Discover Germany, Issue 54, September 2017

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Discover Germany  |  Special Theme  |  Best Art Galleries in Austria

Gallerist Cem Angeli (right) with painter Ahmet Oran (left).

Sculptures by Aron Demetz.

A new space for Europe’s multifaceted, contemporary art Discovering new art and exciting artists is always a challenge and a joy for art lovers and collectors. C.A. Contemporary is a new gallery in the heart of Vienna, focusing on contemporary art by outstanding European artists. Building bridges between different cultures and art forms is as important for the gallery, as is introducing new artists to the Austrian market and public. TEXT: JESSICA HOLZHAUSEN  I  PHOTOS: C.A. CONTEMPORARY

The gallery C.A. Contemporary, founded about one and a half years ago, is still somewhat of an insider tip. “The gallery is situated in an old ‘Gründerzeit’ house in the historic centre of Vienna,” says gallerist Cem Angeli. “Dedicated to international and contemporary paintings and sculptures, the gallery has so far organised various exhibitions and took part in art fairs.” At the end of September 2017, C.A. Contemporary for example is involved in an art fair at the Neue Burg Perchtoldsdorf (www. C.A. Contemporary intends to create connections between artists, collectors and cultural institutions and to introduce artists of international format to the Austrian art scene. 32  |  Issue 54  |  September 2017

C.A. Contemporary itself might be small, but it has an international approach: the gallery works together with renowned European artists like Ahmet Oran, the Turkish-born painter, whose 60th birthday this year has been celebrated with retrospectives in various countries. Oran has been exhibiting his work for more than 30 years now, creating paintings as pulsating bodies of colour where different, skin-like layers become visible. The artist seems to be in a quiet dialogue with oil paint as his main medium, where mishaps and fissures become part of the painting’s organic substance. Looking at Ahmet Oran’s work moves the spectator into a meditative sphere.

Like Vienna has always been a city that bridges different cultural contexts, C.A. Contemporary exhibits various other European artists like the German rebel and shooting star Florian Süssmayr, or the legendary French painter Mireille Binoux who died in 2014 and colourful still lifes and landscapes remind of Cézanne. The Paris-based abstract-figurative painter and poet KOMET also recently exhibited at C.A. Contemporary. He is one of the best-known contemporary Turkish artists of his generation. His work is rather complex and multi-layered: KOMET explore the possibilities of language, he delves into the history of collective imagery and his performances reflect on power. The above-mentioned Florian Süssmayr in comparison is inspired by the less picturesque sides of his home town Munich: scribbled messages in public toilets, overflowing ashtrays in a bar, empty night clubs and crumbling façades. Süssmayr’s