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Vesterålen is full of stunning nature and experiences all year round. Photo: Tor Ynvge Andreassen

Vesterålen in the Arctic archipelago – a wonderful place for both locals and tourists The north-western archipelago in Norway is the ideal location for adventures and breathtaking nature experiences. The fjords, the tropical-looking beaches, the snowy mountains and the lush islands make up a beautiful quilt of colours and shades, and the proximity to the gulf stream allows for a multitude of life at sea and on land.

sun; or go in the winter, and you might be lucky and experience them under the magical northern lights. In addition, the local wildlife includes reindeer, red foxes, seals, moose and a plethora of birds, including several rare species.

By Alyssa Nilsen  |  Photos: Visit Vesterålen

At the heart of it all is Vesterålen, a district aiming to be the perfect destination for locals and tourists alike. Despite its location north of the Polar Circle, it has a mild climate compared to most places at the same latitude. As a result, visiting and experiencing the area and all it has to offer is possible all year through. Whether you’re into winter sports or animal spotting or you just enjoy surrounding yourself with scenic nature, there are plenty of offers to choose between. 86  |  Issue 134  |  March 2020

Whales and wildlife Vesterålen is one of the few places in the world where you can go whale spotting all year round. In Andenes, north on the island of Andøya, you can experience whale safaris with a whale-spotting guarantee; if no whales are spotted, you get your money back. Due to the non-invasive  methods of approaching the whales, you get to see the giants of the sea up close, without inflicting harm or stress. Go in the summer and see the majestic animals in the glow of the midnight

In 2023, a brand-new whale centre will be ready at Andøya, with a design so

Photo: Marten Bril