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December 2008

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President’s Report As I sit down to write this article, country, state and city face one of the most challenging economic periods of our history. Many established companies are in financial crisis or have failed. Right here in Charlotte we have seen the effects of a troubled financial services industry. And as large companies face tough times, other related businesses are affected, including companies who provide products and services to large companies. I note the current state of the economy not to emphasize the negative aspects of the current times, but rather to provide a backdrop for the current environment that surrounds our neighborhood. During this time I think about what provides solace and comfort in these times. Community. Yes, good old-fashioned neighbors living together and continuing our daily activities that build a strong neighborhood. In the past few months since our last newsletter, we have continued our focus on Fourth Ward and our neighbors. We have worked on community issues such as revising our parking rules. Our parking committee worked on revising the rules, which have been presented to the neighborhood on Nov. 10. We organized a volunteer event in connection with Hands On Charlotte to clean up Elmwood Cemetery. Our monthly Porch Crawls continued through October. We served as hosts to many neighborhood events and walks for charities. Our family fun day in the park brought together over 60 neighbors. We sponsored a Halloween event for children. We responded to safety concerns on running stop signs in the neighborhood and worked with our police partners to monitor various intersections. And as always we kept an eye on crime by tracking neighborhood cases, advocating for strict prosecution and focusing on crime in our October community meeting. These are just a sampling of what has been happening in our neighborhood in the past few months. And now as the holiday season is upon us, the 2008 Holiday Home Tour is in full swing. We continue this tradition in our neighborhood with fantastic homes and related activities. Bottom line: Fourth Ward is a great place to live. Always has been, always will be. We are open for business despite what’s happening around us! Times ahead are tough and there will be challenges for our city, our neighborhood and our neighbors. But if we continue to build and strengthen our community, we’ll be just fine. Regards, Jay Biles President, Friends of Fourth Ward

31th Annual Holiday Home Tour

Friday, Dec. 5, 5 – 9pm; Saturday, Dec. 6, 5 – 9pm; Sunday, Dec. 7, Noon – 4pm Tour starts at 9th and Poplar Streets Historically Significant • Architecturally Distinct • Decoratively Memorable

•F R I E N D S O F F O U R T H WA R D •

Three Decades of Yuletide Splendor The Friends of Fourth Ward Holiday Home Tour celebrates its 31st wonderful year with a threeday event showcasing the grand Victorians and luxury condominiums for which Fourth Ward is famous – all dressed in their holiday finery. The tour includes admission to seven private Uptown homes and the beautiful Gothic Revival-style First Presbyterian Church – organized in 1821 as the Queen City’s first church. On Sunday only, guests may also tour the historic McNinch House restaurant and Victorian home. Tour homes represent the juxtaposition unique to Fourth Ward between the historic neighborhood of singlefamily homes and the new, modern condominium buildings making their mark on the Center City. In addition to touring Historic Fourth Ward’s lovely homes, participants will be treated to a variety of seasonal entertainment. Throughout the weekend, tour-goers will enjoy holiday music from various handbell choirs and carolers, complimentary horse and carriage rides through the neighborhood, and seasonal beverages and snacks at various locations. Founded in 1977 by neighbors who visited each other’s homes to feast, sing carols and enjoy holiday décor, the Friends of Fourth Ward Holiday Home Tour has evolved substantially in the past 31 years. In 1979, the event opened to the public and quickly became a successful fundraiser for the neighborhood. To this day, all tour proceeds benefit important neighborhood


$20 per person. Good for all 3 days. Exchange ticket for Guide Booklet at kiosk at Ninth and Poplar Streets during tour houses. Available after Nov. 20 at: • Reid’s Fine Foods (on Seventh Street at the light rail tracks) • Park Road Books (Park Road Shopping Center) • Dean and Deluca locations (Uptown, Phillips Place, Stonecrest) • FastFrame (1235 East Blvd. and Matthews Festival Shopping Center)

projects such as neighborhood beautification, children’s programs, preservation of historic landmarks, public art, and social and safety programs. The annual home tour is hosted by the Friends of Fourth Ward, a not-for-profit neighborhood organization. In the mid-1830s, Charlotte was divided into four political wards. The northwest quadrant was called Fourth Ward – a prosperous area that was home to merchants, ministers, physicians and numerous churches, forming a strong center of social and religious influence. By the early 1900s, the trolley had expanded

• T he Bookmark at Founders Hall • Brixx Pizza locations (Uptown, Birkdale, Blakeney, Foxcroft and Dilworth) • or online at (Same day purchases available at kiosk at Ninth and Poplar Streets)


All tour stops are within walking distance of one another. Free on-street parking is available throughout the neighborhood.

Additional Parking:

Odell Building/GW Fins Restaurant

beyond Uptown Charlotte, making nearby “suburbs” such as Dilworth the neighborhoods of choice. Fourth Ward entered a period of decline that continued until 1976, when the Junior League undertook a restoration program that fired the imaginations of adventurous urban “pioneers.” Today, Historic Fourth Ward is an active, charming community of grand Victorians, luxury condominiums, urban apartments, parks and businesses, as well as cultural, religious and educational activities – all within walking distance of Charlotte’s thriving Uptown business center.

