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JUNE 2024
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The next few months are full of Schonesland events. There is still time to register for all of these!

Omaha Cars & Coffee – July 12-13

For the second year in a row, we have a joint event planned with the Great Plains PCA region for Omaha Cars & Coffee. On Friday, July12, we will leave Des Moines to drive as a group to Omaha for lunch and a museum tour before meeting the Great Plains region for dinner. On Saturday, July 13, we will park our cars in special Porsche parking for Supercar Saturday before being shuttled to and from Porsche of Omaha for breakfast. Link to register: https:// schonesland.motorsportreg.com/events/schonesland-2024-omaha-carscoffee-supercar-saturday-pca-304212

Tour to Red Wing – July 25-28

If you have not been on this drive yet you need to sign up this year! This drive has been one of my favorites the past two years. On Thursday, July 25, we will drive as a group up to Red Wing. On Friday, July 26, the drive will take us to Stillwater for lunch and then free time to shop or relax before heading back for dinner together. On Saturday, July 27, it is driving day! Brunch at the Stockholm Pie Shop and dinner at Chef Stack sound fabulous. There is a more detailed article in this Spinner about this drive for more info. Link to register: https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/schonesland-2024-tour-to-red-wingkum-go-in-ankeny-on-1st-street-pca-603532


BBQ to Get to Know Our New Members – August 3

This event is free to every member this year! Come enjoy a BBQ lunch at Bob Timmerman and Linda Laine’s house. This is a great event to mingle and visit. Very low key and casual! Make some new friends!!! Link to register: https:// www.motorsportreg.com/events/2024-annual-picnic-to-welcome-newmembers-otley-pca-schonesland-812995

Eureka Springs Arkansas Drive – August 29 – September 2

This is our annual Labor Day Drive. I’ve heard it is not one to miss! The drive officially starts on Friday, August 29, in Joplin, MO. However, a group will be driving down together on Thursday, August 28. Then Saturday and Sunday are days full of twisty roads! Link to register: https:// schonesland.motorsportreg.com/events/schonesland-2024-eureka-springsarkansas-drive-spring-ar-pca-164643

For those interested the board has changed our in-person monthly meetings to Zoom. All board meetings held at 7PM on the last Tuesday of the month are open to members. If you would like to attend a meeting please reach out to any of the board members for that month’s Zoom link.

Hope to see you soon.


Nauvoo Trail photo by Dustin Pettiecord
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April 20 - Mad Warren

April 27 & 28 - Loess Hills to Sioux City

May 18 & 19 - Nauvoo Trail

June 8 - Dragoon Trail

June 21 to 29 - Great Western Skies

July 11 - Drive to Road America

July 12 & 13 - Omaha Cars & Coffee

July 25 to 28 - Redwing, MN

Aug 29 to Sept 2 - Eureka Springs

Sept 14 - MA Hill Drive

Oct 3 to 5 - Wisconsin Fall Colors


Drive to Nauvoo 5/18 – 5/19

Iowa and Illinois ride to Nauvoo enjoying the Mississippi River Vistas and the grounds of the Nauvoo Temple staying the night in Burlington after a fun dinner at Martini’s Grille.


Dragoon Trail Drive 6/8

One day event following the path of the U.S. Dragoons roughly tracking the Des Moines River to Ft. Dodge with the drive ending at Amigo’s with a group luncheon.


Great Western Skies Tour 6/21 – 6/29

The ultimate driving experience to South Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana returning through Nebraska sandhills covering a total of over 2,400 miles in 9 days.


Drive to Road America 7/11

The formal PCA event is the one-day drive to Road America in Elkhart Lake Wisconsin. Follow the link below to get more information.



Omaha Cars and Coffee 7/12 – 7/13

Shared event with Great Plains PCA. We will drive to Omaha to have dinner at Bravo! with them and then have breakfast at Porsche Omaha before attending the Supercar Saturday.


Tour to Red Wing 7/25 – 7/28

A great long weekend event enjoying the fantastic roads and scenery of Minnesota and Wisconsin from our base the historic St. James Hotel in Red Wing. Great meals will be a treat to remember.


Eureka Springs Arkansas Drive 8/29 – 9/2

The “Driver’s Tour” of the touring season features incredible curves and elevation changes in the beautiful countryside of Southern Missouri and through National Parks in Arkansas.


Wisconsin Drive Reimagined 10/3 - 10/5

The final drive of the Club to experience the fall colors and beauty of Wisconsin and parts of Minnesota. The is a new route with several twists (pun intended) designed to enhance the previous drives.



Wonderful turnout for the May Cars & Coffee. Over 20 Porsches along with a Mercedes and two Bimmers filled the south side of the AMC parking lot.

Speaking of design evolution, Editors favorite comparison was a 992 Targa in Racing Yellow parked next to a G Body Targa in Guards Red.


From left to right: Angie Dickinson, Logan Runyan and Don Parbs.

From left to right: Competition Chair Bob Eddy, Don Whitt and Phil Patterson.


From left to right: Jim Baker, Tim Hawkins and Mark Stephenson.

From left to right: Darrell Metzger, John Siberell, Marcia Stark.

