Discover Germany, Issue 69, December 2018

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Zurich city police at work with digital solutions from ELO.

Digitisation affects companies of all sizes and industries.

Würth Elektronik GmbH, part of the worldwide Würth Group, has been relying on ECM solutions from ELO for 20 years.


Nothing is more constant than change ELO Digital Office is one of the few companies that recognised the signs of digital transformation very early on. In times where the world did not believe in a paperless way of working, this German company chose to specialise in precisely that. Today, 20 years later, ELO is one of the leading experts in digitisation as well as efficient and visionary business processes. ELO Digital Office is a pioneer of the paperless office because it foresaw the digital transformation even before the Internet began to play a major role and when paper still dominated the office world. This wealth of experience and a broad global network are of the highest value to its customers. It should come as no surprise that today, ELO Digital Office successfully sells its products in over 40 different countries, has around 580 employees and is active in 21 locations including Jakarta, Boston, and Sydney. “In the beginning, it was mainly about archiving and retrieving documents,” recalls CEO Karl Heinz Mosbach.“We developed the basic idea a lot further and now also offer solutions for specialist departments. Many of our products are best practice solutions and, therefore, even better tailored to business requirements: we devel84  |  Issue 69  |  December 2018

op standard solutions for specific application needs – such as the digital personnel file and invoice and contract management – which help people to work faster and more efficiently.” On top of this, a number of intelligent components were added in recent years, such as tools to improve mobile working or for collaboration. Information exchange and intelligent data analysis are also important aspects, enabling customers to evaluate and view company data in graphical interfaces at the touch of a button. This increases transparency in the workplace and shows where there is optimisation potential by identifying weak spots and helping to prevent errors. “We offer a wide range of solutions,” Mosbach adds. “We would like to support companies in all areas of digitisation from start to finish.”

Whether it is a global corporation, the administration of Zurich, or a roofing company in Vienna, according to Mosbach, digitisation is relevant for companies of all sizes. Companies that deal with large volumes of documents that are processed manually particularly benefit from ELO solutions and their great potential for optimising work processes. “The fundamental requirement for digitisation is a corporate culture that is open to change,”explains Mosbach.“If you want to improve something, you need change. And that requires a collective effort.” ELO Digital Office is a strong partner, which actively supports its customers along this path. Karl Heinz Mosbach, CEO ELO Digital Office GmbH.