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Headquarters in Mainburg.

From idyllic Bavaria out into the big wide world Whether a soldier on a mission, a policeman on tour, a paramedic in action or a forest worker who just cut down a tree, they all do a dangerous job day by day. Therefore, it is essential for them to get the best possible protection. One important thing here is good footwear to meet the hard everyday challenges. A company from Bavaria in Germany has made it their business to create high-quality functional shoes for exactly this occupational group. We are talking about HAIX. TEXT & PHOTOS: HAIX

For about 15 years, these high-quality functional shoes from Bavaria have been available all over the world. But the beginnings of the company, located in an idyllic town called Mainburg in Lower Bavaria, date back to much earlier; namely to 1948. Back then, founder Xaver Haimerl, who created the name HAIX by adding the X from his first name to the first three letters of his last name, has been primarily specialised in the production of safety as well as hiking boots. About 50 years later, his son Ewald Haimerl, himself deputy fire chief of his hometown’s fire service and professional shoemaker, had a brilliant idea that laid the foundation for the 80  |  Issue 55  |  October 2017

international success of HAIX. He developed an innovative leather firefighting boot - a product that has been constantly refined and improved since. In 2010, it was the FIRE HERO® – as the safest and most innovative firefighter boot that took the international market by storm. Firefighters from all over the world can hardly imagine doing their hard and exhausting work without them. But not only the firefighting sector: the development of the Ranger GSG9-S service boot is based on the experience and special mission requirements indicated by members of the German SWAT unit,

for example. In 2012, HAIX introduced its new, extremely successful product line Black Eagle Adventure, setting new standards for the leisure and sports sector. This sporty product line combines lightweight and high comfort with an athletic look and high functional safety. The HAIX Medical line has been designed for people working in emergency and rescue services and will be released before the end of 2017. Moreover, HAIX has developed special footwear for handThe FIRE HERO® 2.