(Ninth and Tryon) parking garage Seventh Street Station/Reid’s Fine Foods IJL Building/Stool Pigeon’s Restaurant (Sixth Street entrance)


More information at (704) 651-4183. This is not a handicapped- or child-friendly tour.

Carolers Welcome

Got a need to sing? Meet at the kiosk at Ninth and Poplar at 5:15 p.m., Friday, Dec. 5. Children and adults of all ages welcome. Song books and Santa hats provided.

Next FOFW Neighborhood Meetings: The Last Monday of the Month, 7 p.m. First United Methodist Church Eighth and Tryon Streets (Use the stairwell entrance on Eighth Street)

The Fourth Ward Times • 

Fourth Ward Public Safety Update

Dovetail Garden Under New Management By Lynn Weis

By Chris Connelly Chris Tabb was recently convicted of two counts of Sexual Battery in connection with an incident that occurred in September 2007 involving two Fourth Ward residents. He is scheduled to be released next week from these sentences. He has prior convictions for Misdemeanor Trespass, Larceny (twice), Public Masturbation, Indecent Exposure (twice), most of which occurred in Fourth Ward. As for the Sexual Battery cases, they were capably prosecuted by veteran prosecutor Samantha Pendergrass with full cooperation of the two Fourth Ward victims. FOFW monitored the trial and made our desire that he be vigorously prosecuted known at the earliest stage of the proceeding. Needless to say, be on the lookout for him. Capt. Estes of CMPD has advised residents that if he is seen in the area that CMPD be notified by calling 911. Here is his picture: Quick action by neighbors thwarted a Burglary on the night of Oct. 20. Neighbors heard the break-in occurring and called police. Officers detained the suspect a short distance away and the belongings were returned to the victim. As our P.O. Mark Rowland said, “Thanks to some good police work and some bystanders willing to get involved, this case was brought to a quick conclusion.” Capt. Estes advises us that our recent crime statistics indicate a 42 percent drop in thefts of items from vehicles! This can be attributed to police officers interviewing suspicious persons, vehicle owners securing their property and neighbors calling 911 when they see suspicious activity. Way to go! This is how we change our communities for the better. Please continue to be vigilant. On a lighter note, we can “Meet Our Chief” on Nov. 13 at 6 p.m. in Room 213 of the Government Center. It is a good time to make our concerns known to Chief Monroe. Refreshments invariably served.

Another Great Year of Porch Crawls By Jay Biles President, FOFW Our Porch Crawls were in full swing all summer and fall. We appreciate all those who hosted and participated in the great social events. What is a porch crawl? It’s a time to hang out and get to know neighbors on a Friday night once a month. Various neighbors get together to host and provide a space to socialize – a porch, stoop or courtyard. FOFW sponsors the food and you bring your favorite beverage. Thanks to Bev Nagy, our Social Committee Chair, who coordinated these events. We recently had events on Poplar Street, Eighth Street fountain and Fifth & Poplar. Porch Crawls will continue next spring.

To Advertise in the Newsletter: Please contact James Molnar at or 704-968-6526

We are thrilled to welcome Dee Dee McLean, Edwin Towers resident and our newest garden manager. Many thanks go to Santiago Gonzales for his years of wonderful assistance. It’s also the case that Edwin Towers has a new Resident Director, Delois Quick, who is very supportive of the garden. With all that being said, the garden has not been well-tended this past year. It’s time to start fresh and we’ve got the team to do it. So, if you want a small plot to plants flowers or herbs or whatever, contact Dee Dee at 704492-1439. She is planning fall clean-up day and your assistance would be appreciated. If you already have a plot, call Dee Dee and re-register. The Dovetail Garden is an ongoing project that brings the residents of Edwin Towers (10th and Church) and the Fourth Ward neighborhood closer together. The impetus for the garden came from McColl Center visiting artist Joan Bankemper whose whimsical birdhouses grace the garden and the neighborhood. The garden plots are small, the soil is rich and the companionship can’t be beat.

Prepping for the Holiday Home Tour – A recount of the self-imposed stress of preparing our house for the tour By Rob Cummings Past President FOFW

