Discover Benelux, Issue 73, January 2020

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Nestled in Esch-sur-Alzette to the south of Luxembourg, The Seven Hotel offers a calm retreat immersed in nature, just a few kilometres from the centre of Luxembourg. With its four-star facilities, all the rooms in the hotel vary in colour and furniture, making each room one of a kind. Meanwhile, the stylish restaurant Bosque Fevi serves Mediterranean-Spanish cuisine, attracting clients from far and wide. During the week, the hotel is perfect for clients on business, with its meeting rooms. At weekends, however, it provides a romantic getaway for couples, hikers needing a place to recharge and foodies in search of seasonal, fusion cuisine at the hotel restaurant. Both from Barcelona, the hotel manager and head chef have channelled their Spanish roots into the idea behind Bosque Fevi. The head chef, Fernando Andreu, creates the

original taste fusions in each dish served, even carrying around a notebook and pen to note down his new bespoke creations: showcased especially in their nine-course tasting menu. “Given that we have just 15 bedrooms, our personalised services for clients is paramount,” says hotel manager Violant Tarrach. “We like to note down clients’ preferences on their profiles: for instance, which room they prefer, whether they like tea or coffee in the morning and if they prefer a shower or bath in their

room… and since all our rooms are different, we always do our best to satisfy our clients.” The Seven Hotel gives off a sleek, modern yet comfortable air, with a warm friendliness and smiling staff, who focus on creating a close relationship with clients; a muchappreciated welcome after a bracing walk in its green surroundings.



For personal transport that provides style and comfort, Direct VIP Service offers a variety of luxury Mercedes Sprinters. Located in Amsterdam, its specialty is the transport of groups between nine and 23 persons – meaning they don’t have to be split up into different smaller cars. Gaby Stroop, part of the management team, explains that the firm’s services are sought after by all kinds of people, from large families to management teams from international companies. “We treat everybody like a VIP, from families to the president of a global firm.” The company’s high-end transport offers something different. “We have a variety of luxurious Sprinters – all black with blackedout windows. Our chauffeurs wear a suit. And we provide water and snacks in the buses.” Another big advantage is that the luxury Sprinters can take guests to the door of their 74  |  Issue 73  |  January 2020

hotel. “We can provide transport from the airport to a hotel, and back again – even if the hotel is located in the centre of Amsterdam. The big tour coaches can’t go along the canals, but our buses can.” The company also offers its services for roadshows, where managers go and visit different places all over the Netherlands. “And we can even go abroad: for example, to Brussels,” adds Stroop. The transportation of luggage is no problem, either. “If the bus is full, we can place a trailer behind the bus.” Direct VIP Service does everything to ensure its guests are at their most comfortable in the luxury Sprinters.