Discover Germany, Issue 64, July 2018

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Roasted with love As a traditional Swiss coffee roastery, Henauer Kaffee has been producing coffee of the highest quality for more than 120 years. At the same time, the innovative family business can certainly keep up with the latest demands and trends. Via the company’s online shop, customers can order numerous coffee varieties, teas and add-on products. And for those who would like to master the art of professional coffee making themselves, Henauer Kaffee even offers Barista masterclasses. Run as a fourth generation family business by the siblings Philipp and Stefanie Henauer, Henauer Kaffee is based in Höri, Switzerland. Here, the raw coffee beans from all over the world are collected and stored for further processing. “We take our time when roasting the coffee and process it with love and care,” says Philipp Henauer, CEO at Henauer Kaffee. “This way, we create a truly unique, great taste and the kind of product our quality seal stands for. We try to control every step of the process and are always on the lookout for new and exquisite coffees. Our aim is to provide every customer with their preferred taste and to offer a 34  |  Issue 64  |  July 2018

large range of different coffee products.” As a certified Bio Suisse company, Henauer Kaffee also produces the socalled ‘Demeter coffee’, which is made by using biodynamic methods. The roastery also offers a large range of teas, sugar and other add-on products, which can conveniently be ordered via the online shop. When it comes to current trends, Philipp Henauer has noticed that transparency becomes increasingly important. “The people want to know where a product comes from and how it has transformed from the raw bean to the final cup of coffee,” explains the CEO.


That is why the Henauer Kaffee Academy was founded in 2011. Here, both professionally and privately interested coffee lovers can learn everything about creating their favourite drink. “Our most popular courses are the ‘Homebarista’ and professional Barista courses, in which the participants learn about the preparation of coffee, milk foaming and the handling of the machine,” reveals Heanuer. “Equally exciting are our newest course additions: ‘Latteart’, filter coffee and sensor technology.”