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Building the economy of the future TEXT: ANNA VILLELEGER  |  PHOTOS: AUDEBERT

All around the world, investors are increasingly searching for investments that will help protect our planet. ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) investing, also known as ‘sustainable investing’, is now a major consideration for shareholders, as they seek transactions which will not only yield positive financial returns, but will also have a positive long-term impact on the environment and our society. One firm at the forefront of this evolution is asset management group La Française, a global company with a long-term vision for the future. To find out more about its pioneering activity in the field of sustainability, we spoke to Perrine Dutronc, senior adviser in responsible investing at La Française. 62  |  Issue 75  |  March 2020

With offices in key European destinations including Belgium, France, the United Kingdom and Germany, La Française carries out two core activities – financial and real assets. The company deploys its multi-boutique model with institutional and private clients all over the world, and has a long-term vision when it comes to sustainable finance. This has most recently been reflected in the appointment of Laurent Jacquier-Laforge as global head of sustainable investing. “This role sends a very strong signal,” says Perrine, explaining that Laurent Jacquier-Laforge and his dedicated team are a reference point for both internal and external groups at La Française. “They demonstrate our commitment to sustainable investment in all our areas of expertise.”

A leading force La Française has been dedicated to the subject of sustainable finance for many years now, highlighted by the creation of its very own ESG and sustainable investment research centre. At the end of 2013, La Française joined forces with the group Inflection Point to advance the