Discover Benelux, Issue 69, September 2019

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Where brains storm, strategies unfold and creativity flourishes TEXT: DEBBY GROOTEMAN  |  PHOTOS: LIQUID

A creative agency focused on defining strategies for brands and everything that comes with it – that is what Liquid in Bruges is passionate about. A team of nearly 20 talents helps businesses build their brand experience and stories, to create loyal relationships with their customers. “Without a well-defined strategy, you can’t be effective. You can have shortterm successes, but in the long term, you aren’t building a brand. Each company should start from that point of view,” begins agency director Nathalie Clauw. “For example, there are businesses that follow a sales strategy and forget to build 20  |  Issue 69  |  September 2019

a brand. So they have to fight each day to convince the same client. That is where we come in – helping businesses to create a brand and bring out their most valuable brand essence, to find a connection with their customers and build a valuable relationship. It’s about defining their values, and translating them into a strategic communication approach that appeals to each person of their target group.”

Creativity is more than just an aesthetic Most companies have a brand mission and vision. But according to Clauw, most of the time they are all the same; too difficult, not unique and, most importantly, not known or lived by their

employees. “In our approach, we dig deeper to find the real reason behind a company’s existence. The big ‘Why?’. This isn’t about the standard ‘unique selling points’, where in most cases quality and service are key. It is about a brand story, with a brand checklist that is unique and more attractive to live by. That’s how to make a difference.” In nearly 30 years of existence, the agency has built a strategic team with a common ‘Liquid way’ in strategic thinking and creating. One of the main Liquid beliefs is that every company has something unique that can create value – a real DNA. “It is important to look at a company: who they are, what they offer and what are – or