Discover Germany, Issue 39, June 2016

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Discover Germany | Special Theme | Interior Architecture

Plan2Plus An innovative design concept, sustainable and holistic Munich’s Plan2Plus architects and interior designers are known for their articulate design language that has been creating trend-setting interior design for over 20 years. We took a closer look at one of their latest projects – the Design and Boutique Hotel Schwanen’s new extension. TEXT: PLAN2PLUS I PHOTOS: PLAN2PLUS

Regardless of where you are from, whether it is Paris, Zurich or Milan, everyone has a place where they‘re at home. Being ‘home’ means being among people who warmly welcome you, who are there for you and who’ll do everything to make you happy. Home is a place that gives you peace, beyond the reach of hurry and stress, a place 60 | Issue 39 | June 2016

that transcends the moment and stands for values such as stability, familiarity and attachment. In this sense, the hotel designed by Plan2Plus is true to its new slogan »Schwanen. Überraschend. Anders.« A holistic concept was developed by Plan2Plus to consistently express these

core values of the Schwanen brand in the hotel’s new extension. Regional roots, openness to the wider world and a strong recognition value were considered; core competences that are actively lived daily at the Hotel Schwanen. Plan2Plus created a solid identity, resulting from the interaction of the new brand and interior and exterior architecture. The overall corporate design, corporate interior and corporate architecture concept was to create a new building in Metzingen’s historic town centre with a trend-setting