Discover Germany, Issue 81, December 2019

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one on one with Coachee and Co-Founder

Pointing your heart and mind towards the future What do we want from life, what are our goals? Mario Farber, trainer and coach for communication and change, believes that we often don’t have a clear vision, even though it’s regarding our most treasured asset: our life. Using various methods from mind mapping to hypnosis, Farber supports his clients – sometimes in a way that is provocative and direct, sometimes gentle and sympathetic, but always charismatic and goal-orientated. TEXT: MARILENA STRACKE  I  PHOTOS: FREDERIKE ASAEL (WWW.ASAEL.CH), COPYRIGHT: MARIO FARBER

Mario Farber is a passionate coach. Showing genuine interest, he asks pointed questions and quickly finds out what you want from life – or often what you don’t want. 120  |  Issue 81  |  December 2019

“This knowledge is extremely helpful,” begins Farber. “That’s why we often start with building an awareness. Here, clients think about their definition of vision, goal, wish and dream and, more impor-

tantly, what makes the difference. We frequently use these terms but when you write down your very own definition, you quickly realise that it’s not as clear-cut.” Farber, who was initially a lecturer and consultant, began coaching through his educational start-up, where he developed new methods to make learning at universities fun again. He came across neuro-linguistic programming and was immediately fascinated – because the way to success starts in your head: “I believe that you can achieve anything