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The hospitality business is one of continuous evolution and improvement. Therefore, any hospitality institute with legitimacy should stay ahead of tomorrow’s trends in order to groom the next generation of visionary hospitality leaders. As a top ranked Hospitality Business School, Hotelschool The Hague is the ultimate place to learn the latest tricks of the trade. “Hotelschool The Hague is unique in its philosophy,” says Anna De VisserAmundson, senior marketing and research fellow at the school. “Overall, you can distinguish two types of hospitality institutes. First, you have the very practical programmes, where the focus lays 36  |  Issue 64  |  April 2019

on perfecting the skills and techniques you need in the kitchen or at a hotel’s front desk. Other institutes look at hospitality purely from a business angle and focus solely on numbers and business plans. However, we have created a wellbalanced programme that combines a sizeable theoretical foundation, with lots of hands-on experience and industry insights in the form of research. Our graduates can think strategically and act operationally. They know how to talk with the vice-president of a company as well as with the busboy.” Because of its all-round vision, Hotelschool The Hague may count itself among the best schools of its kind in the world. As recently as this year, the prestigious QS World University Ranking

granted it the sixth position in the category ‘best hospitality and leisure management university’.

Disarming enthusiasm To maintain these high standards, all those aspiring to study at Hotelschool The Hague must undergo a series of selection tests. In the end, only one out of three applicants gets in. “We test them on a wide range of criteria like teamwork, communication, mathematics, their level of English and their passion for the hospitality profession. This process only boosts our students’ motivation, filling the school with a disarming atmosphere of enthusiasm.” Throughout the studies itself, the standards are kept high as well. Howev-