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Know yourself and become who you are ‘423 BT Beratung und Training für die Wirtschaft’ offers seminars in many specialist areas: development of personality and managers, coaching, mediation and supervision. All classes are custom-made to the clients’ personalities. TEXT: INA FRANK

423 was founded in 1996 and has pursued its mission ever since: supporting managers in becoming empathetic leadership personalities through coaching, trainings and seminars. The idea behind their concept is that companies can implement their vision and fulfil their mission if all managers and employees take full advantage of their potential. Leadership is also an issue of one’s personal development. One can only motivate others to do their best for their company, if he or she permanently reflects his or her thinking and acting towards others. The coaches at 423 believe that if a leadership personality knows how to motivate the 72  |  Issue 52  |  July 2017

employees using convictions, attitudes and a clear stance, the business management will be excellent. It has to be emphasised that working only with demands and instructions does not work – a real leadership personality takes any specific situation and the individual employee into consideration. But how does becoming a good leadership personality actually work? According to 423, it can be compared to boxing: a leadership personality needs a ‘sparring partner’ who offers constructive feedback and helps to develop leadership competences. 423 with its directors Dr. Bernd M. Wittschier, Christian Polz and Gerda-Marie Wittschier is that strategic partner you need.

The competence of 423 is expanding and enhancing the leadership qualities. What exactly distinguishes leadership personalities? They have a wide range of possibilities and instruments to guide their employees. Leadership personalities can take many roles: from role models to companions, from motivator to problem solver, from supporter to advisor. Another important issue to the coaches at 423 is the ‘learning company’. Leadership personalities know how to get rid of old, inefficient leadership and how to develop innovative options for action. 423 counsels, trains and accompanies businesses in becoming ‘learning companies’. The coaches help leadership personalities to build up a respectful and wary communication culture which prioritises the clients’ needs and expectations. www.423gmbh.de

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Discover Germany, Issue 52, July 2017  

Discover Germany promotes German, Swiss & Austrian Design, Tourism, Food, Culture and Business.

Discover Germany, Issue 52, July 2017  

Discover Germany promotes German, Swiss & Austrian Design, Tourism, Food, Culture and Business.