We made the commitment to the tour last December right after the 2007 campaign was completed. We had laid low for five years. But we had told the Home Tour committee that we would be back on the tour once our sunroom addition was completed. The sunroom was now complete, no more babies were on the way and the house just needed some “freshening up” to be ready this time around. At least that is what we told ourselves. Then reality set in. The Charlotte Observer photographer called – in September – to shoot the house for the Observer home tour spread – that would be published in December! This is when the first blip on the HTSM (the home tour stress meter) appeared. I am a perfectionist and if I had my druthers, we would have the fall months off from work to prepare for the tour. But not only would we not have the fall off, we would face the toughest economy we have seen in our lifetimes, my wife Lana would switch careers and I would take on an out-of-town consulting assignment for four days per week. Then everything that could go wrong with the house, did go wrong. So much for “freshening up” during stable times. We weren’t even in October and the HTSM was already peaking. In September and October, we experienced two different roof leaks, four rooms with buckles in the carpet, two air conditioning units going out, a broken garage door, broken outdoor lighting and the umpteenth stain in the upstairs carpet prompting a full carpet replacement. Right around the first of October I made the call to committee chairperson, Lynn Weis, to see if there was an option to “wait until next year.” Lynn was literally walking out the door to catch a flight to Europe for a well-deserved vacation. In Lynn’s nice way, he basically told me that wasn’t an option. Did I really think that I, past president of FOFW and the neighborhood nuisance on getting other families to commit to the tour, could really back out? Lynn set me straight pretty quickly. So despite the first carpet stretcher telling us he couldn’t fix the carpets and the roofers misfiring on the leaks multiple times, we were back in before we could blink an eye. By Nov. 1, it really was “go time” and the HTSM was reaching new heights. The one thing the tour does is it forces you to do all of the things you continually put off. Wiping down baseboards, dusting, cleaning the carpets and upholstery, pressure washing outside, cleaning bookshelves, repainting some ceilings and walls, and, of course, de-cluttering. Let’s just say that Goodwill has had numerous donations from the Cummings household this fall. By Thanksgiving, my mom and her brother came to decorate the house for the holidays. Decorating is their hobby and our house is their experiment. I vetoed about 1 in 4 of their experiments but ended up with a giant sleigh in our courtyard, imported straight from Maryland. Don’t ask why my mother even owns a giant sleigh – that’s just Mom. So as I write this article, we are a mere days before the tour begins. The house is far from perfect but we are as ready as we can be. The neighborhood decorations have gone up. The Christmas lights on the Victorians are illuminating the neighborhood each evening. The condos are lit up with a smorgasbord of decorations and colors behind each window. And the horse-drawn carriages carry interested onlookers through what I believe to be the most unique neighborhood in all of Charlotte.

Check out the Friends of Fourth Ward on-line at

This is why we do it! The home tour is truly a special event for our neighborhood. And we are certainly honored to participate. So please enjoy our home but ignore all of the little things we weren’t able to get to. At least we can sit back for at least five more years. And don’t be surprised if you get the call next year so that I can officially pass along the HTSM. Happy holidays.

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The Fourth Ward Times • 

2008 Tour Homes The Abrams Residence

The Palmer Residence

Trademark Condominiums 333 West Trade Street, Unit 700

Fifth and Poplar Condominiums 300 West Fifth Street, Unit 424 As reported earlier this year in the Observer, the Palmers are among a small, but growing number of people with homes in the suburbs and Uptown – well, if you can call Greensboro a Charlotte suburb. This unit provides the entire family a real getaway.

This unit provided Mark and Iris a unique opportunity to combine two units into a single 3,500 square foot condo on one level with an 85-foot terrace looking over the Fourth Ward. Originally destined to be commercial space, they were able to customize the floor plan achieving both the desired room types and sizes on one floor. The owners worked with local Charlotte providers including kitchen design, lighting, custom furniture and modern furniture to complete the unit. From the front hallway, you enter a large open living, dining and kitchen area that faces the terrace. The kitchen includes a full array of Miele stainless steel appliances, stainless steel countertops, integrated sinks and an islandlength stainless steel hood. Completing the kitchen are black oak Italian cabinets and a white onyx backsplash. There are three bedrooms and full baths with the master bedroom currently being used as a quilting/sewing room. The bathrooms include both ceramic and marble tiles and Italian vanities with stainless steel or concrete sinks. Additional rooms include a library and an L-shaped combination pool table room and entertainment center with a wet bar. The library has 10-foot floor-to-ceiling walnut bookcases with additional walnut bookcases in the hallways. The flooring throughout is engineered rosewood and furnishings include modern German and Italian leather seating and older solid wood furniture. Also installed were a modern Italian chandelier and floor lamp along with modern ceiling fans. Art in the condo includes works by Charlotte-based artists Eric Andersen (wall sculpture) and Anatoly Tsiris (large wooden vases), both of whom exhibited at the McColl Center. Other art works from outside the region include oils, acrylics, animation cels and a large Alaskan whalebone carving. Enjoy your walk through the home and be sure and ask all the quilting questions you want.

