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Above: Beauty and strength: Ideal Standard’s new ‘Ipalyss’ vessel range.

When lightness designs space – the ‘Connect Air’ collection.

The perfect combination of style, quality and functionality We use them daily and probably never give them second thought - bathroom products. It comes in different forms, sizes and colours. Bonn-based company Ideal Standard has brought the art of bathroom products to perfection. TEXT: SILKE HENKELE  I  PHOTOS: IDEAL STANDARD

Ideal Standard is a modern company, but deeply rooted within its over 115-year-old history. Traditionally, the brand is first and foremost associated with high-quality and innovative design, technology and service. Ideal Standard’s collaborations with famous international top designers as well as the employment of the latest technologies allows the company to focus on innovative solutions for modern bathrooms such as high-end ceramics, fittings, taps, bath and shower tubs as well as bathroom furniture and accessories. Ideal Standard is widely known for the singular quality and winning design of its products. “Our aim is the design of timeless products – products that still look stylish and modern in 20 years’ time. Ideal Standard’s very precise and highclass workmanship guarantees the durability of our products and increases

our customers well-being – any day and every day,” elucidates Robin Levien, award-winning British product designer who is regularly teaming up with Ideal Standard. Series like ‘Connect Air’, ‘Tonic II’ or ‘DEA’ are proof of this timeless design. They also show that modern design, style and functionality can be a very charming combination indeed. Always eager to embrace the new, Ideal Standard’s most recent design coup ‘Ipalyss’, which will be introduced to the market this summer, is the result of Levien’s latest collaboration with Ideal Standard. ‘Ipalyss’’ novel design elegantly combines clean aesthetics and longevity and is thus a perfect fit for those with sophisticated taste. The ultra-thin material Diamatec is extremely durable – a fact which enabled the designers at Ideal Standard to make the impossible possible:

to craft extremely robust and sturdy tub walls that are still ultra-thin and thus emanate effortless elegance. Available in three variants and in five pastel colours and in white, Ideal Standard’s latest design give every bathroom a timeless, sophisticated and, above all, aesthetic look. Ideal Standard’s designs and products have convinced buyers for a long time. With new designs like the most recent ‘Ipalyss’ series, Ideal Standard is certain to retain its position as one of the top players on the international market for bathroom accessories for a long time to come indeed. www.idealstandard.de

‘Ipalyss’ combines ultra-thin, high-end design aesthetics with extreme durability.

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Discover Germany, Issue 52, July 2017  

Discover Germany promotes German, Swiss & Austrian Design, Tourism, Food, Culture and Business.

Discover Germany, Issue 52, July 2017  

Discover Germany promotes German, Swiss & Austrian Design, Tourism, Food, Culture and Business.