Discover Germany, Issue 39, June 2016

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Main image: Booster station, Amsterdam. Left: Jan Böhmermann, Stern magazine. Right: Gütersloh private home, Beckmann architects.

In character: Frank Schoepgens provides the right situation for architecture and people photography A dancer, frozen in one position for a nanosecond - and the vast space he may fill with his movements within the next minute; these two aspects in combination are what makes a photographic portrait a piece of ingenuity. TEXT: CORNELIA BRELOWSKI I PHOTOS: FRANK SCHOEPGENS PHOTOGRAPHY

When it comes to photography, Frank Schoepgens says: “Artistic expression and technical professionalism are only the base. It is at least equally important to create a relaxed and comfortable working atmosphere, both as a service provider and business partner.”The certain plus lies within the connection between subject and photographer, reminding of the Mike Leigh feature film Secrets and Lies, where the whole beginning sequence shows the photographer’s expertise of putting his clients at ease. It is a mixture of respect 70 | Issue 39 | June 2016

and empathy that creates the necessary situation for a portrait to succeed. Frank Schoepgens knows how to provide space for a person. The result are portraits that seem more sensed than photographed: a character in its surroundings, respectfully depicted in its essence. “Sometimes, you have to wait for an hour for the right light conditions, sometimes you have just about 20 minutes to do the perfect shot,” says Schoepgens. Client photography for the direct customer requires both

professionalism and a knack for putting them at ease. To sense what a client wants is equally important to who they are; the core of a personality will come out when they feel accepted and relaxed in the respective situation. An artist himself, Schoepgens’ expertise in portraying people from the art world works for both film and photo portraits alike. The exact same qualities also apply to business portraits and architecture. His clients spread the word after having experienced a satisfying creative process. “People often approach me through recommendation,” Schoepgens states,“my goal, apart from providing an excellent product, is to create a good working atmosphere and an uncomplicated followup of the job.” He works both for direct