Discover Germany, Issue 53, August 2017

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Datacube: façade with trapezoidal sheets (transparent and closed).

Datacube: stainless steel sheet façade, detail.

Datacube: southwest view with entrance area.

Artistic input and state-of-the-art technology The ffbk approach of ‘multi-sided architecture’ does not foster a certain style prevalent throughout their work. Instead, the practice forms teams to search for a creative solution for each individual project. The result is a design that represents the direct reaction to its locality and the complexity of the task as such. TEXT: CORNELIA BRELOWSKI  I  PHOTOS: JOHANNES MARBURG PHOTOGRAPHY

For ffbk, their clients’ ideas are the guideline for which they create the best possible architectural solution. Teams are specifically put together to match each individual project. This means that the resulting buildings remain unique in their appearance and style while unanimously promoting a close connection to the arts. An ‘open’ design approach like this allows for constant innovation and development. Turning 60 this year, the practice stands on a long tradition. It was founded in 94  |  Issue 53  |  August 2017

1957 by architects Walter Förderer, Rolf Otto and Hans Zwimpfer in Basel. The trio worked together for seven years, until Hans Zwimpfer took over sole leadership in 1964, following a co-operational dialogue with the arts and their integration into everyday life has always been an important aspect of the work at ffbk. The Peter Merian house in Basel, for example, features co-work by many renowned artists, among them Donald Judd, who accompanied the design process for both form and façade. The neighbouring Jacob

Burkhardt house was created with Viennese artist Brigitte Kowanz. By end of 2006, the late Hans Zwimpfer (who passed away this year in January at the age of 86) sold his entire company shares to his longtime partners. It is coowned and run by a leading team of architects consisting of Magnus Furrer, Alexander Furter, Philippe Burri (CFO) and Jan Krarup (CEO). Recently, the management team was joined by Jan Pircher. Today, the Basel-based practice, with a branch office in Zurich, counts around 50 employees. ffbk clients can expect a creative and sophisticated design with functional and technical first-class solutions. The comprehensive service offer ranges from architecture and interior design to urban