepson Tanya and Jessie Jimenez Debbie and John Johnson Janet and Gary Johnston Fran and John Jones Shelby and Ward Jones Miriam and Hugo Jorda Jennifer and Ed Junker William Keaton Rosanne Keller Stephanie and Carey Keller Ben Kelly III Linda and Arthur Kelly Ruthie Kendrick Margaret and Gary Kersey Megan and Jeremiah Kester Nancy and Terrell King Elsie Kinler Roberta and David Kinneberg Nina Kinney Greg Kirkham Peggy and Rusty Knight Joni and Brian Koehler Josephine and Preston Koehler James Krauter Frances and Maurice Kroll Kirk Kuykendall Louise and Paul Lajti Barbara Lakin Mandy and Danny Langbein Matthew Langston Gale Laning Louise and Rob Leahy Mary and Walter Lee Sherri and Stephen Leffingwell Betty and Lloyd Leifeste Joyce Lespreance Ervin Lett

B. Levy Carolyn Light Kathy London Michael Lopez Nancy Lopez LVN class April 2010 Melody Malone Cynthia and Rex Maner Tammy and Joe Mann Lorraine Mannering Richard Marhofer Stella Martino Linda and Larry Marwedel Kathleen and Frank Mascaritola Masterson Insurance Constant and Neill Masterson III Baird Mattiza Susan Maziarz Kristin and Joe Mc Kinnon Jay McCormack Susie and Joe McCracken Juanita McCulloh Marie and Rayburn McCulloh Mary Beth McCullouch Ann and Jack McDaniel M. R. and S. J. McGinnis Dawn and Rob McMillan Ruth McNay Joyce Mechler Stephen Mendoza Theresa and Jimmy Menges Stephanie and Melvin Merzon Martha Miesch Helen Miles Pam and Randy Miller Laurie and Phillip Milton

April 1-2 Schreiner Theatre Hanszen Fine Arts Theatre. “Antigone,” by Sophocles. 7:30 p.m. April 6 Texas Music Coffeehouse Lion’s Den, Floyd & Kathleen Cailloux Campus Activity Center. Spoken Word and slam poetry with special guest poet Thom Moon to honor Poetry Month. 7 p.m. April 6-7 Texas Writers Conference For information: Dr. Kathleen Hudson, or 830-792-7409. April 7 Non-Fiction Book Club Scarle-Philips Room, William Logan Library. “Musicophilia,” by Oliver Sacks. 7 p.m.

Mary and Kerr Mitchell Jr. Judy and Ricky Moellering Jane and Scott Monroe Jackie Montoya Sandra and Rene Morales Matt Moreno Toni and Bill Morris Jr. Susan and David Motley Karen Mueller Alan and Karen Muennink David Mulry Adele Murphy Linda Neal Noelle and Bradford Neely Kathy and Don Neuenschwander Mary and Ferrell Nicholson Lala and Vic Niemeyer Jr. Patricia Nuss Rose and A. M. Olander Elizabeth and Kelly Owens Paula and Earl Painter Abigail and George Panayiotou Jan Parker Debra and Bob Parmley Anonymous Rolando Paz Myra Peel† Jade and Eric Pehl Judith and Lino Perez Charlotte and Larry Petty Claude Phillips Jr. Scott Pichot Wilhelmina Pichot Rosalie and Eddie Pinson Dorothy and Lacy Pogue Etta Poole Amanda Prehn

April 11 Monday Night Fiction Scarle-Philips Room, William Logan Library. “The Emigrants,” by W.G. Sebald; moderator, Dr. Lydia Kualapai, associate professor of English. 7 p.m.

of the Future?” by Dr. Anne Berre, instructor of political science. 7 p.m.

April 15-17 RECALL Weekend

April 28 Symphony of the Hills Cailloux Center for the Performing Arts. “Celebrate America.” Dr. Jay Dunnahoo, conductor. 7:30 p.m.

April 17 Schreiner Spring Choral Concert Location TBA. 6 p.m. April 20-22 Schreiner Theatre Hanszen Fine Arts Theatre. “Bus Stop,” by William Inge. 7:30 p.m. April 25 Robert P Hallman Chautauqua Lecture Ballroom, Floyd & Kathleen Cailloux Campus Activity Center. “Women in Contemporary Society: Preparing to Be Leaders

Amber Pressler Neita and Karl Prohl Pasty Pruett Suzanne Prukop Sandra and Michael Pursley Claire and David Rabson Carolyn Ragland Sara Ramos Lauree and Kevin Rasso Janell Rath Nancy and Henry Read III Joseph Reeh Gloria Rees Joseph Remini Mary and Domingo Rendon Paula and Thomas Repka Mary and Robert Rieke J. R. Rink Gertrude and Charles Robinson Ivalu and Randy Rose Ann Ross C. J. and E. R. Russell Norma Sanchez Richard Sanchez Jr. Karyn and Bryant Saner Jr. Jean and Sam Sanford Candace and Charles Scarborough Joyce Schlechte Esther Schlortt Marian Schlunegger Sara Schmidt Mary and Dow Scott Jr. Mark and Cathy Scozzari Cindy Sengel Mary Sharpless George Shea Jr.

