Discover Germany, Issue 38, May 2016

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Main image: mediola®’s smart home system controls homes and offices. || © Top Left: Products AIO GATEWAY and smart home app. || © / scovad Left: Create your own smart home app with AIO CREATOR NEO. || © mediola Below: With NEO, one can produce own control sides. || © mediola

Smart home the easy way The Frankfurt am Main-based mediola® - connected living AG is a forerunner in offering outstanding all-in-one smart home solutions for homes and offices. Enabling all technology to seamlessly communicate together in an intelligent way, virtually every device and system in one’s home can now be fully automated and even controlled remotely. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF

Various producers of control components with competing communication standards have established themselves on the smart home market and these self-contained systems are not really compatible with each other. The result: users have to get various different apps to control their devices or are bound to a 76 | Issue 87 | May 2016

single producers’ components. mediola® has recognised this problem and is now a forerunner in offering all-in-one smart home solutions which are independent of technical standards. “We don’t see ourselves as a competitor to the many smart home technology providers, but rather as technology integrator which

caters for comfortable and homogenous controlling systems,” says Jürgen Lux, executive board member. As a modern technology company, mediola® has specialised on the development of innovative smart home and IoT (Internet of Things) solutions. The company’s long-term experience in software and hardware development and its passion for new technologies allows them to create products that make lives more comfortable, energy efficient and even safer. “And all this for a price that makes smart home solutions affordable for average households,” notes Lux.