Discover Benelux, Issue 69, September 2019

Page 64

Photo: Stuart Forster

Ten rewarding rail journeys in the Benelux TEXT: STUART FORSTER

Rail travel is back in vogue. The concept of ‘flygskam’, meaning ‘flight-shame’, encourages people to eschew air travel and seek transport with lower environmental impact. Meanwhile, the phenomenon known as ‘tagskryt’, meaning ‘train bragging’, entails posting photos of train journeys on social media. Travelling by train or tram represents a relaxing way of getting about while minimising carbon emissions. Brussels, Rotterdam and Amsterdam now have direct rail links from London’s St Pancras International, and from 1 March 2020, all public transport in Luxembourg will be free of charge, even for non-residents. Here’s a look at ten of the most rewarding journeys by rail in the Benelux region. 64  |  Issue 69  |  September 2019

1.Luxembourg – Troisvierges The north-south rail journey between Luxembourg City and Troisvierges provides an opportunity to view a scenic swathe of the Grand Duchy. The line cuts through narrow valleys, rolling woodland and more than 20 tunnels. Breaking the journey in Ettelbruck gives you a chance to explore an attractive small town that’s home to the General Patton Memorial Museum. Troisvierges, the last stop in the country before the line continues into Belgium, was the first station that German soldiers disembarked at during World War I. Sit on the left side of the train for outstanding views of the Fortress of Luxembourg after pulling out of the capital’s station.

Luxembourg. Photo: Christian Millen LFT