Discover Benelux, Issue 66, June 2019

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Exterior design In summertime, we just can’t stay inside. Having breakfast on the terrace, tanning in the garden or having a glass of wine under the stars are just some of the season’s many delights to be enjoyed. These five beautiful design pieces will prepare your garden for your days in the sun. TEXT: ARNE ADRIAENSSENS  |  PRESS PHOTOS


3. Beach bunk bed Sun, shade, beds, tables, benches, a bar… the Nauta sunroom has it all. The two-storey construction is all you need for a day in the sun, with room for tanning beds on the roof and a picnic table on the ground floor. In mere minutes, you can transform that dining room into two extra beds, or even a bar. Price on request

3. 1. Hot wheels As sunny as those early summer days may be in the Benelux, the nights can be chilly. To ensure you don’t have to run inside the minute the sun passes the horizon, you can light this cute Quaruba L. With its hidden wheels, it is entirely mobile and ready to heat whichever area of your garden you want to sit in. €1,195


4. Miniature real-estate What child doesn’t want their own house? With the Lola cabana in your garden, that dream can become a reality. The wooden building package doesn’t require any screws or studs, so you can let the future residents lend a helping hand as you construct their new home. Price on request

5. 5. Portable cascade On a hot summer day, playing with cool water appeals to all ages. With the WellWell, water spouts from the ground upwards. With your foot, you can adapt the strength of your spring: from a small fountain to play with to a full-blown shower. €350

2. Picnic in style Picnic tables aren’t usually the prettiest items in your garden. Enter Anker, however! This triangular dining set gets its name from its anchor-shaped corners. With multiple wood and metal varieties in stock, you can pick from combinations galore. From €3,560 8  |  Issue 66  |  June 2019