Discover Benelux, Issue 76, April/May 2020

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Say Easter with chocolates PHOTOS: GIANE LIMA

The taste of Belgium? Chocolate, of course! To experience this taste at its finest, you need look no further than to our favourite address: Valentino Chocolatier. Let us introduce you to this Belgian chocolatier known for creating hand-crafted chocolates with love! Valentino Chocolatier opened its first shop in the heart of Brussels in 1978. In this tiny atelier, it began using local ingredients to create delicious chocolates – a tradition that is still alive today. A true family-owned and -operated business, Valentino brings together artisanal production with refined flavours and a touch of creativity.

Chocolates to share Today, Valentino offers even more than just chocolates. In its seven shops, you will find an extensive range of gifts: elegant creations like artisanal pralines, crisp biscuits and even a craft beer that pairs perfectly with dark chocolate  – all ideal ways to surprise and delight friends and loved ones! 58  |  Issue 76  |  April/May 2020

To ensure each customer finds the perfect gift for every occasion, the brand selects a new look almost every month. That means the packaging, shop interiors and delicacies get a makeover ten times a year! This month, you can step into an Easter-themed paradise full of mouth-watering chocolate bunnies, seasonal delights and 25 flavours of chocolate Easter eggs. You can even indulge in some nostalgia and collect your favourite eggs in a little basket, just like when you were a child!

a ‘Chocolate of the Month’ – an exclusive creation that customers have just 30 days to taste. The most popular flavours are then added to the brand’s permanent product offering. Valentino is dedicating a portion of the proceeds from this year’s chocolates to its collaboration with Cocoa Horizons, a foundation that supports African cocoa farmers. It’s a wonderful opportunity to give back to those working to provide Valentino with its most important ingredient: chocolate.

An international story Valentino is always looking ahead, also. To provide its customers with the very best service, the brand designed a convenient webshop. This makes it easy to order your favourite chocolates and have them delivered right to your doorstep. It’s perfect for chocoholics all across Europe! In this spirit of crossing borders, Valentino also expresses a sense of globalism through its chocolates. For the past ten years, the chocolatier has showcased

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