Discover Benelux, Issue 73, January 2020

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New Year’s resolutions The end of the year pairs up well with ending some bad habits. In January, tobacco sales drop, houses get organised and more gym subscriptions are sold than during any other month. But why not start improving your life at home this year? These five items put your good intentions straight into motion. So, let 2020 be the year in which you… TEXT: ARNE ADRIAENSSENS  |  PRESS PHOTOS


1. … live more ecologically We live in a throw-away society and that must end. Enter the ‘pocketwear’ of Huff & Puff, the Belgian start-up who reinvented the fabric hankie. They are soft on the nose and come in a myriad of modern prints and colours (although all of them are ‘green’). €30 for two 10  |  Issue 73  |  January 2020