First Presbyterian Church 200 West Trade Street “For Christ in the Heart of Charlotte” Organized in 1821 as the Queen City’s first church, First Presbyterian Church holds a commanding presence in Uptown Charlotte. The shaded church complex stretches a full city block between Trade and Church streets, rubbing shoulders with homes in Fourth Ward, titan towers of finance and the thriving commercial district of North Carolina’s largest city. Scots-Irish Presbyterians acquired the property in 1835, and the congregation quickly outgrew its first building. A second structure was erected on the site in 1857 in grand Gothic Revival style. Inside, sterling silver chandeliers and Tiffany stained glass illuminate the sprawling sanctuary and add to its long and rich history. First Presbyterian’s contributions to Charlotte have been much more than architectural. As part of its commitment to be “For Christ in the Heart of Charlotte,” it has been a mainstay for those who live and work downtown, as well as throughout the city. In 1947, the church opened Charlotte’s first enrichment center for working mothers that later became the Community School of the Arts, serving thousands of students. The church also houses the city’s largest Loaves and Fishes pantry and is involved in over 30 outreach ministries. First Presbyterian offers worship services on Sunday mornings at 9 and 11 a.m.; Crossroad, an informal Sunday evening service at 5 p.m.; and a mid-week service and lunch at noon on Wednesdays. First Presbyterian invites you to join us for our regular worship services as well as our special Christmas Eve and Christmas Day worship services. For more information, visit

Skyline Terrace

912 Garden District Drive


This small but chic condo has one bedroom and one bath and is owned by John and Paschelle Palmer. Its compact kitchen features granite countertops, stainless appliances and a stacked washer/dryer in the corner pantry, with a breakfast bar opening into a larger living area. An overstuffed green leather couch and lounge chair offer comfortable seating while watching the flat-screen TV. Floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors lead to the balcony overlooking the beautiful courtyard. The bedroom is ample size featuring a green contemporary queen iron bed facing a hand-painted Demilune. For relaxing before bedtime, there is a contemporary leather rocker in one corner with a brushed stainless floor lamp for reading behind it. Just outside of the closet doorway is an oversized cathedral mirror perfect for last-minute adjustments. Brands include Leathercraft, Lam Lee, Uttermost, Thomasville, Pier One and Sharp.

The Cummings Residence The Colonel Moses W. Alexander Estate 423 North Pine Street This three-and-a-half story brick residence with attached north wing suite fronts beautiful Fourth Ward Park. The residence was constructed in 1989 and was built on the site that was part of a land grant from Royal Governor Josiah Martin in 1775 to Colonel Moses W. Alexander, the first High Sheriff of Mecklenburg. This 3,750square-foot contemporary residence was designed by local architect, Bruce Keith, to blend into its surroundings from Fourth Ward, while maintaining an open interior with distinctive curves and nooks throughout. Take note of other unique features such as the brick wall in the great room, decks outside the guest suite and on the roof, and the master suite with kitchenette and back entrance. The Cummings’ family currently resides at the home which they purchased in 2003. Since purchasing the home, the kitchen and master suite/bathroom have been completely remodeled, and a new sunroom was constructed off of the kitchen to provide additional space for dining and entertaining. Among the unique features of the home: • North Pine Street used to run directly through to Eight Street. When the city added the walkway and fountain to dead-end the street, the large front patio was added to the home. The patio features a raised planter and artifacts from New Orleans. • The brick on the great room wall was purchased from the original Belk department store site where the 60-story Bank of America world headquarters building now stands. • The sunroom and small back patio were completed in 2007 adding an additional 400 square feet to the home. The brick inside the sunroom was the original brick on the outside of the house. The sunroom replaced a back patio. • The guest suite has a private balcony overlooking the front patio and Fourth Ward Park. • The master bedroom features a kitchenette and a back entrance to the garage and north side of the house. • On the top floor (the children’s suite), there is a large mural of the inaugural Carolina Panthers game against the Chicago Bears on Aug. 3, 1996. • The ladder in the children’s suite leads to a roof deck with spectacular views of Uptown.

Settler’s Place

Cedar Street Commons



229 North Church, #200

238 Cedar St., #6


421 N. Laurel Ave.


Scott Hartis, Realtor • 704-756-7862 ®

The Fourth Ward Times • 

The Sawicki Residence

The Day Residence

Fifth & Poplar Condominiums 300 West Fifth Street, Unit 418

Trademark Condominiums 333 West Trade Street, Unit 1701 Priscilla and Chuck’s three-bedroom condo is located in the heart of Fourth Ward at the corner of Fifth and Poplar Streets. It’s a lowrise condominium built around a city block with a beautifully landscaped private courtyard in the center. The building is within walking distance of all Center City venues from sports to theater to museums and restaurants. Amenities include a private pool and putting green, a fitness center, a 24-hour concierge service, a Starbucks coffee bar and a Harris Teeter grocery store.

The Sawickis created a 2,150-square-foot “combo” by combining two two-bedroom condos in 2007. Features include a large kitchen with granite countertops and a walk-in pantry, separate living and dining rooms, and two balconies overlooking the picturesque private courtyard and historic Fourth Ward. An oversized master bedroom and bathroom were designed to be a retreat from the main living area. Also included with the condo is a storage closet on the same floor and two parking spaces in the underground garage. Growing up around the world as “Army brats” and continuing to enjoy traveling far and near, this condo is decorated with mementos from such places as Japan, Germany, Egypt, Cuba and Canada. Chuck and Priscilla left Florida after 20 years to retire to Center City. They love the diversity and friendliness of Fifth & Poplar and invite you to come and see why.