From left to right:Rich Collins, Megan Wickham and Kevin Wickham.

June 9-15, 2024 Birmingham Convention Center Birmingham, Alabama www.porscheparade.org Don’t Just Atend Porsche Parade... A Concours d’Elegance is a judged event celebrating the history and provenance of the Porsche marque. PCA members show their cars and judges deduct points from a maximum possible value based on vehicle condition and cleanliness. The Parade Concours is an event favorite. Parade is a great time to give it a try! ...Be a Part of It! Not too late to Roomssignup!stll available!


Let me set the stage for the May Drive & Dine at the Handlebar Restaurant in Dallas Center. To do this I will need background music. Please play Richard Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyrie in the background.

Documented tornados literally danced around Dallas Center and cut through poor Greenfield. 70 mile an hour winds caused widespread power outages and rain transformed corn fields into frog ponds. Yet 24 Schoneslanders turned out for dinner. Are we a hardy bunch or what?

Bottom photo is of our hosts for the evening. From left to right Jeremy Boysen, Brooke Boysen and Nehru Cheddie. Thank you for opening your restaurant for just us.


From left to right: Kristy Carlile, John Carlile, Kevin Wickham and Megan Wickham.

From left to right: Michael Nickolaus, Dave Sly, Melissa Sly and Jacqueline Nickolaus.

From left to right: Bill Frank, Phil Patterson, Margaret Patterson and Dave Hill.

From left to right: Pointing to the largest tenderloin in Dallas County is John Siberell, Dorothy Struthers, Spinner Editor Bryan Shiffler and Marcia Stark.

Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta +1 313 312 0780 broadarrowauctions.com PCA’s Classic Club Coupe Heads to Auction June 10 No. 001/001 Classic Series Sonderwunsch (special request) – Factory One-Off


Joseph Greenley Urbandale, IA

1985 944

Evan Zepp West Des Moines, IA

2013 911 Carrera S

Brent RasteHer Ankeny, IA

2018 Macan GTS

David Jensen Adel, IA

2014 911 Carrera 4 S Cabriolet

© 2024 Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of trafc laws at all times. Let no commute go to waste. Rush hour just got a fresh infusion of rush. The Macan. With iconic Porsche design outside. An updated Porsche advanced Cockpit brimming with technology inside. And the performance and driving dynamics you expect from a Porsche. All adding up to even more play on the drive to work. Porsche Omaha 18101 Burt Street Omaha, NE 68022 ( 402 ) 504-1510 www.porscheomaha.com EXPERIENCE THE MACAN.


What’s old is new again. Schonesland revived the Nauvoo Trail drive in 2024 with a fresh route. Well planned by Jim Baker, Garry Seemann and Dave Hill, 16 cars made the drive.

To the left: Cars staged in Altoona while Trail Boss Jim Baker gives instructions on the upcoming day. For those who have a keen eye, you will notice something different in these photos. It’s blue sky. Yes, the curse of Schonesland bad weather is broken. Let’s hope it holds for the rest of the year.

Top photo and cover photo by Dustin Pettiecord.


Our first stop was Keosauqua. (Editors note: I took a photo of the sign so I could remember how to spell Keosauqua.)

Left photo: No sign. No problem. When your tenderloin is that big, a restaurant doesn’t need to advertise. The bottom photo is their famous tenderloin. A ginormous piece of pounded pork on a bun. You say you can’t see the bun? Well, you can’t see the plate it’s on either.

If you have to know, the restaurant is River Bend Pizza and Steak House.


Next stop was Nauvoo Illinois where the Profit Joseph Smith stopped during his epic ride to Carthage, Illinois.

Below from left to right: Social Media

Chair Skip Hammerman, Safety Chair

Garry Seeman, Cindy Scott, Don Parbs, Treasurer Kloey Runyan and Logan


The day concluded with the group staying at the Hampton Inn in Burlington. Dinner that night was at Martini’s (also with no sign! What’s up.) where we enjoyed a wonderful meal with a spectacular view of the Highway 34 Bridge. The next morning we drove Snake Alley, constructed in 1894, dropping 58 feet containing 5 180 degree curves and 2 90 degree curves all in 275 feet.


The rest of Sunday was spent enjoying the City of Burlington, the Mississippi River and wonderful weather.

Top photo from left to right, Sandra Bassett, Melissa Sly. Cindy Scott. Megan Wickham and Laura Wolff. Lower photo from left to right: Don Parbs, Logan Runyan, Treasurer Kloey Runyan, John Fulmer, John Carlile and Dave Sly. Bottom photos: Even the best planned road trips sometimes run into the uncontrollable.


Last pit stop Kalona and the Kalona Brewing Company.

Top photo from left to right: Tour Boss Jim Baker, Melissa Sly and Dave Sly.

Next from left to right: Craig Bassett, Sandra Bassett, Cindy Scott and Safety Chair Garry Seemann.

Next from left to right: Daryl Metzger, Kitty Metzger and Parke Adamson.

Bottom from left to right: Ben Nordman, Social Chair Belinda Nordman and Ben Cirksena.

