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Extraordinary: ‘Spalt‘ and ‘Radius’ ring.

Uniting: ‘Bogen’ and ‘EinKant’.

Special: ‘Spalt’ ring with navette diamond.

The perfect wedding ring fits like a shiny second skin Finding the perfect ring, as everyday jewellery or especially for weddings, is not an easy task. Often enough the ring is too wide or thick and, even though very pretty, simply too uncomfortable to wear. With ‘ergonomische RINGE’ the family Matthias, Peter and Maike Thomas have found the perfect solution: ergonomically formed rings, naturally enveloping the finger like a second skin. TEXT: JESSICA HOLZHAUSEN  I  PHOTOS: MATTHIAS & MAIKE THOMAS

Every ‘ergonomische RINGE’ ring fits just one, unique person and is handmade to measure, which makes even broad rings comfortable to wear without bothering the wearer when doing daily tasks.“When, for example, a couple comes to one of our ateliers, we take a lot of time for consultation,” says Maike Thomas, who created the concept for ergotrauringe together with two uncles. Unlike other rings, ‘ergonomische RINGE’ are angular, thus following the line of the finger. This also means the ring does not slip or turn around on the finger.“We measure the angle and the ring size, consider all possibilities and details and, together with the couple, develop a unique and very personal pair of rings.” With a consultation in-between to make sure the measurements are indeed correct, in the end customers will have a ring they actually co-created. 8  |  Issue 51  |  June 2017

Currently, customers can choose between eight different collections and many possible material combinations. The ergotrauringe design is straightforward, with clear lines and structured materials, brushed golden surfaces create a matte and soft sheen. To create a delicate twist, customers can for example choose to combine two colours, add a gap or gemstones. “About two decades ago, the idea to make ergonomically shaped rings was born in my uncle’s workshop,” says Maike Thomas. “My uncle Matthias Thomas is a very practical man and to him this was obvious: if the finger is attached to the hand in a slightly tilted way, the ring has to be formed likewise.” Matthias Thomas discussed the idea with his family: “Over time my other uncle, Peter, and I joined the project,” says Maike Thomas. “Together we developed the idea

of an ergonomic shape further, worked out new designs, exchanged our views and now have three workshop-ateliers – in south, north and west – to make our clients happy.” Matthias Thomas has his atelier east of Stuttgart, Peter Thomas works in Soltau in Lower Saxony and Maike in Alsdorf near Aachen. www.ergotrauringe.de Precious: ‘Feingold’ ring; inner ring made out of fine gold.

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Discover Germay, Issue 51, June 2017  

Discover Germany promotes German, Swiss & Austrian Design, Tourism, Food, Culture and Business.

Discover Germay, Issue 51, June 2017  

Discover Germany promotes German, Swiss & Austrian Design, Tourism, Food, Culture and Business.