McNinch House Restaurant 511 North Church Street (Sunday Only) Built at the turn of the 20th century, the home was originally constructed by the Liddell family, though it was the residence of the McNinch family for most of its history. Sam McNinch, the first of four Sam McNinches, served as the mayor of Charlotte from 1905 to 1907. At his invitation, President Taft came to Charlotte and visited the McNinch home. In 1926, S.S. McNinch (Sam the First) passed away and was survived by four children, one of whom, Miss Mattie McNinch, never married and resided in the home until 1978. As part of the Fourth Ward revitalization effort, the home was purchased by an enterprising Ellen Davis. Ellen has operated several signature businesses to help fund the ongoing restoration. Her most notable project, The McNinch House Restaurant, is Charlotte’s highest-rated fine-dining restaurant.

It all started with a trip to the Westin Hotel to see if their famous “Westin Beds” were all they were cracked up to be. They were and we fell in love with Charlotte. So, goodbye Norfolk, Va., and welcome to our new home at the Trademark Condominiums. Our 17thfloor location on West Trade Street affords us an outstanding view of Fourth Ward and Uptown Charlotte. We have discovered over the years that Condo living is ideal for us. We look back on the many years of yard and outside maintenance we endured, and wonder why we hadn’t “gone condo” years ago. Trademark also offers us a beautiful pool, a well-equipped fitness room, and a Club Room among its many amenities. We find that almost everything we need is within walking distance and we use our car only two or three days a week. Our home is 1,100 square feet, which we, as retired empty-nesters, have discovered is more than adequate to our needs. Our unit is described as having one bedroom and a den. Ninety-nine percent of the time it is used as a den; however, when we have overnight guests we can convert it to a second bedroom in less than 10 minutes by using an inflatable queen-size bed. The den also has a full bathroom and closet, as well as a privacy screen, making it very comfortable and efficient. Thank you for visiting our home. We wish all of you the best this Holiday Season and in the New Year.

The Livingston Residence Avenue Condominiums 210 N. Church, Unit 1309 Welcome to my “Eastern Shore of Maryland” inspired home at The Avenue. It is so great to have you see this new high-rise condominium building! When I started adding my “touch” to my condo in November 2007, I found it to be more traditional rather than contemporary as the typical Uptown condo would be decorated.

The Liddell-McNinch House is of the authentic Queen Anne/Shingle style. Participants of the Fourth Ward Preliminary Survey, sponsored by the Mecklenburg County Landmarks Commission in March 1975, felt that it was possibly the finest representation of that style in North Carolina. The house currently stands on the National Historic Register. The exterior of the house is covered with shingles on the upper portion, clapboards on the lower portion and patterned slate on the roof. Tower, wings, gables and porches are massed together and topped with an eyebrow window. The interior has fine, richly molded woodwork, upstairs and down. The 10 fireplaces are all tiled and there is a three-way fireplace opening into the foyer, library and dining room.

With the standard raw concrete ceilings and columns, it was necessary to work them into the look I was trying to achieve. One of the reasons I loved this floor plan is because of the “openness” of the entire area and having a door to my bedroom (most one-bedroom condos only have a half-bedroom wall). The view is also a hit – you can see much of east/ northeast Charlotte as well as the entire Bank of America corporate tower (“the City view”). Best of both worlds!

Fennimore Residence 323 West Ninth Street Constructed on its present site as a one-story, four-room house, records indicate this home was in use as a residence in 1897. The house has been remodeled and added on to several times since then. The present owners rebuilt much of the earlier additions. They have converted the attic into four rooms and a bath, added an outside storage area, a screened porch and rearranged the access to the original rooms. The two fireplace mantels on the west side of the house are original, while those on the east side were added during a much earlier remodeling. The kitchen has been remodeled again in the last five years. Many of the furnishings have been refinished by the present owners and the bookcases in the library were designed and built by the current owners. The Fennimores have lived in this house since 1977.


The sunrise in the mornings is absolutely gorgeous. Growing up on the water in Maryland is the reason for so many “shore” things in my condo. A handcarved duck from M.R. Ducks is on the left side of my bookshelf, the framed map of the eastern shore in my foyer is personalized with special areas and times in my life, and the “Maryland” lamp in the living room are just some of the unique additions. You’ll also see many owls – they are representative of my sorority, Chi Omega. My condo has come together with ideas and craftsmanship of my family. My mom is responsible for the paint choices, curtains in my bedroom and oriental rug. She helped make the whole look come together. The chair rail in the foyer and the wooden chest in the bedroom were handcrafted by my dad, making each very special. Hope you enjoy seeing a little Salisbury, Maryland, in Charlotte, North Carolina!




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Valid through January 10th. Not valid 12/31/08. Not Valid for Celebrity shows. Not to be combined with other offers. Based on 20 or more attending. Reservations are required. Seats are limited.