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Kevin Buckler, while doing business in Des Moines in the 1980’s met Schonesland Founding Father Sid Jepson and thereby found Schonesland. Kevin came to Des Moines with a 1970 911S coupe and became a Porsche fanatic, especially in the competition area.

At that time he had Sid Jepson install a competition roll cage in his 911 and make other modifications to make the car race qualified. By the late eighties he decided racing was his future. Since PCA Club Racing had not yet started his interest focused on SCCA Drivers School and PCA Driver Education and Time Trials events. In 1990 he entered his first high speed race at a track in Colorado called "Second Creek" All this time he continued to spend time in Des Moines where he met his future wife Debra. She was a young lady from Ankeny attending Drake University. Upon Debra's graduation in Business Finance, the two got married and headed to California. There, they started The Racers Group “TRG" in 1992.

Kevin kept racing and in 1995 he entered his first race as a professional driver and won. It was the first on many wins and the begriming of a professional career as a race driver. That same year Kevin and Debra ventured into the wine business and opened Adobe Road Winery in Sonoma California. That winery is still a major wine producer with about 17 different varieties including a couple of award winning 94 point wines. With the winery going strong; Kevin, in 2002, got factory support from Porsche and entered then won the GT Class at the Rolex 24 hour in Daytona. He then entered and won the GT class of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, France. TRG now holds the record for the most GT victories (29) and the most pole positions (15) at the Daytona 24 Hours race.

Kevin is going to be a guest speaker at the July 16th Drive & Dine Dinner at District 36 Restaurant in Ankeny and will have his Le Mans winning 911 Porsche there. There are still a few reservations for purchase available. To purchase please visit the Schonesland web site.

Submitted by Bob Eddy.


June 1SCCA/MIDIV Time Trials & Track Experience (not a PCA event)

June 8 Cars & Coffee @ Cozy Cafe, Johnston

June 8 Dragoon Trail Tour

June 18 Drive & Dine Gilroy’s Kitchen West Des Moines

June 21Great Western Skies Tour

June 22DMVR Autocross (not a PCA event)

July 6SCCA/MIDIV Time Trials & Track Experience (not a PCA event)

July 11Drive to Road America

July 12Omaha Cars & Coffee

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Red Wing 2024 is ALL NEW… AGAIN

How can we keep putting such dramatic new spins on our third excursion to the Red Wing, Minnesota region? It’s not difficult when there are so many great roads, restaurants, activities and beautiful natural sites to enjoy. As a reminder, this trip has a more laid-back feel than our other drives, with some time to enjoy some shopping and exploring. But don’t worry, there will still be plenty of spirited driving on these fabulous roads each day.

Red Wing 2024 begins on Thursday, July 25th with a relaxing drive on an entirely new route to Red Wing which takes us to NE Iowa with a lunch stop in West Union at a Greek family-owned restaurant that has been in continuous operation for over 50 years. The roads get interesting right after lunch as we enter SE Minnesota’s beautiful countryside.

Once again, we’re staying at the historic St James Hotel in downtown Red Wing for three nights where a 25-room block is set up under the “Schonesland Porsche Club”. You’ll need to make your reservations directly by clicking on the link below. Thursday dinner will be a block away from the hotel at the Homeplate & Dugout Grill, where we’ll have the entire bar area to ourselves to eat and sip a cold one or two.


Day two, Friday, is relaxing day. There will be a short one-hour excursion to beautiful, historic Stillwater, MN, located on the banks of the St. Croix River. www.discoversrtillwater.com

Once one of the great lumbering capitals in the world, Stillwater was established years before Minneapolis and the process of statehood began here. We’ll have lunch at the Lowell Inn www.lowellinn.com and have time before and after lunch for plenty of browsing, shopping and relaxing. After a short return to the Red Wing area later in the afternoon, we’ll have pub grub for dinner at the raucous Big Dog Daddy’s Roadhouse in Bay City, WI, 7 miles from the hotel.

Day three, Saturday, is driving day. Remember last year’s big morning surprise at the Stockholm Pie Shop? www.stockholmpie.com Well, how about we start the big drive with a catered brunch there? Quiche, bagels, cream cheese, fruit, coffee and PIE & ice cream (why not? Your mom’s not gonna stop you). After brunch we’ll drive some of the best highways and county roads you’ve ever seen. This year’s tour is a patchwork sewn together from the last two years’ roads with some new ones as well. They’ll all lead us to Larry’s Lookout www.larryslookout.com later in the afternoon where we’ll stop for a beverage while enjoying some incredible views from way up high in the bluffs overlooking distant scenic valleys.


• Call to Order

• Cars & Coffee Recap/Future Events

• Drive & Dine Recap/Future Events

• Driving Tours Update

• Financial Report

• Advertising Report

• Competition Events

• Non-Club Events Reviewed

• New Member Update

• Website

• New Business:

• Des Moines Porsche Dealership update

• Schonesland storage

• Driving Rules to be published

• Walkie-talkie discussion

• Voting Format Discussed

• First Aid Kit for Driving Tours

• Next Zoom Meeting – June 25th


Belinda Nordman

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