Discover Germany, Issue 73, April 2019

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Taunerhaus Hörheusen: Extension as cluster of small houses.

The Distillers Zurich/Weinfelden-based architects Heidi Stoffel and Martin Schneider work on refining multiple ideas through constructive teamwork, a process which eventually leads to impressive, holistic results. TEXT: CORNELIA BRELOWSKI I PHOTOS: FALK VON TRAUBENBERG, HAMBURG

Stoffel Schneider Architekten strive to yield a conclusive answer from the particular location, the builder’s requests and the conditions and constellations at hand. That way, every task leads to a specific solution for each project, adapting to both context and requirements while interpreting the environment at the same time. The architects’ projects and buildings are the result of a close cooperation with the builder, developed together down to the choice of materials and constructive details, all the way through until handover day. By thoroughly checking possible variations and solutions, the initial requirements, the financial framework and the appointments are carefully balanced. Thus, buildings are created which harmoniously combine location with architec102  |  Issue 73  |  April 2019

tural quality, functionality and economical feasibility. “Our scope of duties is of a manifold nature,”explains architect and partner Martin Schneider.“It often includes the exterior as well as the interior – for new buildings, conversions as well as refurbishments. We enjoy working on both compact and largescale projects and embrace new challenges with each assignment.” Intensive collaborative search The architects are used to combining forces within a planning team and enjoy cultivating a constructive exchange of ideas. Depending on the project at hand, the team may include not only specialist planners, but also local planners and landscaping architects, interior designers as well

as sociologists. This interdisciplinary approach is both a challenging and inspiring source for individual solutions. It means taking the plunge into a deep and intense searching process together. Eventually, the coordination of all requirements and ideas leads to impressive results. Process and creation In the beginning, the initial idea often comes from the outside: “Designing, to us, means perceiving, exploring and finally implementing. A specific view, a fascinating material or the builder’s request for a specific sequence of rooms are the starting point for our architectural search.” From the first drafts and sketches through to implementation, many revisions and adjustments are taking place, continuously refining the outcome of a project. The multiple impulses of the collaborating team members help with forming the idea and often result in tailor-cut solutions, which over the course of the project are being further developed and condensed.