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Not valid 12/31/08. Not to be combined with other offers. Reservations are required. Seats are limited. Not Valid for Celebrity shows

2909 North Davidson Street, Charlotte Next to the YMCA in the NoDa District


The Fourth Ward Times • 

Recent Condo/Townhome Sales in Fourth Ward Ba











$ SqFt

% Ask




626 North Graham







Fourth Ward






Avenue Condominiums







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701 North Church







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$310,484 1009.563

Data Derived from the monthly Marsoun Report, courtesy of

Dennis Marsoun Center City Realty • 704-236-7119

Fourth Ward On-Street Residential Parking Program By Mark Schnoor

Current Program: Permits are required for on-street parking 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Two-hour visitor parking allowed without decal. (Although, only being enforced 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., M-F)

After reviewing current parking issues and regulations this summer in four open meetings, the Friends of Fourth Ward Parking Committee, consisting of a diverse section of Fourth Ward residents and one business owner, has recommended the following changes to Fourth Ward’s residential parking program:

Recommended Program: Permits are required for on-street parking



Currents Sailing into

t he Dawn



CATCH THE CURRENT Lake Norman CURRENTS premier issue is now available! Pick up yours at any Lake Norman area Harris Teeter or Lowes Foods, or email for your complimentary copy.

Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Thursday through Saturday, 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. Two-hour visitor parking allowed without decal. Booklets of guest passes will also be available for a small fee to qualified residents. Following neighborhood communications such as the Nov. 6 email blast and the meeting to hear public comment on Nov.

10, The Friends of Fourth Ward Board will present the changes to CDOT for approval and will work with CDOT to develop a suitable guest pass process. It is the Board’s objective to implement the approved changes by January 2009. For further information, contact Mark Schnoor, Vice President, Friends of Fourth Ward, at

%URINGTHE)OLIDAY4EASON Duvall Investment Group, Inc. would like to graciously thank each and every one of our homeowners for making us the premier Association management company of Charlotte.


LNC Cover Sig.indd 1

11/7/08 11:17:31 AM

We wish each of you a joyous Holiday season and a very prosperous New Year!




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into Sailing

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Year’s Eve for Open Bar & Buffet


New Chef ’s Table Now at McNinch House Just in time for the holidays, The McNinch House Restaurant invites you to experience our new Chef’s Table. Guests will encounter a variety of flavors and sensations, and enjoy the finest in ingredients, technique, and service. Owner and original chef Ellen Davis will assist Chef Chris in detailing the evolution of the recipes and courses. Wine pairings are coordinated with Wine Steward Anthony Wesley to showcase Chef Chris’ unique vision for each course. The original kitchen still is just steps away in what served as a family dining room, and the chef’s table is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling cabinets filled with the house collection of china and crystal.The chef’s table is available by reservation only and accommodates from four to eight guests. Please join us for an unparalleled evening of fine dining at the chef’s table at McNinch House.

Join us on New Come to Charleston - Charlotte’s #1 New Year’s Eve Destination! 1291 Folly Rd, Charleston 843/762.5696

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Join the FOFW Annual (calendar year) membership fees are: • 20 for individual households • 10 per household when a Homeowners’ Association pays for its entire membership • 50 for commercial entities Send your check to: Friends of Fourth Ward PMB 370 100 N. Tryon St., Ste. B220, Charlotte, NC 28202 Be sure to include your name, address, telephone, and email address

Neighborhood Groups and Classes Join the “Supper Club� Book Club, most of whose

members live in Fourth Ward. The book club meets every second Tuesday of the month at 7 pm at a local restaurant. If you are interested, contact Caryn Lee at (704) 333-6552 or Walking group – The 400 N. Church group leaves their courtyard at 6:15 a.m. weekdays and walks 3 miles.

Selling Your Home – A Systematic Approach By Paul Koehnke The key to avoiding the problems and stress that plague many home sellers is to have a system for handling all of the details. When you have a step-by-step system that you can sit down and implement, one step at a time, the entire task of selling your home becomes much clearer and more manageable. To put the odds of achieving your goals strongly in your favor, you need to know and understand the six-step home selling process. This process is not based on some theory out of a textbook. It has been tested and proven over many years and thousands of successful transactions.

Research available, under contract and closed sales to determine vital statistics of your area such as: • Average list price • Average sales price • Percentage of listed homes that actually sell • List to sales price ratio • Average days on market

Step 1 - Understanding Market Conditions And Pricing Your Home Step 2 - Calculating Your Bottom Line Step 3 - Preparing Your Home For Sale Step 4 - Marketing And Showing Your Home Step 5 - Negotiation And Contract Step 6 - Closing And Moving

The value of anything, including houses, is determined by the supply and demand. If there are lots of sellers and few buyers, prices tend to go down and houses take longer to sell. This is referred to as a “buyer’s market.� On the other hand, if there are many eager buyers, but few homes for sale, prices will rise and houses will sell very quickly. This is a “seller’s market.�

Thanks go to:

Taking the time to learn and going one step at a time will pay off big in the end when you achieve your goal – a fast, smooth sale at top dollar!

