Discover Germany, Issue 38, May 2016

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Bacchus loves Switzerland Switzerland is famous for its beautiful scenery, delicious cheese and chocolate and for a distinguished and thriving banking sector. Wine, however, may not pop into one’s mind when thinking about this beautiful country bordering the Alps. This is apt to change considering the quality of Swiss wine. TEXT: SILKE HENKELE

Markus Lampert, who was born into an established family of Swiss winemakers, together with his wife Sonja and their children moved into an old winery in Maienfeld in the canton of Graubünden in 1984. Lying at the foot of the Bündner Alps in the east of Switzerland, nestled within lush meadows and unspoilt nature, the estate seems to be the prototype of the romantic vision of a vineyard. The effort and the love for detail that went into the re-establishment of the old winemaking estate transpires in the fine wine that Lampert and his family are offering today. “Thanks to our special 34 | Issue 38 | May 2016

recipe, our wines have an unusual smooth and rounded taste,” stresses Lampert. Winery Lampert’s products include Riesling-Sylvaner, Cuvée Blanc and Cuvée Rouge, Chardonnay, as well as Pinot Noir or the delicious Riesling Sylvaner bubbly Vin Mousseux. “2016 will mark a special year for our family,” says Lampert, “as our son Thomas will offer his first own wine creation.” This latest addition is going to enhance the winery’s already existing broad choice of fine wine. All of winery Lampert’s products can be tasted in a 250-year-old ‘Torkel’ (a wine

Main Image: The Lampert family. – Copyright: Nicole Ruffner Left: Chardonnay. – Copyright: Markus Lampert Middle: The ‘Torkel’. - Copyright: Foto Fetzer Right: Lampert’s vineyards. - Copyright: Markus Lampert

press) that came with the old winery. With its rustic interior the Torkel propels the visitor right back into the past, where they are invited to indulge in the tasting of various wines accompanied by delicious snacks within a friendly, traditional and yet modern Swiss atmosphere. A wine tasting experience in the beautiful surroundings of the Swiss canton Graubünden is the best and most original way to experience the wine estate and its products. The wine may be ordered online – a priceless service for those who can not get enough of these fine-tasting beverages or for those who want to revel in the fond memories of a stay on the estate. Bacchus, the ancient god of wine, no doubt would have approved of winery Lampert’s wines!