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Attraction of the Month Austria

Main photo: Behind the scenes. Below Left: Special presentation. Below Middle: The development of a wax figure. Below Right: Musicians. Opposite Page Top Left: Finishing Brad Pitt. Opposite Page Top Right: Entrance.

Get friendly with the VIPs At Madame Tussauds Wien meeting your favourite celebrity is no longer a dream. With an ever-expanding collection of wax figures and a diverse array of personalities, the Vienna location offers visitors the possibility to get close to human history. TEXT: THOMAS SCHROERS | PHOTOS: MADAME TUSSAUDS WIEN

Marie Tussaud was only 17 years old when she moulded a first life-size wax figure of the famous French author and poet FrançoisMarieVoltaire. She had learned the craft from Dr. Philippe Curtius who knew the art of ceroplastics and was willing to teach it to her. Little did she know that from this first figure 52 | Issue 38 | May 2016

she would start a cultural phenomenon which would become famous all over the world. Nowadays, Madame Tussauds exhibitions can be visited at 20 different locations from London to Tokyo and of course, since 2011, in Vienna.

“Everyone who leaves Madame Tussauds Wien is enriched by an unforgettable encounter,” explains managing director Arabella Kruschinski the ongoing fascination which surrounds the legendary displays. There seem to be two core aspects to the memorability of visiting Madame Tussauds. On the one hand, meeting a historical figure taps into the very human desire to transcend a normal life and, on the other hand, holding hands with a movie star like Johnny Depp makes the impossible a reality.