Friends of Fourth Ward would like to extend our appreciation to the following major sponsors of the 2007 Holiday Home Tour:

So Where Do You Start??

Allen Tate - Center City Lite 102.9 Shane McDevitt - Helen Adams Realty Center City Realty Karla Moore - Metro Charlotte Realty Duvall Investment Group Charlotte Center City Partners Harper’s Restaurant Group Mike Sposato - Carolina Realty Advisors Dan De La Portilla - Re/Max Cosmopolitan The VUE Charlotte Blvd. Co. - 701 North Church Townhomes Scott Lindsley - Urban Realty Spectrum Properties - 300 S. Tryon Dunkin’ Donuts Roman Whittle - Merrill Lynch The Citadin GW Fins Connolly’s on 5th

As always, please see , Member Benefits link, to view special promotions that our Member Merchants may be currently offering.

The first step is also the most important. The one critical error that causes more sellers to foul up their sale and lose thousands of dollars is failing to understand market conditions. You need to know exactly what is going on in your real estate market. Not just your neighborhood, either ... your whole area.


Next, take a look at your neighborhood. Compare your home to others based on criteria such as style, size, number of bedrooms and baths, garage, basement, pool, view, lot size, etc. You should soon get a good feel for what price your home should bring given the current market conditions. Remember: Keep your emotions in check and just look at the facts!

By Robert Touchstone There is no better way to celebrate the holiday season than to take in a cultural experience with friends and family. Shopping, entertaining and cooking can create lots of stress this time of year, and there is no better way to de-stress than by escaping into an art form that intrigues, inspires and entertains. Charlotte has a wealth of opportunity, and Fourth Ward is right in the backyard of Charlotte’s cultural oasis.

and presenting company.


Your area may be at one extreme or the other, but most likely is somewhere in between.

Get Some Holiday Culture

I have compiled a list of some seasonal offerings to help guide            you on your journey for holiday culture. Please be mindful that   list is not a complete list of all Charlotte offerings, just a list An Artful Representation of Yourself this of events in the Uptown area. This list is organized by venue

Wedding invitation calligraphy menu cards and artful notes

What is happening in your area? Are home sales brisk, or a bit on the slow side? Are there factors such as new businesses or factory openings/closings that are affecting your market?

Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte – off-Broadway fare in Uptown Charlotte • “The Santaland Diariesâ€?...................... December 10 – 21 • “The Eight: Reindeer Monologuesâ€?....... December 10 - 21 More information at or by calling (704) 342-2251. Children’s Theatre of Charlotte – transforming the way people experience children’s theatre • “The Velveteen Rabbitâ€?........................ December 12 – 22 More information at or by calling (704) 973-2828.

Clayworks Studio and Gallery – dedicated to the promotion and development of the ceramic art • Holiday Ceramics Sale............................. December 5 – 6 More information at or by calling (704) 344-0795. NC Blumenthal Performing Arts Center - educating in and through the performing arts Belk Theatre Charlotte Symphony – or (704) 972-2000 • “Magic of Christmasâ€?.......................... December 5 – 7 • “Messiahâ€?...............................................December 17 North Carolina Dance Theatre – or (704) 372-0101 • “The Nutcrackerâ€?............................ December 12 – 21 McGlohon Theatre Carolina Actors Studio Theatre (CAST) – • “A Tuna Christmasâ€?......................... December 19 – 28 Booth Playhouse NC Blumenthal Performing Arts Center – • “Sister’s Christmas Catechismâ€?.......... December 2 – 14 If you are looking for more events, please check out www., your resource for cultural events in the Charlotte region. If you have other questions about Charlotte culture, please email me at robert.touchstone@

Check out the Friends of Fourth Ward on-line at sumcad graphic design inc. Want Madison Avenue quality without paying Madison Avenue prices? Don’t spend a fortune - just look like you did!

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Websites of Interest Upcoming events in the Center City Service References - – once logged in, select “Handyman References” in the left-hand menu for a listing of service providers recommended by your neighbors. They vary from auto repair to chair caning. Safety Distribution List - Please visit the new safety web site for Uptown for information about crime issues, receive crime alerts, post comments on the blog, and links onto safety-related Web sites.

First Night Charlotte Returns for New Year’s Eve 2008 The year was 1995 – O.J. was declared “not guilty,” Tom Hanks won his second Oscar for his role as Forrest Gump, a gallon of gas costs $1.12 and First Night, one of the area’s most popular public events, was last held in Charlotte. Well, move over 1995 because this year the First Night festivities return to the Center City! Begun in Boston in 1976, First Night is an alcohol-free community celebration of the New Year that is now celebrated in over 200 cities internationally. Entertainment, art, ritual and festivities are all intertwined at First Night. The celebration aims to advance the public’s appreciation of visual and performing arts through an innovative, diverse and high-quality New Year’s Eve program that offers a shared cultural experience, accessible and affordable to all. First Night continues the ancient tradition of marking the passage of time but provides an alternative to the usual way present-day celebrants usher in the New Year (i.e., lots of alcohol and adulttype partying). A program of Charlotte Center City Partners, and presented by WBTV and the Arts & Science Council, First Night Charlotte is created by and for the community.