Lindsay Shupe Jim Siebenthal Alice Simmons Jean Smith Kacy and Paul Smith Michele and Rufus Smith Linda and Donald Somerville Sonterra Property Owners Association Inc. Emma Spearman Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy Mary and Russell Stanger III Jan and Ed Stearns Mariann and Paul Steldt Bart Stevens Sandy and John Stewart Pat Stone Vernell and Clifton Stribling Kassie and Tyler Strickland Annette and Steve Sudyka Mae Sunday Shelley Swan Katy and Arlo Swanson Jr. Nell and Francis Swayze Caryn and Jeff Talarico Lynn Tandy Sam Tannenbaum Louis and Karen Tanner Carlos Tapia Carol Teich Elaine and Tom Terrell The Management Company At Stone Oak-Sonterra Inc. Carolyn and James Thomas Loretta Thompson Ray and Lynda Thompson Roy Thompson

April 27 Schreiner Music Students Recital Dietert Auditorium 7:30 p.m.




May 7 Baccalaureate Service Edington Center 10:30 a.m. Commencement Edington Center, ticket required 1:30 p.m.

For more information on events, visit Unless otherwise stated, all events are free and open to the public. For more information, call Amy Armstrong at 830-792-7405.

Connie Townsend Aaron Treanor Victor Trevino Jil Treybig Margarete and Bill Tucker Stephanie Tudyk Maxine and Doyle Turnipseed Carolyn and William Twyford Kristy Vandenberg Jane and Edward Vandorn Sandra and Robert Vandorn Raymond and Melissa Vasquez De'Andre Vaughn Verizon Foundation Jerrelyn and Richard Verrett Vicksburg Village Clubhouse Deborah and Lance Vieau Lorna and Alton Vrana Kathie Walker Leslie Walker Janice Wallace Carol and James Walls Jean and Stephen Ware Jr. Nancy and Bill Warren Water Street Chiropractic Michael Watters Tina Watters Barbara and Ken West Joe Westerlage Westminster Presbyterian Church — Austin Texas James Whetstone Ruby White Wilberta White Krissy and Greg Whittington Mary and Travis Wilcox Carrell and Lucretia Wilferth Dominique and L. D. Williams

O'Gene and Lewis Williams Leslie and Stockton Williams Skipper and E.C. Willmann Joseph Winger Mark Woodhull Deirdre Workman Marsha and Kenny Worthington Jerry Yencharis Barbara Young Barbara and Darrel Young Katherine and Ted Zgourides Paul Zocho

Schreiner Oaks Carrie and Scott Arrington Atanacio Campos Mary and Rene Canales Anonymous Dale Chip Chase Anne and Richard Cree Neil and Gena Griffin Patsy Holekamp William J. Lemoine Cayce and Charlie McCormick Nancy and Robert Norris Gini Norris-Lane and Wes Lane Kathleen Ocker Susan Philips Marvin Singleton Marianne Wofford

† = deceased

w w w. s c h r e i n e r. e d u



Schreiner University Vocational Nursing Graduates

Graduates of Schreiner University’s vocational nursing program received their diplomas during commencement ceremonies held on campus in December, before an audience of friends, family and University faculty. Members of the graduating class are: Lacey Allaway, daughter of Kevin Allaway and Lisa Jeffcoat; Lynette Allen; Carolyn Allen, daughter of Michael and Kathleen Hillis; Aurelio Almazan, son of Martina Almazan

and Glenn and Sherry Marlet; Kaci Call, daughter of Butch and Keli Call; Christine Duarte, daughter of Steve and Mary Delic; Elizabeth Ensminger, daughter of Chuck and Karen Sandidge; Kaley Farnham, daughter of Karen Crouch; Ashley Fox, daughter of Bill and Cheryl Fox; Hellena Green, daughter of Rhonda Green; Cortney Hawkins; Darlene Hildebrand, daughter of Doris Villarreal; Elizabeth Koontz, daughter of David and Susan Koontz; Minerva Moore; Megan Pennington; Jennifer Powell; Roxxanna Quintanilla, daughter of Joe Arredondo and Linda Schmerber; Heather Rackley, daughter of Billy and Donna Rackley; Heather Rice, daughter of Channan Cardella; Che-Lin Shaw,

daughter of Lois Shaw and the late Charles Shaw; Wanda Stephens; Amanda Stewart, daughter of Cecil Conner and Tina Cashman; April Webb, daughter of Jeffrey and Rene Silliman; Miranda Williams, daughter of Gary Lynn and Shirley West, and Christopher Yarbrough, son of Michael and Sharon Yarbrough. Cortney Hawkins received the award for excellence in academic achievement, and Jennifer Powell received the award for outstanding clinical performance. Schreiner University offers two rotations of its one-year vocational nursing certification program each year, beginning in January and in April.

Schreiner University does not discriminate in admissions, educational programs, extra-curricular programs or employment against any individual on the basis of that individual’s race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, veteran status or ethnic origin. Inquiries/complaints should be forwarded to the director of human resources, at 830-792-7375.


2100 Memorial Blvd. CMB 6229 Kerrville, Texas 78028-5697

Inside Schreiner Winter 2011  
Inside Schreiner Winter 2011  

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