Discover Germany, Issue 55, October 2017

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Planting for a better future

Left: Seeds are valuable, diverse and worth protecting. Plant something and preserve it for posterity. Middle: meinwoody is a sustainable and plastic-free plant cultivation set that includes organic seeds, substrate, an organic pot and a planting manual. Top right: The ‘do it yourself’ planting experience for everyone and every occasion. Right: The Seed Evolution GmbH is a specialist for sustainable planting and cultivation products. Bottom: meinwoody is proud award winner of the German culture and creative industries – a project by order of the German government.

Since its foundation in 2010, meinwoody has made the world a better place with their innovative plant cultivation sets – and the quest for the cultivation of nature’s most valuable treasures continues. Join the meinwoody revolution. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF  I  PHOTOS: MEINWOODY

With a focus on natural and biodiverse seeds from our hemispheres, meinwoody founder Ozan Durukan developed a plant cultivation set that comprises a coconut fibre pot, turf-free coconut fibre soil, organic fertiliser, a manual for planting and cultivation, as well as the wished seeds and a sugar cane fibre lid that composts itself. Of course, all components are produced with natural and renewable raw materials and the high-quality, sustainable flower, herb and vegetable seeds all stem from the seed pioneers ‘Bingenheimer’ and ‘Sativa Rheinau’.“After all, sustainability is the foundation of our company. We can’t produce goods at the expense of our planet. Everything is connected on our planet and, due to the increase of the global population, we have to develop a fundamental awareness of how we and the future generation will subsist. With meinwoody, we stand up for our planet,” smiles Durukan. 16  |  Issue 55  |  October 2017

He adds: “Our products produce life and meinwoody gives everyone the possibility to discover their green thumb. Every single time, it’s a special moment when a seed sprouts and unfolds its form.” Whether for private use, weddings, births, jubilee events or for companies, meinwoody has established a firm fanbase. “Together, we were and are able to transport sustainable messages into our society,” says Durukan. “It’s about our mission to sustainably and jointly cater for a better future. The more woodys we plant, the more we do for ourselves, our planet and its beautiful creatures – across all borders.” To spread the message ever further, Durukan also founded Seed Evolution in 2011 – a company that seeks to globalise meinwoody and produces further sustainable and innovative products like Terra Preta soil, renewable plant pots, organic

fertilisers and many new seed types. Furthermore, meinwoody constantly expands its B2B segment and has already collaborated with Bio Suisse or FlixBus. Cooperations with cities and municipalities like Coburg and Mannheim are additional aims. Future goals are the foundation of a co-working space to foster more start-ups and, last but not least, meinwoody will expand into the Swiss market in 2018. If you are interested in one of meinwoody’s great seeds, take a look at the following website. As winter is approaching, a Christmas tree cultivation set like the Nordmann fir might be a good present for a loved one – and our planet.