To REPORT STREET LIGHT OUTAGES Committed to delivering - Click “Report a Power Outage” you right South under the “Public Safety” tab. Next, select the to Carolinas Carolina’s newcomers link. On the right-hand side should be the “Request Lighting Get There First!mark the Repair” link. Click there to access the form. Please Be the first to introduce light pole with blue tape to help the Duke Power repairmen.

Next FOFW Neighborhood Meetings:

Eighth and Tryon Streets We customize these magazines for leading real Street) estate companies, who (Use the stairwell entrance on Eighth

in turn distribute the magazines throughtheirrelocationdepartments, James A. Molnar local school districts, large and small Associate Publisher, businesses and their local Chambers Com merce.Division Your advertisement Corporate and Consumer of Magazine will stand out in this annual publica tion – we limit the number of advertisers per industry category. Grady Johnson, Call us TODAY to reserve your CEO and Group Publisherspot, before it’s too late!

Friends of Fourth Ward Times is published by SCBIZ (843) 849-3100 News, LLC, publishers of the Charleston Business Journal, Columbia Regional Business Review, GSA Business, and SC BIZ Magazine.

The evening will culminate with a countdown to midnight and grand finale at the main stage located at 300 South Tryon, where WBTV News will broadcast live. The main stage area will also feature a resolution wall where kids of all ages can add their New Year resolutions. As a safe, affordable, family-friendly and entertaining option for New Year’s Eve, First Night Charlotte will unquestionably be a family favorite. Admission buttons will go on sale throughout the community beginning Thanksgiving weekend and will cost $10. Children 12 and under are free. For more information, visit www.

Committed to delivering you right to South Carolina’s newcomers Get There First! Be the first to introduce your products and services!

your products and services!

Newcomers are a very valuable source of new business for many companies – large and small. Intro is the only fully customizable newcomer’s guide in the Carolinas that is distributed by real estate firms directly — before the move! Intro is a glossy relocation Last Monday of the month, 7 p.m. magazine that caters to the recently First United Methodist Churchmoved or those about to relocate.

The festivities will run from 3 p.m. until midnight right in the heart of Center City, with many of the exciting elements conveniently located just steps from light rail stops. Nontraditional locations (bank lobbies, municipal buildings, churches and balconies), traditional locations (theaters and auditoriums), as well as the outdoor cityscape (fountains, streets, building facades and plazas) will play host to a wide array of programs, exhibitions and shows at the same time, making First Night a truly unique experience that cannot be missed.

Newcomers are a very valuable source of new business for many companies – large and small. Intro is the only fully customizable newcomer’s guide in the Carolinas that is distributed by real estate firms directly — before the move! Intro is a glossy relocation magazine that caters to the recently moved or those about to relocate. We customize these magazines for leading real estate companies, who in turn distribute the magazines throughtheirrelocationdepartments, local school districts, large and small businesses and their local Chambers of Com merce. Your advertisement will stand out in this annual publica tion – we limit the number of advertisers per industry category. Call us TODAY to reserve your spot, before it’s too late!

newcomers newcomers guide guidenewcomers guide newcomers guide

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Historic district? Sullivan’s Island? Waterfront condo?

Salvador Deli and Catering

What are you looking for in your lowcountry vacation home? More time to perfect your backhand? Miles and miles of beaches? A convenient boat launch? Bryan Pack’s passion is locating homes in Charleston to complement the lifestyle of his buyers. Whether you are searching for an historic home on the peninsula, a contemporary property near the ocean or a quaint getaway somewhere in-between, he will help guide you to that special one. Call Bryan to start your search today. The choices are heavenly.


Bryan A. Pack, GRI

3215 North Davidson St., Charlotte, NC 28205

843.697.2322 (cell) • 843.577.6651 (office) •

Located in the historic North Davidson Arts District Join us for the NoDa Gallery Crawls • Sandwiches & Wraps • Open SUNDAYS!

(704) 334-2344

Give the Gift of Organization this Holiday Season. complimentary consultation | 704.527.5505 | Address Address 4324 Barringer Drive, Charlotte

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As part of our charter for Friends of Fourth Ward, we are charged with enhancing our neighborhood. What better way to do that than hosting a volunteer day and choosing a project that benefits everyone? In October, we participated in the Hands On Charlotte Day and chose Elmwood Cemetery. We had over 20 volunteers who spent the better part of a Saturday cleaning up parts of the cemetery. It was a great opportunity to come together to benefit a neighborhood treasure. Thanks to Jolene Kares who coordinated the event. We plan to host similar volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

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Friends of Fourth Ward - 2008 Holiday Home Tour Issue  
Friends of Fourth Ward - 2008 Holiday Home Tour Issue  

The Nov/Dec 2009 edition of the Friends of Fourth Ward Times ~ Featuring the annual Holiday Home Tour.