Discover Germany, Issue 83, February 2020

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Stapferhaus Lenzburg. Photo: Ralph Feiner, © Stapferhaus

FAKE – An interactive adventure for the whole family The Stapferhaus in Lenzburg puts the big questions of our times front and centre. What shapes our lives? What moves our country and the world? The topical exhibition FAKE. The Whole Truth deals with the topic of truth versus lies. TEXT: CORNELIA BRELOWSKI

The cultural institution has been shedding light on relevant contemporary questions for the past 60 years and brings them to life with sensual, experience-based ‘exhibition worlds’. As a place for dialogue, inspiration and revelations, the Stapferhaus welcomes both the young and the old, experts and amateurs, supporters and opponents – in short, all those who want to explore the big contemporary topics of our existence. Situated right by the Lenzburg train station, the new building features pioneering architecture. The unique wooden structure was created to encourage constant change: walls can be shifted, floors can be opened and staircases moved. Every two years, a new, interactive exhibition can be experi52  |  Issue 83  |  February 2020

enced at the Stapferhaus across approximately 1,500 square metres of floor space. For the FAKE. The Whole Truth exhibition, the Stapferhaus has morphed into the ‘department of the whole truth’. This new ‘institution’ deals with truth-meddling phenomena of our times such as fake news, fake identities and profiles through to cheating politicians – because one thing is for sure: never has there been more ‘fakeness’ in our lives than today. And we are at the front line, constantly asking ourselves: What is real, what is a lie? Whom can or should we trust? The fictitious department of truth invites everyone to get to the bottom of things. Which lies are important or necessary and which are deadly? While roaming the offices, visitors will

check facts, meet decision makers as well as lying fish, and they will also have the opportunity to discuss truth in love and everyday life. A great opportunity for the whole family. The exhibition can be experienced in English, German and French. For kids aged six and above, the ‘Kinderspur’ provides special child-related explorations. Guided tours and exhibition-related workshops are available for all ages.

FAKE. The Whole Truth will be running until 28 June 2020. Stapferhaus Bahnhofstrasse 49 5600 Lenzburg Opening hours, exhibition and bistro: Tuesdays through to Sundays, 9am–5pm Thursdays, 9am–8pm