Discover Germany, Issue 38, May 2016

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Weingut Höfler – Franconia

Harmony between quality and sustainability In Franconia, special conditions allow for exceptional grapes to grow. The natural environment is balanced, the ancient soil is highly mineralised and the climate is very sunny. In fact, the region’s soil composition is perfect for growing Riesling, considered to be one of Germany’s greatest grapes.

Top Left: Junior managing director Johannes Höfler. – Copyright: Ida Didinger Top Right: Vineyard in the summer. – Copyright: Ida Didinger. Above: Vinotheque. – Copyright: Klaus Fleckenstein


The oldest evidence of wine growing in the region dates back about 1,000 years. Connoisseurs love the distinctive flavor of Franconia’s dry, mineral and fruity wines. The grapes of Weingut Höfler, the family-owned and traditional Franconian winery, grow along the south-facing slopes of the valley of the river Main and its tributaries. Located in Michelbach, at the foot of the western foothills of the Spessart, the Höflers beautiful wine estate (including modern showrooms, store and courtyard) is only 40 minutes away from the business hub of Frankfurt/ Main. The proximity to Frankfurt makes the vineyard and estate an ideal spot for corporate retreats, private tours or weekend visits. The Höfler family is also hosting their annual Summer Fest during the second weekend of July 2016 (9-11 July, 2016). 42 | Issue 38 | May 2016

Excellence since 1924 “In everything we do, we want to find the right balance between traditional values, the newest oenological knowledge and ethical production to match the preferred tastes of our wine lovers. The real work begins in the vineyard and not in the cellar. There are so many decisions – vine type, tillage, yield reduction, time of harvest – that affect the quality of the wine. All of these steps require a lot of experience and gut instinct,” explains Johannes Höfler. Together with his parents Edeltraud and Bernd Höfler, he manages the family business in the fourth generation. The winery’s history goes back as far as 1924. During the following decades, the

acreage of the estate was expanded and a new farm with wine cellars and farm buildings was added. Today, the Höfler family grows ten hectares of white and red wines that have repeatedly won awards and critical appraise among experts and customers. Their best seller is an excellent Riesling that has a mineral, spicy-fruity taste. Balance of natural environment “Because we work in harmony with nature and follow the rhythm of the seasons we can produce high-quality wines. Our sustainable philosophy also includes that we care greatly about the conservation of resources; plant protection, maintaining the soil and diversity of plants and insects,” states Höfler.