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Education as it was meant to be TEXT: KARIN VENEMA  |  PHOTOS: THE NEW SCHOOL

At The New School, all teachers teach parttime, alongside their professional career. “We wouldn’t have it any other way,” smiles Kees Spijker, director of The New School. “We are a private university of applied sciences, so all our teachers not only teach, but also apply their expertise and know the ins and outs of the profession.” The New School was founded in 1987 in Amsterdam as a non-profit organisation, and is an accredited HBO-institution (University of applied sciences). It offers a four-year Bachelor programme on marketing, communication, creativity and entrepreneurship. “What is different about The New School is that the classes are small: they have a maximum of 14 students,” says Spijker. “The lessons are interactive, it’s a dialogue between the students and teachers rather than a lecture. Because there are only 150 students, we all know each other and work as a team to get the most out of personal qualities. There is a strong emphasis

on personal development and we guide the students through their journey of discovering their future career.” Spijker brings up the story of a student who, for his second year of work experience, contacted several media bureaus and rode his motorcycle towards Singapore whilst blogging about the experience. Although he got stranded in Nepal, it was very educational for him to experience the slow shift from sending information out to an anonymous audience, to people starting to approach him and requesting meeting up. “He learned so much! At The New School we put great value on creativity and

using initiative,” concludes Spijker. “A massive compliment came from one of the members of the accreditation committee who visited us last week, who remarked that the education that we provide, is education as it was meant to be.”

The New School open day will take place on 26 May.


Become a reading expert TEXT: ARNE ADRIAENSSENS  |  PHOTOS: PEXELS

The fact that you are perusing this article right now demonstrates that you know how to read. But do you read efficiently? On its online platform, Leesprofs teaches you the right techniques to bolster your reading skills in just one month. “The way we learn to read in primary school is good, but not optimal for handling large amounts of text,” says Marcel Luijendijk. Together with Tom van Rijk, he founded the online reading school Leesprofs. On their platform, they teach youngsters from 14 years plus, a myriad of methods to improve their reading capabilities drastically in just one month. “Throughout the programme, the student receives a selection of small exercises. It takes about ten to 12 hours to complete them all, yet, our students decide themselves when they choose to make them. Every time they finish an exercise, one of our

teachers corrects it and provides feedback.” After completing the training, Leesprofs will send follow-up emails with small exercises and extra tips. These will trigger you to apply your freshly-gained techniques in daily life. “What sets Leesprofs apart from other institutions is the scientific substantiation behind the methods we use. They were developed by the Australian air force in 1969 and have been kept up-to-date ever since.

Every time new knowledge about reading surfaces, we adjust our methods to those new insights.” Today, these techniques are taught in no less than 36 countries. And for good reason: studies show that once you master them, your reading abilities will remain improved for the rest of your life.


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